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					Kinesiology at UWindsor

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                                               A nation-wide leader
                                               From its creation as a School of Physical and        variety of careers. Since 1965, more than 3,000
                                               Health Education in the mid 1960s, through its       kinesiology students have graduated from the
                                               development of one of the very first faculties of    University of Windsor.
                                               Human Kinetics in the British Commonwealth             The diversity of career choice for our
                                               a few years later, the University of Windsor has     graduates is staggering. From a NASA flight
                                               been a nation-wide leader in this field.             engineer, scientists, medical doctors, lawyers,
                                                 The Department of Kinesiology, part of the         teachers, chiropractors, physiotherapists,
                                               Faculty of Human Kinetics, offers academic           ergonomists, and massage therapists to
                                               programs recognized locally, nationally, and         recreation directors, fitness directors, directors
                                               internationally as being second to none. Students    of provincial and national sports organizations,
                                               from all over the world apply for limited spots in   sports marketing specialists, and private business
                                               our undergraduate and graduate programs.             owners, kinesiology graduates have done it all
                                                 At the University of Windsor, Kinesiology is       successfully and with distinction.
                                               regarded as a broad based, multi-disciplinary          Cutting-edge programs, small classes,
                                               academic area. Undergraduate students are            outstanding facilities, caring faculty, and terrific
                                               exposed to a breadth of courses and experiences      support staff make the Kinesiology family at
                                               during their first two years which gives them        the University of Windsor a great choice for
                                               the required knowledge to select a major for         students interested in this field of study. If you
                                               intensive study during their final two years.        are a top high school student interested in the
                                                 Becoming a part of the “Kinesiology family”        study of human movement we welcome
                                               opens up unparalleled opportunities in               your application.
                                               co-operative education, exchange programs,
                                               and experiential learning activities. The
                                               kinesiology graduate is well-equipped for
                                               further studies in professional programs or
                                               graduate schools, or for direct entry into a

      “Kinesiology at UWindsor was my
       first choice! The program quality is
       excellent, the professors are helpful
       and challenging and the students
       are like family. Human Kinetics has
       provided me with the tools that I
       need to succeed in the future.”
       Katie Mayheux BHK '05
       Occupational Therapist,
       The John McGivney Children's Centre

                                                                                                    While every effort has been made to ensure this brochure was                                                                              accurate at the date of printing, the University of Windsor on-line
                                                                                                    calendar is the official program document for the University.

2   K i nesi olo g y a t U Win ds o r
                                                                                                      OUr facIlITIes
Our Facilities
The Department of Kinesiology is
housed in the Faculty of Human Kinetics
building. Our facilities for both teaching
and research are first-rate and undergo
constant review to ensure regular
updating to modern standards. We have
“state-of-the-art” teaching facilities and
smooth-functioning labs in areas such
as: Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Exercise               St. Denis Athletic &
Physiology, Motor Control, and Motor                 Community Centre
Development. Our modern, 60-station,
                                                     The Olympic Track and Field Trials, held
computer lab provides cutting-edge
                                                     at the University of Windsor stadium in
computer technology for use by all                   July 2008, drew huge crowds from across
kinesiology students.                                the country as Canada's top athletes
                                                     competed to earn a berth in the 2008
                                                     Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

                                                     A    Human Kinetics Building

                                                     B    St. Denis Athletic &
                                    C            A        Community Centre
                                                     C    Stadium

                                                                      Kinesiol o g y a t UWinds o r    3
    Our Program

       Kinesiology at UWindsor is an elite program         Upon completion of the first two years, students         Year 3 and 4
       that accepts about 200 entering students            select a major. Currently, major choices include         Movement Science Courses
       annually. Applicants should have at least six       Movement Science, Sport Management and Sport              • Use/Abuse Drug
       grade 12 courses including English and Biology.     Studies. Each major requires the completion of 12         • Movement Science Internship
          Each year, several hundred aspiring              additional Kinesiology “major” courses selected           • Motor Control
       kinesiologists apply for admission. Typically,      from a list of 20 offered courses in that area. In        • Applied Sport Psychology
       the minimum admission average is 75 to 80           addition, students must complete options in the           • Physiology of Exercise
       per cent. We welcome applications from top          major program selected, with some restrictions,           • Human Factors
       high school students interested in a challenging,   from both Kinesiology and other departments.              • Neurophysiology
       dynamic program of study leading to a variety       The combination of required and option courses            • Special Populations
       of interesting and profitable career options.       is flexible enough to allow students to prepare for       • Fitness and Health Psychology
                                                                                                                     • Cardiovascular Physiology
          An honours degree in Human Kinetics              further studies or for direct entry into the workplace
                                                                                                                     • Ergonomics
       (BHK) is earned by completing a 40-course           in a wide variety of areas.
                                                                                                                     • Athletic Injuries/Therapy
       program in the Department of Kinesiology.
                                                                                                                     • Advanced Biomechanics
       Students complete a common core of required
       and optional courses in a broad range of sub-            Movement Science                                     • Special Topics

       disciplinary areas in their first two years. They        Movement Science is the field of science            Sport Management Courses
       will then take six non-kinesiology options from          as it relates to human activity. It involves         • Sport Management Internship
                                                                the biomechanics of movement, sport                  • Co-operation and Conflict in Sport
       other departments in the Faculties of Science,
                                                                psychology, motor development and                    • Sport Marketing
       Arts and Social Science, Business, Engineering,
                                                                memory, exercise physiology, anatomy,                • Organizational Behaviour
       and Nursing. “Core” program courses include:                                                                  • Strategic Planning
                                                                ergonomics and motor control. Students
                                                                who choose this specialty are equipped               • Sport Economics
       Year 1 - Required Kinesiology courses:                   with the skills for such positions as
                                                                                                                     • Sport and Law
         •   Sport Management                                                                                        • Sport and Government
                                                                therapist, athletic trainer, ergonomic
         •   Health and Wellness                                                                                     • Gender Issues
                                                                specialist, and kinesiologist.
         •   Sport Psychology                                                                                        • Special Populations
         •   Exercise Physiology                                                                                     • Social Construction of Leisure
         •   Functional Anatomy                                 Sport Management                                     • History of Modern Olympics
         •   Biomechanics                                       Leisure and Sport Management prepares                • Business Ethics
         •   Ethical Issues in Kinesiology                      students for employment opportunities                • Global Issues
                                                                related to the administration of leisure,            • Sport Communication
         •   Measurement and Evaluation
             (Class seat max. of 220 students)                  sport and physical activity programs.               Sport Studies Courses
                                                                Upon graduation, students assume                     • Psychology of Leisure
                                                                positions as sport managers with                     • Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity
       Year 2 - In second year, students will                   various sport governing bodies, in                   • Applied Sport Psychology
       take research design and will select 5 of                sport marketing, and with professional               • Strategic Planning
       the following sub-disciplinary courses:                  organizations.                                       • Scientific Basis of Conditioning
         •   Physiology of Fitness                                                                                   • Movement for Young Children
         •   Growth and Development                                                                                  • Biomechanics of Sport
                                                                Sport Studies                                        • Gender Issues in Sport
         •   Human Performance                                  Sport Studies is a blend of applied                  • Special Populations
         •   Sociology of Sport                                 science, humanities and social science               • History of Sport in Canada
         •   Sport History                                      courses related to sport. This major will            • Perceptual Motor Development
         •   Intro to Ergonomics                                be of interest to those students aspiring            • Physiological Basis of Sport Therapy
         •   Intro to Leisure Studies                           to a career in sport-related businesses,             • Outdoor Recreation
         •   Organizational Behaviour                           industries or institutions.                          • Sport Studies Internship
             (Class sizes range from 25-100 students)                                                                 (Class sizes range from 25-100 students)
4   K i nesi olo g y a t U Win ds o r
Our Faculty

                                                                                                                             OUr facUlTy
The University of Windsor boasts an impressive, research-oriented faculty, including
specialists in a variety of kinesiology sub-disciplines.

 Dr. David Andrews                              Dr. Kevin Milne
   Biomechanics/Ergonomics                        Exercise Physiology
 Dr. Sarah Woodruff Atkinson                    Dr. Laura Misener
   Health and Wellness                            Sport Management
 Dr. Nadia Azar                                 Dr. Richard Moriarty (Professor Emeritus)
   Biomechanics/Ergonomics                        Sport Management
 Dr. Robert Boucher                             Dr. Victoria Paraschak
   Sport Management                               Sport Sociology
 Dr. Krista Chandler                            Dr. Michael Salter (Professor Emeritus)
   Sport Psychology                               Sport History/Anthropology
 Prof. Joel Cort                                Mr. Chad Sutherland
   Biomechanics/Ergonomics                        Applied Learning Coordinator
 Dr. Jess Dixon                                 Dr. Marijke Taks
   Sport Management                               Sport Management
 Dr. Margery Holman                             Dr. Patricia Weir
   Sport Management                               Motor Control
 Ms. Adriana Duquette
   Lab Demonstrator
 Dr. Sean Horton
   Life Span Development
 Dr. Kenji Kenno
   Exercise Physiology
 Dr. Marliese Kimmerle (Professor Emerita)
   Motor Development and Performance
 Dr. Todd Loughead
   Sport Psychology
 Dr. Wayne Marino
   Sport Biomechanics
 Dr. Scott Martyn
   Sport History
 Dr. Cheri McGowan
   Exercise Physiology
 Dr. Nancy McNevin
   Motor Learning
 Dr. Alan Metcalfe (Professor Emeritus)
   Sport History

                                                                                            Kinesi ol o g y a t UWinds o r     5
                                              Experiential Learning

                                              The Human Kinetics Co-op Program at the              Leisure and Sports Management-
                                              University of Windsor is one of only three such      Related Positions
                                              programs in Ontario. Demanding admission             • Administrative Assistant
                                              requirements ensure the excellence of our            • Assistant Camp Administrator
                                              students. Approximately 75 of our 650 Human          • Athletic Therapy Assistant
                                              Kinetics students participate in co-op programs.
                                                                                                   • Event Coordinator
                                              Positions are available across the country and all
                                                                                                   • Geriatric Facilities Manager
                                              are guaranteed to be in kinesiology-related areas.
                                                                                                   • Fitness Trainer
                                                                                                   • Health Promotions Coordinator
                                              Admission Process
                                                                                                   • Marketing Research Assistant
                                              Students who are admitted to the Human
                                                                                                   • Marketing/Fundraising Specialist
                                              Kinetics Co-op Program typically have achieved
                                              above-average academic grades in both high           • Program Coordinator
                                              school and their first year of university. In        • Sports Marketing/Event Management
                                              addition, most have relevant previous volunteer
                                              and work experience. Admission is based on an        International Exchange
                                              application and interview process.                   Opportunities abound for Kinesiology students at
                                                                                                   the University of Windsor. We have student
                                              Salary                                               exchange programs to the United States,
                                              Compensation for co-op placements ranges
                                                                                                   Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands among
                                              between $10.50 to $20/hour.
                                                                                                   others. Many of our students participate in
                                              Kinesiology Co-op Placements                         career-related internship courses which count for
                                              Movement Science-Related Positions                   academic credit and allow students to get
                                              • Assistant Recreation Coordinator                   valuable experience in various areas of
                                              • Athletic Coordinator                               kinesiology. Others have interesting part time
                                              • Chiropractic Assistant                             jobs, on campus, working in sport and recreation,
                                              • Ergonomist                                         cardiac rehabilitation, facilities management,
                                              • Exercise Therapist                                 athletic training or research. Some of our
                                              • Health & Safety Coordinator/Consultant             outstanding senior students are offered teaching
                                              • Kinesiology Assistant                              assistantships to work with faculty members in
                                              • Operations Assistant
                                                                                                   many academic areas.
                                              • Personal Trainer
       “I realized early on that university                                                          Kinesiology students are among the leaders,
                                              • Physiotherapy Support Person
        is about reaching for – and even                                                           campus-wide, in earning both entrance and
                                              • Research Assistant
        beyond – your academic and            • Safety Auditor
                                                                                                   continuing scholarships and bursaries. Since
        personal goals.”                      • Special Needs Assistant                            2000, kinesiology students have earned
        Maria Tambakis BHK '06                • Student Kinesiologist                              hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in
                                              • Student Therapist                                  academic awards at UWindsor.
6   K i nesi olo g y a t U Win ds o r

 Since 1965, more than 3,000 kinesiology students have graduated from the University of Windsor
 and excelled in a diversity of careers from physiotherapy and medicine to sports marketing and
 management. Many have gone on to professional or graduate schools.
 Chuck Smith                                                Geoff Astles
 Reg. Physiotherapist                                       Reg. Massage Therapist
“Being part of a team means that you learn how             “The Kinesiology program is a really good
 to get along with people and that takes you to             foundation for the next level whether that be in
 the next level whether it be in teaching, coaching,        the business administration field, the health
 sports medicine, or injury rehabilitation.”                sciences field, or the education field.”

 Steve Radovich                                             Gerald Hlady
Chiropractor                                                Secondary School Teacher
“Go out and see the different people who have              “My advice to current and future kinesiology
 human kinetics degrees and see how they have               students is to get involved. Don’t wait for
 taken those degrees into both traditional and              things to happen to you; go out there and
 non-traditional careers.”                                  make things happen.”

Graduates of the Department of Kinesiology and its predecessors are employed in literally
hundreds of different careers:
Cheri Bacon                            Andrew Fourney                       Katie Mayheux
  Ergonomics Specialist,                 Director of Hockey Operations,        Occupational Therapist
  Workers Compensation                   Huron Hockey Schools               Amanda Smith
  Board of Ontario                     Dave Gotts                              Director of Recreation,
Sefu Barnard                             VP Special Programs,                  Town of Kingsville
  Manager, Player Programs,              Lambton College                    Tim Phelan
  Toronto Raptors                      Todd Griffin                            Director of Marketing,
Dr. Tom Best                             Executive Suite Sales,                 Nike Europe
  Director of Sports Medicine,           Air Canada Centre                  Rob Pula
  Ohio State University                Todd Haskell                            Kinesiologist, co-owner,
Graham Brown                             Principal, Chatham Kent               Kinetic Konnection
  Executive Director,                    Secondary School                   Karen Regier
  Ontario Rugby Association            Mike Janisse                            Head of Educational Services,
Craig Campagna                           Promotions Specialist,                University Hospital, London
  Medical Student Year 2,                Windsor-Essex                      Jake Rondot
  Schulich School of Medicine and        County Health Unit                    Manager, HK Press
  Dentistry - Windsor Program          Joe Kantor                           Dino Sbrocca
Michelle Colley                          Marketing Manager,                    Echocardiography Technician
  Lawyer                                 Ontario Tennis Association
                                                                            Sharon Squire
Michelle Colwell                       Rob Kardas                              Senior Consultant,
  VP,                                    Associate Dean, Lambton College       Sport Canada
  Goodlife Fitness                     Warren Kennedy                       Linda Staudt                            “Think outside the box! There are
Rich Coughlin
                                         Director of Education,                Superintendent of Education -         so many different things you can
                                         Greater Essex County District         Student Success,
                                         School Board                          Windsor-Essex Catholic District
                                                                                                                     do with the skills you learn in
  Proactive Ergonomics
Jim Dowling
                                       Dwain Lewis                             School Board                          kinesiology. They will all benefit
                                         Group Sales Manager,               Andrea Steen                             you no matter what profession
  Professor of Biomechanics,
                                         Detroit Tigers                        Medical Doctor
  McMaster University
                                       Peter Leyser                                                                  you choose.”
Victoria Dufour                                                             Qian Tang
                                         Marketing Director,                   Chief of Section for Technical and
  Medical Student, Year 1,               Golfmax Canada                                                             Robin Cooper BHK '94, MHK '97
  Des Moines University                                                        Vocational Education – UNESCO,
                                       Chad London                             Paris, France
Ian Ellis                                Chair of PE and Rec. Studies,      Darren Varga
   Director of Marketing and Special     Mt. Royal College                     Occupational Health and Safety
   Events, Ontario Hockey League
                                       Nicholas Malian                         Inspector, City of Windsor
Janice Forsyth                           Pharmacy student,                  James Wawrow
  Executive Director,                    University of Waterloo                Chiropractor,
  Leadership Windsor
                                                                               Nautical Mile Chiropractic
                                                                                                                                        Kinesi ol o g y a t UWinds o r      7
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