Lot #98 - JAKE – 3 Year Old Gelding
Foaled April, 2008
Consigned by Cathy Zahm, Huntington, IN.
Bay, wide white blaze face, four white legs.
Jake is green broke to ride and drive. Work single or double. Good in traffic and easy to handle. A good
dressage prospect with his long tail and easy way of going.
Lot #99 - CLYDESDALE CREEK NOLAN – 5 Year Old Gelding
Foaled April 26, 2006
Consigned by Holian Farms, Spring Grove, IL.
Bay, face white, white splash on lower right side of belly, large white splash on left side of belly, four
white legs, white hairs in coat.
Sire: North Country Major 33250 CN – Dam: Johnson’s Amy 69493 CN
Full brother to Clydesdale Creek Jeremiah, 2009 All-American 2 year old Stallion. Maternal brother to
Clydesdale Creek Jacob, 2009 & 2010 All-American Registered Gelding. Broke to drive single and double.
Lot #100 - WALLY – 4 Year Old Gelding
Foaled May 10, 2007
Consigned by Clarke Wallace, Dauphin, MB, Canada
Bay, four white legs, wide blaze face.
Broke to drive single and team. Large, growthy colt with large feet.
Lot #101 – CAL-EDEN MAGIC MARTY 33909 CN
Foaled May 13, 2004
Consigned by Ray McLaughlin, Haley Station, Ontario, Canada
Bay, large star and connected strip and wide strip extending over both nostrils and lower lip, white on left
side of belly, legs white.
Good colored bay gelding with wonderful disposition. He is broke to harness. Also broke to saddle and
would make a great riding horse, gentle and ridden regularly by my granddaughters.
Lot #102 – RIDGEDALE CHAMP 34772 CN
Foaled May 6, 2008
Consigned by Ray McLaughlin, Haley Station, Ontario, Canada
Bay, white face, right foreleg white to above knee, left foreleg white to above knee with dark hairs on back
of leg from fetlock up to knee, hind legs white to fetlock.
Good colored gelding – started in harness and green broke. Great action, easy to work around and would be
a good horse to start in your hitch or cart.

Lot #111 - DOUBLE H LEVI BILL 19825 – 10 Year Old Stallion
Foaled May 11, 2001
Consigned by Lassie Tompkins, Micanopy, FL.
Bay, full white blaze face, small white spot on top of shoulder, black upper lip, black on each side of lips,
black on inside of nose. Four white legs, white spot on lower left side.
Sire: Maplewood Levi 13876 – Dam: Dixie’s Twin Hickory Loni 11962
Lot #116 - SISTER’S VIEW HEATHER 23880 – 4 Year Old Mare
Foaled April 11, 2007
Consigned by Dr. Michael Bobo, Kirksey, KY.
Black, some roan hairs in coat, wide white blaze face, four white legs, small white spot behind the right
elbow and on the lower left side of barrel.
Sire: Armageddon’s Lord Abner 16034 – Dam: Cartside Grace 19402
Well broke both single and team. Good temperament, easy to handle. Has never been bred and is selling
open. Good foot and feather. Nice hitch prospect for show or pleasure. Good broodmare prospect as well.

Lot #117 - ES LUCY 24926 – 2 Year Old Mare
Foaled April 14, 2009
Consigned by J & M Clydesdales, Jim McDonald or Greg Bagley, Juda, WI.
Bay, wide blaze face, black spot in left nostril and lower lip, four white legs.
Sire: Cedarlane Rex 20183 – Dam: ES Jackie* 20809
Nice growthy 2 year old mare with a big foot and good disposition. She posses the ability for show or

Lot #118 - EBONY MIDNIGHT ANGEL 18824 – 12 Year Old Mare
Foaled March 28, 1999
Consigned by Ebony Clydes, Doug & Tina Miller, Tomah, WI.
Black, white blaze face, black nostrils, forelegs white to below knees, hind legs white to hocks.
Sire: Bluie Beau Gabriel 12206 – Dam: Ebony Magic Jackie 14062
Beginner safe. Broke to drive and rides. Was used in Junior Showmanship halter, cart, and team classes for
several years. Keeping her son as a Junior herd sire. Pasture exposed from 6/1/2010 to 12/1/2010 to
Willishome Lord Gallagher. If you are looking to get in the business, this is the mare for you.

Lot #119 – Fodness Farms Josie Supreme 24885
Foaled April 20, 2010
Consigned by Fodness Farms, Kenneth, MD.
Bay, wide white blaze face that extends over right side of head, black spot on muzzle and left nostril,
forelegs white to above the knees, left hind leg white to above the hock, right hind leg white to above the
hock in front with mixed light and dark hair going down the back of the leg, small white spot on lower left
Sire: Fodness Farms Barney Snicker 23407 – Dam: TNT’s Roxy 22302

Lot #120 – Galaxy Juliet 24647
Foaled March 31, 2008
Consigned by David Stalhiem, Amery, WI.
Bay roan, four white legs to above knees & hocks, wide white blaze face, black spots on the muzzle left
Sire: Nebros Jovian 21613 – Sire: Galaxy Phoebe 21964
We are driving this nice young filly. She is very clean legged with beautiful silky feather. Nice addition to
any barn.

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