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                         PARTICIPANT RULES/GUIDELINES
                                   BUS TRIPS

 1. PURPOSE: To establish guidelines for all participants of the MWR ITR bus
    trips. These guidelines will ensure the safety and comfort of everyone on board.
2. SCOPE: These guidelines/rules apply to all participants on the MWR ITR bus trips.


        a.    To assure prompt arrival time to the scheduled event, the bus will leave at
              the pre-announced scheduled time. Participants are required to be at the
              designated boarding site 15 minutes prior to departure time. A courtesy
              call will be made to all participants one week prior to the scheduled event
              informing them of the of departure time and place. Participants must be
              on time.
        b.    There will be one 15-minute stop on the way to the destination and one
              15-minute stop on the way back (to be determined by the
              MWR representative on the bus).
        c.    All participants will be allowed one small cooler which should fit under
              the seat. If a participant shows up with a large cooler, they will be asked to
              return it to their vehicle prior to departure.
        d.    ABSOLUTELY NO alcohol of any kind or glass bottles will be allowed
              on the bus. If it is found a participant has on their possession alcohol or
              glass, the bus driver will be asked to stop at the next available exit and the
              participant will be asked to dispose of the items. A report will be filed and
              the participant will be banned from future trips. ALL COOLERS WILL
              BE INSPECTED.
        e.    Smoking is strictly prohibited at all times on the bus.
        f.    Participants are required to remain seated - unless to use the restroom.
           g.   Participants are asked to please refrain from loud, obscene, or
                offensive language. The MWR ITR bus trips are family oriented bus trips
                and participants are asked to consider others on the bus.
           h.   Absolutely no fighting or rough-housing is allowed.
           i.   Violations to these rules will result in being restricted from participating in
                future MWR bus trips

The MWR representative has the right to remove at anytime anyone who has become
belligerent, abusive, or intoxicated . If a participant is asked to disembark from the bus,
that person will have to arrange return transportation at his or her own expense.

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