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									Centro Pelada
Investment & Acquisition Proposal

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Centro Pelada
Concept Overview
   Centro Pelada is a proposed development of 10
    condominiums and 10 commercial spaces, which will
    establish the first commercial center in Playa Pelada. It is
    located along the entrance to Playa Pelada, a 5-minute
    drive from Playa Guiones and a 5-minute drive from the
    town of Nosara. From this location, one can easily walk or
    bicycle to the beach. Of the ten commercial spaces, one can
    be utilized as restaurant space. The condominiums, which
    can also be converted to offices, will be constructed with
    high end materials; granite counters, kohler fixtures, etc.
    The commercial spaces are designed to offer the highest
    possible level of customization. The Center will host
    manicured gardens, a playground area, a guardhouse, and
    parking for up to 45 vehicles. Centro Pelada will bring a
    much needed commercial site to this residential area.
Luxury Condominiums
10 Luxury Condominiums

   6 Units 2 Bed 2 Bath 800 Sq. Ft
   4 Units 1 Bed 1 Bath 600 Sq. Ft
   Condos can Be Converted to Offices
   Finishes
       Granite Counter Tops
       Kholer Fixtures
       Ceramic Tile
       Native Teak and Pochote Hardwoods Throughout
Commercial Spaces
10 Commercial Spaces
 9 Boutique Stores Made to be
  Customized to the Needs of the Owner
 1 Larger Corner Store suitable for a
 Each Space has a Bathroom with a
  Back Room Providing Storage and an
Current Net Asset Value $350,000
Asset Classes: (All Assets Available in Paper Format)
   Real Property
   Costa Rican Permits & Agreements
   Contracts & Legal Documents
   Engineering/Architectural Data,
    Information & Estimates
   Comprehensive Marketing Plan &
   Pre-lease Agreement & Interested Parties
Real Property

   Real Property 3523 sq. meters (0.87 acres) of prime real estate
    property in Section-C of the Nosara Civic Association. The Centro
    Pelada Condominium Project will be located on lots C-86, C-87, and
    C-85B which are located along the entrance to scenic and serene Playa

   This commercial property is located along the principle entrance to
    Playa Pelada, a 5-minute drive from Playa Guiones and a 15-minute
    drive from the town of Nosara. To date, the Section-C is comprised
    primarily of residential lots, with no medium to large-scale commercial
    developments; the nearest being in Playa Guiones. The entrance to
    Playa Pelada leads to several housing developments; with one just
    completed directly across the street. Market value for the land alone
    reaches $150/m2, or $528,450. The C-Lots are fully registered with the
    Costa Rican National Registry as an amalgamation of the 2 contiguous
    lots. The property is completely fenced.
Costa Rican Permits & Agreements
Document Type             Description
Architectural             Complete set of documents for entire condo complex of 20 units,
Drawings                  guard houses, recreation area, parking, storage units, fencing and
Engineering Specs         Complete set of specifications for construction of complex. Includes specs for
                          land formation, concrete, structural, floor, sub-floor, carpentry, ceilings, walls ,
                          cabinetry, windows, doors, locks, pluvial installations, paints, A/C, mechanical,
                          electrical, computer and telephone network elements of the project
Sewage Treatment Plant    Complete approved and paid-for set of plans for the self-contained sewage
Plans                     treatment plant designed for the complex.

Soil Tests Results        Complete set of soil test results performed by a duly registered and certified
                          Costa Rica professional soil-engineering firm.
Artistic Renderings       Professionally developed renderings of the project are available in high-
                          resolutions format.

Costing Information       Detailed costing information for the entire project.

Construction Bids         2 fixed price bids with cost and materials breakdown from respected Costa
                          Rican builders. ***Additional estimates available through Coldwell Banker Del
                          Mar Realty Nosara’s Concierge Services

Geotechnical Testing      Analysis by a certified Costa Rica professional to determine the compactness of
Report                    the stratum and the acceptable capacity of the property to support the planned

Filtration Study Report   Formal analysis by a certified Costa Rica professional to define and evaluate
                          the characteristics of the soil filtration as related to the planned sanitary

Municipal Drainage        Document from Municipality of Nicoya granting formal approval for drainage
Approval                  of pluvial waters from the project.
Permit Type             Description
College of Architects & Fully approved and paid building permit.

SETENA (Secretaria      Fully approved and paid permit from the national environmental
Técnica Nacional)       agency. Obtained through development of a holistic
                        environmental impact study, completed by a series of certified
                        Costa Rica professionals including environmental engineers, soil
                        engineers, social scientists and urban planners. In addition,
                        contractual arrangements for ongoing professionally certified
                        monitoring and reporting are in place.
INVU (Instituto         Fully approved and paid permit from the national urban planning
Nacional de Vivienda    agency.
Y Urbanismo)
Twenty-one Water        Completed and approved permit from national water agency.
Permits                 Also, fully approved and paid authorization from the Nosara
                        Water Board for the full provision of regulated subdivision water
                        to the complex.
Contracts & Legal Documents
Contract Type         Description
Buyer Sales Agreement Effective legal contract for pre-construction sales of the
                      condominium units.

Project Marketing and    Exclusive sales and marketing agreement with Coldwell Banker
Sales                    Del Mar Realty, Nosara, part of the Coldwell Banker Costa Rica
                         and Coldwell Banker International global reach.
Construction Contract    Effective legal contract that can be used to retain a builder for the

Sewage Treatment         Contract with a nationally recognized engineering firm to design
                         and install a self-contained sewage treatment plant for the site.

Formal Construction      Arrangements in place for professionally certified electrical,
Inspections              mechanical and structural engineering inspections of the project,
                         once in-progress.

Title Insurance          Agreement with Stewart Title Costa Rica to provide title guaranty
Agreement                for all buyers through Facio Abagados, located in Plaza Roble,
Pricing Structure: Based on 24 Months
Build Time 10 Months With 24 Months To Sell All Units

                    Type of Units               # of Units   Price
     Commercial units 840 ft2                            1     $179,000
     Commercial units 720 ft2                            9     $149,000
     Condo 720 ft2                                       6     $189,000
     Condo 600 ft2                                       4     $169,000
     Gross Profit                                             $3,330,000
     Less Initial Capital Investment
      Cost of Land and Assets                                   (350,000)
      Construction Costs & Site Prep                          (1,200,000)
      INCL: Condo Construction and Management
           Guard House
           Common Areas
           Entrancing and fencing
      Legal/Notary Fees & Prop Transfer                          (15,000)
     Total Capital Investment                                $(1,565,000)
     Net Profit                                               $1,765,000
     Return on Investment (ROI)                                 112.77%
Commercial Leasing Option
Total Capital Investment                     $1,565,000
Lease Income Monthly                         Per Unit
 1 Commercial units of 840ft2                   $(1,500)
 9 Commercial units of 720ft2                  $ (1,300)
 6 Apartment units 2BD/1BA                     $ (1,000)
 4 Apartment units 1BD/1BA                       $ (875)
Gross Monthly Income from Rentals             $(22,700)
Minus Maintenance and Employment Expenses       $(2,500)
Net Monthly Profit from Rentals                 $20,200
Annual Return on Investment (ROI) $242,400      15.48%
 The heart of Costa Rica’s flourishing Real Estate
 industry consists of the beaches of the Guanacaste
 Province in the country’s northwest. Guanacaste is
 known for its varied terrain and climates, from the
 cool volcanoes, coffee plantations and cloud forests of
 the inland mountains to the white sand beaches, blue
 Pacific waters, rolling hills, and tropical jungles of the
 Nicoya Peninsula. A main attraction for the eco-
 tourism that drives Costa Rica’s economy is the
 wildlife preserves located in Guanacaste. The town
 and beaches of Nosara play a huge role in this draw.

 52% of tourists visit for leisure and recreation,
 drawn by the tranquility, peace and
 friendliness of the Nosara region. Activities
 such as Sport Fishing, Surfing, Snorkeling,
 Nature-Hiking, Bird Watching, Kayaking,
 Horse-Back Riding and Canopy Tours are
 examples of some of the activities Nosara has
 to offer.
Example Amenities 2-5 minutes Walking Distance
   Villa Pelada Condominiums and Clubhouse
   Panchos Cabinas, Restaurant/Deli and Mini Market
   Refugio del Sol Hotel and Restaurant
   La Luna Restaurant
   Hotel Playas de Nosara
   Hotel Almost Paradise
   Olga’s Restaurant
   La Lagarta Lodge (ecological hotel)
   Villas Las Tecas
   Condos Las Palmas
   Condos Las Flores
   Nosara B&B
   Nosara Tennis Courts
Example Amenities in nearby Playa Guiones (5-
minutes Driving Distance):
   Banco Popular
   Casa Tucan Bar/Restaurant with live music
   Surf Diva All-Female Surf Retreat
   Private Surf Lessons through Casa Tucan
   Harbour Reef Hotel, Bar/Restaurant, General Store with live music
   Hula Spa offering facials, massage, aesthetic treatments
   Harmony Hotel, spa and organic restaurant
   Nosara International Yoga Institute
   Café de Paris French Bakery and Restaurant
   Coconut Harry’s Surf Shop
   Marlin Bill’s ocean view bar and restaurant
   Soda Tica typical-style restaurant
   Playa Guiones Mall and Shopping Center offering:
     Art, ceramics, jewelry and gift shops

     National and Toyota Rent-A-Car

     Let’s Go Nosara Tourism Information
     The Body Work Shop with spa/massage/holistic health treatments

     Robin’s Ice Cream, Coffees and Gelateria

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