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                                                 can money +
WORK IT, BABY                                      spirituality
Fashion for
the power chic                                       co-exist?

BEACH BIZ                                       CASH GRAB
Riding the                                         From gold
travel wave                                        digging to
                                                 bud growing
       Hand-made pastries
      Fresh Deli & Halai Meat
      Persian & Western Food
        Organic Selections

We are located in the heart of Coquitlam

1158A The High Street, Coquitlam
Shhh…it’s Hush! The secret is out.                                                   FEBRUARY/MARCH
DOES VANCOUVER NEED                  sweet gold digger (she got her                   PUBLISHER Dadmehr Naimi
ANOTHER MAGAZINE? Yes!      So       advice here)….                                   EDITOR Barb Sligl
we published one. But one               Our pages also include                        ART DIRECTOR Michael Sinanan
that works across a number           stylish goods, local characters,                 ASSOCIATE EDITOR Janet Gyenes
of formats to create cross-          a hip scene, some music                          CONTRIBUTORS Sheldon Araki, Erica Aston
media coverage—think print,          and tech picks, and a bit of                     DeLyzer, Andrew Findlay, Trant Lee Amies,
web and video. Hush is a city        splash (there’s some serious                     Jasmine Merinsky, Tina Mohns, David Quail,
magazine—and more—that               surfing	just	a	few	hours	from	                   Sarah Roberts, Christine Tam
aims to push and pull. A mix         downtown). And this is only
of young and urban, sassy and        the	first	taste	of	Hush.                         VIDEO
smart, provocative and witty.           So let us know what you                       VIDEO DIRECTOR Shane Morgan
We want to stir things up.           think. What do you—the                           ADDITIONAL EDITING Gerrit VanWoudenberg
	 In	this	first	issue	money	         young, educated professional                     SOUND EDITOR Scott Clifford
talks. Inside you’ll hear from       in Vancouver, working hard,                      ASSISTANT EDITOR Jory Wong
people like you…on the street.       playing harder and moving                        VIDEO HOSTS Jay Brown, Holly Hougham,
We wondered whether cash             your way up the demographic                      Marc-Anthony Massiah
was dead … so we asked.              ladder—want to see in this
Cash or credit? You might be         magazine?                                        MARKETING
surprised which one seems            	 Whether	you’re	a	yoga	fiend	                   MARKETING MANAGER Zack Grimmer
to rule. We also asked experts       or an ultimate player (or both),                 INTERNS Linda Bi, Charmaine Niewerth,
about a new kind of STD              an oncologist or a student,                      Rose Miskovic
(sexually transmitted debt,          a mechanic or a dog walker,
that is), and explored how           you’re probably passionate                       SALES
money jives with Vancouver’s         about living in Vancouver.                       ACCOUNTS MANAGER Pedram Naimi
laid-back spiritualist vibe. Do      You’re savvy about today’s                       ADVERTISING CONSULTANT Amel Jahanmiri
Buddha and the buck mix?             culture and want to explore
And what about Vancouver’s           those larger, sometimes                 ADVERTISING INQUIRIES:; EDITORIAL
underground industry? We             controversial, issues. And you          INQUIRIES:; ART INQUIRIES:
tour a drug-op to see how            also want to know where to get          Reproduction without permission of the publisher is prohibited. The publisher and editors are not
                                                                             responsible for unsolicited material and it will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication
viable a business it really is. We   that sweet watch or stylin’ fur         subject to Hush Magazine’s right to edit. Return Postage must accompany all manuscripts,
also look back at the Benjamin,      collar (vintage and cruelty-free,       photographs, and drawings.

baby (as in Franklin, also           of course).
known as the US $100 bill).             Hush is where these elements
Canada’s equivalent may not          meet. Raw. Honest. Local. And
have the same ring (“It’s all        it’s nothing to be quiet about.
about the Bordens, baby!”) but                        — the Hush team
our coinage has its own style.
                                                                                                                                         Want more perspective? Some
Now, just watch out for that
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         11    What’s on our mind. We
               share some of our picks: a
               sweet scent, hi-tech gadget,
               tasty fare and hot style
               (for her and him). We also
               talk to local character
               Lauren Mote and bar-hop
               through Gastown.

         20    It’s the MONEY issue. Can
               spirituality and money co-
               exist? We explore Buddha
               and the buck. And a lot more:
               From gold digging to bud
               growing, it’s all about the
               Benjamins, baby.

         32    Work it, baby. This is
               fashion for the power chic.

         36    A slice of the surfing life
               on Vancouver Island’s wild
               western shore.

         38    Turn on, tune in, download.
               TV land is about to change
               and the new channel is
               the Internet.

         40    Here’s what you should be
               listening to. From electro-
               funk that’s a mash-up of
               Rick James and Hall & Oates
               to melodies inspired by a
               three-legged horse.

               WORKING IT
         42    These beach boys are also a
               new breed of entrepreneurs—
               fun-loving, adventurous, and
               business savvy.

         46    The latest collection of
               videos—raw, honest, local.
               Read, click and watch.

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Looking for travel? So are we.
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                                                                                                 WHAT’S ON OUR MIND

                                                                                                               R  omano Ricci is a
                                                                                                                  little like royalty
                                                                                                              in the world of French
                                                                                               style—he’s the great grandson of Nina
                                                                                               Ricci, who founded the fashion house
                                                                                               behind classic parfum L’Air du Temps
                                                                                               (the bottle with the doves).
                                                                                                  At age 28 the French maverick launched
                                                                                               his own fragrance project, Juliette Has
                                                                                               a Gun, at another style-arbiter, Colette
                                                                                               in Paris. Juliette Has a Gun is all about
                                                                                               female power, as in the Shakespearean
                                                                                               heroine packing heat with the seductive
                                                                                               weapon of scent. The line includes the
                                                                                               characters of Miss Charming, Lady
                                                                                               Vengeance, Citizen Queen and Calamity
                                                                                               J.—all fierce representations of feminine
                                                                                               beauty in a perfume bottle. The most recent
                                                                                               femme fatale is Calamity J., named for
                                                                                               the rebellious tomboy/
                                                                                               cowgirl of western
                                                                                               lore, Calamity Jane.
                                                                                               The modern-day
                                                                                               muse, however,
                                                                                               is Lou Doillon, a
                                                                                               stylin’ babe with
                                                                                               her own brand of
                                                                                               avant-garde (and
                                                                                               a song named
                                                                                               after her, “Lou” by
                                                                                               indie band Elefant).
                                                                                               She’s the daughter
                                                                                               of ’60s style icon Jane
                                                                                               Birkin (and half sister of

                                                                                               Charlotte Gainsbourg, Beck collaborator
                                                                                               and another “it” girl). And Doillon packs
                                                                                               some serious neo-Parisian cool. Seen
                                                                                               here, she wears nothing but the woodsy
                                                                                               scent (with iris root, amber and musk).
                                                              FEMME FATALE OF A FRENCH SCENT   True grit! Available at Holt Renfrew. $100;
                                                                                      —Barb Sligl

                                        TRUE GRIT        FEMME FATALE OF A FRENCH SCENT

                                   WWW.HUSHMAGAZINE.CA                                                                 HUSH MAGAZINE | 11
                                                                                                           CHOCOLATE LOVE
                                                                                                           give, receive, devour

                                                                                                             o Valentine’s Day has
                                                                                                             come and gone. Was
                                                                                                             chocolate involved?
                                                                                                       Probably. It may be cliché but
                                                                                                       chocolate’s always been the
                                                                                                       fall-back come mid-February,
                                                                                                       but if it’s the good stuff—high-

                                                                                                       percentage cocoa, locally
                                                                                                       handcrafted, organic—you
                                                                                                       really should just give it any day.
                                                                                                       Think Mink. The local company
                                                                                                       makes mouthwatering chocolate
                     LITTLE BLACK BOOK | have moleskin , will travel                                   combos like Mermaid’s Choice

                                                                                                       (burnt	caramel,	fleur	de	sel	and	
          ake like Hemingway and jot your thoughts down in a little black book. Put aside              rosemary) and Open in Case
          the iPhone, save the tweet (for now) and get introspective. Moleskine, the centuries-        of Emergency (fresh mint and
          old	purveyor	(first	French,	now	Italian)	of	legendary	notebooks	for	creative	types,	         Kentucky bourbon). If you can’t
includes City Notebooks for today’s traveller—at home or afar. A select group of cities                choose one, even better … pick
(Vancouver’s one!) has a guide, containing facts and basic info (like an always-handy map of           six	flavour	matches	in	the	Oh	
the	SkyTrain	system),	with	blank	pages	to	fill	with	your	personal	take	on	the	city,	translucent	       Baby! gift box (Marilyn-adorned
sticky sheets to trace your routes, and removable sheets for notes to leave along the way…             for that extra bit of oomph). $4,
$24, — B.S.                                                                    — B.S.

                                FOUR EYES FORWARD | the future is here and on the slope

                                                                                                          ou’re blazing down
                                                                                                          Whistler Bowl and
                                                                                                          clocking in at 51 km/hour.
                                                                                                   It’s 1:33 pm, -10˚C and your
                                                                                                    altitude is 1,950 m. How do
                                                                                                     you know all this mid turn?
                                                                                                      You’re	wearing	the	world’s	first	
                                                                                                       GPS goggles. This is real-time
                                                                                                       altitude, vertical distance
                                                                                                       travelled, total distance
                                                                                                       travelled, temperature and
                                                                                                       time—seen through a LCD
                                                                                                       display inside your goggles.
                                                                                                      It’s like a video game come
                                                                                                      to life—except it’s all you.
                                                                                                     Download the data, track your
                                                                                                    stats, and brag. From $399,
                                                                                         — B.S.

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WOMEN!Alternative Hormone Solutions is a clinic run by Registered
       Nurses trained in balancing women’s hormones naturally,
                  without the use of synthetic drugs.

 ACHES & PAINS                              HOT FLASHES/NIGHT SWEATS
 FACIAL HAIR GROWTH                         MEMORY LOSS
 FOGGY THINKING                             OVARIAN CYSTS
 HEART PALPITATIONS                         WEIGHT GAIN

                                                                                  Oprah, Suzanne
                                                                                  Somers, Dr. Northup
                                                                                  are all talking about
                                          Debbie Williams, RN                     it... HORMONES
                                                 #9–636 Clyde Avenue              and how important
                                            West Vancouver | 604.922.3997         it is to balance these
                                      info@ |   hormones naturally.
   WHAT TO WEAR NOW                                            Grab the style spotlight with these elegantly edgy items

         LOCAL TALENT: DOTTED LOOP                                                          STAPLE: EASY RIDER

                  1. Luxe Redux | Fur Collar
                       Necklace The goods: Beaver
                          meets bling in a necklace that’s
                           naughty and nice. Designer
                            Teresa Smed found vintage
                             fur collars at a local shop
                             and took the luxurious items
                              to lofty heights by with her
                              signature layers of gold-
                              toned chains. The look:
                              Jane	Mansfield,	not	Jane	
                             Fonda. More bombshell than
                            peacenik. Price tag: $398

                          2. Chain Gang | Rolling
                        Stones Charm Bracelet
                The goods: Chunky charm bracelets

                composed of found treasures are more
rock	’n	roll	than	refined.	Case	in	point:	A	nugget	of	                      aboutins or Fryes?
rough-cut amethyst and a dagger-like crystal are                            Both. Local denim
matched with blue baubles in patinated vintage                              purveyor Dish has
settings. The look: Rihanna, not Reece. Bratty beauty,                hit a high note with its
not Legally Blonde. Price tag: $148                                   Paris Ultra-Skinny Moto
                                                                      jean, a girl’s go-to for any
3. Wearable Art | Haute Heirlooms The goods:                          occasion. Dress them up
Your Grandma’s cameo. That slim gold band from                        with a body-conscious top
your	first	beau.	A	single	diamond	dangler.	Collect	                   and stilettos or chunky
your sentimental pieces and Smed will work her                        motorcycle boots. But keep
remixing magic, turning out-moded items into                          the looks simple: the hand-
modern masterpieces. The look: Maggie Gyllenhaal,                     sanded denim features
not Maggie Thatcher. Vintage chic, not old chick.                     attention-grabbing
Price tag: Priceless — Janet Gyenes                    motorcycle pant details
What inspires Dotted Loop designer Teresa Smed?                       like topstitching and
“I’m loving the Roaring Twenties as a time when people started        seamed kneepads.
to embrace luxury, glamour and excess. But, I also like to think      $108, — J.G.
about the dirty, grungy juke joints of the same era where blues
singers like Mississippi John Hurt and Robert Johnson sang
and played with their rugged voices and cracked guitars.”

                                                         ACCESSORY: FOOT SOLDIER

      oday’s modern man is likely better versed in the language of
      emoticons and apps than he is in morse code and weaponry.
      But even the most wired dude should rock a proper
          timepiece, like the Infantry Vintage Gunmetal
                 Chrono by Swiss Army. It’s stylish
                     enough to wear day in and out,
                        whether climbing up the
                         corporate ladder or trudging
                           up the Grouse Grind. Plus,
                            it’s water-resistant to 100
                             metres—perfect for heroic
                             efforts like rescuing a
                             kayaker from a raging
                            river. Or, more likely, that
                           unexpected dip in the hot tub.
                         Approx. $1,995;— J.G.

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          Arc2 original series on KVOS

                                                Road to becoming
                                                   Rock star
                                              Docu-drama reality series
                                                  with celebrities
                                                  and guest stars

            R.E. is More than
            just “buy and sell”

 A reality series of the Real estate world

Real Estate 101
           Real knowledge

From the creator and producer of FMA Series
  premieres March 2011 on KVOS Television
Saturday 7:00 PM Sunday 7:00 and 7:30 PM
                                                                                A dash of bitters and bark for all that ails you?
                                                                                The Refinery’s bar manager opens up about her
                                                                                strange arsenal of ingredients and what booze
                                                                  LAUREN MOTE      is best for the day after the night before.

      IT? Rum has become such an exciting part of my
      repertoire—the regional differences are slight but
      so significant in my cocktails. It’s just become such a
      great go-to spirit for my programs.

      SCHOOL? I am a firm believer in well-crafted cocktails.
      By this I mean anything that showcases the talents
      of those constructing them. On one hand I can
      completely appreciate a refreshing fizz or a sour, and
      on the other hand I love spirit-forward cocktails. All
      depending on how I feel at that moment, I am super
      game to try anything as long as the compilation of
      ingredients is thoughtful and makes sense.

   3. WHAT’S YOUR GO-TO GARNISH? My garnishes tend
      to be over-the-top and an overall extension of the
      cocktail only if I am in a competition. Otherwise,
      I feel that my cocktail ingredients—through
      their many complexities and layers—speak for
      themselves. I find in most cases the garnish gets in
      the way and frankly, the aroma and fragrance the
      cocktail gives off should make you continue your
      journey to the bottom of the glass.

      DEAD DRINKING... anything that makes the act of
      getting wasted the beverage’s sole purpose. I want
      to drink spirits and combinations that are delicious
      and make me think. Drinking a bottle of beer and a
      shot of whiskey serves its purpose as the end-of-
      service reward and nothing really replaces that; the
      two just go so well together. But drinking Jäger-
      bombs, anything with Redbull-and-vodka-sodas
      totally takes the thrill away from bartending and
      being a bartender patron for me. I expect more!

      USED IN A COCKTAIL. I’ve used butternut squash
      purée, wood, smoke, beans, bark, vegetables, yeast,
      flowers—you name it, I’ve used it. In fact, all of our
      best cocktails at The Refinery are made from bizarre
      ingredients. Generally I build bitters, tinctures
      and other ingredients first and then come up with
      cocktails. The more bizarre the better for us.

   5. BEST HAIR OF THE DOG? For sure, bubbly cocktails.
      Nothing takes the pain away from an indulgent night
      out quite like a French 75 or a mimosa over brunch!

      a built punch of some kind. Traditionally, a punch
      is a combination of tea, spirit, citrus, sugar, and
      spices—just get creative. We have done dozens of
      built punches at The Refinery and the combinations
      are always impromptu, creative and delicious. Tea
      infusions, syrups, bitters, bubbly sodas with varying
      flavour profiles, different citrus endless possibilities.

      MEMORY? Flavoured margaritas using a slushy
      machine and 10 pounds of sugar. — Janet Gyenes

    The Refinery | 1115 Granville St.
                                                                                                                                    B. SLIGL

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                       BUY A PC!
                                                            Lowest Price                                               Guaranteed
                         24 Hours a day, 7 days a week

                Home & Office Desktop Computer

      Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.8GHz         AMD Athlon II X2 3.0GHz
      4GB DDR2                               4GB DDR2
      500GB Hard Drive                       500GB Hard Drive
      Intel GMA X4500                        512 MB Radeon HD 4200 (HDMI)
      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit          Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
      24X Super Multi DVD Burner             24X Super Multi DVD Burner
      Wireless Multimedia Keyboard           Wireless Multimedia Keyboard
      & Mouse Combo                          & Mouse Combo

   $549.99        Includes 3 Year Limited warranty!                $529.99
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             Gaming, Performance & Media Centre

       Intel Core i3 Clarkdale 3.06GHz       AMD Phenom II X4 3.2Ghz
       4GB DDR3                              4GB DDR2
       1TB Hard Drive                        1TB Hard Drive
       Full 1080p HDMI                       Full 1080p HDMI
       Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit         Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
       24X Super Multi DVD Burner            24X Super Multi DVD Burner
       Wireless Multimedia Keyboard          Wireless Multimedia Keyboard
       & Mouse Combo                         & Mouse Combo

   $679.99        Includes 3 Year Limited warranty!                $729.99
                 Save up to $200 in Services and Bonuses

             21”                            BONUS                           Sign up at
                                             Norton Antivirus
        LCD Monitor                                2011         
                                                                             and get
        From $149                            With Antispyware
                                            1 Year Subscription           $15 Coupon
                                                  per PC              Valid until: March/2011
      HOW TO:
                                   Hush magazine’s completely unscientific guide on where to drink (with dignity)
                                          on any given Saturday in one of Vancouver’s hippest ’hoods

                                                                                            bar and
                                                                                          mint julep.

1                                                                                         4
     THE DIAMOND |                                                                                 POURHOUSE
     6 POWELL ST. @                                                                                VANCOUVER | 162 WATER ST. |
     CARRALL ST. |                                                                                 POURHOUSEVANCOUVER.COM
                                                                                                 Curiosity: The Pourhouse anchors
Curiosity: Rumoured                                                                          a 1910-era building was once home to
to be the old locale                                                                         the J. Leckie shoe and boot company.
of one of Vancouver’s                                                                          According to local lore, the high-
best brothels, The Diamond                                                                       quality footwear—“Leckie’s”—were
daylights as The Diamond                                                                         worn by loggers and fashionistas
Preparatory School for All Things                                                                alike. Drink: Blood Alley: Black
Drink, a boutique bartending school for                                                   Grouse Peated Scotch, tomato juice, lemon
neophytes and serious mixologists-in-the-     matter? Erudite imbibers need apply.        juice, spices, Maldon salt; $11 Vibe: Sexy
making. Drink: The First Word: Zubrowka       Cheapest beer: $5.50 | Closing time: 2 am   speakeasy meets grandma’s kitchen.
vodka, grapefruit, elderberry, maraschino                                                 Sidle up to the 38-ft bar and explore the
liqueur; $10. Vibe: This is one to-die-for    >> Cross Water St. and duck behind the
                                              Gassy Jack statue. Yes! There’s a bar       mysterious world of absinthe or hide
cocktail parlour, thanks to its pedigree                                                  away in a booth at the back and revel in
of award-winning craft-cocktail devotees      here. >>
                                                                                          the masterful menu of comfort foods you
(Josh Pape, Sophie Taverner and Mark

                                                    SIx ACRES | 203 CARRALL ST.           can tuck into. Cheapest beer: $4 | Closing
Brand) pouring libations in era-apropos                                                   time: 1 am
glasses. Booze hounds best bone up on               (BEHIND GASSY JACK’S POLISHED
the difference between falernum and                 POSTERIOR) | SIxACRES.CA
                                                   Curiosity: At time of writing, the     THE BLACK FROG | 108 CAMBIE ST. |
Fernet Branca. Cin cin! Cheapest beer: $4 |                                               THEBLACKFROG.CA
Closing time: 2 am                            Bathroom Audio contest was in full
                                              swing, inviting audiophiles to submit            Curiosity: An eclectic collection

>> Stroll past the flatiron building          their own strange brew of sounds for                of booze from haute to hooch.
and look for the sign pointing to the         broadcast in the loo. Drink: Gulden                 Witness: 22 types of whisk(e)y, $5
basement adjacent to Chill Winston. >>        Draak: This 1,500 ml bottle of dark                 pints of Guinness (Sundays) and
                                              Belgian brew. Tasting guide for geeks:             Canada’s answer to moonshine –

    GUILT & COMPANY | 1 ALExANDER             very full body with hints of chocolate,     Screech. Drink: Kidney Wash: Stoli Vodka,
    ST. (DOWNSTAIRS) @ WATER ST. |            caramel and alcohol. Vibe: Brick, books     soda, cranberry juice; $5.25 (double) Vibe:
    GUILTANDCOMPANY.COM                       (menus are made from old book covers;       The everyman’s bar with a heavy dose of
   Curiosity: Booze meets boardgames.         how twee!) and plenty of beer. With a       sports action on the TV screens and an
Quaff cocktails while playing Settlers of     globe-trotting menu of 40-plus bottles      occasional DJ spinning some vinyl. While
Catan and plotting world domination.          from Scotland to Oz, this hip haunt leans   the clientele is often evenly matched
Drink:: Mind Games: Lemon-infused                                                         among the sexes, expect to hear plenty of
                                                                                                                                        CHRISTOPHER FLETT (2)

                                              toward bookish and tweed-wearing types.
gin, dry vermouth, apricot brandy and         Cheapest beer: $5.50 | Closing time: 1 am   “hey, man” and “dude,” especially during
a ginkgo bioloba tincture topped with                                                     game nights. Cheapest beer: $5 | Closing
grenadine foam (get smart while you get       >> Exit 6 Acres, hang a left on to Water    time: 2 am —Janet Gyenes
stupid); $8.50 Vibe: Got game? Got grey       St. and walk a block-and-a-half. >>

18 | HUSH MAGAZINE                                                                                            WWW.HUSHMAGAZINE.CA
               COFFEE    HOUSE                                                                                                                                  COFFEE    HOUSE

               A Place to Connect                                                                                                                               A Place to Connect

                                     COFFEE    HOUSE                                                                                 COFFEE    HOUSE

                                                          COFFEE    HOUSE              COFFEE    HOUSE          COFFEE    HOUSE
                                     A Place to Connect                                                                              A Place to Connect

                                                          A Place to Connect                                    A Place to Connect
                                                                                       A Place to Connect

                                            North Vancouver

                                                                                      Coquitlam/            Coquitlam/
                                                                                      Port Moody            Port Coquitlam

                                                                                                                                                          Maple Ridge/
                                    Vancouver                                                                                                             Pitt Meadows



Visit a Waves Coffee House in your neighbourhood

Burnaby                                        Coquitlam                                         North Vancouver                                   Vancouver
Kingsway & Edmonds                             Barnet Hwy & Johnson                              Lonsdale & 1st                                    Broadway & Spruce
Kingsway & Olive                                                                                 Mountain Hwy & Lynn Valley                        Bute & Pender
                                               Maple Ridge                                                                                         Main & Pender
Chilliwack                                     Lougheed Hwy & 207                                Port Coquitlam                                    Commercial & 3rd
#1-45560 Market Way                                                                              Lougheed Hwy & Westwood                           Main & Cordova
                                               New Westminster                                   Shaughnessy & McAllister                          Hastings & Richards
                                               Columbia & Begbie                                                                                   Howe & Smithe
                                                                                                 Richmond                                          Main & 10th
                                                                                                 1st & Bayview                                     Dunsmuir & Beatty
                                                                                                 #180-5951 No. 3 Road                              Pacific & Drake

 A Place to Connect                                 www. w a v e s c o ffe e .c o m
 On the West Coast,
acquisition of wealth
 and spirituality are
constant companions
   on the road to

                                               Of all the spiritual faiths that have been imported
                                               to the West—be it Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism,
                                               Jainism, Hinduism, Taoism and so on—Buddhism,
                                               in its varied ethnic traditions, seems to resonate
                                               particularly strongly among westerners searching
                                               for a depth to life beyond crass commercialism and
                                               the acquisition of wealth. With more than 150—
                                               and counting—different Buddhist groups, you
                                               could say Buddhism is thriving in Vancouver.
   Imagine you’re an upwardly mobile           Buddhist thought and practice. Vancouver        who offers course through the Theravada
Yaletown professional with a half-             is one of those nodes.                          Buddhist Community of Vancouver,
million dollar condo in a gentrified brick        “I think it’s safe to say that Buddhism      which attracts a mostly middle-aged
warehouse and a 2011 Mini Cooper               is healthy here,” says Larry DeVries, who       demographic. He agrees that material
parked in the secure underground lot.          teaches in the South Asia and Religious         success and Buddhism are not necessarily
In other words, you’re generally satiated      Studies department at Langara College.          incompatible, but the difference is in
in material comfort. Let’s face it—some        “There are those who practice Buddhism          the level of attachment, which naturally
of us have so much stuff that we need to       and welcome and seek material comfort,          makes Buddhism an attractive spiritual
rent storage lockers in which to keep it. So                                                   alternative to affluent westerners.
how does Buddhism, a faith that aims to                                                           “I think Buddhists would suspect that if
break the cycle of longing and attachment        “Buddhism is well-suited                      somebody works hard, becoming wealthy
to objects and emotions, thrive in a place
like Vancouver, awash in pleasures of the
                                                 to a society like ours. We                    and successful, that they have good
                                                                                               karma,” Ruhe says. “The real question is
senses and, like any metropolis, inundated        have money and leisure                       attachment. Being poor does not make
with billboards, advertisements, offers                                                        you spiritual. Buddha didn’t romanticize
and promotions enticing us to acquire          time that we can devote to                      poverty. You can still be poor but strive
more? Local Buddhist thinkers and
practitioners shed some light on how this
                                                   reflection.” —Brian Ruhe                    and obsess over wealth.”
                                                                                                  Ruhe posits another theory about why
ancient religion of the east impacts life in                                                   Buddhism has a particularly strong and
the west.                                      and others who practice a more austere          growing following in the West. By most
   Shin Buddhism first took hold on the        and ascetic form.”                              measures, Canada belongs to that club of
West Coast at the turn of the 19th century,      For some, Buddhism is an antidote to          post-industrial countries, its cities burgeon-
with the arrival of Japanese immigrants.       consumerism. For others, it’s a corollary,      ing with soy latte-sipping creative class of
Zen Buddhism became popular in the             DeVries says. What’s clear is that Buddhism     techie nerds, artists and information age
1920s among western spiritual seekers.         appeals to people searching for a sincere       entrepreneurs who telecommute and work
Then, the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950    and ethically framed life.                      unconventional hours. This is partially
resulted in a diaspora of well-educated          “Once you’ve accumulated a certain            true—we still mine, log and make things in
Tibetan Buddhist monks, many of whom           amount of wealth, what are you going to         factories, but we live in a country with the
first fled to India and then dispersed to      do, acquire more, or grow as a person?”         relative luxury of leisure time. And Ruhe
Europe and North American. Some ended          DeVries asks.                                   believes this gives us time for spiritual
up on the West Coast, creating nodes of          Brian Ruhe is a lay Buddhist teacher,         contemplation.

   BuYINg INto BuDDhA

   RUB According                       READ Sit Down and Shut Up:                                    LISTEN 1 Little
   to folklore,                         Punk Rock Commentaries on                            Buddha 3: Buddha-Bar
   rubbing the                       Buddha, God, Truth, Sex, Death,                            Clubbing Collection
   Laughing                              and Dogen’s Treasury of the                          The London under-
   Buddha’s belly                        Right Dharma Eye, by Brad                            ground scene, tribal
   will bring luck                    Warner. Warner, a Zen priest                             beats and bagpipes
   and prosperity.                  and former punk rock bassist,                            collide beautifully in
   Lucite Laughing                  offers a plain-language look at                            Sam Popat’s seduc-
   Buddha; $49.50,                    the Shobogenzo, 13th-century                                tive compilation.                     Zen master Dogen’s spiritual                                     $9.99; iTunes
                                    masterpiece. $14.08,

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                        Vancouver’s PREMIER
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                                    817 Granville Street Granville Street
                                             Vancouver       Vancouver
                                         604.681.1911 604.681.1911
   “I think Buddhism is well-suited to a         adherents to the Tibetan form of this
society like ours. It’s got a great future       religion. For example, there are three               JUMPING ON THE
here. We have money and leisure time that        different Thai Buddhist centres or groups,
we can devote to reflection,” Ruhe says.         two Burmese, and one each devoted to              BUDDHIST BANDWAGON
   Langara College’s Larry DeVries agrees.       Laotian, Sri Lankan and Cambodian
In fact, he goes a step further and believes     devotees, each open in varying degrees
                                                                                                         Celebs desperately
we have a responsibility to engage in            to non-ethnic followers. Yet Tibetan                   seeking spirituality—
reflection and introspection in a country        Buddhism perpetually garners the most                 or karmic redemption?
where “we don’t have an AK-47 thrust into        attention, even though there are less
our hands at the age of 12.”                     than 200 ethnic Tibetans living in Metro        Tiger Woods
   We are, however, a distracted culture,        Vancouver. The high-profile, widespread         The quest: spiritual healing instead
obsessively checking text messages on            support for Tibetan independence that           of sexual healing. After a string of
our mobile devices, tuning into reality          causes soccer moms to put Free Tibet            tawdry affairs soiled the golfer’s
TV programs that glorify human vice and          stickers on the bumpers of their minivans       squeaky clean rep, Woods revealed
celebrate deception and greed. That’s why        helps. So too does the globetrotting            that he was rediscovering his
contemporary Buddhist thinker Ken Jones          14th Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of        Buddhist roots as a way to learn
says it’s difficult to imagine a more relevant   Tibet, who routinely visits Vancouver
context for Buddhism than the capitalist         and packs auditoriums around the world
industrial society with its “egotistical         with his endearing humour and Buddhist          Peter Doherty
enterprise, competitive conflict and the         wisdom.                                         The quest: Getting high without
struggle for status.”                               The Vancouver Shambhala Meditation           drugs. The Babyshambles singer
   Jessica Main is program director at           Centre belongs to a network of centres          and two-time ex-fiancé of model
University of British Columbia’s Institute       founded in 1973 by Tibetan master
                                                                                                 Kate Moss reportedly traded
of Asian Studies and an adherent of Shin         Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who is
Buddhism. She says the clash between             largely credited with popularizing              his taste for drugs for Buddhist
crass consumerism and the dharma path            Buddhism in the west. Tsering Shakya            teachings.
is an ongoing struggle in the west.              teaches Tibetan studies at UBC’s Institute      Steven Segal
   “Just look through Shambhala Sun,”            of Asian Research and says the sheer            The quest: Rebirth instead of
Main says about the widely-read Buddhist         number of Tibetan Buddhist centres in
                                                                                                 killing. It’s hard to imagine the
magazine published in Halifax. “There’s          Vancouver is testimony to its popularity
a lot of consumption of Buddhist items,          on the West Coast. He attributes some           star of movies such as Hard to Kill,
ads for meditation pillows, texts, courses,      of this popularity to the fact that it often    Kill Switch, and Driven to Kill is a
whatever. It’s a matter of survival for some     attracts middle and upper-middle class,         Buddhist. Perhaps Segal is trying
Buddhist groups, and I think practitioners       well-educated adherents who are adept           to earn some karmic redemption
struggle with this paradox.”                     at communicating their faith and ideas.         for all the blood he’s spilled on the
   She calls her own path toward                 Shakya says the differences between the         silver screen. — J. Gyenes
Buddhism ambivalent, neither a rejection         way western and ethnic Tibetans practice
of Christianity nor the values of western        Buddhism are evident the moment you
society, but rather a consequence of             step inside a temple. When Shakya visits       challenge to the west and the Yaletown
encounters with inspiring people that            the Tsengdok Monastery on Angus Drive          urbanite who has it all; when surrounded
occurred while she was doing graduate            with fellow Tibetans it’s a profoundly         by messages imploring us to acquire
work in Japan.                                   social occasion.                               more—a new car, the latest mobile device
                  fascinating     aspect    of      “We bring our families. There are babies    capable of offering up a thousand apps
                  Buddhism in Vancouver          crying and kids running around. For us         you’ll never use, a packaged holiday to
                  is its diversity. Contrary     it’s very social. When westerners go to        an all-inclusive resort, and so on—quiet
                  to popular perception, the     their centres they want absolute quiet and     contemplation and a search for depth and
                  local Buddhist community       contemplation,” Shakya says with a laugh.      meaning beyond the dollar sign, may be
                  includes more than just           And that is perhaps Buddhism’s greatest     our only refuge.

LISTEN 2 Buddha-Bar XII      LISTEN 3 Buddhattitude       EAT The words vegan,      DEPOSIT Channel your       PLAY Find your Zen
DJ Ravin’s 12th opus         Tzu Yo Drop out of the rat   gluten-free and raw       inner ascetic and earn     on-the-go (and learn
promises to be a roman-      race and into the dream-     describe the healthful    some good karma by         to let go!) with the
tic Parisian journey and     world with this sixth        offering from burgers     saving your coin in this   downloadable Buddha
celebration of love “à la    incarnation of melodic       to smoothies at North     peace-posing pink resin    Board app. Free,
française.” $19.99; iTunes   sounds. $9.99; iTunes        Vancouver’s Buddha-       Buddha bank, and then
                                                          Full cafe. Vegan          giving it to
                                                          potlucks, open-mic        your fave
                                                          sessions and chair        meditation
                                                          massages round out        centre.
                                                          the enlightening mix.     $11.95,
                                                          101 West First St.,       Chapters
                                                          North Vancouver,          Indigo

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                         On your next transaction over $4,000.00 CaD
                         The coupon is only good for the following currency exchange transactions: cash to cash, drafts and
                         bank wires. all other services are excluded. valid until March 30th, 2011one time per customer.
 OUT WITH THE OLD,                    Does gold digging leave you feeling more like a trapped
                                      Chilean miner than a pampered princess? This issue’s dating
 IN WITH THE GOLD                     advice digs a little deeper into how to really get the gold.

Q.  I only date hipsters. I do       from his Grey Goose bottle           checking the time work well          connection with someone,
love vintage plaid and I enjoy       service, always insist on buying     here). He’ll be so confused and      premium alcohol, high thread
talking about Internet memes         your own drink. If you’re            intrigued by the time you’re         count and yachts will not make
but I’m sick of drinking Pabst       feeling advanced you can             finished your speech on why          you happy. What will make
Blue Ribbon and eating taqui-        even offer to buy him a drink.       you actually prefer flying coach     you happy is finding a guy you
tos in Gastown. I don’t mean         Feign extreme disinterest if         that you’ll never have to drink      actually like. So get out your
to sound overly enterprising         he mentions anything about           Polar Ice vodka ever again.          shovel, dig in and find someone
but how do I bag a guy with          a summer home, country                  Keep in mind that gold            who is generous of heart and
more capital?                        club membership or seasons           digging isn’t all it’s cracked       generous of wallet.
                                     Canucks tickets (yawning and         up to be. If you lack a real
A. Let’s get one thing straight;
being a gold digger isn’t a tes-
tament to your entrepreneurial
spirit. In the mining industry
someone who searches for gold
is called a prospector, in dating                                                           and financial compatibility. A spendthrift
they’re called shallow, lazy and                                                            and a penny-pincher can find harmony with
superficial. However, there is                                                              clear communication and expectations. This
absolutely nothing wrong with                                                               also shows relationship strength, according
wanting to wash down your                                                                   to Margaret Johnson, president of Solutions
filet mignon with expensive                                                                 Credit Counselling Service.
   To meet a rich guy you have
                                          Before getting into                                  “People have often gone into a new
                                                                                            relationship with their hearts instead of their
to tactfully position yourself in         bed, check for sexually                           heads, and they’re not really asking ‘Are we
their lair. Rich guys tend to hang
out in groups, usually on boats.          transmitted debts                                 financially compatible?’” she explains. “I
                                                                                            ask ‘Have you read your partner’s Credit
The Vancouver International                                                                 Bureau file?’ and they look at me like I have

Boat Show, which happens in                                                                 two heads.”
February, is like Christmas                    he symptoms affect both genders                 Partners should also be candid about debts
come again for gold diggers. If                and all ages. The treatment is usually       such as family or student loans, or co-signing
you can learn your port from                   complex and painful. Beware of               for someone’s credit. “This could be $50,000 to
starboard and are comfortable           sexually transmitted debts (STDs). Getting          $60,000 that’s coming into your life and family
throwing       around     nautical      into bed with your partner’s finances can be        budget now,” Johnson adds.
puns, you’ll definitely meet the        risky, especially if debts are hidden or if you        Other advice includes wills, separate
sea captain of your cash-laden          guarantee a loan—and are then saddled with          accounts—his, hers and house—with three
dreams here. Bejeweled fingers          payments for a long-gone asset and ex.              different banks, and pre-nuptial agreements,
crossed, you, him and his bank             In one Vancouver case, a man had no idea         especially if one partner has significantly
account will be sailing off into        his wife had amassed $130,000 of debt and           more wealth. Combining assets or loans
the sunset (on a 100-foot yacht)        obtained credit in his name. Such a case            should be done with “extreme caution” and
by May long weekend.                    could result in one spouse charging the other       red flags should fly if your signature is needed
   But if wearing horizontal            with fraud.                                         because a bank won’t lend to your partner as
stripes is about as nautical               Accordingly, prevention of STDs is better        an individual.
as you’re willing to get, an            than cure. Both parties need to put their              “It’s very important to do a lot of soul
easy shortcut is to hang                (credit) cards on the table and be candid about     searching before you co-sign a loan,” Johnson
out in Yaletown. Although               finances and goals.                                 adds. “If you do, you should get copies of the
bankers, real estate moguls                “I’m always amazed at how little people talk     statement sent to you each month so you can
and professional athletes flock         about money—it’s quite shocking,” says Heidi        see the debt is being paid off.”
here, they’re also expecting            Pullem, a certified financial planner with ZLC         Pullem provides the final word: “Prevention
to sift through transparent             Financial Group. “People might be madly in          is key—couples need to be very clear with
gold diggers like yourself. To          love and think it’s going to jeopardize things,     each other. If you have a big financial conflict
differentiate from the hood rats        but I get couples in front of me who have no        between you, it’s better to find out before you
you need to employ a couple             idea what the other person is thinking.”            give up a career and have three small children.
easy tactics. Although he’ll be            Key issues include debts and savings,            It can be quite ugly to do a forensic audit later
trying to get your attention by         RSPs and their beneficiaries, risk tolerance        of whose debt it is.” — Sarah Roberts
beckoning you over to drink

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  CASH VS. PLASTIC                                                       Do Bills And Coins Still Matter?

  Is plastic really that fantastic? As industry observers speculate about a cashless society—where you’ll scan your phone to pay a
  bus fare or even be charged to use notes and coins—Sarah Roberts hit Robson Street to ask: Will we ever see the death of cash?

 Jane, 35, massage-            Vaughn, 18               Jade-Elise, 25              Donna, 37                  Pablo, 34                Corinne, 28
  therapy student           restaurant worker            arts student           healthcare worker               server                    server

So many people need        I think people are       Absolutely not. I          If everything is          A cashless society        No. I’m a big cash fan
to feel the security of    using cash less and      personally like to pay     swiped on a card,         could happen in the       and I rarely use my
cash and are terrified     less, but for the near   for things with cash       it’s like a Big Brother   future. Either we will    debit card—I don’t
of computers running       future it will stay      and if I use too many      thing—everything can      go cashless or we will    trust the cards and
their lives. People like   because it’s still so    debit transactions I       be tracked and I don’t    go back to a bartering    you get charged fees.
the anonymity of cash      widely used, and I’ve    get extra fees. And it’s   think everybody is        system. The current       And if the system
and don’t want their       never seen a card only   handy for travelling       into that aspect of it.   monetary system isn’t     breaks down or you
movements to be            place. But pennies are   and for bus fares etc.     And the underground       working so maybe we       lose the card, what
tracked.                   useless.                                            economy is huge and       could exchange goods      happens then?
                                                                               it relies on cash.        for goods.


                                                      BEAVER BARTERING Early forms of                    12-sided 5c pieces in 1943. V for victory
                                                      currency include furs, shells, beads and           and a burning torch replace the beaver,
                                                      shields. A $3 square beaver coin is issued         while the coin rim contains a Morse
                                                      in 2006 to commemorate tokens of the               code message: “We win when we work
                                                      fur trade.                                         willingly.”
                                                      DEVIL IN THE DETAIL The 1954 notes                 ODD NUMBERS Official Dominion of
                                                      are dubbed the “devil’s head” series               Canada notes, issued after 1867, include a
                                                      because the Queen’s hair is thought to             $4 bill. Some banks also dodge monetary
                                                      resemble a grinning demon. The face                rules by producing $6 and $7 notes. The
                                                      plates are subsequently modified.                  Bank of Canada’s 1935 inaugural series
                                                      FLYING FAR To qualify for the 1986                 includes $25 and $500 bills.
                                                      bird series, featured avians have to be            RETIRING TYPE The $1 note officially
                                                      found across Canada and need to blend              retires in 1989 in place of the 11-sided
                                                      with the bank notes’ colours.                      loonie. In 2000, Canada bids farewell to
                                                      JACKS AND JOKERS Following a                       the $1,000 note to fight money launder-
                                                      shortage of French coins in the 17th and           ing.
                                                      18th centuries, marked playing cards are           TODAY’S TRADE More than one billion
                                                      used for payment.                                  Canadian circulation coins are minted
                                                      IDENTIFY THE ARTIST In 1937, G.E.                  each year, while the average lifespan of a
                                                      Kruger-Gray designs both the penny’s               $5 and $10 note is just one to two years.
                                                      maple leaf and the 5c beaver, while                WORLD FIRSTS The toonie’s bi-me-
                                                      Emanuel Hahn creates the 10c Bluenose              tallic locking mechanism is patented in
                                                      schooner and the quarter’s caribou.                1996. Another unique product, the 2004
                                                      MORSE MESSAGE Due to a wartime                     poppy quarter, becomes the world’s first
                                                      nickel shortage, tombac is used to create          coloured circulation coin.

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        ou’ve heard the saying “It’s all about
         ou’ve heard the saying “It’s all           TO THE E TO THE N…
                                                  BB TO THE E TO THE N…
        the Benjamins” (thank you then-
         about the Benjamins” (thank you          The original businessman is is
                                                    The original businessman
         then-Puff whose whose rap lyrics
        Puff Daddy, Daddy, rap lyrics about         now part today’s pop-
                                                  now part ofof today’s pop-
conspicuous consumption coined the
  about conspicuous consumption coined            culture. “It’s All About the
                                                    culture. “It’s All About the
phrase). It’s all about reverence for the US
  the phrase). It’s all about reverence for       Benjamins”—or all about the
                                                    Benjamins”—or all about
  the bill that bill that features Franklin’s
$100 US $100 features BenjaminBenjamin            importance of money and
                                                    the importance of money
  Franklin’s doesn’t He doesn’t much look
portrait. Heportrait. much look like he’d fit       and rich—was the fourth
                                                  being being rich—was the
  like he’d fit Diddy the P. Diddy set, but
in with the P. in withset, but it seems the it    single released from Puff from
                                                    fourth single released
  seems a player in his day.
guy wasthe guy was a player in his day.           Daddy’s debut album No
                                                    Puff Daddy’s debut album
    America’s favourite founding father was
     America’s favourite founding father          Way Way(1997). And the song
                                                    No Out Out (1997). And the
  was bit a bit of man. man. The inventor
also a alsoof ladies’ladies’The inventor (of      sparked the infamous phrase.
                                                    song sparked the infamous
  (of the lightening rod, for was was a
the lightening rod, for one) one) a self- self-     phrase. Saturday later
                                                  Saturday Night Live Night Live
made man and true capitalist. He worked
  made man and true capitalist. He worked         parodied it in a digitalashort rap
                                                    later parodied it in digital
hard, and even wrote the proverb “Early
  hard, and even wrote the proverb “Early         video (“Lazy Sunday”) with the
                                                    short rap video (“Lazy Sunday”)
  to bed, early to rise, makes man healthy,
to bed, early to rise, makes a a man healthy,     lyric, “It’s all about the Hamiltons,”
                                                    with the lyric, “It’s all about the
wealthy and wise.” But he didn’t really
  wealthy and wise.” But he didn’t really         referring to the US $10 bill. the US
                                                    Hamiltons,” referring to
  subscribe to himself….
subscribe to it it himself….                         In bill.
                                                    $10Canada, of course, we don’t
    In The History Channel’s 2009 biography
     In The History Channel’s 2009                have Benjamins. Here’s it’s all about
                                                       In Canada, of course, we don’t have
  biography he’s having a as having a
he’s described asdescribed“lively libido.”        the Bordens … as in Sir Robert Borden, the
                                                    Benjamins. Here’s it’s all about the
  “lively libido.” He was a bit Paris (while
He was a bit of a salon star inof a salon star    eighth Prime Minister who fronts our $100
                                                    Bordens … as in Sir Robert Borden, the               presidents, cream, c-notes, chi-ching, cake,
working as a diplomat), where he learned
  in Paris (while working as a diplomat),           eighth quite Minister as Puff Daddy’s
                                                  bill. Not Primethe same who fronts our                 bankroll, big faces, bricks, butter…Or how
                                                                                                          moolah, loot, flow, fetti, ends, ducats,
  where he learned with mistresses—the
French by lounging French by lounging               $100 bill. Not the rap thesaurus Puff
                                                  contribution to quite the same as for                   dough, dead presidents, spelling it out:
                                                                                                         about the rap trope of justcream, c-notes,
18th century’s “preeminent heartthrob.”
  with mistresses—the 18th century’s                Daddy’s contribution to terms thesaurus
                                                  money. Some other choicethe rapfor the                  chi-ching, cake, N to the to faces,
                                                                                                         M to the O to the bankroll,Ebig the Y. bricks,
  “preeminent heartthrob.” And … remains
And he remains a charmer today heas                 for money. Some papes, scratch, scrilla,
                                                  green stuff: paper, other choice terms for                                                 — B. Sligl
                                                                                                          butter … Or how about the rap trope of
   bust, an action figure and on that
aa charmer today … as a bust, an action           stacks, flow, chips, cheddar, moolah, loot,
                                                    the green stuff: paper, papes, scratch,               just spelling it out: M to the O to the N
  figure and on bill.
illustrious $100 that illustrious $100 bill.        ow, fetti, ends, ducats, dough, dead
                                                  flscrilla, stacks, flow, chips, cheddar,                to the E to the Y.    — B. Sligl

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                                                                                intimidating experience. Our 4000 sq ft state of the art facility in North Van is nothing short
                                                                                         whether you are training an no time athlete,
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                                                                                cardio theater, sporting a 21” screen beginner, golden age client
                                                                                Featuring Precor Elliptical, Lifestride Treadmills, Bikes, Climbers and Gauntlet Stepmill.
                                                                                                           or anyone in between.
                                                                                This professional facility has all of the major machines you would expect in a state of
                                                                                the fitness club, without the hustle and bustle of a large gym. We offer the independent
                                                                                        For a free consultation or a complimentary
                                                                                trainer a home to house a busy clientele. Our club is perfect whether you’re training
                                                                                an elite athlete, weekend warrior, beginner, golden age client or anyone in between.
                                                                                          month at our club, contact 604.313.7488

       “WHEN YOU WORK OUT, YOUR WHOLE LIFE WORKS OUT”                                                   115 Bowser Avenue | North Vancouver

                                                           BodyCo Fitness
Sunset Beach. Granville Mall. Main
Street. Wherever you roam or relax
in Vancouver, the pungent aroma
of spliff smoke is sure to follow. So
it’s no surprise that growing and
selling B.C. bud is a billion-dollar
industry, though some speculate
that the police grossly inflate the
street price when called on to
estimate the value of a seizure.
   But who’s getting rich?
  Hush magazine’s Holly Hougham tucked
herself in the back of a car—blindfolded—
and visited one of Vancouver’s myriad
marijuana grow-ops to find out if the
rewards of growing and selling bud
outweighs the risk.
  Word on the street points to 50% of
rental units in Metro Vancouver having
some form of marijuana grow-op—enough
to sate the high desires of locals, with
plenty more drifting across the border. At
the locale Holly visited, our anonymous
grower noted that his 130 plants could yield
20 pounds of bud. What’s it worth? “Forty
grand, maybe,” he says. “Before paying
everyone else off,” he adds. “Nobody does
this themselves. There’s a team.”
  The risks, though, are not necessarily
distributed evenly. And there’s a cost to
taking care of business—on many levels.
  The people who are usually caught aren’t
the ones receiving the profits, says David
Albert, criminal lawyer. Jail sentences
for first-time offenders with no previous
criminal convictions range from a year to
two. When representing a client charged
with drug offenses, says Albert, firms like
his will typically charge clients a block
fee of “10 to 15-thousand dollars, plus the
applicable tax.”
  Like any business, there are start-up
costs. Our intrepid grower (who, by the
way, is educated, but didn’t see the point
in working long hours for meagre pay)
acknowledges that setting up an operation                 GET REAL
takes time and money. It “costs about
                                                      See the bud biz
$80,000 just to even start … takes half a
                                                   for yourself. Hush
year to build it, set it up and then you start   tours the inside of a
making money. We work just as hard as            Vancouver grow-op.
everyone else.” For him, the risk is worth it.   Our host even went
That doesn’t mean he doesn’t worry.                blindfolded to get
  His biggest concern? “Going to jail.”                 you there. >>
                               — Janet Gyenes

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                                        have. With these sophisticated looks you can go from boardroom to bar …
                                        remember it’s all about networking these days. Hello dream job….

        PHOTGRAPHY: Tina Mohns
        STYLING: Erica Ashton DeLyzer
        MAKEUP Jasmine Merinsky
        MODEL: Tia Spowart
        ORIGAMI: Sheldon Araki
        LOCATION: District Main

                                                                                                The little black
                                                                                                  dress makes
                                                                                                a big impact in
                                                                                              the office. Add a
                                                                                                bit of bling and
                                                                                                   bring chic to
                                                                                               the cubicle—or
                                                                                                 corner office.

32 | HUSH MAGAZINE                                                                         WWW.HUSHMAGAZINE.CA
                        LEFT PAGE: jewellery,
                         The Bay; shoes, Aldo;
                          dress, Club Monaco

                        THIS PAGE: jewellery,
                        The Bay; shoes, Aldo;
                          cami, Club Monaco;
                        vintage Versace skirt,
                            model’s own; bag,
 Mix and match.                 Club Monaco
 Show that you
 can multi-task
 with a combo
 of vintage and
 modern. And
 make a good first
 impression at
 every meeting.

 Origami flower by
 Sheldon Araki; jewellery,
 The Bay, shoes, Aldo; top
 and pants, Club Monaco

                                Blossom, baby.
                               And use different
                                     textures for
                                    a fresh take
                                  on traditional.
                                       Be strong
                                  and soft—that
                               dichotomy works
                                well beyond the

    102 - 13463 78 AVE | SURREY BC | V3W 0A8
       604.596.8353 | MON - FRI 1PM - 10PM

                                            GET WET                                  On the west coast of Vancouver Island,
                                                                                        where winter waves are wowza

   WHERE: North Chesterman Beach (aka North Sea), near Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. This is surf headquarters. gotofinosurf.
   com; WHY: It’s as far west as you can get….The landscape is grand (as in awesome or saweet in surfer speak) and it’s the site of

                                                                                                                                                    IMAGE: COURTESY O’NEILL CANADA
   some serious surfing. Watch or wade in. Think meditative viewing or moving meditation. WHEN: Mid-winter. The scenery off-season is wild:
   stormy skies, slick beaches, sick surf. Don’t miss the Cold Water Classic Canada, which happens when the cold and wet weather hits in the
   fall. Here, a scene from the last Cold Water Classic (October 2010), when Australian Josh Kerr ripped it up to win.
   GEAR UP: Want to ride these waves? Hit Long Beach Surf Shop in Tofino, where they’ll set you up with the requisite wetsuit and board (and
   lesson if don’t know what mushy or pearling means or what a green room or A-frame is). Now get out there and eat it.
   SIT BACK: Post impact-zone grab a beer in the Great Room at Long Beach Lodge Resort on the shores of Cox Bay (bonus: this beach usually boasts
   the most gnarly surf in Tofino). Or go for the Vancouver Island Caesar off the Après Surf menu. The lodge even has its own Surf Club, offering
   guests equipment and lessons on site.       — B. Sligl

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                          120     Initial
     Cash or card        +12 Checks of $40
   Includes Gloves        Includes Gloves
  24 hour Access &       24 Hour Access &
    Full Instruction       Full Instruction

1132 GRANVILLE ST. 604.321.9377 SUGARRAYS.CA
                                                             TURn On, TUne In, DOWnlOaD
                                                     With every TV connected to the Internet, TV viewing will never be the same | by DaVID QUaIl

Once capable Of Only              into your TV. But these             you to watch the Superbowl,              and photos available on your
flipping through channels,        solutions haven’t quite cracked     choose the camera angle, view            home network right on your
the TV has morphed from a         past the geeks and made it into     any stats and listen to your             TV. CON: The streaming video
single-purpose device into one    the mainstream market.              favourite broadcaster—all on             store for renting movies has a
that’s connected to the massive      Enter Google and Apple.          your TV. The beauty of such a            limited selection.
amount of information in          These two tech giants intend        platform is that the possibilities          Google TV PRO: Connects
cyberspace.                       to make their devices as            are virtually endless, bound             to web services and content
   A new wave of products         mainstream as their Android         only by the thousands of people          through apps. CON: Although
is revolutionizing the way        and iPhone cousins. The             creating apps and solutions for          the hardware is impressive,
you use your TV—just like         approach? Provide an all-in-        these open devices. And yet it’s         the software has some rough
your phone was transformed        one device that’s so simple,        simple to use.                           spots, and the TV networks
by tapping into the Internet.     even the biggest Luddite can           Currently, Apple and Google           have curbed value by blocking
Geeks have long known about       use it. Oh, and the kicker—         have TV-connected devices,               access to free shows online
this convergence of TVs and       make these devices extensible       but they lack the open ability           These latest devices are just a
the Internet. In university I     (that’s geek speak for a system     to download apps. (Only a                hint of the future—aglow in a
connected my computer to          designed for future growth), so     matter of time…) The devices             shade of green that represents
a cable feed and recorded         that third-party providers can      are relatively inexpensive               the billions of dollars in
online and cable content. That    develop value-adding apps.          (Apple TV starts at $119;                possible revenue. Showtimes,
was nearly 10 years ago. And,        Imagine downloading an app       Google TV devices range from             video conferences, slideshows,
for several years now, even       that displays movie showtimes       about $300 for a box to use              interactive sports events and
Microsoft has sold Windows        and previews for nearby             with your HDTV or more for a             other as-of-now unimagined
Media Center, software            theatres—on your TV. Imagine        standalone, Internet-ready TV)           usages will all be available on
installed on your computer        chatting with an overseas           and their features—so far—are            your 52-inch LED HDTV. Your
and connected to your TV.         friend via video phone—on           modest:                                  viewing experience will never
Other companies like Boxee        your TV. Imagine an app that           Apple TV PRO: Connects                be the same.
and TiVo provide hardware         creates a slideshow of your         your TV to iTunes, a few other
solutions—Internet-enabled        Facebook photos—on your TV.         Apple-approved websites, and
devices that you plug directly    Imagine an app that allows          allows you to view movies
                                                                                                                     BELOW: Logitech Revue for Google TV
                                                                                                                                         LEFT: Apple TV

38 | HUSH MAGAZINE                                                                                                        WWW.HUSHMAGAZINE.CA
                                   Lisa O’Dwyer
                                   Date: January 2011              Colours: CMYK    Insertion: January 2011
                                   Art Director: Michael Sinanan   Size: 1/2 Page   Approved By:


295 WEST 2ND AVENUE | 604 729 5990 |

                                   The Sin Bin
                                   Date: January 2011              Colours: CMYK    Insertion: January 2011
                                                                                     play, clIcK anD GO
                                                                                     What to listen to now | by TRanT lee-amIeS

 From a six-piece band with a three-legged horse on its latest album cover to what’s been called the “most successful
 Jewish/Arabic partnership since the dawn of human culture” (that would be P-Thugg and Dave 1’s mash-up of Rick
 James meets Hall & Oates electro-funk), there’s plenty of variety in the beats sounding off the start of 2011.

                                                                                                                                                                      IMAGE: COURTESY ROUGH TRADE

                       british Sea power | Valhalla Dancehall Nothing beats placing bets on                               DOWnlOaD
                       three-legged horses with beautiful names…. That’s the musings of                         5 TUneS TO aDD TO yOUR playlIST
                       Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal and the inspiration for the cover art
                       on the new album from British Sea Power. One description of this                         1. little Dragon Test > Yukimi
                       Brighton-based band’s sound: “Music of exquisite, luminous beauty.”                         Nagano, who recently toured
                       (So says The Guardian in the UK.) The current single “Living Is So Easy”                    with Gorillaz, has one of the most
                       from their fifth album has a lightness and peppiness not heard in their                     fascinating and perfect voices in
  earlier releases. Maybe their stage antics with Ursine Ultra (a 10-foot bear), plastic birds and                 music right now.
  foliage are adding some brevity to their music. Rough Trade;                     (Little Dragon, 2007, Peacefrog)
                                                                                                                2. lia lices Grown > Unknown Piano
                           Ra Ra Riot | The Orchard This band started at the same time, with the                   pop vocal from this Tori Amos-
                           similar sound and university roots (Syracuse instead of Columbia) as                    and Cat Power-influenced singer-
                           fellow New Yorkers, Vampire Weekend, but they remain less known.                        songwriter from Brooklyn, NYC.
                           Let’s change that. The band follows up its brilliant 2008 debut, The          (Grown Unknown, 2011, Jagjaguwar)
                           Rhumb Line, with The Orchard, a continuation of baroque dreamy pop                   3. cut copy Where I’m Going > The
                           sound. Barsuk;                                                             Australian dance/pop band is
                                                                                                                   busy in the studio finishing up
                           cake | Showroom of Compassion Cake’s first album on their new label                     its eagerly awaited new album.
                           with new band members (and recorded in the band’s own solar-                 
                           powered studio) continues the same half-sung, half-spoken smirking                     (Zonoscope, 2011, Modular)
                           funk-pop attitude. To wit, some sample lyrics: “You hate the President               4. land Of Talk Quarry Hymns > A
                           or a big movie star, someone you’ll probably never meet. Gradually                      beautifully layered and produced
                           though, the circle tightens and the objects of hate get closer and closer               album from this Canadian rock-
                           to the hater. Now it’s your uncle or your mother, now it’s your close                   pop band.
                           friend, and finally it’s you. Bummer.” Upbeat Records;                   (Cloak And Cipher, 2010, Saddle Creek Records)

                                                                                                                5. clutchy Hopkins Love of a Woman
                           chromeo | Business Casual The ’80s just won’t go away, or at least                      featuring Darondo > Who is
                           P-Thugg and Dave 1 won’t let it go without a fight—and a damn-                          Clutchy Hopkins? Whoever he is
                           good re-invention. In Business Casual, the Montreal duo’s third                         (or they?), Clutchy’s beats combine
                           album, influences include A Flock Of Seagulls, vocoder from Giorgio                     the jazz of Miles Davis and the
                           Moroder’s early ’80s work (“Hot Mess”), Mariah Carey (“When The                         funk of The Roots with a hint
                           Night Falls”) and Diana Ross (“Chain Reaction”)—and they pull it off.                   of folk. It’s a dead-good listen.
                           Big Beat,                                                         (Walking
  For more music musings, go to                                Backwards, 2008, Tapemodern)

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                                                                            WITH HUSH
                                                                             AND WIN
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                                                                           THE QUEEN OF JEANS

                                                                              THE QUEEN OF TO
                                                                                     OFFER 2011
                                                                           EXCLUSIVEDate: JanuaryJEANS              Colours: CMYK        Insertion: January 2011
                                                                             HUSH MAGAZINE
                                                                                    Art Director: Michael Sinanan
                                                                              EXCLUSIVE OFFER TO                    Size: 1/4 Page       Approved By:
                                                                                HUSH MAGAZINE

                                                                                 VALUE $130
                                                                                    VALUE $130
                                                                            Redeemable for a Pair of
                                                                                by The Queen of Jeans
                                                                          Jeans Redeemable for a Pair of
                   professional                                                 ($89.99 CAD) plus
                                                                             Jeans by The Queen of Jeans
                                                                              Style/Fitting Session
                                                                                    ($89.99 CAD) plus
                   web design & development                                      ($40 CAD) Value
                                                                                  Style/Fitting Session
                                                                                      ($40 CAD) Value
                                                                         Offer Expires August 15th 2011. The
                                                                         Queen of Jeans studio is located
                                                                               Offer Expires August 15th 2011. The
                                                                         in Richmond. Call 778.297.1372 to
                                                                               Queen of Jeans studio is located
                                                                         schedule your appointment. Style/
                                                                               in Richmond. Call 778.297.1372 to
                                                                         Fitting Session will be 1/2 hour.
                                                                               schedule your appointment. Style/
                                                                         Take advantage of the Canada Line
                                                                               Fitting Session will be 1/2 hour.
                                                                         and we will pick you up and drop you
                                                                               Take advantage of the Canada LineTo purchase go to www.
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     Digit Art Designs web & graphic design                                    and we will pick you up and drop you
                                                                         denim for Women.               
                                                                               off. The Queen of Jeans only offers
                                                                               denim for Women.

WWW.HUSHMAGAZINE.CA                                                                      Quen Of Jeans                                   HUSH MAGAZINE || 41
                                                                                                                                         HUSH MAGAZINE    41
                                                                                               January Jeans
                                                                                         Date: Quen Of 2011         Colours: CMYK        Insertion: January 2011

                                                                                              Date: January 2011         Colours: CMYK        Insertion: January 2011
                                                                            BEACH BUSINESS
                                                              This duo combines friendship, travel + business in one successful package

                                                                                                                             See the Beach
                                                                                                                             Travellers, TJ and
                                                                                                                             Graeme, in their
                                                                                                                             “home office” in
                                                                                                                             Vancouver, chatting
                                                                                                                             over a beer in
                                                                                                                             Hell’s Kitchen.

meet Graeme barker and TJ Hermiston. Shaggy hair under a Dc cap, Graeme looks like a quintessential surfer dude. and a fun guy to
travel with…. His best friend TJ and partner in their company, beach Travellers, is clad in a plaid shirt (over, yep, a Dc t-shirt) and has the
same nonchalant vibe. The 20-something guys grew up together here in the lower mainland, in White Rock, but they cemented their
friendship—and business partnership in a unique tour company—in Thailand.
aT 19, GRaeme was on MSN chat with TJ,            local fare (and brew), adrenaline-inducing         so many people out there willing to help,
who’d been backpacking overseas for six           activities (like hang gliding over Rio), and       willing to give you advice over coffee,” says
months. Two days later he bought a plane          unforgettable experiences (like bathing a          TJ. Just ask. Accept yourself as a sponge,
ticket and met him in Thailand. That trip         rescued elephant in a river).                      “soaking up knowledge wherever you can.”
changed their lives—much like every                  All you do is book it and show up. The             Starting out at 19, it wasn’t easy for Graeme
tour that’s part of their company, Beach          details are taken care of. The gist of Beach       and TJ to draw direction for their unique
Travellers, aims to do.                           Travellers is that you get down with               enterprise, but they learned along the way
   “Honestly, if we didn’t go on that trip I      the culture and off the beaten path. You           without a business model to follow. Now
don’t think we’d be doing this today,” says       might get a bit dirty (say, rock climbing in       they are one. Constantly on the road, their
Graeme. And after that first adventure            Thailand) but these are not your basic wing-       meetings take place between Argentina
in Thailand they both knew they could             it backpacking tours. Forget getting lost in       and Thailand over Skype. Things are
make the same trip 10 times better. So they       a sketchy port town, sucked in by tourist          always changing. That first trip to Thailand
created their first tour of Thailand to share     traps and scams, or ending up in scuzzy            continues to morph. And whether it’s Bali or
with other travellers and Beach Travellers        accommodations.                                    Brazil, there are now four years of knowledge
was set in motion.                                   The fave spots that Graeme and TJ have          and experience packed into one month.
   Travel is a lot about trust. So, are you       built tours around: Thailand, Bali, Costa             So where next? They’re mum on future
going to trust some 50-year-old guy in a suit     Rica, and Brazil. And this year they’ve            destinations, hinting at Africa and maybe
sitting in an office in Toronto, as TJ puts it,   added El Salvador, where you can join the          somewhere cold, but they see the business
making decisions based on a number—or             Beach Travellers’ surf camp. There’s always        growing worldwide with offices eventually
someone more like you? Graeme and TJ are          some “mind-blowing activity,” as Graeme            set up in other countries. They joke about
their own demographic. “We designed the           says. “If you want to just lay on the beach        “Unicorn Tours” and “Magic Carpet Rides”
trips as something for us, as travellers, that    and drink a beer you can do that, but if you       but by offering eye-opening experiences
we would want to see as well,” says TJ.           want to jump off the cliffs of Rio de Janeiro      in new places and cultures with new
   They call it “real” travel. Stepping off a     you can do that too.” And expect some              friends, the tours often end up just that for
plane and into the culture of the people          practical jokes along the way (there was           participants—a magic carpet ride.
who actually live in these places. “It’s not a    that incident in Costa Rica with the little           “A lot of people come home and tell us
two-week trip to a resort with a pool,” says      shorts and the Viagra…).                           these heart-warming stories about how the
Graeme. (Although plenty of pools—and                These guys know how to have fun, but            trip has changed their life,” says TJ.
verging-on-Speedo shorts—have made                they’re also serious entrepreneurs. Their             Bring on the beach! — B. Sligl
their way into their itineraries.) Trips are      advice to someone starting a business:
designed as if for them; intimate groups          access the professional network; join the          Want to go with? Check out
of 12 to 14 like-minded people, sampling          entrepreneurial community. “There are              or call 1-800-949-1865.

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                   FEBRUARY 5, 2011
                                                                                            Are you the next Ken Burns or Michael

         15% off
                                                                                             Moore? Put your ideas—whether ci-
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                              2539 Main Street
                              2539 Main Street

                Sugar Shack
                Date: January 2011              Colours: CMYK    Insertion: January 2011
                                                                                            To purchase got to
                                                                                             To purchase got to

                Art Director: Michael Sinanan   Size: 1/4 Page   Approved By:                        Date: January 2011              Colours: CMYK    Insertion: January 2011
                                                                                                     Art Director: Michael Sinanan   Size: 1/4 Page   Approved By:

       50% to
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       65% OFF
       1 ON 1 TRAINING
      $50 for 4 private lessons
        1 ON 1 TRAINING
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                                           3 LOCATIONS TO CHOOSE FROM
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             Boxer Fit                                                                                                                                HUSH MAGAZINE | 43
                Date: January 2011              Colours: CMYK    Insertion: January 2011

                                                                                                   GRAND OPENING
                                                                                                             FEBRUARY 5, 2011
         when you purchase one at
               regular price.
 Valid From Feb 15th 2011 To July 1st 2011. Maximum 2 Per Table
        Cannot Combine With Other Offers Or Promotions

  Regional Tasting Lounge | 1130 Mainland Street | Vancouver
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                                                                    $5 applies to second entree
                                                                        of equal or lesser price                        2539 Main Street

                                                                                                          Sugar Shack
                       RTL                                                                                Date: January 2011              Colours: CMYK      Insertion: January 2011
                       Date: January 2011         Colours: CMYK          Insertion: January 2011          Art Director: Michael Sinanan   Size: 1/4 Page     Approved By:

                       GIF T CERT IF IC ATE
                                 FROM: BodyCo Fitness

                      $99 for
                  3 Personal
          Training Sessions
                                   Regular Price $250
                                      Date: __nov 21, 2010
                             Expiry: One Year from date of Certificate
                                    Authorized by: Chris Austin


                                                                  115 Bowser Avenue
                                                                   North Vancouver

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                        Body Co Fitness
                        Date: January 2011        Colours: CMYK        Insertion: January 2011

                 To purchase go to

                                                                                                                      YOU, ON FILM
                                                                                                                      YOU, ON FILM
                                                                                                                         Want to channel your inner Kate Moss?
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        $65, REGULAR PRICE $130
        $65, REGULAR PRICE $130

                                     L’atelier                                                                                                        Date: January 2011                      Colours: CMYK                    Insertion: January 2011
                                    Date: January 2011
                                    Date: January 2011           Colours: CMYK
                                                                 Colours: CMYK      Insertion: January 2011
                                                                                   Insertion: January 2011                                            Art Director: Michael Sinanan           Size: 1/4 Page                   Approved By:
                                    Art Director: Michael Sinanan Size: 1/4 Page
                                    Art Director: Michael Sinanan Size: 1/4 Page   Approved By:
                                                                                   Approved By:

                               Clean home. Clean earth.
                               Clean home. Clean earth.
     This fairy brings home detailing that’s a a step above and beyond.
  This fairy brings home detailing that’s step above and beyond.                                                                                                                                                                       iing**
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               y tt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                y   ann
         spring                                                                              rall
                                                                                         natura                                                                                                                  o
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 o n off
                                                                                                                                                                                                           e ii
       cleaning is
                                                                                                                                                                                                    o a
      twice as nice:                                                                                 ble
                                                                                          biod egra                                                                                               ff
    Get $100 of eco
    Get $100 of eco
   cleaning for $50!*
   cleaning for $50!*                                                                                                                 sun-                                                    $20
         Go HOT DEALS at
         Go toto HOT DEALS at
                                                                                           clean + green
                                                                                           clean + green
                                                                                                                                    kissed +  +
                                                                                         oxic in
                                                                                          xic in                                   sexy without
                                                                                                                                          without                                             from Envy Sunles
                                                                                                                                                                                              from Envy Sunles
                                                                                                 gred ieietn
                                                                                                         n s ts                      the sun!!
                                                                                                                                     the                                                                       ssMobile Tanning
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mobile Tanning
      Cannot combine with other
  ** Cannot combine with other
      offers or promotions. Valid from
     offers or promotions. Valid from
      February 15th to May 31st, 2011.
     February 15th to May 31st, 2011.                                                                                                                                                    Go o
                                                                                                                                                                                         Go tto
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sa h
                                                                                                                                                                                                         S atth
                                                                                                                                                                                                                u hm
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ne a   a..
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                                                                                                                                                 We bring the tan to you...
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                                                          See what’s going on in Vancouver | VIDEOS BY SHANE MORGAN

       his is where you go meta with
       Hush. Our video team is all
       about providing you with more
perspective and coverage on local music,
style, business, politics and more.
    This issue we take you inside the
fashion industry, from the runway itself
to the designers behind it. And we talk to
local musicians about everything from
Vancouver itself to a cheesestick.
    Scan each unique barcode—a QR
code—with the camera on your smart
phone and you’ll be connected to a video
on our website And
then tell us what you think. What videos
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 TUNE IN         Far East Movement                                  GET REAL           designers dish

                                                             Two must-sees at Vancouver Fashion Week: the opening show and
                                                             the couture swimwear line. And Hush was there for both, when
                                                             Rozemerie Cuevas’ Jacqueline Conoir Collection started the week
                                                             and 20-year-old Katharine Demarchelier debuted her couture
                                                             swimwear line. We also listened in when the designers met for
                                                              tea at the Regional Tasting Lounge to discuss their industry.

                                             DRESS UP        Eco Fashion Week                    TUNE IN          Blondtron
                 You probably know
                 this duo’s song “Like
                 a G6,” which reached
                 #1 on Billboard and
                 iTunes. Hush interviews
                 them here and the boys
                 finally set the record
straight. The song is definitely NOT
about a “cheesestick.”
                                                             Green was the new                               DJ Blondtron
      TUNE IN        Hot Hot Heat                            black at the first-ever                         invited Hush to go
                                                             Eco Fashion Week,                               behind the scenes
                                                             when Vancouver’s                                of an exclusive
                                                             tree-hugger vibe got                            photo shoot held
                                                             a dose of some major                            at—where else?—
                                                             style on the runway.                            Kingsgate Mall.
                                             If you missed the trend-setting and             After browsing with Blondron and
                                             environmentally friendly collections            host Jay Brown, check out the DJ’s
                                             live, watch them now. Or again.                 blond ambition at

                                                                         TUNE IN         Tre Nyce
                Host Jay Brown asks                           Are rappers the new
                Steve Bays of local band                      rockstars? Watch
                Hot Hot Heat why he                           as we ride shotgun
                still calls Vancouver                         with the “King of
                home. His answer?                             Vancouver,” Tre
                Watch and find out.                           Nyce. What’s in that

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                  Photo: Vancouver Public Library Archives.

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