Consultant Cheat Sheet by ashrafp


									                         CONSULTANT CHEAT SHEET: A QUICK
                                GUIDE TO 101.10

                          Prepared by Amy Magnafichi Lucas

As the Consultant for 101.10, your primary goals are to advocate for
students by creating a rapport with them, encouraging the
examination of their writing practices, and helping them to identify
what they may need to work on. As a Consultant you will also be
observing a variety of teaching practices in order to better prepare
you for your own 101 classroom.

In terms of your role within the 101.10 framework, knowing the
following will be helpful:

     Instructors are in charge of a three-day-a-week 101 writing
      course, with a Consultant in charge of a two-day-a-week lab
     During the first week of class, the 101.10 labs will not meet,
      and the Consultant will observe the M-W-F classes and create an
      ethnography of the classroom. The Instructor and Consultant
      will discuss this document, and it will be archived in the
      101.10 CompClass space.
     A Consultant will implement writing lab sessions that will help
      students with the assignments and projects they are working on,
      that will help students see their texts and the texts of peers
      in an effective manner, that will help with research and
      citation, and that will facilitate the understanding of genres.
     Consultants should not cover or present curriculum during lab
     A Consultant will meet with the Instructor weekly to discuss
      the next week’s agenda for class and lab, and spearhead any
      student concerns, clarify assignment and project objectives and
      answer any questions the Consultant may have. These meetings
      should be face to face for the first few weeks of the semester
      and then can be worked out via email or CompClass. A log of
      these meetings will be kept in a journal within CompClass.
     Consultants should keep track of student attendance during lab
      sessions and share this information with the Instructor
     Consultants will not engage in the grading or assessment of
      student work
     Consultants will meet individually with students throughout the
     Consultants will complete the following observations:
         o 2 Observations of 101.10 Instructors other than the
           Instructor you work with
         o 3 Observations of 101 Instructors
         o 2 Observations of Peers’ Writing Labs
         o These should all include an ethnography of the
     Consultants will work to develop a full class plan for their
      first solo class
     Consultants will develop and present one “full scale” project

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