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									    “You Can Leverage the Power of the
     World's Highest Paid Coaches and
              NLPers to make
      Six and Seven Figure Incomes!”
   If you could pick the brains of the LEADING EXPERTS
                in your field, would you do it??

From the Desk of Dan Bradbury, Leamington Spa
Date: Monday, February 11, 2008

Dear Friend,

Whether you are an NLP Practitioner, Trainer, Therapist, Life Coach or you
own your own Personal Development Company, you could have started
earning tens-of-thousands of extra Pounds per month by….

   Attending the “NLP Business Building Boot Camp”

            If you were not there, you missed out!!

Here is why:

       The #1 Problem NLPers, Coaches and Trainers face is……
          They don’t have a proven plan in place for success.

Most NLPers, coaches and trainers are following their own strategy instead
of following a proven strategy laid out by those who have been successful in
their fields before them.

The NLP Business Building Boot Camp teaches:

    Fantastic techniques to recruit more customers
    How to earn big fees and how to sell expensive products and
    How to add these exciting and lucrative business building tips and
     techniques into the work that you are already doing

            “If you missed out on attending
    the NLP Coaching Business Building Boot Camp,
                    Don’t Worry!!”
  “May I Tell You What it’s Really Like in Today’s Personal
                  Development Industry?”

In today’s economy, it is the best of times and the worst of times for NLPers,
Coaches and Trainers. The Personal Development Industry has changed
dramatically and continues to do so.

          Annual Corporate Training Budgets are Down

                   New Players are in the business

Content is now king; being just a “professional” will not cut it

                          Expertise is required

                          Knowledge is Power

But, for me and for other professionals who have the necessary
     required knowledge and skills to drive our businesses
               Times have never been better!!

Most NLPers, Coaches and Trainers don’t have a business at all….they have
a manual labor job. Don’t continue missing out on where the money is!

            Don’t Panic! There is Still HOPE!!
 If you have missed the valuable NLP and Coaching Business
                Building Boot Camp, you can
download the “Live and Uncut” version of the entire event.

 This “Live and Uncut” version of the NLP Business Building Boot Camp
  can literally turn your life around, by creating an entirely new business
                               model for you…..

These CD’s will teach you proven strategies of how you can earn millions of
Pounds per year as an NLPer, Coach or Trainer…

You will learn which approaches you should use to build your business, the
 necessary strategic plans of how to out market your competition, how to
  develop additional streams of income, how to effectively position your
expertise and how to provide greater value for your customers and clients.

This Live and Uncut version was specifically designed for:

    Coaches who want to do more than just trade pounds for hours
    NLPers who want to receive a highly profitable income stream in
     return for their expertise
    NLPers who want to expand their influence and who want to find
     more qualified clients
    Trainers who want to expand their influence and who want to find
     more qualified clients
    Anyone who wants to reach, influence and change the lives of others
    Business owners who want to learn a more profitable way to sell their
     information and product lines
    Entrepreneurs and consultants who want to generate additional
     qualified leads for their businesses in order to increase their sales

     If you are an NLPer, Coach or Trainer, YOU need the
                information that we are teaching!
         Without it, you are going to be left in the dust!
       “We REVEAL the secrets that your leading
              competitors are using!!”
You will learn PROVEN strategies that will enable you to earn millions of
Pounds per year as an NLPer, Coach or Trainer….PLUS, I will introduce
you to my own circle of LEADING INDUSTRY EXPERTS who can help
your career to skyrocket.

You will also learn:

    How to land major bookings
    How to manage your business action plan
    How to produce kick ass Copy that sells itself
    How to generate huge product sales at the back of the
    How to create legions of raving fans and customers

EVERY strategy is revealed, EVERY technique is explained and EVERY
detail is shared!! We will teach YOU everything that we have learned over
the years so that you can build a lucrative Personal Development empire.

We have arranged for an awesome array of speakers that will enrich you will
ideas and techniques, with proven business strategies! I GUARANTEE that
you will not find this line up available anywhere else…EVER!!

  Meet the Faculty of the NLP Business Building Boot
Peter Thomson:

Peter Thomson is now regarded as one of the UK’s leading strategists on
business and personal growth. Starting in business in 1972 he built 3
successful companies – selling the last to a public company, after only 5
years trading, for £4.2M enabling him to retire at age 42.

Since that time Peter has concentrated on sharing his proven methods for
business and personal success via audio and video programmes, books,
seminars and conference speeches. With over 100 audio and 100 video
programmes written and recorded he is Nightingale Conant’s leading UK

Commanding fees in excess of £10,000 per day, Peter is also one of the UK's
highest paid Business Coaches.

Dan Bradbury:

Dan Bradbury is internationally renowned as the marketing guru in the NLP
industry. At the age of just 24 he has already been the Marketing Director of
2 multi-million NLP enterprises and worked with coaches, practitioners,
companies and governing bodies across Europe and the USA.

His marketing strategies have added over £1.6 million pounds of extra sales
to the NLP and Coaching companies he has worked with in the last 2 years

Chris Hughes:

Chris Hughes is the owner of The Hughes Company, a company that works
with corporations to develop elite teams and maximize leadership potential.

Despite no experience and no mentors when getting started, Chris' natural
style and flair quickly led him to become one of the most in demand
corporate trainers in the UK.

With clients such as BT, Nat West and many other FTSE 100 companies,
Chris is paid up to £40,000 per month by his clients.

Scott Martineau:

Scott Martineau is the founder of Infusion Software. Based in the USA,
Infusion liberates and empowers small businesses by putting their marketing,
sales, and customer service on auto-pilot.

Not only is Scott a genius when it comes to automating your business and
making easy for you to get and keep more customers, for more remarkable is
the astonishing success of his company; Infusion's 917.8% three year growth
rate placed it #258 on Inc. Magazine's list of the fastest growing private
companies in the entire USA!
Alan Forrest Smith:

Alan Forrest Smith has quickly built a very strong reputation for himself as
an extraordinary copywriter, top-drawer marketing coach and seminar

He's known for his outstanding ability to create market differentiation for his
clients. Those lucky enough to work with Alan routinely fork out $5,000 for
a single coaching session and up to $25,000 for a sales letter, due to his
proven flair for positioning them as the only viable solution in a carefully
defined target market.

Mr. X:

Mr. X is the 'web guru' behind money making sites for NLP & Coaching
sites around the world. His websites and internet expertise have resulted in
over $7,000,000 of seminar and product sales.

He's known for his incredible ability to fill giant seminar rooms with almost
no notice and build giant mailing lists virtually overnight. Mr. X is flying
into the UK especially for this event.

 What is the difference between this list of elite faculty
                      and YOU??
The one thing that each of these experts knows without exception…..is how
to build and run a successful business. In fact, each of these experts has built
many businesses and made millions of Pounds using the techniques that they
are now sharing with YOU. None of these experts are any different from
YOU…they all started out with the entrepreneurial dream.

What the NLP Business Boot Camp is NOT….

    We are NOT about turning you into a sleazy salesperson
    We are NOT about using manipulation or lying to get ahead in
    We are NOT about empty promises that will waste your time

We ARE about helping you turn your company or skills into a money
making business. We ARE about helping you learn and understand your
weaknesses so that you can adopt the skills and knowledge necessary to
drive your business to new levels.

     “Okay Dan- I’m Convinced, What NOW?”
As we were building this product, we thought long and hard about what
would be a fair price to charge to hear these powerful lessons. We
considered the amount of knowledge that you would gain and the potential
financial rewards that you would receive when you apply the knowledge
gained from our program.

              “Dan, how much does it cost?”
      We decided to offer the NLP Business Building Boot Camp at a

                      VERY AFFORDABLE £397!

BUT, during this special launch phase, you will ALSO RECEIVE the
FREE exclusive bonuses listed below:

    A totally FREE Three Month Silver Membership to Dan Bradbury’s
     Inner Circle (New Members Only) - Value £141.
    A £200 Discount

  This means that you will pay ONLY £197 for the ENTIRE package!

                AND THAT’S NOT ALL…..
                           Dan offers an
   Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee!
         You have Absolutely Nothing to Lose!
  If you are not completely satisfied with the Product within 90 days,
    simply return the product and Dan will refund your money, no
                           questions asked!
                     “Don’t Be Left Out!!”
If you truly want to become one of the most formidable professionals in your
field, you must get, “The Live and Uncut NLP Business Building Boot
Camp Recordings.” If you don’t, YOU are missing out on the opportunity of
a lifetime!

Please Note: This Special Offer is for a Limited Time Only, so ACT fast to
secure this AMAZING price TODAY!

Warmest Regards,

Dan Bradbury


P.S. Just think, when you order this program, you will get advice from
some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the NLP & Coaching fields.
These business owners are making SIX and EVEN SEVEN FIGURE
INCOMES!! YOU could be next! With my 100% Money Back
Guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO

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