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                         Camden Times                                          THURSOAY,APRIL 13, 1961

                                                                                                                                                                                                      PRICE 5 CENTS

NINE OOMPANIESBATTLE FEED FIIRM FIRE,.ll lAYDRS      New Fro.:lier Democrals Sel Forl'h
                                   'ENDQRSEIITCH'ELL 'heir Policies
                                                                                 The mayors of seventeen com:   The 11 candidates of the New sician to safeguard jUvenil~
                                                                                                             Frontier ticket in Column 5 of health. Care of the aged must
                                                                             : munities in Camden County, rep-
                                                                            " resenting nearly 90 percent of the 'DemO<lratic primary April 18 be improved and added to the
                                                                             • the Republican mlmiCipaJities joined today in issuing what they hospital plan at Lakeland. Edu-
                                                                               there; today announced, endorse-
                                                                                                             termed "a statement of public cational facilities for handi-
                                                                             : ment of James P. Mitchell as the        t     "t""                  a    d h ·ld                 .
                                                                             'Republican candidate for Gov:         par y pOSl Ion.              c ppe c I ren are needed;
                                                                                                                The two-part statement was there are none .. A county gov~
                                                                        ernor in the April 18 primary supplemented by a' forecast of' renment workshop must be set
                                                                     ; electiOD.                             victory: "We are so heartened by up ~i~ freeholders meeting with
                                                                            Mayor Albert ·Boyd ShaJ'p, of the. quantity and quality of vol- mUlliClpal-mayors and engineers.
                                                                     'Haddonfield, campaign manager unteers joining. our crusade Voting machine education should
                                                                     • for Mitchell in Camden County, against bossism," they said, "that bE; given .in the schools; and
                                                                        said the endorsements "are in- we know now our campaign will stImulus gIven to non..partisan
                                                                        dicative of the grOwing support tJe successful. We admit to some encuoragement to train for pub-
                                                                        for Mitchell across the state." . misgivings at the start. But the lic life.
                                                                            "The support of these seven-, enthusiasm and courage with "And above all, good, sound
                                                                        teen mayors," Mll.yor SharP said, Which workers old and new have businesslike practice's 'must ~
                                                                        "added to the support of, Senator been r8.Ilying to the bli.nnerof introduced into county govern-
                                                                     . Clifford Case, ~ormer Senll.tor H. President Kennedy's New Fron- ment. Expensive favoritism must
                                                                      , Alexand~r.Smlth and Congress.,- tier .assur.e a glorious Victory end; savings must and can be
                                                                      'man WIlham Cahill, and many April 18"                                     effected in purchasing SUPP'I;es
                                                                        others, speaks for itselfih be-             ....                                                      •
                                                                      ; half: of the, candidacy of. Jim .. In set~ing forth their polic~es and materials, economy must be
     Firemen shown battling flames and smoke in doorway of Mitchell. . The whole nation is on public matters, the 11 saId: effected along with efficiency so
B. Goodman & Son Feed and Grain Company.                              'watching New Jersey to see' "We shall bring to. public office that the skyrocketing tax trend
                                                      ..       B rt ' whether. ~take advantage of the same youthful VIgor, the same will be halted and every citizen
                                               .. Photos by Bob a osz: this outStanding opportunity to cand~r apd appliCation to truth of Cmaden County will know he
                                                                        reVitalize the RepUblican Party." and JUstIce that has character- is getting real value for his tax
                                   HUGHES T'O' REPORT;                      Of the four Republican mayors ized President Kenned'Y'svibrant dollars."
                                                                        who have not yet endorsed administration. .                                  In the section dealing with
                                                                        Mitchetll, ShaJ'p said, two arE)        "OUr roles in the legislative party policy, the statement said:
                                   ON CAIDEN          '                 leaning. toward the former Sec- hails of TrentOn will not be those "Because we belieVe sincerely
                                                                        retary of Labor, while the other of petty politicians handing 'out that a strong but responsive
                                                                         two have been away from home favors to- the preferred few while I?emocratic Party moulded on
                                   COUNTY CAMPAIGN                       and unaVailable for an expres- ignoring or .activ~ly opposing the l~ .of the Kennedy ,New Frop.-
                                                                        sion of opinion.                     interests of the masses. We will tl~r 18 the best hope for repre-
                                                                            "These mayors," Sharp said, riot, for .example, as certain ~tative ,government, we have
                                       Richard J. Hughes, "Regular "recognize the close relationship' Camden bounty legislators have Jomed to~ether to revitalize our.
                                    Democratic Organization" candi- between the problems of munici- done,introduce bills to grant 50 party so lt may be worthy of the
                                    date for. Governor, will present pal government arid                the
                                                                                                   problems: percent salary increases to poli., challenge and the opportunity.
                                    a first-hand report 'oncampaign of state government. .                   ticians holding. sinecures while "The aim of the New Frontier
                                    progress to C.amden County "Mitchell is the only candidate voting down saI f · to h eIp the individual develop
                                    Democrats tonight (April 13).                                                              ary increases or IS                .
                                                                         of either party who recognizes teaChers on the plea that there himself completely, and this can
                                       o. V. Swisher, county campaign the need for a complebeover- isn't enough money! If money come only when each shares up
                                    mariager, said that delegations hauling of the tax system, and isn't available for underpaid to his capacity in determining
                                    from aU county municipalities not just another new tax."                 tecahers, how can it be available the policy and destiny of the
                                    are expected to attend the rally The seventeen mayors who for overpaid political rewards?                     party;
                                    at Knights of Columbus Hall, have endorsed Mitchell are: Rich-               "Instead of playing games With "We believe strongly that the
                                    27th and Sauncters sts.; Camden, ard A. Park, Audubon; Earl G. census flgure's, freeznigt~e pre- function of a political party 11n-
                                    at 9 P.M.                            DuBois, Barrington; Otto L.Jror~: 1960 levels in order to play poli- der a democratic form of gov-
                                       Other speakers will include migli,. Berlin; Edward H. Mur- tics with county jobs, we shall ernment is to express public
                                    Hughes' running-mates: Assem- phY,Brooklawn; Albert Finger" move vigorouslY to help the pub- opinion land translate it into ac-
                                    blymenFralik E. Meloni and Chesilhurst; Arthur ~. ~tage, lic, to provide more opportuni- tion in the best interests of the
   Brooklawn Fire Chief John Francis J. Werner; Gloucester. Collingswood; VI!~ .. G. Rohrer, ties fo~ employ~~~t, to imP~ve public."
McKinney looking. over. fire Township May.or Robert Yost Haddon TownshIP, . Albert Boyd ~ucatlOnal faclhtles-, to raIse Joining in the statement were
scaneas firemen bring under and Donald BIgley, for Assem-, Sharp, . Haddonfield , Edward Bi- hvingstandards of our great la- Joseph C. Nettleton, Ralph J.
control general alarm fire at B. bly; Freeholders. OScar Moore. ben, HI-Nella.                        . : bar force, to. lnove forward to Kmiec, Edward F.Menneti, and
Goodman & Son Feed and Grain and Joseph M. Sandone and ~so, Carl C .. Caldwell, Laurel new social galDS.                                          Joseph A. Williams, candidates
Company, on New Broadway, in Frank A. Abbott, for. Freeholder; Spnngs;Francls J. Scott,. Mag-                    "At, the county level we shall for Assembly; Patrick To' Corbett,
Brooklawn, N. J., on April 8.       Coroner Howard W. Creran and nolia; J. Weer Chew, Merchant- move resolutely to lift this area AJ.pert J. Oarino and James W.
                                    Jules Schaffhauser, for Coroner, ville;Euge~e Rayz.nond, ·m, by its bootstraps, providing le\td- McCracken, for Freeholders; Dr.
                                    and Alexander Feinberg and Mrs. Pennsauk~ Town(IDip; . Robert ership and planning so sorely Burton K. -Weiser and Thomas E.
   Brooklawn firemen were joined Cecelia L. Jackson, for State B. Garn.son , .R~nnelIl.ede; R: missed during the past two Casey, Jr., for Coroners; and
by 8 fire companies from sur- Committee.                                 Scott ~th, TaVlStock; Geo~ge decades.                                    Anthony F. Marino and Rose D.
rou~ng communities last Sa:tur- . Feinberg, State Committeeman, J. Kayatl, . Waterford TO~p;                     "Roads must be improved, re- Ricciardi for State Committee.
day m .lI:n attempt to contam a will preside at the ralry and in- and Reuben D. Heggan, WInslow paired; widened and safety-
fir~ . which . threatened several troduce Hughes. All of the can- To.wnship.                                  treated with white lines .in cen-                 ,             •
buildmgs on New Broadway.           didates are serving on the a r - '                                        ter and on shoulders. Warning School Band To EntertalD
   The fire broke/oUt shortay after rangements committee.                Harry. C. Sharp School PTA li~hts are need~ at cross-county Davis PTA
11 A.M. at the B. Goodman and          Hu hes the art's standard . '.                      . . '.'    . . higl;1way~. Publi.c transport routes
Son Feed and Grain CO., New 'OOare~ U; the Iprit 18 primary' Parents of preschool' children must crlSS-cross our coubunty for                        On April 20, at 8 P.M., there
Broadway. Within a half hour, election, is a former Superior are ur~ to ~ttend a Parent th~se who prefer to use                            ses or will be a short business meeting
the fire destroyed the one-story, Court Judge. He resigned from EducatIOn meeting of the Harry trams.                                             of the Henry H.Davis PTA and
frame storage aoo warenouse the bench in 1957 to resume the C. Sharp ~chool Parent Teach~                        "There is vast room for im- it will be followed by nomlna-
room and spread to the oifice of practice of law.                        Association on Wed?-esdaY, APr.ll provement at Lakeland and in tion of officers. The school band'
the company.                             .          -      .'             19, at 1:30 ·P.M., m the audi- the operation of our other insti- will .entertain under the direc-
                                        Prior to his elevation to the torium. Mrs." Robert Harrigan, tutions. Too lorig we have shirked tion of Mr. Anthony Ciccarellt
   Several small buildings at the SUpierior Court, ~ughes served as chairman, has announced a pub- humane considerations, neglect- Mr. Rykaczewski will lead the
rear of the ):nain building were a County Court Judge and as an lic discussion will follow the ing the health, comfort and wel- seventh grade children in sing-
!Uso destroyed. The office is assistant United State~ Attorney ~oWingof a fiII.n entitled "Gm- fore of our citizenry: Do our peo- ing "Come To The Fair" to pub-
brick.                               for NeW Jersey. A natIve of New tmg Your .Chlld Ready Fa!' .ple realize Camden of oruy licize our coming attraction THE
   Tlle fire spread to the front of Jersey, he was graduated. fro~ School." ,               ...•              two counties iJ;l the. whole state COUNTRY FAIR, to be' held
the . building and toppled a high Rutger,s IA1,w School and llves m          ~e names. of Mrs. Myrtle I::S. that do not avail themselves of April 29.
tension wire· which knockect·· out Trenton.                               J;..ewls,a fourth grade teacher, the coopreative plan of matching
all telephone: service on one· side                                       and Miss Birgitte,prillcipal,were fUnds for adequate mosquito
of the street.:                                                           erroneously omitted from our control? ..                                        Pity the TeaCher
                                                   Easy To Get            Parent Teacher Association meet-        "T~e is so much to be done As the class had been told to
   One of the owners, Charles                                             ing program in the April 6 ed1~ for the development. of our coun:- write an essl\oy on Lincoln - one
Goodman, theorized that the fire a "I won't get ma.iTied until I find tion. .
                                        girl like the one who married                                          ty and' the improvement of its of the pupils wrote - "Abraham
started when a paSSlng autots't grandpa."                                                                     facilities. A uniform school- Lincoln was born on' a bright
flicked away a cigaret and Jt "Huh! They don't make women                    One of the easiest things to health program must be devel:- summer day, the 12th of Feb-
 blew inside the flrst building.     like that today."                    do is to start an argument and oped, with a standard, modern ruary, 1800. He was born in a log
   The feed company is located in       "That's funny. Grandpa only one of the hardest· things to do and enforceable code that ex- cabin that he had helped his
the center of the municipality. married her' yesterday."                  is to stop one;                      pands the role of the family phy- father to build."

                                    -_.-------   -------- .----.-------------.-.~--.----   ---------.:......-~----~------~-~-.--.-

                                                                                                                     ---   ~-.~-,~"             1,

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                                                                                                                                                               ""'1IlIioI-~'1ii11'_alil&'____.·.·.'.5ii1".'• •
                                                                                                                                  ............~,......._ _' ....                                                 -
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      PAGE 2                                                                            THJ: CAMDEN TIMES, CAMDEN, N. J.                                                                                    THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1961
                                                                                                                                            Name It and We Can Do It rine Offic~r finds she is, in .effeCt,
                             TheESTABLISHED Times         18~
                                                                                                "Mr."S,ortsman of
                                                                                               '. ... .
                                                                                                                                                Name it and we can do it _ entl;l~ng two careers. qne as a
                                                                                                                                            is the theme of American women ~a:me. and the ~ecoilid as a spe-
                           Published Every            'Thursd~y
                                                                                             .. 1,81" D..inner..                            today, as indicated by their role Cl~lSt .m the asslgnmen:t ~he re-
                                                                                                                          :>                in the military service of our celves m the Corps ..Women Offi-
            omce: 3514-16 West1leldAvenue                        . C~l!lN5,·N'J.                '"'One of:tai;e la~geSt.Jocal :.gath-                 , .                          .                      cers serve not only In the super-
                                                                                               :*rings of-~por,~;figul'es:;~ver to         cO:~~~ung .to Captain Duncan vision of W0!llen M.arine, but in
                                  Phone .WOodlawn ··3-0353                                     ~embleJmder.':QXle ~ofWilLtake              D. Chaplin, local Inspector~ g~ner~l adml~~stratIOn aerology,
                                                                            . .....                . place at the . Haw.aultIl Cottage,    Instructor United states Marine hlstoncal ":Vntmg, law, recrea-
     .PUB~ISHE~ AND :EDITOR ............................. : ... ~INCOLN H. MARRYOTT DelQ,ware. ?l~\VIlSl?P':?1J :~lUrs-                    Corps ~erve, the position .of. tional ~~rVlces and many other
       ASSOCIATEEDITOR ........................................ .JOHNJ. TlSCHNER, SR. day everung,.Apn120,:wlien the                       Women Officers in the United occupatlOnal fields.
       SOCIAL EDITOR ....................................................... ANNETTA PYE New Jers~ Spo~s Alllance ..will                   States Marine Corps is well A limited number of college
       ADVERTISING AND CI.RCULATION MANAGER ........................ L. 'J. MARRYOTT name Nell ;:D~;han .. as                              established.
                                                                                                                                             Mr.                                                          women are currently being· con-
                                                 ~m                                                   Sportsman of'j19Ql."                     During the" 18-year existence sidered for the Marine Corps
                                                                                                         ':'Jim~r' :~~rr~", of ,Uaddon     of Women Marines, their role Woman O~cer Training C~ass.
             The CAMDEN TI M ES is a LEGAL NEWSPAPER for. the publication : of:legal ~e~hM'· and ."Lol1 . M.'~~f.~lane,                    has been recognized and care- The course lB offered to juruors,
        Notice: of the City, County and State.                          .      '..      . "bf"C:amden,dlnner ~lrman ~d                     fully defined by the Congress. seniors and graduates o~ all. ~c-
             Re-entered as Second·Class Matter August 22: 1908. at post Office at c;a~den, J?~esldentc of th,e·.Alh:ance, saId             The Woman Marine who was credited colleges and uruverSltles.
    ,N.J., underAct of March,1879.                                               . . '                w.em,bers of ,tl?:e :~I>0rtiIll?;i,:frltter-
                                                                                                                                           called in first to "free a Marine Upon completion. of the 12 weeks
        '. - "I am not bo.undto win; but I am.bound to be true; I, am not .u~ce.ed, rutY5l1l~ as,J~,~E)y,JOE;- W:a~co,tt,         to Fight" has also proved herself training course gIven at the ~a­
      ·but I am bound to live up to what light I. have. I will .stand with anybody w,ho ,JoseppChubbY,,;f:lta:t:l'ord, Har-                as a valuable member of the 'rine Corps Schools, QuantICO,
      'stands right, keep with him while he is right, and part with him when he is wrong." old. J:ohru;oll' "MAck~" Wf!,lker,              peacetime team                                                 Virginia, these young women are
       ~ Abraham Lincoln.                          .                      . .              .'         ';1;'ete" _<Lat~, .'. "Lew" Tendle;r,   Because of th~ relatively small commissioned as ~econd Lieuten-
     .'.;,·R·E' H'I'GH' W··IY ·.FATALI·TIE.S AVOI"D.A··8··L'E
               .                                   . '.                            .      , '.
                                                                                               •      membe~s Qf ."theEagles Wa.lsto:p.,
                                                                                                      team, ,mcluding Bobby .fopti;)all
                                                                                                      Peter Retzlaff!, Bob Pell~gr:ini,
                                                                                                                                           Marine of Women Officers in the .anJ;s in the Ma~ne Corps l'!-e-
                                                                                                                                           number Corps their jobs are serve and are assIgned to actIve
                                                                                                                                           eSpecially dive~sified. The college duty. at Marine Corps P.ostB and
                       '.                .                                                  .. ., qhuckBe'dllarlk., !1p.!i SCQl'es of      g~ir~I,~W~h~o~beC~o~m~es~~a_w~o~m~an~.~.::Ma::::.::-~s::ta=t=lo::ns=-..::th::r:.,:o..::u::;:gh_O_u_t_th.'-e--::-w_o_r_ld_._
              You can pIck up a 'newspaper anywhere' in the United' States, other . well~kIlQwn personalities                              ~
      any day in the week,andyou will read about fatal highwayacCi- ~~ ~por:ts:wQuld
    .dents.:Theaccidents you read about will be mostly local, unless thebe presen~" .                                           . . . .. "
                                                                                                                                            DEMOCR'ATS'                           . .

                                                                                                                                            Vote Column 5 Tuesday
     ;victims are of wide importance and even the local deaths Will get .. Frclj.PkM, .Lario, af\,toa§t-
      small 'space unless the people are especially prominent; .                            . ' master, will r-eviewDeighan's
              In a l'ecent.studyof drivers involved in fataI highway a.cci- sporthistory.which. b~gani:p.the

                                                                                                                                           5 port Prese.dent . K'enned.Y
  ~ dents, bighway officials found that onlY,a very small percent. grade~chOO!ls,in' Oamclen, and                                                       .'               .
      served .time in jail and not all involved paid fines. And, inanyof cauied him torenown.i:p.pasket-
      the·drivers were not penalized by the courts in any way. ..                                     ball an.d 'baseba1l, not only.10-
              In regard to many of the highway fatafities, the public takes cally but in the :AIneriC!1n4sS0-'UP.'·                                        .
       the:view that they are the result of· the hazards of therqe.d. While ci!!otionas !1;m,em.ber:.of the LQuis-                                  .                                                    ' e
    ' basis for such a conclusion, in regard to some accidents, ville:.C1ub;~and.theNorfolk Club
     . the fact is that many are caused byfiillure to follow regl.Jlations set of the Vil'giI).ia;League. Neil ,also
                                                                                                                                             and he.s New Frontier
      up for bighway safety.                          ~                                               played with.-:-.the Madiso:p.yUle
              The time to avoid many fatal accidents is before they occur. team, of .the· Kitty Les.gue and
     ,Afterwards, it is too late to do the victims any good.                                          later,.lIlanaged that,.clul:) .. :to a               Stamp Out Bossism •••
                     .                                                                                pennant ,win;             .. " .'     . .
      'ON FAM'ILY LIVING                                                                               .RIilt;irlJ.}g'from.a,ctive oortic~pa-
                                                                                                      tion in .l929be'.,has continued to
                                                                                                                                                       Bring Progress to the Party -• •
                                                                                                      kee~ . . in close touch wit;hgll;mes
     \                                                                ..'                      .
     : ,One of the amazing facts of modern·life is the failure of many and. plaYers, the ,                                             .NOMINATE A TICKET THAT 'CAN
      people-men, women and even children - to . take a personalin~' an~the ~ters,culm,~atl:p.g
      terestin development of a happy, safe and intelligent family.                                . thlB. month WIth his selectIOn. as
              Men who are wizards· in the business world often makemisei'.. "Mr. Sportsman of'196l."
                                                                                                                                                            .WIN IN NOVEMBER
---. abl!1 failures as husbands and fathers. Mothers, who are attractive
      in looks and intelligent in activities, also often fail dismaUy in
      making their homes dUPlicate these attributes. Children who amazeBo,Scouts Collect.
                                                                                                                            ..                    lItJU NeW' Frontier-
      strangers by their good qualities rarely eXhibit these' virtues' wheil'
      within the family. circle.                                           .'.
                                                                                                      20,000 Goodwill lags
                                                                                                                               • ."
                                                                                                                                                           DEMOCRATIC ORGANIZATION
              ~et us make it plain that we are not taJIting about dissolute,                                . '.    ,,;. ..        ,.;....,  .
      proflIgate or worthless people. We are referring to the' people who Over 20,000 bags . of '. clotbing
      are considered the backbone of local SOCiety and the pace-setters of werecQIlected by the Boy Scouts
                                                                                                                                                          Column & of Ihe Voting Machine
     .local affairs in the communities.                               .                   ' . durmgtheir recent "Good Turn
              There will be some people who' read this and' realize that theii" Day" drive :.for Goodwill·. Indus-                                             Primary Ellction Day
      familY, as a social unit, is happy, hannonious, cooper!1tive and tries, according' to. Jas. D., Fraser,
      eminently successful by any standard. Their families are to be Goodwill's Executive .Director.
      admired. Whether they kI).oW it or not, they are Ii great deal more' Fr                                    ..... 'd "nlatthiS material
                                                                                                                                                              TuesdaYJ'Apdl 18, 1961.
      fortunate than. many others.                                          . , ' ase1', saa ."                                  .. "
              There will be other men and women who will instantly!admit WlUsupply. GoodwiUs: seventy
      to ~emselves .that ~he~ own ho~e life ailid. its development, of' handicllopped :iw~rkersd Wlth .~-
      admrrable family tra).ts lB. not. as It might have been or coUld' be. PlQyment,~a ~~g,~n .' wages, or
                                                                                                                                                                                                      JOSE·PH C.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 It EnLETON                             # the reason?                                                            '.             , m,a,ny In,Qnths.: Wlth911t the
                                                                                                                                                                                                        RALPH J.
              Boiled down, let's call it plain selfishness; and then think tlie h~p of the ;I;loyscouts,:ef                                              General
      problems through on tbis basis. The solution of many a family Balc;l,' we~ou,ld,ha~e. to·
      feud an<;l th~ end Of. m~llY a bloody battle will be the result, of ~lly curtaIl the t~~Ull~ .pr()gr~
      such solId, Slncere tbinkmg,and a detennination to dosomethin.. m o~work$op.. ThlS IS Whic?                                                                                                     EDWARD F.
      about it.                                                               .       ,           .. consists of reston:ng ·.all .-eontJ:i~
                                                                                                      butions. .                                   (Vote for Four)                                    IENNET'I
                                                                                                         Wages 'for.. their' han~pped .                                                               JOSEPHA.
                                                                                                      elilploy~ C!1na.ls1'l .be affectedi
                                                        John'C. Nettleton, 016,
                                                                                                      fo~they 3te.clerived .from 'the
                                                                                                      sales. of the:nnlshedprpdticts in ;,;;.;;-...;..;.-...;...--...;..;.-
                                                        Dies in Merchantville                         OI).e ofGQoclWill~ budget stores.,                                                              PATRICK T.
                                                            John. G~ Nettletop.,. 76;   .·died ..Fraser .•.          stated, "'Th~tWi~out
                                                        1B:Bt Thursday in his ho~, 107 the help .of the many lOcal' truck';                                                                          CORBETT
          EVERYDAY                                      Lmderman ave.," MerchaIitvUi.&. ing firms and the Truck ·DriverS
                                                        He was a retired sillesman' for & Helpers' Union,Local No. 676,
                                                                                                                                                       Freeholders                                     ALBERT J.:-
                                                        the Hurley stdre and a member the drive would not be possible.':                           (Vote for .Three)                                   .CARINO
                        ~                  ~.           of Camden Counllil .439,K.of C., TruCkS ·belongirtg to T-ose; 'Inc.;
                                                        and· Court .Pride Of StOCkton 15, MQOrt)~s TmckiJ)g, Moon Carrier;                                                                           . JAMES W.

          ..~.                                                                                                                                                                                   McORACKEN
                                                        Forestt:rs of America. . .             . ' st. J9hnsbury'Express, andRan4
      '                                                   . SurvIVing are his wife, Hlir~Expl!es~. broUght. aU .
                                                        rle't; two sonoS, Joseph C., of froDl numerous collection.centers                                                                         DR. BUR10N K.
                                                        Camden, and John. W., of Abse.; thioUghout.Camden County to
                    ~ ..                                con; a daughter,' Mr!l. Harry GoOdwiU~s 'workshop iIi. Ca:nidim.                                Coroners                                        WEISER
                                                        Headly, of Mount Royal; a The.union soliCited.~he truck.
                                                        brother, William, of
         "When you care enougb. to send the very best" sisters, Mrs. Agnes Camc:ten; two ingfirms for their assistance in
                                                                                     McCracken, this suecessfuldrive. .                              (Vote fo~ Two)                                    THOMAS E.
                                                        of Camden, and Mrs. Walter'
                                                        Peel, of NewbUrgh,N.·Y.;       seven
                                                                                                                                ' ...
                                                                                                                                                       Male Membet
                                                                                                                                                                                                   CASEY, J'R.
                                                                                                                                fai'.. .
             ACME CRAFTSMEN                      .::~~~=:tandtwOgreat-Zell.Great                                                                  State'Colilmittee
                                                  man st., East Camden, before •...              II '8u''·'I·S··. .CU·
                                                                                               'M-' .' ',. .' ,'...... .'
                                                   . Mr. Nettleton for. mJtnY. years . . ....., .... , . . ,
                                                  resided in the·Z700 blocto(CaJ."-                 .
                                                                                                  'r''      "       ..... "
                                                                                                                                                   (Vote fOl: One)
                                                                                                                                                   State Committee
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ··ROSE D.
          3514·16       Westfield Ave.            moving to Mer~hantvil1e~        . .'~' ZemO, •a doctor's fonnulat liqUid
                                                     Funeral servJ.ces were held orointinent,' soothes, helps heal
                                                                                                                                                    (Vote for One)                                  RICCIARDI
                                                  Monday from a Pennsaukenfu- minor burns, cuts, bruises. Fa,mUy                                  V,oteFor Young, Vigorous, Quali'fied Candidates
                                                  neral home. ReqUiem High Mass rashantisePtic,_ e~... ~~ of ~1ece
                                                  was oolebrated- at 9'30 A.M' .'           ell, eczema, teeil-age~p s,
                                                           .            ' . " In athlete's foot. Stops$Cl'a '., so                                                             VOTE NEW FRONTIER
                                                  St. Peter's Church, Merchant- aids faster healing.' For stub om
                                                  ville. Burial was in st. Mary's cases, .get Enra. ~trength Zemo.
                                                  Cemetery, Belmawr, N. J.                                                                                                         Vote Column &
                                                                                                                                                          Paid for QY Nicholas A. Lacovara, Campaign Mgr.
 THURSDAY, APRil 13, 1961                                             THE CAMDEN' TIMES•. CAMDEN. N.·
                                                                               K. of C MellIbers.To
                                                                                     d'a Retreat',
                                                                                  By: JAMES T:nUFFIErD"
                                                                                 Members6f Immaculate Don-
                                                                               ception Council 3512, ~ghtsof
                                          By JOBN J. TISOIIND, SB.             Columbus. East C:amdeIi;wm' at-
                                                                               tend a R.etrOOtat 'St. Pius X
                                                                               Retreat. 1I0use,B1ackWQQd, .on
  Soon Time To                          residing at Cape May, also oper-       Friday, April 14. Dominic Ca-
                                        ated. in the      ruso, Retre.atGa~tllln. announced                                 ,
  Change Clocks                         andoparated trucks for hauling         the motorcade will reave st. Jo-
    It won't be long now before         contracts . . . a great many           seph's Church parkiDg lot at 6:00

     , .' it will be time to change     Philadelphia residents also used       P.M.
  to Daylight Saving Time . . .         the ferry boats, which were really       "A Night in Italy," honoring
  Sunday, April 30 ' . when you         a small steamboat . . . to come        Past Grand Knight Carmine
  will be asked to set your clocks      to Hoosey's Park . . . located         Di Pompo, will be sponsored by
  one hour ahead . . . to last          at 27th st. and Harrison ave.,         the C?uncil and Coluinbiettes,
  until next October.                   where . there 'was danc1I!g on         women s unit. on Saturday ,
                                    .   Saturday nights . . . theooats         15, beginniilg at 9:00P.M.
  Prayer Holds Good For All
     With the whole world in a tur-
   moil, .with revolutions and near
                                        as a whole were Well patronized
                                         . . . the Delaware River . . .
                                        which had deep water between
                                                                                 At the Council meeting on
                                                                               Monday, April 17, Thomas .F'itz-
                                                                               gerald, Lecturer, announces the
                                                                                                                         will burdens       ease farm
                                        Petty's Island and the North           guest speaker will be William
   wars, the follQwing prayer is        Cramer Hill shore • . . has            Pascoe, Muni~ipal Judge of Dela-        , N. J. farmers carry a heavy property tax. burden.
   good today for all. Here it is:         .                                   ware Townshi All          be            .One way to relieve this burden, without imposing
   "Lord make me an instrument of       greatly filled lIP, causing shallow                   'po    mem rs are
                                        water.                                 urged to att.end.                         new taxes, is to provide new sources of tax
       Thy Peace!                                                                          -----'-
   Where there is hatr~d . . . let More Squeeze on                             Hainy J. AnsHnger, Chief of      UiS.    :te.venue•.This Mitchell will do, by bringing in
      ,me sow love.                  '.                                                                                  new industry and expanding present plants. If:you
   Where there is injury . . . P                                                 Narcotics Bureau:      ":'., .'.:
       pardon;                           roperty 0wners                          "But we must not relax;,"rtiueh         want fliir play for the farmer, pick a big man
                                                                               remains to be done insta;rnping
   Where there is doubt . . . faith;      Playing for votes . . . it is        out the drug tramc." ....\ "             ior:tibigjob.' In. the Republican primary,
   Where there is despair . . . planned to· "put the' squeeze" on
       hope;                           0         f    ert
   Where there is sadness .. joy! wners 0 ~rop y w 0 Wl
                                                              h"sh to
   o Divine Master, grant that I sell . . . to sell that property,
                                                                                                                        ::ApjaH18· Vote James P. Mitchell
 ·      may not so much seek           anyone, no matter what the con-
   To be consoled . . . as to con- sequences.               to have the
        sole'                          State LegIslature pass a measure
   To ,be~nderstood . . . as to to take awa~ the ~ights of pri-
        understand'                    vate owners m sellmg. the prop-
   T o be 1oved . ,, . as to 1ove,
   It i in giving . . . that we re- pnvate .pro~erty 0~ll6rl? . '.'
                                       erty . . . by adding the' so-
                                       ca.lIed' 1 b' .' act to, i nc1u de
                                               raC18 1M
                                       the actIOn IS playmg mto the
                                                                                                                                             IIIIID'I'IN~       YOU?
                                                                                                                                                                          Relieve aches and pains of colds with
   It is in pardoning .        that we ha~ds of the Comm~ . . .                                                                                          'DlDI.lliate     STANBACK Tablets or Powders.
        are pardoned;                  to mcr~ase bad feeling between                                                                                                     Also use as gargle for sore throat
                                                                                                                                                            Reli.f! .     due to colds. STANBACK'S S. A.
   It is in dying. . . that we are th~ whIte and col?red races . . .                                                     tJ.ew 'ckqpa. 01 OUTGR04Il       bring biesaed   (Synergistic' Action) reduces fever,
        born. to eternal life."        WhICh even~ually 15 going to lead                                                .o~~~~o:..'=:"tb"~.;                              brings faster, more complete relief.
          -A prayer by st. Francis to tr~uble In the country                                                            nail,. allows tIia nail to be eat and thus pre-
                                                                                                                         vema.furtherpain and cIIaeomfC!l't. OUTGRO       Remember ... Snap back with
                of Assisi              It's tIme to call a halt on the                                                 ,I Is available at all d.... eoanterB.             STANBACK!
              . 1 ' . .'. • .          action of "Puddle JJlDlping" poli-
  Do Vou Remember,'l                  . :!~~ng to ge~~~~il~ .s~:ri~
     Some~e;:u"S  ago . . . there was    your state Senator or Assenibly-                                                Freedom of speech is a valua-    As we have said' before, trad-
   a grove along. the Delawat~           man . . . and ask them to                                                     ble posseSsion of every mi'n but ing at home is'one way to keep
  'River at the foOt Of. Nb1"t!~ 29th    pose . . . any lI10re of. such                                                it is a foolish individual who some money circulating here in
   st., in the Cramer Hill section of    tactics . . . before it is too late                                           speaks too freely.               Camden.
   East Camden, where camp meet-          . . . or eventually we may have
 · iUgs were held.. . . and on Sun-      the civil war all over again.
   days .a. group froIl). a colored     .
   church in Philadelphia '. . .
   heldbaptisin of .. their conve
   along the shores of the Delaware
                                          IIDIET AUTO
                                                 . '
   River . . . followed by camp                       ,
    ~s~~e!:r~~~ big ire~ s~~ RACES SCHEDULED                                         Gas heat is is so clean
    ca~ght'. .fish. .When the nets were AT UIIRORIE
   POI~        .
                     in the river at'that                                           that you" will find big "
     hlluled in residents· would be on                                              savings in. cleaning :bHls                                                                        TO
   .hp,Ud to~y shad fish . . . and Langhorne, Pa. _ Twenty-four                     -your housework vJiII be .
      al~ herrmg fish . . ~ the latter of the top-flight midget auto
     being sold as low as a dozen for drivers in the nation will go' to
     25 cents . . . a long wharf ex- j;he post in the lOG-mile National
     tended out to deep water, from championship. midget auto clas-'
     which ferry boats landed and sic, scheduled for. the· i.a.nghorne
                                                                                     lightened. A unn in-
                                                                                    stalled in your furnace
                                                                                    might be all that you
     broug~t passengers from Phila- Speedway,, April 30.
      delphIa .. , The 0'. S. G~vern- The 1961 curtain-raiser, at the
    ,ment had also just put m use 'HQ1"I1e, Will mark. the first ap-
                                                                                     need to enjoy quiet, de-                 IT'S AUTOMATIC
      a dynamite cruiser . . . the; pearance of the popuIllr midget                 pendable,' economical gas
     was deep water between Pettys auto division around the circular                .heat.·                                           Set the Thermostat
     I~and and the North CraI?Etr mile since 1958 Th A '1 30'
      Hill shore . . . and the crUIser.'                ..   e pn
     would anchor opposite the old tItle race Wlll be one of only
     Pavonia Water Works, at the three major cla~i.Cl!' listed. for
                                                                                    Prompt, efficient service                              ••• and the Job Is Done!
  . foot of North 25th st. .' . ; and the small car diVISIon, natlOn~               ORgas burning part~ and
     for the long shells up tl1.e river ally, throughout the 1961 cam-
             it proved a sort. of annoy~ Pllign.             ..
      ance to the fishermen as some Co-promoters Irv FrIed and AI
                                                                                    controls of. yOUJ gas                             REPLACE THAT OLD
      of the' shells landed wha"e the Q:erber, of the Lang~rne Speed-
                                                                                    heating, equipment is
     'fishermen cast their nets and way, have the sanctIon and sup-                 given, 'wit~out;· charge;                             SYSTEM
      they would get caught and torn. po:t    or    the American, Racing
       . , . The small ferry boats were Drl~ers C~ub (AROO) for. the                by Public Service•
      operated between the wharf at NatIonal title race. In a:<iciltion,
      29th st., North Cramer Hill, to the local promoters Will also                                                               Up To 5 Vears To Pay                            No Money Down
      Penn Treaty Park, Philadelphia, dra:w on the resources of the
      and many people took the ride Umted States Auto Club n.JSJ\C)                 Call Publi.c ServIce, Dr your                                    First Paymenf in September
      for pleasure in the'summer time and the. great tal~n~ ProVlI:\E!C;i by        plumbing contractir; orgas
       . . . one of the boats was oper- ~hat racmg assoclat~on. A. work-
      ated by Morgan & Son. . . mg agreement .eX15tsbetween
    ,who also had a boat yard at the ARne a.nd USAC, considered to
                                                                                    heatilig installer, to gett,
                                                                                    the facts on the.adYaI-··
                                                                                                                                   Phone: Day-Nile                                  WO 4-6102
.. foot of North 25th st., and oper:.. b:Btru;two top racing oi"ga,ni~­
                                                                                    tages of las fill' heating;
      ated several boats . . . as. did tions In the spe!edway sport.
      the Peter Hagan & sOns               The Langhorne promoters pre-
      August Oswald Jr. a f~r~ei- dict a field of better than forty--
                                                                                    and atreesuryey of your              NATIONAL HEATING CO.
      East Camden r~sid~t and con- five ~or. the N~tional title claSSic.            home.                                              MEMBER MASTER HEATING ASSOCIATION
      tractor who resided at 29th and Quahfym,g, to determihe
      Buren ave. also operated a boat the starting field of twenty-four,                                                                  Magnolia Avenue Off Pa,rk Boulevard
      to take m~n to the Cramp ship- will. be staged ~~telY .p;",-
      yards . . . Oswald, who now IS ceding the 100-mlle title grInd
                                         on Apr.iJ. 30.
                                                                                                                                                                Camden, N. J.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              , I
  PAGE 4                                                                                                 THE CAMDEN'TIMES, CAMDEN, N. J.                                      THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1961
          Mother's Day Gift "By Thermos®"

                                                                                                                                                                                If ye loved me, ye would
                                                                                                                                                                              have rejoiced, because I go
                                                                                                                         ,'thing makes a child                                unto the Father; for the
                                                                                                                 t.     ( than going to bed,                                  Father is greater than 1.
                                                                                                                it's imowing that you've gone                                              -(John 14:28).
                                                                                                                to bed too."                                                    On this Good Friday, let
                                                                                                                                                                              your soul be lifted by the re-
                                                                                                                          Happy Life                                          membrance of the assurances
                                                                                                                  Life was· a Int more relaxed                                of Jesus, by the knowledge
                                                                                                                when we heard more abnut the                                  that the Father'.s love is infi-
                                                                                                                cnnga and less about the CongO'.                              niteand unfailing
                                                                                                                         - The Chicago Tribune

        ;~iS Mother's ,Day surprise her with a gift ~he'l1 appreci~te
    the year round-the new "Thermos" brand Pltcher Set Wlth
    tray and covered c,!p hold~r. When Mother a~akens, her
    favorite beverage 'wlll be rIght at her finger tips for her                                                                                                     -n:4E BUOOHIST CLOISTER OF
    leisurely enjoyment in bed. Available in decorator colors of                                                                                                    H~IE,THISET."./6,500 FEETH/6H....
    pink, blue, brown or gray with. wh~te lid and ba~e. tp.e .ha~d.
    ~ome plastic pitcher keeps liqUIds Iced or steammg m Its. m-                                                                                                    \NH~E MPlI'l'l PR\ESTS RESIOE!
    terior of durable Stronglas (T.M.). It can be filled the mgbd   t
    before, placed on its matching. tray at Mother's bed~ide an
    will keep any beverage at the rIght temperature all mght.                                                                                                            .... SUGAR BEEN. USEO IN '~
        The. complete set including 20-ounce· capacity pitcher, cup
    «:over, and tray sells ~or ·about $9.95 at neighborhood stores.                                                                                                      BRIDGE CONSTRUCTIOW             '? )4
--WOodlawn 3-3217
          CHARLES LOSCALSO                                                             GIFTS
          EAST· END JUNK                                                        36TH & WESTFIELD AVE.
 Rags-Scrap Iroll-Paper Stock                                                       EMerson 5-1994
     Heaters.- Pipe -Metal
    2194 FEDERAL STREET                                                            . "" ........
   Office:· 32 Marlton A venue
                                                                                  HARRY LEONARD                  "'Y'ES-! AN                IS THE   ~lvJ'
                                                                                   Funeral Director             :01= ~EW ZEAI.ANt) WKlcHl-\AS
                  i   C. Jackel                                             Funeral Home -   2850 Federal St.
                                                                                                                  NO 'WINQS 'WHATEVER !IT IS
                                                                                                                 "",m'~LL.Orc: lHFlN A CHICKEN ANt> CAN
                      FOR FLOWERS                                                Phone WOodlawn 3-2569
                                                                                                                                  1t\E FAS1EST GRE.'lHOUNDr .
                          SINCE 1907
  711 N. 27th Street, Camden
             Phone WOodlawn 3-0007
  :~:   :.::.::.::.::.::.:-:;::.::.::.::.:}f!.::.::.::.::.::.: :.:-~: i·:
  Great for Children . . .
               CHOCOLATE MILK
                         OR IRRADIATED

                      Vitamin D Milk
                      SERVED BY THE

          MJllside Farms
         u.    S Highway 130, Riverside

                      Phone HO 1-0046
                or Drop a Postal Card
        Distributors of Golden Guernsey Milk

                MOTOR TUNE UP

             NO GUESSWORK
              SEE IT WORK

  fl liNG "I" SERVICE
        34TH &               WESTFIELD AVE.                                 I
THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1961            'THE CAMDEN TIMES, CAMDEN, N. J.                          PAGE 5

   I. HEAl< YOUR

                                    SON1 DON'T YOU THINK
     MOLLY            AN' ME        YOU'RE GETTING TOO .
                                                                         HOW ABOUT A
                                    BIG 1'0 BE FOREVER
                  .EFt-DADOY,       BEGGING FOR DIMES ~
                  COUL.D % PLEASE
                   HAve A DIMe~

    THE GIRL' FRIENDS                      GEE! THESe                  yeAH, THe OAVS
                                           .LOOI<. KINPA               ARe GETTING
                                              SMALL-                   $HORrER.'

                                                                        ANO SHE'S   GfjOlf%
   PUTTIH' ON THI DOG                                                   TO j!:~ Y. TOO!
                       AN ANGEL
                      IS ONE THAT
PAGE 6                                                                                                                                                                                                           THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1961

            INSTRUCTIONS                             BY VIRTUE OF A WRIT OF EXECIJ-
                                                   TlON, to· me directed, issued out of the
                                                   Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery
                                                   Divisio,n, Camden County, Docket No.
                                                                                                VIRTUE OF .i,a;,2NRIT OF EXECIJ-
                                                                                                  to me direCt~; issued out of the
                                                                                                    Court of llielVi, Jersey, Chaneery
                                                                                                     Camden Courity, Docket No.
                                                                                                                                                          ~I.etters to
  Men and Women Needed                                                                               Will be sold at Public Ven-

   Work in Civil Service
    No experience necessary, gram-
mar school education usually
                                                   F-1297-60_ Will be sold 'It Public Ven- due on
                                                   d~   ~

                                                             FRIDAY, THE 21ST DAy
                                                                 OF APRIL, 1961,
                                                                                                                             FRIDAY, THE 14TH DAY
                                                                                                                                  OF APRlkiJ961,
                                                                                                                                                        the Editor•••
sufficient. Train now for perma,. at 2 o'clock, Local Time, in the after- at.2 o'clock, LocafJ:irine,ln the after-I,=:;::::==================::;:============
nent jobs with security. Send noon of said day, .at the Sheriff's Office nOOI\· of said day, at the Sheriff's Office
name, address, phone number to: County Court House,and State City and County Court Hous., and State City.and.
                                                     in the
                                                                  of Camden
                                                                                      inl the
                                                                                                                            of Camden
                                                                                                                                                In. the     ·.····.,'.·o··t.·.e For New··.······F· ront,·e· rs
                                                                                                                                                                        .                                              ber of terms in those offices. In
        NATIONAL TRAINING                            Jersey:                        '                           Jersey:                                                                                                addition, 'they have refused to
                  SERVICE                                All that tract or parcel of land,situate,                  All that. certain lot, tractor parcel of             I wisl:':l to advise .all of my give up their County Committee
    Box C-10           Camden. Times                 lying and being in the City of Camden, land and .. premises, situate, lying ,and f ' d                                                                            P t     th     h f · l d to
                                                     in the County of Camden, in the State being In ,the City of Camden, in the nen s and the rank and file of                                                           os s; . ey ave al e          recog-
                                                     of New Jersey; with the buildings and County oI. C"mden, in the St"te of New the Democratic Party in Cam- nize the age-worn adage that
                                                     improvements thereon erected:                              Jersey, bounded and describet./ as follo)"s: den City and Camden, County "Youth Must Be Served;' and the
                                                          Beginn,ing at a point in the Westerly                     Beqlnning at a point in' the North- that I am going to'VO'.tefor and. record speaks for itself.
 THINKING OF SELL·                                   line of Patton Street distant one hundred easterly line. of Greenwood avenue dis-
                                                     ninety-five feet· Southwardly from the tant 295.42 feet Southeanardly from th...
                                                                                                                                                                                    JOs. C. Nettleton, Ralph              5. The stockhoLders of the
                                                                                                                                                                                  Edward Me:ru1~ti and Jos. Democratic Party in Camden
  ING YOUR HOME?                                     Southwesterly corner of Patton and Fair- Southeasterly line of •.Euc,lid Avenue,
                                                     vhiw Streets, said point being in the ex- point being in the middle lin. of a party
                                                     tended middle line of party Wall between wall between premises #1534 and 1536
                                                                                                                                                                           Williams for the General As- City and County, which happens
                                                                                                                                                                            bl' th··l                           P
                 Call us for                          premises No.. 2417 and 2419 Patton Greenwooej Avenue, and extending; thence sem y m                                                 e.Apn 18, 1961, ri- to be you, the rank and file of
Prompt and Courteous' Service                        Street; thence South one degree,no min- (I) Southeastwardly along the North- mary Election. t am also 'going the Democratic Party, have
                                                     utes, thirty-one seconds West, along the easterly line 01 Greenwood Avenue 26.42 to vote for and support Patrick "been sold down the river" by
                                                     Westerly line of Patton Street, twenty feet toa point; thence (2) N.orth~ast- T. Corbett, Albert J. Carino and the so-called leadership of the
          A & D REALTY                               feet in front or width to a point in the wardly at right'anglestoiGreenwood Ave'
 1724 Federal SI;                     WO 6-2683 extended middle lifJ8.9f party wall be- lIue· 80 feet toa. P(QintJn the North-
                                                                                      ..                                                                                         W. McCraclten for Free- now defunct Regular Democratic
           Daily 9~9. Sat. 9-5. Sun. 10-3.                            -    N     2419         d 2421                        line of aIO'fC>otwide driveway;                                        ..               .
                                                                                                                                                                                    and also Dr.;,n, u r t o ·n and.·, Or·ganlZ'a·tion.
                                                     tween premISes •.. os ... 'an                                                 N th··~-L... dl       I        h                                ~
                                                     Street; thence North eighty-eight degrees,                                   . or "'P'.war . ya ong ; t. e                      Casey for Coroners. In              6. The· leade'rs of the d""'unct
                                                     fifty-nine minutes, twenty-nine seconds I North""ot."I. line ·of said 'driveway 26.42                                                     .      t            t                                  ,,~
          LEOAL NOTICES                              West, betweenparalleillne5 of that front
                                                     or width at right angles to Patton Street
                                                                                                                        to a point in the. extended middle
                                                                                                                        ot first·mentioned party wall; thence
                                                                                                                                                                                      I am gomg. 0 suPP?r Regular, Democratic Organiza-
                                                                                                                                                                              vo,te fOrA'Ilph~ny             Manno tion have remained in power
                SHERIFF'S SALE                        a nd thro~g'h the middle line of s.aid party (4) South)"Bstwardly along thii.wall and and Reise D RlCClardl as male over· a long pe.rl'od .of years vI·a
                                                                                                                 line of, ffrst men.tioned party
                                                                                                                                                            middle                       .•
                                                     walls and along their extensions, ninety- the extension thereof at right angles to and female~embers ,on the discrimination against any merp.-
    BY VIRTUE OF A WRIT OF EXECU- five feet in length or depth. .                                                                                                                    ...
                                                                                                            ,GreenwoGd ·Avenue 80 feet toa point in State De.m ocratlc. Co.mmlttee. In ber possessed Wl·th the l·ntestl-n·al
 nON, to medire~ted, issued out of the                   .Bei'ng Lot #48 on Survey of Properties th N th t I I'                                f G          d A
 Supe,rior Court of New Jersey, Chancery in the 14th Ward,· City of. Camden for nut a~d ;~c:r ~f ~:g~nin~~enwoo                                                  ve- ~hort, I am gomg. to v<?.te a~d fortitud~ to speak out against
 Divisio'n, Camden County, Docket No. Joseph J. Kelly made by Reeder and                                            Being premises known as #1536 Green- support ,every candId_ate liste~ m the . leadership. Good examples
 F-1599-60. Will be sold at Public Ven- Magarity, Professional Engineers, dated wood Avenue.                                                                         Colu~ 5 o~ the Votmg Ma?hme, are the cases of myself, Patrick
due o.n                                               May 24, 1956. And 'being known as No.                         Together with the, followln9 removable and lllC.ludmg the .CaDI,didates T .. 'Corbett and a number of oth-
                                                     2419 Patton Street.                                         items: ~O"            rallge, 8· al comb ssls                                         t ..._-
            FRID'AY, THE 5TH DAY                          The approximate amount of the. Judg- windows,                                     ssls drs.                seeking county comml """ posts ers that have suffered due to
                 OF MAY, 1961,                        ment sought to besalisfied by this sale                       Th.                   amo.untofthe.Judg- on the NEW FRONTIER DEMO- discrimination on the part of the
                                                     Is $9,974.56.                   ,                                                                                 . ,A.
                                                                                                                                       be satisfled by this sale CR TIC,                 ORG.ANIZATION in leade··rs·hl'p of the Regular Demo-
 at 2 o'clock, Local Time, in the ';ofter-               The right to adjourn this sale is
 noon of said day, at the Sheriff's Office cifically reserved by the undersigned.                                                 to adjourn this sale is spe- q~Tden Count.y.                                         cratic Organization_
 in the Court House, in the City and                     Seized as the property· of Michael R.                              reserv.ed by the undersigned·:Records. ,will verify that for                                 There ar'e···l:nany other thl-ngS
 County of Camden and State of New Lamen,to, et ux, taken in execution at. the                                               as. the. property of Ira Hutton et                       '"
Jersey:                                              suit of Greater Delaware Valley Savings ux taken in execution at the suit ·01 South the past lIve years I have been' that I am in position to mention,
    All the following tract or parcel of & Loan Association, a corporation of the Jersey Mortgage Co., a corporation of an Independent Democ.r~t. I have which would require a lot of
 land and the premises herein.after par- ~~~~~n~;alth of Pennsylvania, qnd to ~ye State of New Jersey, and to b,e .sold been an outspoken. CrItlc of .the space, and I am only citing the
ticula,rly described, situate, lying and be-
 ing in the City of Camden, in the County                                                                                                                            ~egu~ar.. De~ocratlc, Org~mz!j.- major reasons as 'to Why I am
 ~f C.mden and State of New Jersey:
                                                                                    MARTIN SEGAL,                                                                    tlon ,m ..practlCaly ~very. Pl'm:~ary going to support thE! candidates
    Beginning at a point in the North-                                                ,                Sheriff.                                                      and General Election held smce in Column 5 and am going to
 easterly line of Cambridge Street, at                                                                                                                               March 1956. It was, just two y~rs vote against those oftheRegu-
the distance of One Hundred eighty feet Thomas J. Shusted i Att'y;                                               Finn,aild Rimm, AIi'ys,                                      that I served .as·the CIty                   J. ,.....,.        .. - ti
 Northwestwardly from the Northwesterly Dated: March ~O, 1961.                              Pt'rs fee            Dahld:March 23, 1961;·'                            f the Independent lat"' DemocratlC Orgamza on_
                                                                                                                                                                     Democrats ~at opposed the Reg-                      I wiSh: to conclude by soliciti~g
corner of Cambridge Street and Wayne (30, 6, 13, 20)                                                     (C-T) (23, 3D, 2, 9)
Avenue, formerly called Third Street, and
thence extending Northwestwardly in said                                                                                                                             ular Organization undertheban- an? askm.g all of my De~ocratlc
 Northeasterly line Twenty feet in front                           NOTICE TO CREDITORS                                       NOTICE TO CREDITORS                     ner of "Regufar· Democrats. For Fnends m Camden CIty. and
 or width and having a depth North-                                                                                            Camden, N. J., .March 28, 1961 Democratic PartyPriI:lCiples."                           Camden County to be certam to
eastwardly of that same width between                                Camden, N.J., April 10, 1961 Estate of FRANK WANDEL, deceased.                                                              ,                     go to the polls on April 18 and
 parallel lines at right angles with Cam- Estate of SAMIJEL C. LEVIN, deceased,                                     Pursuant to .the order of JOHN T. BEAL,
 bridge Street OnlO Hundred feet.                                                                                                                                       The issues in thIs campaign vote for the entire slate of the
                                                          Pursuant to the order of JOHN T. BEAL, Surrogate of the County of Camden, this
    Being Lot No. 21, in Block M, as num- 'Surrogate 01 the County of Camden, this daY made, on the applicatmn of the un,-                                                   thlillosame as they have been NEW FRONTIER candidates
 bered on a Map or Plan Pavonia, on day made, on the application of the dersigned Camden Trust Company, Execu-                                                                 a long period of time. It is listed in Column 5. You will bE!
file in the Register of Deeds Office of undersigned Rubin Levin a/kJa Rube tor of said deceased, notice is hereby
Camden County.                ,                                                                                                                                             this point that I shall enu- voting for yourself, you will be
                                                      Levi'n 'altd Louis Meyerson a/kJa Lewis given to the creditors of said deceased, merate' the major issues.                                                       doing your part to save what is
    Beling known as No. 1122 Cambridge Myerson, Executors of said deceased. to exhibit to the subscriber, under oath
 Street,Camden, New Jersey.                           notice is hereby given to the creditors of or affirmation, their claims and demands                                1. The of the ~eg- left of the Democratic Party in
    The app.rcximate amount of the Judg- said deceased, to exhiibit to the sub- against the estate of said deceased,. with-
 ment sought to 'be satisfied by this sale scribers, under oath or affirmaHon, their in six months from this dale, or they will ular Democratic Organization, Camden County, you will pro-
is $6,336,99.                                                                                                                                                        which has passed "ad defunc- vide what I term as giving the
                                                      claims and demainds' against the estate, be fOrever barred from prosecuting or
    The right to adjourn this sale is spe- of said de:ceased, within six months from recovering the same against the subscriber. torium," were selected by. a half Democratic Party a blood trans-
 cifically reserved by ·the undersigned;                                                                                                                             doze'll members of the Demo- fusion, and you will place a num-
    Seized as the property of Dominko this date, or they or. recovering thebarred
                                                      from prosecuting
                                                                               .will be forever
                                                                                                         same                        Camden Trust Company,
 Simio'ne, et .UX, et al , _taken in execution                                                                                                .            Executor. cratic Party.                                     ber of chronic public office hold-
 at the suit· of First Federal Savings and            against the subscribers.                                   David F_ Greenberg,' Attorney.                          '2. You Will note· that' a num- ers in moth balls. In addition,'
 Loan Association of Philadelphia, etc.,                                                                          (3~, 6, 13, 20)                              (C-T) ber of the candidates ha,ve held you will be doing your pa;t"t in
                                                             Rubin Levin a/k/a Rube Levin,
 and to be sold by                                                         and                                                                                       public office over a long period order that youth must be served,
                            MARTlN SEGAL,                    Louis Meyerson alkla Lewis . Myerson,
                                                                                                   'Executors.                                                       of time. Therefore, you will note which is so badly needed by the
                                            Sheriff.                                                                         NOTICE TO CREDITORS
                                                                                                                                                                     that it is once again a case of Democratic Party, and you will
 Charles L. Rudd, Att'y_                              Aiken and Lake, Attorneys.                                                Camden; N. J., March 16, 1961 "the same old face's in the same be aiding the Kennedy Adminis-
                                 Ptr's fe" $28.05 (13, 20, 27, 4)                                        (C-T) Estate of Mary E. Perna, deceased.
 Dated: April 13, 1961.                                                                                                                                              old places."                                      tration that took office last Jan-
  (13, 20, 27, 4)                          , (C-T)
                                                                                                                    Pursuant to the Of'der of JOHN T. BEAL,              3. The candidates put forth by uary,Let's go to the polls on
                                                                                                                Surrogate of the County of Camden, this the now defunct Regular Demo- Apt-Ii 18 and vote for all of the'
                                                                                                                undersigned Dominic A. Pema, Executor cratic Organization plainly evi- candidates of t~e NEW FRON-
                                         CITY OF CAMDEN                                                         day made, on the application of the
                                 MUNiCIPAL ELECTION NOTICE
        The following is the order in which the names will appear upon the Ballot for                           of said- deceased, notice is hereby given dence government for just a se- TIER TICKET m Column 5 on
                                                                                                                           creditors of said
   the Camden City Municipal Election to be held o,n Tuesday, May 9,·1961 between to the to the subscriber, deceased, to ex- lect few.
                                                                                                                hibit                               under oath or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       the Voting Machine.
   the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.                                                                               affirmation, their. claims .and                          4. Seve'ral of the Freeholder                        STANLEY E. SLUZALIS,
                                                        . "Progress With                                        against the estpte of said deceased,                 candidates, seeking re-election                            Independent Democrat,
                             "Progress With-                                                                          six, months from this date, or
          MAYOR                  out Deals"                    Pierce
                                                                 II                                                                                                  on April 18, have served a num-                                     "Whitman Park."
                                                             ALFRED R.                                                  be forever barred from
        Vote for One              GEORGE                                                                ._- or recovering the· same against the sub-
                                   EWING                       PIERCE                                           scriber_
                                                          .. Progress With:                "A Better                                                                                                                         Just So They Don't Fali
                                 MAURICE                       Pierce"                     Camden"                                      DOMINIC A,PERNA,                                                                  The Air Force reveals plans for
                               DEVONE, JR.                  MICHAEL J.                 AIJGIJSTE H_'
                                                                                                                                                          Executor.                                                    manned maintenance bases in
                                  Youth for
                                                          " Progress With
                                                                                          ·"A Better
                                                                                                                Samuel A. Donio, Attorney.
                                                                                                                                                               BOB BARTOSZ                                             outer space. EVery congressman
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       will demand that one be located
                                 JOHN R.                       Pierce"
                                                               ELIJAH                      RALPH S.             (23,30, £, 13)                                (C-T)                                                    over his district.
                                  For Good                      PERRY                      JiOBBINS                                                      Commercial Photography                                                   - The Hartford Courant
                                Government                .. Progress With                 JOHN L.
                                  Energetic,                    Pierce l'-                                                 The Frau's Footwork
                                                           ELIZABETH B,                                                                                     Insurance Advertising
                               WILLIAM F.
                                                          .. Progress With
                                                                                                                    "Somehow I more kick out
                                                                                                                of bridge when I play opposite
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   BUSINESS CARD
      COIJNCILMAN                PEDERSEN
       Vote for Seven             EDWARD
                                                                Pierce l l
                                                              MARIO R_
                                                                                    With Hospitality
                                                                                       - in Camden"
                                                                                         WILLARD E_
                                                                                                                my wife_"
                                                                                                                     "So do I," said the other man
                                                                                                                                                           Industrial Photography                                     SPECIAL
                                 SUSKI, JR,                                                                     as he rubbed his shins_
                                                          "Progress With
                                                       MAITHEW R.
                                                                            Your Needs

                                                                                                     ~~1~~f,~~~fN~KV~{H~~~~~~                                118 N. 35TH STREET
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           $4.95 PER             1000
                                                          CASPER            ALBERT H_                                                                                                                                 In 1000 lots Only
                                                      "Progress With      LEWALLEN, SR.                      SPUHLER'S GRILL                                       Camden 5, N. J.
                                                          Pierce"                                          2312 FEDERAL ~TREET
                                                       ANDREW A.
                                                                          Labor Candidate                                                                                                                            RAISED PRINTING
                                                                             LEROY J.
                                                          COREA            KNETTLE, JR.                     HARD SHELL CRABS
                                                      "Progress With
                                                          Pierce" j "<'~: Non-Partisan
                                                        HARRY A. '
                                                                            WALTER R_
                                                                                                              AI R-CONOtTIONED
                                                                                                     PACKAGE GOODS                    '     Phone:
                                                                                                                                                                     EM 5·5871                                   ACME CRAFTSMEN
                                                           KERR            CANZANESE                  Free Delivery      3"9853       WO                                                                          36TH & WESTFIELD AVE.
     P. O. A-901.                 ($17.28)                JOHN 1. ODORISIO,City Clerk_
THURSDAY, APRlt H, '1961                                             THE GAMD6N TIMES, CAMDEN. N~J.

                                       Officers of Mathews-Purneu           To Install Offiers,                    Dinner,- Dance
                                     Post 518, Veterans of Foreign
                                                                          East Camden Post,No. 705' VFW                  The', Camden Tavern Owners
                                     Wars, and their Ladies' Auxili,. will install ofticers of .1961-62 on AsSoCiation will' hold its :f1fth
                                     ary, were installed in a joint in,.
                                                                      Saturday. AprU15, at9 PM.                       annual dinner and dance on Sun-
                                     stallation, Thursday, April 6.    . 'To be instaJledare;WUliam .J. <18.y at 6 P.M. at Kenney's Sub-
                                                                      ri-.. . ' C -<.:.,.;.;,:.... • 'r!:~ .... G urban House, Delaware Town-
                                       Charles Worrell, Past Com-     vvnway, .' ouu:~.LU~r, ~ra.,,:-, . Ship...                              ..
                                     mander .Post 1270, and John      Bauman~ Semor Vic~. Commap.- 'il highlight of .the affair, ac-
                                     Morgandale were, the, installing der; DlI:mon Gaunt., Junior, ,:vl(~e corliing to 'John Bogacki, pr~­
                                     officers for theWSt.             Commander; Fred,. Schmidt, deritwUl' be the announcement
                                                                      Quartermaste.ri.liarol~ W. Be;n- of the selection Of the "Tavern
                                    Those installed were: . Fred nett" ~., :1lldge Adv~ate;, Ed- OWner of the Year." Basis for
                                  Hall, Commander; James Dooley, ward. S', ReIlley, Chaplam,;. 'l'h(),s., 'award wUl be the winner's
                                  senior Vice Commander; Wm. Dayton,. su:r;g~n;', J;robett . Sny- "contributions to the tavern in-
                                  Collins JuniOr Vice, Comman- ,      .                                               .... ~try
                                                                              Th,ird .'Year Trustee'''''-.~ .. ..;.......... ,and h' ci ' Int erest ,"
                                                                                         .' d' y.,.                                        IS    VIC .
                                       .'       ..'            " ' . '"             secoll . . ear U~""'" Bogacki said.                              " '
                                  ~r , Ray stltch~r, Quartermas- PatSWllvan/First'rear Trustee;                           Invited guests include Repre~
                                  tel'; George Wnght,Adjutant; James Ca~, omc~r of the Day;                                           William T. Cahill,State
                                  ~rt Doll, Chaplain.                 How.ard~m~g;er, Gqard; 'Sam.- .                                         W. Cowgill, As-
                                       . .                            uel ,A.. DIckSon, Adjutant;A.R.                                  Frank. E. Meloni and
                                    Dlstnct Commander Jolul Mor- Leuat1ies Legislation Ofticer' . .                                 J W          Ma    Alf d
                                   gandale spoke of the National Samuel A. Dickson, Service Oftl~ p'et                            Sh~r~t·:r 1 ;.~
                                   Cemetery at Beverly, N. J. He cE!l"William Patriotic ci'~' J im T ~~ . ~a, 1 ~
                                   said that at the rate the older Instructor; Daniel'LO~do, His- C~~ t ~l k ~ank. ~n~lOtti~n
                                   veterans are dying off, the ceme- torian..                       .                  _ n y .' er                  ..u.
                                  tery wUl be filled up by 1963.               ".'.      .."      '     .    '..          ThoIpas K~nney, Jr., WIll serve
                                  There is a bill before Congress         Samuel A. Diclq;on will be the as toastmaster and .introduce
                                  HR 5752 It is up to th.e vetera~ Installing Qftlneranii will be;as- George Buckwald, president of
                                  to ~rlte' to their Congressman sisted l;!iyA" R. Leqartes·                          the United Ta~ OWners, of
 LATE..I)A.YDBE~A musl and senators to back this bUl.                                                 lunch will New Jer~y, .of ~lch the Cam- GOOD TRAVELER - Striking
 for any vacation ~drobe is Get all your friends to write also,                                                       denassoclatlOn IS a component cotton knit separates worn by
 a prett)' late-day dress which I Morgandale urged. This .bill is to                                                  member. The Don-EI-G.o ~ombo Linda Lackey, 1961 Maid of
 ean, go.·to both formal, and In· purchase ground adjoining the                                                                provide the musIc for Cotton, salute our newest' state,
 formal parties. This fashion cemetery that 1s now available..                          . '                                                                    Hawaii.. Red, white and blue
 from the tS-piece, all-cotton                                        BIRTH NOTICES                                                                            are the colors dramatically com-
 wardrobe of LInda. Lackey,          Carrie Bean and Teresa Mun~, . '., .' . . '                    "                                                          bined here by designer Steph,.
 1981H8ld of Cotton, .features gioli, Past Presldents, DeiJart-                        "I"" '                                                                  anie Koret. Linda finds cotton

  the 'sophisticated draping ,ofment of New JerSey,LadillS'AUX-Cherry HII Hospital                                                                             knits' pre~ty and practical trav-
 Cell Chapman. FUll-blown r~ iliary, were ~e iristalling ofticers .' William.. David. to Mr.• and Mrs.•                               Mrs; Martha Phillips, eling companions. She will fly
            .~,,~_~:erl~', co"wn for the Auxihary.             .      David Wood,. 2216. 40th st., Penp,';' ,                             VaJ.lUas and Miss via Pan American World Air-
                                                                                                                                                               ways to. Honolulu in late March
                                     The following were iIlSt:aJ.Ied:         . N. J.         "            ,          Margaret Williams.
                                                                                                                                                               and to Europe next summer. I'
                                   Catherine WrIght·, President;          Helen Teresa, to.¥r. andMfs.
                                   Bertha Gustavson, Ben10r Vice Robert Adams 7528. Romeo ave;' '. Fault Is In The Contributor
     Boy's Dog Best Friend         President; Mildred Pettit, Junior        "     N. J. '                       . ,., ..There's something wrong with
                                                                                                                                                               It is astonishing how many
   Every boy feels he should have Vice President.                         Joseph wiliis to Mr and
a dog - and also a mother to se.;
that it gets fed regularly.          Lunch 'and rfereshments were Joseph,Farq ar,.lU, 636
                                                                                                  +...... Ferry . knoc......,..or a man who is always been words of smart men have
                                                                                                                             !r;.....                     .   wise
                                                                                                                                                                    forgotten by the so-called
          _ The Hartford Courant served following 'the Installation. ave.,- Camden, N.A·                                    - 'l'he Algona Uowa) Advance human race.

                                THE CA.MDEN TrMES

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 Bible-paper. Gilt stamped with amber edges. Color frontispiece and                            o Subscription for one year (no free gift).
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 ing of the Holy Scriptures. In gift box.
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, THE NEW AMERleAN BABY BOOK. By Dorothy Sara and lueUI.'
  Gidseg, R.N. Over 600 pages. Complete" information .on pr.-natal
  care through age of six. Wen illustrated.                                                                           THE CAMDEN TIMES'
                                                                                                            ·,;:311,4.1&Westtleld AYln". Camden 5, N. Ji
-      1.,.~.·
       '.• rj
                                          -     --       -- - -   -      -   -     -        ~    -       ------=-

.... !


                                                                  The SlorkArrives. Ii" W,ddings:an.d-8irtbdaJ .. ' •
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         THURSDAY; APRIL 13, 1961

                   ti\a:/ ap.d(Mis . .:lJarold Hill, of   Police Patrolmlj.ll and" l\IIrsl Anniversaries"
                   ~87   N, 35thst., East Camden; had George Doughty, of 308 GardEmi .
                   as. their recent guests Mr.' and ave., are being 'congratulated on·",Mark J.oseph Del Duke, son.
                  <l\!frs. Albert J. Butler, Mr. Edward the birth of a son, GleIln Scott, Mrs. J.ohn V. D~lDuke,of 178
                   J.c, Butler, of Woodlyrine; .Mr. and on March 28, at ,the Cooper Cedarcl'oft .' ave., Aud~bon;on;
                   1W's..Alber~ J.Butler,a,tldsons Hospital;              . " ..,., ~e~ll~y,. AP,ril.5,. Ce}ebrated[
                  Denrus, BJ,'lan .and Stephen, o f .                 " . ' . ., .. ". his first blrthaay anruversarY,
                   301 10th ave., 'Haddon Heights;        CongratulatlOns are .b~mg "tell'~ He 'is ~he gpindson of Ml\~~                                         .' ,."

                  Miss Carrie. Hill, . . of EMtClitm- der,ed Mr. and Mrs. 'Yl1h~lll13er~ M'fs.Jo;hnJ. Tisclln~r, Jr.,,·o~
                                                                                                                                                                                              t"., '.
                   den, son Mark Fowler, of Fowler blrth of a son,WllhamJ:ohn!.~ 3706 Mr~ and Mrs. Jopil,Dell:)uke!1 " ." M '
                   and and ,Mrs. lWber,ta Glou-
                   cester City. .. . '       .
                     Mr .. and Mrs; Joseph J.Jab-
                                                         of       b~n,        on 2406Ho~~lst.,
                                                                                      and Terrace    l;p~
                                                   M;arch 28, at the Cooper Ho~pltal. of 209 N; 27th st., audgteat~
                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin In- gra~dson 6fMr:'and ¥rs..John; . ......

                                           ~i" t~~; of daughter; Sarah ; : : : turns
                  ~:~~e! 0:h:2!~g:~!:!~~ Dorothy ;:~i;;a ~~~gr;~~:fr=' : Lynn; ~;Ztlsd~~~~~:'~!~6~~~;h:!!
                                                                                                                       ' . "' .  ave.,Penfis~uken;
                                                                                                                                 ,.                                                                     0'" S·· · ' . ,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                "   ..   ··'.·11·'"······, ,.. ... '1':;

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .. . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ',,<.' .'"...... . '.' . '." . . .... ... . . . .'.'.,•.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  · ........ ··t····
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    .. '

                                                                                                                                                                      '1"': '., ""6 ,',
                                                                                                                                                     "'" ' .,'            '.'   .:' "       ......' ,       .
                  daughter, Miss ':Roberta                        b~th                                                  ()fth~ qa~~();

                                                                                                                                                      WI,,' ,'Win in~: .'ovem .,1'
                   Jablonski, toiV,[r. H~nry Walter on March 30, at the Qooper . ;Mr. andMr~,Wiliiain:J3l>wepS;                                           ..~,,' ' .                                    .           '.
                   :~O~~~=k~~:r·I~d:e~~ H~::~:~;;ulationsare                            being ten-             ~~d~;',~~;i,3~~~;;i ~~ie~t:J
                    wood ave.                                dered Mr. and Mrs; Robert'Bor~ their 14th \Veqdi~an;niV'~rsaryi ' . , '                                                   . ' '.',:. : ....  ".  .... ....• .....
                       Miss Jablonski is a semor at lng, 'of 2839 Shelrman ave.,ontne Many happy .returnsof PMd,aYtNewJerseys,Yotersknow:tIJS(Olltstat-e governm$111
                    Glassboro . ~ta £e Col1~ge. Mr. birth of a son Scott warren,.                        on
                                                                                                      1;,0 a .fine<;o.uple:        '. ". .,! '(Ieeils abreatkof                                  fres
                                                                                                                                                                                      ba/l'f--8 mail w.ith neW.ideas,
                    Drozdowski,a gi'aduate of The March 31, at the. C~oper HOSP ltaL ..... M~. and MX:S..JOhn"l.Wlls\iln,: 'tonadmiriistrat!ve aol/illl alidaoove,all .the stature
                    Citadel, .Charleston, S.C., will Mr. and Mrs. MIChitel Hurley;: of,19S. S4th st., on MonQay,,1'" '.' .. '                                             .. •          ""I,                  I..             .. ,
                    enter Fairlfyigh Dickinson Uni- of 620N. 34th st., are bei,ugcon-,: April. 17, will.celebrate their 13~hi;to, attract (1ewlRdustryto,()Y.r:sfat.,• .That's why                                               ..
                    ven;ity School of Dentistry in gratulated on 'the ..birth of
                    the fall.                                daughter Jan Elizabeth
                                                                                                      wed<;ting anmve:r,saJ::Y: Mrs. Wll-:Jiffl. Mitchell is,'fhe Repliblicancand!(Jate who
                                                                                                  on son IS the former MISS BettyLoe-, '."                   I . ;, ... ~&,,_/.        .I  ""'~" '··d·' • . AI . I
                       Mr .. and Mrs. Melvin O'Hara, March 3'I,at the cooper~ H05~rber, daU~l1~r of Mr,B:~d M~.t appeals '~O'/~fJ,nUepenuen~vo,'eian., In new uersey
                    of 2713 High st., have had with pita!,                ..' '             .       . Joseph LOeber, of ()Qklyn. Many:' nocal1r1itfate-Democrat orRepublJcan-can win "
                    them !or 10 days their qaugh-              CongratulatiQns. are bein~ ten-'. happYl'etur~s of the ·Mr.; . without thisvote.'fowin in November, .pick a
                    ter, MISS Carole M. O'Hara, who dereld Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Vip-" andMrs."W~lson.                                           . ' '.. .        .~     '.': •. •         .'             .• , .    .'.
                    has returned to Philippi, W; Va.,nacome,of 3037 'Stevens st., on; Mrs. Albert J. Butler, of 30I:,~/g mal1 /oJ: a blg]ob. In the,Republlcan prImary,
                    where she isa freshman at· the birth of a daughter, M/trY:' lotI:} ave., Haddon Heights, on,
                    Ald~son-Broaddus Col~ege.                Louise, on Aprill, ~t ~e.Cooper TuesdB:Y, April?!>,.;wifl celebrate:
                                                                                                                                                      'A''.pr/. ".
                                                                                                                                                               ~'1'B'II'"                               p.' ". ....
                                                                                                                                                                                            -rO,e J"ames..",/,r;h'ell,          II
                       Mrs. Rinaldo Roselli, of 3732 Hospital.                          .           ~ her birthday aruuversary.' She:.                            '                ,....                              COI~·.IITTII.
                    prexel ave., Pennsauken Tciwn-             Mr. and M:t;s. Harry Durbor- has writ~eln a n~ber of poems,
                    ship, entertained Thursday eve- row; of 2820 High st" are receiv-;. and. artIcles !"hichhave.been
                    ning in honor of Miss Marie ing congratulationsoJ,l the ... birthi pUbllShed and lSa past presldent, --'-.........,......~_.-:.-._--.,.-___~_-'--'-~_-'--'-_ _ _-..:...__
                    T. V~rdiglione, pf HaddonfieLd, of.a daughter, Maryann, on o ! theCreatlveWorkshop. of:                                        . . , __ ._4'1A_..:. ..
                    wp,Qsemarriage to Mr. Anthony April 3, at the COOPelr HosmtaJ. : Camden C~'ty~ She' has written,                                 I ft,~.. ' '~4 ley,' one of the richest and most
                    L: Tortu '. of this city·. will· take Congratul. t'Ions 'are b'
                          ..                '                             a         .                              ofW.h.lCh'
                                                                                          emg ten-: several lyncs, "d .. ·th .'radi .
                                                                                                      h"     .,,~     1                                                                    productive agricultw'al areas in
                    place Apn122.                            d ed M . d M J hn S h·t                    ave~. paye over. e                   0                                             the United states.
                       Additional guests. were Mrs. ~s., o:f \~~4 H~es~' rd. \:~r=; stations. She. is the da~hter of: .
                   James M, Tortu! Mrs. Arthur chantville, on the birth ot"asOn, Mr. and Mrs. JohnJ. T1SChner,.
                                                                                                                                                         By BILL MORRIS                        COLOR
                                                                                                                                                                 . , ' 'Color photographs throughout
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    *                   *
                    T~rtu, Mrs, Loms T?rtu, Mrs. Lincoln William, on April 3, at Sr., of 416 N.' .27th st., East Cam-AfizonaHlghways                                                       the magazine are devoted to the
                    DmoTortu, Mrs. Dmo .Tortu, th e Cooper H OSPl a1 '
                     .           V'     t T t        Mr'                .        ·t . >            '. den. to Florence" returns of th!l
                                                                                                      day Many, happy.                                    .Fift· th A '
                                                                                                                                                   The.,le,.              . nruversarY of theme 'of' water and irrigation.
                    Jr., Mrs.     meen. or u,             s.   Mr      d MrCh 1 W k f f . . ·                                                    Roosevelt Dam is celebrated in One of.·the striking and .unusual
                 "InnMemo 'Tort~, Miss Leda of P~ Gard!'uA;~S~ pe~~u: ,Walter Robertson, of 547 W. the April issue of the! interesting is the center panel. It shows
                    Tortu, Mrs. Wllliam Cinelli" ken'                       ' ing          tul ti     Plne st., Audubon,on Sunday, and colorful magazine Arizona Roosevelt Dam when it OVelr-
                    Mrs. Anthony Marino, Mrs. John               'th br~tehlv f congra Ch· °lns April 23, will ce~ebrate his birth- Hl'ghw~"s
                                                                   are                        a                                                                                . '         flowed in 1941.
                                         J h n Lt·· on              e 11'       0 a ·,son       ares·                   . M        h
                    cMampaV~t e'A Mrs. °M          pah~l~pl, William, on April I, a't Cooper dtay anruvtersadry. to
                                                                                                                                                        <>". •
                                                                                                                               any aWPPYltx;e'-    The entire magazine is devoted             By the way, if you are not
                                                                                                                f h
                       ,rs.. 10 raunno,. rs.           11 . Hos ital.                           .      urns 0        e a~       yo~,   a.        to the theme "Water and the familiar with Ari7,ona, Highways,
                    DIGlaco~o and ~ss. Theresa                   p            .             ' _ Satur~ay, April 22, .wlll, be the Thirsty Land," stressing' the ini- I feel reasonably certam that you
                    Ro~antino, of this Clty; :tyrrs. CongratulatlOns are bemg tenSSth buthda.'Y anmvelrsarY, of partance oLthe construction of will be most interested, .once you
                    MarlO Fumo, of Merchan~vllle; de:ed Mr. and M:s. Ralph Mar~ JohnJ.,Tisc~er,Sr.~ of .416 N. Roose"elt Dam in harne,ssing the .SeEm and read a coup~~ of
                    Mrs. Salvatore Avena, of Clnna- c~llone, of 3776 King; ave., c;>n t.he .27th $t.,pubhsher and.edltor of Salt Rival'.to store water for the issues. Its December or Hohday
                    minson Township;, Mrs. James bITt? of a son, JeffreyRalph~ ~ theCamde~Times'·for 63.years, ordetIy development of. the great issue is all~color,and will serve
                  . ~lvatore, of COIWICk, and. Mrs. Apnl 3, at the Cooper H~PltaJ. and w~o m November of last agricultural achievemelnts in the as a fine Christmas gift for a
                    Richard VanBrunt, Mrs. M~chael             Mr. and ~s. Wm. Blelecof, y~ar dlSPos~ of the' Camden Salt River Vllilley.                                      -           friend.
                    Tomasetto and Mrs. MlChael oLI901 Browmng· rd., PEmnsau- Times to Lmcoln' H.Marryott,                                          Thillead feature in the cur-
                   Tortu, of Pennsauken TownShip. ken, ~re being congratulated on and with tPi~ i~ue starts its 67th rent 'issue of the state-sponsored
                        Miss VeOOiglione was also guest the birth of a son, Stephen Allen, year of pUbhca~lon" He l1!tS, beell magaZine, liberally illustrated,'· Your writer visited Arizona a
                                                                                                                                                                                               LQVELY               *                     *
                    of honor at a party Friday eve- O? April 3,at the Cooper Hos- a residep.t of ~~ Camde~ !ot Wlls " of the organization and few years back, and found it
                    ning given by Mrs. Barnard J. PltaI.                                              ?ver 73 y~s, orlgmally'res~ding, ftinctiorung of the Salt RiV'er most delightful. I spent. a welek
                    Carr, Miss KathrYn. Carr, Miss                                                    m the 11th Ward and a reSIdent Project.                                              in the area between Tucson and
                    Jeanne J. Carr and Miss MarY
                    Ann Carr, of 6428 Browning rd., R:obert C. Robson; of 228 Hop- years,He was a jus~ce of the
                    Pennsauken Township.
                                                             kms ave .. Haddo~field. .
                                                                                                      of the 12th Ward for. over 45
                                                                                                                                                    ADDRESS                     *          Phoenix, with a stopover at
                                                                                                                                                                                           Chandler. It was In the month
                                                                                                      peace for.fiV'e! year~ In the l1~h 'Another Ieaturegives an ac- of November, the temperature
                       Miss Lucille Carmella Bal~              Pfc. Robson IS statloneda.t Ward,and a former Democratic cOunt 01 the actual construction iIi the! high 70's during the day-
                    zano, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarksville, Tenn.                         ,       committee member for a.number of Theodore Roosevelt Dam.                             time, and a lovely 45 degrees at
                    Joseph Balzano, of 546 Mechanic ,Mr, and Mrs. William E. Ra~- of yelarS in the 12th Ward. He                                   This feature is illustrated with night. My sinus condition while
                    st., became the bride relcently of mond, of 624 Market st., 'Glou- was also a deputy reven~e 001- photographs of great historic in- there' was "cast to the four
                    Mr. Gustavus Kerber Wilhelm, ce!ster City, have annou~ced the lector for three year~ durmg the terelSt,Another feature is de~ winds."
                    son of Mrs. Alberta Skokowski, engagement of their daughter, second term~f Presldent Wood- voted to Teddy Roosevelt's dedi-                                               Should your traI¥>portation to
                    of 1016 Haddon ave., at an 11 Miss ;Virginia M. Raymond, to row Wilson. Happy returns of cation address at Roosevelt Dam, Arizona favor flying, may I rec-
                    o'clock Mass in Our Lady of Mt. Mr. Ronald V. Tornari, son of the day to him;                                                March 18, 1911.                           ommend, from experience, that
                    Carmel Church. Rev. A. Richard Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Tornari, Miss Dorothy Immendorf,,O~ The· {}onoluding feature ,in the you fly Ammcan Airliiles. The
                    Gerbino officiated.                      of 3305 Hig~land ave., Pennsau- 2914~b, . st., on Mond~, April April issue, .gives a detailed ac- service "above the clouds" is the
                       The marriage of Miss Gina ken TownshIp.                                        24, will celebrate her birthday count. of the variety of crop "bestest," when you go the Amer-
                    Theresa Vasile, daughter of Mr.            The. wedding is planned for anp,iverslitrY.Many happy returns produced'iri the salt River Val- ican way.                                                          .
                    and· Mrs. Salvatore Vasile, of October.                                           of the day to her;                                                         .
                    440 Line st., to Lt. B. Paul                .                                                 '.                             -------.,;.-----.-:..-------------
                   =r~i'~~~n~f ~::6 J~~~: :~ 11111111111111111111 Camden's .No.                                l'Showplacellllllllllllllllllll1 t:nnnHHaHH.·AHHHHN~H~I~:c~ne:cnHp~HlnaHcHe:~HHtHoHnnD:~:~1·nn·HeHHHH:~HHnHt4
                   crest, of Corpus. Christi, Tex., .
                  took placerOOenl1y ill Rev. SaJ-
                 /of Mt. Carmel Church. Our Lady
                  vatore Olivero officiated,.
                    st. Cecilia's Church, Pennsau-
                                                                       I                     .
                                                                                                          N• 28th St.' ,oHRlver Ave.

                                                                                                         ,Whe~e No~ih TweDiy.elghth           si;DeUcious Sea Food and Hot Platters

                  ken Township, provided the set-                                                              Me.t."t};,. Delawue RiTe~.                                                      Oysters in Season
                  ting for: the wedding Saturday,
                  April 8, at which Miss Phylis
                  Marie Quaid, daughter of Mr.
                  and Mrs. Ralph J. Quaid, of 1865                           Music Friday, Saturday and Monday' Nights                                                          Hot and Cold Sandwiches
                  45th st., Pennsauken, became the
                                                                                        C •                'I 21          d 28
                                                                                                                                                      ·a"o"·"U'";L·E'V··.·ARD                                                          ·G· · R"I,LLE'
                  bride of Airman 2.C. Francis                                                       A
                   James Kenney, USA1i', g r a n d s o n O m m g . prl                      ail                   . '.
                   Brooklyn, alld J. McCabe, Jr., of
                   of Mr. Frank the late Mrs. Mc-        ", LIT' T L E JIM M Y Die KEN' ·s
                   Cabe. Rev. Joseph VonHartleben - - - - - ' -_ _ _ _ _ _-:._ _'--_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _:--_
                   officiated at the 11 o'clock Mass.       Working Men's Luncheons _ Quick Served
                     Mr. and Mrs. John L. Loschin,
                 . of 3097 S. GongrelSs rd., an-            MON DAY NIT'E HEAD~.               '-'UARTERS .            Cor. 27tlt·&·Federal                                                             Sh•                     East Camden. N. J.
                   nounce the engagement of their
                   daughter,. Mi~s Cannen Maria       Musicians.• "Entertainers, ,W.,itress8S, Bartenders, Owners
                                                                                                                       Paokaga aoods                                                                                        Phona         EMerson 5·9819
                   Loschin,to Pfc. Stephen Rob-                      I  Plenty of Free Parking
                   son, USMC, son of Mr. and Mrs.

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