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									How To Switching from Android to iPhone

Written by batteryfast.com
Monday, 25 July 2011 03:47 -

How To Switching from Android to iPhone

With the next version of the iPhone just around the corner, some Google Android owners are
having smartphone envy.

Switching between platforms is not as easy it should be. But in some ways, moving from the  G
 oogle Android
platform to 
 Apple iOS
may be slightly easier than going the other way. But there will be some Google-specific things
that you may miss, such as tight integration with some Google applications.

Contacts, calendar and e-mail

How To Switching from Android to iPhone

Written by batteryfast.com
Monday, 25 July 2011 03:47 -

As a Google Android user, you've likely been using Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google
Contacts. This is a good thing, since those applications work really well with the iPhone.

It's very easy to set up a Gmail account on your iPhone using the Apple Mail client. You can set
this up directly through the settings on your iPhone. Once you enter your Gmail account
information, you'll be able to sync your e-mail, contacts, and calendar with your iPhone.

But keep in mind, that the Apple mail client is not the Gmail client. So even though messages
will be threaded like they are in Gmail, they won't be starred and labeled like they are in  Gmail .
If you really want the full Gmail experience on your iPhone, you can always access your Gmail
account via the Safari browser on your iPhone.

Music and iTunes

When it comes to music on the iPhone, it's all about iTunes. This is both a blessing and curse,
depending on how you view iTunes. Some people love it and think it's easy to use, while others
think it's a piece of junk and can't stand being locked into the iTunes world.

If you are an iTunes-hater, getting an  iPhone may not be a good idea since almost everything
you do to your iPhone is done through iTunes. In fact, iTunes is required to even set up your

Since you're moving from Google Android, which is a much more open system than Apple's iOS
environment, the good news is that moving your music from Android to iPhone will be much
easier than if you were going in the other direction. This is mainly because the music player in
Android doesn't put any DRM protections on your music. So this means you can simply drag
and drop your music from your Android device into iTunes and then sync your iPhone with your
iTunes on your  computer . And, voila! you're done.

Unfortunately, using cloud-based music services on the iPhone is clunkier. Currently, Apple
does not offer an app for accessing either the Amazon Cloud Player or the Google Music Beta
cloud-based music services. That said, if you already have your music stored in these services,

How To Switching from Android to iPhone

Written by batteryfast.com
Monday, 25 July 2011 03:47 -

you can access them via the Safari browser on your iPhone. But Scott Stein, a senior CNET
Reviews editor, told me that the Amazon Cloud Player via the iPhone's browser doesn't work so

Apple has announced its own cloud-based music service, called iCloud, which will be available
later this year. Since the service hasn't even launched yet, there are still some things that are
unclear about how it will work.

Here's what we know so far. Unlike Google's and Amazon's cloud-based music
services, Apple's iCloud won't offer streaming. Instead, the music will be stored in the cloud and
then downloaded to your device. While it will be free to access music bought from the iTunes
music store, it will cost you an annual fee of $24.99 that will match up non-iTunes songs with its
library and upgrade them to 256kbps AAC DRM-free.


How To Switching from Android to iPhone

Written by batteryfast.com
Monday, 25 July 2011 03:47 -

As I mentioned in the previous column, you will not be able to take your Android apps with you
as you transition from the Google Android platform to Apple's iOS. But you will likely find all the
same apps or at least equivalent apps in the Apple App Store.

One potential benefit of having the iPhone is that the Apple  App Store simply offers more apps
than Google's Android Market. While Android is quickly catching up in terms of the number of
apps, in general, most mobile developers develop first for iOS and then for Android. The reason
for this is simple: Developers can sell apps and get paid more on the iPhone than for an Android
phone. It's also a little easier to develop for the iPhone since there is generally one device to
develop for. Google Android phones come in hundreds of different sizes and flavors.

The downside as a consumer is that some apps that you had for free in the Android Market will
cost you in the Apple App Store. So beware.

Smoother, more consistent updates

I alluded to this in the previous section, but another benefit of being on the iPhone platform is
that  new software updates should work on your phone without major issues. This is not always
the case with Google Android.

Because there are so many different hardware manufacturers making these phones and the
phones themselves differ in terms of processing power and screen size, not every Android gets
software updates at the same time. This means that some handsets could wait months for
upgrades. The other problem is that sometimes these updates cause changes that may screw
up a whole host of things on your phone.

Apple has only introduced one iPhone a year since 2007. So the hardware is much more
consistent. This means that when Apple rolls out its software upgrades, it can be offered to all
iPhone customers at the same time. One problem that has emerged as more versions of the
iPhone are introduced is that older versions of the device may not be eligible for the software
upgrades or the hardware may not support all the features. Still, even with these issues,
upgrading the OS on an iPhone is often much smoother than upgrading Android handsets.

How To Switching from Android to iPhone

Written by batteryfast.com
Monday, 25 July 2011 03:47 -

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