LSHS Athletic Booster Club August Meeting Minutes

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					                 LSHS Athletic Booster Club August Meeting Minutes
                          Wednesday, September 1, 2010
                      Library Media Center, LSHS, 6:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 by President, Janet Pressly. Members present included
Janet Pressly, Tish Orr, Janis Duke, James Duke, Dan Aguilar, Bruce Letner, Chris Claxton,
Rick Drake, Elizabeth Knipp, Jennifer Morris, Dave Aubuchon, Mitch Botts, Randy Herder, and
Jay Mahanes. Minutes were approved as distributed.

Report of the Treasurer
    Treasurer, James Duke, submitted a Balance Sheet Summary dated August 31,
      2010 (attached), with ending balances of $65,071.50
    Balance Sheet Summary, Profit and Loss, Coaches’ Requests, Sport Account
      Balances, Unpaid Bill Summary and Entertainment Book summary to date were
    James reported that an independent auditor, Joan Marie LaCombe, is in the
      process of audit last year’s books. Making sure all payment requests have
      signatures is the only item of concern noted to date. (According to our existing
      by-laws, an audit is to be conducted each year.)
    Kathy Herzog and James met to reconcile Booster and LSHS account balances.
      James further added that he and Kathy have set up the following procedures for
      future purchases.
           o Once coaches’ requests are approved by the Board, James will issue a
              voucher to Kathy detailing the amount approved.
           o Coaches will submit order to Kathy who will make purchase.
           o If the amount turned into Kathy is over what was approved, the Booster
              Board will not pay anything further; monies would have to come from the
              specific coach’s fund.
           o Kathy will then bill Booster Club for the purchase and payment will be
              remitted from Booster to LSHS.

Action: Janet recommended a token of appreciation be sent to the auditor. James Duke
moved to provide $50 for purchase of a gift card. Janis Duke seconded. Motion passed.
Janet will make purchase.

New Business:
Copies of the Coaches’ Request Form were distributed. There was agreement of the need
to revise document. Any members noting changes should submit those to James or Janis
Duke by 9/3. A revised document will be distributed to Board and Dan Schnell in
preparation for first Coaches’ Request meeting on Sept. 29. Board was reminded that
meeting will be in the teachers’ eating area of the cafeteria beginning at 7 a.m.

B:2 is offering the opportunity for a fundraiser during Homecoming Week. 25% of sales
on the night of September 30 would be paid to Booster Club. In addition, the club, team,
or group with the most participation will receive either gift cards for burgers or 50
burgers. Winning group will be announced at halftime of game. Janet will work with B:2
on flyers.

Committee Reports:
Record Boards: Jay Mahanes and Dave Aubuchon are awaiting the lettering needed to
begin. Janis Duke will try to contact person believed to have the letters.

Memberships: At this point, cross country has 100% and girls’ golf has 95%, so both
will be given a pizza party. Elizabeth Knipp will update membership roster and distribute
to sports reps so they know who has joined on their teams.

Fall fundraiser (Entertainment Books): Monies are due at Representative meeting
tonight. Committee will gather the list of top sellers which will be distributed to all sports
representatives and in the school newsletter. All committee members report good

Banners: About 18 sponsors are committed to date with more in the works. As a
reminder, a $450 sponsorship includes a metallic sign on the fields, a vinyl banner in the
Fieldhouse, and a business card size ad on the program.

Programs: Chris Claxton distributed a mock of the current draft for the first football
program. A subcommittee presented an outline of the games where Booster will provide
programs. Printing quote was higher than expected, so further work needs to be done on
additional quotes. Janis Duke will contact Beacon Press and other vendors to secure
quotes. Questions were raised as to the “insert” that an insurance company was to provide
and the administration of that agreement. (Janet contacted Dan and found out the
following: emphasis is the “arrive alive” message, more than advertisement; the
agreement is only during football games; there was to be a payment of $900 for
distribution of flyer and 2 game day banners. We have since found out that the money
will now go to Tiger Pride Advisory and so the flyers will NOT be included in the rosters
but as a separate handout.)

Concession: Still awaiting feedback from LSHS Administration before Board votes on
fees and guidelines for user groups wanting to rent concession stand usage.

Tailgating: Coach Thomas, the new head football coach, would like to see tailgating
before home football games. Board needs to think about the following: what impact
would tailgating have on concession sales; should Booster take an active role in
providing food for the tailgate; where would school administrators see the tailgaters
setting up. Until Bruce Letner can be reached on these topics, no action will be taken.
(Bruce is going to have a grill in the tailgating area by the tennis courts. In addition, he is
offering hot dog, chips, water bottle, and candy bar for $5 only at the tailgating area and
only from 5-6:30 p.m.)

Winter Fundraiser (Fundraising Gold): Subcommittee reported that December 15 is the
deadline to sign-up for the NFL play-off session. The fundraiser would then run in
January and February. Current thought is to ask each winter athlete to sell 10 tickets at
$10 each. Committee is discussing the possibility of incentives for coaches with team
that has the highest percentage of participants, for the team with the highest sales, and for
individual top sellers. The committee will present a full draft of proposals at the October

Spring Fundraiser: The Booster Board will plan to run to activities in the spring. The
Board will administer Fundraising Gold’s March Madness ticket sales. Since the timing
of spring try-outs and this program do not work well together, an alternative fundraiser
for spring athletes will be needed.

Action: James Duke moved for the Board to purchase a bill counter to help with
processing cash deposits. Elizabeth Knipp seconded. Motion passed.

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