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					       PREFIX MEANING
a-, an- without, lacking, deficient, not     para- beside, beyond, after
ab- away from                                per- through, excessive
ad-, af- toward, to, near                    peri- around, surrounding
ambi-, ampho-, amphi- both, double           poly- many, much, excessive
ana- up, toward, apart                       post- after, behind
andro- man                                   pre-, pro- before, in front of
ante- before, in front of, forward           pseud-, pseudo- false
anti-, ant- against, opposing, preventing    pyo- pus
ap-, apo- separation from, derived from      pyro- fire
aut-, auto- self                             re-, retro- backward, behind, again
brachy- short                                semi- half
brady- slow                                  steno- narrow
cata- down, under, lower, against            sub- under, below, beneath
circum-. around                              super-, supra- above, excess, superior
co-, com-, con- with, together               sym-, syn- together, with
contra- against, opposed                     tachy- fast
de- down, from                               telo- end
dextro- to the right                         therm- heat
dia- through, between, apart, across         trans- across, through, beyond
dis- apart, free from                        ultra- beyond, excess
dorso- to the back                           xero- dry
dys- difficult, bad, painful, abnormal       COLORS
e-, ec-, ef-, ex- out of, from, away from    albus- white
ect-, ecto-, exo- outside of                 chloro- green
em-, en-, eso- in, into, within              chromo- color
end-, endo-, ent-, ento- within, inside      cirrhos- orange yellow
ep-, epi- upon, on, over                     cyano- blue
eu- normal, good, healthy                    erythro- red
extra-, extro- outside of, beyond, outward   leuko- white
gyn-, gyno- woman, female                    luteus yellow
hemi- half, partial                          melano- black
hetero- different, other                     polio- gray
hyper- excessive, above, beyond              porphyro- purple
hyp-, hypo- under, beneath, deficient        rhodo- red
im-, in- in, into, within, not               xantho- yellow
infra- below, beneath                        NUMBERS
inter- between                               nulli- none
intra-, intro- within, into                  haplo- single
mal- bad, abnormal                           mon-, mono- one
mega-, megalo- large, big                    bi-, di-, dipl- two, double, twice
mes-, meso- middle                           tri- three
meta- change                                 quadri-, tetra four
micr-, micro- small                          penta- five
mult-, multi- many                           hex-, sex- six
neo- new, recent                             octo-, octa- eight
noso- disease                                nona- nine
oligo- little, few                           deci- ten
pan- all, entire
SUFFIX MEANING                                        -ma, -mat disease, condition
-ac, -al, -ic, -ar, -ial, -ary, -ous, -tic. –eal,
pertaining to, related to, located in                 -malacia softening
-agra excessive pain                                  -mania madness
-algia pain                                           -megaly enlargement
-apheresis removal                                    -metor instrument used to measure
-asthenia weakness                                    -metry measurement
-ase enzyme                                           -morph form, shape
-ate use, subject to                                  -oma tumor
-atresia absence of normal body opening               -opsy to view
-blast new formation (osteoclast)                     -oxia oxygen
-capnia carbon dioxide                                -paresis slight paralysis
-cele protrusion, hernia                              -pathy disease
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid           -penia deficient, lack of
-cidal killing                                        -pepsia digestion
-clasia, clast break, new formation                   -pexy, -pexis fixation, storing
-cle, -cule, -ole, -ola, -ule, -ulum, -ulus small     -phagia, -phagy eating, swallowing
-clysis irrigation, washing                           -philia, -phily love
-coccus, -coccis berry-shaped                         -phobia abnormal fear, intolerance
-crit to separate                                     -phonia pertaining to sound
-crine separate, secrete                              -phoria feeling
-cyte cell                                            -physis growth
-desis surgical fixation                              -plasia, -plasm formation, development
-drome run, running                                   -plasty surgical repair
-dynia pain                                           -plegia paralysis
-ectasis dilation, expansion                          -pnea breathing
-ectomy surgical removal                              -poiesis formation
-ectopic displacement                                 -porosis passage
-emesis vomit                                         -prandial meal
-emia blood condition                                 -praxia in front of, before
-ent, -er, -ist, -or person or agent                  -ptosis drooping, downward displacement
-esis, -ia, -a, -ism, -ity, -y, -osis, -tion, -sis,   -rrhage, -rrhagia excessive flow
-iasis, -sia state or condition, disease              -rrhaphy suturing in place
-form, -oid resembling, shaped like                   -rrhea flow or discharge
-gen, -genic producing, causing                       -rrhexis rupture
-genesis beginning, origin                            -sarcoma malignant tumor
-gram record                                          -schisis split, fissure
-graph instrument that records                        -sclerosis hardening
-graphy process of recording                          -scope instrument for examining
-iac person afflicted with                            -scopy visual examination
-ible, -ile capable, able                             -sepsis infection
-ician one who                                        -spasm sudden involuntary muscle contraction
-ictal seizure, attack                                -stasis control, stop
-ist, -ologist a specialist in                        -stenosis narrowing
-ites, -itis inflammation                             -stomy surgical opening
-ium membrane                                         -tome instrument for
-ize use, subject to                                  -tomy cutting, incision
-logy science, study of                               -tripsy surgical crushing
-lysis, -lytic destroy, dissolution, separation       -trophy nourishment, development
-ule little                                       synovi/o- lubricating fluid of joints
Integumentary                                     ankyl/o- crooked/bent/fused together
epiderm/o- outer layer of skin                    acro- extremity
derm/o- dermat/o- true skin                       carp/o- wrist
cutane/o- cut/o- skin                             chir/o- cheir/o- hand
kerat/o- horny (tough), changes in skin cells     tars/o- ankle
onych/o- nail                                     pod/- ped/- ped/i- foot
trich/o- hair                                     maxill/o- jawbone
pil/o- hair                                       cephal/o- head
sudor/o- sud/o- sweat                             crani/o- skull/head
hidr/o- sweat                                     rachi/o- spine
seb/o- oily (sebum)                               spondyl/o- vertebra
pachy/ thick                                      lamin/o- flat sides of vertebra
rhytid/ wrinkle                                   cervic/o- neck
myc/o- fungus                                     lumb/o- lumbar region/loin
xero/- dry                                        sacr/o- sacral region
necr/o- pertaining to death                       kyph/o- hump kyphosis
psoriasis                                         lord/o- bending lordosis
urticaria                                         scoli/o- crooked scoliosis
pruritis                                          cost/o- rib
cicatrix                                          FRACTURES:
abscess                                           open
decubitus ulcer                                   closed
tinea pedis                                       angulated
alopecia                                          greenstick
petechiae                                         transverse
ecchymosis                                        oblique
Musculoskeletal                                   comminuted
muscul/o- muscle                                  impacted
my/o- muscle
sarc/o- fleshy/muscle                             Cardiovascular
kinesi/o- movement                                cardi/o- heart
dynam/o- power                                    cor/o- coron/o- heart
spas/o- to draw or pull                           angi/o- blood or lymph vessel
clonic spasm                                      vaso- vessel
tonic spasm                                       atri/o- atrium (corridor)
-plegia paralysis                                 ventricul/o- ventricle (little belly)
aponeur/o- flat fibrous band attaches muscle to   valv/o- valvul/o- valve (leaf)
bone or other tissue                              arteri/o- arteriol/o- artery
fasci/o- band of fibrous tissue                   sphygm/o- pulse
ten/o- tend/o- tendin/o- tendon/ fibrous band     ather/o- fatty plaque
that attaches muscle to bone                      angin- choking pain
chondr/o- cartilage                               aort/o- aorta
oste/o- os- bone                                  aneurysm a widening
myel/o- myelon/o- bone marrow/spinal cord         phleb/o- vein
arthr/o- joints                                   hem/o- hem/a- hemat/o- blood
burs/o- bursa, a leather sac                      -emia blood
sangui/o- blood                               Asthma
plasm/a- plasm/o- plasma (form, mold)         COPD
thromb/o- clot                                cyanosis
lymph/o- lymph (like blood; no RBC and less   asphyxia
protein)                                      aspirate
defibrillation                                Cheyne-Stokes
percussion                                    Nervous System
palpation                                     cerebr/o- cerebrum (brain)
embolus                                       CSF=cerebrospinal fluid
CHF = congestive heart failure                CVA = cerebrovascular accident
tricuspid                                     cerebell/o- cerebellum (little brain)
bicuspid                                      encephal/o- brain
semilunar                                     cephal/o- head
                                              neur/o- nerve
Respiratory                                   psych/o- mind
ox/o ox/i -oxia oxygen                        ment/o- mind
-capnia carbon dioxide                        -paresis slight paralysis
-pnea breathing                               -plegia paralysis, stroke
nas/o nose                                    mening/i- mening/o- meninges (membrane)
rhin/o nose                                   esthesi/o- sensation
muc/o mucus                                   anesthesia
sinus/o sinus                                 phas/o- speech
pharyng/o pharynx                             phren/o- mind (also diaphragm)
tonsill/o tonsil                              scler/o- hard
adenoid/o adenoids (adeno=gland,              epilepsy
oids=like/resembling)                         sciatica
laryng/o larynx (voice box)                   CNS
-phonia pertaining to sound or voice          PNS
epiglott/o epiglottid/o epiglottis
trache/o trachea                              Vision
bronch/i bronch/o bronchiol/o                 blephar/o- eyelid
bronchi/bronchiole                            palpebr/a- eyelid
alveol/o alveoli (air sacs in the lungs)      lacrim/o- tear
pneum/o pneumat/o pneumon/o lung, air         dacry/o- tear
thorac/o thorax (chest)                       conjunctiv/o- conjunctiva = mucous membrane
-thorax chest                                 that lines eyelids
pleur/o pleura                                scler/o- hard, "white of the eye" = sclera
lob/o lobe                                    corne/o- cornea = transparent anterior coat of
atel/- imperfect                              eye
atelectasis                                   kerat/o- horny/cornea (transparent sclera)
diaphragmat/o diaphragm/o diaphragm           irid/o- ir/o- iris (colored circle)
(partition)                                   pupill/o- pupil
phren/ diaphragm                              ocul/o- eye
spir/o breathe                                ophthalm/o- eye
epistaxis                                     opt/o- optic/o- eye/vision
Pulmonary Embolism
Atelectasis                                   Hearing
Tuberculosis                                  aur/o- aur/i- external ear
tympan/o- eardrum                       urethr/o- urethra
myring/o- tympanic membrane/eardrum     ureter/o- ureter
labyrinth/o- inner ear (maze)           lith- lith/o- stone
audi/o- hearing
ot/o- ear                               Reproductive System
tinnitus                                gyn/o- gynec/o- woman, female
pinna                                   uter/o- uterus
                                        hyster/o- uterus (womb)
Endocrine                               men/o- menstruation (month)
endocrin/o- endocrine (endo=within,     oophor/o- ovary (bearing eggs)
crin=secrete)                           salping/o- fallopian tube (also eustachian tube)
thyr/o- thyroid/o- thyroid (shield)     mamm/o- mamm/a- breast
-physis growth                          mast/o- breast
adren/o- adrenal/o- adrenal (ad=near,   lact/o- milk
ren=kidney)                             gravid/o- pregnant
thymus- thymus gland                    ectopic
dips/o- thirst                          andro- man
glyc/o- sugar                           phall/o- penis
                                        test/o- testis (pl=testes)
GI system                               orch/o- orchi/o- orchid/o- testicle, testis
stoma- stomato                          prostat/o- prostate gland
gingiv/o                                sperm/o- spermat/o- sperm (seed)
gastro- gaster- gastero
aphagia, dysphagia, oligopepsia

Urinary System
pyel/o- renal pelvis
ren/o- kidney
nephr/o- kidney
cyst- cyst/o- bladder, sac

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