Reconnecting with inner self and Soul

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					Reconnecting with inner self and Soul

How often have you interacted with your own self? Or pondered and
analyzed the way your life is going? Probably you have never have thought
it a necessary task. However, the fact is that connecting with your inner
self is an important part of your growth process. You need to rise above
the minor aspects of your life and seek to interact with inner self.

Connecting with inner self enables to discover your true self. It
involves techniques like meditation, yoga and self-attunement. Your inner
self is your guide to a radiant essence, wisdom, joy, core energy and
unconditional love. Because of the fast-paced life and pressure cooker
jobs, you tend to live in a false image of your self. This false identity
of yours traps you in the negative feelings like greed, jealousy and

The rapid changing lifestyle does not allow you to spend time with your
self or discover your true identity. You are so busy in fulfilling your
responsibilities towards your job or friends that your inner self becomes
the most neglected. As time passes, your bank balance increases, your
social status rises and you think you are a happy person. But think for a
moment that are you truly happy or is the social status the real
benchmark of your happiness?

Meditation is a very important technique for connecting with your inner
self. In this method, you have to sit cross-legged at a particular place
in your house and close your eyes. Then try to concentrate within your
self. Initially you may find it difficult to connect with your soul and
external surroundings may disturb you. However, with practice you will
become perfect and will be able to connect with your self. Gradually, you
will see positive change in your own self and feel happier. You need to
spend only 15-30 minutes same time everyday. It is advisable that you
meditate in the morning as it allows you to be in more control of your
life. Inner self is the voice of god; it gives direction to the life in
similar fashion as the lighthouse directs the ship. As a result you start
believing in your self and do, what you feel is right. This is your self
and you should live it by your own benchmarks and as given by others.

Meditation allows you to understand and recognize things that provide you
utmost happiness. For some finance is the greatest motivator, art may
provide satisfaction to others, singing, designing etc. anything can
provide you happiness. The key lies in discovering the thing that
satisfies you and provides you true happiness. Once you discover your
true calling, you can divert your energy towards the work. This complete
devotion combined with passion allows you to give the best output and you
do not feel tired.

Thinking positively improves the quality of your life; you tend to focus
on the better and good aspects of life. The positive thoughts create a
positive aura around you and add happiness to your life. Instead of
finding faults in others, you tend to appreciate their good aspects. This
is a major step towards your self-development. Eating fruits and green
vegetables detoxifies the negativity from your body. It provides adequate
nourishment to your body and keeps it disease free. It also enhances your
physical stamina and keeps you healthy.

Yoga is another well-known technique that is used for keeping you fit and
in control of your self. It involves different postures that enable you
keep your body part activated. The sedentary lifestyle invites numerous
health problems, thus, it becomes essential to exercise on a regular
basis. By following the above give simple techniques, you can live a
happy and peaceful life.

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