MSDS Pure Works Antibacterial Lotion by liaoqinmei


									                                                                             5. FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES
MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET                                     Flashpoint:        NE
Distributor:     PureWorks, LC                                 Flammable          Lower: Not determined; Upper: Not
Address:         4120 S 500 W,Murray, UT 84123                 Limits:            determined
Telephone:       (801)-262-7873                                Autoignition       NE
           1. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION                           General Hazard: Aqueous emulsion; Spilled product is
Product Name:      Antibacterial Lotion                                           slippery underfoot.
Description/Use:   First Aid Antiseptic for the skin           Fire Fighting      Avoid breathing fumes, smoke, or vapors.
                                                               Instructions:      Firefighters wear protective clothing, and
2. COMPOSITION / INGREDIENT INFORMATION                                           self-contained breathing apparatus.
OSHA Hazardous Components (29CFR 1910.1200) /                  Extinguishing      Carbon dioxide, dry chemicals or foam.
Exposure Limits: 8 Hr. TWA                                     Media:             Water spray may cause product to foam.
Ingredient                 CAS#    ACGIH OSAH-                                    Cool closed containers with water.
                                    -TLV   PEL                 Hazardous          Does not burn – decomposes. Acrid smoke,
Behenyl                   56-81-5    NE     NE                 Combustion         carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, irritating
Trimethylammonium                                              Products:          fumes, acrolein.
methosulfate                                                   NFPA Ratings:      Health – 1
Cetearyl Alcohol        81646-13-1   NE      NE                Applicable to      Flammability – 0
Mineral Oil              8040-47-5 5 mg/m3  NE                 Firefighting       Reactivity – 0
Diazolidinyl urea       78491-02-8   NE     NE                 Situations Only
Dimethicone             63148-62-9   NE     NE
Methylparaben             99-76-3    NE      NE                         6. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES
Petrolatum               8009-03-8 5 mg/m3  NE                 Wear protective clothing. Dike and contain. Keep spills and
Potassium sorbate       24634-61-5   NE      NE                cleaning runoff out of waterways. Scoop or shovel material
Propylene glycol          57-55-6    NE     NE                 into containers. Rinse residue with water. Prevent wash water
Propylparaben             94-13-3    NE     NE                 from entering drinking water supplies or streams.

           3. HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION                                         7. HANDLING AND STORAGE
Emergency        No hazard to the skin; for external use       Storage:      Store in a cool, dry location. Temperature
Overview:        only. Do not use in eyes.                                   range: 5°C – 40°C. Keep container closed.
Eye Contact:     Irritates eyes. Prolonged contact may         Handling:     Use with adequate ventilation. Do not eat or
                 cause irritation and corneal injury.                        swallow. Avoid contact with eyes.
Skin Contact:    Does not irritate the skin under normal
                 conditions.                                            8. EXPOSURE CONTROLS / PERSONAL
Inhalation:      Inhalation of the product is not likely.                             PROTECTION
Ingestion:       Single dose oral toxicity is considered       Engineering General ventilation.
                 to be low. Ingestion may cause                Controls:
                 stomach upset, digestive tract irritation     Personal      Wear protective eye goggles. Eye wash
                 and diarrhea.                                 Protection:   fountain should be located in immediate work
Chronic:         No chronic effects are known.                               area.
Carcinogenicity: None known; Not listed in NTP or              Protective    Use OSHA approved eye protection. Wear
                 IARC; Not OSHA regulated                      Clothing:     other clothing as required to minimize contact.
Odor Thresholds: None                                                        Launder contaminated clothing before reusing.
                                                               Exposure      None established
                4. FIRST AID MEASURES                          Guidelines:
Eye            Flush open eyes with copious amounts of
Contact:       running water for at least 15 minutes. Get           9. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES
               medical attention if needed.
Skin           Product is lotion to be applied to the skin.    Physical State:     Milk-white liquid emulsion
Contact:       Seek medical advice if irritation develops.     Boiling Point:      Approx. 100°C
Inhalation:    Remove to fresh air if effects occur. If not    Freezing Point:     0°C
               breathing, provide artificial respiration and   Specific Gravity:   1.01
               attention.                                      Melting Point:      Not applicable
Ingestion:     If swallowed, seek medical attention. Do not    Water Solubility:   Miscible
               induce vomiting unless directed to do so by     Color:              Milk-white liquid
               medical personnel.                              pH:                 5-7
MSDS: Pure Works Antibacterial Lotion (cont.)                                                                   Page 2
          10. STABILITY AND REACTIVITY                            15. REGULATORY INFORMATION (cont.)
 Stability:                 Stable                            CALIFORNIA                 As a Cancer Hazard:
 Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur                     PROPOSITION 65:            None known
 Incompatible materials:    None known                                                   As a Reproductive Hazard:
 Conditions to Avoid:       Do not freeze; avoid heat.                                   None known.
 Sensitivity to Static      None expected.                    MASSACHUSETTS              Extraordinarily Hazardous
 Discharge:                                                   RIGHT-TO-KNOW              Substances(µ1ppm/0.0001%):
 Reactivity with Water:     None                              LIST (MSL):                None known
 Incompatibility with Other None known.                                                  HazardousSubstances (µ1%):
 Materials:                                                                              None known
                                                              MICHIGAN CRITICAL None known
       11. TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION                          MATERIALS
 Ingredient               CAS#    LD50                        REGISTER
 Glycerin                56-81-5  >15g/kg                     NEW JERSY RIGHT-           Hazardous Substances(µ1%):
 Behentrimonium        81646-13-1 4 g/kg                      TO-KNOW                    None known
 methosulfate                                                 SUBSTANCE LIST:
 Diazolidinyl urea     78491-02-8 2.6 g/kg                    PENNSYLVANIA               Special Hazardous
 Dimethicone           63148-62-9                             RIGHT-TO-KNOW              Substances (µ0.01%):
 Mineral Oil            8040-47-5 5-15 g/kg                   HAZARDOUS                  None known
 Methylparaben           99-76-3  >5.6g/kg                    SUBSTANCE LIST:            Hazardous Substances
 Potassium sorbate     24634-61-5 7.36 g/kg                                              (µ1.0%): None known
 Propylene glycol        57-55-6  25 mL/kg                                               Environmental Hazardous
 Propylparaben           94-13-3  6.33 g/kg
                                                                                         None known
         12. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION                           Note: Components of this product may be regulated by
 No data available. However, no bioconcentration is           various states not indicated on this document. For
 expected because of the relatively high water solubility.    details on specific state requirements, contact the
 Material is biodegradable.                                   appropriate agency in your state.
         13. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS                                        15. OTHER INFORMATION
 Follow all local, state, and federal regulations regarding
                                                              Version Date:         July 21, 2006
 proper disposal.
                                                              Abbreviations:        NA – Not Applicable
                                                                                    ND – No Data
      14. TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION                                                NE – Information Not Established
 Proper Shipping         Not regulated                                              TWA – Time Weighted Average
 Name:                                                                              TLV – Threshold Limit Value
 US DOT:                 This product is not a                The information contained herein is based upon data
                         Hazardous Material according         considered true and accurate. No warranties, express or
                         to the Hazardous Materials           implied are made as to the accuracy, completeness or
                         Transportation Act and DOT           reliability of the information contained herein. The
                         regulations in 49CFR.                information is intended for use by persons with
 Canadian TDG            Not regulated.                       professional knowledge of the subject matter or with
 Description (Road and                                        access to such persons. Persons receiving this information
 Rail):                                                       are urged to conduct their own assessment of the
 Hazard Class:           NA                                   suitability and completeness of the information for their
 Identification Number: NA                                    particular application.
 Reportable     Quantity None
 (RQ):                                                                             END of MSDS
 TSCA (Toxic Substance Components of this product
 Control Act):         listed on the T SCA
 SARA TITLE III:       311/312 Hazard Categories:
                       None known
                       313 Reportable Ingredients:
                       None known

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