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									The University of Auckland
 Faculty of Law
   Postgraduate Prospectus
Welcome from the dean
A postgraduate law degree from New Zealand’s leading university, whether in the field of international
law, commercial law, human rights, environmental law, public law or dispute resolution, will be an
important step in your career.

The University of Auckland Master of Laws (LLM) programme is for            life-long friends. The rest of New Zealand is an added attraction for you
lawyers seeking to practise in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world.      to explore in breaks in your programme.
The Masters in Legal Studies allows professionals with appropriate
backgrounds to study in such areas as planning, education, engineering      We look forward to welcoming you to postgraduate study at Auckland.
and commerce.

Our LLM courses are taught by our own Faculty members, by members
of the Department of Commercial Law in the Faculty of Business and
Economics, by leading members of the profession, and by distinguished
academic visitors from some of the world’s best law schools.

The Davis Law Library ranks as a world-class research facility. Its
collection of both online and print resources is unequalled within New
Zealand. You will be able to access its many databases wherever and
whenever you want to study. The depth and breadth of the collection
provide an excellent foundation for your study.

We encourage you to join us in the postgraduate programme. You will
find it challenging and rewarding. For those proposing to come from         PROFESSOR PAUL RISHWORTH                PROFESSOR PETER WATTS
overseas, Auckland is a great place to live and study and you will make     Dean, Faculty of Law                    Associate Dean Postgraduate

Why choose postgraduate study
in the Faculty of Law
Advanced legal study                                                        Flexible learning
The postgraduate study of law is increasingly important as many fields      Our postgraduate programme has been structured to allow flexibility.
come to require more focused expertise. The LLM programme allows            We offer three options for study: full semester and intensive taught
students to specialise in areas to benefit both their employers and their   courses, and a research programme. We do this because we understand
own academic interests. Further study is not limited to those who are       that time constraints can be one of the biggest deterrents to further
up-and-coming in their careers. Classes are made up of senior               study – work pressures and the ability to commit to the time
practitioners, partners and industry professionals, as well as              requirements of a university programme are important considerations.
international students from differing jurisdictions, ensuring a diverse
group of individuals to discuss concepts and experiences.
                                                                            The Faculty of Law offers a limited number of scholarships for masters
World-class LLM                                                             and doctoral degrees. Students are also advised to investigate the wide
The postgraduate law programme offers a range of courses including          range of scholarships and awards available to postgraduate students of
international law, commercial law, human rights, environmental law,         The University of Auckland and discuss opportunities with their
public law or dispute resolution commercial, public and environmental       prospective supervisors.
law; taught by some of the best legal academics in New Zealand and the
world. Practitioners need only walk up Shortland Street to attend courses   For more information, contact the Scholarships Office:
taught by eminent academics from Cambridge University, Oxford               Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 87494
University, University College London and many others in Europe and         Email: scholarships@auckland.ac.nz
North America, in addition to leading academics from the Faculty of Law     Web: www.auckland.ac.nz/scholarships
and the Department of Commercial Law.
Programme information
Research                                              • Days 2 and 3: Introduction to Common Law
                                                        and Theory and Practice
                                                                                                          LAWCOMM 711 Commercial Equity
programmes                                                                                                Lecturer: Richard Nolan, Cambridge
If you are interested in a research component to      On Day 1 all students attend the morning
                                                                                                          Dates: 4-6 and 9-10 May
your programme, you should contact the                session for the legal research aspect of the
Postgraduate Student Adviser in the first instance.   course. The afternoon session will provide all      This course will cover the fundamentals of
                                                      students new to study at Auckland with              trusts, and particularly their use in commerce:
                                                      practical information about undertaking             including proprietary and contractarian
Master of Laws (LLM) by major thesis                  research at The University of Auckland. All         perspectives; asset partitioning and asset
The LLM degree by major thesis requires               students must attend Introduction to Common         management; ensuring the accountability and
completion of a research thesis of approximately      Law Theory and Practice on days 2 and 3 of          loyalty of trustees. It will use examples of trusts
40,000 words (LAW 797) on a topic approved by         the course with the exception of those with law     to illustrate these issues.
the Postgraduate Committee. In addition to            qualifications from common law countries (for
completion of the 120-point thesis, you must          more information please visit our website
                                                                                                          LAWCOMM 720 Commercial
complete LAW 788 Legal Research                       www.law.auckland.ac.nz).
Methodology in the first semester of enrolment.                                                           Insurance
Approval to undertake the degree by major             SEMESTER 1                                          Lecturer: Professor Rob Merkin, University of
thesis normally requires a grade average of B+                                                            Southampton
or better in an LLB(Hons) degree.                     Commercial Law                                      Dates: 9-11 and 14-15 February

                                                      papers                                              This course will cover the general principles of
                                                                                                          insurance law in a commercial context -
Master of Laws (LLM) or Master of
Legal Studies (MLS) by minor thesis                   Full semester papers                                insurable interest, utmost good faith, policy
                                                                                                          terms, intermediaries, principles of indemnity,
The LLM and MLS degrees may be completed              LAWCOMM 713 Selected Topics in                      subrogation and contribution – including
by one 30-point Masters-level course or LAW           Intellectual Property                               marine insurance, professional indemnity
790 Dissertation (LLM only) and a 90-point                                                                insurance and reinsurance. Marine Insurance
thesis (LAW 796) of approximately 30,000              Lecturer: Paul Sumpter, University of Auckland
                                                      Dates: 28 February – 4 June                         covers: forms of cover; hull insurance; cargo
words on a topic approved by the Postgraduate                                                             insurance; war risks. Professional Indemnity
Committee. In addition, LAW 788 Legal                 Day and time: Thursdays, 5–8pm
                                                                                                          Insurance covers: nature of cover; principles
Research Methodology must be completed in             This course covers selected topics in               applicable to claims made policies; defence
the first semester of enrolment.                      intellectual property law, which encompasses        costs; directors’ and officers’ cover.
                                                      trademarks, copyright, patents, designs and         Reinsurance covers: forms of reinsurance;
                                                      confidential information. It comprises              formation and utmost good faith;
Dissertation (30 points)
                                                      teacher-led sessions, and class presentations       incorporation of terms; follow settlements;
You may include a 15,000-word dissertation            on research papers written on topics chosen by      claims co-operation.
(LAW 790 Dissertation) in lieu of one of the          those enrolled in the course. .
four 30-point courses. The dissertation is an
opportunity for research in an area of                                                                    LAWCOMM 731 Resulting and
particular interest. You must first formulate a       Intensive papers                                    Constructive Trusts
topic and, with assistance from the
Postgraduate Student Adviser, find a suitable
                                                      LAWCOMM 702 International                           Lecturer: Professor Robert Chambers,
                                                      Arbitration                                         University College London
supervisor. Final approval is required from the
                                                                                                          Dates: 27-29 April and 2-3 May
Associate Dean Postgraduate before you can            Lecturer: Honorary Professor David Williams,
be enrolled.                                          University of Auckland, Dominique Brown-            This course deals with trusts arising by
                                                      Berset, Brown and Page, Geneva                      operation of law, the nature of those trusts,
                                                                                                          and the reasons why they arise. This will
Taught programmes                                     Dates: 15-17 and 20-21 June
                                                                                                          include an examination of the presumptions of
                                                      International Commercial Arbitration involves
For more detailed course information, please                                                              resulting trust and advancement, the effect of
                                                      many interesting facets of the law including
visit www.law.auckland.ac.nz                                                                              statutory formalities requirements, and the
                                                      customary international law, the law of
                                                                                                          significance of unjust enrichment, wrongful
                                                      treaties, conflict of laws and contract law. This
                                                                                                          enrichment, detrimental reliance, fraud, and
Compulsory paper                                      course will introduce students to the basic
                                                                                                          unconscionability. Current theories about
                                                      elements of arbitration by means of an
LAW 788 Legal Research                                                                                    resulting and constructive trusts will be
                                                      analysis of the New Zealand Arbitration Act
Methodology                                                                                               examined, and the law of New Zealand will be
                                                      1996 which was based on the UNCITRAL
                                                                                                          compared with the law in other common law
Semester One (27-29 January)                          Model Law on International Commercial
Semester Two (1, 4 and 5 July)                        Arbitration (1985). Legislation based on the
LAW 788 is a condition of the enrolment in the        Model Law has been adopted in over 40
LLM, MLS and PGCertLaw programmes. All                countries. The rest of the course will focus on     LAWCOMM 744 Aspects of United
students wishing to take these programmes             selected aspects of international commercial        Kingdom Taxation
must complete the requirements of LAW 788             arbitration and investment treaty arbitration.      Lecturer: Professor John Tiley, Cambridge
in the first semester of their study. The course                                                          University
is divided into two sections:                                                                             Semester: One (2-4 and 7-8 March)
• Day 1: Legal Research                                                                                   This course provides an overview of certain
aspects of current United Kingdom Tax Law. As        Intensive papers                                    This course will examine selected problems in
with many other countries, the UK has had                                                                substantive criminal law and procedure. This
major changes in recent years. The course looks      LAWENVIR 702 Comparative                            will include case law developments in criminal
at both personal and company taxation and will       Energy Law                                          defences and recent case law and statutory
include both domestic and international rules. It    Lecturers: Professor Ernst Nordtveit, University    amendments in sentencing. Other topical
will look at what is income and how the UK           of Bergen, and Associate Professor David            issues in criminal law will be covered including
taxes capital gains. It will include the UK          Grinlinton, The University of Auckland              stalking, manslaughter and recent
Inheritance tax but not VAT. It will look at         Dates: 22-24 and 27-28 June                         developments in neuroscience and law.
individuals and companies but not trusts. It will
note not only the current state of the UK statute    The focus of this course is the principles and
book after 10 years of the Rewrite programme         legal models used in the regulation of and          Intensive papers
but also the current state of the Revenue’s          contracting for production and distribution of
                                                                                                         LAWPUBL 725 Privacy Law
attempts to limit avoidance, and the profound        energy, in an international and comparative
                                                     perspective. One central issue will be              Lecturers: Gehan Gunasekara and Stephen
effect of European Union law (including an
                                                     jurisdiction and ownership of energy resources      Penk, University of Auckland
outline of relevant EU institutions and
                                                     and the allocation of production rights,            Dates: 2-4 and 7-8 February
principles). It is intended as an introduction to
principles and to recent developments, but not       through licensing or concession systems, joint      The course will consider the concept of privacy;
as a guide to planning.                              ventures and product sharing agreements etc.        related and competing interests to that of
                                                     Distribution of energy and the energy market        privacy; sources of privacy law; common law
                                                     will be another main issue. Environmental           privacy protection in New Zealand and other
LAWCOMM 755 Corporate Finance                        problems of energy production and distribution      jurisdictions, including possible future
Lecturer: Professor George Geis,                     will be given strong emphasis. Development of       developments. Statutory and standards-based
University of Virginia                               renewable energy resources and special              privacy protection; online privacy; information
Dates: 9-11 and 14-15 March                          taxation problems will also be covered.             privacy; the Privacy Act, including its
This course examines legal and business                                                                  application to business, and reform proposals;
principles of corporate finance. It begins with a    LAWENVIR 710 International                          privacy across borders.
brief overview of key finance concepts—including     Environmental Law
methods for valuing alternative financial                                                                LAWPUBL 736 International Human
                                                     Lecturer: Professor Klaus Bosselmann,
instruments and evaluating risk. It then
                                                     University of Auckland                              Rights
continues by exploring legal and economic issues
                                                     Dates: 8-10 and 13-14 June                          Lecturer: Professor Manfred Nowak, University
associated with the selection, structuring, and
negotiation of primary terms in senior securities    The course critically examines theory and           of Vienna
(debt, preferred stock, and convertible              practice of international environmental law.        Dates: 23-25, 28 February and 1 March
instruments). The third part of the course deals     Areas of study include globalization, the UN        This course covers international conventions
with broader issues of capital structure planning,   system, climate change and biological diversity.    and customary international law on human
including debt policy and dividend policy. As        Taking a sustainability perspective, the course     rights including free speech, exercise of
time permits, the course will conclude by            identifies new methodologies and strategies for     religion, privacy and non-discrimination,
studying recent developments and regulatory          more effective global governance.                   enforcement mechanisms, human rights
reform initiatives in the capital markets.                                                               theories in international law and third
                                                     LAWENVIR 732 The Multinational                      generation human rights including rights to
Environmental Law                                    Trading System and Protection of
                                                                                                         develop and to a functioning environment, and
                                                                                                         the recognition of these in international law.
                                                     the Environment
Full semester papers
                                                     Lecturer: Professor Thomas J. Schoenbaum,
                                                                                                         LAWPUBL 749 Mental State
LAWENVIR 716 Resource                                George Washington University
                                                     Dates: 16-18 and 21-22 February                     Defences and Criminal Law
Management Law
                                                                                                         Lecturer: Professor Ronnie Mackay, De
Lecturer: Associate Professor Ken Palmer             This course will cover the study of the principal
                                                                                                         Montford University, Leicester
Dates: 28 February–4 June                            rules of the GATT (General Agreement on
                                                                                                         Dates: 23-25 and 28-29 March
Day and time: Wednesdays, 5–8pm                      Tariffs and Trade) and the World Trade
                                                     Organization and their impact on protection of      This course provides a detailed critical analysis
The history, interpretation and application of
                                                     the environment, including climate change,          of the content and scope of “mental condition
sustainable management under the Resource
                                                     biological diversity, human, plant and animal       defences” and how they operate within the
Management Act 1991. The course will
                                                     health and safety, forest preservation, and the     criminal law. The course will cover the defences
consider current issues under the RMA and
                                                     disposal of wastes. The course involves             of automatism, insanity, diminished
related legislation, including national
                                                     extensive analysis of the jurisprudence of the      responsibility, infanticide, provocation and
standards and policies, the coastal policy
                                                     World Trade Organization.                           self-induced intoxication, together with the
statement, and an understanding of the Treaty
                                                                                                         cognate doctrine of unfitness to plead and how
of Waitangi and Mäori issues. The preparation
and content of regional policy statements and        Public Law                                          those who use such pleas are dealt with by the
                                                                                                         criminal justice system.
plans, districts plans, and resource consent
assessments will be covered, as will the             Full semester papers
                                                                                                         SEMESTER 2
functions of the Environment Court and the
Environmental Protection Authority. Remedial
                                                     LAWPUBL 705 Criminal Law and
powers and enforcement options under the             Policy                                              Commercial Law
RMA will be noted.                                   Lecturer: Professor Warren Brookbanks,
                                                     University of Auckland
                                                                                                         Full semester papers
                                                     Dates: 28 February–4 June                           LAWCOMM 712 Insolvency Law
                                                     Day and time: Tuesdays 5–8pm
                                                                                                         Lecturer: Mike Josling, University of Auckland
Dates: 18 July–22 October                         shapes the choice of substantive right being         including illegal, unreported and unregulated
Day and time: Thursdays 5-8pm                     asserted by a claimant, and how that choice          fishing (IUU Fishing), fisheries and trade, the
                                                  impacts upon the conduct of litigation. The          access of developing states to high seas fisheries,
The course covers selected issues in personal
                                                  course will first consider a number of theoretical   regional fisheries management organisations,
and corporate insolvency law. Particular
                                                  writings on the relationship between rights and      and compliance and enforcement issues.
attention is given to recent reforms, eg, the
                                                  remedies and then move into specific remedial
phoenix company legislation; the no-asset
                                                  problems in private and public litigation. Day
model; the changes to voidable preference                                                              LAWENVIR 734 Law and
                                                  One through to Day Three will consider
legislation, and to issues that have recently                                                          Governance for Sustainability
                                                  monetary remedies. Day Four will focus upon
attained prominence eg, consumer insolvency.
                                                  interlocutory and permanent injunctions, and         Lecturer: Professor Hans Christian Bugge,
The background to, and structure of, the
                                                  Day Five will deal with specific performance.        University of Oslo
voluntary administration regime are
                                                                                                       Dates: 17-19 and 22-23 August
highlighted and issues, legal and practical,
that have arisen under Australia’s equivalent     LAWCOMM 724 Mergers and                              This course gives an introduction to
scheme are considered. Also covered are New       Acquisitions                                         sustainability and sustainable development as
Zealand’s other statutory rescue schemes,                                                              legal concepts and principles, and to their
                                                  Lecturers: Matt Sumpter and Roger Wallis,            various legal aspects. It will analyze some of
including the Companies Act 1993, Parts 14
                                                  Chapman Tripp                                        the fundamental problems of sustainability law
and 15.
                                                  Dates: 6-8 and 11-12 July                            and governance and describe legal principles
                                                  This course is an advanced study on the legal        that seek to address them, such as the
LAWCOMM 754 Copyright Law                         issues involved in the cut and thrust of mergers     principle of integration, the polluter pays
Lecturers: Alexandra Sims and Rob Batty,          and acquisitions, including takeovers and            principle and the precautionary principle.
University of Auckland                            amalgamations. Issues considered include             Examples from international environmental
Dates: 18 July–22 October                         choice of method, directors’ duties, and private     law and EU law will serve as illustration.
Day and time: Mondays 5–8pm                       and public regulation.
This course is a detailed examination of                                                               General Law
copyright law and neighbouring rights such as     Environmental Law
moral rights, performers’ rights, sound                                                                Intensive papers
recordings and films. It also explores the        Full and half semester
history of copyright and the international                                                             LAWGENRL 712 Therapeutic
conventions and treaties which shape and                                                               Jurisprudence
influence copyright.                              LAWENVIR 713 Natural Resources                       Lecturer: Professor Warren Brookbanks,
                                                  Law                                                  The University of Auckland
Intensive papers                                  Lecturer: Associate Professor David Grinlinton       Dates: 7-9 and 12-13 September
                                                  Dates: 12 September – 22 October                     Therapeutic jurisprudence is the study of the
LAWCOMM 709 Corporate                             Day and Time: Tuesday and Thursday                   role of the law as a therapeutic agent. It is
Governance                                        5.00pm–8.00pm                                        concerned with the impact of the law on
Lecturer: Professor John Farrar, University of    This course covers the law and policy relating       emotional life and psychological wellbeing.
Auckland                                          to mining, energy and selected natural               The course will investigate different areas of
Dates: 24-26 and 29-30 August                     resources development. Topics include the            the practice of law that may be susceptible to
                                                  geophysical and logistical aspects of such           a therapeutic jurisprudence analysis, including
This course covers topics including the concept
                                                  development, the history of natural resources        drug treatment and mental health courts.
of corporate governance, legal and self-
regulation, directors’ duties, roles of           law and policy, property rights, sustainability
gatekeepers, enforcement and a comparison of      issues, and the present day legal regime for
                                                  minerals, oil and gas, renewable energy,
                                                                                                       Public Law
New Zealand and Australian corporate
governance.                                       forestry and fisheries. While the course has a       Full semester papers
                                                  New Zealand focus, there will be some
                                                  comparative examination of other jurisdictions.      LAWPUBL 726 Public International
LAWCOMM 716 Law and Economics                                                                          Law
Lecturer: Dr George Barker, Australian                                                                 Lecturer: Dr Caroline Foster, University of
National University                               Intensive papers
Dates: 10-12 and 15-16 August
                                                  LAWENVIR 733 International                           Dates: 18 July–22 October
Selected topics covered in this course include    Fisheries Law                                        Day and time: Tuesdays and Thursdays,
the relevance of economic considerations in                                                            noon–1:30pm
                                                  Lecturer: Kerry Tetzlaff
legal argument, the role of economic                                                                   Topics addressed include the use of force,
                                                  Dates: 13-15 and 18-19 July
considerations in shaping the law, and the use                                                         international litigation and dispute settlement,
of economic theory is making judgements           This course will focus on contemporary issues in
                                                                                                       the role of the United Nations and the
about the effectiveness of laws.                  international fisheries law. The first part of the
                                                                                                       International Court of Justice, the law of
                                                  course will examine the legal framework for
                                                                                                       treaties, state responsibility and the
                                                  international fisheries including the United
LAWCOMM 742 Remedies for                                                                               relationship between national and
                                                  Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the
Breach of Contract                                                                                     international law.
                                                  United Nations Fish Stocks Agreement, and the
Lecturer: Professor Jeff Berryman, University     FAO Compliance Agreement, as well as non
of Windsor                                        legally-binding instruments such as the FAO IPOA-    LAWPUBL 752 Law and Policy
Dates: 3-5 and 8-9 August                         IUU and the FAO Code of Conduct. The second          Lecturer: Professor Jane Kelsey, University of
                                                  part of the course will examine current and          Auckland
This course considers how choice of remedy
                                                  emerging issues in international fisheries law       Dates: 18 July–22 October
Day and time: Mondays 5–8pm                        Global Ecological Governance. The course can          allow a break over the weekend. All intensive
                                                   be credited towards the Faculty of Law’s LLM          courses are run from 9am-4.30pm.
The model that underpins the legal framework
                                                   or MLS. Participants may apply for
for New Zealand public policy that was
                                                   scholarships from the German Academic
established between 1985 and 1994 is now
                                                   Exchange Service. Interested students should
                                                                                                         Full semester courses
under scrutiny nationally and internationally.
                                                   email k.bosselmann@auckland.ac.nz no later            Full-semester courses are held weekly over the
This course will examine the conceptual and
                                                   than 31 December 2010.                                12 week semester. These courses are taught by
technical arguments that inform that debate,
                                                                                                         the Faculty of Law and the Department of
using practical examples from contemporary
                                                                                                         Commercial Law.
public policy in New Zealand and offshore.
                                                   Planning your
Intensive papers                                   programme                                             Specialisation for LLM or
LAWPUBL 745 South Pacific                          Intensive courses                                     Specialisation is optional, but you may elect to
Constitutions                                      These courses are held throughout both                have your LLM or MLS degree awarded in
Lecturers: Dr Alex Frame                           semesters. They are taught predominantly by           Commercial Law, Environmental Law or Public
Dates: 20-22 and 25-26 July                        visiting guest lecturers from New Zealand and         Law if you complete a minimum of 90 points
                                                   overseas. Most intensively taught classes are         out of the 120 points for the degree in one of
Using the Constitutions of the Cook Islands,
                                                   held over five days, usually Wednesday–Friday         those areas. A specialisation can be indicated
Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga as representative
                                                   and the following Monday and Tuesday to               when applying to the programme.
examples, and taking account of their
respective historical origins and contexts, this
course will examine the extent to which the
Constitutions are entrenched; the scope of,         2011 POSTGRADUATE LAW COURSES
and limits on, legislative powers; the processes    Semester One – Intensive courses
and powers concerning succession of
                                                    LAW 788               Legal Research Methods                            26-29 Jan
governments; the role of the judiciary and
approaches to interpretation of the                 LAWPUBL 725           Privacy Law                                       2-4 & 7-8 Feb
Constitutions; the balances struck in the           LAWCOMM 720           Commercial Insurance                              9-11 & 14-15 Feb
provision of fundamental rights and freedoms        LAWCOMM 732           Multilateral Trading Systems & Protection of      16-18 & 21-22 Feb
and the accommodations reached with                                       the Environment
indigenous customary values and principles.         LAWPUBL 736           International Human Rights                        23-25, 28 Feb and 1 Mar
                                                    LAWCOMM 744           Aspects of UK Taxation                            2-4 & 7-8 Mar
LAWPUBL 750 Patient Safety and                      LAWCOMM 755           Corporate Finance                                 9-11 & 14-15 Mar
the Law                                             LAWPUBL 749           Mental State Defences                             23-25 & 28-29 Mar
Lecturer: Professor Ron Paterson, University of     LAWCOMM 731           Resulting and Constructive Trusts                 27-29 Apr & 2-3 May
                                                    LAWCOMM 711           Commercial Equity                                 4-6 & 9-10 May
Dates: 27 July-2 August
                                                    LAWENVIR 710          International Environmental Law                   8-10 & 13-14 Jun
This course will examine the law relating to
                                                    LAWCOMM 702           International Arbitration                         15-17 & 20-21 Jun
patient safety in New Zealand, with a focus on
the way in which the law supports and               LAWENVIR 702          Comparative Energy Law                            22-24 & 27-28 Jun
impedes patient safety. Topics covered will         Semester One – Full-semester courses (28 February 2011)
include regulation of the health system and of      LAWPUBL 705           Criminal Law and Policy                           Tue 5-8pm
health practitioners, treatment injury under
                                                    LAWENVIR 716          Resource Management Law                           Wed 5-8pm
the ACC system, and the impact of the Code
of Consumers’ Rights and the Health and             LAWCOMM 713           Selected Topics in Intellectual Property          Thu 5-8pm
Disability Commissioner complaint system.           Semester Two – Intensive courses
                                                    LAW 788               Legal Research Methods                            1, 4 & 5 Jul
Other study                                         LAWCOMM 724           Mergers & Acquisitions                            6-8 & 11-12 Jul
You can complete up to 30 points at masters         LAWENVIR 733          International Fisheries Law                       13-15 & 18-19 Jul
level in another department of the University
                                                    LAWPUBL 745           South Pacific Constitutions                       20-23 & 25-26 Jul
or in a course from another university. Prior
permission must be granted by the Associate         LAWPUBL 750           Patient Safety and the Law                        27 Jul-2 Aug
Dean Postgraduate to have the course counted        LAWCOMM 742           Remedies for Breach of Contract                   3-5 & 8-9 Aug
towards your law degree. If you are interested      LAWCOMM 716           Law and Economics                                 10-12 & 15-16 Aug
in completing a course outside the Faculty of
                                                    LAWENVIR 734          Law and Governance for Sustainability             17-19 & 22-23 Aug
Law, contact the Postgraduate Student Adviser
in the first instance.                              LAWCOMM 709           Corporate Governance                              24-26 & 29-30 Aug
                                                    LAWGENRL 712          Therapeutic Jurisprudence                         7-9 & 12-13 Sep

Studying Environmental                              Semester Two – Full-time courses (18 July)
Law in Berlin                                       LAWPUBL 726           International Law                                 Mon/Wed 12.00-1.30pm

The Faculty of Law gives LLM students the           LAWCOMM 754           Copyright                                         Mon 5-8pm
opportunity to participate in the Free              LAWPUBL 752           Law and Policy                                    Mon 5-8pm
University Berlin International University          LAWCOMM 712           Insolvency Law                                    Thu 5-8pm
Programme. In July 2011, Prof Klaus
                                                    LAWENVIR 713          Natural Resources Law                             12 Sep-22 Oct Tue/Thu 5-8pm
Bosselmann will teach an intensive course on
Our postgraduate programmes
                                                                                    dealing with legislation. The programme has a similar structure to the
        LLB             LLB             LLB              Other Degree*              LLM and offers three specialisations: Commercial Law, Public Law and
      (Hons)           GPA<5           GPA>5            (4 years or equiv)
                                                                                    Environmental Law.

                                                                                    The MLS suits professionals from non-legal backgrounds who find that
                                                                                    their careers require some knowledge of legal matters, but who do not
                             PGCertLaw                                              necessarily want to practise law. Professionals who will particularly
                                                                                    benefit include: accountants and auditors, architects and town planners,
                                                                                    business development managers, compliance managers, engineers, IT
                                                                                    professionals, police and public sector. The MLS allows cross-disciplinary
                                                                                    study of postgraduate courses from other University of Auckland
                              Master of                     Master of               faculties, enabling you to advance your professional skills while acquiring
                               Laws                       Legal Studies
                                                                                    knowledge of the law.

                                                                                    Admission to the MLS, and the individual programme of each applicant,
                                                                                    must be approved by the Associate Dean Postgraduate.
                                                                                    Postgraduate Certificate in Law
                                                                                    The Postgraduate Certificate in Law (PGCertLaw) is effectively half of an
Certificate of Proficiency (COP)                                                    LLM or MLS. You may opt for this programe if you have a limited amount
Members of the legal profession and others who wish to further their                of time or you wish to do only a couple of particularly relevant courses
legal education by enrolling in a single course may do so when places               for your employment.
are available. COP courses can later be credited towards a masters
degree in accordance with the regulations in the 2010 Calendar.                     For many students the PGCertLaw acts as a stepping stone to the
                                                                                    masters degrees. Students who achieve a B grade or higher in each
                                                                                    course to the total of 60 points can apply to transfer to the LLM or MLS
The Master of Laws (LLM)                                                            programmes on the condition that they meet all the other entry
The Master of Laws (LLM) is designed to provide an advanced level of study          requirements.
for both full-time students and those who are legal practitioners or engaged
in other full- or part-time employment. You may concentrate your study in
particular areas of specialisation, or study a broad range of legal subjects.
                                                                                    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
                                                                                    Candidates for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Law must have an
The LLM by coursework offers law graduates an opportunity to study                  LLB(Hons) degree, or a master’s degree in Law with at least Second
areas in greater depth and complexity than within a Bachelor of Laws                Class (First Division) honours, or the equivalent of one of these, and have
(LLB) programme, combining a degree of sophistication or technical                  demonstrated an ability to pursue a course of advanced independent
difficulty in terms of legal content with a substantial consideration of            research and study in law. The degree is governed by the general
relevant interdisciplinary aspects of the subject matter and a focus on             University PhD regulations. It is a thesis-only research degree usually
policy. Each course contains a significant research component.                      requiring full-time study for three to four years at The University of
                                                                                    Auckland. The degree is undertaken under supervision and candidates
                                                                                    must complete a sustained course of research resulting in the production
Master of Legal Studies (MLS)                                                       of a substantial original thesis.
The Master of Legal Studies (MLS) is for graduates who do not have a
law undergraduate degree but whose work involves legal issues and

      Programme                Compulsory               Taught                     Research                 Duration of
                               course                   course                                              programme

Postgraduate programmes
PGCertLaw               LAW 788                30 point                 30 point                                                          Completion in
                                               Taught course            Taught course                                                     1 semester full-time
                                                                                                                                          or 2 years part-time

LLM/MLS by              LAW 788                30 point                 30 point                30 point            30 point              Completion in 1 year
course work                                    Taught course            Taught course           Taught course       Taught course or      full-time or up to
                                                                                                                    dissertation          4 years part-time

LLM/MLS by              LAW 788                30 point                 90 point Minor thesis                                             Completion in 1 year
90‑point thesis                                Taught course or         (30,000 words)                                                    full-time or up to
                                               dissertation (LLM)                                                                         2 years part-time

LLM                     LAW 788                120 point Major thesis                                                                     Completion in 1 year
by 120‑point thesis                            (40,000 words)                                                                             full-time or up to
                                                                                                                                          2 years part-time
Admission and how to apply
Admission requirements                                                        International student admission
It is recommended that you consult the Postgraduate Student Adviser to        The International Office is available to assist with all international
discuss your proposed programme of study prior to making a formal             applications. You can apply online at www.auckland.ac.nz, but for help
application to The University of Auckland. This will help you ascertain       at any stage contact the International Office:
whether your previous study qualifies you for entry and familiarise you
with the specific requirements and regulations for that programme.            Phone: +64 9 373 7513
Specific admission requirements can be found in the 2011 University           Email: international@auckland.ac.nz
Calendar. www.auckland.ac.nz/calendar                                         Web: www.auckland.ac.nz/international

English language requirements                                                 PhD applications
A high level of English language proficiency is needed for the successful     Applications for the PhD programme should be directed to the Faculty of
study of law at The University of Auckland, especially at the postgraduate    Law Postgraduate Student Adviser. You will be supplied with all the
level. All international students are therefore required to provide           information required to lodge an application. For more information
evidence of their English language competency. For some students,             please see the University website.
evidence of previous tertiary study in an English medium will be
sufficient. Completion of the German FFA programme will also be               Fees
sufficient to demonstrate English language proficiency. If you do not         Fees for 2011 will be set towards the end of 2010.
qualify for an exemption you will have to demonstrate your English
language competency by sitting either IELTS or TOEFL.                         As an indication, the 2010 annual tuition fees for a Law postgraduate
                                                                              programme are $6,324 - $7435 for domestic students (approximately
The required standards for entry to postgraduate study in law are:            $24,600 for international students). These amounts are based on a
                                                                              standard full-time enrolment.
• 100 TOEFL internet with minimum writing band of 24
• 7.00 IELTS, with a minimum writing band score of 6.50                       The 2010 annual tuition fees for a PhD are $5,100. New international
• 600 TOEFL/ 250 (computer-based), with a minimum TWE score of                PhD students usually pay the same tuition fees as New Zealand students.
                                                                              There is also a student services fee ($468 in 2010) and a building levy
• Vitnemal English level 4 pass for Norwegian students (subject to
                                                                              ($74.40 in 2010). If you are in less than a standard full-time enrolment
  DELNA assessment).
                                                                              you will pay proportionately lower fees.

How to apply                                                                  Visit www.auckland.ac.nz/fees for more information.

If you have not been enrolled at The University of Auckland in previous
years you will need to apply for admission online. Your application will be   Withdrawal and deletion policy
acknowledged by letter or email, asking you to provide specific certified
documents (and in some cases to complete other requirements)* before          You can delete full-semester courses, without penalty, on Student
you application can be assessed. The letter or email will also tell you how   Services Online up until the end of the second week of each semester.
to complete the next steps.                                                   Intensive courses must be deleted 10 days prior to the start of
                                                                              class. There are no refunds for withdrawals after that date, and a
If you have been enrolled at The University of Auckland in the semester       “Withdrawal” will appear on your academic record. This will count as
prior to beginning your postgraduate programme you can apply by               a zero towards your grade point average calculation. No withdrawals
making an Add/Change Programme request online via Student Services            are permitted in the last three weeks before the course assignment is
Online. Returning students who have not been enrolled at The University       due; after that date non-completion will result in an entry of “Did Not
of Auckland in the semester prior to their postgraduate application will      Complete” on the record.
need to complete an online application. To be guided through General
Admission process, please contact the Graduate Centre for assistance.
                                                                              Disclaimer: Although every reasonable effort is made to ensure accuracy, the
Phone: +64 9 367 7599 ext 86899                                               information in this document is provided as a general guide only for students
Email: postgraduate@auckland.ac.nz                                            and is subject to alteration. All students enrolling at The University of
Web: www.postgrad.auckland.ac.nz                                              Auckland must consult its official document, the current Calendar of The
                                                                              University of Auckland, to ensure that they are aware of and comply with all
                                                                              regulations, requirements and policies.

                                                      NEW ZEALAND CITIZENS OR                             INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
                                                      PERMANENT RESIDENTS                                 Contact:
                                                      Contact:                                            International Office
                                                      Faculty of Law Postgraduate Office                  The University of Auckland
                                                      Level 7, 1-11 Short Street                          Private Bag 92019, Auckland 1142
                                                      Auckland, New Zealand                               New Zealand
                                                      0800 61 62 65                                       Phone: +64 9 373 7513
                                                      Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 82123                     Fax: +64 9 373 7405
                                                      Txt: 5533, Fax: +64 9 373 7659                      Email: int-questions@auckland.ac.nz
                                                      Email: postgradlaw@auckland.ac.nz                   Web: www.auckland.ac.nz/international
                                                      Web: www.law.auckland.ac.nz

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