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 councillor                                                            ISSUE 47 MARCH 2011

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                                   Peer Support Team
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                                                                           Filename LGIS000153_MAG_95X138_5-5                         Proof/Alt # 3
                                   A practical way to provide mediation and conciliation support
                                                         Publication Western Councillor Date/Time 2010-09-15 14:22
                                   to Local Governments in Western Australia

                                   The Peer Support Team is a 3 way initiative between the WA Local Government
                                   Association (WALGA), Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA), and the
                                   Department of Local Government.
                                   The team was formed to provide conciliation,           and staff individually, as well as in a group
                                   negotiation and mediation support to Local             setting, allowing all parties to freely express their
                                   Governments that identified issues of relationship     views in a neutral environment. The team will
                                   conflict between Councillors, or between               then assist the Local Government to develop
                                   Councillors and senior staff.                          outcomes and a path forward that is suitable for
                                   The key objective is to assist Local Governments       all involved.
                                   resolve these issues of conflict and reduce the        So, to head off possible conflict or for the best
                                   need for formal investigations or enquiries.           resolution in situations where it already exists, call
                                   The team will meet with the affected Councillors       one of the team on the Hotline Numbers below.


                                     Ricky Burges            Steve Cole               Brad Jolly
                                     CEO                     CEO                      Department of Local Government
                                     WALGA                   LGMA
                                     Tel 9213 2025           Tel 9218 8141            Tel 9217 1436


02      From the corner office
                                                   Gozzy Rocks winners - Still Water Giants
        President’s report                        with City of Gosnells Mayor Olwen Searle

03      Let’s get physical
04      Giving spirit                             Melville
05      Colour the city
06      Community health challenge
07      City achieves greenhouse targets
08      Around the state in pictures
12      Training
        Kott Gunning legal advice
Welcome to Issue 47 of Western Councillor
                                                    5 community awards were presented as
COVER                                             part of the 2011 Australia Day Celebrations

The Gascoyne region recovers after the flooding
of the Gascoyne River. Photo courtesy of the
Shire of Carnarvon.                               Northam
                                                          Unfolding of the Quilts Exhibition

     2.        westerncouncillor

                  Ricky Burges
        Chief Executive Officer                                                        Mayor Troy Pickard

FROM THE                                                           PRESIDENT’S
CORNER OFFICE                                                      REPORT
It’s that time of year when our thoughts go to the Local           All WA Local Governments will have received correspondence from ALGA President
Government Convention as we finalise the program and get           Cr Genia McCaffery inviting you to become directly engaged in the campaign for
excited about the great speakers we’ve been able to secure.        constitutional recognition by carrying resolutions supporting a 2013 referendum on
This year’s theme, Localism – Leading the Way, focuses upon        financial recognition of our sector.
the opportunities and challenges emerging as a result of           Cr McCaffery has outlined a number of avenues through which Councils can offer
changes in population, culture and the economy.                    their support, including resolutions of Council and discussions with State and
Opening the Convention will be one of the world’s greatest         Federal members of parliament. In these discussions, I believe it is important that
living explorers, Sir Ranulph Fiennes Bt, OBE. Sir Ranulph is an   we make very clear that this is not a campaign to encourage the Commonwealth
example of the benefits of perseverance, reaching the summit       to take over responsibility for Local Government, nor will constitutional recognition
of Mt. Everest in 2009 after failing on two previous attempts,     affect the current rights of the State Government regarding our sector.
in one of which he had to turn back just 300m short of the         Our campaign for constitutional recognition is about making sure that the Federal
summit. The first man to cross both polar ice caps and climb       Government has the continuing legal capacity to do what it has been doing for a
to the world’s highest peak, Sir Ranulph has through his           number of years – provide funding directly to Local Governments. Its ability to do
expeditions raised over $11m for charity. His extraordinary        so has been placed in serious doubt by the 2009 challenge by Mr Bryan Pape to the
achievements include the completion of the LandRover 7x7x7         validity of the Commonwealth retail stimulus package.
Marathon Challenge, in which participants complete seven
marathons in seven days on seven continents – and this is          Although this challenge was defeated, it is seen by many legal experts to have
after having undergone heart bypass surgery!                       effectively narrowed the Federal Government’s power to act in this way to situations
                                                                   of national or international emergency. Clearly regular payments to Local Governments
Our second keynote, who will be speaking on Saturday is a          would have difficulty in meeting this threshold requirement. Therein lies the importance
renowned author and university professor, Dr Jung Chang. In        of achieving recognition for Local Government in the Australian Constitution.
her best selling family biography Wild Swans, she shares her
experiences growing up in turbulent times under Mao’s China        Recognition of our sector and confirmation of the right of the Commonwealth
and the effects of changes in society across three generations     to provide us with direct funds will eliminate the risks identified in the Pape case
of her family. During her life in China, Dr Chang worked as        and provide greater opportunities to ensure the ongoing sustainability of Local
a peasant, ‘barefoot’ doctor, steelworker and electrician; an      Government into the future.
English language student and assistant lecturer before being       Local Governments in WA already receive, on average, approximately $90 million in
awarded a scholarship to York University and becoming the          direct federal funding through the Roads 2 Recovery program and the Community
first person from the People’s Republic of China to receive a      Infrastructure fund. The importance and effectiveness of this funding to the lives
doctorate from a British university.                               of people in West Australian communities is undeniable. With last month’s State
I am proud to be able to announce these extraordinary              Council decision to support a governance review of the entire sector, a secure avenue
individuals as two of the speakers featuring in this year’s        for direct funding from the Commonwealth will serve to enhance rather than restrict
program. They will be joined by a range of political and           opportunities for the sector that may arise from this review.
academic specialists in areas directly relevant to our sector      Of course, securing the commitment of the Federal Government to call a
with a number of topical workshops on offer.                       referendum and clarifying right question to ask in a referendum is only part of the
Once again we have an extensive trade expo and after the           process – we also need to ensure the community is both informed and supportive
successful introduction of the Fleet Expo last year, we have       of our claim to achieve a “yes” vote and effect any change. A key part of this is
expanded this offer showcasing products from heavy plant           to make sure local communities understand the valuable role Local Government
and equipment suppliers. I am very much looking forward            plays in their lives and the importance of representation at a local level. We are in
to catching up with many of you at the Perth Convention            an enviable position here, with awareness amongst West Australian communities
and Exhibition Centre in August, and stay tuned for more           already increasing as a result of the promotional campaigns WALGA has been
information on the program as it is developed.                     running over the past five years.
                                                                   Councils can contribute to this important stage of the constitutional recognition
                                                                   campaign by securing support in your local community by continuing to raise
                                                                   awareness of the services delivered by Local Government and the benefits we
                                                                   achieve for all communities from the current direct funding relationship with
                                                                   the Federal Government. I urge you all to proclaim the case for constitutional
                                                                   recognition loudly, and clearly, in your local communities.
   The State Government’s Physical
   Activity Taskforce wants to get the
   population more physically active!

Role for Local Governments
As the name suggests the State Government’s Physical Activity Taskforce wants to
get the population more physically active. WALGA Deputy CEO WAYNE SCHEGGIA
argues below that there is much Local Governments can do to assist in achieving this end.

The first ever car was invented in 1672. It          networks, neighbourhood revitalisation;               •	 Recurrent	funding	for	activity	
was powered by steam and made in China.              carbon emission reductions, increased tourism            programming - how do we make them
Trends took a long time to catch on in those         and reduced crime, to name just a few.                   sustainable?
days and it wasn’t until Karl Benz patented          Local Governments have a big investment in            •	 Competing	Interests	–	the	basic	transport	
his gasoline powered vehicle in 1886 that the        active communities.                                      task may conflict with the physical activity
world truly started its love affair with the car.                                                             objective.
                                                     Planning schemes already demand a 10%
Essentially we have lived in a car-centric society   public open space contribution. There is over
ever since and as a result we have designed our      7000 kilometres of footpaths and over 3600
                                                                                                           HOW DO WE MOVE
modern built environments around the mobility        kilometres of dual use pathways provided by           FORWARD ON THESE
of the motor vehicle rather than the physical
activity of human beings. This fact, coupled
                                                     Local Governments in WA, as well as sports            ISSUES?
                                                     grounds, swimming pools and various sporting          Here’s a couple of ideas…
with the simultaneous rise in convenience            courts, rinks, fields, pitches, and halls.
food and a host of late twentieth century                                                                  Firstly, we need to keep the objective of
employment and entertainment technologies            Councils complete Physical Activity Plans             increasing physical activity “front of mind”
has made us fat... and lazy... and, well... you      as part of their general strategic planning,          as we develop the comprehensive strategic
know what I’m saying.                                and often come together to plan and                   planning framework for communities, finances
                                                     develop regional level recreation facilities in       and asset management that has evolved
The Physical Activity Taskforce would like Local     partnership with State agencies.
Governments to help them try and change that.                                                              through the Local Government reform process.
                                                     If we stop and think about how we might               Secondly, as an Association and in conjunction
Local leadership can provide the vision and          encourage increased physical activity in our
inspiration needed to unite people in collective                                                           with the relevant State agencies, WALGA can
                                                     communities, there are some important                 develop resources for Local Governments on
action and steer the community towards               issues we can identify that need to be
active living. Councils interact with their                                                                standardised governance approaches.
                                                     addressed. Things like:
communities on a daily basis and through                                                                   Thirdly, whilst pricing needs to be relevant to
a range of functions that can enhance the            •	 Diversity	of	governance	arrangements	for	          costs and reflect local circumstances; more
opportunity for increased physical activity.            recreation facilities and services – shared        uniform pricing and charging regimes between
                                                        use agreements; charging regimes;                  Local Governments can be encouraged.
Local Governments can use their influence               charging for open space use (personal
to shift the thinking of developers, service            trainers), maintenance schedules and               Finally, embracing an integrated planning
providers, businesses and their citizens                facility standards.                                approach to facility and program
towards a more active community design                                                                     development that has, at its heart, the
for better social, environmental and                 •	 Capital	Funding	Scarcity.                          objective of creating more physically active
ultimately economic, outcomes. A more                •	 Maintenance	Funding	Dilemma	–	paying	              communities will put us all on the right path.
active community can reap benefits such                 to maintain it is often more expensive than
as decreased health costs; increased social             building it, in a “whole of life” costing model.
                                                                                                                  westerncouncillor MAR 2011
          4.            westerncouncillor

Photo courtesy of the
Shire of Carnarvon.

                                            GIVING SPIRIT
                                            Generosity assists in flood recovery
                                            On Thursday 16 December 2010 residents of the Gascoyne region
                                            were warned to brace themselves for the likely flooding of the Gascoyne
                                            River following heavy rain from a monsoonal low. Shire of Carnarvon
                                            Community Development Coordinator COBY KIRWAN shares the
                                            Shire’s experiences in responding to the flood.

                                            Action was taken immediately by the Fire         Salvation Army, Department of Agriculture
        “This is an event to lift the       and Emergency Services Authority (FESA)          and the Shire of Carnarvon.
                                            and the Shire of Carnarvon to alert plantation   The Shire was able to link people with service
        community’s spirit and is an
                                            owners and outlying stations to prepare for      providers to remove rubbish and pump out
        opportunity to show the rest        the worst.                                       septic tanks as well as address accessibility
        of Australia that Carnarvon         The river peaked three days later at 7.8         problems to plantations and homes.
        and the Gascoyne are still on       metres - the highest recorded level - but        The West Australian Premier Colin Barnett
        the map,” said Mr Maslen.           with the town levee banks holding, the           declared the Gascoyne region a natural
                                            central township of Carnarvon was safe.          disaster zone and lobbied for flood-affected
        “A big thank you goes               Unfortunately this was not the case for          residents to be eligible to access up to
        out from flood-affected             everyone and many residents of the region        $25,000 to rebuild homes and livelihoods
                                            were faced with widespread devastation.          and replant crops. A visit from Prime Minister
        residents to all of the             Gascoyne Junction received significant           Julia Gillard also recognised the extent of
        businesses and organisations        damage losing their only store and pub and       damage and effect on infrastructure and
        who are supporting the ‘Big         long term residents were displaced. A Flood      properties by supporting and matching
                                            Recovery Committee was set up by the Shire       funding offered by the State Government.
        Event’,” he said.
                                            of Carnarvon to ensure that people affected      This was a welcome relief for many families
                                            by flooding including town, plantation and       in the region.
                                            station owners were able to access assistance
                                            when the flooding had receded.                   “The flood has been a prompt for the
                                                                                             awareness of insurance issues and
                                            The town’s Woolshed: civic Centre Hall           flood mitigation problems for residents in the
                                            was first set up as an emergency shelter         area,” said Shire President Mr Dudley Maslen.
                                            for people displaced from plantations and
                                            the township of Gascoyne Junction, from          “Whilst requests for assistance are still
                                            caravan parks and for travellers stranded        coming in and there are pledges of help
                                            in Carnarvon.                                    from volunteers from all around Australia,
                                                                                             it is apparent that country people are
                                            The centre was then transformed into a           very self-reliant and do not like to ask for
                                            ‘one stop shop’ for flood-affected people        help. It is amazing to see the resilience of
                                            to access assistance from the Department         the community and the support shown.
                                            of Child Protection, Centreline, Red Cross,

Photo courtesy of the
Shire of Carnarvon.

Photo courtesy of the Shire
of Upper Gascoyne.

               However, not everyone is equipped to cope with such a stressful and
               traumatic situation and support has been available through the Red Cross,    COLOUR
                                                                                            THE CITY
               Department of Child Protection, community churches and from volunteers.”
               “The best way to assist now is to give cash to the Lord Mayor’s Distress
               Relief Fund,” said Mr Maslen. He added that Gascoyne and Midwest Flood
               appeal donations can be made at any Bank West branch.
               The Shire of Carnarvon, alongside Vince Catania MP and many community
                                                                                            2011 Banners in the
               representatives organised a flood relief benefit for towns and communities
               in the Gascoyne Region. The Perth Glory Soccer team was billed to play a
                                                                                            Terrace Competition
                                                                                            Reservations are now open for Councils to
               game followed by a big band, local talent and entertainment.
                                                                                            participate in the 2011 Banners in the Terrace
               “This is an event to lift the community’s spirit and is an opportunity to    Competition, with entrants’ artworks displayed
               show the rest of Australia that Carnarvon and the Gascoyne are still on      along Adelaide and St Georges Terraces in
               the map,” said Mr Maslen. “A big thank you goes out from flood-affected      August to coincide with the annual Local
               residents to all of the businesses and organisations who are supporting      Government Convention.
               the ‘Big Event’,” he said.
                                                                                            As one of the State’s largest single community arts
               Unfortunately this was not to be as the day before the event was             projects, this annual event is widely acknowledged
               scheduled the Gascoyne River filled from inland rains giving us another      as being one of the most colourful and vibrant
               flood, actually the third since December 17, 2010.                           displays throughout the year, made possible with
               The Carnarvon community is very grateful for offers of support from          ongoing support provided by the City of Perth.
               household items to cash and volunteers, often accompanied with the           Information packs including reservation forms
               comment from outside of the town that ‘we don’t want the Carnarvon           have been distributed to all Members. Due to
               Community to think we’ve forgotten them’. With this generous support         road works along St Georges Terrace, however,
               the community has been encouraged to get back to business as usual and       there are strictly limited banner poles available and
               spirits are lifted.                                                          Councils are asked to make sure their reservation
               Above: The Junction Hotel in Gascoyne Junction bore the full force of        forms are submitted as soon as possible.
               rising waters at a height of over two metres. Pictured are the remains of    For further information, please contact Portia
               the verandah, whose destruction was aided and abetted by parts of a          Jones on
               house of one of the residents, which was carried from over 300m away.

                                                                                                       westerncouncillor MAR 2011
    6.        westerncouncillor

                                                     HEALTH CHALLENGE
                                                    Cooperative approach in the Wheatbelt
                           Ensuring adequate heath services are provided in regional communities is a significant concern
                          for country Local Governments. Joint Executive Officer, Great Eastern and Central country zones
                        HELEN WESTCOTT below outlines the recent Wheatbelt Health Memorandum of Understanding.

With the re-signing of the Wheatbelt Health       health service delivery within the WACHS–          of Consultations August 2009. This Report
Memorandum of Understanding in December           Wheatbelt Region. The success of this framework    followed on from the completion of the
2010, participants in the MOU paused to           is emphasised by the Wheatbelt Development         Wheatbelt Health Planning Initiative conducted
reflect on its success and the importance of      Commission’s CEO, Wendy Newman, in her             under the auspices of the MOU Group and
inter-agency collaboration.                       comments about the MOU Group.                      considered an important reference for health
The MOU was first signed in December 2006         “The Commission led the establishment of the       service providers across the Wheatbelt.
and built on an Agreement between the WA          MOU Group some years ago, and is incredibly        This success of the MOU Group is underpinned
Country Health Service (WACHS) and the            committed to this partnership between local        by all members working collaboratively.
Wheatbelt Development Commission (WDC)            government, health providers in the region         Speaking about the Group’s work, Cr Eileen
made in August 2005. Operating in parallel to     and of course, WA Country Health Services          O’Connell, one of the Great Eastern Country
the WACHS/WDC Agreement, signatories to           Wheatbelt. It ensures the key players in           Zone’s	delegates	to	the	MOU	Group	said	that	
the Health MOU included the:                      health planning and delivery are ‘at the table’,   the involvement of Councils in the MOU Group
•	 Central	Country	Zone;                          engaging with communities and ensuring             is appreciated with Councils being able to
                                                  identified community health needs are met.”        have input and have involvement in what is
•	 Great	Eastern	Country	Zone;                                                                       happening in the Wheatbelt.
                                                  These comments are echoed by Graeme
•	 WA	Country	Health	Service,	                    Fardon,	one	of	the	Central	Country	Zone’s	         “The Community consultation that happened
   Wheatbelt Region;                              MOU Group delegates.                               for the Report on Wheatbelt Health was
•	 Wheatbelt	GP	Network;	and	                     “The MOU Group seeks to address the                positive for the communities. The involvement
•	 Wheatbelt	Development	Commission.              emerging trends of ageing population,              of all the groups is seen to be a great positive
                                                  increasing coastal population, static or           for health in the Wheatbelt with hopefully
The	Avon	Midland	Country	Zone	on	behalf	
                                                  falling populations in the Eastern Wheatbelt,      positive outcomes after consultation with
of its membership was also a party to the
                                                  reduction in the number of General                 Councils and communities affected. The
discussions leading up to the signing of the
                                                  Practitioners and the existing WACHS Hospitals     Group works well together with discussion on
original MOU but chose not to become a
                                                  and Assets in the Wheatbelt Region.”               all health issues affecting the Wheatbelt.”
signatory.	The	Avon	Midland	Country	Zone	held	
observer status at all meetings until June 2008   Whilst on occasions, particularly to local         Avon	Midland	Country	Zone	delegate	Cr	
when it also became a signatory to the MOU.       governments	across	the	three	Zones,	it	            Lawrie Short feels that the MOU Group is
The MOU Group is chaired by an independent        seemed that little progress was being made         committed to addressing community needs
chair to ensure all parties can participate       in achieving a better level of health service      for health care throughout the Wheatbelt and
effectively in the decision making process.       provision for Wheatbelt communities, the           provides the opportunity to discuss with the
                                                  MOU Group has made significant gains in            various agencies issues that give concern to
The purpose of the MOU was and remains to act
                                                  having the “voice of the Wheatbelt” heard.         the diverse community that is the Wheatbelt.
as a mechanism to provide a framework for the
parties regarding communication/engagement,       One such significant achievement is the            The importance of the MOU Group is further
structures and processes that will enhance        Wheatbelt Health Planning Initiative Report        highlighted in comments made by Paul West,

   “The Commission led the establishment
   of the MOU Group some years ago, and is
   incredibly committed to this partnership
   between local government, health
   providers in the region and of course,
   WA Country Health Services Wheatbelt. It
   ensures the key players in health planning
   and delivery are ‘at the table’, engaging
   with communities and ensuring identified
   community health needs are met.”

the Wheatbelt GP Network’s CEO, who notes that for the Wheatbelt GP
Network, participation in the MOU has been an invaluable investment.
“It brings together the movers and shakers of the health industry in a unique
forum of honesty and even accountability. Although membership in the
group comes with no formal obligations to plan and deliver health services          ACHIEVES
in a way that has the unanimous approval of everyone in the group, the
energy that everyone has put into the process leaves the membership with
a sobering feeling of obligation that prevents decisions being made by one
party without consideration for the needs, desires and goals of the other
organisations involved.
The opportunity to get to know each other and what each respective                  HOUSE
organisation can deliver has enabled greater linkages and access to services.
For Wheatbelt GP Network it has provided an opportunity to showcase
its knowledge of the needs of the region’s doctors and its skills in General
Practice management. This has enabled individual organisations represented
                                                                                    The City of Gosnells has recently reached its
within the group to join the Network in implementing innovative solutions
                                                                                    goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions
now. The other real benefit that Wheatbelt GP Network has noticed is
                                                                                    by a fifth. In 1999, the Council joined the
that the process has given it, WACHS and the Shires a more measured
                                                                                    Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) program,
approach to negotiating terms that are more commensurate to, rather than
                                                                                    resolving to cut corporate greenhouse gas
undermining the sustainable models that still exist.”
                                                                                    emissions by 20 per cent.
The State Government, through WACHS Wheatbelt, is also strongly
                                                                                    “The achievement of this goal and the
committed to the MOU Group because it provides a means for community
                                                                                    pursuit of further greenhouse gas emission
consultation and representation. For example, MOU Group members
                                                                                    reduction initiatives show the City of
bring to the table issues for discussion that impact upon their respective
                                                                                    Gosnells is going green successfully,”
communities. It also provides a sounding board for strategic planning
                                                                                    Gosnells Mayor Olwen Searle said.
issues and a forum for discussing major health issues, such as recent review
of emergency departments across the Wheatbelt.                                      “As we move towards an economy with a
                                                                                    price on carbon, the City’s greenhouse gas
The MOU Group has played a pivotal role advising and engaging key health
                                                                                    cuts will potentially reduce future costs and
stakeholders and health service providers. For example, at its December
                                                                                    lower the risk of these costs having to be
2010 meeting, the Health Department’s Director General, Kim Snowball,
                                                                                    passed on to ratepayers.”
outlined the Wheatbelt Health Initiative Package. Currently before State
Government, it is envisaged the package will assist in improving health             The greenhouse credits, at a cost of $15,000,
service delivery across the entire Wheatbelt.                                       combined with other in-house energy
                                                                                    efficiency initiatives mean the City has
The MOU Group continues to work toward improved health services
                                                                                    actually reduced emissions by 21.5 per cent.
delivery for the Wheatbelt region. To date the Wheatbelt has attracted
health funding for Aboriginal Health ($6.8m), capital funding for cancer            The City, a winner of the Keep Australia
treatment centres at Northam and Narrogin ($6.7m) and a scoping study               Beautiful Council’s WA Sustainable Cities
for the Avon Primary Health Centre ($87,000).                                       award in 2010, has a Civic Centre that is the
                                                                                    first in WA to get a Five Star Green Star Rating.
As Graeme Fardon has noted, “The MOU Group has achieved great progress is its
short life and provides the opportunity for Local Government to be “at the table”   Work is also being done to educate the
when health matters are being addressed both in the short and long term.”           community through the award winning Switch
                                                                                    your thinking! (Syt!) program, a partnership
The MOU Group provides an opportunity for interaction at a more social level,
                                                                                    between the Cities of Gosnells and Armadale
between the key players in health across the Wheatbelt and fosters a stronger
                                                                                    and Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.
bond between organisations and individuals. It will continue this important role,
with the strength of each of the participants recognised and used in working for
the continued improved health services to communities across the Wheatbelt.
                                                                                               westerncouncillor MAR 2011
                                                                                               westerncouncillor MAR 2011
         8.        westerncouncillor             SE


                                         Ser eople
                                        pad entin and s
                                           dlin e C taff
                                               g d amp from
                                                     n th ing Ce the

                                                                     AROUND THE
                                                         e M ntre

                                                                 STATE IN PICTURES
                                     The following pictures celebrate the achievements of Local Government in Western
                                 Australia. Any WA Local Government which has held an event or function and wants to
                                have it featured in Western Councillor is encouraged to contact Portia Jones at the WA
                                  Local Government Association on (08) 9213 2085 or email

The iconic Busselton Jetty
was officially reopened
by the Premier, the Hon
Colin Barnett MLA.

                                                                                                                      Gozzy Rocks winners - Still Water Giants
                   Beverley District Hall building             City of Cockburn’s Froggy’s on the green              with City of Gosnells Mayor Olwen Searle

1. BEVERLEY                                          3. COCKBURN                                           5. GOSNELLS
Councillors and community members took               The City of Cockburn’s Froggy’s Fun on the Green      A large crowd enjoyed an outstanding
the opportunity following this year’s Shire of       was recently launched providing free outdoor play     performance by this year’s Gozzy Rock
Beverley Annual Electors meeting, to admire          sessions for children aged 0 to 5. The sessions are   winners Still Water Giants, from Margaret
the historic 1938 Art Deco Beverley District Hall    rotated at different parks each term promoting        River, at Centennial Pioneer Park Amphitheatre
building in a new light following the recent         the importance of play in early learning.             in Gosnells. Second prize was awarded to
installation of feature lighting.                                                                          Gombo and The Kings and Sons received the
The ongoing restoration and beautification                                                                 encouragement award.
works to the district hall has included rewiring,                                                          Other bands to make the final were Wrongtown,
ceiling replacement and air-conditioning to                                                                Ticket 4 Two, Here Come the Cavalry, Jake
the main hall, and more recently installation of                                                           and the Cowboys and Between Oceans, who
redesigned disability access, planter boxes and                                                            performed alongside headline act Optamus of
paving. Technical advancements also include an                                                             Downsyde fame.
upgraded speaker system and remote control
screen and projector.
Pictured above are Cr Keith Murray, Deputy
President Cr Lew Shaw, Shire President Cr
Dee Ridgway, Cr Belinda Foster, community
members and Cr Jim Alexander, Cr Corrie
Egberts, Cr Chris Pepper.
                                                      The new Tarunda IGA Supermarket officially opened
The iconic Busselton Jetty was officially reopened
by the Premier, the Hon Colin Barnett MLA. The       4. DERBY WEST KIMBERLEY
event attracted State and national attention and     The new Tarunda (IGA) Supermarket in
has helped cement the Shire as the emerging          Fitzroy Crossing was officially opened by the
event capital of the South West.                     Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for             Shire of Irwin CEO Darren Simmons and President
An estimated 10,000 residents and visitors           Regional Development, Hon. Wendy Duncan                      WA Kite Surfing Association, Justin O’Malley
flocked to the Busselton foreshore to join in the    MLC, on Wednesday, 16 February. It stands on
celebration that culminated in a magnificent         the site where the supermarket complex was
fireworks show illuminating the iconic jetty.        completely destroyed by fire in July, 2009.           6. IRWIN
The Busselton Jetty had been closed to the public    The new supermarket complex also houses the           The weekend of 11-13 February saw the WA Kite
since May 2009 during which time it underwent        Post Office, Centrelink, Aboriginal Legal Service,    Surfing Association’s (WAKSA) annual ‘Kitestock’
a $27 million refurbishment programme funded         Disability Services, a conference room and a          festival return to Dongara/Port Denison. This
for the most part by the State Government.           takeaway restaurant.                                  event has been held annually since 2007 and
The newly restored Busselton Jetty is the centre     Pictured above are Supermarket Manager John           brings several hundred kiters and their families
piece for a major foreshore upgrade which            Rodrigues; Hon. Wendy Duncan MLC; Shire of            to town for a three day festival focusing on the
will see the popular area transformed for the        Derby West Kimberley President Elsia Archer           social aspects of kite surfing.
enjoyment of people of all ages.                     and Patrick Green.

                                                                                                                      westerncouncillor MAR 2011
10.              westerncouncillor

The Shire of Irwin provides a significant level of        Watch representative Athul Garg, Sarkis
support for Kitestock, from bins, and port-a-loos,        Petrossian, Betty Crandall and City of Melville
to signage and grading the beach. Kitestock is            Mayor Russell Aubrey.
the biggest kite surfing event in Australia and in
previous years the event has attracted more than
400 kiters. The event continues to grow every year
and is a major date on the Dongara/Port Denison
tourism calendar, strengthening its reputation as a
fantastic holiday and kite surfing destination.

                                                                                                                                       Paddling down the Murray

                                                                                                                 11. SERPENTINE
                                                                              The new Moora Youth Centre         JARRAHDALE
                                                                                                                 The Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire held another
                                                                                                                 very popular, action-packed range of school
                                                          9. MOORA                                               holiday activities in January, including a canoeing
                                                          The new Moora Youth Centre is a safe and friendly      day-trip down the Murray River near Dwellingup.
                   Mayor Troy Pickard and WA/NT           place for young people to gather and to get help       The photo shows local young people and staff
               Blood Service Manager Rod Astbury          with homework or just a place to chat and chill out.   from the Serpentine Camping Centre paddling
                                                                                                                 down the Murray.
                                                          The Centre recently held a Come and Try week
7. JOONDALUP                                              with heaps of activities for students aged 10 -
                                                          18. It was aimed at young people so they could         12. SOUTH PERTH
Mayor Troy Pickard and WA/NT Blood Service                experience what the centre has to offer and meet       Tens of thousands of people converged on the
Manager Rod Astbury cut the ribbon to officially          the new staff. There was also an opportunity           City	of	South	Perth	Celebration	Zone	on	Australia	
open the new Joondalup Blood Donor Centre.                for parents to check out the new look centre,          Day to revel in the activities and entertainment
The new centre aims to collect almost 10,000              meet some of the service providers and to gain         on the South Perth foreshore.
donations in its first full year of operation and it is   an insight into its activities. Most importantly,      This	year	the	Celebration	Zone,	supported	by	
anticipated this will increase along with the rapid       it showcased what Moora can do to provide a            Healthway and Lotterywest, attracted 55,000
population growth in Perth’s northern suburbs.            secure place for young people where parents to         people. From 2pm, 60 free activities and rides
                                                          know that the children will be safe.                   including Belly Bumpers, Crazy Bikes, parasol
                                                          There were a number of activities for the Come         painting and silent disco, kept everyone from
                                                          and Try week including: sports and fitness; a          babies to teens amused in a secure 100,000m2
                                                          pool competition; table tennis knock out round         area. Visitors also enjoyed the continuous
                                                          robin; healthy eating and cooking; music and           entertainment under the Big Top Tent.
                                                          games; and, a movies night.

            5 community awards were presented as
         part of the 2011 Australia Day Celebrations

The City of Melville’s Mayor and Chief Executive
Officer presented five community awards as part                                                                                      Turning of the Sod ceremony
of the 2011 Australia Day celebrations.                                   Unfolding of the Quilts Exhibition
Citizen of the Year award went to Sarkis
Petrossian and the Mayoral Award for                                                                             13. SWAN
Outstanding Service went to Mrs Betty Crandell.           10. NORTHAM                                            The City of Swan marked the start of work on
The Young Citizen of the Year award went to               Pictured above are Pat Rumjanstev, Joy                 its new Ballajura Youth and Community Centre
Lachlan Blair with Caryn Tan highly commended.            Harding, Gloria Smith and Denise Gobbart who           on February 22 with a Turning of the Sod
Community Group of the Year was awarded to                enjoyed the Unfolding of the Quilts Exhibition         Ceremony. The centre will provide local youths
the City of Melville Neighbourhood Watch Team.            at the Northam Library for the Centenary of            with a supportive, safe and secure environment,
Pictured above are City of Melville CEO Dr Shayne         International Women’s Day on Tuesday, 8 March.         and will be the new home of The Dungeon
Silcox, Lachlan Blair, Melville Neighbourhood                                                                    Youth Centre. Pictured are East Metropolitan

the STATE in pictures
Hon Donna Faragher MLC, West Swan Hon Rita
Saffioti MLA, Ballajura Ward Councillors Maria
Haynes and John McNamara, Mayor Charlie
Zannino,	Deputy	Mayor	Mick	Wainwright,	East	
Metropolitan Hon Alison Xamon MLC and
Ballajura Ward Councillor Mel Congerton.

                       School swimming carnival

The Shire of Wickepin celebrated the official
opening of their recently ungraded Aquatic
Centre on Friday, 4 March. The refurbishments
were supported by the Shire of Wickepin,
Royalties for Regions funding and the Regional
& Local Infrastructure Programme. Freeman of
the Shire, Murray Lang, and Shire President Cr
Steve Martin unveiled a plaque commemorating
the event, and are pictured with local children
who enjoyed the facilities earlier in the day at the
school swimming carnival.

         Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Day

Minister for Environment; Water Hon Bill
Marmion MLA and Battery Girl (aka WMRC’s
Amy Warne) greeted residents to the WMRC’s             South Perth
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Day on              Tens of thousands of people converged on
Saturday, 12 February.                                 the	City	of	South	Perth	Celebration	Zone	on	
                                                       Australia Day to revel in the activities and
                                                       entertainment on the South Perth foreshore.

                                                                                                      westerncouncillor MAR 2011
                                                                                                      westerncouncillor MAR 2011
12.            westerncouncillor

For further information, please
contact Training Coordinator, Melika
Aydin on 9213 2098 or email

TRAINING                                                                    PREPARING FOR
ELECTED MEMBER TRAINING                                                     PROSECUTIONS
Change Management                                                           From day one [Part 2]
This unit is about planning for and initiating organisational change.
                                                                            Prosecutions are an unfortunate reality of local
It highlights the need for a thorough planning of the change process
including fully scoping the need for change, consultation with              governments everywhere. This article is part of a
stakeholders and the evaluation of actual outcomes against those that       series of articles from KOTT GUNNING about
had been planned. For Elected Members, understanding is gained
in how to best cope with change through identifying its causes and
                                                                            how to ensure that prosecutions run smoothly.
utilising methods of managing its effects.
Date      Saturday, 9 April
                                                                            SITE VISITS
                                                                            Site visits occur for a purpose. Either to engage with a potential
Time      8.30am – 4:30pm
                                                                            accused, examine objects or structures, take measurements, or
Venue     WA Local Government Association                                   to observe particular things. When you conduct a site visit you
Cost      $395.00 (GST exempt)                                              need to record that visit and that record needs to be kept.

Policy Development                                                          MEASUREMENTS
This unit covers establishing, coordinating and promoting policy            It is important to take measurements of any unauthorised
development within the context of environmental management issues           structures where possible. If you take measurements
which face the Local Government sector. It examines the development         contemporaneously, you won’t need to go out again to get
of policy through discussions, policy structure and its changing nature     measurements, unless the development has been altered. It is
using examples of an environmental nature.                                  acceptable to record measurements as a file note. It is helpful
Date      Sunday, 10 April                                                  to take photographs of the tape measure on the side of the
                                                                            structure if there are two officers at the meeting.
Time      8.30am – 4:30pm
Venue     WA Local Government Association
Cost      $395.00 (GST exempt)
                                                                            When the situation calls for it, photographs can provide
Strategic Planning                                                          excellent evidentiary support. It is true that a picture paints a
                                                                            thousand words.
Strategic Planning describes the performance outcomes, skills
                                                                            When photographs are taken, it is important that they are
and knowledge required to establish the strategic direction of
                                                                            placed with other records and the following information
Council. It requires analysis and interpretation of relevant markets,
                                                                            recorded on the photograph:
capability assessment of the Council and its existing and potential
competitors and allies.                                                     •	 Who	took	the	picture	
Date      Thursday, 14 April                                                •	 Description	of	what	the	picture	is	of
Time      8.30am – 4.30pm                                                   •	 The	date	the	picture	was	taken
Venue     WA Local Government Association                                   •	 Signed	and	dated	by	the	person	who	took	the	photograph
Cost      $395.00 (GST exempt)                                              •	 All	photographs	have	to	be	taken	by	an	officer	who	is	
                                                                               prepared to give evidence in Court if required. After
Financial Reports & Budgets                                                    taking photographs the photographer needs to sign the
                                                                               printed copies and clearly write “I……………….. took this
This unit gives Elected Members the skills and knowledge required to
                                                                               photograph at …………………………………… (address) on
analyse financial reports and budgets. The purpose of this training is
                                                                               ……………………………… (date)”
to inform Elected Members of their role in monitoring and guiding the
activities of their Local Government, specifically in relation to working   It is also helpful if you include a description of what the
to ensure organisational finances are appropriately allocated and           photograph shows, such as;
accounted for. This unit requires participants to be familiar with and      “I, Laurie James, took this photograph at Level 8, 140 St Georges
able to navigate comfortably around Microsoft Excel.                        Tce WA on 5 May 2010. This photograph shows the unauthorised
Date      Friday, 15 April                                                  consumption of a chocolate bar by Anne Wood.”
Time      8.30am – 4.30pm                                                   Kott Gunning Lawyers are proud to be on the WALGA
                                                                            Preferred Supplier Contract for Legal Service Providers. For
Venue     WA Local Government Association
                                                                            Local Government legal advice contact Laurie James or Anne
Cost      $395.00 (GST exempt)                                              Wood from Kott Gunning on 9321 3755.
                                                                            Disclaimer The above article may contain the author’s views or summaries on some
                                                                            aspect of the law and is not nor is it intended to be a statement of advice. Readers
                                                                            requiring legal advice should seek specific advice tailored to their particular circumstances.
WALGA has more than 40
                                                                        working to
                                                                                                                            Buying through WALGA means you don't
                                                                                                                            have to tender.
Preferred Supply Contracts
                                                                                                                            All our Contracts are established by
that can save your Local
                                                                                                                            procurement specialists using public market
Government $$$ on its

purchasing. And we are
                                                                                                                            This provides the safeguards of legal
creating more.                                                                                                              compliance, probity, risk mitigation and
Our Contracts range from office stationary                                                                                  security of supply. It also means you get
to heavy plant, from telecommunications to                                                                                  significant savings on the time and money

trucks, from energy to road signs.                                                                                          usually spent on purchasing.
WALGA has a reputation for getting the                                                                                      We also handle all contract management,
best suppliers on our Contracts, providing                                                                                  which means your Local Government
Members with direct access to the brands                                                                                    doesn't get caught up with enforcement or
they want.

                                                                                                                            contractual disputes.
We also provide Business Services that have                                                                                 Whichever way you look at it, buying
been established to meet your needs. These                                                                                  through WALGA just makes sense.
range from emergency management to tax
                                                                                                                            For more information, visit our website at
services, from training to industrial relations,

from recruitment to procurement.

Our Preferred SuPPLy COntrACtS And buSineSS ServiCeS
•	 Advertising                                •	 Debt	Management                     •	 Landscape	Infrastructure                   •	 RoadWise
•	 After	Hours	Call	Centres                   •	 Emergency	Management	–	             •	 Legal	Services                             •	 Signage	–	Road	and	Other
•	 Agricultural	and	Turf	Equipment               Consultancy                         •	 Local	Government	Advice	and	               •	 Software	Licensing
•	 Asset	Management                           •	 Employee	Benefit	Services              Support                                    •	 Tax	Service
•	 Asset	Management	–	Consultancy             •	 Employee	Relations	Services         •	 Local	Library	Stocks                       •	 Telecommunications
•	 Bill	Payment                               •	 Energy                              •	 Office	Supplies	and	Business	Furniture     •	 Town	Planning	–	Consultancy
•	 CCTV	and	Security                          •	 Fuel	Tax	Rebate	–	Consultancy       •	 Operating	Leases                           •	 Training	and	Development	–	Elected	
•	 Chemical	Management	Systems                •	 General	Plant	and	Equipment         •	 Playground	Equipment                          Member	and	Officer
•	 Climate	Change	–	Consultancy               •	 Hardware                            •	 Playground	Inspections                     •	 Waste	and	Recycling
•	 Computer	Hardware                          •	 Heavy	Plant	and	Equipment           •	 Procurement	Services	–	Consultancy
•	 Corporate	Travel                           •	 ICT	Online	Services	–	Consultancy   •	 Recruitment	–	Consultancy                    Preferred
•	 Corporate	Wardrobe	and	Workwear            •	 Insurance	Services                  •	 RFID	Systems                                  Supplier

             P R E F E R R E D S U P P L I E R S O F P R O D U C T S & S e Rv i C e S T O LO C A L G Ov e R N M e N T
NAME                                       ZONE
Mayor T (Troy) Pickard......................President
Cr L (Lawrie) Short ...........................Avon-Midland	Country	Zone
Cr S (Steve) Martin JP .......................Deputy	President/Central	Country	Zone	
Cr P (Paul) Kelly ................................Central	Metropolitan	Zone	
Cr J (Janet) Davidson JP ....................Central	Metropolitan	Zone	 	
Mayor G (Glenys) Godfrey ................East	Metropolitan	Zone	
Mayor T (Terence) Kenyon ................East	Metropolitan	Zone	
Mayor R (Ron) Yuryevich AM RFD .....Goldfields	Esperance	Country	Zone	
Cr R (Ronnie) Fleay ...........................Gascoyne	Country	Zone	
President E (Eileen) O’Connell...........Great	Eastern	Country	Zone	
Cr B (Barry) Webster ........................Great	Southern	Country	Zone	
Cr F (Fred) Mills ................................Kimberley	Country	Zone	
Cr S (Simon) Broad ...........................Murchison	Country	Zone	
Cr D (David) Michael ........................North	Metropolitan	Zone	
Cr B (Brett) Treby..............................North	Metropolitan	Zone	
Cr G (Geoff) Amphlett .....................North	Metropolitan	Zone
Cr M (Moira) Girando JP ...................Northern	Country	Zone	
Cr W (Wally) Barrett .........................Peel	Country	Zone	
Cr L (Lynne) Craigie .........................Pilbara	Country	Zone	
Mayor J (James) Best ........................South	East	Metropolitan	Zone	
Cr	H	(Henry)	Zelones	JP ....................South	East	Metropolitan	Zone	
Mayor C (Carol) Adams ....................South	Metropolitan	Zone	
Cr D (Doug) Thompson ....................South	Metropolitan	Zone	
Cr B (Brian) Warner .........................South	Metropolitan	Zone		
Cr J (John) Gardiner ........................South	West	Country	Zone	
A (Andrew) Hammond
Ex Officio .......................................Local Government Managers Australia
                                                                                        WAL 23117 Creative ADM

L M (Lisa-Michelle) Scaffidi
WALGA Associate Member ............Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of the City of Perth
R (Ricky) Burges ...............................Chief Executive Officer

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