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					                                   International Studies

Major: International Studies, B.A.
Minor: International Studies

The International Studies Program is designed to make students internationally literate
and open to diverse cultures, ideas, languages, politics, history, literature, and more. The
program will provide students with an understanding of the international environment of
the 20th and 21st centuries as well as prepare undergraduates for employment in the
fields of education, business, government, journalism, and non-governmental
organizations – all fields that require workers with a liberal arts education and
international literacy. USD also offers study and travel opportunities abroad.

International Studies Major (36 major hours, 18 minor hours in a modern foreign
language, 128 degree hours):

Required Courses (15 hours):
1. ANTH 110 Cultural Anthropology (3 credit hours)
2. HIST 122 Western Civilization II (3 credit hours)
3. GEOG 210 World Geography (3 credit hours)
4. POLS 141 Governments of the World (3 credit hours)
5. INTS 400 Senior Seminar (3 credit hours)

Additional Requirements:
1. International Experience: study or travel abroad in consultation with Program
2. Portfolio: record of progress in International Studies.
3. Final Project: this is completed in conjunction with the Senior Seminar.

Program Electives (21 hours):
From the listed or other approved courses
ARTH 412: 20th Century Art History
ANTH 460: World Ethnography
CJUS 455: World Criminal Justice Systems
ECON 405: Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 410: Economics of Underdeveloped Countries
ECON 473: Economic Geography
ENGL 212: Masterpieces of Literature II
HIST 404: Historical Geography
INTS 300: Study Abroad
MCOM 413: International Communications
MUS 240: Music Cultures of the World
MUS 451: Musical Instruments of the World
POLS 459: Political Geography
POLS 455: International Human Rights
POLS 454: International Law
RELI 371: Selected Topics: World Religions
SOC 462: Population Problems

Required Minor to fulfill International Studies Major requirements (18 hours):
Eighteen hours of a single modern foreign language: to enable a student to immerse
himself/herself in a foreign culture through spoken and written communication, and to
more fully understand that foreign culture.

Double Major:
Students who choose to receive a double major may reduce the number of Inter-national
Studies Electives by six credit hours. Students may not apply courses to more than one
major, i.e. double-counting of a course is not permitted.

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