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A Director of Engineering or Architect position at a small product
oriented company responsible for project management, resource
management, strategic involvement in the corporate business and
product development strategy, and an integral member of the
management team.

My experience in the engineering field extends 15 years, most of
this time at start-up/small companies. It is in this environment
where my ability to grasp complex problems quickly and resolve
them enables constant forward progress. I know how to set up an
effective team, manage to the schedules and ship products. I have
been called upon at many different companies to accomplish these
tasks and have been successful every time.

In addition, my proven track record of building effective
engineering teams using positive people centric mentoring and a
hands-on, team oriented management style has ensured success. I
am often approached by members of my previous teams who are
looking to move forward. In fact, many of my direct reports have
worked for me several times.

References from previous managers, colleagues and direct reports
are available on request.
      Strong people and project management skills.
      Able to realistically judge project time and deliver on
      Natural leader able to motivate others effectively.
      Knowledge of real time and communications/network
      Well-versed in negotiation techniques
      Self motivating/starter requiring little resource overhead.
      Adept at project cost analysis and customer relations.
      Good organizational skills with emphasis on quality.

Director of Development for Pioneer Electronics, San Jose,
California (2003 - present)
Set-top box design

      Working with existing team to enhance productivity and
       morale and make changes where appropriate
      Pioneer's representative for the UPnP, IEEE, IETF, DLNA,
       DHWG and CELinuxForum committees.
      Productively intgrated remote teams into existing
      Guided the process to enhance current architectural design
       and implementation.
      Created and implemented policies for deveopment, release
       control, and quality.
      Conduct market research into existing products and future
       customer requirements.
      Created project plan and schedule, and implemented new
       procdedures for source code control and bug management.
      Conducted in-depth architectural review of existing code

Principle for Kesh Consulting Services, Los Gatos, California
(2001 - 2003)
Linux and Embedded design

      Created JPEG presentation display system for overhead
       projectors using PCMCIA.
      Added Hard disk and LCD screen to projector project for
       use as running advertising.
      Extensive Linux Kernel work in Multimedia drivers using
      Working with small, to be named, start-up to raise first
       round funding and establish core engineering team.

VP of Application Development for Digital Home Technologies,
Palo Alto, California (2001 - 2003)
Linux and Embedded design consumer MP3 player

      Working with the founders to land first round funding.
      Wrote/Ported 1394 driver for the Philips PDI1394L40 link
       chip using the TI Phy, running on an embedded ColdFire.
      Ported customer specific asynchronous protocol .
      Finished port of PPCBoot allow for loading a kernel from
       an ATA hard disk.
      Creating new business opportunities with new customers.

Director of Engineering for QPict, Inc. Cupertino, California
(1999 - 2001)
MP3 recorder/player

      Worked with customers and venture capitol firms and
       helped create product definition.
      Created project schedules and software road maps.
      Brought this product to market in under one year with a
       team of only two software engineers.
      Developed from scratch: OS, IDE driver, ATA/ATAPI
       Layer, CDR layer, HD layer, FAT12/16 File system, ISO
       9660 fileystem, USB Driver on host, USB driver for
      Worked closely with the hardware engineers to qualify and
       enhance custom ASIC.
      Wrote specifications for various components, including, OS
       overview, OS Task Switching, USB low level protocol,
       ISO 9660 file system and FAT12/16 file system.

Software Consultant for QPict, Inc. Saratoga, California (1999)

      Designed, implemented and ported a real time operating
       system for an embedded product using the ARM Thumb
      Components include, overall Simulation environment,
       memory manager, timer manager, context switcher,
       scheduler, profiler and driver model.

Software Manager for Adaptec Corporation. Milpitas, California
(1998 - 1999)
Software Products Group
Toast and Jam, CD recording software for the Macintosh.

      Expanded the Macintosh software team by hiring full time
       and consultant engineers.
      Dealt directly with customer and licensees to ensure timely
       delivery of needed features.
      Responsible for project management, scheduling,
       motivating a team of design and QA engineers.
      In conjunction with Marketing, helped in design, feature
       selection and implementation.
      Worked with Graphic Artists and marketing on interface

Software Manager for Apple Computer. Cupertino, California
(1997 - 1998)
Core OS Group

      Created a strong highly productive team from within and
       outside of Apple.
      Designed and implemented all hardware support for
       Macintosh and Intel CPU.
      Responsible for project management, scheduling,
       motivating a team of ten.
      Worked with many areas within the company to resolve
       issues and provide long and short term planning.
      Consistently ahead of schedule and over delivered, on
       hardware and new API designs.
      Continued to remain technically active as manager by
       implementing needed drivers.

Director of Software/Founder for Cobalt Networks, Inc. Mt
View, California (1996-1997)
Cobalt Cube
      Established the software engineering department by
       building a strong team of engineers in under three months.
      Provided input on business plans, market trend reports and
      Help develop partnerships with Venture capital firms in
       order to secure funding.
      Responsible for hiring, scheduling, development tools and
       project management.
      Implemented cross design environment, including GNU C,
       binutils and libc on Intel and PowerPC.
      Ported LINUX kernel to custom MIPS based hardware and
       had apache running in less than five months.

Firmware Consultant for Applied Digital Design. Santa Clara,
California (1996-1997)
Integrated Point of Sale Server

      Designed and coded all diagnostics and board bring up
       code for the second generation RIM, using an MC68360.
       Tests include RAM, ROM, FLASH, Serial and Ethernet.

Software Manager for Apple Computer. Cupertino, California
(1994 - 1996)
New Media Group

      Member of Apple's Architectural Review Board.

Pippin Power Player

      Software manager for the development of a PowerPC 603
       based low cost, high performance home entertainment
      Responsible for a team of nine engineers, including hiring,
       task scheduling, setting up and managing project source
       control, coordinating releases to SQA, and interfacing to
       OEM's in Japan.
      Worked closely with hardware team to debug and qualify
       custom memory controller and video ASIC's.
      Tasks included writing native drivers for new ASICs,
       adding new functionality and optimizing existing code to
       work in a low memory environment.
      Accelerated schedule, first hardware to Golden Master
       release in less than seven months.
PowerPC Upgrade Card

      Assisted with hardware design, boot code and debugging
       for PowerPC 601 processor direct upgrade card.
      Added to and enhanced existing boot code in PPC
       assembly to support new hardware. This included dynamic
       memory sizing, ADB control, sound, and well as dynamic
       level 2 cache sizing and detection of an auxiliary processor.

Tenderfoot, Point of Sale Client

      Sole engineer for a mini Macintosh based on a Motorola
       68331 microcontroller. Due to RAM and ROM restrictions
       a complete redesign existing ROM code had to be
       implemented. Written almost exclusively in C this product
       has a similar API to that of a Macintosh. Modules
       redesigned include; Debugger, with break, trace and
       disassembly, Real-time blocking operating kernel, Memory
       Management, Serial controller routines, LocalTalk
       implementation, ADB and real-time clock interfaces,
       Graphic LCD drawing and control routines.
      Designed Macintosh based simulator allowing code to be
       written and debugged on any Macintosh before actually
       having to program embedded ROMs.
      Custom designed and implemented a blocking multitasking
       kernel with Name binding, and low RAM overhead.
      Completely rewrote Localtalk from the LLAP, DDP, NBP,
       ZIP and AARP in ANSI C and optimized the stack to work
       with the kernel.
      Wrote the driver for Rockwell's 9624 data pump to handle
       Bell 212 and V.22 bis communications connections using
       both synchronous and asynchronous calls.
      Implemented an ANSI compatible file system to used with
       the battery backed RAM.
      Using the Think Class Library wrote a graphical network
       management application which displays the icons of all
       found devices. Clicking on the icon will display a list of
       files on the device, and clicking on the file will download it
       to the application.

Firmware Consultant for TSCS. Santa Clara, California (1993 -
Integrated Point of Sale Server
      Designed operating system for a real time multiport
       communications device using 2 MC68302 processors. The
       system included a multitasking kernel, dynamic memory
       management, and serial drivers.
      Constructed Macintosh based simulation application by
       writing compatible drivers. This allowed complete testing
       on multiple platforms as well as source level debugging in
       Think C for high level code.
      Developed Macintosh application to configure, test and
       download code image to the device.
      Ported previously designed low level debugger to handle
       trace, breakpoints, disassembly, stack crawl, code
       downloading and FLASH programming.

Software Engineer for Asanté Technologies. San Jose, California
(1992 - 1994)
AsantéView Network Management

      Team member for SNMP IP based network management
       software (AsantéView).
      Responsible for GUI design, implementation, low level
       communication and quality assurance.
      Designed and implemented C++ class libraries to replace
       and enhance existing structured code.
      Worked closely with other engineers in the design process
       of new mibs.

Firmware Engineer for Global Village Comm. Mt. View,
California (1992)
OneWorld Server

      Designed and implemented systems software for a stand
       alone 68302 based communications device. Modules
       include memory management, object based I/O control, and
       real time multitasking using Motorola's EDX Kernel.
      Developed and ported various Apple specific protocols
       including DDP, ADSP, PAP, and ATP for use in multiple
       port data exchange.
      Responsible for hardware design, component selection and
       pricing and layout placement.
Firmware Engineer for Farallon Computer, Inc. Emeryville,
California (1991 - 1992)
Localtalk Ethernet Router

      Primarily responsible for designing and implementing an
       automated production test fixture for the new network
       router products. This included hardware/software and
       controlling Macintosh application.
      Designed burn-in diagnostics capable of locating faults
       with RAM, ROM, PALS and interrupts. Software was also
       able to display memory and alter memory as well as
       download new code and reprogram FLASH device for
       production code programming.
      Was asked to help form a separate test department after
       completing assignment with such thoroughness.

Design Engineer for MICC. Santa Clara, California (1990 - 1991)
T1 Echo Canceler

      Primarily responsible for firmware of a 68302 based
       controller for a T1 echo canceler.
      Designed operating system using Motorola's EDX kernel
       for ROM, RAM, NoVRAM, alarms, and five serial
       communications ports.
      Developed protocol for communication and implemented
       for both 8051 and 68302.

Senior Design Engineer for KEP. Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey
KepTrol and MassTrol

      Responsible for programming design through production of
       industrial instrumentation products, often under rigid
       deadlines. Designed and enhanced hardware and software
       for firm's most profitable lines; two self contained
       industrial flow computers with analog and digital inputs
       and outputs.
      Developed formal proposal based on specific needs of
       firm's outside clients. Estimated time, features and
       specifications of custom products.
      Worked directly with customers from the design phase
       through final release.
      Utilized skills in software engineering to develop a menu
       driven multitasking operating system with RS232
       communications and smart parsing for external control.
      Checked and debugged final product. Provided operational
       information to quality control and production.

Research Designer for the Chairman of the Physics Department,
Peter Seligmann. Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York (1985-1987)
Visual Automated Data Gathering Device

      Independently designed, constructed and operated an
       interface that digitized composite video signals from a
       CCTV camera. The system was capable of calculating the
       time dependence versus position of several independent
       objects in real time.
      Developed and implemented all controlling software in Z-
       80 and 6502 Assembly Language and Basic.

      Published article. E. Keshishoglou and P. Seligmann,
       Experiments in Two Dimensions Using a Microcomputer,
       American Journal of Physics, February 1989.
      Presented paper entitled 'Interfacing Video Signals with
       Microcomputers' at the 40th Annual Eastern Colleges
       Science Conference on April 29, 1986 at Duquesne
      Speaker at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference.
       Presented Pippin Under the Hood May 14, 1996.
      Speaker at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference.
       Presented CoreOS Drivers May 14, 1998.

Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York Bachelor of Arts. May 1987
Dual Majors: Physics, Computing; Minor: Mathematics

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Course work in electrical engineering under the Ithaca
College/Cornell exchange program
Santa Cruz Extension, Santa Clara, California (1992)
Object Oriented Design.

Apple Developer University, Cupertino, California (1994)
PowerPC Boot Camp.

Motorola Technical Training, San Jose, California (1995)
PowerPC Architecture.

Apple, Cupertino, California (1994-1998)
Various management, scheduling, and employee relations classes.

Almost every job I've had has kept me busy outside of the
boundaries of the office. In order to try and keep a balance, I play
bass in an R&B/Jazz group as well as arrange and chart music for
the other members. I also work out regularly and play racquetball.

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