A Trekking Paradise - Ladakh by sarahasan


Trekking is not an easy fun-loving, adventurous activity. One needs to be physically as
well as mentally fit to face the challenges of nature. One can only enjoy trekking if he/she
has enough time, adequate knowledge and thirst for adventure. When people think about
trekking in North India, first place they think about is Ladakh as the beauty of Ladakh is
not hidden from the rest of the world.

Every-body knows that Ladakh is surrounded by the two great fascinating mountains, the
Great Himalayas and Karakoram and these mountains does not need any introduction.
Ladakh is not an old land as per geology. It becomes the prime destination of tourists
from the month of April till October because of the heat in the rest of India. However,
months from June to October, are considered best for trekking. One can feel like touching
the sky or can even find self in the lap of the clouds.

Trekking is really a fun here and nobody likes to miss it on every visit. One can go for
trekking for even more then 3-4 weeks and if anybody is short of time, trekking can be
done even for a day as well. In a day, one can trek short snow-fill mountains and explore
small villages as well. An example of the 13 - day Hemis-Markha-Padum trek is the
best suited as it is considered to be amongst the most excited trek routes in the
world. One can easily find tourist offices and get professional help like mapping of
routes, staff, trekking gears etc. Trans mountain trek takes weeks as there is a lot to
explore. One can enjoy trekking and camping because the several mountains
covered with snow have got a lot of fascinating spots of interests. If one takes the
route from Lamayuru, which is in Indus Valley, to Darcha, which is in Lahoul, will
enjoy extensive trekking of nearly 3 weeks. In winters, access to the Zanskar River’s
frozen surface, is mesmerizing. For such long treks, it is advised that one should
have enough food, fuel, medicines etc along-with as you may not find any place to
buy these. The people in villages will be helpless as they may not share a part of
their stock with you as they store for worse times. Another important thing to be
kept in mind is that no garbage is left behind at the scene of camping while you trek.

On your trek, one will be mesmerized by the beauty of loving animals like Yak, Urial,
Nyan etc. one can even get a sight of the rare birds in the chilling cold mountains.
On your trek, you will be enthralled by the rhythmic enchants by the Buddhist Monks
at the ancient monasteries.

It is very important for trekkers to stay in touch with people on ground. We suggest
that a trekker should have a good quality UV protected sunglasses, a hat, woolen
undergarments, moisturizers, sun-screen creams, medicines and correct knowledge
about them and water purifying tablets as you may not find these things easily while
trekking. We also suggest that everything that you take along, should be on a
waterproof backpack. You should also have insulated jackets, ground sheets, 2 pairs
of good trekking shoes and a sleeping bag to get ready for the next day for a fresh

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