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   by Parrs
Wild Ferns Story
                   New Zealand
                   Nestled deep in the South
                   Pacific is the archipelago of
                   islands that make up
                   New Zealand. The main North
                   and South Islands, featuring
                   wide open spaces, dramatic
                   scenery and a diverse culture,
                   are home to just over 4 million
                   people. Although it is a small
                   country New Zealand has
                   made its mark on the world in
                   many remarkable ways.
                                                                                               new zealand kiwifruit

Wild Ferns Story
Natural skincare from New Zealand                            You can feel good about Wild Ferns skincare
As the last country on earth to be discovered, New           Wild Ferns skincare products are all made with special
Zealand is still a sanctuary for nature. More than a third   care in New Zealand. They are not tested on animals and
of our land area is protected wilderness, so it is very      are presented in environmentally-friendly packaging.
easy to find yourself in a landscape that is pure and        It is also our philosophy to ensure our most important
unchanged. Soaring mountains reach for the sky; clear,       ingredients come from natural, sustainable sources so
clean rivers rush for the sea; Pacific Ocean waves wash      we can help do our part to retain and protect the clean,
onto sun-scented beaches; in vast rainforests, delicate      green, unique beauty that is New Zealand.
feathery fern plants grow in peace, unfurling their
promise leaf by leaf.
                                                             Quality you can trust from a family business
                                                             The Wild Ferns range originates from Parrs Products, a
New Zealand is our inspiration
                                                             family business that has been making quality skincare
To create our Wild Ferns range, we didn’t need to            products for over 20 years. We are proud to express the
search the world for secret ingredients and recipes. The     spirit of New Zealand in everything we do.
freshness of New Zealand is our inspiration. Wild Ferns
products are unique and honest, with a special element
of difference – just like our country.                       Celebrate the unspoilt purity of New Zealand with the
                                                             luxurious skincare experience of Wild Ferns

Ingredients that make a difference
Every product in the Wild Ferns range has a distinctive
ingredient derived from New Zealand’s unique
landscape. We use ingredients such as Manuka Honey,
Kiwifruit, Thermal Mud and Manuka Oil to deliver real
skincare benefits. When you open a Wild Ferns product,
delicious scents remind you that you’re looking after
yourself with the gentle gifts of nature.

          New Zealand is the home of
          the world’s finest Kiwifruit. Not
          only are Kiwifruit attractive in
          appearance, they are naturally
          high in Vitamins, Minerals,
          Antioxidants and Omega3,
          which are all beneficial for
          the health and enhancement
          of your skin. Kiwifruit are
          especially high in Vitamin E,
          which helps to regenerate the
          skin’s cells and maintain tone
          and elasticity. Antioxidant
          properties work to protect
          against environmental stress,
          the cause of premature ageing
          in skin. Fine lines and wrinkles
          are minimised resulting in
          a softer younger looking
        new zealand kiwifruit

Facial Wash
Infused with Kiwifruit         Hydrating
extract to soothe and
                               Facial Mist
restore the skin’s natural
moisture levels, this          Fragrant Kiwifruit extract
delicate foaming wash is       is complemented with
designed especially for        the natural ingredients
gentle cleansing of the        of Witch Hazel and Aloe
face. Softly fragranced        Vera, creating a cool and
with the luscious aroma        refreshing mist to hydrate
of Kiwifruit, this cleanser    and revitalise your skin.
lifts grime and impurities     Gives you immediate relief
from the skin leaving the      from the effects of sun,
complexion refreshed           wind and air conditioning.
and radiant.                   Directions: Hold a short
Directions: Apply to           distance from your face
dampened skin, massage         and spray towards you.
onto your face avoiding        Ensure your eyes are
the eye area then rinse off.   closed.
100ml/3.38oz                   50ml/1.69oz

          Essential Care SPF15+
          Facial Moisturiser
          This replenishing
          moisturiser combines
          antioxidant rich Kiwifruit
          Seed Oil with an SPF15+
          to help protect your skin
          from the ageing effects
          of the environment.
          Kiwifruit are also high in
          skin beneficial vitamins
          and minerals that help
          to hydrate, smooth and
          condition, keeping your
          complexion feeling fresh
          and radiant all day long.
          Directions: Gently smooth
          in an upward direction
          onto the face and neck.
          Use daily.
                                    new zealand kiwifruit

Gentle Protection            Antioxidant                    Refining
Lip Care                     Night Crème                    Eye Crème
                             Concentrated Kiwifruit         This rich emollient crème
An intensive lip protector   extract is blended             contains antioxidant rich
enhanced with the            into a pure essential          Kiwifruit extract, enriched
delicious flavour of         oil enriched crème,            with Vitamins A, C & E to
Kiwifruit. Contains SPF15    providing an intense           help protect the delicate
for protection from the      facial therapy treatment       area around the eyes.
sun’s harmful rays. Also     whilst you sleep. Naturally    This nourishing blend
provides relief from dry     high in vitamins and           hydrates and restores the
chapped lips.                antioxidants, Kiwifruit acts   skin’s elasticity and texture
Directions: Apply as         to help replenish the skin’s   to help diminish the
required.                    moisture levels, re-texture    appearance of fine lines.
                             the skin’s surface and         Directions: Pat lightly
                             maintain its tone and          around the outer eye area.
                             elasticity. Fine lines and     Use nightly.
                             wrinkles are minimised
                             resulting in a softer
                             younger looking skin.
                             Directions: Gently smooth
                             in an upward direction
                             onto the face and neck.
                             Use nightly.

                                               Light ‘n’ Luscious
                                               Body Wash
                                               A refreshing bath and shower
                                               gel containing the beneficial

          Almond Oil                           properties and sweet fragrance
                                               of Kiwifruit. Kiwifruit contain a
          Easily absorbed, Sweet Almond        natural enzyme which acts as a
          Oil contains significant qualities   gentle exfoliant to remove dry
                                               skin cells leaving your skin soft,
          of skin nourishing Vitamins
                                               smooth and refreshed.
          E and F. It is wonderfully
          softening and comforts rough,        Directions: Use either as a
                                               regular shower gel or pour
          chapped and inflamed skin.
                                               under running water for an
          The combination of Kiwifruit
                                               indulgent foaming bath.
          and Sweet Almond Oil in many
          of our products brings you a
          body pampering experience.
                                               Shampoo &
                                               Delicately fragranced and
                                               enriched with the vitamins
                                               and minerals found within
                                               the Kiwifruit, this refreshing
                                               shampoo & conditioner
                                               provides the elements needed
                                               for healthy, lustrous and vibrant
                                               hair. Suitable for frequent use
                                               on most hair types.
                                               Directions: Massage onto hair,
                                               rinse well.
                                                           new zealand kiwifruit

Pure Serenity                 Fresh ‘n’ Fragrant                               Sweet Treat
Bath Salts                    Soap                                             Sugar Scrub
Pamper yourself in            A unique New Zealand                             The beneficial and
the beautiful aroma of        soap, with the delicate                          moisturising qualities
Kiwifruit, and indulge        fragrance of Kiwifruit.                          of Kiwifruit are blended
in an exotic experience.      Containing the tiny seeds                        together with gently
These soothing salts          of this fruit, it gives a                        exfoliating Sugar Granules,
soften and perfume the        gentle exfoliating action,                       Sweet Almond Oil, Carrot
water to help release         to leave your skin smooth                        Oil and Beeswax. This
stress and tension. Leaves    and refreshed.                                   indulgent body treatment
your body delicately          100gm/3.52oz                                     lovingly polishes your
fragranced, relaxed and       40gm/1.41oz                                      body to perfection
revitalised.                                                                   and leaves a lingering
Directions: Dissolve half                                                      fragrance of fresh Kiwifruit.
a packet of Kiwifruit bath                                                     Directions: Massage over
salts into warm bath water,                                                    dampened skin. Rinse off
or add 2 tablespoons into                                                      thoroughly.
a bowl of warm water and                                                       150gm/5.29oz
soak feet.

            Extra Conditioning
            Hand and Nail
                                                                       Silky Smooth
            This intensive hand and
                                                                       Body Lotion
            nail crème contains the
            beneficial properties of                                   A deeply hydrating body
            Kiwifruit including                                        lotion containing a blend
            Vitamin E, and is blended                                  of Kiwifruit Oil and Sweet
            with Prosina, a hydrolised                                 Almond Oil. Kiwifruit
            Keratin derived from New      Rejuvenating                 contain high levels of
            Zealand sheep’s wool.                                      Vitamin E to optimise skin
                                          Hand Crème
            This proven combination                                    moisture, and antioxidants
            improves the structure        An intensive moisturising    for protection from the
            and strength of the nail.     hand crème containing        harsh environment.
            It also improves hydration    a blend of Kiwifruit Oil,    This indulgent body
            and elasticity of the         Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter,   treatment moisturises and
            cuticles and skin creating    Vitamin E and Sweet          softens dry and thirsty
            a visible improvement to      Almond Oil to soothe         skin, leaving a lingering
            your hands appearance.        and repair rough, dry and    fragrance of delicious
            Directions: Smooth over       damaged hands.               Kiwifruit.
            hands as required with        Directions: Smooth           Directions: Smooth
            particular attention to the   over hands as often as       generously over the body
            nail and cuticle area.        required.                    as required.
            85ml/2.87oz                   85ml/2.87oz                  250ml/8.45oz
                                                       new zealand kiwifruit

Fruit Indulgence
Body Butter
A luxurious body crème
containing a blend of
New Zealand Kiwifruit Oil,
Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter,
Jojoba and Sweet Almond
Oil to leave your body
smooth and deliciously
Directions: Smooth gently
over the entire body as

                             Gift Bag
                             Antioxidant Night Crème
                             Fresh ‘n’ Fragrant Soap
                             Essential Care SPF15+
                             Facial Moisturiser
                             Rejuvenating Hand Crème
  Parrs Products Ltd
PO Box 21-297, Auckland 0650
        New Zealand
     Ph +64 9 838 9596

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