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									            Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program (BECLP)

A University of Denver Morgridge College of Education and Clayton Early
     Learning Institute Partnership with generous funding from the
                    Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation

                     Buell Fellow
                    4th Cohort: 2010-2011
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Rebecca Anderson
                        I am honored to be chosen to participate in the 2010-2011
                      Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program. I have been
                      teaching children birth to six years of age for 16 years. I
                      have a B.S. in Early Childhood, Special Education from the
                      University of Eau Claire, Wis., and a M.E. in Professional
                      Development from Cardinal Stritch University in
                      Milwaukee, Wis. My teaching experience began in Birth-to-
                      Three programs where I worked with children that had
                      developmental delays and their families. In Wisconsin, I
                      had the opportunity to teach for the ARC Birth-to-Three
                      Program in Green Bay and for the Easter Seals Birth-to-
                      Three Program in Milwaukee. I appreciate everything I
learned about the importance of communication and collaboration with families
for a young child’s development and education. Following those positions, I
worked in Kenosha, Wis., in an integrated preschool program. Then, in 2000, I
moved to Colorado and began working with both Developmental Pathways,
providing Birth-to-Three services for one year and in the Douglas County
Preschool Program where I continue to work today. My role in the Douglas
County schools as an Early Childhood, Special Education Teacher has been
rewarding in so many ways. I especially enjoy developing partnerships with
families to effectively enhance learning for their children.
        I reside in Centennial with my husband of 8 years and our two young
children. My interests include reading, cooking, running, music and spending
time with my family and friends. As I begin this new experience in The Buell
Program, I look forward to learning from other Fellows and strengthening my
leadership skills.

      Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
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Shelly Anderson
                       Shelly Anderson currently serves as Coordinator for the
                      Learning through Relating (LTR) project. She also works
                      with infant and toddler programs as Professional
                      Development Coach and Trainer.            LTR is a Social
                      Emotional Comprehensive Learning System for children
                      birth to three. Research and the use of the LTR has proven
                      that the tool is a strong agent of change in teacher practice
                      and provides growth in professional development. The
                      LTR was designed to assist Child Development
                      Professionals in planning for the classroom and individual
                      children through the use of authentic assessment. This
                      comprehensive curriculum is currently used by three
community home and center based child development programs. This project is
a partnership with the Marsico Institute and Clayton Early Learning Institute.
         Shelly began her career in Iowa as a Child Development Specialist for
Early Head Start in 1997. This position fed her passion and desire to make a
difference in programming and practice for children and their families. In the
past 9 years at Clayton, Shelly has worked as a Teacher, Child Family Educator,
and Professional Development Coach. Shelly received a Bachelor of Science in
Human Development and Family Studies, with an emphasis in Child Services
from Iowa State University in 1997.
         Shelly is originally from a small community in northwest Iowa and
grew up the youngest of ten children. She moved to Denver in 2001 to pursue
other opportunities in Early Childhood. Shelly enjoys living in Colorado and
experiencing all it has to offer. In her spare time Shelly enjoys golfing, riding
motorcycles, playing volleyball and attending sporting events. Shelly is looking
forward to becoming a stronger leader and making an impact on teacher
effectiveness through her experience in the Buell Early Childhood Leadership

                               Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
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Michelle Bender

                       Michelle has been in the field of early childhood for 43
                     years, that is if you count her own childhood, for let’s not
                     forget that we were all once children! Having been raised
                     in a large family, surrounded by children, Michelle went
                     straight from school to teaching. After graduating from the
                     University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, Michelle moved to
                     Colorado Springs and has called it home ever since. For
                     the last twenty years, she has worked at Pikes Peak
                     Community College in a variety of capacities from teaching
                     preschool and working in administration at the Child
                     Development Center on campus, to teaching early
                     childhood courses in an adjunct capacity, to taking on a full
time faculty position, and now serving as the Department Chair of ECE at Pikes
Peak Community College. Much of Michelle’s time is spent on curriculum
development, student advising, adjunct faculty support, early childhood
council work, self-study program improvements for NAEYC Associate Degree
accreditation, and, of course, teaching ECE classes.
        Michelle resides with her husband and three daughters on five acres in
the Black Forest area, just outside of Colorado Springs.

                                                                     Jody Berg
  Jody is an Early Childhood Special Educator working for
Starpoint, serving children birth-three through Early
Intervention Colorado in Fremont and Chaffee County. She
has experience with Early Head Start, Child Find,
Wraparound Facilitation and Preschool Special Education.
She has taught Kindergarten, First Grade, and worked with
adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
         Jody has a B.A. in Elementary Education from
Bethel University and an M.A. in Early Childhood Special
Education from the University of Colorado Denver. She
lives in Canon City with her husband and two children.
She enjoys reading, crafts, good tea, espresso and playing
with her family. She’s honored to be a Buell Fellow.

      Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
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Patsy Brown-Bruce
                       My passion for working with children and families began
                      my career as an Early Childhood professional and I have
                      been in the field for over 12 years; collaborating with
                      families, communities, and organizations. I’m Patsy Bruce
                      a current employee of Family Star Montessori Early Head
                      Start. At Family Star, my position is Family and
                      Community Partnership Coordinator; supervising Family
                      Advocate staff and overseeing services to families.
                              As an undergrad student, I attended Community
                      College of Denver and Metropolitan State College
                      receiving both an Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree
                      in Human Services. Like many others after 4 years being in
school, I wanted to go to work putting my newly learned skills and knowledge
to use. This is when I started my journey in Head Start at Mile High Montessori
Early Learning Center as a Family Services Worker of 8 years. Being the
ambitious person that I am, I continually embraced opportunities to further my
career in providing services to children and families. In time I knew I would be
granted a manager position at Family Star Montessori where I evolved in the
field of early childhood education.
         Celebrating 17 strong years of marriage, we created our family with
two wonderful children ages 9 and 8. I enjoy spending time with my family,
making me time, and aerobic exercise.
                                                            Stacy Buchanan

 As the Vice President of Child Care Resource & Referral
at Qualistar Early Learning, Stacy coordinates the
statewide work of a network of agencies that serve
families, child care providers and local communities. She
has overseen a variety of projects at Qualistar over the
past ten years, including managing a college scholarship
program for early childhood professionals, coordinating
grants to child care programs and spearheading the
development of standards for early childhood trainers
(cont. on pg. 7).

                              Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
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Prior to joining Qualistar, Stacy worked in the child care resource and referral
system in Minnesota and served as the director of a school age child care
program. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Family Science from Montana State

Lori Cohn
                        I have a BSW, have completed 15-graduate courses in both
                       social work and education, working toward NASW
                       Certification C-CYFSW: Certified Child, Youth and Family
                       Social Worker.
                                Over 22-years professional experience working with
                       children and families. Prior to moving to Colorado I was a
                       medical social worker for a number of years working with a
                       variety of populations. Experiences and responsibilities
                       included discharge planning, information and referral,
                       community resource building, coordinating interdisciplinary
                       care conferences, psychosocial assessment and counseling,
                       creating and co-facilitating cancer support group, policy
development and advocacy for various patient populations.
         My first professional job in Colorado was teaching preschool. It was this
experience that clarified my desire to pursue work with young children and I have
been on that trajectory ever since. After teaching preschool, I was an EI Service
Coordinator for Early Childhood Connections of Arapahoe and Douglas for five
years. For the last 4 years I have been working as the social worker at The Rocky
Mountain Youth Clinics, a private, non-profit pediatric organization with the
primary mission of providing affordable, high-quality healthcare for uninsured
and low-income children and adolescents. A large part of my work is
case-management and resource development/coordination. I assist families
with connection to community resources including developmental assessments,
medication, therapies, childcare, parenting education, counseling, food,
clothing, shelter, financial programs, transportation…and provide ongoing
support and advocacy for children and families to insure their needs are being
met. I coordinate all referrals to EI agencies and child find teams, our snack
shots and family meal program, warm clothes and coats and holiday giving
program for our patients (cont. on pg 8).

      Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
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I have chaired our internal inclusiveness committee, managed the grant and
provided the leadership and oversight of all related organizational projects. I
am an active member of the Colorado Medical Home Advisory Committee and
one of its subcommittees, the Family Leadership Task Force. I have established
an internal committee to focus on the processes of advancing the essential
quality components of the Medical Home approach: accessible, continuous,
coordinated, compassionate, comprehensive, culturally responsive and family
         Married with a 14 year-old son and a 2-year old brindled Bull Mastiff. I
love to cook, travel, read and spend time with family and friends, especially my
two sisters.

Kimberly Desmond
                      I am a Denver, Co native who attended Manual High
                    School and graduated college at Fort Hays State University
                    in Hays, Kansas with a B.A. in Sociology. My employment
                    history for the past several years in family services consists
                    of various youth and adult programs through City and
                    non-profit agencies, such as Denver Housing Authority and
                    the Mayor’s Office for Workforce Development.
                             My passion is working with underserved
                    populations to eliminate barriers to employment, health
                    care, education, housing, and access to an overall quality of
                    life. I have worked for Clayton Educare for the past 3 years
                    as a Lead Child Family Educator and most recently as a
Center Based Coordinator.
         In both roles at Clayton Educare I have specifically worked with
culturally diverse children and families by partnering with staff and parents to
deliver comprehensive educational/family support services within an
interdisciplinary research driven quality Head Start center. I strive to enhance
my leadership skills in early childhood education in order to efficiently serve
underserved communities. My hobbies include spending time with my family,
reading, and playing basketball.

                              Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
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Angela Fedler
                        Hi! My Name is Angela Fedler and I come from and
                       currently live in Delta Colorado. I am blessed enough to
                       have an amazing family which consists of my husband
                       Luke Fedler, who is an Investigator for the Delta County
                       Sheriffs Department. Chad Fedler is our sixteen-year-old
                       son who is an amazing individual! The kindest,
                       unbelievably mature, boy of sixteen that I have ever met.
                       Our daughter is nine years of age and also a true blessing!
                       Talyn is destined to be my example of greatness despite the
                       labels that the world continues to put on children who learn
                        My Early Childhood career began in 1995; after spending a
few years volunteering with different family oriented programs in my
community I accepted a position at our local recreation center providing
childcare. I felt a flicker of hope at that point that this might be the “work” for
me. In 2004 the Backpack Early Learning Academy (BELA) had a teachers-aide
position open that I knew was for me, after applying and accepting the position
my future was set in stone! After spending just a few months I knew that caring
for and supporting children and their families would fulfill me.
    In 2007 I completed my Early Childhood Large Director Certificate and felt
that I had not met my educational goals, feeling the push for more information I
enrolled at a local university that offered evening classes so that I could
continue to work with my current ECE program in Delta. I graduated in 2009
with my B.A. in Elementary Education from Colorado Christian University.
During this time Terry Hotz, former Early Childhood Director and CPP
Coordinator for Delta County School District, came to the conclusion that she
was ready to take on new adventures in her life! Upon her retirement I was
hired to fill her amazing shoes as the Early Childhood/CPP Coordinator for
Delta County School District. Terry was among the first cohort in the Buell
Program and knew that it would be a thrilling experience for myself as well!
Because my program has had such a positive beginning, with amazing
leadership thus far, I feel it is in the greatest interest for the families in my
community to continue the legacy. I am fulfilling my educational dreams, along
with the knowledge that I might have the chance of inspiring one of my families
or a colleague. I plan on continuing my education with Denver University
completing my masters in 2012.

      Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
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Anne Fitzpatrick
                      I was raised in the Midwest by a family of educators,
                     moved to Aspen in 2008, and am here to stay! Ten years of
                     early childhood education experience follows me in
                     addition to my degree in Family Community Services from
                     Michigan State University. I fell in love with children while
                     teaching toddler and preschool aged children at a Migrant
                     Head Start. In addition to teaching, I worked for Chicago's
                     R&R agency, administering a quality improvement grant
                     for over 500 providers. After moving to Colorado, I was
                     hired as the Director of the Rural Resort Region Early
                     Childhood Council, one of 30 early childhood councils
                     supported by the Colorado Department of Education. I
have a passion for children and philanthropy and am honored to be a part of
the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program!

                                                             Rebecca Keigan
 Becky Keigan has been passionately involved with young
children and their families for over 30 years. She has a B.S.
in Child Development, Early Childhood Education (ECE)
and Early Childhood Special Education from Iowa State
University and a M. A. In Education: Teaching and
Learning from Regis University.
        She just retired from the Poudre School District
(PSD) Early Childhood Program where she held many
positions including: Preschool Teacher, Literacy Mentor,
Family Literacy Coordinator, and Education Coordinator.
Through the PSD Early Childhood Program’s braided
funding, Becky was privileged to work with Head Start,
Title One, Colorado Preschool Project and local funding sources to deliver
services to at risk children and families. She has also provided ECE CARES
training and coaching, and consultant training for over the past decade
throughout the state of Colorado.
        Her current work is with Colorado State University as a Food Friends
Program Coordinator (cont on pg. 11).

                              Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
      Page 11

Through this program she is working with Colorado ECE staff and Family
Child Care providers towards promoting healthy nutrition and physical activity
habits in young children.
         Becky is excited to engage in the conversation with fellow Buell Early
Childhood Educators around the successes and challenges facing our field

Michelle Mackin-Brown
                        I have been an administrator for Jeffco Public Schools
                       Early Childhood Education Department as the Program
                       Coordinator of the Jeffco HIPPY (Home Instruction
                       Program for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) since 2002.
                       Jeffco HIPPY works with nearly 300 families in Jeffco’s
                       Title I schools to empower parents as their child’s most
                       important teacher and understand their role in preparing
                       their children for success in school. I participate in a
                       leadership role with the Jeffco Alliance of Liaisons to
                       provide professional development, training, collaboration,
                       and resources to the 70 plus liaisons in the district who
                       work with families, parents, children, and schools. I am
involved in the Leadership Team for the Jeffco Title I Parent/Family Advisory
Council. Nationally, I am contracted as a trainer for HIPPY USA. As a National
Trainer, I provide training and technical assistance to administrators, program
coordinators, home visitors and parent educators. Training is provided through
site visits, trainings, meetings, webinars, and presentations at national, state
and regional conferences. I serve on several committees to provide feedback
from the field and promote best practices to HIPPY USA and the Colorado
Parent and Child Foundation. I am also a member of the Smart Start Colorado
Office of Professional Development Advisory Committee. In all aspects of my
professional life (and in my personal life) I am an advocate for family
involvement in education.
         I served as an AmeriCorps member from 1999-2001 in the role of a
home visitor in Colorado HIPPYCorps. I worked as a financial consultant for
Merrill Lynch from 1993-1996 and held a Series 7 license (cont. on pg. 12).

      Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
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While in college at Metro State, I was a teacher in the ECE classrooms at
Montessori at Denver Place from 1990-1993. I received a Bachelor of Science in
Land Use with Emphasis in Resource and Environment from Metro State
College in 1994. Volunteer work includes the City of Wheat Ridge Board of
Adjustments, Jeffco Public Schools CDM, parent committees, athletics, and
classroom assistance. I am married with a 14 year old son and a 12 year old
daughter. When I have free time, I enjoy boating, wakeboarding, gardening,
hiking, camping, reading, and spending time with her family.

Claudia Mann

                       I am thrilled to be joining the 4th cohort of the Temple
                     Hoyne Buell Early Childhood Leadership Fellowship.
                              My first flute student came to me when I was 13
                     years old and from that simple beginning was called to a
                     lifetime of sharing with children. I earned my Bachelor of
                     Music Education degree from the College-Conservatory of
                     Music at the University of Cincinnati. After enrolling my
                     children in The New School Montessori, I joined the staff as
                     their music teacher and within a few short months, I was
                     ready to begin my life as a Montessori teacher. I enrolled in
                     the Montessori training program at Xavier University,
                     earning certification in Elementary I for 6 to 9 year-olds
from the American Montessori Society along with my Master of Science Degree.
I studied further at the Center for Montessori Teacher Education/New York
and spent the first 15 years of my Montessori career as a certified Elementary II
teacher, working with 9 to 12 year-olds. When parents at Montessori de Santa
Cruz in Tubac, AZ asked us to develop a program for adolescents, I returned to
training at the Houston Montessori Center for certification in Secondary I and
worked with children 12 to 15 years old for the next six years.
         I have worked with various Montessori training programs as both a
mentor and professor. For five years I was the coordinator of the CMTE/NY
satellite training program in Phoenix, Arizona and developed a consulting
service that provided support to Montessori schools around the country. My
dedication to the Montessori Method is inspired by the many children,
including my own, who have grown into vibrant, creative adults through a
Montessori education that shaped their lives to that of excellence and service.

                               Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
      Page 13

In 2006, I was offered another opportunity: to help found the Chaffee County
Montessori School in Salida, CO. We opened our doors in August, 2007 and
have just completed our third school year. As Head of School, I am now
striving to meet the needs of our early childhood students and families in a
local community that actively seeks to provide a broad base of information and
support. I am a member of the Chaffee County Early Childhood Council, the
American Montessori Society, the Association Montessori International, and
NAEYC. I am grateful to be joining this group of professionals and know that
the education I will receive from the professors and members of the 4th Cohort
will be invaluable as my career turns toward the education of the very young

Catherine McCarty
                     Cathy McCarty has over 25 years of management and
                    human resources experience in addition to her elementary
                    education teaching background. Prior to joining Clayton
                    Early Learning, Cathy served as Senior Vice President with
                    Jefferson Bank & Trust, a community bank where she had
                    responsibility for varied functions including human
                    resources and payroll, marketing and advertising,
                    operations management, and general services. Since joining
                    Clayton in 1994, Cathy has supported early childhood
                    programs in diverse capacities including directing human
                    resources, managing administrative services, and most
                    recently, leading both Early Head Start and Head Start
                    programs as Vice President for Clayton Educare. She
currently sits on the Colorado Preschool Program Advisory Committee, the
Denver Preschool Program Providers Committee, and is a 4th Cohort Fellow of
the Buell Early Childhood Leadership program through the University of
Denver’s Morgridge College of Education. Cathy received her Bachelor of Arts in
Psychology and elementary education credentials from Hamline University in St.
Paul, Minnesota.

      Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
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Leota Moya

                       Leota Moya has a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science
                      and a minor in psychology from Metro State College. She
                      went back to school to get her Director certification from
                      Red Rock Community College while working at Jefferson
                      County Head Start.
                          Leota has great impact with her profession in Jefferson
                      County Head Start especially in the field of education. She
                      currently offers assistance to the teachers in implementing
                      a developmental appropriate curriculum to children ages
                      3-5. She has moved up from Teacher Assistant, to Lead
                      Teacher, to Primary Lead Teacher and currently is the
                      Mentor Coach. Currently Leota is responsible for creating
documents for the education component for Jefferson County Head Start. Leota
is also seen as a leader to the teachers of Head Start for her abilities to provide
ideas to create a rich and inviting environment to the children, staff and
  As a community member, Leota also offers her qualities to the Jefferson
County Human Service department, as well as providing assistance to the
families of the Head Start Program. She offers assistance to families in the areas
of language, physical, cognitive and behavioral concerns.
    Leota has volunteered at the national get outdoors day for the past two
years in making the Jr. Ranger camp a success. Leota is a native of Denver and
enjoys spending time with friends, family and exploring the great outdoors that
Colorado has to offer.

                               Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
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Molly Rankin

                      I was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduated
                    with a BA in Special Education from Michigan State
                    University. I began my teaching career as a special
                    education resource teacher in a junior high school. The
                    desire for adventure and a challenge led me to Colorado,
                    where my career continued working with children in a
                    variety of roles including ski instructor, elementary teacher,
                    home daycare provider, gifted and talented program
                    teacher, and preschool teacher. I am currently the director
                    of Granby Play Days Preschool, which opened its doors
                    September, 2009 after extensive renovation on an older
                    building in the heart of Granby.
        I am married and have two wonderful sons who are currently in
college. As a family, we love to hike, bike, ski and travel. I am thrilled for this
opportunity to be a fellow with the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
and work with other dedicated individuals who want to make a difference in
early childhood education!
                                                             Johnnie Romano

 Hi, I am Johnnie Romano. I am a native of Colorado and
was born in the southern part of the state in the town of
Trinidad. Although I have spent my entire life living in
Colorado, I love to travel. Throughout my travels I have
embraced meeting new people and learning about different
cultures and ways of life. I have been the Director and a
teacher at the Fraser Creative Learning Center for 22 years.
Over the years I have seen our county, Grand County, grow
from having two licensed Child Care Centers to a high of
ten Centers. The growth has allowed me the experience of
and the opportunity to mentor new Center Director’s,
brought competition for enrollment to our Center and provided healthy
challenges to my career. I am thrilled to be a Buell Fellow and to explore the
exciting changes in the field of Early Childhood Education (cont. on pg. 16).

      Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
                                                                  Page 16

        The invitation to participate in Early Childhood Education Leadership
with other talented individuals with such a breadth and depth of experiences is
an honor and privilege. I live with my husband Mike and our two cats, Lupi
and Pido, in Fraser, Colorado. The other members of my small immediate
family live in the Denver area. Together we look forward to the adventure of
my return to a life of study in a formal learning community. Additionally, I
enjoy a life in the Colorado high country river rafting, mountain biking, hiking,
knitting and skiing (both downhill and cross country).

Shelley Smith
                      Shelley Smith currently oversees the Early Childhood
                    Department for the Eagle County School District. Shelley
                    earned her Bachelors Degree from the University of
                    Colorado at Denver in Psychology and currently holds an
                    Early Childhood Director Certificate with the State of
                    Colorado. In the field since 1991, Shelley has been a
                    Teacher, Director, District Manager, Program Director,
                    NEAYC Validator and Qualistar Rating Specialist. Shelley
                    has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of
                    programs including, High Scope, Reggio, Montessori,
                    Corporate On-Site Facility, Head Start and Colorado
                    Preschool Program which has provided her with a wide
breadth of knowledge in the field.
        Assuring the field of Early Childhood Education continues to grow and
gain respect is a driving passion for Shelley. Through her work with the
Colorado Child Care Association, Colorado Head Start Association, local and
regional councils Shelley seeks every opportunity to advocate for the field.

                              Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
      Page 17

Maggie Swonger

                      Maggie Swonger has a Bachelor of Science Degree from
                    Ohio University in Early Childhood Education, and she
                    currently works for Eagle County as the BrightStart Early
                    Childhood Coordinator. Throughout college Maggie had
                    the opportunity to work in the Reggio Emilio inspired lab
                    school with children ages 0-6, and that ignited her passion
                    for early childhood development and education. Maggie
                    works hard to promote awareness of the outstanding
                    impact that quality early childhood education has on
                    children, families, communities, and the economy. Over
                    her career she has been a Preschool Teacher in a Reggio
                    Emilio School, a Director at a drop in childcare, a
Preschool Teacher in a child care program, and a Family Child Care Licensing
Specialist. Maggie is a member of the Rural Resort Region Early Childhood
Council, the Nurse Family Partnership Council in Eagle County, the Eagle River
Youth Coalition, and participates in the Mt.AEYC.

                                                                 Lisa Young

 Since 1985, Lisa Young has been an advocate for early
childhood care and education, as an In-Home Child
Development Specialist, a Center Director, and a classroom
teacher in both traditional and Montessori environments.
She currently is a kindergarten teacher with Denver Public
         Lisa earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Colorado
State University in the area of Human Development and
Family Studies, as well as a Master’s from the University of
Colorado at Denver, in the area of Early Childhood Special
Education. She received her Montessori Early Childhood
Credential through the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies.
         Lisa is driven to ensure that children, regardless of their background,
enter elementary school ready to learn.

      Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program
  The Buell Early Childhood Leadership
 Fellows are agents for change, aligning
values, voice, and actions to create equity,
 opportunity, and educational excellence
   for all young children and families.

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