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Book Jacket   ISBN-13             Primary Author         Title                   Subtitle               Volume details   Part details   Format                 Price   Series details       Subject                      Description
                                                                                                                                                 date                                                        paperback
              978-0-88385-553-9   Hans Walser            99 Points of            Examples-Pictures-                                     HB       14-Sep-2006   GBP     Spectrum             Topology and                 The 99 points of intersection presented here were collected during a year-long search for
                                                         Intersection            Proofs                                                                        32.00                        geometry                     surprising concurrence of lines. For each example we find compelling evidence for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         sometimes startling fact that in a geometric figure three straight lines, or sometimes circles, pass
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         through one and the same point.

Jacket not    978-0-88385-457-0   Edited by John Ewing; A Century of             Through the Eyes of                                    HB       05-Sep-1996   GBP     Spectrum             General and                  This is the story of American mathematics during the past century. It contains articles and
available                         Indiana University    Mathematics              the Monthly                                                                   45.00                        recreational                 excerpts from a century of the American Mathematical Monthly, giving the reader an opportunity
                                                                                                                                                                                            mathematics                  to skim all one hundred volumes of this popular mathematics magazine without actually opening

Jacket not    978-0-88385-712-0   Edited by Douglas D.   A Course in                                                                    PB       24-Jun-1999   GBP     Mathematical         Mathematical                 The aim of this book is the teaching of mathematical modeling. No advanced knowledge is
available                         Mooney; Western        Mathematical                                                                                          39.00   Association of       modelling and                assumed of the reader, making this book suitable for elementary modeling courses, or to
                                  Kentucky University    Modeling                                                                                                      America Textbooks    methods                      supplement courses in linear algebra, differential equations, probability theory and statistics.

              978-0-88385-337-5   Frank Burk; California A Garden of Integrals                                                          HB       30-Aug-2007   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Real and                    Though there is essentially only one derivative, there is a variety of integrals. In this book the
                                  State University, Chico                                                                                                      35.00   Expositions, 31       complex                     basic properties of each are proved, their similarities and differences are pointed out, and the
                                                                                                                                                                                             analysis                    reasons for their existence and their uses are given. There is no other book like it.

              978-0-88385-343-6   Gerald B. Folland;     A Guide to Advanced                                                            HB       24-Dec-2009   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Real and                    This concise guide to real analysis covers the core material of a graduate level real analysis
                                  University of          Real Analysis                                                                                         30.00   Expositions, 37       complex                     course. It gives an overview of the subject so that essential definitions,major theorems, and key
                                  Washington                                                                                                                                                 analysis                    ideas of proofs are included and technical details are not.

              978-0-88385-338-2   Steven G. Krantz       A Guide to Complex                                                             HB       16-Oct-2008   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Real and                    A quick and easy-to-use introduction to the key topics in complex variables, providing a solid
                                                         Variables                                                                                             30.00   Expositions, 32       complex                     grounding in this fundamental area. Its lively exposition, and wealth of figures and examples
                                                                                                                                                                                             analysis                    make this book a useful companion to more daunting texts. A valuable resource for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike.

              978-0-88385-347-4   Underwood Dudley       A Guide to Elementary                                                          PB       25-Mar-2010   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Number theory               A concise introduction to elementary number theory, which covers the material from a first
                                                         Number Theory                                                                                         31.00   Expositions, 41                                   course in the subject, and which can also be used as a refresher text for those already familiar
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         with the subject. It is suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students, or anyone
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         interested in the subject.

              978-0-88385-344-3   Steven G. Krantz;      A Guide to Real                                                                HB       13-Aug-2009   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Real and                    This concise guide is an aid and conceptual support for students taking an undergraduate real
                                  Washington             Variables                                                                                             30.00   Expositions           complex                     analysis course. It covers the core topics and focuses on concepts, results, examples and
                                  University, St Louis                                                                                                                                       analysis                    illustrative figures, rather than the details of proofs, in order to remain a concise guide for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         students to dip into.

              978-0-88385-346-7   Steven G. Krantz;      A Guide to Topology                                                            HB       24-Sep-2009   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Topology and                An introduction which teaches students all the basic ideas and techniques of topology. It is filled
                                  Washington                                                                                                                   30.00   Expositions           geometry                    with examples and illustrations to aid learning. Graduate or advanced undergraduate students
                                  University, St Louis                                                                                                                                                                   will find this useful for exams, as will professional mathematicians who need a quick review of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         the subject.

              978-0-88385-572-0   Judith V. Grabiner     A Historian Looks       The Calculus as                                        HB       14-Oct-2010   GBP     Spectrum             General and                  In this collection of her work, addressed to mathematicians, Judith Grabiner explores the
                                                         Back                    Algebra and Selected                                                          40.00                        recreational                 development of mathematics and the relationship between mathematics and culture. This book
                                                                                 Writings                                                                                                   mathematics                  is an inspiring resource for those teaching history of mathematics courses.
Jacket not   978-0-88385-031-2   Steven Krantz;            A Panorama of                                 HB   02-Sep-1999   GBP     Carus Mathematical   Abstract               This book is intended for graduate students and advanced undergraduates, and mathematicians
available                        Washington                Harmonic Analysis                                                32.00   Monographs, 27       analysis               of whatever background who want a clear and concise overview of the subject of commutative
                                 University, St Louis                                                                                                                           harmonic analysis.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-708-3   Robert B. Ash;            A Primer of Abstract                          PB   10-Sep-1998   GBP     Classroom Resource   Algebra                The purpose of this book is to prepare the reader for abstract mathematics. Ash tries to aid
available                        University of Illinois,   Algebra                                                          25.99   Materials                                   intuition by keeping proofs short and as informal as possible, and using concrete examples as
                                 Urbana-Champaign                                                                                                                               illustration. Thus it is an ideal textbook for an audience with limited experience in formalism and

Jacket not   978-0-88385-029-9   Ralph P. Boas;            A Primer of Real                              HB   27-Feb-1997   GBP     Mathematical         Mathematical           This is a revised, updated, and augmented edition of a classic Carus monograph with a new
available                        DePaul University,        Functions                                                        31.00   Association of       modelling and          chapter on integration and its applications. Earlier editions covered sets, metric spaces,
                                 Chicago                                                                                            America Textbooks,   methods                continuous functions, and differentiable functions. This fourth edition adds sections on
                                                                                                                                    13                                          measurable sets and functions and the Lebesgue and Stieltjes integrals. A variety of interesting
                                                                                                                                                                                and unusual topics are presented in an informal chatty style.

             978-0-88385-747-2   David M. Bressoud;        A Radical Approach to                         HB   12-Apr-2007   GBP     Mathematical         Real and               In the second edition of this MAA classic, exploration continues to be an essential component.
                                 MacAlester College,       Real Analysis                                                    35.00   Association of       complex                More than 60 new exercises have been added, and the chapters on infinite summations,
                                 Minnesota                                                                                          America Textbooks    analysis               differentiability and continuity, and convergence of infinite series have been reorganized to
                                                                                                                                                                                make it easier to identify the key ideas.

             978-0-88385-042-8   Robert S. Wolf;           A Tour through            A Real Analysis     PB   16-Sep-2010   GBP     Carus Mathematical   Logic,                 This work is an accessible introduction to real analysis as it applies to topics in abstract
                                 University of             Mathematical Logic        Approach                               34.00   Monographs           categories and         dynamical systems for undergraduates which presupposes little advanced knowledge. It
                                 Wollongong, New                                                                                                         sets                   connects its results to recent research and thus aims to bridge the gap between undergraduate
                                 South Wales                                                                                                                                    teaching and current mathematical ideas and research.

             978-0-88385-829-5   Martin Erickson;          Aha! Solutions                                HB   22-Jan-2009   GBP     MAA Problem Book     General and            Mathematicians (beginner, amateur, and professional alike) thrill to find simple, elegant
                                 Truman State                                                                               33.00   Series               recreational           solutions to seemingly difficult problems. Such happy resolutions are called 'aha! solutions,' a
                                 University                                                                                                              mathematics            phrase popularized by mathematics and science writer Martin Gardner. Aha! solutions reveal the
                                                                                                                                                                                beauty of mathematics. This book is a collection of problems with aha! solutions.

             978-0-88385-041-1   Sherman Stein             Algebra and Tiling        Homomorphisms in    PB   15-Jul-2010   GBP     Carus Mathematical   Algebra          Yes   This book explores the ways in which questions concerning tilings can be effectively tackled by
                                                                                     the Service of                         25.00   Monographs, 25                              treating them as algebraic problems. It presupposes little theoretical knowledge and so is
                                                                                     Geometry                                                                                   accessible to undergraduates, but will be of interest to professional mathematicians as well.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-515-7   Keith Devlin              All the Math that's Fit   Articles from The   PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     Spectrum             General and            Do you expect to find articles about mathematics in your daily newspaper? If you are a reader of
available                                                  to Print                  Guardian                               29.99                        recreational           The Guardian you do, or at least you did during the second half of the 1980s. This volume
                                                                                                                                                         mathematics            collects many of the columns Keith Devlin wrote for The Guardian. Read them and assign them
                                                                                                                                                                                to your students to read. This is a book for delving in, and is accessible to anyone with an
                                                                                                                                                                                interest in things mathematical.

             978-0-88385-766-3   Steven G. Krantz;         An Episodic History of Mathematical Culture   HB   01-Apr-2010   GBP     Mathematical         General and            An overview of the history of mathematics which introduces the genesis of mathematical ideas.
                                 Washington                Mathematics            through Problem                           44.00   Association of       recreational           Covering mathematical traditions from ancient times to the twentieth century, this book gives
                                 University, St Louis                             Solving                                           America Textbooks    mathematics            readers a sense of mathematical culture and history. Each chapter concludes with problems
                                                                                                                                                                                designed to create new avenues for exploration into the subject.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-085-5   Edited by Philip D.       Applications of                               PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     Classroom Resource   General and            Students see how calculus can explain the structure of a rainbow, guide a robot arm, or analyze
available                        Straffin, Jr; Beloit      Calculus                                                         26.99   Materials            recreational           the spread of AIDS. Each module starts with a concrete problem and moves on to provide a
                                 College, Wisconsin                                                                                                      mathematics            solution. The discussions are detailed, realistic, and pay careful attention to the process of
                                                                                                                                                                                mathematical modeling. Exercises, solutions, and references are provided.
Jacket not   978-0-88385-718-2   Sherman Stein;         Archimedes           What Did He Do           PB   02-Sep-1999   GBP     Classroom Resource    General and      Archimedes' enduring reputation rests upon his ability to achieve so much with the few
available                        University of                               Beside Cry Eureka?                          21.99   Materials             recreational     mathematical tools at his disposal. He made fundamental advances in the fields of geometry,
                                 California, Davis                                                                                                     mathematics      mechanics, and hydrostatics, and this book is devoted to his work. It will prove fascinating to
                                                                                                                                                                        students and professional mathematicians alike.

             978-0-88385-340-5   Edited by Arthur T.    Biscuits of Number                            HB   19-Mar-2009   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Number theory    An anthology of articles ideal for use as a textbook supplement on a number theory course. The
                                 Benjamin; Harvey       Theory                                                           40.00   Expositions                            editors have selected well written bite-sized articles and notes which aid an understanding of
                                 Mudd College,                                                                                                                          number theory.

             978-0-88385-756-4   Zbigniew H. Nitecki;   Calculus             A Second Course in       HB   21-May-2009   GBP     Mathematical          Abstract         A thorough and mathematically rigorous exposition of single-variable calculus for readers with
                                 Tufts University,      Deconstructed        First-Year Calculus                         50.00   Association of        analysis         some previous experience of calculus techniques. This book can be used as a textbook for an
                                 Massachusetts                                                                                   America Textbooks                      undergraduate course on calculus or as a reference for self-study.

             978-0-88385-561-4   George F. Simmons;     Calculus Gems        Brief Lives and          HB   02-Aug-2007   GBP     Spectrum              General and      The classic book - back in print! Demonstrating the profound connections that join
                                 Colorado College                            Memorable                                   32.00                         recreational     mathematics to the history of philosophy and of Western civilization, and containing nuggets
                                                                             Mathematics                                                               mathematics      collected from number theory, geometry, science, etc. We see the true purpose of mathematics -
                                                                                                                                                                        'To delight the mind and help us understand the world.'

Jacket not   978-0-88385-711-3   R. Grant Woods;        Calculus Mysteries                            PB   14-Jan-1999   GBP     Classroom Resource    General and      This book is a collection of a dozen mathematics projects. These are typically novel, interesting
available                        University of          and Thrillers                                                    23.99   Materials             recreational     and several levels more complex than those usually found in textbooks. The nature of the
                                 Manitoba, Canada                                                                                                      mathematics      projects makes them suitable for group working.

             978-0-88385-547-8   G. Waldo Dunnington Carl Friedrich Gauss    Titan of Science         HB   14-Oct-2004   GBP     Spectrum              General and      This biography of Gauss, Germany's greatest mathematician, is easily the most comprehensive
                                                                                                                         35.00                         recreational     in English. Long out of print and very rare in the used book market, this valuable piece of
                                                                                                                                                       mathematics      scholarship is being reissued in an augmented form with additional material by the eminent
                                                                                                                                                                        British mathematical historian, Jeremy Gray.

             978-0-88385-348-1   Claudi Alsina;          Charming Proofs     A Journey into Elegant   HB   27-Jan-2011   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Logic,           Charming Proofs presents a collection of remarkable proofs in elementary mathematics that are
                                 Universitat Politècnica                     Mathematics                                 37.00   Expositions           categories and   exceptionally elegant. By means of a surprising argument or powerful visual representation, the
                                 de Catalunya,                                                                                                         sets             proofs invite the reader to enjoy the beauty of mathematics and to develop the ability to create
                                 Barcelona                                                                                                                              proofs themselves.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-518-8   Dan Pedoe; University Circles               A Mathematical View      PB   06-Mar-1997   GBP     Spectrum              Topology and     Armed with paper, pencil, compass, and straightedge, readers of Circles will find great pleasure
available                        of Minnesota                                                                            23.99                         geometry         in following the constructions and theorems, not only from ancient Greece, but also interesting
                                                                                                                                                                        results which were only discovered in modern times. Novices and experts alike will find much to
                                                                                                                                                                        enlighten them in this mathematical classic.

             978-0-88385-762-5   David R. Mazur;     Combinatorics           A Guided Tour            HB   18-Mar-2010   GBP     Mathematical          Discrete         Combinatorics is the mathematics of counting. This text presents the topics covered in
                                 Western New England                                                                     42.99   Association of        mathematics,     undergraduate courses in combinatorics and advanced discrete mathematics, as well as in
                                 College,                                                                                        America Textbooks     information      some introductory graduate courses. Uniquely, it features over 350 reading questions that
                                 Massachusetts                                                                                                         theory and       provide checkpoints for learning and prepare the reader for the end-of-section exercises.
                                                                                                                                                       coding theory

Jacket not   978-0-88385-710-6   Daniel A. Marcus;       Combinatorics: A                             PB   14-Jan-1999   GBP     Mathematical          Discrete         This book is unique in that it combines features of a traditional text with those of a problem
available                        California State        Problem Oriented                                                27.99   Association of        mathematics,     book. The material is presented through a series of problems with connecting text. The
                                 Polytechnic University, Approach                                                                America Textbooks     information      problems are structured in order to introduce concepts in a logical order, and in a thought-
                                 Pomona                                                                                                                theory and       provoking way.
                                                                                                                                                       coding theory
Jacket not   978-0-88385-510-2   Liang-shin Hahn;         Complex Numbers                               PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     Mathematical          Topology and     This book demonstrates how complex numbers and geometry can be blended together
available                        University of New        and Geometry                                                     26.99   Association of        geometry         beautifully, resulting in easy proofs and natural generalizations of many theorems in plane
                                 Mexico                                                                                            America Textbooks                      geometry. The book is suitable as a text for a geometry course, or for self-study. It is self-
                                                                                                                                                                          contained - no background in complex numbers is assumed - and can be covered at a leisurely
                                                                                                                                                                          pace in a one-semester course. Many of the chapters can be read independently.

             978-0-88385-335-1   Keith Kendig;            Conics                                        HB   11-Aug-2005   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Topology and     Conics is written in an easy, conversational style, and many historical tidbits and other points of
                                 Cleveland State                                                                           37.00   Expositions, 29       geometry         interest are scattered throughout the text. Many students can self-study the book without outside
                                 University                                                                                                                               help. This book is ideal for anyone having a little exposure to linear algebra and complex

             978-0-88385-722-9   Miklós Laczkovich;       Conjecture and Proof                          PB   21-Mar-2002   GBP     Classroom Resource    Logic,           The Budapest semesters in mathematics aim to convey the tradition of Hungarian mathematics
                                 Loránd Eötvös                                                                             23.99   Materials             categories and   to English-speaking students. This book is an elaborate version of the course 'Conjecture and
                                 University, Budapest                                                                                                    sets             Proof'. Prerequisites are kept to a minimum and exercises are included. This book should prove
                                                                                                                                                                          fascinating for any mathematically literate reader.

             978-0-88385-765-6   Sergiy Klymchuk;       Counterexamples in                              PB   18-Mar-2010   GBP     Classroom Resource    Real and         A resource to enhance the teaching of single variable calculus courses. This book features
                                 Auckland University of Calculus                                                           28.00   Materials             complex          incorrect mathematical statements that require students to create counterexamples to disprove
                                 Technology                                                                                                              analysis         them. This book fills a gap in the literature, providing a resource for using counterexamples as a
                                                                                                                                                                          pedagogical tool in the study of introductory calculus.

             978-0-88385-331-3   Jack E. Graver;          Counting on             Mathematics to Aid    PB   06-Sep-2001   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Logic,           Consider a scaffolding that is constructed by bolting together rods and beams. Is it strong
                                 Syracuse University,     Frameworks              the Design of Rigid                      29.99   Expositions, 25       categories and   enough to support the workers and their equipment? This is the basic problem in rigidity theory,
                                 New York                                         Structures                                                             sets             an area of interest to a wide range of people including those studying graph theory or
                                                                                                                                                                          mathematical modelling.

             978-0-88385-750-2   H. S. Wall; University   Creative Mathematics                          HB   19-Mar-2009   GBP     Mathematical          General and      Developed over a period of many years of working with students at the University of Texas,
                                 of Texas, Austin                                                                          33.00   Association of        recreational     Austin, this book cultivates mathematical creativity and independence. The book is self
                                                                                                                                   America Textbooks     mathematics      contained, and assumes little formal mathematical background on the part of the reader.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-719-9   Robert Edward            Cryptological                                 PB   07-Dec-2000   GBP     Mathematical          Discrete         An elementary introduction to the mathematics involved in cryptology, the science of reading
available                        Lewand; Goucher          Mathematics                                                      29.00   Association of        mathematics,     and writing secret messages. The book has an engaging style, and all concepts used are
                                 College, Baltimore                                                                                America Textbooks     information      carefully explained. It will be suitable for all students interested in cryptology and those looking
                                                                                                                                                         theory and       for practical applications of seemingly abstract mathematics.
                                                                                                                                                         coding theory

             978-0-88385-748-9   John Oprea;              Differential Geometry                         HB   06-Sep-2007   GBP     Mathematical          Topology and     This book studies the differential geometry of surfaces and aims to help students make the
                                 Cleveland State          and its Applications                                             43.00   Association of        geometry         transition from the standard university curriculum to a type of mathematics that is a unified
                                 University                                                                                        America Textbooks                      whole, by mixing geometry, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, complex variables,
                                                                                                                                                                          the calculus of variations, and notions from the sciences.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-526-3   Isabella G.        Diophantus and                                      PB   11-Jun-1998   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Number theory    This is the story of Diophantine analysis. The heart of the book is a fascinating account of the
available                        Bashmakova; Moscow Diophantine Equations                                                  21.99   Expositions, 20                        development of Diophantine methods during the Renaissance and in the work of Fermat. This
                                 State University                                                                                                                         account is continued to our own day and ends with an afterword by Joseph Silverman who
                                                                                                                                                                          notes the most recent developments including the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-707-6   Dan Kalman;              Elementary              Order Aplenty and a   PB   12-Mar-1998   GBP     Mathematical          General and      The language of mathematics has proven over centuries of application to be an indispensable
available                        American University,     Mathematical Models     Glimpse of Chaos                         30.00   Association of        recreational     tool for the expression and analysis of real problems. Here Kalman explains for an audience of
                                 Washington DC                                                                                     America Textbooks     mathematics      non-mathematicians the relevance of mathematical models to phenomena ranging from
                                                                                                                                                                          population growth and economics to medicine and the physical sciences.
             978-0-88385-714-4   Edited by B. A.         Environmental                                  PB   29-May-2003   GBP     Classroom Resource    Mathematical       Environmental Mathematics seeks to marry the most pressing challenge of our time with the
                                 Fusaro; Florida State   Mathematics in the                                                37.00   Materials             modelling and      most powerful technology of our time - mathematics. This book does this at an elementary level
                                 University              Classroom                                                                                       methods            and demonstrates a wide variety of significant environmental applications that can be explored
                                                                                                                                                                            without resorting to calculus.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-639-0   Ross Honsberger         Episodes in                                    PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     New Mathematical      Topology and
available                                                Nineteenth and                                                    23.99   Library, 37           geometry
                                                         Twentieth Century
                                                         Euclidean Geometry

             978-0-88385-034-3   Karma Dajani;           Ergodic Theory of                              HB   12-Sep-2002   GBP     Carus Mathematical    Differential and   This book introduces the ergodic theory behind common number expansions - decimal
                                 Universiteit Utrecht,   Numbers                                                           33.00   Monographs, 29        Integral           expansions, continued fractions and many others. It's aimed at introducing students with a
                                 The Netherlands                                                                                                         Equations,         background in real analysis to a 'dynamical way of thinking'. Subject matter varies from the
                                                                                                                                                         Dynamical          classical to recent research which will interest researchers in the field.
                                                                                                                                                         Systems and

             978-0-88385-328-3   William Dunham;         Euler                   The Master of Us All   PB   04-Mar-1999   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and        Leonhard Euler was one of the most prolific and wide ranging mathematicians that have ever
                                 Muhlenberg College,                                                                       24.99   Expositions, 22       recreational       lived. This book examines the huge scope of mathematical areas explored and developed by
                                 Pennsylvania                                                                                                            mathematics        Euler, which includes number theory, combinatorics, geometry, complex variables and many

             978-0-88385-564-5   Edited by N. N.         Euler and Modern                               HB   14-Feb-2008   GBP     Spectrum              General and        A remarkable collection, which discusses not only Euler's well-known achievements in pure
                                 Bogolyubov              Science                                                           36.00                         recreational       mathematics, but also his contributions in many other areas, from astronomy to music. Even
                                                                                                                                                         mathematics        readers already familiar with Euler and his work will find here much to enhance their
                                                                                                                                                                            appreciation of this extraordinary scientist and human being.

             978-0-88385-565-2   Edited by Robert E.     Euler at 300: An                               HB   22-Nov-2007   GBP     Spectrum              General and        Based on some of the most memorable contributions honouring Leonhard Euler in the years
                                 Bradley; Adelphi        Appreciation                                                      32.00                         recreational       approaching his tercentenary, this book will appeal to anyone with an interest in the history of
                                 University, Garden                                                                                                      mathematics        mathematics, and serves as a compelling introduction to one of the greatest mathematical
                                 City, New York                                                                                                                             minds of all time.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-317-7   Robert M. Young;   Excursions in Calculus An Interplay of the          PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Real and           This book explores the rich and elegant interplay between the two main currents of
available                        Cape Cod Community                        Continuous and the                              31.00   Expositions, 13       complex            mathematics, the continuous and the discrete. Such fundamental notions in discrete
                                 College,                                  Discrete                                                                      analysis           mathematics as induction, recursion, combinatorics, number theory, discrete probability, and the
                                 Massachusetts                                                                                                                              algorithmic point of view as a unifying principle are continually explored as they interact with
                                                                                                                                                                            traditional calculus.

             978-0-88385-768-7   Hongwei Chen;           Excursions in           Pathways to            HB   17-Jun-2010   GBP     Classroom Resource    Real and           A colourful guide to classical analysis which introduces undergraduate students to advanced
                                 Christopher Newport     Classical Analysis      Advanced Problem                          36.50   Materials             complex            problem solving. The crucial ideas of classical analysis are explained and placed in their
                                 University                                      Solving and                                                             analysis           historical context. Practice exercises, many of which are taken from past mathematics
                                                                                 Undergraduate                                                                              competitions, demonstrate how one problem may be solved in several ways.

             978-0-88385-734-2   Joanne E. Snow;         Exploratory Examples                           PB   14-Oct-2004   GBP     Classroom Resource    Real and           Supplementary exercises and projects designed to facilitate students' understanding of the
                                 Saint Mary's College,   for Real Analysis                                                 22.99   Materials             complex            fundamental concepts in real analysis. They can be used to motivate a lecture; as a basis for in-
                                 Indiana                                                                                                                 analysis           class activities; in lab sessions. Programs in Maple are supplied with further ancillary material
                                                                                                                                                                            available from

Jacket not   978-0-88385-636-9   Arthur Engel; Johann    Exploring                                      PB   14-Aug-1997   GBP     New Mathematical      General and        For high school students and undergraduates with a strong interest in mathematics, and
available                        Wolfgang Goethe-        Mathematics with your                                             40.00   Library, 35           recreational       teachers looking for fresh ideas, this book is full of diverse mathematical ideas requiring little
                                 Universität Frankfurt   Computer                                                                                        mathematics        background. It includes a large number of challenging problems, many of which illustrate how
                                                                                                                                                                            numerical computation leads to conjectures which can then be proved by mathematical
Jacket not   978-0-88385-032-9   Charles Robert          Field Theory and its                                                PB   07-Dec-2000   GBP     Mathematical          Logic,           Field Theory and its Classical Problems lets Galois theory unfold in a natural way, beginning
available                        Hadlock; Bentley        Classical Problems                                                                     29.99   Association of        categories and   with the geometric construction problems of antiquity, continuing through the construction of
                                 College,                                                                                                               America Textbooks,    sets             regular n-gons and the properties of roots of unity, and then on to the solvability of polynomial
                                 Massachusetts                                                                                                          19                                     equations by radicals and beyond.

             978-0-88385-824-0   J. Douglas Faires;      First Steps for Math    Using the American                          HB   21-Dec-2006   GBP     MAA Problem Book      General and      This book considers the basic ideas behind the solutions to the majority of the problems from 50
                                 Youngstown State        Olympians               Mathematics                                                    33.00   Series                recreational     years of the American Mathematics Competitions. Anyone interested in logical problem solving
                                 University                                      Competitions                                                                                 mathematics      should find the problems and their solutions stimulating, and those preparing for the
                                                                                                                                                                                               Mathematical Olympiad will discover many useful ideas.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-519-5   Edward J. Barbeau;      Five Hundred                                                        PB   24-Jul-1997   GBP     Spectrum              General and      This book contains 500 problems that range over a wide spectrum of mathematics and of levels
available                        University of Toronto   Mathematical                                                                           29.99                         recreational     of difficulty, from simple mathematical puzzlers to problems at the Olympiad level. For many
                                                         Challenges                                                                                                           mathematics      problems, more than one solution is supplied so that students can compare different
                                                                                                                                                                                               mathematical approaches. A special mathematical toolchest summarizes the results and
                                                                                                                                                                                               techniques needed by competition-level students.

             978-0-88385-740-3   Rajendra Bhatia         Fourier Series                                                      HB   03-Mar-2005   GBP     Mathematical          Real and         This is a concise introduction to Fourier series covering history, major themes, theorems,
                                                                                                                                                32.00   Association of        complex          examples, and applications. It can be used for self study, and to supplement, enhance, and
                                                                                                                                                        America Textbooks     analysis         embellish undergraduate courses on mathematical analysis. Exercises of varying levels of
                                                                                                                                                                                               difficulty are scattered throughout the book to test understanding.

             978-0-88385-169-2   Michael Frame; Yale     Fractals, Graphics,                                                 PB   20-Jun-2002   GBP     Mathematical          General and      Fractal Geometry is a new mathematical tool for describing nature. Through this we may
                                 University,             and Mathematics                                                                        36.00   Association of        recreational     uncover connections between the arts and sciences, uncommonly seen in maths and science
                                 Connecticut             Education                                                                                      America Notes, 58     mathematics      classes. This book will appeal to anyone wanting to teach a course on fractals, or who is
                                                                                                                                                                                               interested in general scientific literacy.

             978-0-88385-178-4   Edited by Amy Shell-    From Calculus to        Using 200 years of                          PB   06-Apr-2006   GBP     Mathematical          General and      This volume on the integration of mathematics history into undergraduate teaching provides
                                 Gellasch; Formerly of   Computers               Mathematics History                                            33.00   Association of        recreational     ideas and materials for immediate adoption in the classroom. Focusing on the developments of
                                 the United States                               in the Teaching of                                                     America Notes, 68     mathematics      the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the text emphasizes recent history in the teaching of
                                 Military Academy                                Mathematics                                                                                                   mathematics, computer science, and related disciplines.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-324-5   Ross Honsberger;        From Erdös to Kiev      Problems of Olympiad                        PB   27-Feb-1997   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and      This is an intriguing collection of challenging problems with solutions that use straightforward
available                        University of Waterloo,                         Caliber                                                        25.99   Expositions, 17       recreational     arguments from elementary mathematics with only the occasional foray into sophisticated or
                                 Ontario                                                                                                                                      mathematics      advanced ideas. The problems included in this collection are taken from geometry, number
                                                                                                                                                                                               theory, probability, and combinatorics. Solutions to the problems are included.

             978-0-88385-037-4   Thomas M.               From Error-Correcting                                               PB   14-Oct-2004   GBP     Carus Mathematical    Discrete         Mathematical methods of encoding messages to ensure correctness when transmitted over
                                 Thompson; Walla         Codes through Sphere                                                                   24.00   Monographs, 21        mathematics,     noisy channels led to discoveries of extremely efficient sphere lattice packings. In turn, this
                                 Walla College,          Packings to Simple                                                                                                   information      suggested the possible presence of new groups of symmetries. These connections, along with
                                 Washington              Groups                                                                                                               theory and       the fascinating history, are presented at an undergraduate mathematical level.
                                                                                                                                                                              coding theory

             978-0-88385-648-2   I. M. Yaglom            Geometric                                      Volume 4, Circular   PB   15-Oct-2009   GBP     New Mathematical      Topology and     This is the fourth volume of Yaglom's Geometric Transformations. This volume develops the
                                                         Transformations                                Transformations                         30.00   Library, 44           geometry         geometry of transformations of the plane that map circles to circles (conformal or anallagmatic
                                                                                                                                                                                               geometry). The latter part of the book consists of detailed solutions of the problems posed
                                                                                                                                                                                               throughout the text.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-619-2   H. S. M. Coxeter;       Geometry Revisited                                                  PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     Mathematical          Topology and     Among the many beautiful and nontrivial theorems in geometry found here are the theorems of
available                        University of Toronto                                                                                          23.99   Association of        geometry         Ceva, Menelaus, Pappus, Desargues, Pascal, and Brianchon. A nice proof is given of Morley's
                                                                                                                                                        America Textbooks,                     remarkable theorem on angle trisectors. The transformational point of view is emphasized:
                                                                                                                                                        19                                     reflections, rotations, translations, similarities, inversions, and affine and projective
                                                                                                                                                                                               transformations. Many fascinating properties of circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and conics are
Jacket not   978-0-88385-099-2   Edited by Doris        Geometry Turned On      Dynamic Software in    PB   30-Oct-1997   GBP     Mathematical           Topology and      Here is a collection of articles about dynamic geometry: active, exploratory geometry carried out
available                        Schattschneider;                               Learning, Teaching,                       29.99   Association of         geometry          with interactive computer software, which itself has also become a vital research tool for
                                 Moravian College,                              and Research                                      America Notes, 41                        mathematicians and scientists and even designers. This book gives many examples of the uses
                                 Pennsylvania                                                                                                                              and effects of dynamic geometry.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-164-7   Edited by Catherine A. Geometry at Work                               PB   12-Oct-2000   GBP     Mathematical           Topology and      Beginning with art and culminating mathematics itself, this book discusses many applications of
available                        Gorini; Maharishi                                                                        25.99   Association of         geometry          geometric ideas from ancient to modern times. Each chapter is written by a leading expert or
                                 University of                                                                                    America Notes, 53                        pioneer in their own field, and the book should be a valuable resource for students and teachers
                                 Management, Iowa                                                                                                                          of geometry alike.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-715-1   Edited by Paulus     Geometry from Africa      Mathematical and       PB   30-Sep-1999   GBP     Classroom Resource     General and       This book draws on geometric ideas from cultural activities from Subsaharan Africa, and
available                        Gerdes; Universidad                            Educational                               29.99   Materials              recreational      demonstrates how they may be explored to develop mathematical reasoning from school level
                                 Pedagógica Nacional,                           Explorations                                                             mathematics       through to university standard. Mathematicians and teachers of mathematics at all levels will be
                                 Mexico                                                                                                                                    fascinated, as will anybody with an interest in African cultures.

             978-0-88385-753-3   Daniel Marcus          Graph Theory            A Problem Oriented     HB   21-Aug-2008   GBP     Mathematical           Discrete          Combining the features of a textbook with those of a problem workbook, the material is
                                                                                Approach                                  34.00   Association of         mathematics,      presented through 360 strategically placed problems explained with helpful notes. Concepts of
                                                                                                                                  America Textbooks      information       graph theory are introduced, developed and reinforced by working through these problems,
                                                                                                                                                         theory and        encouraging readers to get actively involved.
                                                                                                                                                         coding theory

Jacket not   978-0-88385-635-2   Oystein Ore            Graphs and their Uses                          PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     New Mathematical       Discrete          Oystein Ore's classic has provided students and teachers with an excellent introduction to the
available                                                                                                                 21.99   Library, 34            mathematics,      field of graph theory for close to thirty years. Robin Wilson's revision adds strength to the book
                                                                                                                                                         information       by adding new material and updating the terminology and notation to bring them into line with
                                                                                                                                                         theory and        contemporary usage.
                                                                                                                                                         coding theory

             978-0-88385-182-1   Amy Shell-Gellasch;    Hands on History        A Resource for         HB   21-Feb-2008   GBP     Mathematical           General and       Research shows that students learn best when they actively participate in their learning. In
                                 Pacific Lutheran                               Teaching Mathematics                      33.00   Association of         recreational      particular, hands-on activities provide the greatest opportunities for promoting retention. This
                                 University,                                                                                      America Notes          mathematics       volume is a compilation of articles from researchers and educators who use the history of
                                 Washington                                                                                                                                mathematics to facilitate active learning in the mathematics classroom.

             978-0-88385-560-7   Gerald L.              Harmony of the World 75 Years of               HB   15-Nov-2007   GBP     Spectrum               General and       A collection of the best from Mathematics Magazine. There is history of mathematics (including
                                 Alexanderson; Santa                         Mathematics                                  34.00                          recreational      algebraic, numbers, inequalities, probability, quaternions, and group theory) and history of
                                 Clara University,                           Magazine                                                                    mathematics       mathematicians (Hypatia, Gauss, E. T. Bell, Hamilton, and Euler). This book features award-
                                 California                                                                                                                                winning articles from a star-studded list of authors.

             978-0-88385-336-8   Andrew J. Simoson      Hesiod's Anvil          Falling and Spinning   HB   26-Jul-2007   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Differential and   This book is about models of motion as enunciated by poets, philosophers, story-tellers and
                                                                                through Heaven and                        34.00   Expositions, 30       Integral           early scientists. By using popular literature and philosophy to bring the mechanics of motion
                                                                                Earth                                                                   Equations,         alive, blending with equal voice both romantic whimsy and derived equations.
                                                                                                                                                        Systems and

             978-0-88385-562-1   Amy Dahan-             History of              Highways and Byways    HB   07-Jan-2010   GBP     Spectrum               General and       This book is arranged to show the development of the different branches of mathematics over
                                 Dalmédico; Centre      Mathematics                                                       40.00                          recreational      time and contains many illustrations to support the text. In all, a short, innovative and easy-to-
                                 National de la                                                                                                          mathematics       read history of mathematics.
                                 Scientifique (CNRS),

             978-0-88385-563-8   C. Edward Sandifer;    How Euler Did It                               HB   30-Aug-2007   GBP     Spectrum               General and       A collection of 40 monthly columns that appeared on MAA Online between 2003 and 2007
                                 Western Connecticut                                                                      34.00                          recreational      about the mathematical and scientific work of the great 18th-century Swiss mathematician
                                 State University                                                                                                        mathematics       Leonhard Euler. Professor Sandifer uncovers many details that are not found in other sources
                                                                                                                                                                           by studying Euler's words in their original language.
             978-0-88385-644-4   Edited and translated     Hungarian Problem                              PB   09-Aug-2001   GBP     New Mathematical      General and        This book contains the problems and solutions of a famous Hungarian mathematics competition
                                 by Andy Liu;              Book III                                                          25.99   Library, 42           recreational       for high school students. There are multiple solutions to each problem, often with discussions of
                                 University of Alberta                                                                                                     mathematics        background material or further remarks. This will widen the appeal of the book beyond the
                                                                                                                                                                              beginners for whom it is primarily intended.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-720-5   Joseph Kirtland;          Identification Numbers                         PB   29-Mar-2001   GBP     Classroom Resource    Discrete           This book develops the mathematical skills necessary for the investigation of the codes used to
available                        Marist College, New       and Check Digit                                                   27.00   Materials             mathematics,       identify everything from credit cards to supermarket goods. The reader is introduced to many
                                 York                      Schemes                                                                                         information        fundamental areas of discrete mathematics, with emphasis on their applications. Experts and
                                                                                                                                                           theory and         non-experts alike should find this book accessible and fun.
                                                                                                                                                           coding theory

Jacket not   978-0-88385-326-9   Ross Honsberger;        In Polya's Footsteps       Miscellaneous         PB   30-Oct-1997   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and        The latest collection from Ross Honsberger includes essays and problems from various national
available                        University of Waterloo,                            Problems and Essays                      24.99   Expositions, 19       recreational       and international Olympiads, presented not in an attempt to instruct but as a harvest of rewards
                                 Ontario                                                                                                                   mathematics        that are due not only to good high school students and their teachers, but all those in the
                                                                                                                                                                              university mathematics community.

             978-0-88385-033-6   John P. D'Angelo;         Inequalities from                              HB   25-Jul-2002   GBP     Carus Mathematical    Real and           Inequalities from Complex Analysis is a careful, friendly exposition of some rather interesting
                                 University of Illinois,   Complex Analysis                                                  38.00   Monographs, 28        complex            mathematics. The author gives a novel presentation of some standard mathematics as well as
                                 Urbana-Champaign                                                                                                          analysis           some results from recent research. Numerous examples, exercises and discussions aid the
                                                                                                                                                                              reader. The book is accessible to undergraduate mathematicians, physicists and engineers.

             978-0-88385-811-0   Marcin E. Kuczma;         International                                  PB   09-Oct-2003   GBP     MAA Problem Book      General and        The International Mathematical Olympiad competition is held every year with the final taking
                                 Uniwersytet               Mathematical                                                      25.99   Series                recreational       place in a different country. This book contains questions and solutions from the finals
                                 Warszawski, Poland        Olympiads 1986–1999                                                                             mathematics        1986–1999 inclusive. It will be of great value to students preparing for the IMO and all others
                                                                                                                                                                              interested in mathematical problem solving.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-631-4   Murray S. Klamkin;        International                                  PB   26-Sep-1996   GBP     New Mathematical      General and        A compilation of problems of arresting ingenuity given to high school students competing in the
available                        University of Alberta     Mathematical                                                      21.99   Library, 31           recreational       International Mathematical Olympiads.
                                                           Olympiads; and Forty                                                                            mathematics
                                                           Problems, 1978–1985

Jacket not   978-0-88385-716-8   Charles W. Groetsch;      Inverse Problems         Activities for        PB   02-Dec-1999   GBP     Classroom Resource    Differential and   Inverse problems are considerably more important, in mathematics and throughout science,
available                        University of                                      Undergraduates                           29.99   Materials             Integral           than they might first appear. This book concentrates on inverse problems and how they can be
                                 Cincinnati                                                                                                                Equations,         usefully introduced to undergraduate students.
                                                                                                                                                           Systems and

             978-0-88385-764-9   Ralph P. Boas             Invitation to Complex                          HB   12-Aug-2010   GBP     Mathematical          Real and           An introduction to complex analysis, covering the standard course material and additional topics.
                                                           Analysis                                                          42.99   Association of        complex            This is an ideal book for a first course in complex analysis: for advanced undergraduates or
                                                                                                                                     America Textbooks     analysis           graduate students. It includes both exercises with detailed solutions to aid understanding, and
                                                                                                                                                                              those without solutions as an additional teaching tool.

             978-0-88385-038-1   Ivan Niven                Irrational Numbers                             PB   18-Aug-2005   GBP     Carus Mathematical    Number theory      Ivan Niven provides a masterful exposition of some central results on irrational, transcendental,
                                                                                                                             28.99   Monographs, 11                           and normal numbers. He gives a complete treatment by elementary methods of the irrationality
                                                                                                                                                                              of the exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions with rational arguments.

             978-0-88385-566-9   Underwood Dudley;         Is Mathematics                                 HB   22-May-2008   GBP     Spectrum              General and        A collection of true stories, anecdotes and other gems from the literature of mathematics that
                                 DePauw University,        Inevitable?                                                       34.00                         recreational       shine as brightly today as when they first appeared - they deserve to be seen and admired. Most
                                 Indiana                                                                                                                   mathematics        are non-technical and will be found interesting, amusing or informative by readers with any
                                                                                                                                                                              interest in mathematics.
Jacket not   978-0-88385-500-3   Marta Sved; University Journey into                                    PB   24-Jul-1997     GBP       Spectrum              Topology and     This unique book gives an informal introduction into the non-Euclidean geometries through a
available                        of Adelaide            Geometries                                                           23.99                           geometry         series of dialogues between a somewhat grown-up Alice (of Looking Glass fame), her uncle
                                                                                                                                                                              Lewis Carroll, and a visitor from the twentieth century, Dr Whatif.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-520-1   Constance Reid         Julia                  A Life in Mathematics    HB   27-Feb-1997     GBP       Spectrum              General and      Julia is the story of Julia Bowman Robinson, the gifted and highly original mathematician who
available                                                                                                                    26.99                           recreational     during her lifetime was recognized in ways that no other woman mathematician had ever been
                                                                                                                                                             mathematics      recognized. This unusual book brings together in one volume the prizewinning Autobiography of
                                                                                                                                                                              Julia Robinson by her sister, the popular mathematical biographer Constance Reid, and three
                                                                                                                                                                              very personal articles about her work by outstanding mathematical colleagues.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-027-5   Charles Livingston;    Knot Theory                                     HB   05-Sep-1996     GBP       Mathematical          Topology and     Knot Theory, a lively exposition of the mathematics of knotting, will appeal to a diverse audience
available                        Indiana University                                                                          31.00     Association of        geometry         of mathematical readers, from undergraduates to professionals. The author introduces tools
                                                                                                                                       America Textbooks,                     from linear algebra and basic group theory and uses these to study the properties of knots, high-
                                                                                                                                       24                                     dimensional knot theory and the Conway, Jones and Kauffman polynomials.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-703-8   Edited by Frank        Learn from the                                  PB   11-Sep-1997     GBP       Classroom Resource    General and      This book is for teachers who want to know how they can use the history of mathematics as a
available                        Swetz; Pennsylvania    Masters                                                              29.99     Materials             recreational     pedagogical tool to help their students construct their own knowledge of mathematics. It
                                 State University                                                                                                            mathematics      provides readers with historical ideas and insights which can be immediately applied in the
                                                                                                                                                                              classroom. Each article contains a bibliography to guide the reader to further reading on the

Jacket not   978-0-88385-083-1   Edited by Anita E.     Learning by Discovery A Lab Manual for          PB   05-Sep-1996     GBP       Classroom Resource    General and      Learning By Discovery Contains 26 laboratory modules that can be used as lab components in
available                        Solow; Grinnell                              Calculus                                       27.00     Materials             recreational     your course, or assigned as independent projects. The labs are written without specific
                                 College, Iowa                                                                                                               mathematics      computer commands, so students read mathematics, not text. Suggestions are provided for
                                                                                                                                                                              implementing these labs on Derive, Maple and MATHEMATICA ®. Many can be done on
                                                                                                                                                                              graphing calculators.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-322-1   Paul R. Halmos         Linear Algebra                                  PB   05-Sep-1996     GBP       Dolciani Mathematical General and      The Linear Algebra Problem Book is an ideal text for a course in linear algebra. It takes the
available                                               Problem Book                                                         32.00     Expositions, 16       recreational     student step by step from the basic axioms of a field through the notion of vector spaces, on to
                                                                                                                                                             mathematics      advanced concepts such as inner product spaces and normality. All of this occurs by way of a
                                                                                                                                                                              series of 164 problems, each with hints and, at the back of the book, full solutions.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-323-8   Ralph P. Boas          Lion Hunting and       A Collection of          PB   26-Sep-1996     GBP       Dolciani Mathematical General and      This marvelous collection of Boas memorabilia contains not only the original article from the
available                                               Other Mathematical     Mathematics, Verse,                           31.00     Expositions, 15       recreational     famous paper of 1938, 'A Contribution to the Mathematical Theory of Big Game Hunting', but
                                                        Pursuits               and Stories by the                                                            mathematics      also several additional articles. Once you are through with lion hunting, you can search the
                                                                               Late Ralph P. Boas, Jr                                                                         remainder of the book to find numerous gems by and about this remarkable mathematician.

             978-0-88385-573-7   Seth Braver            Lobachevski                                     HB   c.01-Nov-2011   GBP                             Topology and     A historical introduction to non-Euclidean geometry that guides readers step-by-step through a
                                                        Illuminated                                                          c.29.00                         geometry         new translation of Lobachevski's groundbreaking book, The Theory of Parallels. It can be used
                                                                                                                                                                              as a primary text, or as supplementary reading, for courses in geometry or in the history of

Jacket not   978-0-88385-327-6   Paul Halmos; Santa     Logic as Algebra                                PB   03-Sep-1998     GBP       Dolciani Mathematical Logic,           An introduction to logic that treats logic from an algebraic perspective. What this means is that
available                        Clara University,                                                                           26.99     Expositions, 21       categories and   notions and results from logic become much easier to understand when seen from a familiar
                                 California                                                                                                                  sets             standpoint of algebra. Written in the engaging and provocative style that is the hallmark of Paul

Jacket not   978-0-88385-502-7   Joe Roberts; Reed      Lure of the Integers                            PB   05-Sep-1996     GBP       Spectrum              Number theory    Mathematicians and laymen alike have always been fascinated by simple numbers. This book is
available                        College, Oregon                                                                             31.00                                            an introduction to a mythical book which might go under the name The Book of the Integers, a
                                                                                                                                                                              mythical book that has on page n all of the interesting properties of the integer n. The material is
                                                                                                                                                                              unusual sufficient to surprise the professional but simple enough for laymen to understand.
             978-0-88385-746-5   Claudi Alsina;          Math Made Visual      Creating Images for                            HB   06-Jul-2006   GBP     Classroom Resource    General and    The object of this book is to show how visualization techniques may be employed to produce
                                 Universitat Politècnica                       Understanding                                                     32.00   Materials             recreational   pictures that have interest for the creation, communication and teaching of mathematics. The
                                 de Catalunya,                                 Mathematics                                                                                     mathematics    authors describe methods to visualize mathematical ideas, with applications to concrete cases,
                                 Barcelona                                                                                                                                                    and practical approaches for making visualizations in the classroom.

             978-0-88385-736-6   William P. Berlinghoff; Math through the      A Gentle History for                           HB   09-Sep-2004   GBP     Mathematical          General and    Where did maths come from? Who thought up all those symbols, and why? What's the story
                                 Colby College, Maine Ages                     Teachers and Others                                               30.00   Association of        recreational   behind negative numbers? The sketches here answer these questions and many others in an
                                                                                                                                                         America Textbooks     mathematics    informal, easygoing style that's accessible to teachers, students, and anyone who is curious
                                                                                                                                                                                              about the history of mathematical ideas.

             978-0-88385-548-5   Edited by David F.     Mathematical                                                          PB   21-Apr-2005   GBP     Spectrum              General and    This is a partial record of the Bay Area Math Adventures (BAMA), a lecture series for high
                                 Hayes; San José        Adventures for                                                                           28.00                         recreational   school students These lectures are aimed primarily at talented high school students, The
                                 State University,      Students and                                                                                                           mathematics    authors are distinguished mathematicians; some are bright newcomers while others have been
                                 California             Amateurs                                                                                                                              well known in mathematical circles for decades.

             978-0-88385-539-3   Steven G. Krantz;      Mathematical           Stories and Anecdotes                          PB   12-Sep-2002   GBP     Spectrum              General and    This is a collection of tales about mathematicians and the mathematical, derived from the
                                 University of          Apocrypha              of Mathematicians                                                 23.99                         recreational   author's experience. It shares the nature of the mathematical enterprise, and gives a glimpse of
                                 Washington                                    and the Mathematical                                                                            mathematics    mathematical culture. It is written in a brisk and engaging manner and also includes a number of
                                                                                                                                                                                              attractive photographs and illustrations.

             978-0-88385-554-6   Steven Krantz;         Mathematical           More Stories and                               PB   09-Mar-2006   GBP     Spectrum              General and    A companion to Mathematical Apocrypha, this second volume of anecdotes, stories, quips, and
                                 Washington             Apocrypha Redux        Anecdotes of                                                      25.99                         recreational   ruminations about mathematics and mathematicians is sure to please. The purpose of this lively,
                                 University, St Louis                          Mathematicians and                                                                              mathematics    engaging, and informative book is to explore and to celebrate the many facets of mathematical
                                                                               the Mathematical                                                                                               life, revealing mathematicians as intense, human, and sympathetic.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-330-6   Ross Honsberger;        Mathematical                                                         PB   29-Mar-2001   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and    A collection of miscellanious gems from elementary mathematics, ranging from the latest
available                        University of Waterloo, Chestnuts from                                                                          29.99   Expositions, 24       recreational   International Olympiads all the way back to Euclid. Each one casts light on a striking result or a
                                 Ontario                 around the World                                                                                                      mathematics    brilliant device. and any reader with only a modest mathematical background will appreciate the
                                                                                                                                                                                              ingenious solutions that are also presented.

             978-0-88385-542-3   Howard W. Eves         Mathematical Circles                           Volume 1, Quadrants    HB   24-Jun-2004   GBP     Mathematical          General and    Howard Eves has collected stories and anecdotes about mathematics and mathematicians,
                                                                                                       I, II, III, IV                            25.00   Association of        recreational   gathering them together in six Mathematical Circles books, now reissued as a three-volume
                                                                                                                                                         America               mathematics    edition. Teachers of mathematics can read these stories and anecdotes for their own
                                                                                                                                                                                              enjoyment, and use them in the classroom to add entertainment and inspire students.

             978-0-88385-543-0   Howard W. Eves         Mathematical Circles                           Volume 2,              HB   24-Jun-2004   GBP     Mathematical          General and    Howard Eves has collected stories and anecdotes about mathematics and mathematicians,
                                                                                                       Mathematical Circles                      25.00   Association of        recreational   gathering them together in six Mathematical Circles books, now reissued as a three-volume
                                                                                                       Revisited,                                        America               mathematics    edition. Teachers of mathematics can read these stories and anecdotes for their own
                                                                                                       Mathematical Circles                                                                   enjoyment, and use them in the classroom to add entertainment and inspire students.

             978-0-88385-739-7   Al Cuoco               Mathematical           A Companion for                                HB   11-Aug-2005   GBP     Mathematical          General and    This book is about some of the areas at the intersection of the key topics that form the
                                                        Connections            Teachers and Others                                               35.00   Association of        recreational   foundations for high-school mathematics. Most importantly, the book is about some
                                                                                                                                                         America Textbooks     mathematics    mathematical ways of thinking the author found extremely useful, both in his roles as a
                                                                                                                                                                                              mathematician and as a mathematics instructor.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-507-2   Underwood Dudley;      Mathematical Cranks                                                   PB   17-Oct-1996   GBP     Spectrum              General and    A delightful collection of articles about people who claim they have achieved the mathematically
available                        DePauw University,                                                                                              29.99                         recreational   impossible (squaring the circle, duplicating the cube); people who think they have done
                                 Indiana                                                                                                                                       mathematics    something they have not (proving Fermat's Last Theorem) and people with very eccentric views
                                                                                                                                                                                              (thinking that second-order differential equations will solve all problems of economics, politics
                                                                                                                                                                                              and philosophy).
             978-0-88385-334-4   Ross Honsberger;        Mathematical Delights                       PB   10-Mar-2005   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and     Mathematical Delights is a collection of 90 short elementary gems from algebra, geometry,
                                 University of Waterloo,                                                                25.99   Expositions           recreational    combinatorics, and number theory. Honsberger presents us with some surprising results, brilliant
                                 Ontario                                                                                                              mathematics     ideas, and beautiful arguments in mathematics, written in his wonderfully lucid style.

             978-0-88385-332-0   Ross Honsberger;        Mathematical                                PB   15-May-2003   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and     Ross Honsberger has brought together another wonderful collection of elementary
                                 University of Waterloo, Diamonds                                                       27.99   Expositions, 26       recreational    mathematical problems and their solutions abounding in striking surprises and brilliant ideas that
                                 Ontario                                                                                                              mathematics     reflect the beauty of mathematics. This book is ideal for students, teachers and anyone
                                                                                                                                                                      interested in recreational mathematics.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-529-4   Edward J. Barbeau;      Mathematical                                PB   15-Jun-2000   GBP     Spectrum              General and     Through hard experience mathematicians have learned to subject even the most 'evident'
available                        University of Toronto   Fallacies, Flaws, and                                          21.99                         recreational    assertions to rigorous scrutiny, as intuition can often be misleading. This book collects and
                                                         Flimflam                                                                                     mathematics     analyses a mass of such errors, drawn from the work of students, textbooks, and the media, as
                                                                                                                                                                      well as from professional mathematicians themselves.

             978-0-88385-754-0   Leslie Vaaler;          Mathematical Interest                       HB   19-Feb-2009   GBP     Mathematical          General and     Mathematical Interest Theory gives an introduction to how investments vary over time, and this
                                 University of Texas,    Theory                                                         53.00   Association of        recreational    book provides a solid foundation for readers embarking on actuarial careers. It is among the
                                 Austin                                                                                         America Textbooks     mathematics     recommended reading options for the Society of Actuaries/Casualty Actuarial Society FM/2

Jacket not   978-0-88385-626-0   George Pólya;           Mathematical                                PB   27-Aug-1998   GBP     New Mathematical      Mathematical    This book captures some of Pólya's excitement and vision. Its distinctive feature is the stress on
available                        Stanford University,    Methods in Science                                             19.99   Library, 26           modelling and   the history of certain elementary chapters of science; these can be a source of enjoyment and
                                 California                                                                                                           methods         deeper understanding of mathematics even for beginners who have little, or perhaps no,
                                                                                                                                                                      knowledge of physics.

             978-0-88385-645-1   Svetoslav Savchev;      Mathematical                                PB   27-Feb-2003   GBP     New Mathematical      General and     The authors have grouped problems to illustrate a number of important techniques, and
                                 Matematika              Miniatures                                                     23.99   Library, 43           recreational    provided enlightening solutions in all cases. There are numerous essays on diverse topics that
                                                                                                                                                      mathematics     are enlivened by fresh ideas. This book not only teaches techniques but gives a flavour of their
                                                                                                                                                                      past, present and possible future implications.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-709-0   Charles R. Hadlock;     Mathematical                                PB   04-Mar-1999   GBP     Mathematical          Mathematical    This book has a dual objective: firstly to introduce some of the most important and widespread
available                        Bentley College,        Modeling in the                                                42.00   Association of        modelling and   environmental issues; secondly to illustrate the vital role played by mathematical models in
                                 Massachusetts           Environment                                                            America Textbooks     methods         investigating these issues. The emphasis throughout is on fundamental principles and concepts,
                                                                                                                                                                      not on technical mastery of state-of-the-art models.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-803-5   Edited by Titu        Mathematical        Problems and              PB   02-Nov-2000   GBP     MAA Problem Book      General and     This volume contains a large range of problems, with and without solutions, taken from 25
available                        Andreescu; University Olympiads 1998–1999 Solutions from Around                        25.99   Series                recreational    national and regional mathematics olympiads from around the world. Students preparing for
                                 of Nebraska, Lincoln                      the World                                                                  mathematics     these competitions and teachers and general readers looking for interesting problems will find
                                                                                                                                                                      this collection very useful.

             978-0-88385-805-9   Edited by Titu          Mathematical        Problems and            PB   16-May-2002   GBP     MAA Problem Book      General and     Contained here are solutions to challenging problems from algebra, geometry, combinatorics
                                 Andreescu;              Olympiads 1999–2000 Solutions from Around                      25.99   Series                recreational    and number theory featured in the earlier book, together with selected questions (without
                                 Mathematical                                the World                                                                mathematics     solutions) from national and regional Olympiads given during the year 2000. Intended for the
                                 Association of                                                                                                                       serious student/problem solver or general reader who enjoys a challenge!

             978-0-88385-810-3   Edited by Titu        Mathematical        Problems and              PB   16-Oct-2003   GBP     MAA Problem Book      General and     This book contains solutions to the problems from 27 national and regional contests featured in
                                 Andreescu; University Olympiads 2000–2001 Solutions from Around                        25.99   Series                recreational    the earlier 1999–2000 book, together with selected problems (without solutions) from national
                                 of Nebraska, Lincoln                      the World                                                                  mathematics     and regional contests given during 2001. The problems themselves should provide much
                                                                                                                                                                      enjoyment for all those fascinated by solving challenging mathematics questions.
Jacket not   978-0-88385-533-1   Martin Gardner          Mathematical Puzzle                       PB   22-Feb-2001   GBP     Spectrum              General and    Martin Gardner is widely known for his writing on recreational mathematics and this book
available                                                Tales                                                        21.99                         recreational   collects together 36 of his most cunning brainteasers, which serve to illustrate the art of the
                                                                                                                                                    mathematics    mathematician as problem solver. Fully worked answers are given, and these in turn lead to
                                                                                                                                                                   additional challenges for the reader.

             978-0-88385-537-9   Ivars Peterson          Mathematical Treks     From Surreal       PB   14-Mar-2002   GBP     Spectrum              General and    Science News publishes a weekly column devoted to 'cool stuff' from the world of mathematics.
                                                                                Numbers to Magic                      28.99                         recreational   New developments and their applications, old puzzles revisited, famous problems and historic
                                                                                Circles                                                             mathematics    events have all featured. Ivars Peterson has enhanced and updated a selection of articles for
                                                                                                                                                                   this book.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-063-3   Donald E. Knuth;        Mathematical Writing                      PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     Mathematical          General and    This is an all-out attack on the problem of teaching people the art of mathematical writing. This
available                        Stanford University,                                                                 19.99   Association of        recreational   book will give aid and encouragement to those wishing to teach a course in technical writing, or
                                 California                                                                                   America Notes, 14     mathematics    to those who wish to write themselves.

             978-0-88385-570-6   Jeff Suzuki; Brooklyn Mathematics in                              HB   27-Aug-2009   GBP     Spectrum              General and    What would Newton see if he looked out his bedroom window? This book describes the world
                                 College, City          Historical Context                                            40.00                         recreational   around the important mathematicians of the past, and explores the complex interaction between
                                 University of New York                                                                                             mathematics    mathematics, mathematicians, and society.

             978-0-88385-646-8   Edward W. Packel;       Mathematics of                            HB   14-Dec-2006   GBP     New Mathematical      General and    The new edition of a favourite, introducing and developing some important and beautiful
                                 Lake Forest College,    Games and Gambling                                           30.00   Library, 28           recreational   elementary mathematics needed to analyse various gambling and game activities. Most of the
                                 Illinois                                                                                                           mathematics    standard casino games, some social games and various other activities (state lotteries, horse
                                                                                                                                                                   racing) are treated in ways that bring out their mathematical aspects.

             978-0-88385-306-1   Ivan Niven; University Maxima and Minima                          HB   06-Apr-2006   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Topology and   The purpose of this book is to put together in one place the basic elementary techniques for
                                 of Oregon              without Calculus                                              32.00   Expositions, 6        geometry       solving problems in maxima and minima other than the methods of calculus and linear
                                                                                                                                                                   programming. Each of the self-contained chapters cover methods that solve large classes of
                                                                                                                                                                   problems, and helpful exercises are provided.

             978-0-88385-763-2   Owen Byer; Eastern    Methods for Euclidean                       HB   02-Sep-2010   GBP     Classroom Resource    Topology and   A novel approach to the elucidation of Euclidean geometry, this book uses a variety of
                                 Mennonite University, Geometry                                                       42.50   Materials             geometry       mathematical methods rather than focusing solely on the building of geometries from axiom
                                 Virginia                                                                                                                          sets. It is ideal as an undergraduate textbook or as a reference for secondary school teachers.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-314-6   Ross Honsberger;        More Mathematical                         PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and    Ross Honsberger presents problems from probability, number theory, combinatorics, and
available                        University of Waterloo, Morsels                                                      25.99   Expositions, 10       recreational   geometry, and provides ingenious solutions and/or intriguing results. All of the problems
                                 Ontario                                                                                                            mathematics    presented in the volume are accessible to anyone with an interest in mathematics.

             978-0-88385-549-2   Raymond Ayoub;          Musings of the         An Anthology of    HB   21-Apr-2005   GBP     Spectrum              General and    The anthology is a collection of articles written by renowned mathematicians of the twentieth
                                 Pennsylvania State      Masters                Mathematical                          33.00                         recreational   century. The articles span roughly a century in time and a wide range in subject. They are by
                                 University                                     Reflections                                                         mathematics    mathematicians acknowledged by their peers as outstanding creators whose work has added
                                                                                                                                                                   richly to the discipline.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-522-5   H. S. M. Coxeter;       Non-Euclidean                             PB   17-Sep-1998   GBP     Mathematical          Topology and   A reissue of Professor Coxeter's classic text on non-Euclidean geometry. It surveys real
available                        University of Toronto   Geometry                                                     29.99   Association of        geometry       projective geometry, and elliptic geometry. After this the Euclidean and hyperbolic geometries
                                                                                                                              America Textbooks                    are built up axiomatically as special cases. This is essential reading for anybody with an interest
                                                                                                                                                                   in geometry.
             978-0-88385-039-8   I. N. Herstein;         Noncommutative                                   PB   08-Sep-2005   GBP     Mathematical         Algebra            A classic advanced textbook, containing a cross-section of ideas, techniques and results that
                                 University of Chicago   Rings                                                               27.99   Association of                          give the reader an unparalleled introductory overview of the subject. The author gives an
                                                                                                                                     America Textbooks,                      integrated presentation of overall theory and its applications in, for example, the study of groups
                                                                                                                                     15                                      of matrices, and group representations.

             978-0-88385-751-9   David C. Marshall;   Number Theory                                       HB   17-Apr-2008   GBP     Mathematical         Number theory      This innovative textbook leads students on a carefully guided discovery of introductory number
                                 Monmouth University, Through Inquiry                                                        33.00   Association of                          theory. The book is designed to develop students' mathematical thinking skills, particularly
                                 New Jersey                                                                                          America Textbooks                       theorem-proving skills, whilst helping them understand some of the wonderfully rich ideas in the
                                                                                                                                                                             mathematical study of numbers.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-450-1   Forman S. Acton;        Numerical Methods                                PB   07-Aug-1997   GBP     Spectrum             Numerical          This is a reissue of a classic originally published in 1970, with a new preface and some
available                        Princeton University,   that Work                                                           37.00                        analysis           additional problems. Acton deals with a commonsense approach to numerical algorithms for the
                                 New Jersey                                                                                                                                  solution of equations: algebraic, transcendental, and differential. Part I discusses standard
                                                                                                                                                                             techniques: root finding, eigenvalues of symmetric matrices, and so on. Part II presents basic
                                                                                                                                                                             tools: extrapolation, removal of singularities, and loss of significant figures.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-524-9   Underwood Dudley;       Numerology              Or, What Pythagoras      PB   15-Jan-1998   GBP     Spectrum             General and        Biorhythyms, Bible-numerology pyramidology and a plethora of other number-based delusions
available                        DePauw University,                              Wrought                                     29.99                        recreational       are here described. Dudley's message is that numbers do indeed have power, but over minds
                                 Indiana                                                                                                                  mathematics        not events. This is the only book that exposes this particular human folly, and requires no
                                                                                                                                                                             mathematical background beyond knowledge of numbers.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-315-3   Victor Klee; University Old and New                                      PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Topology and      Victor Klee and Stan Wagon discuss 24 unsolved problems in number theory and geometry,
available                        of Washington           Unsolved Problems in                                                31.00   Expositions, 11       geometry          many of which can be understood by readers with a very modest mathematical background.
                                                         Plane Geometry and                                                                                                  Each problem section gives an elementary overview discussing the history of the problem,
                                                         Number Theory                                                                                                       proofs of related results and a wider survey of what is known about the problem.

             978-0-88385-723-6   David A. Sánchez;       Ordinary Differential   A Brief Eclectic Tour    PB   29-Aug-2002   GBP     Classroom Resource   Differential and   For anyone confronting an introductory course in ordinary differential equations there is a need
                                 Texas A & M             Equations                                                           26.99   Materials            Integral           for a brief guide to the key concepts. This book is intended as that guide and the author has
                                 University                                                                                                               Equations,         included a great many illuminating examples and discussions that uncover the conceptual heart
                                                                                                                                                          Dynamical          of the matter.
                                                                                                                                                          Systems and

Jacket not   978-0-88385-725-0   John O. Kiltinen;       Oval Track and Other    And Just Enough          WW   23-Oct-2003   GBP     Classroom Resource   General and        Popular puzzles such as the Rubik's cube and so-called oval track puzzles give a concrete
available                        Northern Michigan       Permutation Puzzles     Group Theory to Solve                       31.00   Materials            recreational       representation to abstract mathematics. This book and CD show how the theory of permutation
                                 University                                      Them                                                                     mathematics        groups can be used to solve a range of puzzles. Ideal for students of algebra or anyone with an
                                                                                                                                                                             interest in puzzles.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-641-3   Gengzhe Chang;          Over and Over Again                              PB   23-Apr-1998   GBP     New Mathematical     General and        Iterations are the subject of this book. Three types are considered. Smoothing is the process by
available                        University of Science                                                                       23.99   Library, 38          recreational       which geometrical shapes can be transformed into standard types. Functional iteration is a way
                                 and Technology of                                                                                                        mathematics        of describing chaos. Finally, iterations involving curves and surfaces play an important role in
                                 China                                                                                                                                       computer graphics.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-521-8   Martin Gardner          Penrose Tiles to        And the Return of Dr     PB   24-Jul-1997   GBP     Spectrum             General and        Each chapter in this Gardner collection explores a different theme; for example fractals, surreal
available                                                Trapdoor Ciphers        Matrix                                      23.99                        recreational       numbers, the sculptures of Berrocal, tiling the plane and code breaking. Gardner's clarity of style
                                                                                                                                                          mathematics        and ability to explain make this an excellent vehicle in which to start or continue an interest in
                                                                                                                                                                             recreational mathematics.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-501-0   George Martin           Polyominoes             A Guide to Puzzles       PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     Spectrum             General and        Polyominoes will delight not only students and teachers of mathematics at all levels, but will be
available                                                                        and Problems in Tiling                      23.99                        recreational       appreciated by anyone who likes a good geometric challenge. There are no prerequisites. If you
                                                                                                                                                          mathematics        like jigsaw puzzles, or if you hate jigsaw puzzles but have ever wondered about the pattern of
                                                                                                                                                                             some floor tiling, there is much here to interest you.
Jacket not   978-0-88385-523-2   Edward J. Barbeau;      Power Play                                     PB   24-Jul-1997     GBP       Spectrum             General and        Most people will have recognised some of the fascinating patterns exhibited by many numbers;
available                        University of Toronto                                                                       29.99                          recreational       some of these indicate a deep and complex structure which is revealed in this book in a way
                                                                                                                                                            mathematics        that is accessible to all, from amateur to expert.

             978-0-88385-828-8   Andy Liu; University of Problems from Murray The Canadian              HB   02-Apr-2009     GBP       MAA Problem Book     General and        A collection of problems proposed by Murray Klamkin over his career. It contains the 'quickies'
                                 Alberta                 Klamkin              Collection                                     35.00     Series               recreational       (problems with quick and neat solutions) he proposed in 'Crux Mathematicorum,' his longer
                                                                                                                                                            mathematics        problems, and also problems which were proposed in tribute to him after he died. Solutions are

             978-0-88385-567-6   Bonnie Gold;         Proof and Other             Mathematics and       HB   22-Jan-2009     GBP       Spectrum             General and        This collection of sixteen original essays is the first to explore a range of new developments in
                                 Monmouth University, Dilemmas                    Philosophy                                 31.00                          recreational       the philosophy of mathematics, in a way mathematicians will understand. Coverage includes
                                 New Jersey                                                                                                                 mathematics        emerging questions in the field as well as recent thinking on classical ideas, all relevant to the
                                                                                                                                                                               teaching of mathematics.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-700-7   Roger B. Nelsen; Ball   Proofs without Words     Exercises in Visual   PB   07-Aug-1997     GBP       Classroom Resource   General and        Proofs without words are generally pictures or diagrams that help the reader see why a
available                        State University,                                Thinking                                   23.99     Materials            recreational       particular mathematical statement may be true, and how one could begin to go about proving it.
                                 Indiana                                                                                                                    mathematics        Teachers will find that many of the proofs in this collection are well suited for classroom
                                                                                                                                                                               discussion and for helping students to think visually in mathematics.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-721-2   Roger B. Nelsen;        Proofs without Words                           PB   07-Dec-2000     GBP       Classroom Resource   Logic,             This is a collection of pictures or diagrams that demonstrate why a particular mathematical
available                        Goucher College,        II                                                                  25.00     Materials            categories and     statement may be true, and how one could begin to go about proving it. Teachers will find that
                                 Baltimore                                                                                                                  sets               many of the proofs in this collection are well suited for helping students to think visually in

             978-0-88385-043-5   Rodney Nillsen          Randomness and                                 HB   18-Nov-2010     GBP       Carus Mathematical   Differential and   This work is an accessible introduction to real analysis as it applies to topics in abstract
                                                         Recurrence in                                                       36.50     Monographs           Integral           dynamical systems for undergraduates which presupposes little advanced knowledge. It
                                                         Dynamical Systems                                                                                  Equations,         connects its results to recent research and thus aims to bridge the gap between undergraduate
                                                                                                                                                            Dynamical          teaching and current mathematical ideas and research.
                                                                                                                                                            Systems and

             978-0-88385-745-8   Daniel D. Bonar;        Real Infinite Series                           HB   06-Apr-2006     GBP       Mathematical         Real and           This is a widely accessible introductory treatment of infinite series of real numbers, bringing the
                                 Denison University,                                                                         35.00     Association of       complex            reader from basic definitions and tests to advanced results. An up-to-date presentation is given,
                                 Ohio                                                                                                  America Textbooks    analysis           making infinite series accessible, interesting, and useful to a wide audience, including students,
                                                                                                                                                                               teachers, and researchers.

             978-0-88385-770-0   Shai Simonson           Rediscovering            You Do the Math       HB   c.31-Mar-2011   GBP       Classroom Resource   General and        Rediscovering Mathematics is both an eclectic collection of mathematical topics and puzzles,
                                                         Mathematics                                                         c.37.00   Materials            recreational       and a guide to effective mathematical education. It is suitable for students and interested adults
                                                                                                                                                            mathematics        who want to expand their view of mathematics, and can be used as a text for training maths
                                                                                                                                                                               teachers at all levels.

             978-0-88385-737-3   Robert L. Brabenec;     Resources for the                              HB   06-Jan-2005     GBP       Classroom Resource   Real and           This book is a collection of materials gathered by the author while teaching real analysis. It is
                                 Wheaton College,        Study of Real Analysis                                              35.00     Materials            complex            intended for use as a supplement to a traditional analysis textbook, or to provide material for
                                 Massachusetts                                                                                                              analysis           seminars or independent study in analysis and its historical development.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-160-9   Michael J. Kallaher;    Revolutions in         Exploring ODEs with     PB   11-Nov-1999     GBP       Mathematical         Differential and   The articles in this volume provide an efficient way to learn about the direction in which the field
available                        Washington State        Differential Equations Modern Technology                            24.99     Association of       Integral           of differential equations, and in particular its teaching, is going. A central theme in this book is
                                 University                                                                                            America Notes, 50    Equations,         the incorporation of modern technology into the teaching of ODE (ordinary differential
                                                                                                                                                            Dynamical          equations) courses.
                                                                                                                                                            Systems and
             978-0-88385-546-1   Edited by Marlow       Sherlock Holmes in                              HB   14-Oct-2004   GBP     Spectrum              General and    Covering a span of almost 4000 years, from the ancient Babylonians to the eighteenth century,
                                 Anderson; Colorado     Babylon and Other                                                  34.00                         recreational   this collection of essays chronicles the enormous changes in mathematical thinking over this
                                 College                Tales of Mathematical                                                                            mathematics    time, as viewed by distinguished historians of mathematics. It will be enjoyed by anyone
                                                        History                                                                                                         interested in mathematics and its history.

             978-0-88385-339-9   Keith Kendig;          Sink or Float           Thought Problems in     HB   15-Jan-2009   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and    Over 250 problems drawn from mathematics and the real world revealing just how much can be
                                 Cleveland State                                Math and Physics                           37.00   Expositions, 33       recreational   learned by using everyday common sense. The author's easily understandable style will engage
                                 University                                                                                                              mathematics    school students as well as professional mathematicians. Covers a wide range of classical maths
                                                                                                                                                                        and physics, with solutions and explanations provided.

             978-0-88385-717-5   James S. Tanton; The Solve This                Math Activities for     PB   23-Aug-2001   GBP     Classroom Resource    General and    This is a collection of intriguing mathematical problems and activities, linked by common themes
                                 Math Circle of Boston,                         Students and Clubs                         25.99   Materials             recreational   that all involve objects from our everyday experience. The necessary mathematics is explained
                                 Massachusetts                                                                                                           mathematics    fully along the way. Mathematics educators will find this an invaluable resource of fresh and
                                                                                                                                                                        innovative approaches to topics in mathematics.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-532-4   Hans Walser; State     Symmetry                                        PB   29-Mar-2001   GBP     Spectrum              Topology and   We are all familiar with the everyday notion of two-sided symmetry, but in its broadest
available                        College, Thurgau                                                                          21.99                         geometry       interpretation symmetry is a property which involves regularity and repetition. This book presents
                                                                                                                                                                        selected examples of such symmetry in an understandable way for students and teachers of
                                                                                                                                                                        mathematics as well as the interested layman.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-329-0   I. G. Bashmakova;      The Beginnings and                              PB   27-Apr-2000   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical Algebra        The elements of algebra were known to the ancient mesopotamians at least 4000 years ago.
available                        Moscow State           Evolution of Algebra                                               23.99   Expositions, 23                      Today algebra stands as one of the cornerstones of modern mathematics. How then did the
                                 University                                                                                                                             subject evolve? An illuminating read for historians of mathematics and working algebraists
                                                                                                                                                                        looking into the history of their subject.

             978-0-88385-761-8   Caren L. Diefenderfer; The Calculus            A Resource for AP       HB   18-Feb-2010   GBP     Classroom Resource    Real and       A collection of a wide range of articles which focus on engaging students who are meeting the
                                 Hollins College,       Collection              and Beyond                                 45.50   Materials             complex        core ideas of calculus for the first time. This book is a useful resource for teachers of secondary
                                 Virginia                                                                                                                analysis       school and undergraduate students, and is full of alternative explanations of difficult ideas.

             978-0-88385-826-4   Edited by David M.     The Contest Problem     American                PB   18-Dec-2008   GBP     MAA Problem Book      General and    A compilation of 325 problems and solutions previously featured in the American Mathematics
                                 Wells; Pennsylvania    Book IX                 Mathematics                                31.00   Series                recreational   Competitions for students of all abilities in American and Canadian high schools. A problem
                                 State University                               Competitions (AMC                                                        mathematics    index at the back of the book breaks major subject areas into subcategories and cross-
                                                                                12) 2001–2007                                                                           references for ease of use.

             978-0-88385-825-7   Edited by J. Douglas   The Contest Problem     American                PB   11-Dec-2008   GBP     MAA Problem Book      General and    A compilation of 350 problems and solutions previously featured in the American Mathematics
                                 Faires; Youngstown     Book VIII               Mathematics                                31.00   Series                recreational   Competitions and aimed at students in the first two years of high school. A Problem Index at the
                                 State University                               Competitions (AMC                                                        mathematics    back of the book breaks major subject areas into subcategories and cross-references for ease
                                                                                10) 2000–2007                                                                           of use.

             978-0-88385-559-1   C. Edward Sandifer;    The Early                                       HB   15-Mar-2007   GBP     Spectrum              General and    Describing Euler's early mathematical works, this book is a portrait of the world's most exciting
                                 Western Connecticut    Mathematics of                                                     31.00                         recreational   mathematics between 1725 and 1741, rich in technical detail. Woven with connections within
                                 State University       Leonhard Euler                                                                                   mathematics    Euler's work and with the work of other mathematicians in other times and places, laced with
                                                                                                                                                                        historical context.

             978-0-88385-555-3   Edited by Deanna       The Edge of the         Celebrating Ten Years   HB   08-Feb-2007   GBP     Spectrum              General and    Math Horizons celebrates the people and ideas that are mathematics. Containing the editors'
                                 Haunsperger;           Universe                of Math Horizons                           36.00                         recreational   selection from the first ten years of the magazine's existence, this volume features exquisite
                                 Carleton College,                                                                                                       mathematics    expositions of mathematics accessible at the undergraduate or advanced school level. Broad
                                 Minnesota                                                                                                                              and appealing, the coverage also includes fiction with mathematical themes.
             978-0-88385-558-4   Edited by William     The Genius of Euler     Reflections on his Life   HB   15-Mar-2007   GBP     Spectrum             General and     Celebrating the 300th birthday of Leonhard Euler (1707–1783), this book stands as a testimonial
                                 Dunham; Muhlenberg                            and Work                                     31.00                        recreational    to a mathematician of unsurpassed insight, industry, and ingenuity. The collected articles, aimed
                                 College, Pennsylvania                                                                                                   mathematics     at a mathematically literate audience, address aspects of Euler's life and work, from the
                                                                                                                                                                         biographical to the historical to the mathematical.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-643-7   C. D. Olds             The Geometry of                                  PB   22-Feb-2001   GBP     New Mathematical     Number theory   This is a self-contained introduction to the geometry of numbers. The authors gradually leads up
available                                               Numbers                                                             22.99   Library, 41                          to the theorems of Minkowski and others who succeeded him, and demonstrates how this
                                                                                                                                                                         powerful approach gives insight in a wide range of problems.

             978-0-88385-534-8   Hans Walser; State     The Golden Section                               PB   13-Sep-2001   GBP     Spectrum             General and     The Golden Section has played a part since antiquity in many parts of geometry, architecture,
                                 College, Thurgau,                                                                          23.99                        recreational    music, art and philosophy. However, it also appears in the newer domains of technology and
                                 Switzerland                                                                                                             mathematics     fractals. This book aims both to describe examples of the Golden Section, and to show some
                                                                                                                                                                         paths to further developments.

             978-0-88385-806-6   Paul Vaderlind; St     The Inquisitive                                  PB   22-Aug-2002   GBP     MAA Problem Book     General and     The Inquisitive Problem Solver is a collection of mathematical miniatures composed to stimulate
                                 Olaf College,          Problem Solver                                                      23.99   Series               recreational    and entertain. In addition, the book contains several open problems for further research by
                                 Minnesota                                                                                                               mathematics     amateurs or professionals. This treasury of problems will serve as a resource for anyone
                                                                                                                                                                         seeking to improve their problem-solving knowledge and know-how.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-516-4   Edited by Richard K.   The Lighter Side of    Proceedings of the        PB   05-Sep-1996   GBP     Spectrum             General and     Leading practitioners of recreational mathematics from around the world gathered in Calgary in
available                        Guy; University of     Mathematics            Eugène Strens                                29.99                        recreational    1986 to share with each other the joy and spirit of play that is to be found in recreational
                                 Calgary                                       Memorial Conference                                                       mathematics     mathematics. It would be difficult to find find a better collection of wonderful articles on
                                                                               on Recreational                                                                           recreational mathematics by a more distinguished group of authors. If you are interested in
                                                                               Mathematics and its                                                                       tessellations, Escher, tilings, Rubik's cube, pentominoes, games, puzzles, the arbelos, Henry
                                                                               History                                                                                   Dudeney, or change ringing, then this book is for you.

             978-0-88385-557-7   Owen O'Shea            The Magic Numbers                                HB   08-Mar-2007   GBP     Spectrum             General and     As Owen O'Shea and the imaginary American Professor, Richard Stein, travel through Ireland,
                                                        of the Professor                                                    26.00                        recreational    O'Shea notes the Professor's collection of amazing magic numbers in fascinating detail. The
                                                                                                                                                         mathematics     curiosities are wide ranging from coincidences about Apollo 11 and the first moon walk to
                                                                                                                                                                         proposition bets involving dice, darts, and playing cards.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-530-0   Frank Morgan;          The Math Chat Book                               PB   27-Apr-2000   GBP     Spectrum             General and     Mathematics can be fun for everyone, and this book shows it. It grew out of the author's
available                        Williams College,                                                                          21.99                        recreational    popularisation of mathematics via live, call-in TV shows and widely published articles. Everyone
                                 Massachusetts                                                                                                           mathematics     paging through the book will be captured by something of interest, whether they consider
                                                                                                                                                                         themselves interested in mathematics or not.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-528-7   George Pólya           The Random Walks of                              PB   27-Apr-2000   GBP     Spectrum             Discrete        One of the giants of classical analysis in the 20th century, George Pólya had a temendous
available                                               George Polya                                                        25.99                        mathematics,    influence on the state of mathematics today. This book serves both as a biography of Pólya's
                                                                                                                                                         information     life, and a review of his many mathematical achievements by experts from a wide range of
                                                                                                                                                         theory and      different fields.
                                                                                                                                                         coding theory

Jacket not   978-0-88385-508-9   Constance Reid         The Search for E. T.   Also Known as John        HB   26-Sep-1996   GBP     Spectrum             General and     Eric Temple Bell (1883–1960) was a distinguished mathematician and a best selling popularizer
available                                               Bell                   Taine                                        47.00                        recreational    of mathematics. Under the name of John Taine, he also published science fiction novels.
                                                                                                                                                         mathematics     Constance Reid gives a compelling account of this complicated, difficult man who never
                                                                                                                                                                         divulged to anyone, not even to his wife and son, the story of his early life and family

Jacket not   978-0-88385-030-5   John Horton Conway; The Sensual                                         HB   05-Mar-1998   GBP     Carus Mathematical   Algebra         Quadratic forms are here presented in a pictorial way that enables readers to understand them
available                        Princeton University, (Quadratic) Form                                                     32.00   Monographs, 26                       mathematically without proving theorems in the traditional fashion. In his customary enthusiastic
                                 New Jersey                                                                                                                              style, Conway uses his theme to cast light on all manner of topics from algebra, number theory
                                                                                                                                                                         and geometry, including many new ideas and features.
Jacket not   978-0-88385-514-0   Underwood Dudley;        The Trisectors                               PB   05-Sep-1996     GBP     Spectrum              General and    Underwood Dudley is well known for his collection of books on mathematical cranks. Here he
available                        DePauw University,                                                                         25.99                         recreational   offers yet another - angle trisectors. It is impossible to trisect angles with straightedge and
                                 Indiana                                                                                                                  mathematics    compass alone, but many people try and think they have succeeded. This book is about angle
                                                                                                                                                                         trisections and the people who attempt them.

             978-0-88385-463-1   Edited by Gerald L.      The William Lowell  Problems and             PB   14-Oct-2004     GBP     MAA Problem Book      General and    The Putnam Competition has since 1928 been providing a challenge to mathematics students.
                                 Alexanderson; Santa      Putnam Mathematical Solutions 1965–1984                           24.99   Series                recreational   This book contains problems with their solutions for the years 1965–1984. It offers an enticing
                                 Clara University,        Competition                                                                                     mathematics    sample of challenging problems and their solutions and belongs on the bookshelf of students,
                                 California                                                                                                                              teachers, and all interested in problem solving.

             978-0-88385-827-1   Kiran S. Kedlaya;        The William Lowell  Problems, Solutions      PB   c.31-Mar-2011   GBP     MAA Problem Book      General and    The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is the premier undergraduate
                                 University of            Putnam Mathematical and Commentary                                37.00   Series                recreational   mathematical competition in North America. This volume contains problems from the years
                                 California, Berkeley     Competition                                                                                     mathematics    1985–2000, with solutions and extensive commentary. The authors explain techniques that have
                                                          1985–2000                                                                                                      relevance beyond the problem at hand and suggest references for further reading.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-511-9   Steven Schwartzman       The Words of          An Etymological        PB   05-Sep-1996     GBP     Spectrum              General and    The Words of Mathematics explains the origins of over 1500 mathematical terms used in
available                                                 Mathematics           Dictionary of                               31.00                         recreational   English. While other dictionaries of mathematics define technical terms, this book concentrates
                                                                                Mathematical Terms                                                        mathematics    on where those terms came from and what their literal meanings are. The words included here
                                                                                Used in English                                                                          range from simple to advanced.

             978-0-88385-744-1   Robert Messer; Albion Topology Now!                                   HB   11-May-2006     GBP     Mathematical          Topology and   Topology is a branch of mathematics packed with intriguing concepts, fascinating geometrical
                                 College, Michigan                                                                          35.00   Association of        geometry       objects, and ingenious methods for studying them. The authors approach in this textbook is to
                                                                                                                                    America Textbooks                    cultivate the intuitive ideas of continuity, convergence, and connectedness so students can
                                                                                                                                                                         discover the exciting geometrical ideas of topology now(!) rather than later.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-525-6   Michael Stueben;         Twenty Years before                          PB   17-Sep-1998     GBP     Spectrum              General and    This book is the legacy of twenty years of mathematics teaching. During this time the author
available                        Thomas Jefferson         the Blackboard                                                    25.99                         recreational   searched for motivational techniques, mnemonics, insightful proofs, and serious applications of
                                 High School of                                                                                                           mathematics    humour to aid his teaching. The result is an amazing book: part philosophy, part humour, and
                                 Science and                                                                                                                             completely fascinating.

             978-0-88385-341-2   Dan Kalman;              Uncommon              Polynomia and          HB   02-Apr-2009     GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and    This text serves as a guide to little known corners of the mathematical landscape, not far from
                                 American University,     Mathematical          Related Realms                              35.00   Expositions           recreational   the main byways of algebra, geometry, and calculus. It is for the seasoned mathematical
                                 Washington DC            Excursions                                                                                      mathematics    traveller who has visited these subjects many times and is ready to venture abroad off the
                                                                                                                                                                         beaten track.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-163-0   Edited by Victor J.     Using History to Teach An International       PB   21-Sep-2000     GBP     New Mathematical      General and    This is a volume of articles that provides insight, both in particular cases and in generality, into
available                        Katz; Massachusetts Mathematics                Perspective                                 29.99   Library, 51           recreational   how the history of mathematics can find application in the teaching of mathematics itself.
                                 Institute of Technology                                                                                                  mathematics    Educators at all levels, and mathematicians interested in the history of their subject, will find
                                                                                                                                                                         much of interest here.

             978-0-88385-757-1   Nathan Carter;           Visual Group Theory                          HB   09-Apr-2009     GBP     MAA Problem Book      Algebra        This text approaches the learning of group theory visually. It allows the student to see groups,
                                 Bentley College,                                                                           43.00   Series                               experiment with groups and understand their significance. It is ideal as a supplement for a first
                                 Massachusetts                                                                                                                           course in group theory or alternatively as recreational reading.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-097-8   Ronald Calinger;         Vita Mathematica      Historical Research    PB   06-Mar-1997     GBP     Mathematical          General and    Vita Mathematica will enable college teachers to learn the relevant history of various topics in
available                        Catholic University of                         and Integration with                        29.99   Association of        recreational   the undergraduate curriculum and help them incorporate this history in their teaching. It contains
                                 America, Washington                            Teaching                                            America Notes, 40     mathematics    numerous articles dealing not only with calculus, but also with algebra, combinatorics, graph
                                 DC                                                                                                                                      theory, and geometry, as well as more general articles on teaching courses for prospective
                                                                                                                                                                         teachers, and describes courses taught entirely using original sources.
             978-0-88385-345-0   Andrew Simoson;          Voltaire's Riddle                          HB   14-Jan-2010   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and    An exploration of Voltaire's Micromégas, the story of a giant from a planet of Sirius who visits a
                                 King College, Bristol,                                                                 38.00   Expositions, 39       recreational   French expedition on its return from testing Newton's theory of gravity in the polar regions. This
                                 TN                                                                                                                   mathematics    book suggests some possible answers to Voltaire's riddle, and presents the related mathematics
                                                                                                                                                                     behind the expedition.

             978-0-88385-342-9   Claudi Alsina;          When Less is More    Visualizing Basic      HB   09-Apr-2009   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and    An introduction to basic inequalities in mathematics (including numbers, functions and
                                 Universitat Politècnica                      Inequalities                              35.00   Expositions           recreational   geometry) motivated and illustrated by drawings that make it possible to 'see' the results in an
                                 de Catalunya,                                                                                                        mathematics    elegant manner. Applications of the inequalities, historical details, and exercises for the reader
                                 Barcelona                                                                                                                           (with solutions) are also included.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-325-2   Joseph D. E.             Which Way Did the   And Other Intriguing   PB   27-Feb-1997   GBP     Dolciani Mathematical General and    This book contains the best problems selected from over 25 years of the Problem of the Week
available                        Konhauser;               Bicycle Go?         Mathematical                              29.99   Expositions, 18       recreational   at Macalester College. The collection contains a variety of other unusual and interesting
                                 MacAlester College,                          Mysteries                                                               mathematics    problems in geometry, algebra, combinatorics, and number theory. Complete solutions to the
                                 Minnesota                                                                                                                           191 problems are included along with problem variations and topics for investigation.

             978-0-88385-569-0   Marlow Anderson;         Who Gave you the    & Other Tales of   HB   21-May-2009   GBP     Spectrum              General and    This book picks up the history of mathematics from where Sherlock Holmes in Babylon left it.
                                 Colorado College         Epsilon?            Mathematical History                      45.00                         recreational   The 40 articles of Who Gave You the Epsilon? continue the story of the development of
                                                                                                                                                      mathematics    mathematics into the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is ideal for those interested in the
                                                                                                                                                                     history of mathematics.

Jacket not   978-0-88385-158-6   John Meier; Lafayette Writing in the                                PB   17-Sep-1998   GBP     Mathematical          General and    Meier and Rishel explore the hows and whys of writing in mathematics. They aim to provide all
available                        College, Pennsylvania Teaching and                                                     23.99   Association of        recreational   those involved in the teaching of mathematics with useful and constructive tools to examine the
                                                       Learning of                                                              America Notes, 48     mathematics    assignments they are using and the goals they hope to accomplish with them.

             978-0-88385-551-5   Martin Gardner           aha! A two volume   aha! Gotcha aha!       HB   14-Dec-2006   GBP     Spectrum              General and    Previously published separately, the two books aha! Gotcha and aha! Insight are here combined
                                                          collection          Insight                                   33.00                         recreational   as a single volume. The aha! books, as they are referred to by fans of the author Martin
                                                                                                                                                      mathematics    Gardner, contain 144 wonderful puzzles from the reigning king of recreational mathematics.

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