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                                        NEWSLETTER JULY 2010 - ISSUE 11
FROM THE PRESIDENTS                                                    Happy Golfing
Ken Priest writes:
                                                                       FROM THE G.M.
Greetings Members
                                                                       Simon Adams writes:
At last night’s Board meeting we were advised that as a result of
the club’s decision to waive the joining fee from 1 October 2009,      Welcome to the half yearly edition of the CGC newsletter, it’s
a total of eighty one new 6 day and 7 day playing members have         hard to believe that we are now at the end of June and only six
joined to date. This is an outstanding result and I warmly             months of 2010 to go!!
welcome our new members to “Royal Cammeray”. The Board
resolved to continue the no joining fee policy until the end of July   As reported in the previous edition, the weather was not
and then review the policy on a monthly basis.                         altogether kind to us in May and this trend has continued into
                                                                       June, with some very wet periods of rain. Although it is
Many members will have noted the skip bins outside the Pro             expected at this time of the year, we live in hope that the rain
Shop and realised that we are discarding old equipment from            does not continue for an extended period of time as it has a
the upper floor such as broken chairs and filing cabinets              severe effect on the financial position of the club and of course
together with old files which do not need to be archived any           the pro shop and the caterers.
longer. I’d like to thank on members’ behalf, firstly our Treasurer
Christine Deacon for her initiative in cleaning out the filing         Members would no doubt be aware that the 2010/2011 fixtures
cabinets with assistance from long serving President Max               booklet is now available for playing members. A note of
Reynolds. The heavier part of the clean out is being done by           congratulations should go to Tim Bourke and Sharon
V.P. Doug Fergusson, Greg Sinclair with assistance from the            Goldschmidt on compiling the year’s fixtures and a big thank you
office staff and others. There remains much to be done and the         to Josey for her extensive input in so far as organizing the
work will continue until we are in a position to repaint and           advertising and ensuring the booklet was sent to the printers on
hopefully recarpet the area and stairwell.                             time.

We would welcome ideas from our members as to the best use             To all the businesses that have advertised in the booklet, thank
of the upstairs area once the clean out is complete. Members           you for your interest, I hope that placing an ad has a positive
are welcome to view the area by arrangement with the office            effect for you business. We will be endeavoring to provide all
and put forward any ideas that offer better facilities for our         advertisers with additional exposure in the monthly newsletter as
members and raise some additional revenue for the club.                a gesture of thanks for their interest in placing an ad in the
                                                                       fixtures book.
The 2010-11 Fixtures Book has now been completed for which I
thank particularly our lady captain Sharon Goldschmidt, assisted       A Xmas in July dinner will be held on Sat 17 July – members are
by Club Captain Tim Burke and the Match & Greens Committee;            encouraged to support this event as it has always been a
and General Manager Simon Adams and his assistant Josey                popular function in the past. The price is only $55 inclusive of a
Van Bentem who secured much of the advertising to offset the           complimentary drink on arrival – Bookings can be made at the
cost of printing. The Fixtures Book is accessible on the club’s        club office.
website and a limited number of hard copies have been printed          Unfortunately the weather has delayed the completion of the
and are available at the club for your collection.                     works that are being carried out on the sewer fix project. At this
Shannon Howe writes:                                                   point it is unclear as to when the compound will be dismantled
                                                                       but I am lead to believe that it will be in the near future.
Well, winter is definitely here with 6 degrees this morning!! But
the sun is shining and the golf is great!!                             Members are reminded that if they are considering holding a
                                                                       function at the club they will receive free venue hire till
Our Ladies Visitors Day was a great success with visitors from         September 2010. Enquiries can be made at the club office.
over 15 clubs. Some were so impressed that they are thinking           Etiquette Catering are offering members a self cook BBQ menu
of joining us at Cammeray Golf Club. The course, the good              for bookings of 10 people or more. This gives members the
company and great food on the day were most impressive.                opportunity to arrange a BBQ on a Friday night, football night or
Thanks Graham for another good menu.                                   darts night, which is going to be promoted in the near future.
                                                                       Anyone interested in organising a group for a BBQ can give
Thank you to the Ladies representing us in both the Pennants           Graham from Etiquette Catering a call.
and the Gordon Shield. It’s a big commitment and much
appreciated that you represent the club.
                                                                                 ACCESS TO WEBSITE USING IPHONE OR
We look forward to seeing you at Trivia on the 14 July and on                              BLACKBERRIES
the 17 at Christmas in July.
                                                                                As mentioned in earlier newsletters we are
A special thanks to Simon and the Board for the return of the                working with our website provider to upgrade the
Fixtures Book. The Ladies are very happy - for the moment                     web with a view to accessing via your portable
anyway!!!                                                                        devices. We thank you for your patience
                                                                          than 20 (W.Gibson Trophy) or 13 (T.L. Warren Trophy) for the
                                                                          period 10th April to 30 June 2010.
                                 Don't forget the Entertainment
                                 Book which is great value                  •   There will be no restriction on the use of motorized
                                 provides discount vouchers for                 transport. Its use is subject to availability at the host Club.
                                 restaurants, cafes, cinema and             •   The competition commences 8 August and breaks for the
                                 theatre        tickets,      hotel             Father’s day weekend and the October Long Weekend.
                                 accommodation, attractions and
                                 much more. The Sydney North
                                 & Sydney editions are available          And remember (all of us)…….
                                 for purchase from the club office,       “A ball will always come to rest halfway down a hill, unless there is
                                 the price is $65 and all proceeds        sand or water at the bottom.”
                                 raised through the selling of the
                                 2010/2011 edition will be sent to        Sharon Goldschmidt writes:
                                 Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off
                                                                          I am thrilled to inform you of a letter from the Trustees of the late
                                 the Street Charity. Fill out the
                                                                          Jack Edwards advising that he has bequeathed an amount of
order form at the bar or office with your payment details & collect
                                                                          $5000 for the establishment of a June Edwards Trophy. June
your Entertainment Book from the office.
                                                                          Edwards was a delightful woman, a passionate golfer and
FROM THE CAPTAINS                                                         dedicated to our Club. From 1990, until she passed away in
                                                                          2006, June was a key member of our Ladies' Committee,
Tim Bourke writes:                                                        serving as Vice President, Captain, and mostly as Treasurer.
Congratulations to our Old Boys (Masters) Pennant Team who                When I was a new member, our then Captain, Margaret Severin,
have won their Division and now look forward to the Play-Offs             had a stroke, and June, who was about 80 at the time, took over
(at neutral courses). Our first knock-out match is against                as Captain in addition to her role as Treasurer. Even after June
Kogarah at Strathfield on Sunday 4th July tee-off at 10.50am –            was no longer able to play, she continued to do the books and
any & all supporters would be very welcome.                               present her reports from her bed! After she passed away, we
                                                                          dedicated the bench on the 3rd tee to her memory, and I have
                                                                          heard fellow competitors mutter "Hi, June!" as we approach the
                                                                          tee. Jack knew how much CGC meant to June and has now
                                                                          given us another reason to keep her memory alive.
                                                                          As we already have a trophy covering the best net for two
                                                                          rounds of stroke (Cammeray Cup) and one for best aggregate
                                                                          for two rounds of Stableford (Isobel Wilson Trophy), we thought
                                                                          June would approve of a trophy for a couple of Par rounds. The
                                                                          new June Edwards trophy will be given to the player with the
                                                                          best aggregate for two out of three nominated Par rounds
                                                                          played in the season. Details will be in the fixtures' book, out
                                                                          Our medal winners in June were May Woo, Bobbe Sabella,
                                                                          Barbara Dawson and Pauletta Davis. Well done!
                                                                          Gordon Shield pennants are under way. The new handicapping
                                                                          system has pushed many of us over the 25 Handicap limit, and
                                                                          we are at quite a disadvantage against some of the larger clubs.
Cammeray Masters Pennants Team 2010 - Division Winners                    Thank you again to Gale, Christine Deacon and Maree who are
Fishy, Brett, Col, Mike, JD, Bourkey, Iver, Stevie, Benevolent Dictator
                                                                          taking time off work to help field a more competitive team. Just
                                                                          in case you don't get your hands on the latest fixtures book in
Congratulations to the Old Master - Ken Sage - who has added
                                                                          time, attached are details of the upcoming events.
yet another notch to his Cammeray Trophy belt. This time it is
the Jim Jackman Trophy. Ken managed to edge out the
Runners Up - Victor Woo and Stuart Basford - by just one shot
in a very closely fought 36 hole handicap stroke event - Basso             Business Women's Premiership           Jul 11,18,25 & Aug 1
adding yet another ‘nearly made it’ to his growing tally of close                            Cammeray Cup         Jul 13, 20
shaves with the Cammeray Honours Board.
                                                                                  Foursomes Championship          Jul 27, 30 Aug 6, 10
Mens Foursomes Championship qualifying is scheduled for Sat
10 July. Good luck to all those who enter - maybe this is the              Club and Bronze Championship           Sept 21, 24, 28
year will see the emergence of a quality pairing who are able to                             Cammeray Bowl        Sept 19
knock over Richo & Mark – the current (and it seems perennial)
                                                                          FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT
Due to the recent wet weather, the B & C Grade Championship
qualifying has been rescheduled for the Medal round on Sat 7th
                                                                          It is pleasing to have noticed an
August with the following match play rounds & Finals being
                                                                          improvement as regards the number of
played during that month. All rounds are to be played off tees of
                                                                          pitch marks being repaired on the
the day except the Finals which are off the Blue Plates. Please
                                                                          greens. Thank you for your efforts and
see the Notice Board for the rescheduled dates.
                                                                          please keep up the good work – it will
                                                                          benefit your golf game.
Reminder: Could those eligible Members who wish to be
considered for the B Grade (T.L.Warren Trophy) & C Grade
                                                                          We have ordered a new load of sand and when this arrives we
(W.Gibson Trophy) Pennants teams please remember to
                                                                          will, subject to favorable weather conditions, begin increasing
include their names on the listing on the Notice Board.
                                                                          the amount of sand in those of our bunkers which need it. In the
Eligibility: A player’s GA handicap must not have been lower
interim, please bear with us should you encounter any                       also be offering Kirrihill Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon during
particularly skinny lies in the traps.                                      the second half of July.
                                                                            We are regularly changing the wine promotion so keep an eye
                                                                            on what is being promoted by enquiring at the bar, there will be
                                                                            some great quality wines at the best price on offer in the coming
                                                                            WELCOME TO NEW MEMBERS
                                                                            Cammeray golf club would like to extend a warmest welcome to
                                                                            our latest new members -
                                                                            Alison Diddams, Helen McInnes, Richard Holliday, Jenny
2010-2011 Fixture Books
                                                                            Holliday ,June Rowe, Michael Cupic, Allan Blake, Peter Attrill,
                                                                            Ian Saunders, Nicola Dress & Oliver Miloschewsky.
These should be available
now from the Office. We do
                                                                            New Members (with handicap or submitting cards for handicap)
not have an unlimited supply
                                                                            looking for a game are invited to contact Doug Fergusson to
of these Booklets so have
                                                                            arrange a date and time, on 9958 7551, 0408 264 012 or e-mail
restricted initial circulation to
one Booklet per Member.             Cammeray Golf Club Limited
Should you lose your initial
                                             Fixtures Book                  LET'S KEEP THE INFORMATION ROLLING
Booklet,          replacements
should be made available at             July 2010 - June 2011               Please read this & check your status
a cost of $5.00 each. Many
                                          Park Avenue, Cremorne NSW 2090    In last month's newsletter details of how to update your
thanks to Sharon & Josey for                   Club House 9953 1522         information on the website was published & it was requested
all their hard work in editing                Professionals 9953 2089
                                                                            that members indicate on the site to show details to other
& collating the Fixture Books;           Email:
                                          Web:      members. It seems that many members thought that because
and to all our Advertisers
                                                                            other members can book tee times for them that their details
who       have       contributed
                                                                            displayed. This is not necessarily correct. Please follow the
towards the total production
                                                                            instructions below to ensure your details are displayed. Simply
costs – your support is
                                                                            go to, login as a member & go to
greatly appreciated.
                                                                            "My Details" tab to record any changes. This is where you can
                                                                            also choose to show your details (limited) to other members.
                                                                            Tick the check box "Show my Contact
Please consider that on some occasions the information from                 details". Ensure you click on "Save
"Behind the Bar" may not be 100% accurate & in some cases                   my Changes".
may in fact be a total "fib". Those of you who believe(d) that the          How can I see other members details?
lounge suite and the associated accessories & furniture that was
in the function room in early June was won by the Club as a                 Go to the Members Directory. Select the first letter of the
result of Bill filling out a form in the                                    surname you want to contact. You will be presented with a list
"Club Magazine" should reconsider this                                      of members whose surname begins with that letter. If the
rumour. It was, as suggested, a "fib"                                       member has allowed their details to be available to other
and was in fact a prop being used for a                                     members "Contact Me" will appear next to the Member #.
function. Simon & Bill fabricated this
story to see how many people would
hear about it & believe it. One of the
first people they told (fibbed to) was
Gale, the editor. So excited was she
that she spread the information to
members quickly to the fascination of both Simon & Bill. She
won't be "sucked in" quite as quickly next time.
So - whatever Bill writes in this segment should be carefully
considered to perhaps be either a figment of his imagination or
                                                                            Simply click on "Contact Me"
in fact a form of "gilding the lily" - of course, it may also be true.
                                                                            What will other members see?
The bar takings saw a huge lift on Monday 14th June when Ken
Sage won the Jim Jackman Trophy. Ken decided that he                        Other members will only see information in order to contact the
would tell the story of Jim (which was apparently quite                     member:
entertaining & humorous - as only Ken can be) and mentioned
that, had Jim been there, he would have encouraged him to put
$100 behind the bar - which he did. On the same day Terry
Cotter (TC) also got a hole-in-one & (as is tradition) he also put
$100 behind the bar. The encouragement to cash in his 8 golf
balls for his Ace and purchase more beers was cast aside by TC
& he shared his 8 balls with his playing partners (which is also
Congratulations to both Ken & TC for their great achievements               This is really no different to having your details printed in the
and thanks to you both from those members who stayed longer                 back of the fixtures book which has been the practice for years.
than they usually do to ensure that they got their full quota of the        All members are encouraged to keep their personal details up to
free flowing alcohol. Thanks to you both.                                   date using this method if they have access to the internet.
                                                                            Doing so ensures much more accurate records and many hours
Wine promotions for July will see the Shingleback Red Knot                  saved by the club staff in maintaining the database. Think of all
Shiraz being given an extension due to its popularity. We will              the other things they could do if this chore was totally removed!!
Think of the money the Club saves by taking away tedious tasks        fees and members competitions. The Pro Shop is looking
from our valuable staff!!                                             forward to spring and some warmer weather!
If you are reading this email online, please take one extra           Congratulations to the Master Pennant Team on going through
minute before logging out, check that your details are                undefeated in there division.
flagged them to be available to other members.
                                                                      Lessons & Clinics:
                                                                      We are offering a member only lesson package for the months
BOOK & DVD LIBRARY                                                    of July and August. Buy 4 half hour lessons and receive a
URGENT - please read this article on DVD's.                           free 1 hour playing lesson. Total cost package $240 saving
                                                                      $120. Vouchers will be available in the Pro Shop.
It appears that at least 80% of DVD's which have been
generously donated by members have been removed                       We will be running short game clinics for all members with a
(borrowed) for weeks & weeks (in some cases - months) &               maximum of 5 people per clinic. They will run for 4 weeks and
still have not been returned. Please, if you have any DVD's           will cost $100 for the clinic - Friday and Saturday mornings.
from our library, could you return them immediately.                  We will also be holding a kids clinic in the last week of the
Others would also like to have the opportunity to use this            school holidays 12th – 15th July. The clinic runs from Monday
facility. Should we be unsuccessful in rounding up our                to Thursday from 9 a.m. till 12 a.m. and covers the full swing
DVD's we will have no other option but to remove them                 fundamentals, short and on course games. Lots of games and
from the shelves, return them to their original owners &              prizes to be won - the cost is $200.
withdraw this service - please don't spoil this for others. If
you would like to contribute to our library please ensure you         Just a reminder to members that we do run a cadet program on
affix the Cammeray Golf Club Library sticker to any                   Saturdays from 10.30 am -11.30 am.
donations - available in the bookcase in the Spike Bar. Don't
                                                                      Also conducted on Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 (during winter) is
forget, a second bookcase is full of books in the area outside
                                                                      a 3 hole event for kids with prizes to be won. We are holding
the office.
                                                                      these comps with a view to building a strong junior program
TRIVIA                                                                which in turn we hope will boost the junior membership to where
                                                                      it once was.
Next Trivia night will be on Wednesday
14th July. Questions begin at 7:30                                    Please see Joel or Ollie for more information.
presented by Simon & Peter. Enjoy a
                                                                      LETS TALK RULES
meal prior to the game proudly presented
by the Etiquette team. Get some other                                 Terry Colley Writes:
members together or invite some friends
to this fun evening. Call or email the                                NSWGA Rules Presentation 23 March 2010.
office to book a table or just front on the                           Two questions that came up during the Presentation required a
night & join in on a table.                                           little more deliberation than Rod Clark and I were able to
STATE OF ORIGIN                                                       summon on the night and so they were considered, in the words
                                                                      of Sir Humphrey: “in the fullness of time”.
                     Although the next match (Wednesday
                     7th July) will be a dead rubber the Club         The questions and their duly considered answers are:
                     will still be televising the game & hoping
                     that NSW can get revenge on the                  1. Q: If a competitor repairs a ball mark on the fringe of the
                     embarrassing score lines this year!! Get            putting green that is on the line of play of a fellow-competitor
                     your $5 wager on to "pick the score".               as a gesture of sportsmanship or a courtesy, and without
                     The club will be serving draft beer &               any authority or consent on the part of the fellow-competitor,
                     wine free of charge until the 1st points            would either be penalised and is the fellow-competitor
                     are scored and then schooners will be               required to restore the ball mark?
                     $3.50 & house wine $4.00 until the
match is over. To get us all in the mood we will be serving           A: The competitor has breached Rule 1-2 (exerting influence on
gourmet pies & sausage rolls - you might just think you are at            ball) and incurs the prescribed penalty of 2 strokes, or in the
the footie.                                                               case of a serious breach, the Committee may impose a
                                                                          penalty of disqualification. The fellow-competitor incurs no
CHRISTMAS IN JULY                                                         penalty and is not required to restore the ball mark.
Our Christmas in July Dinner                                              (Decisions 1-2/1 & 1-2/6 confirm).
will be held on Saturday 17th
July 7:00 to 12:00. Don a little                                      2. Q: In a four-ball competition, if a player discovered that he
"Touch of Christmas" & be in                                             had 15 clubs in his bag and rectified the situation before he
the running for best dressed. Dance away the night to some               teed off at the 1st hole but after his partner (who had his own
fabulous music You will receive hors d'ouvres & a drink on               clubs) teed off, would the player, his partner or both be
arrival and a 2 course dinner - all for $55. Ring the office & book      penalised?
a table for friends & a group of members or join in on another
table.                                                                A: In all forms of stroke play other than foursomes, a competitor
                                                                           has begun his stipulated round when he makes his own first
If you have any ideas that you would like to submit to the Social          stroke in that round. Since the player resolved the potential
Committee for consideration, please let us know via email or a             problem before he started his stipulated round, he incurred
quick note to the GM at:                         no penalty under Rule 4-4a (maximum number of clubs).
                                                                           Accordingly, his partner also incurred no penalty (Decision
                                                                           3/3 confirms).
                          Hello members - winter has hit
                          Cammeray in a big way. We have had          Many thanks to the clever members who asked the questions!
                          record rain fall for the last few months
                          which has certainly affected green          Foursomes Quiz.
With the ever popular foursomes championships (men, women                   replace it (match play: loss of hole; stroke play: 2 stroke
and mixed) coming up soon, here’s an opportunity to test your               penalty - the side has played 4 strokes from the tee).
knowledge of the Rules regarding foursome’s before the
hostilities commence.                                                     A: By failing to replace the teed ball that she pushed further into
                                                                          the ground, Joanna is deemed to have played her side’s next
Under the Rules of Golf and assuming there are no Local Rules             stroke under penalty of stroke and distance under Rule 27-1a.
that could affect your answer, are the following statements True          This procedure overrides Rule 18-2 and therefore Joanna’s
or False?                                                                 stroke from the teeing ground was her side’s 3 (match play or
                                                                          stroke play) (Decision 18-2a/1 confirms).
1. S: During a mixed foursomes match where the men play from
   the blue tees and the women from the red tees, a man hits              NTP & DRIVE & PITCH RESULTS
   his tee shot out of bounds. His partner is required to play their
   next stroke from the blue tees.                                         LADIES       3RD/12TH       9TH/18TH NTP
                                                                           TUESDAY      NTP
A: When a ball is hit out of bounds, the player’s side incurs a             1/06/2010   M. Jones       N. Thompson
   penalty of one stroke and is required to play a ball as nearly           8/06/2010   C.Livrand      B.Sabella
   as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last
   played, per Rule 27-1b. In this case, the “spot” is in the blue         15/06/2010   B. Sabella     M. Jones
   teeing ground (Decision 29/2 confirms). Correct answer:                 22/06/2010   C.Marks        N. Thompson
   True.                                                                   29/06/2010   H. Pries       C. Marks
2. S: Allen and Brian are partners in a foursomes match. Allen             SAT          3RD/12TH       9TH/18TH      D&P 0-18     D&P >18
                                                                                        NTP            NTP
   hits his approach shot to CGC’s 4th hole out of bounds. In
   playing the shot, he made a large divot hole. Before Brian               5/06/2010   D.Dahiya       J.Stokes      S.Dyer       R.Jeffrey
   drops a ball under penalty of stroke and distance, Allen may            12/06/2010   K Sage         V.Woo         N.Elkingto   T.Cotter
   repair the divot hole without penalty.                                                                            n
                                                                           19/06/2010   I.Christense   C.Stevens     N.Hood       N.Scott
A: If Allen or Brian repairs the divot hole before Brian drops the                      n
   ball, it would constitute improving the area in which Brian is to       26/06/2010   G.Sinclair     D.O'Kane      J.Kotze      D.Beardmore
   drop it under Rule 27-1b, in breach of Rule 13-2. Allen and             SUN          MENS           MENS          LADIES       LADIES
   Brian would incur the penalty of loss of hole. Correct answer:                       3RD/12TH       9TH/18TH      3RD/12TH     9TH/18TH
   False. (Decision 13-2/4.5 confirms) (NB: If the dropped ball                         NTP            NTP           NTP          NTP
   were to come to rest in the divot hole, it may be nearer the             6/06/2010   P.Shepard      M.Bulloch     P.Puskar     M.Woo
   hole than prescribed, requiring it to be re-dropped)                    13/06/2010   R.Kato         R.Kato        M.Johnsto    H.Priest
                                                                           20/06/2010   R.Kato         M.Owens       L.Murray     S.Rards
3. S: Colin and Don are partners in a CGC foursomes match. At
   the 6th hole it is Colin’s turn to hit from the tee. Colin is unable    27/06/2010   B.Held         J.Stokes      C.Marks      L.Crowfoot
   to hit a ball far enough to clear the dam but Don could clear it
   easily. Colin may swing at the ball and purposefully miss it so
   that Don can play the next stroke.                                     FROM THE EDITOR
A: If Colin were to swing with no intention of hitting the ball, he       Gale Sheiles writes:
   would not be playing a stroke (see Definition of “Stroke”) so it
   would still be his turn to play (Decision 29-1/7 confirms).            My thanks to everyone who contributes each month to the
   Correct answer: False.                                                 newsletter. I might run a book on who will be first & who will be
                                                                          last to submit their copy next month - I am open to bribes if you
4. S: During a foursomes match, Eve accidentally moves her                would like a clue as to who the usual culprits are.
   ball while addressing it and incurs a penalty of one stroke            We continue to look for some input from members who would
   under Rule 18-2b. She replaces the ball. Her partner must              like to share some gossip or interesting "old" news from days
   play the next stroke.                                                  gone by. If you have something to say we would love to include
A: Under Rule 29-1, penalty strokes do not affect the order of
                                                                          it. Please submit at any time via email would be best,
   play. Eve must play the next stroke (Decision 29-1/5          or if email is unavailable to you
   confirms). Correct answer: False.                                      please leave at the office.
5. S: During a foursomes competition, Georgina plays a bunker             Remember - the Cookie says
   shot poorly and the ball comes to rest in the same bunker.
   Her partner, without doing anything to breach Rule 13-2                          When you make a decision you must be
   (improving lie, etc) with respect to the side’s next stroke,
                                                                                    prepared to abide by the consequences
   smooths the sand before playing the stroke. The side has not
   incurred any penalty.                                                             Lucky Numbers 19, 23, 28, 35, 7, 43
A: In foursomes play, the word “player” includes her partner                          At last - a computer I can understand!!
   where the context so admits (see Definition of “Partner”). In
   this situation, Exception 2 to Rule 13-4 applies to both the                Something for all those frustrated computer users
   player and her partner so the side does not incur any penalty
   for Helen’s smoothing of the sand as described (Decision
   29/5.5 confirms). Correct answer: True.

6. S: Irene and Joanna are partners in a foursomes competition.
   Irene attempts to hit her side’s first stroke from a teeing
   ground but misses it completely. Before playing their next
   stroke, Joanna decides that the ball is teed too high for her so
   she pushes the tee further into the ground. She then hits the
   ball well down the fairway. Joanna’s side initially incurs a
   penalty stroke for moving a ball in play in breach of Rule 18-
   2a and then the general penalty under Rule 18-2 for failing to

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