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									                                                         JEWISH CENTER BULLETIN
                                                                             Dedicated to the Memory ol H. Bert Mack

Vol.70. No.   19                                                    28lvar   5771                                                        June 1.2011

  MESSAGE FROM YOUR NEW                                                 SHABBAT AND HOLIDAY SERVICES
          Y'CE PRESIDENT                           Friday, June 3 - Rosh Chodesh Sivan
   It is an honor for me to be the newest              CandleLighting...,...                                                             8:02 P.M.
Vice President of Hillcrest Jewish                     KabbalatShabbat/Maariv                                                  ........ 6:30 P.M.
Center. It is not an office for which I
campaigned but I accept the position               Saturday, June 4 - Sisterhood Shabbat                                      ........ 9:00 A.M.
with great pride.                                                        Rabbi Kogan will speak on the sedra Naso
     I have lived nearby for most of my                         Torah Reading: Numbers 4:21-7:89 Haftarah: Judges 13:2-25
                                                                                                                                     l0:00 A.M.
life, growing up in Flushing near Queens
                                                                                                                                     l0:30 A.M.
College. My husband, Frank, and I have
                                                                                                                                     l0:30 A.M.
lived in Jamaica Estates for nineteen
years. Our daughter, Jill, was born in                               (Last session for children's services until September)
1996. Many of you have met Jack, my                                                ...,,...,..
                                                       Shiw - Around the Rabbi's Table                                           .....   7: 15   P.M.
extraordinary, gentle, and large Labrador              Mincha/Seudah Shelishit/Maariv.............                                .... 7:45 P.M.
Retriever guide dog. He and I just                     Shabbat   Ends.............                                                       9:09 P.M.
celebrated our fifth year ofpartnership.            Sunday, June 5 - Celebrate Israel Parade' Fifth Avenue, Manhattan
   ln    1974,   I   graduated from Jamaica
                                                    Tucsday, June 7 - Ercv Shavuot
High School. I received my B.A,              in
psychology/sociology         from     Queens
                                                       Mincha                                                                            7:00 P.M.
College in 1978 and an M.A. in music                   Light Dairy Supper þy resertation only - see page 2) ...............,......,... 7: l5 P.M.
therapy from New York University in                    Til,kun Leyl Program - First Part (all welcome) ..................              8:00 P.M.
1980. I am a Board Certified Music                     Candle Lighting.......                                                            8:05 P.M.
Therapist, and a Licensed Creative Arts                Maariv....,....                                              ....... 8:45 P.M.
Therapist working         with adults       and        Coffee and Cake, followed by Tikkun Leyl Program - Second Part...... 9:00 P.M.
children who have           developmental           Wednesday, June I - First Day Shavuot
disabilities. I play several instruments                        Torah Reading: Exodus 19'.1-20:26, Numbers 28:26-31
rncluding piano and guitar. In addition, I                                   Haftarah: Ezekiel I :1 -28, 3 :12
write freelance for several 'blindness                                                                                                   8:30 P.M.
related' publications.                                                                                                                   9:10 P.M.
    Although our daughter was named at
Hillcrest, I didn't get involved with HJC
until Jill was in Hebrew School. My first
position was on the Hillcrest Hebrew
School's board, and then I became a
                                                       Yi2kor..........                                             approximately    1   1:00 A,M.
member of the Board of Trustees. When
                                                       Mincha/1v1aariv................,                                         ....... 8:30 P.M.
Ohr Chadash was founded, I was the                  Friday, June   10
school's first chairperson and later a                 Candle    Lighting.......                                                         8:07 P.M.
board member. I am pleased to serve                    Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv      .......,.......                                      6:30 P.M.
currently as Hillcrest'i liaison       to   the
                                                    Saturday, June      ll                                                  9:00 A.M.
                                                                    Rabbi Kogan will speak on the sedra Beha'alotecha
   While growing up, only one of my
                                                            Torah Reading: Numbers 8:1-12:16 Haftarah: Zeldtariah 2:14-4:7
girl   friends went     to Hebrew School.                  We welcome the new month of Sivan - Rosh Chodesh is Friday, June 3
Although my family wasn't very                         Shiur - Around the Rabbi's Table.....,.....                    ..... 7:15 P.M.
religious, my mother usually lit Shabbat
                                                       Mincha/Seudah ShelishilMaariv............                      ..... 7:45 P.M.
candles on Friday night. Unfortunately I
                                                       Shabbat Ends.............                                            9:13 P.M.
never learned Hebrew, but       I   learned "a
bissele" Yiddish.       My mother used to
speakit to my father when shc didn't                 Last fall I made my fust trip to Israel, as part of the group from Hillcrest. It was both
want me to understand something.                  extremely enjoyable and spiritually moving and I can't wait to go back. Perhaps my
Although my father understood Yiddish,            experiences in Israel will be the topic for a future column.
he couldn't speak it, so he answered in              If you don't know me, I would be delighted if you came over and introduced yourself.
English.                                                                                           Janet Ingber Hammelbacher, Vice President
Page Two                                                      HILLCREST JEWISH CENTER BULLETIN

Manes Kogan                          ............ Rabbi
                                                          From Rabbi Kogan...
Moti Fuchs                       ...............Cantor    Dear Friends of Hillcrest Jewish Center,
                                                              A rabbi,   a priest and sn Imam   go into a bar and the bartender asks them: l{hal is
Gerry Lewis...                        .......Presídenl
                                                          this, ajoke?
Iri s Schachter. ............ S isterhood Pres ident
Benjamin Rosof....... Men 's Club President
                                                              Indeed, there are many jokes about rabbis, priests, ministers and imams flying
Mark Inhaber. ............... Executive D irector         together, drinking together and exchanging sermons, perhaps because rabbis, priests,
Joan Hausmann .............. Managing Editor              ministers and imams don't get together as often as they should. When I was in Roanoke, I
Robert Zuckerman...... Bulletin Advertising               was very involved in the Roanoke Valley Ministers Association to the extent that I
D'.   I;;   M-"*rr'o*iøþ;'i nãtti E^iri,^
                                                          became the pre sident of the organizatio\. In the Roanoke Valley there are only two rabbis
                                                          along with 397 Ch¡istian ministers (and the number keeps growing) so if you don't
      Published Sunimonthly September-June                socialize with leaders of other religions, your social life outside the congregafion gets
              Monthly July & August                       very limited.
                    Postmaster:                               Here in eastern Queens, however, things are somehow different. First of all, there are
             Send address change to                       probably more Jews on 80th Road than in the entire Roanoke Valley. In addition there are
            Hillcrest Jewish Center
                                                          many rabbis with whom to socialize (certainly more than ministers) and also, I believe,
 Phone (718) 380-4145 Fax (718) 380-4665
          183-02 Union Tumpike
                                                          different denominations keep more to themselves.
            Flushing, NY 11366                                So it wasn't without excitement that I welcomed the invitatron from headmaster John
                  ws#   -245420                           Renner of the Summit School to be part of a panel with Reverend Gregory J, Sutterlin
                   Subscription                           from Christ Evangelical Lutheran in Fresh Meadows and the Imam Daud Hanif from the
      One Dollar Per Year- Included In Dues               Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Holliswood to speak to a group of students from the
       Periodical Postage Paid At Flushing                upper school.
                  Affiliated with                            Although I had met with Reverend Sutterlin and Imam Hanif before, this was the lnst
 United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism                 time that we got together in front of a thoughtful and inquisitive audience to talk about
           Hillcrest on the Web                           our beliefs and about what unites us.
                                                               The students had prepared a series of questions, some general and some more
                                                          specific, and we took turns answering them. The exchange was respectful and insightful,
            CENTER FAMILY                                 not only to the students but especially to the th¡ee ofus.
                                                               When asked by the students, "What do you think needs to be done to combat
Congratulations to:                                       prejudice?" Reverend Sutterlin summarized the feelings of the th¡ee clergy: "We need to
   Natalie Nussbaum on the Bar                            get together, meet in person, and share some time together to get to know each other."
Mitzvah of her grandson Derek Lewis                           Indeed, human beings get along as a consequence of spending quality time together. I
Nussbaum.                                                 believe that the above applies not only to individuals but to large groups as well; it
Wishing Good Recovery to:                                 applies not only to relationships between countries and religions, but also to rclationships
   Harriet Bluming, Joseph Fruchter,                      between ancl within congrcgatious and bctwccn a¡rcl within familics.
Simon Gold, Lillian Berger Goldberg,                          As someone who spends most of his tinrc working f'or his congregation and within his
Gerson Greene, Tibor Mermelstein, Herb                    congregation, visiting the Summit School and meeting with my clergy colleagues from
Mindlin, Cheryl Schack, Alberto                           different religions was refreshing and enlightening,
Schejtman, Mi¡iam Silver, Lillian                             I leave you with a picture of the visit. I was going to tell you that I am the one with
Solomon and Addie Wilder.                                 the beard, but then I realized that the th,ree of us have beards. I guess one more thing we
                                                          have in commonl
                                                              Many blessings,                                                     Rabbi Manes Kogan
 Tikkun Leyl Shavuot
  A little dffirent arrangement
   this year on Tuesday, June 7
We will begin with Mincha at 7:00 PM
      followed by   a Light Dairy Supper
              cost $10 per person
          us e the tear-off below for
             dinner reservations
         Open to the Community
Tikkun Leyl Prograrr¡ Part I at 8:00 PM
    followed by Maariv at 8:45 PM
Relax with Coffee & Cake at 9:00 PM
Tikkun Leyl Prograrr¡ Part II - 9: 15 PM

 Erev Shavuot Dairy Dinner tear-off
Name                                                      Rubbi's Ongoing Classes:
                                                          t Talmud with a Twist (classes not consecutive) Mondays, 4:00-5:00 PM
# ofpeople                      @ $lO per person          t   Study Talmud - Wednesdays, 10:00-11:30 AM
Check enclosed $                                          S   Study Talmud - Fridays, T:30-8:45 AM
Deadline dateþr reservations June                3.       S   Responsa in a Moment - Every Shabbat aftemoon, half hour before Mincha
                                                              followed by Seudah Shelishit and Maariv (ed by Richie Meyer)
                                          HILLCREST JE}VISH CENTER BULLETIN                                                  Page Three

           S¡STERHOOD                                      MEN'S GLUB                                   TEA & SGHMOOZE
ShaloûL                                           The month of May \ryas an historic                Friday, June 17 at 7:30 P.M.
    Join us on June 4th for Sisterhood         one for Men's Club. Under the newly                The second T&S of 2011 will feature
Shabbat. See your sisters in action at         approved Constitution, Men's Club held          two Hillcrest pharmacists - Ed Schwartz
Shabbat services. Also stay for lunch for      its first election of officers, with       a    and Werner Engelbert. You don't want to
a lovely Kiddush. All are welcome.             number    of new offices    created. Those      miss Ed talking about Pharmacy Then
    June l3th is our annual Strawberry         present enjoyed an exotic salad, delicious      and Now and Werner relaling actual
Festival at noon and lunch will be served.     pizza, and a variety of cold and hot            stories (some sad, some funny) that
Ron from the former Jewel Box will be          beverages. With no additional candidates        happened in his pharmacies.
back to show us some of his jeweþ and          presented, the slate named by the                  Ed and Werner have interesting
he will also be available to buy gold if       nominating committee was elected by                        They did not always
you wish to sell. He will contribute part      acclimation. After their installation at        practice pharmacy behind the Rx counter.
of his profit to Sisterhood. Come and          Men's Club Shabbat on June 25th, they               Ed served in the US Army in
schmooze with your friends and meet            will start planning for another year of         Okinawa, He graduated from NYU and
                                                                                               the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy (part
other people.                                  enjoyable programs for the Hillcrest
   June 26th will be the Libby                 Jewish Center community.
                                                                                               of Long Island University).       Besides
                                                                                               owning a pharmacy in Brooklyn for 34
Mowshowitz Annual Memorial Lecture                Word from Captree has it              that
                                                                                               years,   he has been a Medical        Sales
and breakfast. Our speaker will be Dr.         summer flounder, also known as fluke,
                                                                                               Representative for Me¡ck. For the last 20
Rebecca Twersky and the topic will be          are competing with each other to see
                                                                                               years he has been an Assistant Professor
Can Psychiatry Understand Yiddishkeit?         which one will have the honor of being
Please let us knowif you are planning to       the largest keeper caught at Men's Club's
                                                                                               coordinating   the Intern Program         at
                                                                                               Arnold and Marie College of Pharmacy,
attend. Donations are needed to defray         annual Fishing Expedition on Sunday,
                                                           'We're                              previously The Brooklyn College of
the cost ofthe event.                          June l2th,         excited by the fact that
    Hadassah ìs having a trip to the new       the state has slightly lowered the size of         Werner is a graduate of the Columbia
Jewish Museum in Philadelphia on               keepers. One of last year's fishermen is
                                                                                               University College of Pharmacy. After
Tuesday, August 30th. Let Judy Sacks           upset because two of his hsh would have         graduation he worked for l0 years in a
know if you would like to go. The cost is      been keepers at the new size, bud he had        pharmacy in Rockefeller Center, and then
approximately $50 per person for the bus       to throw them back. More information on         joined Eli Lilly as a Medical Service
and admission to the museum. It would          page 5.                                         Representative. He opened his first
be an air       conditioned   bus with    a       Saturday, June 25th is Men's Club            pharmacy in Brooklyn and then one in
bathroom onboarcl.                             Shabbat. All of l-Iillcrest's Torahs are         Fluntington Station, L,I. In later years,
   Mazal tov to ull thc glacluatcs! Wc         bcautiful, but thc Scphardic 'l'orah that       after selling his last pharmacy, he joined
would like to wish former Sisterhood           Men's Club purchased and presented to           Schein Pharmaceutical, a           generic
President and former Chairman of the           HJC with an appropriate ceremony many           pharmaceutical company on Long Island,
Board, Estelle Cohen, good luck in her         years ago,   will   have   its once a   year    moving later to Morris County, NJ as
new home. We hope that it meets all your       reading at Men's Club Shabbat. Rabbi            Manager of Pharmacy Relations, and
expectations.                                  Kogan, in his own inimitable style, will        continued working part time      in   retail
   L'hitraot,                                  serve as Discharging Officer       for   the    pharmacies, both in NJ and NYC.
                              Iris Schachter   Men's Club's outgoing officers           and       You will be intrigued by what Ed and
                                               board, and then serve as Installing Off,rcer    Werner    will be    chatting about! The
                                               for those newly   elected. Following            evening as usual will start with a brief
      YOUTH AND FAMILY                         services Men's Club will provide the            festive service with both Rabbi Kogan
   Where were you on Seis de Mayo?             entire Hillcrest Jewish Center community        and Cantor Fuchs paficipating, and will
Were you with the over 90 people who           with a sumptuous Kiddush.                       be followed by T&S and refreshments.
came down to daven and eat Mexican                 Don't forget the Mets game on Jewish
food? Or were you at home?                     Heritage Day at Citi Field on Sunday,
   Next year keep an eye out for our           August 28th at l:10 PM. The opponent               HJC congratulates H2I USY
Second Annual Mexican Dirurer (a hint -        will be the Atlanta Braves. The seats are             (Hillcrest JC, Hollis Hills JC,
Cuatro or A¡bah de Mayo is a Friday next       located between home plate and 3rd base.         Israel Center of Conservative Judaism)
year) and you will not want to be left out.    Tickets are $36. Make your check                   for being named METNY USY
More food! More drink! More gear! Do           payable to Men's Club, Hillcrest Jewish
not miss it!
                                                                                                    Chapter oÍthe Yeør 2010-11
                                               Center and leave, along with yoru name             Rebecca Adwar, chapter president
                              Matt Resnick     and phone number, in the Men's Club              Dan Bacharach & Cynthia Schweitzer,
                                               box in the office. For more information                    youth advisors
                                               call Abe Reback at718-454-7945.                    and Rebecca Kane, youth di¡ector
                                                  Looking ahead      to   September 4th,             Congratulations METNY USY
                IN THE                         Men's Club is planning its annual                   2010-201 1 Exec. Board President
          FERKAUF CHAPEL                       Barbecue for all Men's Club members                         Sivan Rinat, H2I
 Monday - Friday mornings..... 6:45 AM         who have paid their dues for the 2011-
                                                                                                  Congratulations20 1 l -20 1 2 Kiryah
 Sunday & Holiday mornings.. 8:30 AM
                                               2072 year, their significant others, and
                                                                                                   Divisonal Board Vice Presidents
                                               children under age 18. So gentlemen,
 Sunday - Thursday evenings ... 7:00 PM                                                            Jeremy Landau, Daniela Kogan      &
                                               send in your checks with the dues ASAP.
 Friday evenings             .. 6:30 PM                                                                     Ben Laine, H2I
                                                  Shalom.                 Latry Lansner
Page Four                                          HILLCREST JEWISH CENTER BULLETIN

  ..LIV¡NG BETTER WITH IT''                           MARTIN FEINSTEIN                                   TEA AND TORAH
    The newly formed cancer support               We mourn the passing of Martin                  When Rabbi Kogan asked me to
group, "Living Better V/ith It," will have    Feinstein, our 28th president. Marty            facilitate a class on Torah, I was horrified.
its next meeting on Wednesday, June 15        passed away on April 27th after a brief         Who are you anyïvay, I thought.
at 7:30 PM at Hillcrest Jewish Center.        illness. Marty accepted the reins of the          I know so little, I thought.
Our last meeting included members from        presidency during difficult times. Having           Put yourselfout there?, are you nuts!,
Hollis Hills JC.                              served as officers during his administoa-       I thought.
    We are still in the formation stage of    tion, we are well aware of how his                  Still, and whoever knows why, I did it.
this new interactive group. We discussed      calmness, wisdorr¡ and integrity helped             I knew that there was a whole range
having a support group within this group      steer us through those difficult years.         of     opinions and beliefs about Torah
for the caregivers...the unsung heroes of     Sometime after his presidency, Marty            sitting around the table that first day. But
cancer care. So often f¡iends call and say    was d¡afted back to the Board of                I also knew that for me, that was what
"How is the patient?" but almost never        Trustees, once again to officially extend       made this kind of study group so exciting.
do they ask "How is the caregiver?" So        to us his knowledge and wisdom.                    Some, it became clear, believe Torah
we felt that would be an        irrportant       Marty Feinstein was a generous               was written by Moshe directly from God,
addition to our group.                        financial supporter of ow Hillcrest             at His whim, in His time, and by His
    We discussed guest appearances by         Jewish Center, as well as other                 design; some believe this book sets the
acupuncturists and by massage therapists      worthwhile Jewish causes. He was kind,          scene, introduces the characters, is a
as well as oncologists and members of         considerate, dependable, friendly and           morality tale, told by man to address the
rhe mental health community,                  always open to meet new members of ow           fears and needs of men; and there are
    I think Hilary Clinton said it so well    Center. Martin Feinstein was the                some who believe it is a fair piece of
with the name of her book, It Takes a         quintessential mensch. He will be sorely        literature, not unlike Dante's Inferno, a
 Village; it does take more than one          missed.                                         story full of messages and life lessons.
individual to get through the rigors of          May his memory be for a blessing and                It was never my aim to teach, but
cancer treatment and care giving. The         an inspiration to us all.                       what      I didn't expect was that I would
chemo and radiation cause so many side                     Larry Lansner, Steve Zellman       become an explorer, that is, as we read
effects that it is good to talk about them                          and Martin Resnick        the text and the commentaries we began
with others who have gone through it or                                                       discussing it from our different points of
who are "in the th¡oes."                                                                      view, (careftrl to respect the others) we
    There have been so many people from                                                       began to make some discoveries, to ask
the Hillcrest community (and    I   am sure
                                                 MOWSHOWITZ LIBRARY                           questions, to search for answers, to really
there   will be many from the         other   Spotlìght on ø new book:                        explore the Torah Territory.
synagogues too) who have offered their           Anne Hosansky, one of Hillcrest's                So, I urge you to gather some friends
support (because they are survivors), and     own, has written a book entitled "Ten           together around      a     coûrmon interest   -
services (because they are physicians and     Women      of Valor" which she has              perhaps     a book of the Biblc, or     somc
psychologists) for this group endeavor.       generously donated     to the library.   This   chapters around a spccific event or
    We invite you to join this vital and      slim volunre ffeats Sarah, Rebekah,             character, or the women of the Bible -
viable group. 'We are currently deciding      Rachel, Leah, Miriam, Deborah, Hannah,          and become an explorer yourself. Quite
which way we should proceed and               Ruth, Judith and Esther in a straight-          unexpected and lovely are the rewards.
whether   tohave evening or moming            forward way, while still conveying       the                      MINYAN
meetings, and how many meetings we            complex sociological, cultural           and           I
                                                                                                   feel a deep and abiding need to say
want to have each month. Our email            religious context of their parlicular           the Kaddish for the people I have so
address   is     stories. Anne writes in her introduction,       loved and lost. I know I'm not unique in
for you to write to with        questions,    "I wanted to sunìmon the women back             this. There are very many who feel
concerns and support.                         from those ancient times and have them          exactly as I do. So when it's cold or rainy
    We have been contacted by a group         tell me how they made thei¡ difhcult            or I'm tired and don't want to come to
that offers support for cancer patients       choices." Though eons separate them             Shul I think: What if I'm number ten and
who are having diffrculty. Called "Hand       from us, their abiding concerns still           if I don't go someone will not be able to
in Hand," they would give training            resonate and these historic women still         say the Kaddish? One day last week we
classes for people who wanted to give         "provide incomparable role models."             were nine. We were all a little worried
support to othe¡s (not necessarily people
                                              Summer Hours Alerl!                             because three of us needed to say the
who are part of this group).
                                                  During July and August the library          Kaddish. Suddenly, and in a big rush, in
     There are lots of things going on, and                                                   walked number ten.
                                              will operate on a reduced schedule. It will
it is very exciting to be in the vortex of    regularly be open on Shabbat during                Hooray, we said,
this group. Come join in!                                                                        Mazal Tov,
                                              Kiddush (noon-l PM), but on other days
                           Suzi Nussbaum                                                         Yasher Koach, we said.
                                              by appointment only. Contact me by                 But I thought. Wait a mi¡ute. Without
                                              email,, or the
         Join us at the                       HJC office    718-380-4145 to make
                                                                                              me, without her, without him there's no
        Celebrqte Israel                      arrangements. Please return all books,
                                              CDs and DVDs that are due...or overdue
                                                                                                     And then I had this delicious thought.
         Pørade                               . Monday, June 2'7 .
                                                                                                     Every sìngle one of us sitting there
                                                                                              that morning, and every morning,              is
  on Fílth Aaenue, MIC                         Yes, books may be renewed     or borrowed      number ten.
     Sundag, June 5                           for the summer,                                        Think about that!
                                                                          Emily Goldberg                                     Judy Rosenthal
                                            HILLCREST JEWISH CENTER BULLETIN                                                          Page Five

     Have you ever thought that a donation                               ARE Y()U (}NTINE?
you made to the Center didn't get into the
Bulletin soon enough? V[e've heard that                                   Email
many times. What you might not realize                                   to receive our free E-Newsletter.
is the time frame involved in getting from
all those little bits of paper and articles                                      Check out our webs¡te:
submitted, to a finished product, printed                                          www.HillcrestJC,orq
and delivered to your door.
     The deadline given to those who
submit articles, or write-ups on. various
Center activities, is approximately 24
weeks before the actual date of the                      HILLCREST JEl[ilSH CENTER
bulletin issue. The donation listing is
picked up from the office one day later,                        MEN'S CLUB
so that stragglers can get their articles in.
    It takes about a week to get the issue
put together and proofed. Then it goes to                      ANNUAL       1lth
the printer. After he's finished, the
bulletin is returned to the office for labels     GERRY BERG FISHING EXPEDITION
to be affixed, sorted for mailing, and then
the post office can take a few days for
delivery to your home.
                                                               CAPTREE STATE PARK BOAT BASIN
Here is the 6/l 5 - 9/l schedule:                                       ABOARD THE
Date of Bulletin Copy in OffÌce by
June 15                    May 31                                    CAPTREE STAR III
July I                     June 15
August I                   July 14
September   I              August    15
                   Joan Hausmann, Editor
                                                                suNDAY, JUNE L2r 2OlL
                                                               8:OO AM Sharp to 1:3O PM
  J-High-TEQ combines the resources                                     More Fishing Time: More Fun
of local congregations, community rabbis                      Limited Capacity - Reserve Early for Early Bird Rates
and motivated students in a dynamic                                        Bring Family & Friends
partnership. Throughout the school year,
high school students form a bond with
our Rabbis, while being introduced to an                     Thís is a private charterfor Hillcrest Men's Club
array of interesting people who affect the
Jewish world, participate        in   chesed
                                                              No equipment needed - Help available from the mates
projects, study Jewish texts and discuss
current life issues. Each year is different                       Price includes use of rods, bait and gatuities
from the previous and each session                                          Just bring food and drinks
(approximately 15 per year) of J-High-
TEQ is a unique experience. Our main                           Adults                     $50 by June   6          $55 after June 6
mission is to keep our teens connected to                      Children under   12        $35 by June   6          $40 after June 6
their Jewish roots throughout their high
school years and further. Students who
                                                               Toddlers                   Free                     Free

remain    in the program   through twelfth                                               Questions?
grade are inducted into the fellowship                                    Call Steve Zellman 718-969-7032
J-High-TEQ graduates and receive a                                              or Ben Rosof 7 I 8-7 7 6- I 5 85
sword from the Radler collection. We
extend an invitation to all Jewish teens in
grades 9-12, regardless of                your           Return the tear-off with your check payable to Men's Club, HJC
synagogue affiliation or lack thereof. The
next J-season is slated to start following
the High Holidays.
   If you would like   further information,       Name                                                      Phone #
would like us to include a teen that you
know in our next mailer, or would like to
share your suggestions for programming,
                                                  # Adults              # Children (under     l2)_
please contact Mindy Radler-Glickman at or at 917-698-              Amount enclosed                         Cell Phone #
    Page Six                                             HILLCREST JEWISH CENTER BULLETIN                         )oll<ttcttl"/qat
      SYNAGOGUE OFFERINGS                             Rabbi's Discretionary Fund :                     M. Marvin Berger Lecture Fund:
                                                        Ohr Chadash Religious School in                   Lillian Berger Goldberg for yahrzeit
                     Reminder                         honor   of Michael       Zuckerman's Bar         of mother Eva Richel.
    There is a $25 minimum donation required          Mitzvah.
    for the listing to be printed in the Bulletin        Natalie Nussbaum in honor of the Bar          FRIENDSHIP KIDDUSH SPONSORS
    (one name per yahrzeit listing)                   MiEvah of her grandson Derek Lewis               May 14 - Michael Silver, Pazia & Avi
    General Fund:
                                                      Nussbaum,       son of Jason &,          Ilise   Siev, Ellen & Arnie Schweitzer, Leila &
                                                      Nussbaum in Connecticut.                         Edgar Schwarø and Aggie & Ted Weisz.
       Priscilla & Milt Nathanson in honor               Judith Guttman for yahrzeit of
    of Nancy &. Jared Rifkin and Matt                 husband Arthur Guttrnan,                            COFFEE & CAKE SPONSORS
    Resnick,                                             Basheva &, Louis Appleman in
       Beverly Ìùy'einstein in hono¡ of Nancy                                                                 - Irving Goldberg, Stephanie
                                                                                                       N4:ay 2l
                                                      memory of Marty Feinstein of blessed             Cretaro
    &Iarcd Rifkin.                                    memory, a pillar of HJC and a real
       Sela    &   Steve Zellman wish Gerson          mensch.                                               THIRD MEAL SPONSORS
    Greene a speedy recovery.                            Emily Goldberg for yahrzeit of                May 14 - Nuriel & Barbara Vardi
        Feinstein family thanks all of their          mother-in-law Esther Goldberg.
    Hillcrest friends for thei¡ expressions of                                                         Alice & Paul Gershon
    support and sympathy.                             Sam & Stella Skura Holocaust Fund:
                                                         Stella Skura wishes a speedy recovery
       Leonard Zirnmerman for yahrzeit          of
    mother Clara Zimmerman.
                                                      to Matthew Greenberg, son of Carol &
                                                      Jay Greenberg.                                   HILLCREST JEWISH CENTER
       RoseAnn &. Gary Darche in memory
                                                          Stella Skura    in   memory   of Mafin
    of Martin Feinstein,
        Steven ZeTlman for yafuzeit      of   dear
                                                      Feinstein.                                             DAY GAMP
    mother Rose Zellman.                              Endowment Fund:                                  o Arts & Crafts Program
       Rita Moskin for yahrzeit of brother              Leila      & Edgar Schwartz in loving
    Barton Goldberg.                                  memory       of thei¡ dear friend Martin         o Red Cross Swim Program
       Renita Horowitz        for yaluzeit of         Feinstein,                                       r Video Games
    husband Leon Horowitz.                                Iris & Harvey Schachter in memory            . Teen Lounge
       Isabel Gros     for   yahrzeit   of   father   of Martin Feinstein.                             ¡ Sports
    Gutman Weil.                                      College Outreach Fund:                           ¡ Scheduled Trips for All Ages
       Edgar Schwartz for yaluzeit of                     Janice & Larry Feinstein in honor of
    mother Yetta Schwartz.                            their   daughter-in-law    Eve's   teaching      ¡ Late Nite Trips - Upper Camp
       Rhoda Zlotnick for yahrzeit of mother          fellowship at Harvard.                           ¡ Special Theme Activities
    Anna Zimmerman.                                   Askenas Audio Visual Fund:                       ¡ Jewish Heritage Program
       Constance     &   Norman Solomon in                Merle Kaplan for yahrzeit of mother          o Hot Kosher Lunches Served
    memory of Mafin Feinstein.
       Sidney Williams        for yahrzeil of
                                                      Theresa Vy'eiss.                                 . Aftemoon Snacks
    father-inlaw Murray Mann.                         Prayer Book Fund:                                ¡ OneB Shabbat
        Yvette Bercovitz for yahrzeit of father           Carmel Gottlieb in memory of Martin          ¡ Weekly Cookout for Entire Camp
    Theodore Mittler.                                 Feinstein, a long time friend.
                                                          Barbara & Mark J. Lefkof in memory           . Music & Dance Instruction
        Joan &. Raymond Hausmann in                                                                    ¡ Gymnastics/Dance Lessons
                                                      of Past President Martin Feinstein.
    memory of Martin Feinstein.
       Paul Testa and Robert Testa in                     Anita & Larry Lansner in memory of           o Lacrosse Instruction
                                                      Past President Martin Feinstein.
    memory of Martin Feinstein.
       Loretta Wasserheit for yahrzeit of             Mowshowitz Library Fund:                             CAMP PROGRAMS
    husband Ha¡ry Wasserheit.                             Ellen Miller and Norman Mollov in
       Loretta Wasserheit for yahrzeit of             honor of Bob Grossman's recuperation                   FOR CHILDREN
                                                      from surgery,
    mother Anna Seewald.
                                                          Linda, William & Stuart Singer in               4.14 YEARS OF AGE
       Cheryl Meyer for yahrzeit of father
    MiltonWolff.                                      honor of Sheila & Howard Chustek on
                                                      the birth of granddaughter Kylie Madison           Partial Season Programs Available
       Linda Morris for yahrzeit of mother
    Margaret Bohm.                                    Chustek.
       Sela & Steve Zellman in memory            of       Sheila    & Howard      Chustek wish                 FEE INGLUDES:
    Past President Martin Feinstein.                  Gerson Greene a speedy recovery.
                                                          Ellen Miller for yahrzeit     of   mother          TRANSPORTATION,
       Phyllis Gruber for yahrzeit of father
    Samuel Marvald.                                   Toby Goodman.                                         LUNCH, P.M. SNACK,
I      Judith Chasanoff in memory of Ruth
                                                          Ellen Miller for yahrzeit
                                                      Leonard Goodman.
                                                                                        of   brother     ALL TRIP ADMISSION FEES,
                                                                                                               CAMP T-SHIRT
      Stephen Hammerman          in memory of            Sheila & Howard Chustek extend
    Ruth Mack, mother        of Bill   and David      deepest sympathy to Sylvia Weprin                       GROUP PICTURE
    Mack.                                             Feinstein on the passing of her husband
       The Mayrock Foundation in memory               Martin Feinstein.                                   DAY CAMP OFFIGE HOURS
    of Ruth Mack.                                         Leslie Sufrin for yahrzeit of mother
                                                      Helen Sufrin.                                         Sundays 10-12 Noon
       Michael      & Dayle Hope Katz in                  Kenneth Blacharsh       in   memory of
    memory of RuthMack.                                                                                     Wednesdays 7-g P.M.
                                                      parents Sadie & Abraham Blacharsh.
       Edith Baldinger Charitable             Lead
                                                      Anderman Scholarship Fund:
    Annuity Trust in memory of Ruth Mack.
       Leslie Sufrin for yahrzeit of mother               Lorraine & Josef Soloway & family                 718-380-4 r45
    Helen Suftin (Torah repair).                      in memory of dear aunt Fay Rabiner.

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