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          New Google Wave Tool Helping More Small Businesses Get Ahead On The Internet

       By Roy Primm
       Dated: Nov 13, 2009

       See the powerful new tools Google is launching that will revolutionize the way people market and buy
       online. Be one of the first to know and profit from this new tool before it goes public.

       Google Wave is the next big online marketing innovation. In the past many people wanting to start their
       own online businesses have had a reputation of being the last to embrace a new technology - resulting in
       missed opportunities. Here's a chance for many businesses to get ahead of the crowd, thanks to the new
       changes quietly taking place at Google ( the most profitable internet business on the planet). While most
       online businesses are hemorrhaging money, Google continues to make record profits the old fashion way,
       thanks to their relentless pursuit of excellence.

        The next major change to take place at is Google Wave®, this is a new - but simple system that's quietly
       being tested. I’ve personally tried it, and in three words it’s ... Easy, Awesome and Incredible all in one. I
       can honestly say without reservations, if you can learn this new system before it's released to the public
       you'll be far ahead of the curve and the crowd. That means more profits and less competition.

       I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to compete against a business or person who is using this technology
       without me using it too, they would have an unfair advantage. It would be like trying to market online
       without having a website or knowing how to email, it’s that powerful.

        Google Wave makes marketing online 10 times easier and more effective than it is now - and for far less
       money. It gives a one person business the tools major corporations could only afford before. The best part is
       it’s simple to use. Google Wave is point and click or drag and drop simple. You don't have to be a techie to
       use it, because I'm not.

        As you know with most innovations, by the time the crowd finds out most of the profits have been made.
       Google hasn't opened the doors to Google Wave to the general public yet, it's still being beta tested. But
       you can be one of the testers by clinking the link below. To our success!

       Here's a link that shows you how to be a Beta Tester and take advantage of this new Google
       Wave Technology - ahead of the crowd.

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