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					                                                 Health and Biosciences Action Plan 2010 – 2011

                                                                   HBS Vision
HBS is a valued global group of health information professionals and drives equitable access to health information for all.

                                                                    HBS Mission
The section acts as a global forum for health and biosciences information professionals and libraries. Its general aims are: to further cooperation
between such libraries, library associations, the World Health Organization (WHO), and other relevant bodies; to facilitate awareness and application
of relevant new technologies; to promote the provision of quality health information to health professionals and consumers; and to promote equitable
access to timely and reliable health information for all communities
HBS Goal 1:                                                                                  HBS Priority Activities 2010 – 2011

To improve access to health and biosciences information to stimulate the creation of             Work with the Medical Library Association on a
knowledge and promote health, HBS will focus its activities on                                    joint MLA/ICML 2013 in Boston
     Continue to support the International Congress on Medical Librarianship                   Present a satellite session for IFLA 2011
     Provide relevant satellite and open sessions at IFLA meetings of general interest         Present an open session during IFLA 2011
      to the IFLA membership                                                                    Begin planning for a satellite session for IFLA
     Liaise with relevant organizations to coordinate and facilitate greater access to           2012
      health information in less developed countries;                                           Begin planning for an open session for IFLA
     work with FAIFE PAHI project                                                                2012
                                                                                                Present a project proposal to IFLA to provide
                                                                                                  one or more Blue Trunks to Africa
HBS Goal 2                                                                                   HBS PRIORITY ACTIVITIES 2010-2011
                                                                                                Actively recruit members to the HBS Standing
To build the strategic capacity of HBS and that of its members, HBS will:                         Committee and the section by contacting all
    Aim to increase the membership of the section                                                IFLA institutions with a health or bioscience
    Engage with other IFLA sections                                                              library, and those health library associations
    Engage in all relevant IFLA activities eg training sessions                                  which are not yet members of IFLA to promote
                                                                                                  section membership and encourage new section
                                                                                                   Commence discussions with the Library
                                                                                                     Services to People with Special Needs Section
HBS Goal 3                                                                                      HBS PRIORITY ACTIVITIES 2010-2011

To advance the profession through the development of standards and the promotion of                 Ensure that all keynote and other speakers
specialised knowledge within the professional practice, HBS will focus its activities on:              present well researched presentations
    Presenting evidence based research
    Providing regular updates in the HBS Newsletter
HBS Goal 4                                                                                      HBS PRIORITY ACTIVITIES 2010-2011

To be a global association that is inclusive of the cultural and linguistic diversity of its          Ensure that all themes are relevant to all
members without regard to citizenship, disability, ethnic origin, gender, geographical                 members of HBS by not focusing on narrow
location, language, political philosophy, race or religion, HBS will focus its activities on:
                                                                                                       areas of interest or expertise
      Presenting open sessions and satellite sessions that will attract attendees from all           Ensure that speakers are selected from as many
                                         areas in the world                                            countries as possible
    Liaise with other organizations such as WHO to ensure promotion of GHL,                          Establish formal links with WHO and other
       HINARI, HIFA2015 etc                                                                            organizations

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