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									Dublin City Council’s Primary School Magazine   Iris do Bhunscoileanna, Autumn 2009 / An Fómhar 2009

                                                                         IN THIS EDITION...

                                                                        MS Readathon

                                                                        Art Exhibition

                                                                           Get on
                                                                            Your Bikes!

           Plus… Competitions, Prizes and much more…
    What’s inside                                 It’s autumn!
    Céard atá faoi iamh
                                                  Welcome back after your holidays. I hope you all had a
    3        Competition winners                  brilliant summer and are ready for the new school term.
    4        Interview with Lord Mayor            It’s autumn again and that can only mean one thing –
             of Dublin                            shorter days and longer evenings. But there are still lots
    5       Bin your gum                          to do and see in the city and it will soon be Halloween.

            and Litter DVD
                                                  While you were on your holidays we met with Dublin’s new Lord
    6       Aunty Litter
                                                  Mayor Councillor Emer Costello to find out about her job - see
    7       Word Spiral                           page 4 to read more.
    8       MS READaTHON and
            Children’s Book Festival              We also interviewed Rosemary Hetherington, a librarian who
    9       Interview with librarian              works in the Children’s section of Dublin City Public Libraries –
            Rosemary Hetherington                 see page 9 to find out why she says she has the “best job in the
                                                  world” The MS Readathon is running again this October so why
    10 + 11 What’s on in the Dublin City
                                                  not take part - it is a great way to read books and raise money
            Gallery The Hugh Lane
                                                  for charity – see page 8 for more information.
    12 + 13 Ceist Ceoil
    14      Get on Your Bikes                     Ar mhaith leat a bheith ag déanamh ceoil? To find out more
            and Science Week                      about the different instruments that we play in Ireland check
    15      Halloween Safety Tips and             out page 12.
            Ballymun Halloween Festival
                                                   Halloween is just around the corner. What do you like about
    16      Design a Front Cover
                                                   Halloween? Is it trick or treating, pumpkins or dressing up?
                                                   Halloween can be a fun time of year, but remember to stay safe.
                                                   Read our safety tips for a happy Halloween! on page 15.

                                                   Congratulations to Rebecca Carmody age 9 from Belgrove
                                                   Senior Girls School, Clontarf, winner of the front cover
                                                   competition. Find out if you were one of the other winners
                                                   on page 3.

                                                   Don’t forget to take part in the design a cover competition for
                                                   the winter edition of Classmate. Your picture might be on the
                                                   cover of our next edition. See the back page for details of
                                                   how to enter.

                                                    That’s all for now,
                                                    Slán go foill

Competition winners
                        Front Cover
                                                                    2. Christopher
                 czak                                                                Ward
 1. Mateusz Poliw       Rebecca Carmody (9)
                        Overall winner
                        Belgrove Senior Girls School Clontarf, D3
                        1. Mateusz Poliwczak (5)
                        St. Fiachra’s School Beaumont, D9
                        2. Christopher Ward (5)
                        Phoenix Park Special School, D8
                        3. Libby Breslin (9)
                        Ranelagh Multi Denominational
                        School Ranelagh, D6
                        4. Anna Hegarty (10)
                        Kildare Place School Rathmines, D6
   3. Libby Breslin                                                    4. Anna Hegarty
                        5. Kyle Solis (6)
                        St David’s B.N.S. Artane, D5
                        6. Seosaimh Leech (7)
                        Gaelscoil Inse Chór, D8
                         7. Grace Benham (8)
                         St Vincent’s G.N.S, D1
                         8. Chelsea Ezeh (4)
                         St Raphael’s NS Ballyfermot, D10
                         9. Rebecca Gray (11)
                         St Malachy’s M.N.S, Finglas South, D11

                                                                      6. Seosaimh Leec
      5. Kyle Solis                                                                   h

 7. Grace Benham                            8. Chelsea Ezeh              9. Rebecca Gray    3
    Councillor Emer Costello is
    Dublin’s new Lord Mayor
    Emer was born in Blackrock, Dundalk, Co. Louth. When she finished school, she did a secretarial course before moving
    to Dublin to work with the civil service. She then studied History, French and Politics in UCD and trained as a teacher.

    Classmate interviewed the Lord Mayor             What is your favourite place in Dublin?         and got involved in politics to try to bring
    recently to find out about her new job.          I like walking in the Phoenix Park and          about changes I wanted to see in Ireland at
                                                     shopping on Henry Street.                       the time.
    Where do you live now with your family?
    My husband Joe and I live in Aughrim Street      What’s your favourite food?                     What is the role of the Lord Mayor?
    in Stoneybatter, one of the oldest villages in   Anything with lamb.                             The Lord Mayor is the First Citizen of Dublin
    the heart of Dublin’s North Inner City. For                                                      city. The role of the Lord Mayor is to
    my term as Lord Mayor, I am living with Joe      What do you do to relax when you are not        represent the people of Dublin at home and
    in the Mansion House on Dawson Street.           working?                                        abroad and to welcome important visitors
    The Mansion House has been the official          I like to go swimming and I like to go for a    to the city. She also chairs the City Council
    residence of the Lord Mayor since 1715.          long walk at least once a week. I recently      monthly meetings.
                                                     joined Facebook and love catching up with
    What do you love about Louth and what            friends online. I also enjoy reading,           What is your vision for Dublin city?
    do you miss?                                     particularly when I am on holidays.             Dublin is a great city to live, study and work
    I lived right beside the sea in Louth and used                                                   in. I want Dublin to be a city that is clean
    to spend a lot of time swimming in the sea       Why did you get involved in politics?           and green, easy to get around with a good
    and the local swimming pool and going for        I was always interested in politics. I joined   public transport system, a city that values all
    walks on the beach. Although we’re not too       the Labour Party over twenty years ago          its people equally, a city whose residents take
    far from the sea in Dublin, I do miss the sea    because I was concerned about the number        pride in and whose visitors love. In short, I
    and the view of the Cooley Mountains.            of young people who could not find jobs and     want Dublin to be the jewel in the crown of
                                                     were emigrating. I decided to stay in Ireland   European cities.

       The Lord Mayor Councillor Emer Costello with Janet McGrath and Hilda the dog at the
4      annual Irish Guide dogs volunteering thank you day.
Litter in our city                      Each of us can take a step in the                 Email clare.egan@dublincity.ie
                                        fight against litter. By placing
                                        rubbish in a bin, you can really                  A special THANK YOU all our Green
                                        make a difference. Just imagine                   Schools who have worked so hard
                                        if no one littered how clean our                  to keep the school and grounds tidy.
                                        streets and parks would be.                       Remember, to keep your flag you
                                                                                          have to keep your school tidy! And
                                        By now your school should have                    who knows, this year it might be your
                                        received Dublin City Council’s ‘Put               school receiving its first Green Flag so
                                        Litter in its Place’ DVD. Have you seen           get tidying and best of luck!
                                        it? We want to know what you think.
                                        Please send your comments to:
                                        Clare Egan, Green-Schools Officer,
                                        Dublin City Council, Waste
                                        Management Section, Eblana House,
                                        68-70 Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8 or

Chewing Gum
 Dublin City Council is taking part in the Gum Litter Taskforce (GLT) campaign in order to encourage people to
 dispose of their gum responsibly in a bin. This is a national environmental awareness campaign involving 30
 local authorities. If you would like further details on the GLT campaign please visit www.gumlittertaskforce.ie

                                             Do any of you like chewing gum?                     and 6 o’clock in the morning because
                                             Here are some facts you might find                  of the large amount of pedestrians
                                             interesting!                                        in these city centre areas during the
                                                                                                 daytime and evening. That means
                                             • Did you know that our street                      that staff have to work during the
                                             cleaners cannot sweep dirty chewing                 night to clean our streets. We may
                                             gum from the street like other litter?              never see these workers but next
                                             Removing dirty chewing gum from                     time you want to get rid of your gum,
                                             our streets is a big operation taking               just think of all the late hours and
                                             up a lot of time and costing lots of                hard work these people give to keep
                                             money every year.                                   our streets clean.

                                             • To remove just one piece of chewing               • As you would not throw gum in your
                                             gum from the ground can take between                home or driveway you should not
                                             1 and 9 seconds. This may not seem                  throw it on the street.
                                             to be a long time but when you
                                             consider it there was about 180,000                 • Gum dropped on streets is just
                                             individual pieces of gum on Grafton                 another form of littering.
                                             Street back in 2004. Huge resources
                                             are needed for this removal operation.              • You can be fined €150 for dropping
                                             It took 5 weeks to remove all the                   a piece of chewing gum on any street
                                             individual pieces of gum from this street.          or indeed any public place.

                                             • Chewing gum contributes hugely to                 So please, if you do chew gum,
                                             the litter problem in Dublin. In 2009,              place it in a bin when you’re
                                             gum removal is taking place on the                  finished with it. If there is no bin
                                             city centre streets between Parnell                 nearby, wrap it in paper and bring
                                             Square and St. Stephen’s Green at a                 it home to your own bin. Help
                                             cost of €500,000                                    keep our streets gum and
                                                                                                 litter free.
                                             • The gum removal can only take
                                             place between 10 o’clock at nighttime
                                            Hi everybody,
                                                                Hope you all had a good summer.
                                                                   The weather again this year was
                                                                    disappointing with lots of rain and
                                                                   wind but little sunshine.
                                                               The new season of autumn is here with lots
                                           to look forward to for everyone. It’s back to school time and the
                                           start of a new term. It’s good to see your school friends again
                                           and catch up on all the gossip. The big celebration in autumn
                                           is Halloween. Halloween is a fun time with witches and ghosts,
                                           pumpkins and peanuts, masks and brooms.

                                                                      The next letter comes from Paul Armstrong,
    The first letter comes from Aoife Lynch who lives in              Terenure, D 6.
    Ballymun, D 11.

                                                                      Dear Aunty Litter,
    Dear Aunty Litter,

    I went to Kilkenny on my holidays. We                             We had a tidy up day in our estate. We
    stayed in a cottage on a farm. Every                              all met on the green and picked up any
    day we fed the horses and foals with                              litter we saw and cleared away weeds.
    carrots and apples. One morning I saw
                                                                      It was a nice sunny day so we worked
    a grey squirrel on my bedroom window
    ledge. My mam said that the squirrel                              hard but it was good fun.
    was looking for food so I left out some                           It was amazing the amount of cans
    nuts and grapes.                                                  and plastic bottles we collected for
                                                                      recycling. We are going to have regular
    We went for a picnic down by the river
    and we made sure that we did not leave                            clean ups so we can keep our area as
    any litter behind us!                                             tidy as possible.

    Aoife Lynch
                                                                      Paul Armstrong

    Your holiday on a farm sounds like good fun. Seeing the
    animals up close and being able to feed them is a great
    experience. You were lucky to have some good weather              Great things can be achieved when people work
    for a picnic and well done for cleaning up and leaving            together in a community. We all should have pride in
    the countryside litter free.                                      our area and want to see it look its best.

    E-MAIL:                              Don’t forget to email Aunty Litter - classmate@dublincity.ie or post to:
    riomhphost                           Aunty Litter, Waste Management, 68-70 Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8

                                                                                Starting from 1, fil
                                                                                                     l in the grid in a
                                                                             clockwise directio
                                                                                                   n with words, usin
                                                                               the clues below.                         g
                                                                                                    The last letter of
                                                                             each word becom
                                                                                                  es the first letter
                                                                             the next word. If                        of
                                                                                                  you have correctly
                                                                              filled in the grid,
                                                                                                  there should be a
                                                                           six-letter hidden
                                                                                               word revealed in

             S P                 I R                 A L                     centre of the puzz
                                                                           little help, one of
                                                                               hidden word has
                                                                                                   le. To give you a
                                                                                                the letters from th
                                                                                                    been filled in.

Work out the puzzle and find the hidden word

    1                                                     2                                    3

    7                                   8                                  9

                      11                                                   10                 4

    6                                                    5

      (1)     When a volcano erupts, red-hot L- - - flows from it.
      (2)     A - - is a type of tree
      (3)     Farm birds that lay eggs are H - - -
      (4)     The chimney sweep’s face was covered with black S - - -
      (5)     A vault beneath the ground for burial is a T - - -
      (6)     A talking pig was the star of the movie B - - -
      (7)     When you are hungry, you E - - food
      (8)     The famous cat and mouse characters in the cartoon are called T - - and Jerry
      (9)     Dad looked at the M - - to find the route to the Museum.
      (10)    A soft juicy fruit is called a P - - -
      (11)    A R - - is a type of rodent
                                         Hidden word: BATMAN
Answers: (1) LAVA (2) ASH (3) HENS (4) SOOT (5) TOMB (6) BABE (7) EAT (8) TOM (9) MAP (10) PEAR (11) RAT
 Love reading? Want to win prizes? Then,
 join the MS READaTHON 2009 Team!

 What is MS READaTHON?
 It’s a fundraiser to help people with Multiple Sclerosis.
                                                             MS READaTHON
 You read books for a month and get your family and
 friends to sponsor you.

 When does it start?
 Sign up now and start reading on 16th October and
 finish on 16th November

 Why should I do it?
 • You help raise lots and lots of money for people with
   Multiple Sclerosis
 • You get to read any books you want
 • Every participant gets a Thank You gift and certificate
 • You can win prizes (e.g. Laptop; Trip to see Man Utd
   play at Old Trafford!)
 • Schools can keep 10% of money raised
 • Schools and teachers can win prizes

 How do I sign up?
 • Through your school – just ask your teacher for a form
 • Through your local library – collect an entry form and
   send it off to MS Ireland, 80 Northumberland Road,
   Dublin 4
 • www.msreadathon.ie or call Paul or Sharon
   on T. 678 1600
 Pictured (right) at the launch of MS READaTHON are Laura
 Woods (RTE) and Michelle Munowenyu. Photo courtesy of
 Leon Farrell at photocall

                                                                      Key events to watch out for:
                                                                      Guy Bass
                                                                      Writer of a new series about a boy called Dinkin Dings

  Children’s Book Festival                                            who is afraid of everything - not just scary things, like
                                                                      being stuck in a lift with a hungry jaguar, but pretty
  1st – 31st October                                                  much totally everything.

                                                                      Guy will be in the following Dublin Libraries on
                                                                      Wednesday 21st October:

                                                                      • Charleville Mall Library at 10am
                                                                      • Cabra Library at 12pm
                                                                      • Finglas Library at 3.30pm

                                                                      History Live with Michael Moylan
                                                                      Michael will be performing his Dracula show and his
                                                                      history show on the Vikings during the Book Festival.
                                                                      Look out for these after-school events:

                                                                      Donaghmede Library
                                                                      Monday 19th October at 3.30pm (Dracula),
                                                                      Cabra Library
                                                                      Tuesday 20th October at 3.30pm (Viking Show)
                                                                      Walkinstown Library
                                                                      Wednesday 21st October at 3.30pm (Dracula)

                                                                      For full details check our website
  The Children’s Book Festival is a nationwide celebration of         www.dublincitypubliclibraries.ie
  children’s books and reading, held every year during the month      or T. 674 4842/3 All events are free,
  of October. During the festival Dublin City Libraries will host a   but please book a place at the library.
8 programme of events throughout branch libraries.
My Job: Rosemary Hetherington
        Children’s Librarian
Did you know that Dublin City Council is responsible for running the network of
twenty-one branch libraries and a mobile library service for Dublin city? We met up
recently with Rosemary Hetherington, a librarian in the Children’s Section of Dublin
City Public Libraries to talk to her about her job.

Rosemary’s Job                                    “Don’t forget if your
Rosemary says she has the “best job in          library doesn’t have a
the world” She and her colleagues get
           .                                     particular book they
to choose the selection of                      can order it in for you”
children’s books that are stocked in all
Dublin City Public Libraries. Book
selection is a very important part of her
job. She sees all new children’s books.
Reading as many books as possible as
well as book reviews in newspapers
and magazines helps Rosemary to
decide what book titles are bought for
each library. One of her best sources
                                                                                       Most Popular Books
                                                                                       1. Harry Potter and the deathly
of information about what books you                                                       hallows / J.K. Rowling
like to read is from the requests the                                                  2. My sister Jodi / Jacqueline Wilson
branch librarians send in to her.                                                      3. Harry Potter and the half-blood
                                                                                          prince / J.K. Rowling
                                                                                       4. Cookie / Jacqueline Wilson
Ordering books is another part of
                                                                                       5. Barbie official annual 2009 / Brenda
Rosemary’s job. When she selects                                                          Apsley
what titles to order from the supplier      Book Clubs                                 6. Horrid Henry and the abominable
the books are receipted and put ‘into       Book clubs are great for introducing          snowman / Francesca Simon
stock’. The books are then ‘catalogued’,    you to new authors and having fun          7. All about Alice, Alice next door and
which means describing the books so         talking about books. They are also an         Alice again / Judi Curtin
                                                                                       8. Horrid Henry rules the world /
that you will be able to find them easily   excellent way of making new friends!
                                                                                          Francesca Simon
when you visit your library. Rosemary                                                  9. Horrid Henry’s house of horrors /
also really enjoys her visits to schools    Rosemary advises always giving a              Francesca Simon
and going out in the mobile van where       book a chance,“sometimes the first         10 Best friends / Jacqueline Wilson
she gets to talk to children about what     chapter can be slow but as you get to
                                            know the characters you will find you      Books, which never seem to go out of
books they like to read.
                                                                                       fashion, are the modern classics such as
                                            really get into the story. I remember,
                                                                                       ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’
Why you should visit                        as a child being sick in bed and           and ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’.
your local library                          starting a famous story called ‘Heidi’
“Reading is a wonderful pastime and         I still remember the first chapter         “I would just quote Roald Dahl who
above all fun” , says Rosemary. Books       about a seemingly endless walk up a        wrote in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate
                                                                                       Factory’, “Read and Read, and then
allow us to explore other worlds and        mountain but after that chapter I flew”.
                                                                                       proceed to read some more””  .
experiences, which can be exciting,
creative and imaginative. The best          Rosemary’s Favourite
thing about using your public library is    Books
that it is FREE. There is a wide range of   ‘Little Women’, ‘Journey to the River
books to borrow from our libraries and      Sea’ and ‘Angels without Wings’.
we have books that help with home-          Rosemary is a great fan of authors
work projects in all subjects.              Michael Morpurgo, Siobhan
                                            Parkinson and Kate Thompson. “My
In some of our libraries, Learning          niece, Emer, who is twelve thought
Zones have been set up to help you          that ‘Boy Trouble’ by Sarah Webb was
with your homework and that all             “so cool it was deadly” and she likes
important school project. Specially         books by Kathy Cassidy and the
chosen reading and reference                ‘Alice Series’ by Judi Curtin.
materials, together with access to
educational websites and other
computer software, support the zones.                                                                                             9
                    What’s on this autumn in Dubli

                                                                       A special exhibition of artwork by children from Our Lady’s Children’s
                                                                       Hospital, Crumlin will be on display in the Gallery from September!
                                                                       Here’s some information all about it:

                                                                                         Flanagan (7)
                                                                       Untitled by Niamh
My Family by Anna Maria Gavrilenko (3)
                                                                                                                  Jane O’Regan (4) a
                                                                                                                                       patient of Our Lady
                                                                                                                  Children’s Hospita                        ’s
     Truvo Gets Mugged Children’s Art Competition!
                                                                                                                                     l, Cr
                                                                                                                  the Education Room umlin - pictured in
                                                                                                                                         in Dublin City Galle
                                                                                                                  The Hugh Lane                                ry

     Exhibition in the Gallery’s Learning               the information together for this important
     Resource Centre until 8 November 2009              book and they also have it available online       about your world, what kind of drawing
     Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane is               at www. goldenpages.ie. Now, whenever             would you do? Would you show your
     holding a children’s art competition called        anyone working in Truvo has a cup of tea          family, your favourite pet, your favourite
     “Truvo Gets Mugged” where the winner will          or coffee they will have the competition          sport or activity? In class, why not make
     have their artwork put on all the mugs of          winner’s artwork on their mug.                    your own artworks on the theme
     the people working at Truvo Ireland and the                                                          “my world” .
     16 finalists will all have their artwork           Truvo worked together with Dublin City
      exhibited in Dublin City Gallery The Hugh         Gallery The Hugh Lane to encourage                If you would like to see some of the
     Lane from September until November 2009.           young artists at Our Lady’s Children’s            artworks by the children from Our Lady’s
                                                        Hospital, Crumlin to design some artworks         Children’s Hospital why not come down
     Who are Truvo Ireland?                             for the competition. The theme of the             to the Gallery with your family and visit
     They are the company that put together             competition was “my world” and above are          the exhibition.
     the Golden Pages and the Eircom                    some examples of the entries that the
     phonebook. Have you ever had to use The            Gallery received.                                 To find out more about “Truvo Gets
     Golden Pages to find your nearest toy shop                                                           Mugged” children’s art competition visit
     or bicycle shop? This company brings all           If you had to do a drawing or painting            W. info.truvo.ie/charity

         A New Book: Horses & Tortoises - Stories from Africa
                                                   Horses and Tortoises, Stories from Africa
                                                   Launched by Children’s Illustrator PJ Lynch
                                                   Horses and Tortoises, Stories       baths, monsters in caves and a        the opportunity to get their
                                                   from Africa is a book of ten        frog in an elephant’s stomach.        hands on the book.
                                                   short stories, but they are         These tales are for children of
                                                   ten very different stories!         all ages and adults to enjoy          All your principal needs to do
                                                                                       and celebrate the tradition of        is fill in the form and send it
                                                   They come from all over Africa      storytelling in Africa.               back to the gallery and we will
                                                   and are written and illustrated                                           send a copy of the book to
                                                   by women from AkiDwA, the           You will be happy to hear that        your school absolutely FREE!
                                                   African Women’s Network.            we will be sending an order           You can also find Horses and
                                                   So why not delve into our           form for this book to every           Tortoises at your local library.
                                                   stories, where you can find         primary school in Dublin. This
10                                                 tortoises in trees, hippos in       means that your school has            We hope you enjoy it!
in City Gallery The Hugh Lane?
                             Guided Tours with your class                                     Autumn Workshops
                             If you would like to visit the Gallery with your class, you      We will be holding lots of fun workshops and activities over
                             can arrange a guided tour. Tours cost E25 per group of 30        the first school term. These will include Cubist inspired
                             students and at least two weeks notice is required. For an       collages, creating Indian headgear, creative writing and
                             extra cost it is also possible to book a sketching tour or a     designing your own posters for the Gallery and your own
                             combined tour and workshop during your visit.                    mini-metropolis (city). Our Sunday sketching is also back
                                                                                              and is free. Come and join us from 3 – 4pm and explore
                             To find out more about our workshops, tours and exhibitions,     themes like tropical creatures, gothic stained glass images, a
                             please contact: Katy Fitzpatrick, Education Curator              focus on the artist Francis Bacon, and lots lots more!

                             T. 222 5553 or Email katy.fitzpatrick@dublincity.ie              If you want to find our more about all of these activities
                              www.hughlane.ie                                                 see www.hughlane.ie and then look under our Kids
                                                                                              Club section.

 Recent art workshops at the gallery

                                                                   Indian Headgear for Halloween!
 Kids in head dress

                                                                   What you need:                              own brightly decorated Indian headgear!
                                                                                                               All you need to do is to cut your coloured
                                                                   • Coloured card
                                                                                                               card into a strip that is long enough to put
                                                                   • Silver card
                                                                                                               around your head. Then take your strip
                                                                   • Acetates
                                                                                                               and decorate it with feathers, sequins, silver
                                                                   • Feathers
                                                                                                               and anything else you might like to add to
                                                                   • Sequins
                                                                                                               your hat. After the glue has dried you can
                                                                   • Scissors
                                                                                                               take your head gear and using a stapler
                                                                   • Pritt Stick
                                                                                                               (you might want to get an adult to help
                                                                   • Stapler
                                                                                                               with this) fasten it to the right size.
                                                                   Why not have some fun and make your
                                                                                                               Hey presto. Your hat is ready! 11
 Ceist Ceoil
 An maith leat a bheith ag déanamh ceoil? Cén cineál ceol is fearr leat? Snagcheol, rac-cheol, ceol
 rince, ceol clasaiceach nó b’fhéidir ceol traidisiúnta? An aithníonn tú na huirlisí ceoil seo?

 An aithníonn tú na huirlisí ceoil seo?                                 Gluais
                                                                        bainseo              banjo
                                                                        bodhrán              bodhrán
                                                                        bosca ceoil          accordion
                                                                        ceol clasaiceach     classical music
                                                                        ceol traidisiúnta    traditional music
                                                                        ceoltóirí cáiliúla   famous musicians
                                                                        cláirseach           harp
                                                                        drumaí               drums
                                                                        feadóg mhór          flute
                                                                        feadóg stáin         tin whistle
                                                                        fidil                fiddle / violin
                                                                        giotár               guitar
                                                                        maindilín            mandolin
                                                                        pianó                piano
                                                                        píb uilleann         uilleann pipe
                                                                        sacsafón             saxophone
                                                                        snagcheol            jazz
                                                                        triantán             triangle
                                                                        troimpéad            trumpet

     Tá go leor ceoltóirí cáiliúla in Éirinn. Cé is fearr leat? Altan, Boyzone,
     Sharon Shannon, The Frames, The Blizzards, Kila, The Script, U2,
     Van Morrison, Westlife. Taitníonn ceol éagsúil le roinnt daoine, mar shampla
     ceol na n-éan agus ceol na farraige!

             Aimsigh 6 uirlis ceoil anseo.
         Beidh duais ag dul do sheisear agaibh

       C           L          É           L              N   E      L            P            R           B
       B           R          N           Á              R   H      D            O            B           N
       B           C          R           F              G   F      R            G            S           L
       R           A          O           I              I   H      U            A            G           I
       F           E          A           D              Ó   G      M            H            Ó           R
       I           B          G           I              T   O      A            T            U           M
       C           L          Á           L              Á   P      Í            A            N           O
       C           L          Á           I              R   S      E            A            C           H
       L           T          O           C              Á   Í      M            D            E           F
Seol do fhreagra go dtí:                                         Buaiteoirí:
An tAonad Forbartha Gaeilge, Seirbhísí Corparáideacha,           Eagrán An tSamhraidh 2009
3 Sráid an Phálais, Baile Átha Cliath 2.                         Seo a leanas liosta na mbuaiteoirí ón eagrán
Dáta scoir: 2 Samhain 2009                                       deireanach. Seolfar duaiseanna amach chugaibh
                                                                 sa phost. Maith Sibh!

Ainm: __________________________________________________         Oisín Dodd
                                                                 Scoil Eoin Baiste, Cluain Tarbh, BÁC 3
Aois: __________________________________________________         Eimear Hussey
                                                                 Presentation Primary School, Terenure , Dublin 6
Rang: __________________________________________________         Finn O’ Sullivan
                                                                 Ranelagh Multi-Denominational School, Dublin 6
Ainm agus Seoladh Scoile: _______________________________        Ella Conroy
                                                                 St Columba’s N.S. , Glasnevin, Dublin 9
________________________________________________________         Oisín Mc Ginley
                                                                 Star of the Sea, Sandymount, Dublin 4
                                                                 Emma Kearney
                                                                 Scoil Chaitríona Naí, Coolock, Dublin 5
                                  Get on your
                                                                                                                                    Scoil Fiachra P1 BS L2 Training

                                                                                          There are 4 levels of cycling           Level 3 – On-Road Training
                                                       Council is
                                          Dublin City                g                    training.                               (Suburban Roads)
                                                        a new cyclin
                                          introducing                   nior                                                      If you successfully complete
                                                        gra mme for se
                                          training pro             blin                   Level 1 – Classroom Theory              levels 1 and 2, you can move on
                                                        ools in Du
                                           primary sch                                    Your teacher or trainer will teach      to level 3. This is for 6th class
                                           called BIK E START.                            you all about safe cycling. You         pupils and involves on-road
                                                                            e             will learn about the benefits of        training on quiet roads near
                                                             me offers th
                                               The program                  aining        safer, healthier cycling. You can       your school.
                                                            l of cycling tr
                                               highest leve            , the
                                                                                          take part whether or not you
                                                in Europe. H          e children th
                                                                                   e      have a bicycle. This level is           Level 4 – On-Road Training
                                                 programme will giv           ool.        suitable for children from 3rd          (Town Roads)
                                                                cycle to sch
                                                 confidence to                            class onwards.                          You must complete levels 1 – 3
                                                                              me                                                  before you can take part in level
                                                               RT program
                                                  The BIKE STA                            Level 2 – Practical Off-Road            4. This section includes training
                                                  aims to:                                Level 2 covers off-road practical       on busier roads with traffic. You
                                                                               d          skills and takes place in the           will have the chance to plan
                                                                 owledge an
                                                  • Promote kn            e principles    school yard. The Road Safety            your journey to school
                                                                ing of th
                                                  understand                              Unit will supply signs and              by bicycle.
                                                   of safe cycling                        equipment to help the trainer to
                                                                                          teach the skills needed to use a        A BIKE START DVD will be
                                                                positive and
                                                   • Encourage              wards         bicycle safely.                         available in all schools to
                                                                attitudes to
                                                   responsible                  fety                                              accompany levels 1 and 2.
                                                                  ty and the sa
                                                    personal safe                                                                 You will also be able to view
                                                    of other road                                                                 sections of the DVD online
                                                                                                                                  at www.dublincity.ie.
                                                   For more information, ask your teacher or contact the Safe Cycling Team
Reece Daly at launch of Bike Start Programme       in Dublin City Council T. 222 2265 Email roadsafety@dublincity.ie.

     Science Week in Dublin City Libraries
     8th – 15th November 2009 Some events to look out for
                                  Managing Waste                                 Science is Fun with                           Roll up! Roll up!
                                  Clare Egan, the Green Schools Officer,         Michael Moylan                                Amazing science and
                                  will be presenting workshops to help           Michael Moylan links science learning         spectacular circus tricks!
                                  us understand how the waste we                 with a lots of fun. A talented                “The Real Science of the Circus” is a
                                  produce should be managed, now                 showman, he takes his audience                unique combination of top-quality
                                  and into the future.                           on a journey of learning with jokes           science communication and circus
                                                                                 and tricks, which ensures that the            skills. James Soper, acclaimed
                                  Water Conservation                             information is never dull or boring.          science communicator,
                                  Learn about how precious our water             Michael will be presenting his science        ex-professional circus performer
                                  supply is with Dublin City Council.            show in Dublin City Library branches          and Guinness World Record holding
                                                                                 during Science Week.                          juggler explains the world of forces
                                                                                                                               (gravity, magnetism, balance, pushes,
                                                                                                                               pulls and twists) in this educational
                                                                                                                               and entertaining show. Suitable for
                                                                                                                               all. James will perform in various
                                                                                                                               venues in Dublin City Libraries on
                                                                                                                               Tuesday 10th November.

                                                                                                                               For further details contact
                                                                                                                               T. 674 4842/3 or see
                                                                                                                               Admission Free, booking essential

 Halloween                                                                                      Halloween can be a tim
                                                                                               fun, magic, fancy dres
                                                                                                                         e of
                                                                                                                       s and

 Safety Tips!
                                                                                                 Here are some tips for
                                                                                               safe and happy Hallowe

                        lying around that may                            Hazardous materials lik
• Do not leave material                                                  furniture, batteries and
                                                                                                  e aerosols, foam filled
  taken for a bonfire                                                    erratically and cause to
                                                                                                  tyres will behave
                                                    ing                                          xic fumes.
                          e if you see a bonfire be
• Contact the Fire Brigad                          ,
                          , trees, overhead cables                       • Respect the Emergenc
  built close to buildings                                                                         y Services, council
                          or car parking areas                             staff and the Gardaí in
  underground services                                                                             doing their jobs
                           m bonfires and firewor                       • Keep pets indoors arou
 • Stay a safe distance fro                        e                                               nd Halloween night –
                            long distances and caus                       they are sensitive to no
   – wind can carry sparks                                                                        ise
   injuries and scars                                                   How can you help? If yo
                                                                                                  u see a bonfire getting
                          ly fireworks                                 out of hand stay clear of
 • Do not buy, use or supp                                             immediately.
                                                                                                 it and dial 999 or 112
                        tances such as oil, petro                      Happy Halloween …
 • Keep dangerous subs                              ks.
                           ay from fires or firewor
   diesel and spray cans aw

 Otherworld Halloween Festival
                                         Date: Saturday 31st October, 6pm
                                                                               front of axis
                                         Venue: Ballymun Plaza (located at the
                                         arts centre) Time: 6pm

                                            This year, the Otherworld Festival Committee
                                            presents Hallowmun, a freaky, crazy town where
                                            anything can happen on Halloween night.

                                            This year the Steering Committee is delighted to
                                            have a number of young people on the planning
                                            committee, as we make Hallowmun come alive with
                                            the poetry graveyard, music tents, ‘thrilling’ dancers
                                            and performers, freaky cocktail bar, jokes corner,
                                            fireworks display and much more.

                                                                      ng Committee is a mu
                                             Ballymun Festival Steeri
                                                                      de up of  representation
                                             agency organisation ma                    n Regional
                                             from Dublin Cit y Council, axis, Ballymu
                                                                       n Regene   ration Ltd.,
                                             Youth Resource, Ballymu                   Ballymun
                                             Community Art   s Forum and the wider
                                                                      t involved, contact Ma
                                              If you would like to ge
                                                                         opment  Manager T. 883 2147.
                                              O’ Brien, axis’ Arts Devel
Design a Christmas front cover like the picture shown above. Post your entry to the address below. The best entry will be on the cover
of the winter edition. Remember to fill in all your details and include them with your entry. Closing date is the 2nd November 2009.




Age/Aois: ________________ School/Scoil: ___________________________________________________________________________________

                            Corporate Services Department, Communications Section, 3 Palace Street, Dublin 2

                            Roinn Seirbhísí Corparáideacha, Rannóg Cumarsáide, 3 Sráid an Pháláis, Baile Átha Cliath 2

                            T: 222 2266
                            E: comms@dublincity.ie
                            W: www.dublincity.ie
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                               A Dublin Council Publication
                            A Dublin CityCity Council Publication
                               An Irish Translation
                               An Irish de chuid Chomhairle Cathrach Bhaile Átha Cliath

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