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					Professional CoaCh CertifiCate Program

       the Coach in You
                 Coaching is both art and science. Professional coaches understand
                 how to communicate with clients in a way that gets real results.
                 An effective coach guides, inspires, and empowers others to help
                 them reach their potential – even if that potential has been hidden.

      Make a Difference                              Is Coaching for You?
      We all hear what others say, but               The Professional Coach Certificate Program
      professional coaches know how to               is designed in partnership with the
      actively listen to clients, searching          International Coach Federation (ICF) for:
      to identify barriers that hinder their
                                                     n   managers and professionals hoping
      success, and helping them find
                                                         to enhance their innate coaching
      practical solutions and strategies
                                                         skills to fundamentally improve their
      to put obstacles behind them. By
                                                         organization’s talent retention and
      building on the client’s natural
                                                         relationship with employees
      creativity and resourcefulness,
      the coach seeks to support and                 n   internal trainers and organizational
      encourage that individual to pursue                development professionals charged
      paths that show the most promise.                  with training other managers and
                                                         sharing their coaching expertise
      Coaching is a rewarding career that            n   individuals, including near-retirees,
      often leads to ongoing partnerships                seeking a new and rewarding career
      that help clients find the enrichment          n   practicing coaches who want to earn
      that has eluded them – and enhance                 ICF certification or to take their career
      the quality of their personal and                  to a higher level
      professional lives.

      “We want to do everything we can, not only to retain our people, but to also develop
      them. The best return on investment to retaining employees is to provide coaching for their
      development. Our return on investment in talented employees through effective coaching is a
      requirement today. You can’t have too many effective coaches on your team.”

                                                — Craig R. Stauffer, Director, Human Resources
                                                  Quest Diagnostics, Pittsburgh Business Unit

“The combination of a highly professional approach, experienced and committed faculty,
extensive practicing and supervision, together with practical tools for opening a coaching
business, brings me to highly recommend this program for individuals who want a
comprehensive coaching training which is given in a supportive and sensitive manner.”

                                        — Michal Nachmany, VP of Human Resources and
                                          an international student from Israel

The Duquesne University Professional
Coach Certificate Program
Duquesne University’s School                     Coaches establishing a private
of Leadership and Professional                   practice help clients recognize the
Advancement has partnered with the               barriers to their success and help
International Coach Federation (ICF),            them to systematically surmount
the largest association of professional          them. Whether the specialty is
coaches, for this exciting program.              executive, health and fitness, time
It is the only university-based program          management, nonprofit, emotional
in Pennsylvania affiliated with the ICF          intelligence, personal finance or
and is approved by the ICF as 144                other developmental areas, a certified
hours of Approved Coach Specific                 coach can make a big difference in
Training Hours (ACSTH).                          someone’s life. And in return, the coach
                                                 receives financial compensation and
About the Coaching Profession                    enormous satisfaction. It’s a rewarding
                                                 collaboration for client and coach alike.
Coaching is a growing career field.
In 1998, when the profession was in
its infancy, the ICF had fewer than
2,000 members, but a decade later,
its membership exceeds 15,000
coaches representing over 90
countries. And as the profession
grows in size, so does its stature.

In a corporate setting, coaching is
an essential executive skill that is
recognized as one of the fundamental
competencies that top leaders need
to manage effectively. Coaching skills
are key in today’s multicultural and
multigenerational organizations.
Professional CoaCh CertifiCate Program

        What Can You Expect?                              Program Format
        Participants who successfully                     ACC and PCC certification requires a
        complete this program are eligible for            minimum of 125 hours of instruction.
        ACC and PCC certification (Associate              This program is approved by the ICF
        Certified Coach and Professional                  as 144 hours of Approved Coach
        Certified Coach as defined by the                 Specific Training Hours. The program
        International Coach Federation)                   includes:
        and can immediately begin a                       n   Foundations of Coaching Training
        coaching practice.                                    that focuses on the ICF Core
                                                              Competencies, the coaching
        The skills learned in this program                    model, turning your vision into
        will enable you to coach people                       action, and both holistic and
        within your organization (internal                    business related coaching topics
        coaching) or set up a private practice
                                                          n   Choice of one 15-hour elective
        to help individuals seeking guidance
                                                              that could include topics such
        (external coaching). In this program,
                                                              as team coaching or coaching in
        you will learn:
                                                              multicultural and multigenerational
        n   cutting-edge processes for                        environments
            recognizing an individual’s
                                                          n   Field work that consists of peer
            strengths and values
                                                              coaching, supervised coaching
        n   multidisciplinary coaching tools                  observations and mentoring, and
            (drawing from the behavioral                      business plan development
            sciences, adult learning and
                                                          n   Capstone event that includes
            development, counseling
                                                              business plan presentations, in-
            psychology and management)
                                                              depth coaching practice with
            for helping clients make successful
                                                              mentor coaches and faculty, oral
            transitions in the workplace
                                                              and written exam and celebration.
            and in life
        n   a process for evaluating your own
            self awareness, self knowledge
            and development

        “I can’t imagine a more satisfying career than helping people bring their dreams and
        vision to life. It’s the heart of coaching and the reason our profession continues to grow so
        remarkably. There was never a better time to make a difference in the lives of others.”

                                                   — Phil Sandahl, Co-author of “Co-Active Coaching:
                                                     New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success
                                                     in Work and Life”

“I have commuted from Texas to participate in the on-campus sessions. A large percentage
of the cohort can also be taken remotely via telecommuting. While I hesitate to monetize the
value of this program and what it has done for me both personally and professionally, it has
been worth every dime! This program is amazing.”

                                        — Matthew Spilman, Founder, Solare Coaching Systems

What is ICF Certification?
The International Coach Federation               Participants who successfully
(ICF) is the foremost accrediting                complete this program are eligible
body and professional networking                 to become an ACC or PCC
organization for career coaches. It              coach, depending on how many
is the largest worldwide resource for            coaching clients and how much
business and personal coaches, and               logged coaching time they have
the source for those who are seeking             accumulated.
a coach. The ICF is a nonprofit,
individual membership organization               For details concerning the specific
formed by professionals worldwide                training and coaching experience
who practice business and personal               requirements for these credentials,
coaching.                                        please visit the program website:
Professional CoaCh CertifiCate Program

        You May Want to Know...
        How long is the program?                Why choose Duquesne University’s
        This program includes five to six       Professional Coach Certificate
        weekend classes (conducted Friday       Program over others?
        evening and all day Saturday)           This university-based program provides
        in campus classrooms or via             an opportunity for ICF certification,
        videoconferences. The remaining         which is recognized around the world.
        classes are taught through online       Instructors are ICF PCC and MCC
        modules, teleconferences, campus        certified coaches and subject-matter
        courses and/or interactive online       experts.
        events. Students generally earn their
        Duquesne certificate in eight or nine   What’s the cost?
        months after beginning the program,     Tuition and fees can be found on the
        depending on the pace of their field    website:
        work. They can then earn their ICF
        credential within nine months to a      What are the admissions
        year after finishing the Duquesne       requirements?
        program, depending on the number
                                                n    A minimum of a bachelor’s
        of coaching clients and accumulated
                                                     degree and/or significant relevant
        coaching hours.
                                                     professional experience
        What is the time commitment             n    College transcripts
        required for study outside the          n    Current resume
        classroom?                              n	   Letter of interest describing your
        Students will need to do research            background and interest in the
        and writing assignments. In addition,        coaching profession
        students will work with a mentor        n    Application – available online
        coach and enlist several coaching       n    Admissions interview
        clients for practice coaching
                                                n    Adequate Internet access

                                                Visit for
                                                a current schedule, faculty bios,
                                                application and more.

                  Take Action – Advance Your Career
                                                Please contact us at 412.396.5600 or
                                       to learn more
                                                about the program and profession.

About Duquesne University
n   Founded in 1878, Duquesne University is recognized as one of the
    top 10 Catholic universities in the U.S. and has nearly 74,000
    active alumni worldwide.

n   Duquesne is ranked in the top tier of the U.S. News & World
    Report’s annual ranking of America’s Best Colleges, and is among
    The Princeton Review’s Best 373 Colleges.

n   The School of Leadership and Professional Advancement was
    honored with Distinguished Credit Program and Noncredit
    Program awards and a Creative Use of Technology award from the
    Association for Continuing Higher Education.

The mission of the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement is
to enhance people’s lives and contribute to society through the delivery
of quality educational programs that extend the resources, traditions and
values of the University.

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