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					Another Potential to Weep

Preliminary Investigative Report: The Congressional
Hearings on the Oklahoma City Bombing

Report by:

Douglas J. Hagmann
Director, Northeast Intelligence Network
Internet: www.HomelandSecurityUS.com
E-Mail: director@HomelandSecurityUS.com

Date: 27 June 2005
Congressman Rohrabacher: The Script Has Already
Been Written
“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”
Sir Winston Churchill

        Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has made a promise to the American public that
he cannot and will not keep. Earlier this year, he promised to hold congressional hearings
on the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 171 Americans and tore into
the very heart of our great country by both its location and body count. Currently, the
congressman is engaged in a “fact-finding mission,” conducting interviews in advance of
that hearing. His fact-finding missions, along with any investigative hearings he will lead,
is nothing more than a modern day dog-and-pony show designed to appease those with
inquiring minds and lingering doubts about the bombing. Extensive research conducted
by this investigator finds that the congressman is professionally compromised by a litany
of political friends and allies – some with ties to terrorism themselves. As such, he is
unable to lead an unbiased and thorough investigation into terrorist attacks, especially
those with potential ties to Islamic terrorism. Placing Congressman Rohrabacher in
charge of an investigation into the Oklahoma City bombing is like a bad episode of “The
Shield” television series, where there are as many different agendas as police officers,
minus the machismo and fine acting. Unless Americans demand the whole truth and
nothing but the truth, the outcome of the hearings has already been written.

        Beyond the tragic loss of life, the reason that Americans need to know the whole
truth behind the 1995 bombing is that it is intrinsically linked to the first World Trade
Center bombing as well as the events of September 11, 2001. It holds key information
about previous and current Islamic terror cells inside the U.S., and is an example of just
how badly our domestic intelligence services, as well as those holding high political
offices failed the American public, and continue to fail us to this day. Their failures are
more than sins of omission; they are deliberate acts to cover the actions and inaction of
politicians and domestic intelligence agents alike, spanning two administrations and both
ends of the political spectrum.

        Just as an indisputable link to Islamic-based terrorism in the attacks of 1993 and
2001 has been proven, so too can the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City
in 1995. Accordingly, we desperately need a congressional inquiry into the Oklahoma
City bombing, but not one that has already been scripted to insult the intelligence of
every American citizen, including the memories of those who perished in that terrorist
attack. Unfortunately, Congressman Rorhabacher cannot deliver what he says he can,
because he has been marginalized by his past political positions and his own relationships
with individuals and groups under indictment for their ties to terrorism.
        Accordingly, we should not be so gullible to think that we are going to get
anything more than someone going through the motions, or worse, straining to prove that
all of those involved were home-grown, white supremacists when the overwhelming
evidence that has already been uncovered points to Islamic terrorists inside the United
States. The Congressman has a conflict of interest larger than the size of his California
congressional district and should not be the one to handle this investigation, nor should
we be so naïve to expect him to.

The 1995 Prior Warning & Intelligence Failures
        On Monday, February 27, 1995, the U.S. House Task Force on Terrorism and
Unconventional Warfare, a committee on which Congressman Dana Rohrabacher served,
issued a written confidential warning that stated, in part that there would be "…[an]
Islamic attack on U.S. soil,” naming primary targets in Washington, D.C. Four days later,
on March 3, 1995, the task force issued an updated warning that not only suggested an
attack or attacks were imminent, but identified a plan to “strike at the heart of the U.S.”

        One month before the Oklahoma City bombing, the same committee on which
Congressman Rohrabacher served issued an explicit warning to Federal Protective
Services (FPS) and the intelligence community that an imminent attack was not only
likely, but also warned that it was likely that “…the terrorists would strike at the heart of
the U.S." Additionally, Israeli intelligence sources in contact with that committee as well
as our own domestic intelligence also warned them on March 3, 1995 – forty-seven days
before the bombing - that an impending terrorist attack would use "lily whites," or
disenfranchised Americans, which are people without any identifiable background,
record or profile that would not be suspected as terrorists to assist the Islamic terrorist in
pulling off an attack on America.

        It is obvious that the ink was barely dry on these warnings when the Oklahoma
City bombing took place. Admittedly, there was not enough specificity contained within
those warnings to prevent the bombing. Regardless, it takes on the appearance of a
conflict of interest for Congressman Rohrabacher to spearhead any congressional
committee to investigate the workings of that task force. Considering the loss of life
associated with this bombing and intelligence related to future events, it is too important
to even approach the appearance of impropriety.

No Simple Answers

        Although it had already been established that Congressman Rohrabacher was on
the U.S. House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare in 1995, it was the
intent of this investigator to learn what the response from his office would be when asked
about his dates of service after establishing his presence on that task force.
        It is often stated that during a trial, an attorney should never ask a witness any
question to which he does not already know the answer. Last week, that same reasoning
was employed when I asked my son, a college student at a Pennsylvania university to call
the office of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to verify that he had served on the U.S.
House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare in 1995. Already knowing
the answer but hoping to obtain more information and verification from the
congressman’s office, I listened while he made the call. It was then that I knew that even
simplest of answers posed to the congressman’s office would be elusive To most people
outside of the political arena, that question merely requires a simple “yes or no” answer,
and perhaps a starting and ending date for the congressman’s tenure on this now-defunct
task force. Instead, what I heard was hard for even me to believe, despite listening to
government double-speak for years.

        First, no staffer in the congressman’s California office seemed able to answer that
simple question. Following several uncomfortable pauses and the staffer asking my son
why he wanted to know, he was transferred to a person described by the staffer as
someone who could and should be able to answer his question - Dr. Fadi Essmaeel, the
Homeland Security Director under U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's California

“I can’t tell you no, but I also can’t say yes because he is involved in so many different
groups regarding homeland security and naming just one from the past I can’t recall,”
stated Dr. Essmaeel. “He has been involved in many committees.” Then Dr. Esmaeel
asked my son why he wanted to know, as if his answer would depend on the reason he
gave. My son replied that he was performing research for a college term paper due in the

“Yes, well, was he on the U.S. House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional
Warfare in 1995?” my son asked.

“I cannot answer that question” responded Essmaeel. “Maybe yes, it is possible, yes, but
maybe no,” Esmaeel added, reminding me of a bad game of “Ask the 8-Ball” from my

“Would you please check?” my son asked, now looking at me in dazed bewilderment.

“Tell me your e-mail address and I will send you information,” promised Esmaeel, as he
ended the surreal conversation. My son dutifully provided his college e-mail address,
hoping for a definitive answer.

        A few minutes later, he received the promised e-mail from Dr. Essmaeel. Rather
than providing a simple answer to a most basic question, the e-mail merely contained a
link to the Homeland Security portion of the congressman’s website, which tells nothing
of his task force tenure.
Insight into Congressman Rohrabacher’s Political
Friends, Supporters & Campaign Contributors
       Research and investigation shows that Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has been
funded by various Islamic groups and individuals, including Abdurahman Alamoudi
who was recently indicted for providing material support to terrorist organizations.

       Federal Election Commission records show that Alamoudi and his associates have
given Congressman Rohrabacher in excess of $34,000 in contributions during his time in

                                  Abdurahman Alamoudi was arrested on money
                          laundering charges after he allegedly accepted a briefcase
                          containing $340,000 in sequentially numbered $100 bills from
                          front groups tied to Osama bin Laden and Libyan dictator
                          Muammar Qaddafi. Alamoudi founded the American Muslim
                          Council (AMC) and has praised such terrorist groups as
                          Hamas and Hezbollah. He also pled guilty in July 2004 to
                          charges related to a Libyan plot to assassinate Saudi Crown
                          Prince Abdullah. A federal agent has reportedly supplied an
                          affidavit swearing that Alamoudi told other Muslim Americans
                          in 1996, "If we are outside this country, we can say, ‘Oh,
Allah, destroy America!’ But once we are here, our mission is to change it."

        Alamoudi has repeatedly hosted political meetings where he named Congressman
Rohrabacher as a guest of honor. At one of those meetings, just five months before the
attacks of September 11, 2001 Rohrabacher blamed the United States for Middle East
tensions and for giving "whatever Israel wants." In turn, the AMC gave Rohrabacher an

                                Abdurahman Alamoudi also helped organize the
                        Muslim chaplain program for the Defense Department. Not
                        surprisingly, an Alamoudi-backed chaplain ministering to
                        Taliban and al-Qaeda detainees was allegedly caught
                        mishandling classified material. In a March 2002 affidavit, a
                        U.S. customs agent declared that Alamoudi associate Jamal
                        Barzinji operated several companies that secretly offered
                        financial support for terrorists involved in international murder
                        and bombings, and Barzinji has close ties to the terrorist group
                        Islamic Jihad.
Another associate of both Rohrabacher and Alamoudi is Khaled Saffuri, a Palestinian
Muslim who has ties to Islamic radical elements throughout the Middle East. Ironically,
Saffuri frequently attended Washington, D.C., strategy meetings with Rohrabacher. In
                            December 2001, a member of Rohrabacher’s own
                            congressional staff wrote a detailed memo to Congressman
                            Rohrabacher about Saffuri’s role in providing financial
                            assistance to the families of homicide bombers, and
                            described the latter’s outrage when President Bush froze
                            the assets of the Holy Land Foundation for its suspected
                            ties to Islamic terrorism.

                                      The memo from the staff member to Rohrabacher
                              stated, in part that Saffuri was "giving money to an
                              organization that makes it possible for suicide bombers to
                              carry out their missions" and that his "loyalties" are not to
                              the U.S. The memo concluded, "I know Saffuri is your
friend and that you think highly of him. I believe that as your friend, if he is a true friend,
he will understand the reason that you would not want to receive further counsel from
him." Rohrabacher apparently chose to ignore the warning despite it’s publication in
Insight magazine in May 2002. Based on the inaction of the congressman, the staffer quit.

       According to J. Michael Waller, a senior writer at Insight, Rohrabacher’s activity
was evidence that a "terror-support network across the United States" had "bought
themselves political access and political cover in Washington in what appear to have
been attempts to undermine existing federal counterterrorism laws."

Reimbursement of Travel Expenses – A Sampling
         Research into Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s travel expenses found that he
was reimbursed by a number of sources during his time as a congressman that could
cause a definite conflict of interest in any investigative oversight position. A sampling of
his filings – Schedule VII forms claiming the source of travel funding is revealing:
1995 Travel Expense Reimbursement

1997 Travel Expense Reimbursement
                         2000 Travel Expense Reimbursement

Questions Not Asked are Never Answered
       To this point, the evidence presented by this investigator has been essentially
circumstantial in nature. Nonetheless, that evidence has laid the proper foundation for the
apparent scope of Congressman Rohrabacher’s fact-finding mission in advance of
potential Congressional hearings on the Oklahoma City bombing.

        Between October 2001 through the present, this investigator has reviewed
thousands of pages of open source documents pertaining to the Oklahoma City bombing,
and has personally investigated a number of issues and individuals – many who have not
been named or otherwise identified in any public venue. From November 2003 through
the present, this investigator has conducted multiple interviews with former KFOR
television reporter and author of the book The Third Terrorist. It is important to note
that after conducting an investigation into as many aspects of the Oklahoma City
bombing as possible and permissible, the only definitive investigative work that has
withstood the most intense investigative scrutiny is the research conducted by Ms.
Davis as presented in her book. Research performed by this investigator has failed to
find any legitimate or reliable connection to any groups or individuals (i.e. white
supremacists) identified by other researchers. Simply stated, this investigator has found
no evidence to support the assertions of any such Neo-Nazi, white-supremacist
involvement in the events of April 19, 1995. Conversely, this investigator has found
overwhelming evidence to support a Middle Eastern connection to the bombing of the
Murrah Federal Building.

        It is beyond the intention and scope of this investigator to suggest that
Congressman Rohrabacher should have any preconceived ideas in his alleged fact-finding
mission concerning the events of, and leading up to 9:02 am on April 19, 1995. In fact, an
investigation must never be directed by anything but the quest for truth.
        Based on that premise, it is the professional opinion of this investigator that it is
equally irresponsible to avoid asking all of the questions that need to be asked in order to
secure the entire truth in any investigation, whether civil or criminal. In this case, the
tragic loss of human life, the current threat that we face, and our ability to correct our past
intelligence mistakes relies heavily on asking every question, thoroughly documenting
each answer, and talking to every reliable witness to reach a definitive conclusion.
Accordingly, this investigator was dismayed to learn, in multiple interviews with Ms.
Davis, that Congressman Dana Rohrabacher was presented with a list of bona-fide
questions to be posed to FBI Director Robert Mueller (at his request), but failed to do so.
Only two of the following questions were asked, neither of which were answered
completely, according to Ms. Davis’ subsequent conversations with Congressman

       Having received the list of questions that Congressman Rohrabacher had – and
continues to have – in his possession, redacted where necessary to avoid identification of
witnesses and potential suspects, they are presented as follows:

                                   Questions for FBI

   •   Is the Oklahoma City bombing investigation officially open or closed? If the case
       is considered open, please state the reasons.

   •   Why did the FBI fail to interview Iraqi national Hussain Al-Hussaini, whom
       multiple witnesses placed in the company of Timothy McVeigh prior to the
       bombing, exiting the explosives-laden Ryder truck in front of the Alfred P.
       Murrah Building, and speeding away from the burning federal complex moments
       after the blast?

   •   State the whereabouts of Hussain Al-Hussaini from 5:00 A.M – 10:00 A.M. on
       April 19, 1995. If Al-Hussaini’s location is unknown to the Bureau, explain why.

   •   State the questions, answers, and test results of the FBI polygraph examination
       administered to “material witness” Jordanian national, Abraham Ahmad.

   •   Outline the evidence and witness statements upon which the FBI relied when
       issuing an all-points-bulletin for a brown Chevrolet pickup with foreign occupants
       at 11:56 A.M. on April 19, 1995. Why was the APB cancelled on the afternoon
       of the bombing? Who cancelled it?

   •   In late May 1995, the FBI returned a stolen 1983 GMC High Sierra pickup to its
       owners, Luke and Lori Conner (pseudonyms). State the specific evidence which
       led the FBI to conclude that the truck had no connection to the terror attack on the
       Murrah Building. Why did FBI Special Agent Jim Ellis tell four witnesses that
       the brown truck was used in the Oklahoma City bombing?
•   The FBI has in its custody three sets of fingerprints recovered from the stolen
    1983 GMC High Sierra pickup. Have the prints been compared to any
    immigration files? If so, what were the results? If not, why not?

•   Identify the “known car thief” that the FBI believes stole the 1983 GMC High
    Sierra pickup. What evidence did the FBI develop that proves the pickup was
    stolen by a “known car thief.” How and why did the FBI eliminate as suspects in
    the auto theft case the Middle Eastern men whom multiple witnesses identified in
    that stolen GMC truck before, during, and after the April 19 attack?

•   Why did the FBI refuse to return the original motel records that the Bureau of
    Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms confiscated from the Oklahoma City motel where
    several witnesses identified McVeigh in the presence of Middle Eastern national
    in the weeks, days, and final hours leading up to 9:02 A.M. on April 19, 1995?
    Where are the original records now?

•   FBI Special Agent Dan Vogel (retired) has stated that he received twenty-two
    affidavits from former KFOR-TV journalist Jayna Davis in January 1999 while
    working for the FBI field office in Oklahoma City. What happened to the
    affidavits? Why were those witness statements withheld from the judge,
    prosecutors, and defense attorneys in the trials of Timothy McVeigh and Terry
    Nichols? Why were none of the witnesses interviewed by field agents?

•   In November 1998, the Justice Department permitted one of its lead investigators
    for the Oklahoma Bomb Task Force to testify before the Oklahoma County Grand
    Jury that was tasked with investigating additional bombing conspirators. During
    the agent’s appearance before the panel, he addressed the testimony of several
    witnesses who had interviewed with journalist Jayna Davis. However, the Justice
    Department refused permission for FBI Special Agent Dan Vogel (retired) to
    testify during Terry Nichols’ October 2001 preliminary hearing in his state
    murder trial to confirm his receipt of twenty-two affidavits from reporter Davis.
    Explain why Agent Vogel was barred from taking the stand while another federal
    agent was allowed to testify.

•   Explain the FBI’s policy when addressing witness affidavits that name specific
    individuals in the commission of a crime.

•   Why did the FBI withhold the interview statement of witness Rachel Sealy
    (pseudonym) from the defense teams?

•   Name the Oklahoma City witnesses who participated in the live lineup of
    Timothy McVeigh at the Oklahoma County jail on April 22, 1995. Identify the
    witnesses who chose McVeigh.
   •   Why did the FBI suspect federal felon Dr. Anwar Abdul (pseudonym) of ties to
       the Palestinian Liberation Organization at the time he was being charged and pled
       guilty to insurance fraud?

   •   The FBI sketch of John Doe 2 based upon the testimony of downtown witness
       Michael Benton (pseudonym) was not disclosed to the public during the
       international manhunt for suspects. Why? Why was this sketch and Benton’s FBI
       302 withheld from Terry Nichols’ defense counsel? Was this sketch ever
       compared to the photograph of the man whom Benton identified as the mysterious
       jogger he observed timing his run from the Murrah Building at sunrise on April
       19, 1995?

   •   Why did the FBI conduct no interviews with the employees and guests of the
       Cactus Motel who corroborated owner Randy Christian’s testimony to federal
       agents that several men of Arab extraction were seen on the motel grounds with
       Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, a yellow Mercury Marquis, brown SUV, and a
       Ryder truck that reeked of diesel fuel?

   •   Provide evidence which conclusively establishes the whereabouts of Timothy
       McVeigh during the night of April 18, 1995?

   •   How many witnesses did the FBI interview who placed Timothy McVeigh with
       additional conspirators in downtown Oklahoma City on the morning of the
       bombing? Name each witness and provide a summary of the FBI interviews.
       Why were none called to testify before during the Denver trials of McVeigh and

   •   Provide an index of the twenty-two surveillance videotapes that the FBI
       confiscated from downtown Oklahoma City businesses in the wake of the
       bombing. State the date, source, and content of each video recording. Why did
       the Justice Department request U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch seal those

   •   Provide an index of the locations and number of fingerprints that were recovered
       by the Oklahoma Bomb Task Force and federal investigators during the Bureau’s
       investigation of the 1995 Murrah Building attack. How many of those prints were
       compared to immigration files? If none were compared to the Middle Eastern
       nationals named by Jayna Davis’ witnesses, explain why.

The above questions were submitted by Ms. Davis to Congressman Rohrabacher months
ago, yet remain unanswered. The reason they have yet to be answered is that they have
yet to be asked, states Ms. Davis, who continues to be in contact with Congressman

The question posed by this investigator to Congressman Rohrabacher, who asserts that he
is on a quest for the truth, is simply, why haven’t you posed these questions?
Terry Nichols is Interviewed by Congressman
                                     As confirmed today by Jayna Davis, Congressman
                              Dana Rohrabacher is meeting with convicted bomber Terry
                              Nichols at the Supermax Prison in Florence, Colorado
                              today. His interview is scheduled to last 3 ½ hours. Asked
                              by Congressman Rohrabacher to provide him with a list of
                              questions he should ask Terry Nichols, she provided him
                              with a list pursuant to his request. This investigator
                              obtained a redacted copy of the questions ALREADY IN
                              THE POSSESSION OF THE CONGRESSMAN as he is
                              meeting with Nichols at this time.

The following is the list of questions that Ms. Davis provided, redacted as necessary:

            Questions for Oklahoma City Bomber Terry Nichols

   •   Have you met any of the Iraqi soldiers with whom Timothy McVeigh was seen in
       the months, weeks, days and final hours leading up to the Oklahoma City

   •   Have you met former Iraqi Republican Guardsman, Hussain Hashem Al-Hussaini,
       whom witnesses identified as John Doe 2 in sworn affidavits?

   •   Your passport records documented that you took five trips to the Philippines
       between 1990 and 1995. Your ex-wife Lana Padilla and Timothy McVeigh’s
       defense team claim that you took approximately twenty flights to the South
       Pacific during the same time frame. How do you explain the discrepancy? Did
       you travel under an alias? If so, why?

   •   How did you fund your frequent plane flights to the Philippines?

   •   Lana Padilla said that Timothy McVeigh purchased your first ticket to the
       Philippines in 1989. Explain why?

   •   Why did Lana Padilla state in a recorded interview with former KFOR-TV
       reporter Jayna Davis that your Filipina mail order bride, Marife Torres, served as
       a “cover story” to justify your frequent forays to the Philippines?

   •   The affidavit of Daisy Legaspi, your former Filipino tour guide, claims that you
       requested to meet someone who knew how to make a bomb when you were
       shopping for a mail order bride. Please explain this allegation.
•   In a handwritten affidavit, Edwin Angeles, the late co-founder of the Al-Qaeda
    spin-off chapter known as Abu Sayyaf, identified you as the Kansas farmer who
    met with the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing Ramzi
    Yousef. Angeles stated that you were discussing “bomb making activities.”
    Please explain this identification of you in the company of Osama Bin Laden’s
    chief bomb maker.

•   Angeles also identified Abdul Hakim Murad and Wali Khan Amin Shah, Middle
    Eastern terrorists who would later be convicted in the foiled “Bojinka” plot, as
    attendees during your meeting with Ramzi Yousef. How do you explain Murad’s
    written and verbal confession to a prison guard on April 19, 1995 that he and the
    “Philippine Liberation Army” were responsible for the bombing of the Alfred P.
    Murrah Building?

•   On December 11, 1994, both you and Ramzi Yousef were present in Cebu City.
    How do you explain the coincidence?

•   After you boarded a plane for your final excursion to the Philippines in November
    1994, your son Josh tearfully told his mother Lana Padilla that he “would never
    see his father again.” Why did Josh believe you would not return?

•   Why did you leave behind a will, life insurance policy, and cryptic instructions
    for your ex-wife to carry out in the event of your death? Why did you believe you
    might die during your last visit to Cebu City? Where did you get the $20,000
    cash that you taped to a kitchen drawer for Lana Padilla? Why did you return to
    the United States earlier than planned in January 1995 following the arrest of
    Abdul Hakim Hakim? Why did you tell your ex-wife that you could get “killed
    down there?” Why did you begin carrying a gun for personal protection after
    your hasty return from the Philippines?

•   How do you explain the seventy-eight calls that you placed on the Daryl Bridges
    phone debit card to a boarding house in Cebu City, which McVeigh’s defense
    team reported housed students from a local university well known for Islamic
    militancy? Who is the boarding house owner Ernesto Malaluan?

•   How do you explain your calls to the boarding house during the many occasions
    when your wife, Marife, was in the United States?

•   How do you explain the slew of phone card calls you made to pay phones and
    untraceable numbers in the Philippines from public pay phones in Kansas?
•   The Daryl Bridges phone records reveal that you called the Cebu City boarding
    house shortly before you surrendered to federal agents at the Herington Police
    Department. Your bride, Marife, was in Kansas at the time you placed the call.
    You were preparing to be questioned as a possible material witness in the largest
    act of mass murder in U.S. history, and the final call you placed was to the
    Philippines. Name the party you contacted and the purpose of your call.

•   On April 21, 1995, the day on which you surrendered to the FBI for questioning,
    records reveal that an unidentified party dialed your home phone in Herington,
    Kansas twice, leaving no message on the answering machine. The calls
    originated from a pay phone at the Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Please identify the caller and his or her purpose for contacting you.

•   At the time two mysterious calls were placed to your home on April 21 from Las
    Vegas, Dr. Anwar Abdul (pseudonym), a Palestinian real estate mogul who
    employed former Iraqi soldiers whom witnesses identified in the company of
    McVeigh during the critical stages of the bombing plot, was staying at Binion’s
    Horseshoe casino, which is walking distance from Circus Circus. How do you
    explain the coincidence?

•   Lana Padilla stated that you and McVeigh came to Las Vegas monthly to visit
    your son Josh, and during those visits, you were seen in the company of several
    Middle Eastern men. Please identify those individuals and state the nature of your
    relationship with these foreign nationals.

•   Recently you publicly revealed your belief that Arkansas gun dealer Roger Moore
    was the “third terrorist.” State the reasons why you disclosed Moore’s name a
    decade later, but you withheld that information during your Oklahoma state
    murder trial in which your attorneys were pursuing the theory that John Doe 2
    could be an FBI informant in a sting operation gone awry.

•   In July 1995, Lana Padilla stated in a recorded phone conversation with reporter
    Jayna Davis that you spoke via telephone from prison with your son Josh, and
    during the conversation, you warned him that the FBI had not yet caught John
    Doe 2. At the time you reportedly made that statement, the Bureau had already
    thoroughly questioned and cleared Roger Moore of complicity in the bombing.
    So how could he be the third terrorist you accused a decade later?
         At issue is whether the latest of a series of fact-finding missions and inquiries into
the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, now spearheaded by
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, will be a quest for truth or a smoke-and-mirrors
campaign to appease an inquiring public. It is the professional opinion of this investigator
that the proof and ultimate answer to that question will be evident in the coming hours,
days and weeks. Currently, it lies on the lap of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who
will either be guided by the morally honorable quest for truth, or influenced by political
affiliations or by the politicalization of the war against terror.

       Etched into the wall of the central lobby at the CIA headquarters is a verse from
the Bible's book of John: "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

America deserves – and should demand - the truth. All of it.

                                                                       Douglas J. Hagmann
                                                   Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

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