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VOCAL 78 rpm Discs

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									                                  VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2429. 10” Red Shellac Aeolian-
       Vocalion 30108 [5811].
       DON GIOVANNI: La ci da-
       rem la mano (Mozart). With
       GIACOMO RIMINI [b].
       Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1870. 10” Red Shellac Vocalion
       60036 [7033/7039].
       KALINKA/NIGHT (Russian
       Folk Songs). Just about
       1-2. $12.00.
2936. 12” Red Shellac Aeolian-
       Vocalion 52007 [7098].
       OTELLO: Ave Maria (Verdi).
       Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2937. 12” Red Shellac Vocalion
       52013 [7163]. FORZA DEL
       DESTINO: Pace, pace mio
       Dio (Verdi). Just about 1-2.
2430. 10” Red Electrola DA 4493
       [ORA 4867-1/4868-2].
       WALKÜRE: Winterstürme/
       MEISTERSINGER: Fanget
       an! (Wagner). One small rub,
       just about 1-2. $10.00.
1715. 10” Blue Telefunken A2519
       [23024/23025]. DER DIA-
                                                       ROSA RAISA
       SÄUSLE! [SAF, SAF, SUSA!] (both Sibelius). In Swedish. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1673. 10” Blue Scan. Telefunken A5297 [26950/26951]. VAR DET EN DRÖM? (Sibeli-
       us)/SIMMA, AND FRÅN BLÅA FJÄRDAR (both Sibelius). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

GEORGES RÉGIS [t]. A member of the Met roster 1909-10, Régis sang several repetitions of four
roles, including Brétigny in Manon and Beppe in Pagliacci. Making his Paris Opéra debut the
same season, Régis remained there well into the 1920s in a number of comprimario parts,
including several premieres.
1564. 10” acous. Blue Victor 45023 [6007h/6227h]. MIGNON: Elle ne croyait pas/
       MIGNON: Adieu, Mignon (Thomas). The original U.S. issue was as Red Seals
       61193/64147. Just about 1-2. $8.00.

2834. 12” acous. Blk. Polydor 65703 [920as/921as]. MARRIAGE OF FIGARO: Ich soll ein
       Glück entbehren (Mozart)/BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA: Ich bin das Faktotum (Rossini).
       Just about 1-2. $35.00.
3100. 12” acous. Blk. Schall. Gram. 66003 [1729as/1730as]. MENTRE TI LASCIO O
       FIGLIA [Concert Aria] (Mozart). Two sides. Scarce, particularly in mint condition.
       Just about 1-2. $50.00.
3103. 12” acous. Blk. Schall. Gram. 66003. Same as preceding listing (item #3100). Small
       portrait of Rehkemper affixed to label side one. Both this and the preceding copy
       should obviously reproduce equally as well. Few superficial rubs, 2. $30.00.
1826. 10” White Vla 64187. GASPARONE: Er soll dein Herr (Millocker). IMs. Just about
       1-2. $20.00.
2432. 10” Red Pats. Victor 64187. Same as previous listing (item #1826). NR on lbl. A few
       rubs, gen. 2-3. $12.00.
2431. 10” Red Pats. Victor 64188. HANSEL UND GRETEL: Hexenritt (Humperdinck). Text
       label on reverse. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

                                    VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
MAURICE RENAUD [b]. Bordeaux, 1860-Paris,
1933. His debut was at Belgium’s la Monnaie. While
there he sang the principal baritone roles in the
premieres of Reyer’s Sigurd (1884) and Salammbô
(1890). Renaud was first heard at the Paris Opéra-
Comique in 1890 and the same year at the Paris
Opéra, his final performance there in 1914. He was
also with the Monte Carlo Opera (1891-1907), the New
Orleans Opera (1893), the Manhattan Opera (1906-07,
1909-10), the Metropolitan Opera (1910-12) and the
Boston and Chicago Operas. He was a gifted actor as
well as being one of the most vocally able singers of his
era. During World War One, Renaud sang for the
French troops and was wounded at the front when he
and others in a trench took an artillery hit. He was left
an invalid. After the War he was awarded the Légion
d’Honneur by the French government.
2433. 10” Red Raised lbl. Fr. G&T 2-2704 [2116
       F.G.]. NOËL PAÏEN (Massenet). 1902
       London matrix. Couple LGTs, otherwise an
       extraordinary copy, cons. 2. $150.00.
2434. 10” Blk. Paris G&T 32076 [711b]. LA FA-
       VORITE: Leonor viens (Donizetti). Large
       lbl., raised rim pressing. Cons. 2. $150.00.
2435. 10” Blk. large Flush Paris G&T 32077
       [712g]. DAMNATION DE FAUST: Voici des
       roses (Berlioz). Couple tiny pinpoint scrs.,
       one lightest NR on lbl., cons. 2. $150.00.
2436. 10” Blk. large Flush Paris G&T 32077
       [712g]. Same as preceding listing (item
       #2435). Minor lbl. stain (sticker apparently
       removed). 2-3. $120.00.
2437. 10” Blk. large Flush Paris G&T 32079
       [714g]. WILLIAM TELL: Prière (Rossini).
       Some lt. greying, otherwise excellent copy,
       cons. 2. $120.00.
2438. 10” Blk. large Flush Paris G&T 32080               MAURICE RENAUD as Wagner's Dutchman
       [715g]. RONDEL DE L’ADIEU (de Lara).
       Very lt. lbl. wear. Surface 2-3. $120.00.
2439. 10” Red large Flush Paris G&T 32084 [719g]. HAMLET: Comme une pâle fleur
       (Thomas). Couple LGTs, very lt. lbl. rubbing, surface otherwise 2. $120.00.
6982. 10” Red Victrola 91072 [5780o]. LE SOIR (Gounod). VrBk. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1500. 10” acous. Purple Bruns. 10166. AU PRINTEMPS (Gounod)/NUR WER DIE
       SEHNSUCHT KENNT (Tschaikowsky). Side two with WILLEM WILLEKE [cellist].
       Just about 1-2. 12.00.
2441. 10” Blue PW Australian Parlophone AR 296 [Qu558/Be10391]. CAVALLERIA
       RUSTICANA: Voi lo sapete (Mascagni)/AFRICAINE: Leb’ wohl (Meyerbeer). Side one
       in Italian. Side two a particularly lovely performance. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
3101. 12” acous. Odeon Rxx 80167/80168 (O-8018) [XXB6566/6570].
       ZIGEUNERBARON: Zigeunerlied der Saffi (Strauss)/DER SYLPHE DES FRIEDENS
       (Mozart). Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $125.00.
2953. 12” Late VDP DB 1455 [CVE-58610-1/58611-1]. AIDA: Cielo, mio padre/AIDA: Su,
       dunque! (Verdi). With GIUSEPPE DE LUCA [b]. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2954. 12” Late VDP DB 1458 [CVE-49709-2/58609-1]. AIDA: Ah! No fuggiamo!/AIDA: Ma,
       dimmi [conclusion of Act III] (Verdi). With (both sides) GIACOMO LAURI-VOLPI [t]
       and (side two) GIUSEPPE DE LUCA [b]. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1625. 10” Red HMV DA 4481 [ORA-4663-1/4664-2]. PAGANINI: Liebe du Himmel auf
       Erden/ GIUDITTA: Meine Lippen (both Lehàr). Orch. dir. by the composer. Just
       about 1-2. $12.00.
       (Negro Spirituals). With LAWRENCE BROWN [tenor and pianist]. Nice pressing.
       Just about 1-2. $8.00.
                                     VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
1554. 10” PW Blk. Victor 22225. WEEPIN’ MARY; I WANT TO BE READY (Burleigh)/GIT
        ON BOARD, LIL’ CHILLUN; DERE’S NO HIDIN’ PLACE (arr. L. Brown). Piano acc.
        Lawrence Brown. Fine pressing. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
GERMAINE ROGER [s]. Marseilles,
 1910-Savigny-sur-Orge, 1975. Roger
was a noted French film and operetta star
in the 1930s and ‘40s.
2443. 10” Red Disque Gram. DA 5013
       [OLA4925-1/4927-1]. A L’AI-
       MABLE SABINE: L’Amour, cet
       inconnu/A L’AIMABLE SA-
       BINE: Un regard (Louis
       Beydts). Rough rim one area,
       otherwise just about 1-2.
1650. 10” Purple Victor 60122.
       MIKADO: The Moon and I
       (Gilbert-Sullivan). Few
       lightest rubs, cons. 2. $10.00.
2836. 12” Blk. acous. Disque Gram.
       W-805 [C-32477/C-32478].
       AL CHET (Rosenblatt)/
       KVAKORAS (Rosenblatt).
       Minor lt. rubs, 2. $15.00.
4129. 12” Brown Shellac Vocalion
       70021 [8362/8364]. CAR-
       MEN: Air de la fleur (Bizet)/
       FAUST: Salut, demeure
       (Gounod). Just about 1-2.                Cantor JOSEPH ROSENBLATT
ARCHANGELO ROSSI [bs]. Ferentino, 1857-Milano, 1907. A very humorous (at least I find him
so) buffo who made his Met debut in La Boheme, 1903, as both Benoit and Alcindoro. His other
roles during his Met tenure included Don Pasquale, Dr. Dulcamara, Masetto and the Sacristan in
Tosca. He had been in San Francisco touring with the Metropolitan Opera during the disastrous
earthquake of 1906 and it left him in a state of increasing “emotional distress”. On Feb. 16, 1907,
he participated in Don Pasquale which turned out to be one of the strangest presentations in Met
history. The first scene of act one was completely omitted. Rossi appeared in the second act but
sang it entirely seated in a chair. It was announced that he was indisposed and that the
remainder of the opera would be sung without a Don Pasquale. The act turned out to be tenor
Andreas Dippel singing Ernesto’s Serenata, “Com’ è gentil” and then soprano Marcella Sembrich
concluded the opera by rendering Arditi’s completely unrelated waltz, Parla. Shortly after, Rossi or
the management cancelled the rest of his season. He returned to Italy and in June of 1907
committed suicide “in a moment of desperation”. –Information from Jim McPherson’s article in The
 Record Collector, Vol. 46, No. 1.
1583. 10” Blk. ’08 Pats. Victor 62626 [B-2509-2/7056b]. ELISIR D’AMORE: Udite, o
       rustici/ EMILIO PEREA [t]. ELISIR D’AMORE: Quant’ è bella! (Donizetti). Just
       about 1-2. $12.00.
2446. 10” PW Green Polyphon X.S50033 [4279BR/4280BR]. LYTTERVALSEN 1932
       (Palmann-Pedersen)/GODNAT OG TAK FOR I AFTEN (Soenser). Roswaenge is on
       this record soloist for Ilje Livschakoff’s Danse Orkester. Gen. 2-3. $12.00.
2447. 10” PW Green Grammophon 24625 [3013BH/3044BH]. WO DU HINGEHST (Ries)/
       STILL WIE DIE NACHT (Bohm). With HEDWIG VON DEBITZKA [s]. Lbl. stkrs.
       Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2444. 10” Plum PW HMV EG 6165 [ORA2462-I/2463-I]. BALKANLIEBE: Heimatlied/
       BALKANLIEBE: Barcarole (Rudolf Kattnigg). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2445. 10” Plum PW HMV EG 6200 [ORA2460-II/2461-II]. DIE PRINZ VON THULE: Juble,
       mein Herz (Rudolf Kattnigg)/KÜSS DIE HAND, SCHÖNE FRAU (Rudolf Wille).
       Orch. dir. Bruno Seidler-Winkler. Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $8.00.
4029. 12” Red HMV DB 4646 [2RA1105-II/1816-II]. BALLO IN MASCHERA: O sag, wenn
       ich fahr/TRAVIATA: Ach, ihres Auges zauberblich (Verdi). Just about 1-2. $12.00.

                                VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
CHARLES ROUSSELIÈRE [t]. See also Vertical Cut listings.
1018. 11” Blue Beka Ideal 10116. MANON: Due du 1er acte (Massenet). With CHARLOTTE
       AGUSSOL [s]. Piano acc. Gen. 3-4, but mostly rubbing. No apparent greying.
1543. 10” elec. Blk. PW Polydor 561022 [3780BKP/ ? ]. LYDIA (Fauré)/NUIT DEVANT LA
       MER (Lahor-Nerini). Just about 1-2. $40.00.
4117. 12” elec. Blk. PW Polydor 566043 [1867BMP/1868 BMP]. WALKÜRE: Chant du
       Printemps/SIEGFRIED: Murmures de la Forêt (Wagner). Just about 1-2. $30.00.
4338. 12” elec. Blk. PW Polydor 566075 [1900BMP/1902BMP]. WALKÜRE: O glaive/
       PARSIFAL: Air de la lance (both Wagner). Couple minor rubs side one, cons. 2. Side
       two just about 1-2. $30.00.

                                   TITTA RUFFO in 1921

2450. 10” Red Vr 87177. EL GUITARRICO (Perez-Soriano). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1732. 10” Red Vr 87195. OH CHE M’IMPORTA? (Ettore Titta). Early “B” plate. Never
       doubled by Victor. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1727. 10” Red Vla 87323. MUNASTERIO (Costa). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1760. 10” Red Vla 933. NON PENSO A LEI (Ferradini)/E SUONAN LE CAMPANE (Ettore
       Titta). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1671. 10” Red Vla 1019. PERJURA! (de Tejada)/LOLITA (Buzzi-Peccia). Just about 1-2.
2451. 10” Red acous. Vla 1070. LE CREDO DU PAYSAN (Goublier)/LAKMÉ: Lakmé, ton
       doux regard se voile (Delibes). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2452. 10” Red Orth. Vla 1460. E CANTA IL GRILLO (Bicci)/SEI MORTA NE LA VITA MIA
       (Costa). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2453. 10” Red late VDP DA 164 [B-15894/B-27026]. AFRICANA: All’erta marinar (Meyer-
       beer)/DANNAZIONE DI FAUST: Serenata (Berlioz). Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1582. 10” late Red acous. VDP DA 748 [B-29038/B-31696]. MARECHIARE (Tosti)/MIA
       SPOSA SARÀ LA MIA BANDIERA (Rotoli). Probably the most quiet form of pressing.
       Few lt. rubs and mks., 2. $7.00.

                                VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2454. 10” Mauve HMV AGSA 10. FORZA DEL DESTINO: Urna fatal/NABUCCO: Tremin gl’
       insani (both Verdi). Side one from 1914 unissued Victor master. Just about 1-2.
2455. 10” Mauve HMV AGSA 16 [10897b/10898 b]. HAMLET: Spettro santo/HAMLET:
       Spettro infernal (Thomas). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2456. 10” Mauve HMV AGSA 20 [10548b/10549b]. MALENA: Ma tu sforata di rugiada
       gentil/MALENA: Disse il saggio (Ettore Titta). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2457. 10” White HMV VA 16 [9228e/10906b]. CHATTERTON: Tu sola a me rimani
       (Leoncavallo)/PURITANI: Suoni la tromba (Bellini). Side two with ANDREA DE
       SEGUROLA [bs]. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
2938. 12” Red Victor “A” plate 88436. CRISTOFORO COLOMBO: Aman lassù le stelle
       (Franchetti). Excellent pressing. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2955. 12” Red Victor 88527. I DUE GRA-
       NATIERI (Schumann). A particularly
       bright copy. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2837. 12” Mauve acous. HMV AGSB 91
       [C-14279/z6933f]. DINORAH: Sei
       vendicata assai (Meyerbeer)/ FA-
       VORITA: Vien, Leonora (Donizetti).
        From orig. 1914 Victor & 1912 Gram-
        ophone matrices. Just about 1-2.
1001. 11” Fonotipia 39056/92579
       [XPh2066/XPh3970]. IL LIBRO
       SANTO (Pinsuti)/ ARMIDE PARSI-
       PETTINELLA [ms]. ORFEO: Che
       faro (Gluck). Side one with A.
       GENÈSINI [violinist]. 2. $15.00.
1037. 11” Fonotipia 39388/39380
       [XPh476/454]. AMICA: Più presso
       al ciel (Mascagni)/ TRAVIATA: Prendi
       quest’è l’immagine (Verdi). With
       sides and ELVINO VENTURA [t] side
       two. Cons. 2. $15.00.
1019. 11” Parl.-Odeon PO 108 [XPh400-
       1/400-2]. AIDA: Ritorna vincitor!/
       AIDA: I sacri nomi (Verdi). Piano
       acc. The odd matrix number repeti-
       tion is correct. Cons. 2. $15.00.
1029. 11” Fonotipia 92086/92087
       [XPh2849/2850]. AIDA: Ritorna
       vincitor!/AIDA: I sacri nomi (Verdi).
       Orch. acc. Cons. 2. $15.00.
1095. 11” Fonotipia 69062/39893 [XPh ? /
       2210]. NORMA: Deh, con te li
       prendi/LA SCALA CHORUS. NOR-
       MA: Coro di guerrieri galli (Bellini).
       Side one with VIRGINIA GUERRINI
       [c]. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2458. 10” White Sample Gram. mat.
                                                              GIANNINA RUSS
       13135b. FAUST: Final Trio (Gou-
       nod). With CARLO BARRERA [t]
       and GIUSEPPE QUINZI-TAPERGI [bs]. Only known copy. Master does not exist.
       Original test pressing. Small lbl. stkr. Some greying. 4. $50.00.
6163. 12” Vinyl Victor 88261 [1863c]. AIDA: Ahimè di Guerra (Verdi). With DE CASAS
       [ms], EGIDIO CUNEGO [t]. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
6160. 12” Vinyl Victor 88262 [1860c]. AIDA: Fu la sorte (Verdi). With BIANCA LAVIN DE
       CASAS [c]. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
6207. 12” Vinyl Victor 88263 [1861c]. AIDA: Ebben qual nuovo (Verdi). With DE CASAS
       [c]. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
6176. 12” Vinyl Victor 88373 [1862c]. AIDA: Pietà di prenda (Verdi). With DE CASAS [c].
       Just about 1-2. $15.00.
6177. 12” Vinyl Victor 88265 [1799c]. AIDA: Su dunque (Verdi). With ERNESTO BADINI
       [b]. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
6165. 12” Vinyl Victor 88271 [1864c] . GIOCONDA: L’amo come il fulgor (Ponchielli). With
       DE CASAS [ms]. Exciting performance! Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2459. 10” Red Victor 61194 [Ho36ab]. ALMA DE DIOS: Romanza (Serrano). With Chorus.
       Just about 1-2. $8.00.
CALLIOPE SAINESCO [s]. Born in Rumania and having studied in Bucharest, Sainesco made
her debut at the Casale Monferrato Teatro Sociale in 1905 as Gilda in Rigoletto, a role she repeated
on a number of occasions. During her career, which seems to have ended in 1913, she sang in a
number of houses in various Italian cities (Modena, Novara, Varese, Cosenza, Imola, and so on) as
well as in South America. Other roles included Lucia, Violetta, Musetta, Norina in Don Pasquale,
Leila in The Pearl Fishers and Cecilia in Il Guarany. She made three recordings, the solo listed
below and two ensembles with Battistini, neither of which appear to have been issued (054448-
LUCIA: Sextette, 054451-LUCIA: Soffriva nel pianto). At any rate I’ve never seen copies of either.
2839. 12” Spanish Disco Gramophone 053321/054430 [625aj/579aj]. RIGOLETTO: Caro
       nome/ERNESTO BADINI [b]. RIGOLETTO: Cortigiani (Verdi). Few LGTs,
       otherwise 2. $20.00.
4313. 12” PW Art-Label Pathé X.7221 [N.202304/N.202305]. L’ATTAQUE DU MOULIN:
       Les adieux de la Forêt (Bruneau)/DAMNATION DE FAUST: Invocation à la nature
       (Berlioz). Small lbl. stkr. Superficial rubs,
       side one 2, side two 2-3. $10.00.
3470. 10” Cetra AT 0131 [53373/53377].
       TURANDOT: Nessun dorma (Puccini)/
       TROVATORE: Di quella pira (Verdi). Just
       about 1-2. $12.00.
1833. 10” Pink HMV 7-52028 [Ho116ae]. I GIO-
       IELLI DELLA MADONNA: Sono un de-
       monio buono (Wolf-Ferrari). Some lbl.
       rubs but surface just about 1-2. $12.00.
1007. 11” Fonotipia 92172/92173 [XPh3166/
       3167]. ANDREA CHENIER: Un dì m’era di
       gioia (Giordano)/DAMNATION OF FAUST:
       Su queste rose (Berlioz). Side one creator
       performance. Couple LGTs both sides,
       otherwise 2. $25.00.
2840. 12” Calcutta Red HMV 2-052042 [5189f].
       MARRIAGE OF FIGARO: Non più andrai
       (Mozart).. Cons. 2. $10.00.
4100. 12” Red Pats. Vla 88315. RIGOLETTO:
       Cortigiani (Verdi). IMs. Just about 1-2.
2841. 12” Red Pats. Vla 88320. RIGOLETTO: Pari
       siamo (Verdi). Lbl. stkrs., otherwise just
       about 1-2. $15.00.
WILLIAM SAMUELL [b]. Swansea, 1885-1916.             MARIO SAMMARCO as Eugene Onegin
He began studies at the Royal College of Music in
1907. His professional debut was as Dapertutto in Tales of Hoffmann, 1910, his reviews (this was a
tour) being consistently positive. He then traveled to South Africa and Australia, 1911-12, with the
Quinlan Opera Company, taking principal baritone roles in a number of works, including La Fan-
ciulla del West, La Boheme, and Rigoletto. He subsequently appeared in various British venues, in-
cluding the Promenade Concerts and the Shaftesbury Opera Season. Late in January, 1916 he was
singing at Queens Hall in London and was taken ill with typhoid fever. He died a few days later.
4586. 12” Blk. Dog HMV 2-033019 [Ho1036ac]. HÉRODIADE: Vision fugitive (Massenet.
       In French. Orch. dir. Hubert Bath. Lbl. stkr. 2. $20.00.
4330. 12” Red Swiss HMV DB 10036 [OZA996-2/997-2]. WANDERLIED DER PRAGER
       STUDENTEN/REISELIED (both Othmar Schoeck). Piano acc. Paul Baumgartner.
       Just about 1-2. $20.00.
                                  VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2460. 10” Plum elec. Czech HMV AM 3553 [OL158-II/BA67-II]. MÁM TE RÁD (Malát)/
       KDYZ MNE STARÁ MATKA (Dvorak). Piano acc. Charles Cerné. Side one just about
       1-2. One rub side two, cons. 2. $15.00.
2461. 10” Plum elec. Czech HMV AM 3572 [OL148-1/154-II]. INDELE-MENDELE
       (Seyfarth); VENI CREATOR (Niewiadomski)/HALKA: Gdyby rannem slonkiem
       (Moniuszko). Piano acc. Chas. Cerné. Few lt. rubs, cons. 2. $15.00.
1698. 10” Blk. Concert Gram. 2-52611/2-52690 [10794b/11279 b]. ERNANI: Come ru-
       giada al cespite/I LOMBARDI: La mia letizia infondere (both Verdi). Just about
       1-2. $60.00.
3091. 12” Red Angel Pre-Dog Mon. Gram. 052245 [1499 c]. JONE: O Jone di quest’anima
       (Petrella). A few LGTs, otherwise gen. 2. $50.00.
2842. 12” Red Angel Pre-Dog Mon. Gram. 054211 [1497 c]. TROVATORE: Mal reggendo
       (Verdi). With CAROLINA PIETRACEWSKA [c]. Couple LGTs, cons. 2. $40.00.
1023. 11” Fonotipia 56074/56095 [XPh763-2/762-?]. SI J’ÉTAIS ROI: J’ignore son nom
       (Adam)/MIGNON: Elle ne croyait pas (Thomas).      ” lt. scr. side one (should be
       superficial), otherwise just about 1-2. $200.00.
1647. 10” Blk. acous. Polydor 62300 [256ar/257ar]. SÜSSES BEGRÄBNIS/SPIRITO
       SANTO (both Loewe). Piano acc. Just about 1-2. $25.00.
ELIETTE SCHENNEBERG [ms]. Dole, 1908-Paris, 1948. A graduate of the Paris Con-
servatoire, Schenneberg’s debut was at the Paris Opéra in 1934 and she was a major mezzo-
soprano there until 1945. She also sang leading roles at the Opéra Comique. Outside of France,
Schenneberg appeared at Glyndbourne as Verdi’s Lady Macbeth and at La Scala, 1948, in Ravel’s
l’Enfant et les Sortilèges.
3065. 12” Red PW Disque Gram. DB 4999 [2LA-1009-1/1010-1]. LES AMOURS DE
       RONSARD: Le Rêve/LES AMOURS DE RONSARD: L’aubépine; Le Rossignol
       (Darius Milhaud). With RENÉE
       [t], PIERRE FROUMENTY [bs].
       Conducted by the composer. Just
       about 1-2. $15.00.
1618. 10” Plum HMV X.6694 [OCS1923-I/
       1926-I]. TREES (Rasbach)/NIGHT
       AND DAY (Cole Porter). Both in
       English. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1656. 10” Brown Shellac Pathé Actuelle
       15127 [N.86559/N.86566]. ZAZÀ:
       Ed ora io domando/ PAGLIACCI:
       Serenata d’Arlecchino (both
       Leoncavallo). 3. $12.00.
3472. 10” Maroon Perfect 11512 [N68385-
       1/N-68386-1]. SANTA LUCIA
       (Tosti). Lateral Pathé (Actuelle)
       masters. Just about
       1-2. $10.00.
1797. 10” Red acous. Vla 1030. MI VIEJO
       AMOR (Oteo)/ROSALINDA (de
       Fuentes). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
                                           Tenors FERNAND ANSSEAU [left] and TITO SCHIPA
1567. 10” Red acous. Vla 1031. JOTA (de
       Fal-la)/Á CUBA (Schipa). Rare.
        Issued in South America only. Shortly after re-made electrically (and issued
        internationally). A couple of short (about ”) ULCs from spindle hole side two (only)
       and orig. sales sticker. Otherwise cons. 2. $20.00.
2464. 10” Red Orth. Vla 1545 [BM1358-I/1359-II]. MANDULINATA A NAPULE/’A
       CANZONE D’A STELLE (both Murolo-Tagliaferri). Side one issued on HMV (DA
       1090) from second take. Just about 1-2. $10.00.

                                  VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2463. 10” Red Orth. Vla 1547 [BM1342-I/1347-II]. SCRIVENNO A MAMMEMA (Schipa)/
       NUN È CARMELA MIA (Valente). Lbl. stkr side two, otherwise just about 1-2.
2465. 10” Red PW Victor 1758. A LA LUZ DE LA LUNA (Michelena)/LOS RUMBEROS
       (Schipa). Both with EMILIO DE GOGORZA [b]. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1720. 10” acous. Late Red VDP DA 364 [2903ah/2907ah]. CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA:
       Siciliana/ CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA: Brindisi (Mascagni). Excellent pressings,
       among Schipa’s first recordings (Nov., 1913). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
3467. 10” acous. Late Red VDP DA 586 [B-27533/B-27010]. LORELEY: Nel verde maggio
       (Catalani)/TOSCA: O dolci mani (Puccini). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1579. 10” elec. Red HMV DA 870. LAKMÉ: Fantaisie aux divins mensonges (Delibes)/
       WERTHER: Pourquoi me réveiller? (Massenet). Relatively crackle-free surfaces.
       Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2462. 10” Red Czech HMV DA 1088 [BM1336-II/1346-II]. NINNA-NANNA (Benelli)/FA LA
       NANA, BAMBIN’ (Sadero). Orch. dir. Carlo Sabajno. Excellent pressing of this
       particularly appealing disc. Small lbl. stkr., just about 1-2. $15.00.
1668. 10” PW Red Fr. Disque Gram. DA-4831 [OPG-123-2/124-2]. QUAND/JE CHANTE
       POUR TOI (both Caslar). Rare Schipa, sung in French. Few very lt. mks., cons. 2.
6093. 10” Vinyl acous. Victor mat. B-30088-1. SUZANNE: Comme un petit oiseau (Pala-
       dilhe). In French. Unpublished. Recorded 16 May 1924. Just about 1-2. $25.00.
6110. 10” Vinyl elec. Victor mat. BS-81054. CHI SE NE SCORDA CCIÙ (Barthèlemy).
       Piano acc. Unpublished. Recorded 15 Jan. 1934. The piano is very much in the
        distance. Perhaps this was so that a “live” accompaniment could be provided in playing
        the record. There were apparently other such experiments along this line. Just about
       1-2. $25.00.
2843. 12” White HMV 052522 [731aj]. BOHEME: Che gelida manina (Puccini). Very early
       Schipa (recorded Nov. 14, 1913). Excellent pressing, few lightest mks., cons. 2.
2968. 12” Red PW Victor 18068 [CS ? -5/2BA2814-I]. LIEBESTRAUM (Liszt-Schipa)/AVE
       MARIA No. 2 (Schipa). Side one with Salvatore Sciaretti [pianist]. Side one recorded
       by Victor in 1939, not to be confused with the 1925 version with Echaniz. Just about 1-
       2. $8.00.
3017. 12” Red RCA Victor 11-0028 (reissue of 6601). AY-AY-AY (Perez-Freire)/CANCIÓN
       ANDALUZA [A GRANADA] (Palacios). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
4089. 12” Red HMV DB 2131 [2M485-2/2W2072-2]. PLAISIR D’AMOUR (Martini)/O DEL
       MIO AMATO BEN (Donaudy). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2468. 10” Red acous. Polydor 70658 [14122r/14123r]. DER FREUND/DER MUSIKANT
       (both Wolf). Piano acc. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2469. 10” Red acous. Schal. Gram. 70660 [14124r/1470ar]. VERSCHWIEGENE LIEBE/
       DER RATTENFÄNGER (both Wolf). Piano acc. Side one a really moving performance.
       Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2466. 10” Blk. acous. Polydor 62365 [14106r/14120r]. RUHE MEINE SEELE/ ZUEIG-
       NUNG (Richard Strauss). Acc. by the composer. Lt. surface rippling (warping?).
       May require weighted stylus. Otherwise just about 1-2. $25.00.
3480. 10” Blk. acous. Schall. Gram. 62365. Same as preceding listing (item #2466). Side
       one just about 1-2. Side two one small LSS, two TBs, one minor rub, otherwise just
       about 1-2. $50.00.
2467. 10” Blk. acous. Polydor 62366 [14121r/14125r]. DIE NACHT/DAS GEHEIMNIS
       (both Richard Strauss). Acc. by the composer. Just about 1-2. $60.00.
1550. 10” PW Blk. elec. Polydor 62622 [337BD/387BD]. HEIMWEH (Wolf)/HEIMLICHE
       AUFFORDERUNG (Strauss Piano acc. F. Rupp. Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $10.00.
1766. 10” Yellow Deut. Gram. 62643 [1582bk/1584bk]. DER ATLAS/DER DOPPEL-
       GÄNGER (both Schubert). Piano acc. Franz Rupp. Small lbl. stkr. Just about
       1-2. $8.00.
1547. 10” PW Blk. elec. Polydor 62655 [1672bk/1673bk]. VERSCHWIEGENE LIEBE/ER
       IST’S (both Hugo Wolf). Piano acc. Franz Rupp. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2844. 12” Gold on White acous. Polydor Sp. Pressing 65457 [1142m/1144m]. BALLO IN
       MASCHERA: Alla vita (Verdi)/TANNHÄUSER: Wolfram’s Eulogy of Love (Wagner).
       Label “Compliments of Bruno Borchardt, President of Polyphon-Grammophon-
       Concern, Berlin”. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2845. 12” PW Blue elec. Polydor 95477 [456BS/457BS]. DIE BEIDEN GRENADIERE/DER
       HIDALGO (both Schumann). Piano acc. Franz Rupp. Just about 1-2. $12.00.

                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2470. 10” Blk. Wien G&T 2-42518 [880x].
        PAGLIACCI: Jetzt spielen (Leoncavallo).
        Piano acc. Very bright copy, couple MGTs,
        cons. 2. $15.00.
1628. 10” Plum HMV JK 2671 [OEA-13860-2/
        13863-1]. TOSCA: E lucevan le stelle
        (Puccini)/ MANON: En fermant les yeux
        (Massenet). Side one in Italian, side two in
        French. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
2472. 10” Red PW HMV DA 1238 [OD258-II/261-
        II]. BOHEME: Donde lieta (Puccini)/
        BOLERO [L’INVITO] (Rossini, arr. Schmal-
        stich). Orch. dir. Erich Orthmann. Very
        scarce. Lt. rubs, 2-3. $12.00.
2473. 10” White lbl. HMV mat. OD261-II]. BOLE-
        RO [L’INVITO]. Same as side two of pre-
        vious disc (item #2472). Just about 1-2.
FRITZ SCHRÖDTER [t]. Leipzig, 1855-Vienna,
 1924. His career began in operetta in the early
1870s. He was first heard in opera in 1879 at the
German Theater in Prague. In 1884 he appeared as a
guest at Covent Garden. In 1886 he made his debut at
the Vienna Hofoper and this became his artistic home
until 1915, with guest appearances at many other
houses. Schrödter’s repertoire was mostly of lyric roles,
such as Eisenstein (Fledermaus), David (Die Meister-
singer), the Duke (Rigoletto) and Don Ottavio. In 1916
he returned to the operetta stage in the successful                    ERIK SCHMEDES
premiere of the Berté-Schubert Das Dreimäderlhaus.
On the concert stage he had sung the 1901 premiere
of Mahler’s Das klagende Lied. In private life he was the father-in-law of bass Wilhelm Hesch.
2474. 10” Blk. Wien G&T 42829 [NW +(0) 870x-F2-2z]. WIE SCHÖN BIST DU (Alfred
       Grünfeld). Piano acc. Bright label, clean copy. Great condition, cons. 2. $25.00.
2475. 10” Australian HMV E.532 [BW1910-I/1911-I]. MUTTERTANDELEI (Strauss)/
       MARIENLIED (Marx). Vienna State Op. Orch. dir. Karl Alwin. Excellent late ‘30s
       lam. pressing. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1580. 10” PW Red Victor 2013 [OEA6819-II/6818-I]. COVENTRY CAROL (Traditional)/
       SILENT NIGHT (Gruber). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
4862. 12” Vinyl White HMV mat. OEA6686-1. IN STILLER NACHT (Brahms). Unpublished.
       Just about 1-2. $35.00.
2477. 10” Red ’12 Pats. Vla 87104. DIE FORELLE (Schubert). Piano acc. Katherine
       Hoffmann. A couple rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
2478. 10” White Vla 87170. IM KAHNE (Grieg). Never doubled. Short catalogue life.
       Couple small lbl. stkrs. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1765. 10” acous. Red Vla 1045. TRAUM DURCH DIE DÄMMERUNG (Strauss)/ SAP-
       PHISCHE ODE (Brahms). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1637. 10” Red Scroll Victor 1464 [“Z” pressing]. THE KERRY DANCE (Molloy)/DANNY BOY
       (Weatherly). Piano acc. Katherine Hoffmann. Superb surfaces. Just about 1-2.
1545. 10” Red Orth. Victrola 1540. DER LENZ (Hildach, Op. 19, No. 5)/DIE FORELLE
       (Schubert). Piano acc. Katherine Hoffmann. Rare. Another copy of this listed last
       year was in great demand and sold for a considerable amount. Just about 1-2.
6120. 10” Vinyl Victor 1540-A. DIE FORELLE (Schubert). Piano acc. Just about 1-2.
6115. 10” Vinyl Victor 1540-B. DER LENZ (Hildach). Piano acc. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
6121. 10” Vinyl Victor 1574-A [BVE-20606-7]. THY BEAMING EYES (MacDowell). Just
       about 1-2. $15.00.

                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
6130. 10” Vinyl elec. Victor
       mat. BVE-20606-8].
       (Mac-Dowell). Unpub-
       lished take. Just about
       1-2. $15.00.
6114. 10” Vinyl Victor 1574-B.
       THE ROSARY (Nevin).
       Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2479. 10” Vinyl Red IRCC 3143
       [RR from 1900/ 1901 7”
       Zonophones]. WIE EIN
       CHALIA [s]. STAR OF
       THE NORTH: Barcarola
       (Meyerbeer). The origi-
        nals of these were found
        by the late Rev. Harlan
        Kishpaugh in Pough-
        keepsie, NY, around
        1953. He happened upon                   A patriotic ERNESTINE SCHUMANN-HEINK
        a barn that had a second
        floor filled with records,
        evidently left over from the W.W. II shellac drive. There had been numerous roof leaks and
        a number of the records had been ruined. He was dressed for a conference, had only an
        hour and couldn’t dig in as he might have otherwise, but he managed to find about two
        hundred records (at two cents each). The Schumann-Heink had a blank center so he had
        no idea what it was until playing it some days later. When it became known to the
        collecting world, he sold it for a then-princely sum of $300. It today resides in the Library
        of Congress. He returned to rummage in the barn again at a later date for more treasures,
        but the barn had been taken down (or else collapsed). Couple lt. rubs, cons. 2.
6073. 10” Vinyl acous. Victor mat. B-30953-1. SHEPHERD’S LOVE (Monahan). Rec. 29
       Sept. 1924. Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $25.00.
2940. 12” Red Vla 88336. THE CRY OF RACHEL (Reese-Salter). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2942. 12” Red Vr 88343 [take 2]. TRÄUME (Wagner). Cons. 2. $8.00.
2846. 12” Mauve HMV AGSB 17. PROPHÈTE: Scène de la Prison (Meyerbeer). Two sides.
       From orig. 1907 Victor matrices. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2847. 12” Mauve HMV AGSB 21. LA CLEMENZA DI TITO: Parto, parto/LOUISE KIRKBY-
       LUNN [c]. LA CLEMENZA DI TITO: Non più di fiori (Mozart). From orig. 1909
       Victor/1911 HMV matrices. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2848. 12” Red ’12 Pats. “A” plate Victrola 88448. MY HEART EVER FAITHFUL (Bach). Very
       rare, short catalogue life. Couple LGTs, 3. $8.00.
6232. 12” Vinyl Victor 7584-B (CVE-62319-1). THERE IS NO DEATH (O’Hara). Issued
       take. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
6229. 12” Vinyl Victor mat. CVE-62319-3. THERE IS NO DEATH (O’Hara). Unpublished
       take. Recorded 26 June, 1930. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
6231. 12” Vinyl Victor 7584-A (CVE-62319-1). TAPS (arr. Pasternack). Issued take. Just
       about 1-2. $15.00.
6230. 12” Vinyl Victor mat. CVE-67406-3. TAPS (arr. Pasternack). Unpublished take.
       Recorded 20 Jan. 1931. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
3092. 12” Aluminum Radio Transcription, 25 June 1933. MADAME SCHUMANN-
       HEINK’S 72nd BIRTHDAY, an interview with William Lundell. Two sides. Original
        transcription. I’m not sure when aluminum transcriptions were first introduced, but I
        don’t think much earlier than this. Do any readers have information? The first side has to
        do with her Catholic faith and the second with family life and the problems with young
        people of the day. She felt at the time there was “Too much freedom and too much higher
        education”. “Girls and boys should not be allowed to go in automobiles at night without
        chaperones.” “If sometimes the father makes a mistake or a slip the mother should cover it
        up. The children should not know.” The interview is probably not complete, but is
        fascinating as far as it goes. Minor rim bend, otherwise 2. $50.00.
1614. 10” Red elec. Telefunken A684 [LU15433/LU15434]. ZIGEUNERBARON: Mein
       idealer Lebenszweck/ZIGEUNERBARON: Von des Tajos Strand (Johann Strauss).
       A beautiful, clean [as new] copy of this famous record. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
                                       VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2849. 12” Blk. acous. Polydor 65816 [418az/419az]. BORIS GODOUNOV: Ich hab’
       erreicht das Höchste/BORIS GODOUNOV: Huh! War des schwer (Moussorgsky).
       IMs. Just about 1-2. $60.00.
4602. 12” Blk. acous. Polydor 66126, 66127, 66128 [2064as/2065as, 2066as/2073as/
       2074as/2075as]. INTERMEZZO: Skat-Szene [Skating Scene]. Three sides. With
       MEZZO: Schluss-Duett, II Akt (Richard Strauss). Three sides. Record one as new,
       just about 1-2. Records two and three IMs, few lightest rubs, cons. 2 to just about
       1-2.     Very rare set! $250.00.
 1880-Berlin, 1926. Following
studies in Vienna and Berlin,
Schwarz made his debut in Linz,
1902, as Amonasro in Aida. After
appearances in Riga, Graz and
St. Petersburg, he sang with the
Vienna Volksoper and then made
his debut at the Vienna Hofoper,
1909, as Count de Luna in Verdi’s
Il Trovatore. In 1915, Schwarz first
appeared with the Berlin Opera. He
began a two season tenure with the
Chicago Opera in 1921 where he
was extremely successful. During
this period he wed wealthy widow
Clara Sielken. A prolonged honey-
moon causing missed performan-
ces resulted in his Chicago Opera
contract being terminated. He was
first heard at the Paris Opéra in
1923 and at Covent Garden, 1924,
these appearances and his Chi-
cago debut all as Verdi’s Rigoletto.
He seems to have been engaged by
the Metropolitan Opera for the
season of 1925-26 and also made
trial records for Victor. He became
ill in 1924, however, and most of
his subsequent stage appearances
were in concert rather than opera.
He died in 1926 following kidney
2483. 10” Red Grammophon                                JOSEPH SCHWARZ
       70590 (4-42631/
       4-42632) [19094L/
       19197]. XERXES: Largo (Reinhardt-Händel)/DIE EHRE GOTTES IN DER NATUR
       (Beethoven). Side one with HEINRICH GRÜNFELD [cellist]. Excellent surface
       material (early ‘30s). Lt. superficial rubs, side one cons. 2-3, side two 2. $15.00.
2482. 10” Red Polydor 70596 [4-42637/4-42638] (19095L/19096L). IM KAHNE/EIN
       SCHWAN (both Grieg). Piano acc. Side one cons. 2. Side two one LSS, 2. $20.00.
1774. 10” Red Schall. Gram. 70596 [4-42637/4-42638] (19095L/19096L). Same as
       preceding disc (item #2482) but different label. Good surface material. Superficial
       rubs, side one cons. 2-3, side two cons. 2. $20.00.
2484. 10’ Red Polydor 70598 (4-42660/4-426490) [19097L/19098L]. HEIMLICHE
       AUFFORDERUNG/FREUNDLICHE VISION (both R. Strauss). Piano acc. Excellent
       late ‘20s pressing. Just about 1-2. $35.00.
2480. 10” Red Schall. Gram. 70599 (4-42650) [19099L]. EROS (Grieg). Piano acc. NS first
          ”, otherwise cons. 2. $15.00.
2481. 10” Red Schall. Gram. 70614 (4-42660) [19097L]. HEIMLICHE AUFFORDERUNG
       (Strauss). LGTs near start, 2-3. $10.00.
2604. 12” acous. Purple Flowers Parlophon P.379 [2-7043/2-7044]. RIGOLETTO: Piangi,
       fanciulla/RIGOLETTO: Si, vendetta (Verdi). With HEDWIG FRANCILLO- KAUFF-
       MANN [s]. In German. 2. $15.00.
2850. 12” acous. Girl-and-Gramophone Parlophon P.1670/P.1676. WILLIAM TELL: Sohn
       knie nieder (Rossini)/DEMON: Kind weine nicht (Rubinstein). Couple MGTs, cons.
       2. $15.00.
                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
 2851. 12” acous. Girl-and-Gram. Parlophon P.7011/P.7013-II. PAGLIACCI: Prologo
          (Leoncavallo)/DON GIOVANNI: Ständchen (Mozart). Lt. internal scr. side one
          should be superficial, 2. Side two cons. 2. $12.00.
 2855. 12” Red Schall. Gram. 042506 [1028m]. OTELLO: Ich glaub an einen Gott (Verdi).
          Three LGTs, otherwise cons. 2. $10.00.
 2856. 12” Red No-Dog Gram. 042507 [1021m]. RIGOLETTO: Feile Sklaven! (Verdi). Couple
          MGTs, small lbl. skkr., otherwise just about 1-2. $15.00.
 2852. 12” Red Schall. Gram. 042512 [1032m]. O KOMM’ IM TRAUM (Liszt). Piano acc. A
          particularly beautiful performance. Lt. lbl. fade, otherwise cons. 2. $20.00.
 2853. 12” Pink Schall. Gram. 044298 (76352) [1100m]. RIGOLETTO: Ach Gott nur für
          mich (Verdi). With CLAIRE DUX [s]. Small lbl. stkr., cons. 2. $12.00.
 2854. 12” Blue Opera Disc 052438 (72676) [1267m]. CARO MIO BEN (Giordani). Few
          rubs, 2. $10.00.
 2857. 12” Red Polydor 72534 (042501/042502) [1029m/1030m]. AFRICAINE: Dir, Köni-
          gen/AFRICAINE: Wie hat mein Herz (Meyerbeer). Small lbl. stkrs., just about 1-2.
 2858. 12” Red Polydor 72674 (042538/042539) [1404s/1405s]. TANNHÄUSER: Blick’ ich
          umher/TANNHÄUSER: Lied an den Abendstern (Wagner). Small lbl. stkr. side two,
          just about 1-2. $20.00.
4631. 12” Blue Eng. Col. LX 1079 [CAX10219-1/10220-1]. TRAVIATA: E strano … Ah, fors’
          è lui/TRAVIATA: Sempre libera (Verdi). In English! Just about 1-2. $15.00.
4854. 12” Vinyl Test Eng. Col. mat. CAX10050. AVE MARIA (Bach-Gounod). Unpublished.
          Just about 1-2. $30.00.
3503. 12” Blue Columbia Microphone 72640-D [CAX 10054/10055]. DON GIOVANNI: In
          Quali ecessi o Numi/DON GIOVANNI: Mi tradi (Mozart). Orch. dir. Josef Krips.
          Just about 1-2. $7.00.
2859. 12” Red Vocalion 70004 [10594/
          10926?]. BARBIERE DI SIV-
          IGLIA: Una voce poco fa (Ros-
          sini)/THEME AND VARIA-
          TIONS (Proch). Side one
          superficial rubs, gen. 2. Side
          two one LSS, otherwise just
          about 1-2. $10.00.
2485. 10” Red Monarch 81043 [B-1092].
        DON PASQUALE: Bella siccome
        un angelo (Donizetti). Bright lbl.
        (one lt. ndle. run). Some lt. grey
        at start and incidentally in a few
        other places. One small ND and a
        few TBs. 3-4. $8.00.
1827. 10” Red GP ’06 Victor 81064
        [B-2358]. ROI DE LAHORE: O
        casto fior (Massenet). Piano acc.
        Excellent copy, cons. 2.
2486. 10” PW Silver Victor IRCC 75.
        DON PASQUALE: Bella siccome
        un angelo (Donizetti)/ BALLO IN
        MASCHERA: Alla vita (Verdi).
        From orig. 1904/’05 Victor matri-
        ces. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
6180. 12” Vinyl Victor 85016 [C-875].
       DON GIOVANNI: Serenata (Mo-                ANTONIO SCOTTI readying for a tour
       zart); FALSTAFF: Quand’ero
       paggio (Verdi). Piano acc. Rec. 31 Oct. 1903. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
4660. 12” ’04 GP “A” plate Victor 85071 [C-876]. PAGLIACCI: Prologo (Leoncavallo). Piano
       acc. Cons. 2. $20.00.
6191. 12” Vinyl Victor 85071 [C-876]. Same as preceding listing (item #4660). Just about
       1-2. $15.00.

                                     VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
6181. 12” Vinyl Victor 88029 [C-3175-3]. PAGLIACCI: Prologo (Leoncavallo). 1906 recording,
       replaced in 1909. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
6182. 12” Vinyl Victor 88030 [C-3176-1]. OTELLO: Credo (Verdi). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
6190. 12” Vinyl Victor 88032 [C-3173-1]. RIGOLETTO: Pari siamo (Verdi). 1906 recording,
       replaced in 1909. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2860. 12” Mauve HMV AGSB 24 [C-1094/C-2361]. RIGOLETTO: Deh, non parlare; DON
       GIOVANNI: Finch’ han’ dal vino (Verdi)/ELISIR D’AMORE: Come Paride vezzoso
       (Donizetti). From orig. piano acc. 1904/1905 Victor matrices. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
4705. 12” Purple acous. Parlo-
       phone E10484 [2-8805-
       II/8806]. FREISCHÜTZ:
       Wie nahte mir der Schlum-
       mer/FREISCHÜTZ: Alles
       pflegt schon längst der
       Ruh (von Weber). Just
       about 1-2. $20.00.
2487. 10” PW Silver Victor IRCC
       139. DER NUSSBAUM
       (Strauss). Piano acc. From
       orig. 1904 Victor matrices.
       Just about 1-2. $20.00.
6049. 10” Vinyl Victor 81047.
       SONNAMBULA: Ah, non
       giunge (Bellini). Piano acc.
        Victors of this period require
        a wide (3.3 – 3.5) stylus.
       Just about 1-2. $15.00.
6046. 10” Vinyl Victor 81048.
       STÄNDCHEN (Strauss).
       Piano acc. Just about 1-2.
6047. 10” Vinyl Victor 81049.
       DER NUSSBAUM (Schu-
       mann). Just about 1-2.
6030. 10” Vinyl Victor 81050.                         MARCELLA SEMBRICH
       (Chopin). Piano acc. Just
       about 1-2. $15.00.
2862. 12” Red Vla 88098. MIGNON: Connais-tu le pays? (Thomas). Just about 1-2
2941. 12” Red Vla 88141. SEMIRAMIDE: Bel raggio (Rossini). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
6170. 12” Vinyl Victor 88387. DOLLAR PRINCESS: Waltz (Fall, arr. La Forge). Just about
       1-2. $20.00.
6198. 12” Vinyl Victor 88389. WALTZ DREAM: Non sai mia bella (Straus, arr. LaForge).
       Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2863. 12” Red ’08 Pats. Vla 89042. RIGOLETTO: Tutte le feste (Verdi). With MARIO
       SAMMARCO [b]. This is an abbreviated version of the scene beginning “Tutte le feste”
       through “Si, vendetta”. Lbl. stkrs. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2864. 12” PW Silver Victor IRCC 129. HALKA: Gdyby rannem slonkiem (Moniuszko)/SI
       MES VERS AVAIENT DES AILES! (Hahn); WOHIN? (Schubert). Side two piano acc.
       Side two first edition. From orig. 1907/1908 Victor matrices. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
[ERNEST] TILKIN SERVAIS [b]. 1888-1961. Servais studied with Richard Barthélemy, a
composer and coach/accompanist for Caruso. His career covered the 1911-1945 period. While
Belgium was his artistic home, he also had success at Covent Garden as well as in Paris,
Monte Carlo and Buenos Aires.
4149. 12” Blk. late acous. SR Disque Gram. W.715 [CL198-II/199-I]. TROVATORE: C’est
       l’ordre que le fils/TROVATORE: Sauvé! Sauvé! Bonheur divin (Verdi). With
       MARGUERITE ROGER [s]. Side one a long, absolutely harmless pressure
       indentation, otherwise 2. $15.00.

                                      VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2064. 10” Blk. Flush St. Petersburg G&T 22816
       [475x-Zo-2z]. LA BELLE HÉLÈNE: Au
       Mont Ida trois déesses (Offenbach). Small
       ND near start. 2. $50.00.
3462. 10” Red Irish HMV IR 307 [Bb9403-IIA/
       9291-VII]. I KNOW WHERE I’M GOIN’ (arr
       Hughes)/DANNY BOY (Weatherly). Piano
       acc. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
3466. 10” Red Irish HMV IR 309 [Bb14212-II/
       14215-II]. THE LOVER’S CURSE (arr.
       Hughes)/THE MEETING OF THE WA-
       TERS (Moore). Piano acc. Two minor rubs
       side two, otherwise just about 1-2. $7.00.
2488. 10” Red Irish HMV IR 316 [OEL332-II/338-
       ?]. O BREATHE NOT HIS NAME (Moore,
       arr. Larchet)/GALWAY BAY (Colahan, arr.
       Larchet). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
3463. 10” Red Irish HMV IR 392 [Bb17192-II/
       19890-I]. BOHEMIAN GIRL: I Dreamt
       That I Dwelt in Marble Halls (Balfe)/IRISH
       FOLK SONG (Foote on the label, although
       I believe that the composer of this version
       is Margaret Lang). Side one orch. acc.,
       side two piano. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
3464. 10” Blue Eng. Decca mat. DR.13779-1.              NIKOLAI G. SEVERSKY
       RICH AND RARE (Moore). Piano acc.
       Hubert Greenslade. Unpublished, recorded 1949. Just about 1-2. $50.00.
3016. 12” Late Red VDP DB 1289 [CM844-III/845-I]. ANDREA CHENIER: Vicino a te
       s’acqueta (Giordano). Two sides. With AURELIANO PERTILE [t]. Wonderful
       pressing. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2489. 10” Blk. Angel Russ. Concert Gram.
       4-22451/2-24186 [16706b/16682 b].
       LORS (Vilboa). Side two with EVGENI
       WITTING [t]. One tiny PB side two, couple
       LGTs, otherwise just about 1-2. $15.00.
MARGARETHE SIEMS [s]. The records of Siems are
certainly major collecting treasures, both for her
extraordinary technique and unique style.
1441. 12” Pink Parlophon P.250 [2-579/2-9212].
       TRAVIATA: Recit. & Ah, fors’ e lui/GIU-
       Recit & Deh miei bollenti spiriti (Verdi).
       Both in German. Siems’ haunting, high
         piano sounds, including an eerily surprising
         added high C in the recitative, are indeed
         memorable. Side one few LGTs, otherwise
       gen. 2. Side two few LGTs, cons. 2-3.
1442. 12” Multi-Color Girl and Record Parlophon
       P.574/P.575. HUGUENOTS: O glücklich
       Land/HUGUENOTS: Das einzige Wörtchen
       Liebe (Meyerbeer). Quite an astounding
       cadenza capping side one. Few MGTs,                      LEV SIBIRYAKOV
       otherwise gen. 2. $700.00.
1443. 12” Multi-Color Girl and Record Parlophon P.576/P.577. LUSTIGEN WEIBER VON
       WINDSOR: Nun eilt herbei (Nicolai). Two sides. Few LGTs. ND final grooves
       (orchestra postlude) side two, otherwise just about 2. $650.00.
1444. 12” Multi-Color Girl and Record Parlophon P.582/583. LUCIA: Mad Scene (Donizetti).
       Two sides. PB in about ” both sides will cause lightest sound side two for a few
       grooves. TINY lbl. scr. side two. Some LGTs, otherwise con. 3. $550.00.
                                    VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
1432. 10” Red Milano Pre-Dog Gram. 54374 [11200b]. CHATTERTON: Nei pieghi del
       sudario (Leoncavallo). With INES DE FRATE [s]. NR on lbl. Few MGTs, otherwise 2.

1433. 10” Blue Disco Zonofono X-1530. BOHEME: Addio di Mimi (Puccini). Announced.
       Piano acc. Very minor gilt fade on label. First few grooves a bit noisy, cleans up
       quickly. Few MGTs and few ticks here and there. 3-4. $500.00.

 1859-1954. A famed operetta star,
Simon-Girard created the leading roles in
Les Cloches de Corneville (1877), Madame
Favart (1878), and dozens of other
works well into the twentieth century.
2490. 10” Blk. Paris G&T 33312
       [1754-F]. LA FILLE DE
       MADAME ANGOT: Jadis, les
       rois (Lecocq). Piano acc.
       Small ND, some LGTs, 3-4.
2491. 10” Blk. Paris G&T 33327
       [1912-F]. LA JOLIE PAR-
       FUMEUSE: La famille
       Bruscambrille (Offenbach).
       Couple LGTs, otherwise
       excellent, cons. 2. $60.00.
2492. 10” Blk. Paris G&T 33330
       [1915-F]. LES CLOCHES DE
       CORNEVILLE: Chanson du
       cidre (Planquette). Simon-
        Girard was creator in the 1877
        world premiere. Harmless
       inherent pressing indenta-
       tions. Couple LGTs, 2-3.
2493. 10” Blk. Paris G&T 33331
       [1916-F]. LE GRAND MO-
       GOL: Le Petit fin de Sures-
       nes (Audran). Couple LGTs,
                                                     JULIETTE SIMON-GIRARD
       2-3. $50.00.
 2494. 10” Red Argentine Odeon 195148 [C-13298/C-13301]. NICOLETTE (Ravel)/QUA-
         TRE CHANTS POPULAIRES: Chason Hébraïque (both Ravel). Piano acc. Rafael
         González. Scarce South American recording and issue. Cons. 2. $10.00.

Cantor GERSON SIROTA [t]. 1874?-Warsaw, 1943. Sirota began his Cantorial career in
Odessa, 1895 and became known throughout Poland and Russia for his remarkable vocal skills.
While remaining a Cantor throughout his life, Sirota toured the world as a soloist, incorporating
into his programs the occasional non-liturgical songs and operatic arias. His voice was considered
by many the equal of Caruso's. Sirota's first discs were made in Warsaw, 1902, and he continued
making recordings into the 1930s. Other than a slight darkening of the voice, the phenomenal top
notes, flexibility and dramatic intensity remained throughout his career. He and his entire family
died in the Warsaw ghetto in 1943. According to one source he was, in his last year, reduced to
going from door to door, singing prayers in hopeful exchange for bread for his family.
2495. 10” Blk. Warszawa G&T 11570 [417z-Ao-2(5)]. UMIPNEI CHATOEINU (Hebrew
       Prayer). Harmless superficial pressing depressions. Superficial rubs, few LGTs, 3-4.
2496. 10” Red Pats. Victor 64229 [1235ab]. WESEERAW OLECHO [MAY IT BE
       ACCEPTABLE] (Hebrew Prayer). Small, harmless PB. Lt. rubs, cons. 2-3. $10.00.
2865. 12” PW Fr. elec. Col. 9546 [WAX3696/3697]. KOL NIDREI (Traditional Prayer). Two
       sides. Chorus and Organ dir. S. Alman. His remarkable high “C” was still very
       functional. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

                                                VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
EUGÈNE SIZES [b/t/b]. Sizes first studied as a pianist, apparently in Toulouse, and then studied
at the Paris Conservatoire, where he won first prize in opera in 1896. Gailhard is attributed to have
recommended his change from piano to voice. Sizes made his Paris Opéra debut as Rigoletto, 1897,
also singing roles such as Mercutio (Roméo et Juliette), Valentin (Faust), Beckmesser (Meistersinger)
and, much later, Guido (Monna Vanna). He was with the Metropolitan Opera 1900-1901 and
appeared there as Nevers (Les Huguenots), the King (Le Cid), Spendius (Salammbó), as well as
Valentin and Mercutio. At the Opéra Comique, he made a successful debut as a tenor in Sept., 1903
as Don José, appearing the following year as Ragenhardt in the premiere of Rabaud’s La Fille de
Roland. Wolff’s Paris Opèra book (L’Opèra au Palais Garnier) indicates that Eugène Sizes appeared
there as late as 1918 singing baritone parts. In 1910 he began teaching at the Paris Conservatoire.
He was traced as living in Paris in 1936. I don’t know if other records exist of his voice (other than a
phrase or two from Le Cid on a Mapleson cylinder with Jean de Reszke, taken at the Met during his
solitary season there), but this is obviously an important rarity, both for the singer and the label. –
 Biographical information courtesy of Luc Bourrousse.
1012. 11” Pantophone Disque Étoile 1774. LE ROI D’YS: Aubade (Lalo). Star-shaped label,
       with Sizes’ signature in the inner margin of the matrix. ” edge hair crk. visible but not
       broken through on the face. Some grey at start, few LGTs, otherwise 2-3. $200.00.
 LEO SLEZAK [t] Moravia, 1873-Austria, 1946. A pupil of baritone Adolf Robinson, Slezak
 made his debut in Brno, 1896. His greatest successes began when he was accepted by Mahler in
 1901 for the Vienna Hofoper. H subsequently appeared at Covent Garden and the Met, his prin-
 cipal roles being Otello, Manrico, Siegfried, Tannhäuser, Lohengrin and Walther. His 6’4” frame
 commanded almost as much attention on stage as did his remarkable voice. In later years, Slezak
 was heard more frequently as a concert singer and appeared in character roles in films in the
 1930s. Slezak’s sense of humor could erupt at the most inappropriate times, such as happened
 during a performance of Aida at the Met. Following a particularly dramatic moment, Slezak turned
 to the choristers assembled behind him and made a grotesque face, the absurdity of it causing
 considerable laughter among chorus and colleagues which, of course, the audience could not
 appreciate or understand. Neither could the management, who fined the tenor a stiff amount for
 this incident.
 2497. 10” Blk. Wien G&T 42900
        [989x-Zo-2z]. AIDA: Holde
        Aida (Verdi). Harmless
        inherent surface depressions.
        Couple LGTs, 2-3. $15.00.
 2498. 10” Red ’08 Pats. Victor 61201
        [11809u]. STUMME VON
        PORTICI: Schlummerlied
        (Auber). Just about 1-2.
 2499. 10” Red acous. Polydor 70712
        [2417ar/1123ar]. FEDORA:
        Amor ti vieta (Giordano)/
        TOSCA: Recondita armonia
        (Puccini). Superficial lt. rubs,
        gen. 2-3. $12.00.
 1873. 10” Blk. acous. Schall. Gram.
        62430 [2418ar/2430ar]. ES
        TRAUM (Hermann Kopf)/
        ACHT (Ignaz Brull). Small lbl.
        stkrs. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
 2500. 10” PW Silver IRCC 99 [690r/
        14585u]. DIE WEISSE
        DAME: Komm’ o holde Dame
        (Boieldieu)/QUEEN OF SHE-
        BA: Magische Töne (Gold-
        mark). Label signed by Slezak.
        Just about 1-2. $20.00.
 1695. 10” PW Green elec. Polydor
        23017 [595BT/596BT].
        STÄNDCHEN/MORGEN                            LEO SLEZAK early in his career
        (both Richard Strauss).
        Piano acc. Michael Raucheisen. Some lt. superficial rubs, gen. 2. $12.00.
 4064. 12” TC SA Columbia H1076 [36364-2/30992-1]. GIOCONDA: Cielo e mar
        (Ponchielli)/AIDA: Celeste Aida (Verdi). Just about 1-2. $15.00.

                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
4009. 12” Blk. Wien G&T 042017/042125 [4hp/152s]. DIE WEISSE DAME: Komm, o
       holde Dame (Boieldieu)/MAGIC FLUTE: Bildnis-Arie (Mozart). Side one piano acc.
       (1903 recording). Side one few MGTs, one small nick (few ticks), 2. Side two gen.
       2. $20.00.
6164. 12” Vinyl Victor 74168 [0986v]. CARMEN: Final Scene (Bizet). In German. With
       HERMINE KITTEL [c]. Among the rarest of Victors in shellac form. Just about 1-2.
4421. 12” PW Blue elec. Polydor 95181 [1110bm/1111bm]. MEISTERSINGER: Preislied/
       MEISTERSINGER: Am stillen Herd (Wagner). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2866. 12” Yellow elec. Deut. Gram. 15446 [506be/507be]. STÄNDCHEN/UNGEDULD
       (both Schubert). Piano acc. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2501. 10” Red Schall. Gram. 4-22400 (70643) [16887b]. BY MY WINDOW (Rachmaninoff).
       Piano acc. Cons. 2. $50.00.
1837. 10” Pink Russ. Angel Con. Gram. 2-52826 [17236u]. MATTINATA (Leoncavallo).
       Cons. 2. $30.00.
2502. 10” Red acous. Disque Gram. DA 618 [Bb98-II/Bb4718-II]. WERTHER: Pourquoi
       me réveiller (Massenet)/EUGENE ONEGIN: Dans votre maison (Tschaikowsky).
       Small PB (both sides), lightest lbl. fade.
       Surface just about 1-2. $40.00.
2503. 10” Red acous. Disque Gram. DA 618.
       Same as preceding listing (item
       #2502). Side two some greying on
       forward spots, otherwise 2-3. Side two
       just about 1-2. $20.00.
1784. 10” PW elec. Disque Gram. DA 752
       [Bb6596-II/6597-I]. LILACS (Rachma-
       ninoff)/ BERCEUSE (Gretchaninov).
       Piano acc. Gerald Moore. Cons. 2.
3497. 12” Pink Amour Angel Russ. Gram.
       022359 [2927c]. NIZHEGORODZKY:
       Hail, Kremlin! (Napravnik). I listed this
        particular copy some years ago. Sadly, the
        winner at that time is no longer with us so
        I’m able to offer it again. Master no longer
        exists. Two MGTs, 2. $200.00.
2867. 12” Red acous. Disque Gram. DB 193
       [Cc3211-I/3212-II]. CHANSON GEOR-
       GIENNE (Rachmaninoff)/PRINCE
       IGOR: Cavatine de Vladimir (Borodin).
       Just about 1-2. $25.00.
2868. 12” Red acous. Disque Gram. DB 697
       [Cc3208-II/3209-II]. MAY NIGHT:
       Dors, mon enfant/MAY NIGHT: Le                   DMITRI SMIRNOV
       Soleil descend (Rimsky-Korsakow).
       One LSS side two, IMs, cons. 2. $40.00.
LEONID SOBINOV [t]. 1872-1934. His debut was in 1894 and at first he sang small roles.1897
marked his debut at the Bolshoi as a leading tenor. In 1902 he had great success at the Marinsky
Theater singing Lenski in Tschaikowsky’s Eugen Onegin. The seasons of 1904-06 and 1911
included performances at Milan’s La Scala, 1906 marking his debut in Monte Carlo. Despite his
European popularity, Sobinov subsequently preferred to sing in Russia except for appearances in
Warsaw, Paris, Berlin and Scandinavia during a 1930-31 concert tour. He was the Russian tenor
matinee idol of the early 20th century. It would seem that postcard photos of him in varied poses
and roles outsold those of any other singer (Russian or European).
6983. 10” Berliner 22159 [243-nB .15]. RUSALKA: Cavatina (Dargomyzhsky). Piano acc.
       Inherent surface pressing depressions (one could cause some very lt. sound). Some
       LGTs, but basically a fine copy of such an early and rare item, prior to record labels.
       A very conservative 3-4. $600.00.
2505. 10” Red Moskau G&T 2-22654 [1969L]. RUSALKA: Unwillingly to These Sad Shores
       (Dargomyzhsky). ULC (not visible other than paper creases). Couple LGTs, 2-3.
2869. 12” Blue HMV ABHB 7 [1988 c/2216c]. MAY NIGHT: Sleep, my beauty/SNOW
       MAIDEN: The joyous day departs (both Rimsky-Korsakow). Just about 1-2.
                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
WÄINÖ SOLA [t]. Helsinki, 1883-1961. Earlier in
his career, Sola sang leading tenor roles (Don José,
Samson, Siegmund, Lenski, etc.). After 1908 he was
particularly active in concerts and oratorios. He made
four concert tours of the U.S. From 1923 to 1949 he
taught the opera class at the Helsinki Institute of
2506. 10” Plum elec. HMV X.2809 [BW1692-II/
       1694-II]. MA OKSALLA YLIMMÄLLÄ (Lin-
       sen)/RISTILUKKI (Sibelius). Cons. 2.

CRISTINA SORO [s]. Concepcion, Chile, 1890 - ?
Born Cristina Soro Barriga de Baltra, Soro began vocal
studies with Italian teachers who had settled in Chile.
Her debut was at the age of 15 at the Santiago Teatro
Municipal, singing compositions of her brother, Enri-
que Soro Barriga. It was Barriga who accompanied
Soro in her first group of Red Seal Victor Records,
these recorded in Santiago in 1917 on portable equip-
ment by a Victor talent scout then visiting Central and
South America. This was a year after she had gradu-
ated with highest honors from the Santiago Conser-
vatory of Music, receiving a degree of Professor of
Music. On the success of her trial recordings (which
were her first issued Victor Red Seals), Victor wanted
                                                               LEONID SOBINOV (previous page)
her to come to Camden to record with orchestra, but
she had entered in a course of study at the Verdi Con-
servatory in Milano and wasn’t available until 1922,
when she made (with orchestra) her second and final group of records. A concert tour of Mexico
with pianist/composer Manuel Ponce followed this. Apparently Soro didn’t appear in opera, her
career having been as a recitalist and teacher. She was active in the latter capacity in 1949 when
she was interviewed for Hobbies magazine by William R. Moran (and from which article this
information is taken).
2870. 12” Red Vla acous. 6409. TROVATORE: D’amor sull’ali rosee (Verdi)/GABRIELLA
       BESANZONI [c]. SAMSON ET DALILA: Aprile foriero (Saint-Saëns). Side one just
       about 1-2. Side two couple MGTs, cons. 2. $7.00.

INA SOUEZ [s] Windsor, CO, 1903-Santa Monica, CA, 1992. Originally Ina Rains, Souez, of
Cherokee ancestry, studied with Florence Lamont Hinman, a Canadian contralto. Souez’s debut
was in Ivrea (Italy) in 1928 as Mimi, and she then sang at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo. Her first
great triumph was at Covent Garden, 1929, as Liù opposite Eva Turner’s Turandot. She made
England her home until World War II, appeared again another season at Covent Garden and was in
the first and second seasons at Glyndebourne. She also appeared in Stockholm, Munich and
Brussels. Returning to the U.S. after War was declared, Souez sang Fiordiligi with the New Opera
Company in New York. She then enlisted in the U.S. Women’s Army Corps and in 1945 decided
to accept an offer to join the Spike Jones band as “the butt of his musical satire”. In one act band
members would remove pigeons from her huge hat as she sang. In another, her singing of “Il Bacio”
was accompanied by barking dogs. As to why she did this, her quote was, “Spike was offering me
some real money.” In later years she taught in California, but was confined to a nursing home
from 1984 until her death as a result of a stroke.
5713. 12” Vinyl White HMV mat. 2EA 1578. CANTATA No. 21: Seufzer, Tränen (Bach).
       Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $25.00.

HENRI STAMLER [b]. Stamler made his Paris Opéra debut in 1902 as the Herald in Lohengrin,
continuing there with a sizeable list of secondary parts and several creations in world premieres.
1431. 10” Blk. Disque Zonophone X-2082. WILLIAM TELL: Prière (Rossini). Bright, pleasant
        voice. With orch. acc. Belgian Zonophone back. Lt. “swish” during orch. (band)
        intro., one scr. clicks a few grooves and there are a few LGTs. Gen. 3 or better.

ALMERICO STAMPANONI [t]. Stampanoni was a tenor active throughout Italy in the 1890s and
first decade of the 1900s. He appeared also in South America and Russia, his repertoire including
parts such as Faust, Fernando (in La Favorita), Des Grieux, Elvino (in La Sonnambula) and
1045. 11” APGA 35100/35101. LUCIA: Duetto (Donizetti)/CARMEN: Duo (Bizet). Both
       with GUSTAVO BERNAL-RESKY [b]. Few MGTs, cons. 2. $25.00.

                                  VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
husband and wife duet team
active in the U.S. and Europe,
Steele and Clovis commission-
ed a number of works for their
programs by, among others,
Milhaud, Harry T. Burleigh,
and Castelnuovo-Tedesco.
Clovis (Omaha, 1900-San
Francisco, 1970?) studied
with Anna Schoen-Rene at
Juilliard, having won a
scholarship for Advanced
Instruction in 1925. He wed
Eleanor Steele around 1929
during a period when both
were singing with the Little
Theatre Opera Company in
New York. Steele was likely
about ten years older than
Clovis. She was the daughter
of Charles Steele, an extreme-
ly wealthy partner in J. P. Morgan & Co. and was a noted society belle. In 1910, she wed Count
Jean de la Greze, an Attaché of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They divorced in 1920.
Sometime along the line she must have studied voice, as one article mentioned that she had
“appeared in opera” in France as Ellen Maurey. Nothing could be found of her musically, however,
until her debut with the Little Theater Opera Company, NYC, in 1930. Colleagues in that ensemble
included a just beginning Risë Stevens (aged 19), tenor William Hain and baritone (and later
theatrical producer) Arnold Spector. With the deaths of her mother in 1932 and her father in
1939, Mrs. Clovis became very wealthy. The family fortune supported her and her husband’s
careers which, as a duet team, ran from 1932 to 1941. In 1934, they purchased a 244 acre estate
in Greenwich, CT. They were divorced in 1942 and he made his way to California, where he lived
with Charles Lee in the former Summerland home of Leopold Stokowski. Mrs. Clovis, always
interested in rural America, became Mrs. Emmet Reese. She and her new husband moved to Idaho
to breed cattle, thus ending her career in music. She and her first husband made a small group of
(now rare) 1939 French Polydor recordings.
2587. 10” Fr. Polydor 561.138 [4944HPP/5023HPP]. SO WÄHR DIE SONNE SCHEINT,
       Op. 37, No. 12/DER LIEBESGARTEN (both Schumann). Piano acc. Minor lbl.
       stain, cons. 2. $15.00.

4179. 12” Homokord 8118 [50750/50747]. DON CARLOS: Arie der Elisabeth (Verdi)/
       TOSCA: Vissi d’arte (Puccini). Side one beautifully sung. Side one few LGTs, gen.
       3.. Side two some heavier greying, 4. $10.00.

1035. 11” Fonotipia 39400/39401 [XPh1500/1501]. DON PASQUALE: Quel guardo il
       cavalier/DON PASQUALE: So anch’io la virtù magica (Donizetti). Piano acc.
       Superficial rubs, just about 2-3. $15.00.
1051. 11” Red Odeon Fonotipia 39400/39401. Same as preceding listing (item #1035) but
       early ‘30s pressing for IRCC. Few lt. rubs, cons. 2. $25.00.

1080. 11” Fonotipia 39626/92760 [XPh1816/3948]. I DUE FOSCARI: O vecchio cor
       (Verdi)/PASQUALE AMATO [b]. OTELLO: Inaffia l’ugola (Verdi). Side one piano
       acc. Side two with La Scala Chorus. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
1062. 11” Fonotipia 92428/92429 [XPh3770/3776]. LA FAVORITA: Vien, Leonora/LA
       FAVORITA: A tanto amor (Donizetti). Cons. 2. $20.00.
1094. 11” Fonotipia 69153/69154 [XPh49962/4999]. ERNANI: O de’ verd’ anni
       miei/ERNANI: La vedremo (Verdi). Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2507. 10” Purple acous. Col. 4018-M [78101-4/79736-1]. CANTA PE’ ME/TU SOLA (both
       de Curtis). Superficial rubs, 3. $7.00.
2508. 10” Purple acous. Col. 4027-M [A1890/A1925]. TANNHÄUSER: Allor che tu
       (Wagner)/HAMLET: Brindisi (Thomas). Cons. 2. $15.00.
1876. 10” PW Green elec. Italian Col. GQ 7154 [WB2527-2/2529-2]. MATTINATA
       (Leoncavallo)/O SOLE MIO (di Capua). Just about 1-2. $25.00.

                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2871. 12” Gold-on-White Polydor mat. 303as/354as. PASTORALE (Bizet)/TO-MORROW
       (Strauss). Special label, “Compliments of Bruno Borchardt, President of Polyphon-
       Grammophon-Concern, Berlin”. Cons. 2. $40.00.
4620. 12” Green acous. Schall. Gram. 19236 [366 as/367as]. OTELLO: Salce,
       salce/OTELLO: Ave Maria (Verdi). In German. Side one just about 1-2. Side two
       few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $25.00.
ELISA STÜNZNER [s]. Leipzig, 1886-1975. Studying at the Leipzig Conservatory and then with
Dora Erl in Dresden, Stünzner made her debut at the Dresden Hofoper as the Shepherd Boy in
Tannhäuser in 1909. She remained with the company until her retirement in 1935. She was
particularly admired by Richard Strauss (“my favorite Salome”) and she sang a number of Strauss
and Wagner roles, also Mozart and contemporary works as well. Stünzner was in a 1922 Dresden
revival of Otello under the direction of Fritz Busch. A reviewer mentioned the “excellent cast, of
which Elisa Stünzner as Desdemona made the outstanding impression. The singer is not only
gifted with a lovely voice, but with great beauty and dramatic gifts.” She also was very successful
on the concert stage. In later years she taught in Leipzig and, following the War, in Dresden.
4625. 12” EE Blue Polydor 95014 [81be/89be]. OTELLO: Ave Maria/OTELLO: Salce, salce
       (Verdi). In German. Cons.
       2. $20.00.
MARIE SUNDELIUS [s]. Karlsstadt,
 Sweden, 1884-Boston, 1958. Her
family moved to Boston in 1894. It
wasn’t until her marriage to a Boston
physician that Sundelius began study-
ing singing. Her debut was in a concert
directed by Karl Muck in 1910. She
appeared with the touring Scotti Grand
Opera Company, with the Philadelphia
Opera Company, the Chicago Civic
Opera and the Metropolitan Opera
(1916-1928) and was frequently heard
in concerts and oratorio as well. Sun-
delius later taught at the New England
Conservatory of Music (one of her pu-
pils having been mezzo-soprano Mildred
Miller) and died as a result of injuries
sustained in an automobile accident.
4292. 12” Brown Shellac Vocalion
       70025 [6573/8205]. BO-
       HEME: Mi chiamano Mimi
       Elsas Traum (Wagner). Side
       two in English. Just about
       1-2. $15.00.
2510. 10” White Test PW Odeon
       matrix KI-4838-2. BOHEME:
       Valse de Musetta (Puccini).
       Couple lt. rubs, cons. 2.
                                                       MARIE SUNDELIUS
2511. 10” Brown PW Spanish
       Odeon 184.235 [So6609/
       6679-2]. LA REVOLTOSA: Guajiras (Fernandez Shaw)/LA PALOMA (Yradier). The
       Recorded Sound disco-graphy lists only a first take for side two. Side one Few
       LGTs, 2-3. Side two lt. rubs, 3. $50.00.
2512. 10” Brown PW Spanish Odeon 184.276 [KI-4921-1/KI-4928-1]. PORQUE ME BESÓ
       (Godes)/FLOR Y LUZ (Puche). Spanish only issue side one. Side two appeared also as
        PO 51. The Recorded Sound discography, however, lists only a second take for this
        side, although probably this Spanish issue made use of take one. 2. $75.00.
2513. 10” Red PW Spanish Odeon 185.008 [So4697/4698]. LAS ARANYAS (Marraco)/
       ROMANÇ DE SANTA LLUCIA (Toldrá). Piano acc. María Gil. Greyish, few lt. scrs.
       Gen. 4. $12.00.
1585. 10” Red PW Spanish Odeon 185.010 [So4910/So4911]. DE LA SERRANIA
       (Machado-Romero)/ LES BARRAQUES (Mendez). Some rubs (absolutely
       superficial). Side one 2-3. Side two 3. $50.00.

                                  VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2514. 10” Red PW French Odeon
       188.700 [So4600-2/4911 ]. LO
       DIVÍ ESTEL (Juan Manén)/LES
       BARRAQUES (Méndez). Couple
       MGTs side one, otherwise just
       about 1-2. $75.00.
2589. 10” Red PW French Odeon
       188.746 [So4698/4909]. RO-
       dra)/LA PRESUMIDA (Vives).
       Just about 1-2. $60.00.
2515. 10” Red PW French Odeon
       188.809 [KI-4396-2/4397-2].
       LAGARTERANAS (Guerrero)/EL
       RELICARIO (Reoyo). Side one just
       about 1-2. Side two one tiny nick
       (two lt. ticks), one rub, cons. 2.
1669. 10” Blue It. Odeon M.6064
       [So6041/6052]. OCCHIETTI
       AMANTI (Falconieri)/ CANZONE
       DEL PAGGIO (Sartorio). Few lt.
       mks., cons. 2. $15.00.
2516. 10” Blue It. Odeon M.6068
       [So6056/6026]. BONJOUR,
       SUZON/ÉGLOGUE (both
       Delibes). Cons. 2. $15.00.
1769. 10” Red Decca P-G-20465
       [So7882/So7883]. LA ROSA
       ORIENTAL (Espigul)/ LAMENTO
       BORICANO (Hernández-Brito).
       Cons. 2. $15.00.                                 CONCHITA SUPERVIA
2517. 10” PW Blue Fr. Ultraphone
       AP1022 [P76398-1/P76399-1]. FRASQUITA: Duo final du Ier Acte (Lehár). Two
       sides. With LOUIS ARNOULT [t]. Cons. 2. $15.00.
2518. 10” PW Blue Fr. Ultraphone AP1023 [P76400-1/P76401]. FRASQUITA: Quand un
       coeur veut parler le langage d’amour. With LOUIS ARNOULT [t]/LOUIS ARNOULT
       [t]. FRASQUITA: Le beau rêve est fini (Lehár). Minor lbl. crease side one (possible
       ULC?), otherwise just about 1-2. $15.00.
2872. 12” PW Brown Spanish Odeon 121.151 [XXP4612-2/4681-2]. LA CHAVALA:
       Canción Gitana (Chapi)/LA MARCHENERA: La Petenera (Torroba). Small lbl. tear
       side one (sticker removed). Cons. 2. $50.00.
1581. 10” Red PW Victor 4318. CLOUDS/SPENDTHRIFT (both Ernest Charles). Piano
       acc. Lester Hodges. Her first record. Uncommon. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
JESKA SWARTZ [ms] Albany, NY, 1885- ? . Swartz (Mrs. Julius Carrol Morse) studied with
Clara Munger and with Charles White at the New England Conservatory, from which she was
graduated in 1908. She began her operatic career with the Boston Opera its opening week in 1909
and continued through the last week in 1914 in roles such as Stephano in Romeo et Juliette,
Mallika in Lakmé, Siebel, Suzuki and Hänsel. She then sang a season at Covent Garden and one
with the Chicago Opera, plus appearances with the French Opera in New Orleans as well. She also
toured across the U.S. with the Alice Nielsen-Riccardo Martin Operatic Concert Company. She made
only one record.
4438. 12” TC Columbia A5438 [36434-2/36435-2]. JEANNE D’ARC: Adieu, forêts
       (Tschaikowsky)/FAUST: Siebel’s Flower Song (Gounod). First side in English,
       second in French. Couple lightest mks., just about 1-2. $15.00.
4187. 12” Red PW Victor 14906. ST. MATTHEW PASSION: Erbarme Dich (Bach). Two
       sides. With MICHAEL ROSENKER [violin] and orch. dir. Alexander Smallens.
       Rosenker was associate Concert Master of the NY Philharmonic for a period. Just about
       1-2. $10.00.
3079. 10” Blk. GP ’08 Victor 52505 [10628b]. L’ALBATRO: Romanza di Erick
       (Pacchierotti). Accompanied by the composer. Few LGTs, 3-4. $10.00.
                                  VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2543. 10” Blk. VT Col. 1957-M [WB-1549/1550]. GUGLIELMO RATCLIFF: Ombra
       esecrata/SILVANO: S’è spent oil sol (both Mascagni). Superficial rubs, side one
       gen. 2, side two 3 or better. $10.00.
2544. 10” Blk. VT Col. 1958-M [WB-1976/1977]. IL TROVATORE: Di quella pira/IL
       TROVATORE: Deserto sulla terra (Verdi). Cons. 2. $15.00.
3033. 10” Late Orange Cetra 25217 [2-71150/2-71157]. FANCIULLA DEL WEST: Ch’ella
       mi creda (Puccini)/ANDREA CHENIER: Come un bel dì di maggio (Giordano). Few
       lt. mks., cons. 2. $12.00.
2873. 12” Red Orth. Vla 6593. LO, HERE THE GENTLE LARK (Bishop)/SWISS ECHO
       SONG (Eckert). Cons. 2. $7.00.
2969. 12” Red PW Victor 6593. Same as previous listing (item #2873). Later pressing.
       Small piece of scotch tape on both labels, otherwise just about 1-2. $8.00.
FRANCESCO TAMAGNO [t]. Turin, 1850-Varese, 1905. Tamagno’s solo debut was in Nearco,
1870, in Donizetti’s Poliuto. His success was sealed with a performance of Riccardo (Un Ballo in
Maschera) in Palermo, 1874. From then on he was heard in all the major Italian houses, his debut
at La Scala in 1877. There he created Verdi’s Otello (1887). He was also a leading tenor at the
Metropolitan Opera, Covent Garden, and Monte Carlo. His clarion top notes were said to have
shaken the chandeliers in Covent Garden. Heart problems led to the decline of his career in the
1900-1904 period. He was noted as a thrifty person (“a life so frugal as to be a joke among his
colleagues” as explained by recording
impresario Fred Gaisberg), and no doubt
the extraordinary financial inducements for
the time prompted him to record in 1903-
04. His records originally sold for five
dollars each, the equal of an average week’s
salary. He was also the first artist to receive
royalties from the sale of his records and it
was specified that the recordings were to be
made in the drawing room of his palatial
home (evidently this residence being his
one extravagance). Note that below you’ll
find many excellent early pressings.
2527. 10” Red G&T 52674 [3002].
       OTELLO: Morte d’Otello (Verdi).
       Bright label. Harmless inherent
       pressing indentations. Few LGTs
       at start, otherwise superb
       condition, just about 1-2.
2528. 10” Red G&T 52675. OTELLO:
       Ora e per sempre addio (Verdi).
       Gleaming label. Harmless
       inherent pressing indentations.
       Just about 1-2. $35.00.
2529. 10” Red G&T 52676 (first issue)
       [3008-R]. ANDREA CHENIER:
       Improvviso (Giordano). Bright
       label. Cons. 2. $35.00.                         FRANCESCO TAMAGNO
2531. 10” Red G&T 52677 (first issue)
       [3011-R]. LE PROPHÈTE: Re del cielo (Meyerbeer). Inherent harmless pressing
       indentations. Lt. superficial rubs. 2. $25.00.
2530. 10” Red G&T 52677 (VI) [3011b]. LE PROPHÈTE: Re del cielo (Meyerbeer). Beautiful
       label. Lightly grayish surface, 3-4. $10.00.
2519. 10” Red G&T 52679 (first issue) [3014-R]. LE PROPHÈTE: Sopra Berta l’amor mio
       (Meyerbeer). Beautiful original. Harmless inherent surface indentations, one rub,
       cons. 2. $35.00.
2532. 10” Red G&T 52679 (II) [3014-R]. LE PROPHÈTE: Sopra Berta (Meyerbeer).
       Harmless inherent surface indentations. Lt. rubs, 2-3. $25.00.
2535. 10” Red G&T 52682 (II) [3020]. WILLIAM TELL: O muto asil (Rossini). Harmless
       inherent pressing indentations. Nice copy. 2. $30.00.
2536. 10” Red G&T 52683 (first issue) [3021-R]. WILLIAM TELL: Corriam, corriam
       (Rossini). Harmless inherent pressing indentations. Couple MGTs, 2-3. $30.00.

                                  VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2537. 10” Red G&T 52684 (III). HÉRODIADE: Quand nos jours (Massenet). Minor NR on
       lbl. 2-3. $40.00.
2534. 10” Red G&T 52691 (first issue) [3019-R]. SAMSON ET DALILA: Figli miei (Saint-
       Saëns). Bright label. Harmless inherent surface indentations. There is one pressing
       bump that could possibly cause very light “thump” for about ”, otherwise in superb
       condition. Cons. 2. $35.00.
2533. 10” Red G&T 52691 (II) [3019-R]. SAMSON ET DALILA: Figli miei (Saint-Saëns).
       Harmless in herent surface indentations. 2. $35.00.
2538. 10” Red Monarch 95001 [3001-R]. OTELLO: Esultate (Verdi). Clean label. Record
       gen. 3. $25.00.
2539. 10” GP ’04 Victor 95002 [3002-R]. OTELLO: Morte d’Otello (Verdi). Clean label. One
       tiny ND and one tiny scr., clean 2. $25.00.
2540. 10” ’12 Pats. Vla 95002 [3002-R]. OTELLO: Morte d’Otello (Verdi). Bright copy, cons.
       2. $15.00.
2520. 10” Red ’12 Pats. Vla 95005 [3011-R]. LE PROPHÈTE: Inno [Re del cielo]
       (Meyerbeer). Serial no. 1988. Bright lbl., nice copy. Cons. 2. $15.00.
2521. 10” Red ‘30s Vla 95007 [3014-R]. PROPHÈTE: Sopra Berta l’amor mio (Meyerbeer).
       Excellent ‘30s pressing. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
2541. 10” Red Victor 95005. PROPHÈTE: Re del cielo (Meyerbeer). From original stamper,
       but the stamper number has been eliminated in this pressing. Cons. 2. $12.00.
2542. 10” Red Monarch 95010 [3021-R]. WILLIAM TELL: Corriam, corriamo (Rossini).
       Bright label looks new, but surface has some greying and two NDs. 4-5. $8.00.
2522. 10” Late Red VDP DR 100 [3001ft/3002ft]. OTELLO: Esultate!/OTELLO: Niun mi
       tema (Verdi). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2523. 10” PW Red PW Hist. No. 2 HMV DR 101 [3019/3027]. SAMSON ET DALILA: Figli
       miei (Saint-Saens)/HÉRODIADE: Quand nos jours (Meyerbeer). Just about 1-2.
2874. 12” vinyl pressing of 10” G&T matrix 3007. ANDREA CHENIER: Un dì al azzurro
       spazio (Giordano). Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
3015. 12” early flush test pressing matrix. 12-w2 [052102]. OTELLO: Ora e per sempre
       addio (Verdi). This must be one of the earliest pressings of this (no catalogue number in
       matrix) and the sound is remarkably bright, clear and forward. Few minor rubs, cons. 2.
3055. 12” Green Pre-Dog Angel Mon. Gram. 052068 [269i]. OTELLO: Morte d’Otello
       (Verdi). Cons. 2. $10.00.
3057. 12” Red Milano G&T 052103 [17ft]. WILLIAM TELL: O muto asil (Rossini). Bright
       label, excellent early pressing (#436). 2. $25.00.
3056. 12” White HMV mat. 14ft. OTELLO: Niun mi tema (Verdi). Unpublished. Just about
       1-2. $25.00.
3046. 12” PW Red Hist. No. 2 HMV DS 100 [12ft/269ft]. OTELLO: Ora e per sempre
       addio/OTELLO: Niun mi tema (Verdi). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2861. 12” Blk. Gram. Mon. 042189 [2790f]. LOHENGRIN: Mein lieber Schwan (Wagner).
       Superficial rubs, 3. $10.00.
NINA TARASOVA [s]. Born in Russia, Tarasova met and married in 1918 a U.S. diplomat, Stuart
Voss, while she was on a concert tour of Siberia. They decided to flee to the U.S. and had “some
narrow escapes from death due to unsettled conditions resulting from the Russian revolution.”
She became a particular success in America as an interpreter of Russian folk music and appeared
at Carnegie Hall and many other major U.S. concert venues. In later years she added international
folk music to her repertoire. In a 1946 Carnegie Hall appearance, she was described by NY Times
reviewer Noel Straus as having “a well-trained and voluminous voice, which she used with
expressiveness and deft control in all of her offerings. In this appearance she did not resort to
costume changes or gesture for her effects, but relied entirely on her marked abilities as an
interpreter.” She made one recording in 1923 for Columbia, a few sides for Victor around the same
period, and then in 1942 one more Victor disc.
1782. 10” Green acous. Columbia 20004-F [89453-4/89457-1]. KALINKA/HYDA TROIKA
      (Russian Folk Songs). Superb mid-‘20s pressing. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1529. 10” Blk. elec. PW U.S. Odeon 10518 [Be7171/Be7172]. ICH KÜSSE IHRE HAND,
       MADAME (Ralph Erwin)/EINE KLEIN LIEBELEI (Harry Ralston). Excellent
       Columbia pressing. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
2545. 10” PW U.S. Odeon 10521 [Be7168-2/7170-2]. MARY (Katscher)/EHE AUF ZEIT:
       Rosen und Frauen (Grothe). NS on lbl. side one, one TN, cons. 2. Side two just
       about 1-2. $10.00.

                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
1736. 10” Blk. elec. PW U.S. Odeon
       10533 [Be7480-2/7481-2].
       FRIEDERIKE: O wie schön/
       FRIEDERIKE: Liebe, goldener
       Traum (Lehár). With text sheet
       in German and English. Just
       about 1-2. $12.00.
6979. 10” Purple VT Columbia G-4053-M
       [Be8968-2/8969-2]. ROKOKO
       (both Meyer-Helmund). Small lbl.
       stkrs. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1717. 10” Brown elec. PW Odeon O-4916
       [Be8884/8885]. DIE HERZOGIN
       VON CHICAGO: Rose der Prairie/
       Wiener Musik (Kálmán). Small
       lbl. stkrs. Side one few lt. rubs,
       cons. 2. Side two just about 1-2.
1685. 10” Brown elec. PW Odeon O-4919
       [Be6886/6887]. BRUDER
       STRAUBINGER: Küssen ist                  Tenors TINO PATTIERA (left) and RICHARD TAUBER
       keine sünd’ (Eysler)/VOGEL-
       HÄNDLER: Wie mein Ahn’l zwanzig Jar (Zeller). Superficial rubs, 2-3. $8.00.
1716. 10” Brown elec. PW Odeon O-4939 [Be8385/8398]. ZIGEUNERLIEBE: Und wenn
       mein Lieb dich mein eiziges Glück (Lehár)/ZIGEUNERBARON: Als flotter Geist
       (Strauss). Small lbl. stkrs. Original text sheet (one corner torn, no printing lost). Just
       about 1-2. $10.00.
1741. 10” Brown elec. PW Odeon O-4948 [Be8562-2/8563-2]. MARIETTA: Frauen, ihr
       macht uns/MARIETTA: Wer immer eine Frau nur küsst (Oscar Straus). Small lbl.
       stkrs. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1756. 10” Brown elec. PW Odeons O-4962 through O-4966 [five discs]. DER BETTEL-
       STUDENT: Kurzoperette [abbreviated operetta] (Millöcker). With VERA SCHWARZ
       [s], LEO SCHÜTZENDORF [bs], MAX KUTTNER [t], etc., dir. ERNST RÖMER.
       Includes original German libretto. Small lbl. stkrs. Just about 1-2. $25.00.
1739. 10” Brown elec. PW Odeon O-4980 [Be9267-2/9268-3]. SCHÖN IST DIE WELT: Frei
       und jung dabei/SCHÖN IST DIE WELT: Es steht von Lieben (Lehár). Both with
       GITTA ALPAR [s]. Small lbl. stkrs. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1722. 10” Brown elec. PW Odeon O-4986 [Be9356-2/9357-2]. DAS VEILCHEN VON
       MONTMARTRE: Ninon, du Kind der Stadt Paris/DAS VEILCHEN VON
       MONTMARTRE: Was weiss ein nie geküsster Rosenmund (Kálmán). Includes
       original text sheet. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1641. 10” Brown elec. PW Odeon O-4988 [Be9411-2/9412-2]. ALLES FÜR EUCH,
       (Stolz). One lt. superficial ndle. scr. side one, few lt. rubs. 2. $10.00.
1724. 10” Brown elec. PW Odeon O-4997 [Be9601-2/9602]. LIEBESKOMMANDO: Ich
       möchte einmal wieder/LIEBESKOMMANDO: Im Traum hast du mire alles erlaubt!
       (Stolz). Small lbl. stkrs. Includes original text sheet (one corner, not including text,
       missing). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1729. 10” Parl.-Odeon RO 20189 [Be9903/9904-2]. TOSCA: E lucevan le stelle/TOSCA:
       Recondita armonia (Puccini). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1708. 10” Parl.-Odeon RO 20498 [CE-10688-1/10690-1]. MY MOONLIGHT MADONNA
       (Fibich)/ NEW MOON: Lover Come Back To Me (Romberg). Side one some lt. rubs,
       2. Side two just about 1-2. $8.00.
1754. 10” Parl.-Odeon RO 20553 [CE-11594-2/11595-2]. EIN TRÄUM/EROS (both Grieg).
       Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2546. 10” Parl.-Odeon RO 20556 [CE-11974-1/11975-2]. OKLAHOMA: Oh, What a
       Beautiful Mornin’ (Rodgers)/ANNIE GET YOUR GUN: They Say It’s Wonderful
       (Berlin). Cons. 2. $10.00.
2875. 12” Odeon JXX 81029 [XXB6443]. MARTHA: Ach so fromm (Flotow). One LGT,
       cons. 2. $10.00.
2876. 12” Odeon JXX 81938 [XXB6843]. MIGNON: Leb’ wohl Mignon (Thomas). 2. $8.00.

                              VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2547. 10” PW Plum Electrola EG 3895
       [ORA1780-2/1781-2]. MUTTER,
       HERBST (both Franz). Piano
       acc. Bruno Seidler-Winkler. One
       rub, otherwise just about 1-2.
6083. 9” Vinyl Zonophone 10002
       [3513]. BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA:
       Una voce poco fa (Rossini).
       Piano acc. Her first recording
       session, (likely) San Francisco,
       1904. Better sound than all but
       absolutely mint originals. Just
       about 1-2. $25.00.
6235. 12” Vinyl Zonophone 10001
       [3511]. RIGOLETTO: Caro nome
       (Verdi). Just about 1-2.
2877. 12” Pink Raised Rim HMV
       2-053055 [Ac5166f]. LAKMÉ:
       Prayer (Delibes). Cons. 2.
2878. 12” Red Victor 88505. NINA
       (Pergolesi). Cons. 2. $8.00.
                                                        LUISA TETRAZZINI in 1920
1526. 10” TC acous. Columbia A1471
       [39122/ ? ]. AN OPEN SECRET
       (Woodman)/A RESOLVE [OBSTINATION] (de Fontenailles). Small tear under
       catalogue number on lbl. side two, otherwise cons. 2. $12.00.
1523. 10” Red London R.10058 [DGB5258-2/DGB5259-3D]. SWEET MISTRESS PRUE/
       CAREFREE. Both from Sir Roger de Coverly (Leigh). Minor pressing bump both
       sides. Cons. 2. $7.00.
2549. 10” PW Blue Eng. Col. LF 103 [WL-3321-1/3322-1]. ENLÈVEMENT (Charles
       Lévadé)/LA BARCHETA (Hahn). Side one with Georges Truc [pianist]. Side two
       with LILY LASKINE [harp} and M. LAFON [guitar]. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1639. 10” Blue Eng. Col. LF 128 [CL-4485-2/4569-1]. TOUT MON COEUR S’ELANCE VER
       TOI (Mauprey)/NINON (B. Kaper). Orch. dir. E. Bigot. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2879. 12” PW Eng. Green Col. D14544 [WBX495/497]. ANDREA CHENIER: Improvviso
       (Giordano)/TURANDOT: Nessun dorma (Puccini). In Italian. Couple MGTs side
       one, couple LSSs, cons. 2. $20.00.
2550. 10” Brown shellac Aeol.-Vocalion 30127 [6611]. MOTHER O’ MINE (Tours). Just
       about 1-2. $8.00.
2551. 10” Purple elec. Bruns. 10274. ROSES OF PICARDY (Wood)/SMILING EYES
       (Tours). Side one couple lt. rubs, cons. 2. Side two just about 1-2. $8.00.
1872. 10” Gold elec. Bruns. 15168. IN THE GLOAMING (Harrison)/AT DAWNING
       (Cadman). Excellent late ‘30s Columbia pressing. IMs. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2552. 10” PW Red Victor 1525. HOME ON THE RANGE (Guion)/TREES (Rasbach).
       Couple minor rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
1714. 10” PW Red Victor 1571. SHOW BOAT: Ol’ Man River (Kern)/SYLVIA (Speaks).
       Couple lightest rubs side one, otherwise just about 1-2. $8.00.
6038. 10” Victor Vinyl mat. PBS-019294. EIN SCHWAN (Grieg). Piano acc. Unpublished.
       Just about 1-2. $20.00.
6039. 10” Victor Vinyl mat. BS-030512-2. RUHE, MEINE SEELE (Strauss). Piano acc.
       Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
6040. 10” Victor Vinyl mat. BS-030513-1. GEBET (Marx). Piano acc. Unpublished. Just
       about 1-2. $20.00.
6041. 10” Victor Vinyl mat. BS-030514. DER TON (Marx). Piano acc. Unpublished. Just
       about 1-2. $20.00.

                                     VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
6127. 10” Victor Vinyl mat.
       BEAU SOIR
       Unpublished. Just
       about 1-2. $20.00.
6128. 10” Victor Vinyl mat.
       BEAU SOIR
       Unpublished. Just
       about 1-2. $20.00.
6003. 10” Victor Vinyl mat.
       WINDOW (Brahe).
       Piano acc.
       Unpublished. Just
       about 1-2. $20.00.
6158. 12” Victor Vinyl mat.
       FLOWER (Frank
       Bridge). Piano acc.
                              JOHN CHARLES THOMAS, 1921, enjoying his latest Vocalion Records
       Unpublished. Just
       about 1-2. $25.00.
6173. 12” Victor Vinyl mat. PCS-072014-1. SHALLOW BROWN (Piggott-Grainger). Piano
       acc. Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $25.00.
ANNE THURSFIELD [ms]. A concert singer, Thursfield
toured internationally, making her U.S. debut in 1926 on
a tour that included Aeolian Hall in New York, the Library
of Congress and the Ojai Music Festival in California. She
was considered by Olin Downes in the NY Times to com-
mand “effective diction and a sense of style”, as well as
“finesse and, when the song is a proper vehicle for her, the
quality of charm.” Her voice was considered “ … slight. It
scarcely sustains a mezzo-forte, let alone a forte or fortis-
simo.” Downes considered her “more a diseuse than a
2548. 10” PW HMV E.452 [Bb9525-IA/ 9527-II]
       (Fauré). Piano acc. Ivor Newton. Cons. 2.

2553. 10” PW Victor 1447. THE ROGUE SONG: The
       White Dove/THE ROGUE SONG: When I’m
       Looking at You (Stothart). Excellent pressing.
       Just about 1-2. $8.00.
6010. 10” Vinyl Victor mat. BVE-45189-3.
       TRAVELIN’ TO THE GRAVE (arr. Reddick).
       Piano acc. Unpublished. Just about 1-2.
       $20.00.                                           LAWRENCE TIBBETT and the first
6097. 10” Vinyl Victor mat. BVE-43720-2.                       MRS. TIBBETT, 1922
       CRUCIFIX (Faure). With RICHARD
       CROOKS [t]. Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $25.00.
6098. 10” Vinyl Victor mat. BVE-45187. SHAKE YOUR BROWN FEET, HONEY (Langston
       Hughes-John Alden Carpenter). Unpublished. Piano acc. Just about 1-2.
6000. 10” Vinyl Victor mat. BS-045764-2. A STAR WAS HIS CANDLE (del Riego). Piano
       acc. Preceded by Tibbett delivering an RCA Victor advertising message. 15 Dec.
       1939. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
6157. 12” Vinyl victor mat. CS-02175-1. HALLELUJAH RHYTHM (Jacques Wolfe). Orch.
       acc. Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $20.00.

                                     VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
KARLA TICHÁ [s]. Kostelec near Orl, 1895-1977. She made her debut at Brno in 1920 as
Micaëla in Carmen, subsequently singing a total of over seventy major roles, ranging from
dramatic through coloratura. A small group of these includes Tatiana, Jenufa, Desdemona, Senta
and Mimi.
2554. 10” PW Plum Czech HMV AM 2296 [BW2746-I/2747-II]. NARODIL SE KRISTUS
        PÁN (Malát)/NESEM VAM NOV’NY (Vánocni písen). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
ARMAND TOKATYAN [t]. Plovdiv, Bulgaria,
 1894-Pasadena, CA, 1960. Born of Armenian
parents, Tokatyan was born in Bulgaria and then
moved with his family to Egypt, where he sang in
cafés to much applause. His parents sent him to
Paris to study tailoring, but he instead continued
his café work in the city’s Left Bank area. Returning
to Egypt he made a successful entrance into
operetta. He was then encouraged to study operatic
repertoire and voice, which he did in Milan,
beginning in 1919. His debut took place there two
years later at the Teatro dal Verme as des Grieux in
Manon Lescaut. He then ventured to America where
he was hired by Antonio Scotti’s touring opera
company. The Metropolitan then booked him in
1923, and he remained a principal tenor there until
1946. His repertoire included standard parts such
as Turiddu, Rodolfo, Don José, Pinkerton and
Alfredo as well as being principal tenor in less
familiar works such as La Vida Breve (de Falla),
Anima Allegra (Vittadini) and L’Oracolo (Leoni), his
total at the Met having been 38 roles and 448
performances. In later years, after divorcing his wife
who, he claimed, drank to excess, was unreason-
ably jealous and who called him names (such as,
quoted in the N.Y.Daily News, “a lousy singer”),
Tokatyan lived and taught in Pasadena. His only
issued records under his own name were a few
sides for Vocalion at the beginning of his American                 ARMAND TOKATYAN
career and two discs for Victor.
6106. 10” Victor Vinyl mat. BVE-59751. NOUVELLE BERCEUSE (Kelfaian). Apparently
       planned for the Armenian market, these four unpublished Tokatyan records were likely
       unissued as a result of the Depression. Just about 1-2. $25.00.
6107. 10” Victor Vinyl mat. BVE-59752. CHANT D’ÉMIGRÉ (Komitas). Unpublished. Just
       about 1-2. $25.00.
6108. 10” Victor Vinyl mat. BVE-62314. HAIASTAN (Verabel). Unpublished. Just about
       1-2. $25.00.
6100. 10” Victor Vinyl mat. BVE-62315. MY SWEETHEART (Sirquhis). Unpublished. Just
       about 1-2. $25.00.
2880. 12” Red Orth. Vla 7183. FANCIULLA DEL WEST: Ch’ella mi creda (Puccini)/
       ANDREA CHENIER: Improvviso (Giordano). One lt. rub side two, otherwise just
       about 1-2. $10.00.
2956. 12” Red Orth. Vla 7183. Same as previous listing. One tiny lbl. tear side two,
       otherwise just about 1-2. $10.00.
2881. 12” Red Orth. Vla 7318. LOLITA (Buzzi-Peccia)/L’ULTIMA CANZONE (Tosti). Just
       about 1-2. $10.00.
FAN TORRESELLA [s]. Tiflis, 1856-Rome, 1914. A pupil of her father, choral director
Antonio Torresella, Fany made her debut in Trieste in 1876. The next twenty-eight years she
appeared internationally as a leading coloratura, singing roles such as Elvira (in I Puritani), Lucia,
Lakmé, Marguerite de Valois in Les Huguenots and Philine in Mignon. She also was noted in lyric
repertoire, particularly operas then contemporary such as Puccini’s La Boheme and Le Villi,
Mascagni’s Le Maschere (which she premiered in Turin, 1901), Leoncavallo’s I Medici and
Massenet’s Cendrillon. She made her farewell to opera in 1904 as Gilda to Ruffo’s Rigoletto,
although she appeared in concerts for several more seasons. Conductor Tullio Serafin stated that
the three greatest soprano voices he heard in his life were those of Ponselle, Callas and Torresella.
2555. 10” Blue Disco Reale (Zonofono) X-482. RIGOLETTO: Caro nome (Verdi). She starts
         talking immediately after the last note (although I don’t know if what she says can be
         deciphered). An unknown record (do other copies exist?), missing in the Bayly-
         Kinnear Zonophone Discography, Bauer and so on. Something hot pressed in an
         area of the inner margin not affecting grooves and just touching label. Small orig. lbl.
         stkr. Greying, 5-6, but (dare I say this?) it plays considerably better than it looks.
                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2556. 10” Purple Artiphon Electyro
         03270/03271. IN DOME MEI-
         NER SEELE (Ferd. Schilling)/
         DER ASRA (Rubinstein). 2.
EMMA TRENTINI [s]. Milano, 1885 [or
 more likely Mantua, 1878)-Milano,
 1959. According to the New Grove
Dictionary of Opera, Trentini was born in
Milano, 1885, an “American soprano [a
fact I’ve not seen elsewhere] of Italian
birth” and “was discovered singing in a
Milan cabaret by Oscar Hammerstein, who
took her to America in 1906 to sing with
his Manhattan Opera Company.” Other
sources indicate that Melba had heard her
and recommended her to Hammerstein,
who was at the time in Europe looking for
artists for his Manhattan Opera. She
remained on the Manhattan roster until
the company folded in 1910, singing parts
such as Yniold in Debussy’s Pelléas et
Mélisande and Musetta in La Boheme.
Later in 1910 she created the lead on
Broadway in the premiere of Victor Her-
bert’s operetta, Naughty Marietta. In 1912
she was the principal female in Friml’s The
Firefly, an operetta originally to have been
composed by Victor Herbert. As Herbert
endured diva difficulties with Trentini
during the Naughty Marietta run, he chose
not to work with her again and Rudolf
Friml was then selected as the composer.
It would seem that Friml had better luck                        EMMA TRENTINI
with Trentini than Herbert as she was also
the star of his 1915 operetta The Peasant Girl. Mrs. Friml was unhappy, however, with the
arrangement and sued her husband for divorce, claiming that he was guilty of “mis-conducting”
himself with Trentini in various locations. Her career diminished as a result of her “fiery temper
and grooving arrogance” or, as described in another source, her “bulging ego and vanity”. She died
in poverty, mostly forgotten.
1678. 10” Blk. Pats. Victor 16574. LUCIA: Sulla tomba (Donizetti). With GINO
      pallor funesto (Donizetti). One small rim chip side one not to grooves, otherwise looks
      new. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2557. 10” PW Blue Eng. Col. D1563 [WB1088/1089]. BECAUSE/SOMETIMES IN MY
       DREAMS (both d’Hardelot). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
KAMILA UNGROVÁ [s]. Kourim, 1887-1972. Her father was a conductor and inspired her
interest in the arts. She studied at the Prague Conservatory and then the Pivoda School of Singing.
She went directly from there to the National Theater, making her debut as Amor in Gluck’s Orfeo,
1906, but also continued studying, then with Ludmilla Prohaska-Neumann. She remained a
leading figure at the National Theater until her retirement in 1928.
4495. 12” Dog Gram. Mon. 074003/074000 [320s/323s]. BARTERED BRIDE: Duetto
       (Smetana). Nice copy of this rarity. Side one very lt. rubs, 2. Side two cons. 2.
4107. 12” Dog Gram. Mon. 042263/042264 [483s/484s]. LE PROPHÈTE: Roi du ciel/LE
       PROPHÈTE: Pastorale (Meyerbeer). In German. Minor lt. rubs, 2. $60.00.
4294. 12” Yellow Eng. Decca DA.8227 [592GS/593 GS]. TOSCA: Vissi d’arte/TURAN-
       DOT: In questa reggia (both Puccini). In German. Orch. dir. CLEMENS KRAUSS.
        Side one lbl. stkr. with Viorica Ursuleac’s signature. Clemens Krauss has signed the
        label. Slightest mks., cons. 2. $15.00.
                                  VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
3484. 10” Plum PW Electrola EG 1429 [BF2526-I/2547-IIT1]. LA CENA DELLE BEFFE:
       Tornato è maggio/LA CENA DELLE BEFFE: Calata in Arno (Giordano). Scarce.
       IMs. Very lt. superficial rubs, cons. 2-3. $15.00.
2560. 10” Blk. Angel Pre-Dog Disque Gram. 3-32742/3-32743 [5185h/5186h]. LES
       BOEUFS (Dupont)/LE PRESSOIR (Faure). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
1703. 10” Red elec. PW Odeon 188.578 [KI-1616-2/1617-1]. CLAIR DE LUNE/
       L’AUTOMNE (both Fauré). Piano acc. Few lt. superficial rubs side two, 2. Side one
       just about 1-2. $10.00.
1619. 10” Red elec. PW Odeon 188.573 [KI-1609-2/KI-1749]. L’AMOUR SORCIER: Danse
       du Jeu d’Amour (de Falla)/JOTA (Raoul Laparra). Orch. dir. G. Cloëz. Just about
       1-2. $20.00.
1544. 10” Red elec. PW Odeon 188.693 [2KI-2776-2/2777-2]. CANTILENE DE LA JEUNE
       FILLE PERDUE; CHAN ANDALOU/GRANADA (all Joaquin Nin). Piano acc. by the
       composer. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
1701. 10” Pathé PA 1280 [CPT-3450-1/3451-1]. QUAND MADELON (Robert)/MON VIEUX
       PONT DE PIERRE (Bos-Gailhard). Both from Film La Fille de la Madelon. Just
       about 1-2. 10.00.
4224. 11 ” Orange Art-Label Pathé X.7145 [N.201720-1/N.201721-1]. BOHEME: Mi
       chiamano Mimi/BOHEME: Addio di Mimi (Puccini). In French. Label side one
       autographed by Vallin. Few minor rubs, 2. $20.00.
ERNEST VAN DYCK [t]. See also Vertical Cut section. Antwerp, 1861-1923. Originally a
composition with Massenet and Chabrier. His stage debut was in 1883. In 1887 he was the first to
sing Lohengrin in France and in 1888 had a great success as Parsifal at Bayreuth, a role he
repeated there on several occasions. In 1892 he created Werther in the Vienna world premiere of
the Massenet opera and was also in the original Vienna performances of Manon (1890) and
Pagliacci (1893). In 1892 he was the first to sing Siegfried at the Paris Opéra. His exceptional
career, which lasted until 1912, included
seasons in Russia, Budapest, at Covent
Garden, and the Metropolitan and Chicago
Operas. While noted for his interpretation of
the heavier Wagnerian tenor roles, he also
sang parts in the French and Italian lyric
repertoire as well.
2117. 10” Blk. acous. Homophone 8702/
       380 [M13V/B7U]. J’AI PAR-
       DONNÉ (Schumann)/RENÉ
       (Tagliafico). Piano acc. side one.
       Side one plays about 89.5. Side two
       likely 85.0 (key of F). Slight,
       harmless warp. Couple TBs side
       one. Few small ticks side two. 2-3.
2449. 10” Blk. acous. Homophone 8702/
       8380. Same as previous listing
       (item #2117). One TB side one,
       otherwise just about 2. Side two
       one small superficial scr., otherwise
       just about 2. $75.00.
2561. 10” Blk. VT Col. 132-M [W142232-
       6/W142238-2]. FROM THE LAND
       (Cadman)/HOMING (del Riego).
       Piano acc. side two. Just about
       1-2. $12.00.                                    CYRENA VAN GORDON
2562. 10” PW Red Disque Gram. DA 1124 [BF3316-II/3318-II]. PANURGE: Chanson de la
       Touraine (Massenet)/LE BEAU SÉJOUR; DANS NOTRE VILLAGE (18th & 17th
       century songs). Side one creator performance. Piano acc. Piero Coppola. Fine late
       ‘30s pressing material. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

                                  VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2563. 10” PW Red Disque Gram. DA 4804 [OG-
       925-II/949-2]. CANTATILLE (Lancel)/
       CHANSON NORMANDE (Weckerlin).
       Piano acc. P. Coppola. Just about 1-2.
2564. 10” PW Red Disque Gram. DA 4829
       [OW1584-1/1585-1]. ENVOI DE
       FLEURS/ PRIÈRE (both Gounod). Piano
       acc. Lucien Petijean. Just about 1-2.
2565. 10” PW Red Disque Gram. DA 4838
       [OG919-I/920-II]. JE PLEURE/LE MAL
       D’AIMER (both Tosti). Piano acc. Piero
       Coppola. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2566. 10” PW Red Disque Gram. DA 4857
       [OPG1649-I/1650-I]. DON QUICHOTTE:
       La Mort de Don Quichotte (Massenet).
       Two sides. With MICHAEL COZETTE [b]
       and (side two) ODETTE RICQUIER [s].
       Orch. dir. Piero Coppola. Few harmless
       lt. mks., cons. 2. $12.00.
2327. 10” PW Red Disque Gram. DA 4867
       [OLA142-1/143-1]. MIGNON: Air de
       Lothario/ MIGNON: Berceuse (Thomas).
       Orch. dir. Piero Coppola. Just about
       1-2. $25.00.
2882. 12” PW Red Disque Gram. DB 4950
       [2PG-1648-1/2LA-141-1]. BORIS                   (JEAN-ÉMILE) VANNI MARCOUX
       GODOUNOV: Mon coeur est triste
       (Moussorgsky)/LOUISE: Berceuse
       (Charpentier). Orch. dir. Piero Coppola. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2883. 12” Lilac HMV AGSB 85 [2WA-612-2/613-2]. DON CARLOS: Elle ne m’aime pas
       (Verdi). Two sides. Orch. dir. Piero Coppola. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
2838. 12” Blk. Hist. No. 2 HMV D.809 [2499f/0746v]. RHEINGOLD: Abendlich strahlt
       (Wagner)/LEOPOLD DEMUTH [b]. NACHTLAGER VON GRANADA: Fürwahr es ist
       ein Abenteuer (Kreutzer). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
ELVINO VENTURA [t]. Palermo, 1873 (or 1879)-Milano, 1931. He studied law originally but
abandoned that career in favor of music. He studied in Palermo and then Milano and made his
debut in 1894. Another source gives his debut as 1900 in Cavalleria Rusticana under Mascagni in
Pesaro. Much of his career was centered in various (mostly) smaller Italian houses, although
during the period of 1907-13 he appeared in South America as well as in London, Paris,
Amsterdam and Egypt. His London venues included the Coronet Theater, Drury Lane Theater, the
Palladium and in concert at Albert Hall and Queens Hall. Ventura’s roles included, among others,
Don Josè, Fenton, Andrea Chenier, Canio, Turiddu, Osaka (Iris), Cavaradossi, and Loris (Fedora).
His pupils included his brother, Ludovico Oliviero, who sang comprimario roles at the Met for a
number of seasons. Ventura experienced a fatal stroke while on line to buy a ticket for a
performance by a pupil, Aldo Sinnone, at the Teatro Carcano.
2567. 10” Blk. Milano G&T 52736 [187-R]. LOHENGRIN: Mercè, cigno gentil (Wagner).
       Clean lbl. Couple MGTs, gen. 3. $20.00.
1044. 11” Unnumbered. O SOLE MIO (di Capua)/MIGNON: Ah, non credevi tu (Thomas).
       Piano acc. Somewhat flexible pressing material. In an Aerophone sleeve, although there
        are no numbers to indicate matrix or issue number, if indeed these were issued. I’d guess
        these were recorded in the 1906-12 period. Side one some MGTs, 2. Side two cons.
       2. $20.00.
1073. 11” Brown Odeon 59046/59047 [XM ? /617]. LUCIA: Tombe degli avi miei/LUCIA:
       Fra poco a me ricovero (Donizetti). Piano acc. Cons. 2. $20.00.
1046. 11” APGA 1056/1057. RIGOLETTO: O doux nom/RIGOLETTO: Au Temple (Verdi).
       Cons. 2. $25.00.
1005. 11” APGA 1068/1069. (VOCI DI) PRIMAVERA (Strauss)/PERLE DU BRÉSIL: Air du
       Mysoli (David). Some very tiny bumps (causing one or two groove ticks), otherwise
       2. $20.00.
1843. 10” Blk. Paris Angel Pre-Dog 33677 [5375h]. HAMLET: A vos jeux mes amis
       (Thomas). Couple MGTS, just about 1-2. $15.00.
                                    VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
3086. 11” acous. Odeon X.111288/X.111340
        [XP5790-2/5789-2]. WILLIAM TELL:
        Asile héréditaire (Rossini)/SIGURD:
        Esprits gardiens (Reyer). A few small
        scrs., rubbed. 3-4. $15.00.
2568. 10” Blk. acous. Disque Gram. P.614
        [BT861-II/1247-II]. SAMSON ET
        DALILA: Arrêtez, ô mes frères/ SAMSON
        ET DALILA: Israel romps ta chaîne
        (Saint-Saëns). Just about 1-2. $60.00.
3477. 10” Blk. acous. Disque Gram. P.624
        [BT1240-II/1258-II]. SIGURD: Esprits
        gardiens/SIGURD: J’ai gardé mon âme
        ingénue (Reyer). Tiny barely noticeable
        rim flake side one, far from grooves and
        scarcely worth mentioning. Superficial lt.
        rubs, 2-3. $25.00.
2569. 10” Red elec. PW Disque Gram. DA-4819
        [OW-479-4/480-1]. SAMSON ET DALI-
        LA: Mon coeur (Saint-Saëns). Two sides.
        With MARIA DUCHÈNE [c]. Harmless lt.
        lbl. scr. side one. Just about 1-2. $30.00.
2570. 10” Red PW Disque Gram. DA-4835 [OPG-
        303-2/324-2]. OTELLO: Dio! Mi potevi/
        OTELLO: Ora e per sempre addio (Verdi)      Youthful portrait of CÉSAR VEZZANI
        In French. Orch. dir. Piero Coppola.
        Just about 1-2. $40.00.
2571. 10” Red PW Disque Gram. DA 4843 [OW-447-II/448-II]. LA NAVARRAISE: O bien-
        aimée (Massenet)/SIGURD: Un souvenir poignant (Reyer). Orch. Dir. G. Lau-
        weryns. Few MGTs side two, cons. 2. $35.00.
4000. 12” PW Maroon Disque Gram. L-929
        [2W-1216-2/1262-2]. LE CRUCIFIX.
        With LOUIS CAZAUX [b] / CAZAUX [b].
        LES RAMEAUX (both Faure). Very rare.
        Just about 1-2. $75.00.
2572. 10” Red Pats. Victor 64094. MANON
        LESCAUT: In quelle trine morbide
        (Puccini). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
6142. 12” Vinyl Victor C-6196-2. LA BOHEME:
        Mi chiamano Mimi (Puccini). Rec. 15 May
        1908. Defect in master causes a “swish”
        through part of the record, otherwise just
        about 1-2. $10.00.
 Petersburg, 1913. She was a remarkably success-
ful operetta star and a concert singer of gypsy songs.
It was only natural that her vocal and physical
attractions should lead to opera, and she undertook
with success the roles of Carmen and Dalila. Vialt-
zeva was one of only three singers accorded Red
Seal status when these celebrity records were first
produced in 1901, the others having been Figner                    ANASTASIA VIALTZEVA
and Mei-Figner (to be followed shortly after by
Chaliapin). Some reference works indicate her death
as the result of leukemia, but Vivian Liff, in notes for a CD issue containing a Vialtzeva selection,
states, “She committed suicide after rejection by her lover, and the crowds at her funeral probably
outnumbered those at Princess Diana's nearly a century later.”
2574. 10” Flush Red St. Petersburg G&T 23130 [319x-F-2z]. LONGING FOR THEE
       (Russian Romance). Recorded 14 Dec. 1901. Most of gilt worn off label. Surface,
       however, is very clean. One skip and lt. swish in piano intro. which clears up
       immediately upon Vialtzeva’s entrance. One small ND and couple tiny nicks,
       harmless inherent surface depressions, otherwise 2-3. $150.00.

                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
1512. 10” acous. Nat’l Music Lovers 1031 [19108-A/19102-?]. RIGOLETTO: Caro nome
       (Verdi)/ HENRIETTE WAKEFIELD [c] (as MARIE VOLEVI). CARMEN: Habanera
       (Bizet). 2. $10.00.
IRMA VIGANÒ [s]. 1890- ? . The first notice of her singing seems to be around 1911 with the
Italian Opera in Holland. She subsequently sang throughout Italy, including La Scala in the 1914
premiere of Alfano’s l’Ombra di Don Giovanni and as Aida, 1923, conducted by Toscanini. She was
featured as well at the Palermo Teatro Massimo, the Parma Teatro Regio and the Rome Teatro
Costanzi, among many other houses. Viganò was announced twice to appear in the United States,
first with the Chicago Opera in 1920-21 and then in 1924 with an Italian troupe led by Mascagni.
The planned feature was to have been the American premiere of his 1921 hit, Il Piccolo Marat, in
which Viganò had sung the leading soprano role a year before with Mascagni conducting.
Unfortunately, neither plan reached fruition.
2575. 10” Cream lbl. Eng. Col. Test Pressing 70696/70673. AIDA: Ritorna vincitor [part 1]
       (Verdi)/LA WALLY: Ebben, ne andrò lontana (Catalani). Good surface material.
       Gen. 3. $15.00.
1089. 10” Fonotipia 69097/69098 [XPh ? /XPh49122]. TRISTAN UND ISOLDE: Su noi
       discendi/TRISTAN UND ISOLDE: Celasi il sol (Wagner). With MARIA
       ALESSANDROVICH [s]. Alessandrovich is labeled “a Polish coloratura soprano” in a
        June, 1910 photo. She is mentioned as being 18 at the time (and therefore 20 when this
        recording was made) and was preparing with Jean de Reszke to make her debut as Gilda.
        Quite a jump to singing Isolde, but singers then seemed much less fach conscious than
        today. Superficial rubs, gen. 3-4. $20.00.
2573. 10” PW Red Odeon 188.448 [KI-1518-1/1727-2]. CHANSON DE SHYLOCK (Fauré)/
       PAYSAGE (Hahn). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
1700. 10” Yellow Deut. Gram. 62837 [9156GD/9157 GD]. DIE LIEBE HAT GELOGEN/
       DIE MUSENSOHN (both Schubert). Piano acc. Gustav Grassmann. Few lightest
       rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
BIANCA VOLPINI [ms]. Volpini appeared in various Italian houses, including the Teatro Cressoni
(Como) and the Politeama (Pisa). She either emigrated to or visited North America in 1909 where
she appeared in Montreal (1909 and 1911) and Ottawa (1911) as well as at the Academy of Music
in New York (1910) and Providence, RI (1911). Her repertoire included major parts such as
Amneris, Laura (La Gioconda) and Leonora (La Favorita). What subsequently became of her isn’t
known. Do other recordings exist of her voice?
1043. 11” Brown Odeon 37429/37444 [XM791/792]. TROVATORE: Stride la vampa/
       TROVATORE: Giorni poveri vivea (Verdi). Piano acc. Few LGTs, 2. $20.00.
HENRIETTA WAKEFIELD [c]. New York, 1878-Norwalk, CT, 1974. Wakefield’s long
Metropolitan Opera career included twenty seasons between 1907 and 1935 in which she sang 69
roles. These ranged from Suzuki in Madama Butterfly, La Cieca in La Gioconda and Madelon in
Andrea Chenier through the roles of Gerhilde, Grimgerde, Schwertleite and Waltraute in Wagner’s
Die Walküre (not all in one evening!). She also appeared in musicals and operetta (de Koven’s Rob
Roy in 1912 was a particular success) as well as in oratorio and in recitals. Her husband was the
baritone Greek Evans.
2884. 12” Purple “A” plate ’12 Pats. Victor 70101. ROB ROY: Who Can Tell Me Where She
      Dwells? (de Koven). With FRANK POLLOCK [t]. Couple MGTs, 2. $12.00.
1434. 10” Blk. Wien G&T 43231 [915 -XF-2z]. EVANGELIMANN: O schöne Jugendtage
       (Kienzl). Piano acc. Very appealing performance. Lovely, unforced top and cavernous
       low sounds. Lbl. rubbed top edge around trademark (not into print). Inherent (in all
       copies) surface depressions are harmless. One small ND (four ticks), otherwise
       surface an excellent, unworn 2. $600.00.
1642. 10” Red RCA Victor 10-1500. BLOW THE MAN DOWN/THE DRUNKEN SAILOR
       (both arr. T. Scott). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
PRINCESS WATAHWASO [ms]. Described as a “full-blooded [Maine] Penobscot Indian mezzo-
soprano” in publicity material, Watahwaso was active in the late ‘teens and 1920s in concerts of
songs of the American Indians or arranged versions by various composers. She would occasionally
add groups of other concert repertoire, such as at her Aeolian Hall (NYC) debut in 1920, which
included “Voce di Donna” from Ponchielli’s La Gioconda and Bemberg’s Chant Indou.
1558. 10” acous. Blk. Victor 18431. BY THE WATERS OF MINNETONKA/A SIOUX
       SERENADE (both Thurlow Lieurance). With Hubert Small [flute]. Accompanied
       by the composer. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
ERIKA WEDEKIND [s]. Hannover, 1868-Zurich, 1944. Originally a school teacher, Wedekind
was only allowed to study singing after the death of her father in 1888. After some experience with
a teacher she found not to her liking, she discovered Aglaja Orgeni, a pupil of Marchesi and
Viardot-Garcia. Orgeni provided effective training and Wedekind began singing professionally while
studying. By 1894 she was ready for her official debut, Frau Fluth in Nicolai’s Merry Wives of
Windsor. Ths was in Dresden, and her success was so sensational that she was retained
there season after season, from 1894 through 1909. From 1910 through 1914 she appeared as a
guest in various German houses, making her operatic farewell in 1914. She subsequently appeared
in concerts through 1926. Her voice was unusually pure and crystalline and with little vibrato.
1435. 10” Berlin/Dresden G&T 43956/43948 [3408r/3410r]. DIE SCHÖNEN VON
       FOGAROS: Gänselied (Grünfeld)/DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT: Weiss nicht die
       Welt (Donizetti). Side one creator performance. Edge chip far from grooves. Side
       one lt. NS should be harmless, few LGTs, 2. Side two some LGTs (very forward),
       two heavy (but harmless) rubs, gen. 3. $75.00.
1436. 10” Dresden Pre-Dog Blk. Gram. 2-43204/2-43205 [5079r/5075r]. KOMM O
       KOMM, FRAU NACHTIGALL (Ph. Wunderlich)/FRA DIAVOLO: Welches Glück
       (Auber). Side one with flute and piano. Side two with orchestra. Side one couple
       LGTs, cons. 2. Side two some LGTs (some noise in orchestral intro.), two small PBs
       (should be harmless), otherwise cons. 3. $200.00.
FRIEDRICH WEIDEMANN [b]. 1871-Wien, 1919. After studies in Hamburg and Berlin,
Weidemann made his debut in 1896 in Schlisen. He then moved to Essen and then Hamburg and
two seasons in Riga. 1903 marked his Vienna Opera debut, where he was highly regarded by
Mahler, who chose him for the premiere of his Kindertotenlieder in 1905. Weidemann was also in
the Vienna premieres of several operas, including Orestes in Elektra (1909), Golaud in Pelléas et
Mélisande (1910) and Amfortas in Parsifal (1914). He also had considerable success at Covent
2576. 10” Blk. Angel Pre-Dog Gram. 4-42022/4-42023 [11757u/11753u]. CZAR UND
       ZIMMERMANN: Auf Gesellen (Lortzing)/LOHENGRIN: Heerrufer (Wagner). Two
       minor PBs side two likely harmless, otherwise just about 1-2. $15.00.
JOHN BARNES WELLS [t]. Ashley, PA, 1880-Roxbury, NY, 1935. Wells attended Syracuse
University (NYS) and in 1901 began vocal studies in NYC with Dennis Mehan and Victor Harris. He
was known as a church and oratorio singer and made his New York solo recital debut in 1915. He
subsequently toured the U.S. Active as a composer as well, he wrote (and had published) a number
of songs. Wells also taught voice in Princeton and in New York City, one of his pupils having been
tenor Michael Bartlett, who appeared in films and on Broadway.
2577. 10” acous. Blk. Victor 17693. JOY OF THE MORNING/BOAT SONG (both Harriet
       Ware). Accompanied by the composer. Cons. 2. $10.00.
1559. 10” acous. Blk. Victor 18062. LONG AGO IN ALCALA (Messager)/THE OWL;
       CROW’S EGG; WHY? (John Barnes Wells). Few lighest mks., cons. 2. $10.00.
1437. 10” Blue Disco Zonofono X-1577. PURITANI:
       Vien diletto (Bellini). Stuck groove near start.
       NS, also near start, ticks. It sounds again near
       the end of the first verse and runs on through
       the first phrase of second verse, returning
       again lightly here and there. Otherwise the
       disc is clean (no needle wear), cons. 3.
AUGUST WERNER [b]. Bergen, Norway, 1893-
Seattle, 1980. In 1913 Werner received a B.S. from the
College of Agriculture in Stend, Norway, and was gradua-
ted from the Masters School of Music, N.Y., in 1924. He
served as a professor at the University of Washington from
1931 to 1965, where he taught voice, gave recitals, and
was involved in university opera productions. Werner also
directed the Norwegian Male Chorus and the Ladies’
Chorus in Seattle. He was also noted for visual arts skills
as both a painter and sculptor. Among his works in the
latter medium are a bust of Beethoven at the University of
Washington and a cast-bronze statue of Leif Eriksson,
unveiled in 1962, which overlooks Shilshole Bay Marina
in the Ballard area of Seattle. He was decorated by the              AUGUST WERNER
King of Sweden with the Order of St. Olav.
2579. 10” Blk. Orth. Victor 78798. SANG TIL JULE-
       TREE ET (Edvard Grieg)/JULESANG (Adam). Cons. 2. $10.00.

                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2578. 10” Blk. acous. Vr 17179. ALLERSEELEN (Strauss)/ZUR’ RUH, ZUR RUH’! (Wolf).
       Both in German. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1606. 10” Red Orth. Vla 1264. THE GREEN-EYED DRAGON (Wolseley Charles)/TAVERN
       SONG (Fisher). Piano acc. Herbert Carrick. An uncommon Werrenrath. Just about
       1-2. $10.00.
GERTRUD PÅLSON-WETTERGREN [ms]. Malmö, 1897-1991. Her debut was in Stockholm
as Cherubino in Le Nozze di Figaro. She remained a member of the Stockholm Royal Opera for 27
years, appearing also throughout Europe, notably at Covent Garden, and the Met, having made her
debut there in 1935 as Amneris. She also sang with the Chicago Opera, first appearing in 1936 as
Carmen. After she retired, she coached and taught in Stockholm, one of those she prepared having
been Birgit Nilsson. Said Nilsson, “She was understanding, inspiring, and blessed with an intuitive
‘feel’ for the theatrical that I have seldom found in another singer. Physically, she was rather a
heavy woman, with a kind of lumbering gait. Onstage, however, she was transformed, her
movements light as a feather.”-from La Nilsson, trans. Doris Jung Popper
2394. 10” Plum HMV X.2644 [Bk2385-1T1/2386-1T1]. CARMEN: Habanera/CARMEN:
        Seguidilla (Bizet). In Swedish. Her only commercial record. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
CAROLINA WHITE [s]. Dorchester,
 MA, 1886-Rome, 1961. She studied
first in Boston and in Italy in 1907 with
Sabastiani and Paul Longone, whom
she married. Her debut was at the Tea-
tro San Carlo in 1908 as Gutrune in
Götterdämmerung. She appeared in
 several Italian houses as well as in
Switzerland and was hired for the Chi-
cago Opera where she sang from 1910
through 1914. White was a great suc-
cess singing roles such as Santuzza,
Aida, Elsa and Gioconda, as well as
creating several roles for Chicago
including Minnie in Puccini’s La Fan-
ciulla del West. Of her in this role, a
reviewer noted “She combines the
charm of youth, an elastic step, …
flashing black eyes [and] lithe and
graceful lines. She entered into the
spirit with the composure of an exper-
ienced actress.” In 1912 she went on a
short strike, complaining about her
salary of $350 a week, even though she
was often scheduled weekly for four
leading roles. General Manager Andreas
Dippel countered that she was paid
$800 weekly. “She doesn’t do anything
but eat, eat, eat from morning
‘till night. Next to that it’s growl, growl,
growl morning, noon and night,”                               CAROLINA WHITE
claimed the undiplomatic Dippel. The
first charge would be difficult to imagine from the svelte and attractive figure she displays as
Caruso’s co-star in his 1918 film, My Cousin. She left the Chicago Opera in 1915 and toured in
vaudeville for a year. Other than her appearance in Caruso’s film, not much is known of her until
her death in Rome.
2885. 12” Gold PW Columbia HRS 1012 [30870]. ROBERT LE DIABLE: Roberto, tu che
       adoro (Meyerbeer). Excellent late ‘30s pressing. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
2580. 10” Blk. Bayreuth G&T 2-42921 [1124e]. TANNHÄUSER: Wohl wusst’ ich hier sie
       im Gebet zu finden (Wagner). Piano acc. In 1904, G&T set up a studio to record stars
        of the Bayreuth Festival, where Whitehill was singing Wolfram, also his Met Opera debut
        role in 1909. This record pre-dates Whitehill’s first Victor and HMV records by about
        seven years. Bright lbl. Few LGTs, one harmless 1” hair crk. on blank side only,
       otherwise 3. $200.00.
2943. 12” Red Victor 74320. ELIJAH: Lord God of Abraham (Mendelssohn). Just about
       1-2. $8.00.
2944. 12” Red ’12 Pats. Victor 74364 [take 4]. THAÏS: Voilà donc la terrible cite
       (Massenet). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2946. 12” Red Victor 74380. ELIJAH: It Is Enough (Mendelssohn). Just about 1-2. $8.00.

                                   VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
2945. 12” Red Victor 74405. REQUIEM: Confu-
       tatis (Verdi). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
4707. 12” Red Orth. Vla 6732. BOHEMIAN
       GIRL: Heart Bow’d Down (Balfe)/LOVE’S
       OLD SWEET SONG (Molloy). Just about
       1-2. $15.00.
2886. 12” Red Schall. Gram. 72835 [805as/
       607as]. GIOCONDA: Suicidio (Ponchi-
       elli)/ FRIDA LEIDER [s]. TOSCA: Vissi
       d’arte (Puccini). Slightest surface
       graininess should be no harm, cons. 2.
1803. 10” Blk. G&T 3-2423 [3494e]. SONGS MY
       MOTHER TAUGHT ME (Dvorak). Piano
       acc. Just about 1-2. $30.00.
1686. 10” Blk. G&T 3-2425 [3595e]. JEAN
       (Burleigh). Piano acc. 2. $25.00.
1875. 10” Purple HMV 4-2088 [11980e]. A
       DREAM (Bartlett). Piano acc. Small lbl.
       stkr. 2. $25.00.
1740. 10” Red Vla 64650. ELIJAH: Then Shall
       the Righteous Shine Forth
       (Mendelssohn). Just about 1-2. $7.00.
6087. 10” Vinyl Victor mat. B-8289.
       (Mascagni). In English. Unpublished.
       Just about 1-2. $20.00.
4632. 12” Red ’08 Pats. 74150. ELISIR
       D’AMORE: Una furtiva lagrima
       (Donizetti). In English. One tiny LSS,
       otherwise just about 1-2. $12.00.
HERMANN WINKELMANN [t]. Braunschweig,
 1849-Mauer, 1912. After studying in Paris and
then Hannover, Winkelmann made his debut at the
Hoftheater in Sondershausen as Manrico in Il Trova-
tore (1875). While his most important world creation
was surely Wagner's Parsifal (Bayreuth, 1882), he
also created the title role in Rubinstein's Nero
(Hamburg, 1879) and was Jean in the German
premiere of Massenet's Hérodiade, 1883. He began                CLARENCE WHITEHILL
an important tenure with the Vienna Hofoper in
1883 and was Vienna's first Tristan (1883) and
Otello (1888). Winkelmann later taught and was active in concert and oratorio as well.
1438. 10” Blk. Angel Pre-Dog Gram. 3-42299/3-42416 [6770b/6772b]. DALIBOR: Arie
       (Smetana)/TROVATORE: Ständchen (Verdi). Piano acc. Superb copy. Just about 1-
       2. $400.00.
2581. 10” PW Blk. Victor V-6095 [BLR6020-II/6023-II]. ÜBER’S MEER, GRÜSS ICH DICH,
       Jurmann). Both from film Ich glabu’ nie mehr an eine Frau. Just about 1-2.
OTTO WOLF [t]. 1871-Munich, 1946. His debut was in Sonderhausen as Almaviva in Il
Barbiere di Siviglia. From there he moved to the rosters of Lübeck, Mainz and Darmstadt. From
1909 to 1930 he was a valuable artist with the Munich Opera, returning there through 1934 as a
guest, his last performance having been Pedro in d’Albert’s Tiefland. Also as a guest, he was heard
with the Vienna Staatsoper, in Zurich and a number of other companies. Wolf’s roles included
Walther von Stolzing, Tristan, Tannhäuser and Siegmund.
2582. 10” acous. Polydor 62513 [3560ar/3561ar]. WALKÜRE: Friedjmund dort ich nicht
       heißen/WALKÜRE: Ein starkes Jagen (Wagner). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2583. 10” elec. Herrold 4000. SPRING’S INVITATION (Yaw)/MIREILLE: O légère hirondelle
       (Gounod). Piano acc. Excellent RR from 1937 HMV private issue. 2. $8.00.

                                  VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
6071. 10” Vinyl Victor mat. B-4836-1. MANON
       LESCAUT: Laughing Song (Auber). Piano
       acc. Unpublished. Just about 1-2.
6072. 10” Vinyl Victor mat. B-4836-2. MANON
       LESCAUT: Laughing Song (Auber).
       Piano acc. Unpublished. Just about 1-2.
2887. 12” Lilac acous. HMV AGSB 66. PERLE
       DU BRÈSIL: Charmant oiseau (David)/
       LUCIA: Ardon gl’incensi (Donizetti).
        From orig. unpublished 1907 Victor
        matrices. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2888. 12” Lilac acous. HMV AGSB 202. TIMBRE
       D’ARGENT: Le Bonheur est chose légère
       (Saint-Saëns)/MARIAGE DE JEANETTE:
       Nightingale’s Song (Massé). Both sides
        from orig. 1907 Victor matrices, side one
        unpublished (other than limited HRS
        edition). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
6307. 12” Vinyl Victor mat. C-4833. THE STAR-
       Unpublished. Just about 1-2. $15.00.             DAVID YUZHIN and wife NATALIE
6312. 12” Vinyl Victor mat. C-4834-2. LUCIA:
       Mad Scene (Donizetti). I believe this take
        was otherwise unissued and that take one was used for the HRS and AGSB pressings.
        Lucia was her Met simultaneous debut and farewell role. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
6188. 12” Vinyl Victor 74091. IL RE PASTORE: L’amerò sarò costante (Mozart). Just about
       1-2. $15.00.
1439. 10” Blue Angel Amour Gram. P193 (4-22561/4-22562) [7189L/7217L]. GIOCONDA:
       Cielo e mar (Ponchielli)/SAMSON ET DALILA: Hymn (Saint-Saens). Collectors who
        appreciate bright, dramatic tenor voices
        will enjoy his appealing singing. Side one
       some MGTs, gen. 3. Side two 2.
1440. 10” Blk. Russ. Angel Gram. 2-24090
       [7058r]. BORIS GODOUNOV: Garden
       Duet (Moussorgsky). With NATALIE
       YUZHINA [s]. Superficial rubs, few
       LGTs, 3-4. $120.00.
1600. 10” Blk. Aussig Con. Gram. 4-42077/
       4-42078 [12274u/12275u]. FAUST:
       Valentins Gebet/PAUL KNÜPFER [bs].
       FAUST: Rondo vom goldenen Kalb
       (Gounod). Good pressing. IMs. Just
       about 1-2. $15.00.
2584. 10” Red Orth. Vla 1399. MANON LES-
       CAUT: Ah! Manon, mi tradisce/TOSCA:
       O dolci mani (both Puccini). Side two
       with an uncredited MARIA GAY [c]
       singing Tosca’s introductory phrase.
       Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2585. 10” Red Orth. Vla 1433. PAGLIACCI: Un
       tal gioco (Leoncavallo)/ANDREA
       CHENIER: Sì fui soldato (Giordano).
       Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1083. 11” Fonotipia 39528/37169 [XPh1663/
       Xm391]. AIDA: Duetto Amneris-Rha-
                                                       GIOVANNI ZENATELLO
       dames (Verdi)/LA SCALA CHORUS.
       FAVORITA: Coro d’Introduzione
       (Donizetti). Side one with NINI FRASCANI [ms]. Just about 1-2. $15.00.

                          VOCAL / CHORAL 78 rpm Discs
1071. 11” Fonotipia 39825/39826 [XPh1653/2172]. LUCIA: Sulla tomba (Donizetti). With
       (Wagner). Piano acc. Superficial rubs, 3. $8.00.
1057. 11” Fonotipia white lbl. test 92210/92211 [XPh3380/XPh ? ]. SAMSON ET DALILA:
       Figli miei (Saint-Saëns)/CARMEN: Il fior (Bizet). Unfinished (rough rim) test. Minor
       PB side two. Cons. 2. $12.00.
1031. 11” Fonotipia 92608/69293 [XPh4049/XPh5188]. OTELLO: Ora e per sempre
       addio/LUIGI MONTESANTO) [b]. OTELLO: Credo (Verdi). Cons. 2. $20.00.
1064. 11” Fonotipia 92608/92175 [XPh4049/XPh3163]. OTELLO: Ora e per sempre
       addio/MARIO SAMMARCO [b]. OTELLO: Era la notte (Verdi). Side one just about
       1-2. Side two one LGT, cons. 2. $15.00.
1086. 11” Fonotipia 92825/92826 [XPh ? / ? ]. TOSCA: Amaro sol per te/TOSCA: Trionfal
       di nuova speme (Puccini). With ESTER MAZZOLENI [s]. Cons. 2. $20.00.
1020. 11” Fonotipia 92611/92829 [XPh4072/XPh ? ]. BOHEME: Nei cieli bigi/BOHEME:
       Presentazione di Mimi (Puccini). Side one with MARIO SAMMARCO [b]. IMs.
       Cons. 2. $15.00.
1092. 11” Fonotipia 92611/92612 [XPh4072/4084]. BOHEME: Nei cieli bigi/BOHEME: O
       Mimì, tu più (Puccini). Both sides with MARIO SAMMARCO [b]. Cons. 2. $15.00.
1060. 11” Fonotipia 92757/92758 [XPh4410/4052]. ANDREA CHENIER: Credo in una
       possanza (Giordano)/PAGLIACCI: Un tal gioco (Leoncavallo). Just about 1-2.
1098. 11” Fonotipia 92817/92818 [XPh ? / ? ]. BOHEME: Sono andati/BOHEME: Tornò
       al nido (Puccini). Both sides with LINDA CANNETTI [s]. Cons. 2. $20.00.
6222. 12” Vinyl Victor 6714 [Ck1918-IV/1919-II]. OTELLO: Act I Love Duet (Verdi). With
       HINA SPANI [s]. Wonderful, quiet pressing. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2889. 12” Red Orth. Vla 6961. TOSCA: E lucevan le stelle (Puccini)/CARMEN: Il fior
       (Bizet). Side one with unidentified bass as the Jailer. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2890. 12” Red Orth. Vla 7236. BALLO IN MASCHERA: Barcarola/BALLO IN MASCHERA:
       Morte di Riccardo (Verdi). With G. MARION [s] and A. BOEMI [b] and Apollo
       (Philadelphia) Grand Opera Chorus. Cons. 2. $12.00.
2586. 10” Blk. Telefunken AK 10499 [26509/26510]. MADAMA BUTTERFLY: Dovunque al
       mondo/MADAMA BUTTERFLY: Addio fiorito asil (Puccini). With AFRO POLI [b].
       Just about 1-2. $8.00.

                                          * * *

                 CHORAL 78s
3451. 10” Red Roma G&T 54768 [1760]. INTONUIT DE COELO [primo parte] (Salvatore
       Meluzzi). Bright early (II) pressing. Gleaming label, few MGTS, 2. $20.00.
3452. 10” Blk. Roma G&T 54769 [1762]. INTONUIT DE COELI [seconda parte] (Meluzzi).
       Gen. 2. $15.00.
1733. 10” Red Vr 61125 [2202h]. IMPROPERIA (da Vittoria). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
3453. 10” French Vatican Special Label G&T 54779/54778 [2198h/2193h]. GLORIA IN
       SISTINA. EXULTATE JUSTI (Viadana). Just about 1-2. $20.00.
3454. 10” French Vatican Special Label G&T 54779/54778. Same as preceding listing
       (item #3453). Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $18.00.
3048. 12” Blk. Gregorian Fr. G&T 054752 [279 i]. GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO (XIII
       Century). Couple minor rubs, cons. 2. $10.00.
2987. 12” Green elec. It. Odeon N-6621 [XXPho 6257/6260]. MOROSA D’UNA VOLTA/LE
       FOCARINE (both F. B. Pratella). Just about 1-2. $8.00.


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