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									ATG For Retailers
ATG – A Brief Background

    •   Founded in 1991, public in 1999 (NASDAQ: ARTG)

    •   Headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts

    •   2002 revenues of $101.5 M

    •   450 employees in 19 offices globally

    •   Extraordinary global customer base

ATG – What we do

    For organizations serving large online constituencies, ATG provides innovative
    software applications for commerce and customer self-service.

        The acknowledged leader in personalization, ATG delivers unparalleled solutions to
        optimize each and every interaction with prospects, customers, partners, and
        employees increasing sales, improving customer loyalty, and enhancing profitability.

              ATG’s proven, flexible applications are more highly scalable and more quickly
              deployed than alternatives, resulting in one of the industry’s lowest total costs of
ATG Retail Customers
Blue Chip Customers

                 Almost 100 Retail Customers

Delivering ROI To Brand Leaders

Increase sales
and profitability
Reduce customer
service costs
Improved customer
Quick deployment


Reduce total cost
of ownership
Finish Line

    •   Leading athletic retailer specializing in brand name footwear, apparel and accessories, offering superior
        customer service
Business Objective
    •   Looking to upgrade their entire site to scale to meet customer demand
    •   The ultimate goal was to improve both online and offline revenue.
Business Benefit
    •   Q4 2002 was the best online revenue received in a quarter
    •   Online sales in 2002 were up 240% over previous year
    •   Average 700,000 page views a day, 750 transactions, at an average transaction price of $85, approximately
        $65k in daily transactions


  •   A&E Television Networks is a general entertainment network
Business Objective
  •   Find an eCommerce solution that would had extensive promotional capabilities
  •   Needed to build a reliable site that was easy to extend and change
Business Benefit
  •   Heavy use of promotional based scenarios (40 running at any given time) and cross-selling capabilities
  •   Nearly 50% of customers that are presented with a cross-sell product act
  •   Sales have grown year over year
  •   Have near 100% uptime (performance is 25% better than with Intershop)


•   Trans World Entertainment Corporation (TWEC) is one of the largest specialty music and video retailers in the US
Business Objective
•   Increase revenue by Improving performance and reliability
•   Needed a way of tracking the product purchases for outbound email campaigns
Business Benefit
•   Shopping cart abandonment rate dropped from 87% to 54% (industry avg. 65%)
•   Improved revenue (Since removing MS passport, sales have improved by 50%)
•   The cost of running site promotions dropped from $28,800.00 a month using Double Click to $3,200.00 total cost per
•   Page loads time reduced by 30%+ and response time and availability improved
•   True Cross-channel retailing


•    Leading sporting goods retailer

Business Objective
•    Sell more products through customer education

Project Overview
•    Improved online sales by 60% over previous Christmas season
    Cabela's experienced double-digit conversation rates for the first time
    Increased its average order size by 7% using cross-selling capabilities
•    Delivered greater online product expertise through personalization


•    Large specialty retailer

Business Objective
•    Needed to build a reliable site for increasing online sales

Project Overview
    Handles 5,000 concurrent users on 4 boxes, 16 instances per box
    Selling over $100,000 of merchandise every hour
    Online sales have risen from $22 million in 1998 (before ATG) to $134 million in 2002 (609%

Neiman Marcus

     • High-end retailer

     Business Objective
     • Build a reliable site for selling online

     Project Overview
     • ATG powers, and site for luxury home furnishings
     • Increased sales in Beauty Products by using Scenario PersonalizationSM
     • Scaled exceptionally well to handle record holiday season
     • Increased sales by using ATG commerce capabilities (cross-sell)

ATG Products
Key Product Benefits For Retailers

     Increase Incremental Sales
     •    Entice customers to buy more often online (promotions and campaigns)
     •    Encourage consumers to buy additional products with each purchase (cross-sell and up-sell)
     •    Influence offline sales (drive purchases to offline channels)

     Improve the customer experience
     •    Understand consumer needs to provide the right information and products to the consumer at the
          right time
     •     Retain consumers by creating a relevant, consistent customer experience with easy to use
          commerce capabilities

 Key Product Benefits For Retailers

Reduce operating costs
      •   Self-service order entry reduces data entry costs & reduces error rates
      •   Self-service customer service reduces call center costs (pricing, inventory, order status, account administration)
Lower total cost of ownership
      •   Leverage your investments in ERP, SFA, Call Center systems, and J2EE Application servers
      •   Utilize data within your enterprise with ATG’s Data Anywhere Architecture
Rapid time to benefit
      •   Rich out-of-the-box feature set and Pre-configured reference applications
      •   Scenario Personalizationsm to rapidly adapt user experience scenarios and contractual obligations without writing code

ATG Differentiation

     Platform independence


     Scenario PersonalizationSM

     Data Anywhere ArchitectureSM

ATG Innovation
Scenario Personalization

                  Each visitor gets a unique, personal
                   and compelling online experience
  ATG Products
    ATG Commerce                                       ATG Service*               Applications
         ATG Configurator                     ATG Payment & Fraud Protection
   ATG Search                     ATG Publishing                 ATG Analytics    Services

ATG Relationship Management Platform
 Application                                                        ATG Portal*
Scenario PersonalizationSM                Data Anywhere ArchitectureSM            Platform

                             Dynamo Application Framework

                                J2EE Application Servers                          Application
                                    IBM, BEA, DAS                  Development
ATG Commerce

                                                            ATG Consumer Commerce
                                                            for direct sales

ATG Business Commerce
for complex direct and indirect sales

               Market-leading online selling applications
ATG Portal

     Pre-built portals and portlets

                                                                     Centralized or

                                            Open and flexible
                                      portal application framework
ATG Publishing
                                       Commerce and structured text content assets

     Workflow, versioning and deployment

     Manage and deploy complex content assets
    ATG Publishing

Speed and Ease of Use
•        Swift integration with other ATG applications
•        Fastest, easiest way to manage ATG Commerce
         assets – especially product catalogs
•        Handles all types of ATG Commerce data in one
               o Text

               o Graphics

               o Catalogs

               o Price lists

               o Promotions

             o   Scenarios

ATG Search

                                          Options for parametric, contextual
                                          and natural language search

      Faster access to product and
           self-service information

                                Best of breed search
                            and knowledge management
ATG Search – A Broad Range of Solutions

August 12, 2002
                                                       ATG Advanced Search
ATG and Autonomy Announce OEM
and Reseller Relationship….                              Natural Language

                                                          Concept Search

                                  ATG Basic Search          Hyperlinking
            Search in                                     Keyword Search
                                   Keyword Search
           ATG Portal
                                    Other Sources*         Other Sources*
          Search Portlet
                                        Full Text             Full Text
         Keyword Search
                                      File Systems           File Systems
         ATG Repositories
                                       Databases              Databases
           Open Search
                                  ATG Repositories       ATG Repositories
24                              * At Additional Cost   * At Additional Cost
  ATG Analytics

                                         Analyze, and put into action

Track and report on
valuable business metrics

                             Best of breed analytics
                            and business intelligence
 ATG Configurator

Sell a wider range of more
complex products and bundles
more effectively

                               Higher performance because it was written exclusive for web-
                               based delivery
Thank You!
ATG Commerce Features

Solution Sets/Modules                                          Customer Service
B2C Solution Set                                               Customer self-service
                                                                    (order status, approvals)
B2B Solution Set
                                                               Account administration self-service (add/delete users, organizations,
CSR Module                                                          preferences)
Customer Information                                           Customer Service Representative Module
Profiles for individuals and organizations                             •    Customer profiles, order history
Organizational hierarchies & attribute inheritance                     •    Handle orders, cancellations, returns, replacements, credits
                                                                       •    Review coupons/promotions
Personalize to organizations, roles or individuals or custom
     defined user segments                                     Contract-based product catalogs
Customer segment manager                                       Custom catalogs for specific accounts, regions, selling seasons, or any
                                                                    custom defined customer segment
Content categorization manager
                                                               Separation of custom catalog assembly vs. catalog content
Targeting rules manager

ATG Commerce Features

Pricing                                                               Ordering
Contract-based pricing                                                Approvals Workflow (e.g. roles based order approvals)
Custom price lists for specific accounts, regions, selling seasons,   Order restrictions
     or any custom defined customer segment
                                                                      Recurring/Scheduled Orders
Volume-based pricing (bulk & tiered)
Product or SKU-based pricing                                          Purchase Orders
                                                                      Support for multiple inventory systems
Cross/Up Sell/Related Products
                                                                      Configurator functionality for complex products
SKU bundles, Configurable SKUs
Flexible Promotions / Coupons                                         Configurable & plug-able pipeline architecture
      (fixed, %, 1 time use, rules-based)
Search (keyword, parametric, refined)
                                                                      Credit Card Transaction processing
Product comparisons
                                                                      Fraud detection
Punch in from product configurators
Gift list / Wish list / Purchase List

ATG Commerce Features

Complex Shipping                          Globalization
Line Item independence
                                          Encoding in 24 languages
       •    Cost Centers
                                          Multi-currency & locale
       •    Multiple shipping addresses
       •    Multiple billing addresses    Integration
Marketing                                 EAI Adapters (SAP, JD Edwards, Siebel, PeopleSoft)
Campaigns                                 B2Bi XML Transformations (cXML, xCBL, RosettaNet, BizTalk,
       •    Outbound e-mails              ebXML)
       •    Website offers                Java Messaging Service
Campaign Triggers                         Data Anywhere Architecture – via Repository API
       •    Date                          SOAP Order Export
       •    Target User Activity
       •    Threshold
Campaign results tracking


     • Generalized merchandise retailer
        (One of the largest retailers in the world)
     Business Objective
     • Establish strong online presence
     Project Overview
     • MyTarget - offers easy check out and online access to account information
     • Access store locator and weekly ads for brick-and-mortar stores
     • Purchase items from gift registries
     • Real-time inventory information
     • Easy for business manager to add new products to the site
     • Over 200,000 visits and 5 million hits a day
Smith & Hawken

• High-end retailer of gardening
      equipment and related products
Business Objective
• Improve site performance and functionalities while maintaining brand and customer loyalty
Project Overview
• Search by text and item number
• Gift guides promote items
• Category navigation
• Targeted email
• Multiple ship-to addresses available
BMG Direct

     • Online music store

     • Build a scalable site to handle high volumes of orders

     Project Overview
     • 10 million hits per day
     • BMG relies on ATG to tailor promotions to 8 million club members
       and continuously update its online catalog without affecting site


• Leading innovator, manufacturer, and

  retailer of handheld computing products
Business Objective
•    Improve site performance, flexibility, and stability
Project Overview
•    Listed in Bizrate’s top twenty online stores in one year
•    Implementation took only 3 ½ months from start to finish, including design, development, testing, and
     data-base conversion
•    Reduced operational costs with improved flexibility in making changes to site
•    Experienced quadruple the number of visitors through 2000 holiday season


        The leading distributor of sportswear

        Unify branded Web sites on one platform

     Project Overview
        Manage Scenarios and campaigns across channels
        Support High Scalability, Personalization, Internationalization &
        Collect Data to Drive Business Intelligence
        All brand site rolled up under the ATG platform
        Running B2B and B2C websites
    Martha Stewart Living

• Integrated content company with four
  business segments: Publishing, Internet/
  Direct Commerce, Television, and Merchandising
Business Objective
•        Create a contextual selling site on a unified Web platform to build more profitable customer relationships, drive
         revenues, & reduce operational costs
Project Overview
•        2001 online holiday sales increased 20% with new site over last year
•        Lowered total cost of ownership and operational costs by 30%
•        Partnered with Fort Point to ease integration with Interwoven’s TeamSite content management system and
         e.Piphany program
•        Implemented eSelling Intelligence to track customer interactions and drive sales through personalized merchandising


     •   Leading direct marketer of general interest and specialty book clubs
     •   More than 10 million members in its book clubs
Business Objective
     •   Integrating 26 disparate Web sites into multiple back-end systems to create a single technology platform
     •   Increasing book sales by improving customer satisfaction
Business Benefit
     •   Increased sales by double digits percentages
     •   Substantially reduced call center volume and cost
     •   Using 60% of ATG’s out-of-the-box commerce functionality, saving development time and money

Hooked on Phonics
(Gateway Learning)

 • HOP is a leader in children’s learning
 Business Objective
 • Increase sales through better conversion rates
 Project Overview
 • Improved their online close rate by 23 percent
 • Increased online sales by 40 percent
 • Quadrupled online lead captures for offline
 • 41 percent increase in Web-influenced outbound sales
 • Enjoyed a 225 percent increase in online member sign-ups
 • Reduced staffing needed to support the Web site by more than 50%
 • Cut time spent working on the site by more than half

•    One of the Largest retailers in the World
     (2,900 stores, 16 countries)
Business Objective
•    Wanted to offer consumers anytime, anywhere value, service and choice
•    Improve customer loyalty by making it easier for customers to shop both online and offline
Project Overview
•    Personalized direct email with scenarios
•    ClearCommerce for payment gateway
•    Integrated sales channels
•    Benefits: fast time to market; robust; scalable; total cost of ownership


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