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Tribal leaders gather
in Madison
Annual “State of the Tribes” addresses the need for cooperation
John Kozlowicz                                                have been coming to Madi-        create more jobs and help
Staff Writer                                                  son annually seeking to meet     the tribes bring more federal
   On February 23, St. Croix                                  individually with Wiscon-        stimulus dollars back to the
Chippewa Chairman Lewis Taylor                                sin’s lawmakers and to con-      reservations.
delivered the annual “State of the                            duct                                Although the need for
Tribes” address to a joint session of                         government-to-government         jobs, basic healthcare and an
the Wisconsin Legislature and tribal                          meetings as a means of plan-     investment in education re-
representatives at the State Capital                          ning for the future. “We as      main among the top priori-
in Madison.                                                   tribal leaders need to plan a    ties, Taylor focused on the
   Following the posting of the col-                          better way of life for our       need for the lawmakers to
ors and an invocation offered by Ho-                          people,” he insisted.            encourage a greater coopera-
Chunk Nation Traditional Chief                                   Although he is proud that     tion between county and
Clayton Winneshiek, Taylor paid                               collectively Wisconsin’s 11      tribal law enforcement agen-
tribute to all tribal elders for the                          Native governments have          cies. Because the laws are
hardships they overcame and to all                            created thousands of jobs        unclear regarding emergency
tribal veterans for the sacrifices they                       and contributed millions of      services and other responsi-
made. “They worked and we will                                dollars to the state’s econ-     bilities, Taylor urged that the
continue to work to make the State                            omy, Taylor is concerned         Legislature pass provisions
of Wisconsin a better place for all of                        that despite these contribu-     that would clarify responsi-
us,” he said.                                                 tions, life has not gotten       bilities, allowing for more
   Taylor noted that beginning with                           much better for many living      cooperation between agen-
the first “State of the Tribes” ad-                           in Wisconsin’s Indian Coun-      cies. Because tribal law en-
dress, given in 2005; tribal leaders                          try. Because most tribal         forcement agencies are
                                                              headquarters are located in      constantly losing personnel
                                                              remote areas of the state,       to county and state agencies,
                                                              Taylor reminded the Legisla-     primarily because of the bet-
   U.S. Postage Paid

                                                              ture that tribes still see       ter benefits provided by the
   Permit No. 203
   Eau Claire, WI

                                                              high unemployment rates          state, Taylor asked that tribal
                                                              and that because of distance     law enforcement officers be
   First Class

                                                                                                                                           State representatives rise and pay tribute to the
                                                              and transportation issues,       allowed to fully participate                flags as our veterans enter the Assembly cham-
                                                              providing the proper health-     in the states’ retirement pro-              bers.
                                                              care to everyone living on       grams. He reasoned “that
                                                              reservations is a challenge.     this would stabilize and en-
                                                              “We need to realize that         hance all our law enforce-                  work with tribes to bring          ask you support it with your
                                                              services cannot stop at the      ment and safety services.”                  better technology to the           time, energy and funds.”
                                                              reservation boundaries,” he         Along with helping tribes                reservations, improve the
                                                              said.                            protect the Great Lakes, Tay-               highways on or near reserva-
                                                                 “We have many resources       lor asked the Legislature to                tions and work with the            INSIDE SCOOP...
                                                              to share and we ask that the                                                 tribes to better protect histor-
                                                                                                                                                                              Letters                  Page 2
                                                              state help us share those re-                                                ical findings, grave sites and
                                                                                                                                                                              Health                   Page 3
                                                              sources,” Taylor continued.                                                  other sacred sites.
                                                                                                                                                                              News                     Page 4
                                                                                                                                              He concluded by asking

                                                              He believes that the Legisla-

                                                                                                                                                                              Mascots                  Page 5
                                                              tors recent codification of                                                  the Legislature to support
                                                                                                                                                                              Youth                    Page 6
                                                              the Federal Indian Child                                                     two significant events com-
                                                                                                                                                                              Language & Culture       Page 7
                                                              Welfare Act was the most                                                     ing to Milwaukee in 2011.
                                                                                                                                                                              Veterans                 Page 8-9
                                                              significant legislation passed                                               The National Congress of
                                                                                                                                                                              News                     Page 10
                                                              to benefit Indian people in                                                  American Indians will be
                                                                                                                                                                              Gang Update              Page 11
                                                              years and serves as a good                                                   holding its annual meeting
                                                                                                                                                                              Events                   Page 12
                                                              example of what can be                                                       in Milwaukee, providing
                                                                                                                                                                              2010 Census              Page 13
                                                                                                                                           state lawmakers an excellent
 P.O. BOX 667

                                                              done when governments                                                                                           Notices                  Page 14
                                                              work together. “If we work                                                   opportunity to learn more
                                                                                                                                                                              Announcements            Page 15
                                                              together we can get a lot                                                    about tribal governments, he
                                                                                                                                                                              International News       Page 16
                                                              done,” he said. He asked                                                     said. Also next year, the In-
                                                                                                                                           digenous Games will attract              Want something special
                                                              that the Wisconsin Legisla-      St. Croix Chippewa                                                                placed in the Hocak Worak?
                                                              ture work with the tribes to                                                 thousands of athletes and
                                                                                               Chairman Lewis Taylor.                      spectators to the state. “We          Limited space is available so
                                                                                                                                                                                  send your request in early.
   TEL: (800) 472-3089 FAX: (715) 284-7852                                                               Photo courtesy St. Croix Casino
                           Please notify the Newspaper of                                                                                                                       Submissions will be handled on
                         any address changes or corrections                                                                                                                      a first come first serve basis.
PAGE 2                                                                LETTERS                                                      Wake hikiruxe wira 12, 2010

“Take 10” in 2010
       Participate in the Census
   One of the most important      housing is unit rented or          and return their 2010 Cen-       community centers. Data is         up to five years, or both.
civic events for our nation is    owned should complete the          sus Form upon receipt.           also used to reapportion           Census workers will visit
fast approaching-the 2010         form on behalf of every per-         I ask for your participation   congressional seats to states      homes that did not return
Census. In March, all Wis-        son living there, both relatives   because the census provides      and thus assure proper dis-        forms beginning in April to
consin households will re-        and nonrelatives. Take 10          benefits to our community,       trict representation.              take a count in person. Please
ceive their 2010 Census           minutes to fill out the form       state and nation. Research          Businesses use census data      answer their questions. Cen-
Form. As required by the          and mail it back. It’s easy.       has found many people do not     to make critical decisions as      sus workers can be identified
U.S. constitution, it is impor-      In Census 2000, the na-         participate in the census due    well as to determine locations     by a badge and a Census Bu-
tant that every household         tional mail participation rate     to a lack of understanding of    for new offices and schools,       reau bag.
completes and mails back the      was 72 percent, as of the          the benefits an accurate count   helping to create jobs in our        That’s why I ask you to
form as soon as possible.         April 2000 cut-off date. The       can provide or the purpose of    communities. These and             join me and take 10 minutes
Lack of participation can re-     mail participation rate was        the census. It’s important for   many other benefits to our         to complete and return your
sult in our community and         only 19.8 percent among the        people in our community to       community and family are the       10-question Census Form.
Nation receiving less federal     Ho-Chunk Nation. I chal-           know that the census is much     reasons why everyone in the        By completing and return-
funding and less access to im-    lenge the members of the           more than a population count.    United States, every man,          ing your Census Form, you
portant services and resources    Ho-Chunk Nation to beat            Mandated by the U.S. Consti-     women and child should par-        are performing an impor-
that we might otherwise have      the 2000 mail participation        tution, the census provides an   ticipate in the 2010 Census        tant civic duty and helping
received. That’s why we, the      rate. By increasing the mail       opportunity for you to ensure    and be counted.                    to paint a new portrait of
Ho-Chunk Nation, have part-       participation rate, we can         our community is accurately         Everyone also needs to          America. Together, we can
nered with the U.S. Census        reduce the overall costs of        represented when it comes to     know that census participa-        create a better tomorrow
Bureau to encourage partici-      conducting the 2010 Census         funding essential programs       tion is safe. The information      for ourselves and by your
pation in the 2010 Census and     and help achieve a more ac-        and services.                    that you provide on your Cen-      participation can better de-
are helping to achieve a com-     curate count. About $85M             Census data directly af-       sus Form is confidential. By       fine the future for you, our
plete and accurate count.         is saved for every one per-        fects how more than $400         law, the Census Bureau can-        community and our coun-
   One of the shortest census     cent increase in mail partici-     billion per year in federal      not share respondents’ an-         try.
forms in history, the 2010        pation. I urge all people          funding is distributed to        swers with anyone, including       Sincerely,
Census form asks 10 ques-         living anywhere that are en-       tribal, state and local gov-     other federal agencies and         Sandra J. Blackdeer
tions and takes about 10 min-     rolled as members of the           ernments. Census data also       law enforcement entitles. All      2010 Ho-Chunk Nation
utes to complete. The             Ho-Chunk Nation of Wis-            guide local planning deci-       Census Bureau employees            Census Liaison
individual in whose name the      consin to look for, complete       sions, including where to        take an oath of nondisclosure      Member of the Ho-Chunk
                                                                     provide additional social        and are sworn for life to pro-     Nation
                                                                     services, establish child-care   tect the confidentiality of the    Indian County Counts Chair-
Time to “Fill the                                                    and senior centers and build
                                                                     new roads, hospitals,
                                                                     schools and job training and
                                                                                                      data. The penalty for unlaw-
                                                                                                      ful disclosure is a fine up to
                                                                                                      $250,000 or imprisonment of
                                                                                                                                         person of CCC

Baskets” at
Ho-Chunk Casino                                                                                       Proclamation
 Missy Tracy, Senior Manager Public Relations
  With Spring right around the corner it is time to “Fill the Bas-
kets” at Ho-Chunk Casino Bingo Hotel and Convention Center.                                       Vietnam Veterans Day
Ho-Chunk will be sponsoring a food drive to aid the Baraboo
and Reedsburg food pantries in helping to stock their shelves in                                        March 29, 2010
time for Easter.
  The food drive will run from March 1 through March 27,                     The Ho-Chunk Nation recognizes March 29, 1973 as the day American armed
2010. By bringing in a food item with a value of at least $3,                forces officially withdrew all combat forces from the Republic of Vietnam.
Ho-Chunk would like to recognize and reward guest’s effort by                Therefore ending U.S. military involvement in what has been perceived as a
offering $5 in Rewards Play to be placed on their Rewards Club
card at the Guest Service counter at Ho-Chunk Casino. Ac-                    highly controversial conflict that is also recorded as the longest war in United
cording to a source at the Baraboo Food Pantry they service                  States history.
300 to 400 families. Lists of items accepted are available at the
Guest Service counter.                                                       Whereas:    Over 8 million veterans served during the Vietnam era and were
  “Ho-Chunk shares the same concerns as the community and                                not afforded the respect and gratitude they deserved for serving
would like to continue our efforts to provide assistance to our                          this great country. Let us not forget the 58,195 brave warriors who
local areas,” expressed Missy Tracy, Ho-Chunk Casino’s Public                            died defending freedom, the 153,303 brave warriors wounded in
Relations Senior Manager.
                                                                                         action, the 1,948 brave warriors who are recorded as Missing in
  The donations will be collected, sorted and delivered to the
Baraboo Food Pantry and the Reedsburg Food Pantry. Ho-                                   Action and the 766 brave warriors who were taken as Prisoners of
Chunk appreciates the opportunity to come together to share                              War.
with community members in our local areas to help make the
upcoming holiday an enjoyable one for all.                                   Whereas:    The Ho-Chunk Nation recognizes all who served during the Vietnam
                                                                                         Era, our brave warriors, our Hocak Ma Na Pe. It is with a great sense
                                                                                         of pride and gratitude that we offer our sincerest respects to the

 Looking back!                                                                           warriors who have selflessly served our country during the Vietnam
 What made newsletter headlines                                              Now,       I, NASANEHIGA, WILFRID CLEVELAND, President of the Ho-
                                                                             Therefore: Chunk Nation, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Con-
 5, 10 ,and 15 years ago.                                                               stitution and laws of the Ho-Chunk Nation, in recognition of the
 John Kozlowicz                   a redesigned parking lot of-                          sacrifices made by our veterans do hereby proclaim from this day
 Staff Writer                     fers an additional 1,500 park-                        forward the 29th day of March
   Here’s what was making         ing spaces. A “Soft
 headlines five, 10 and 15        Opening” of the facility is                                         Vietnam Veterans Day
 years ago.                       planned for mid-summer.
   1995                             2005                                       and encourage all citizens to actively participate in the scheduled activities
   The Ho-Chunk Nation is           The Office of the General                  that acknowledge and express our unending gratitude and reverence to our
 named the 71st largest em-       Council announces they have
 ployer in Wisconsin. The         submitted to the BIA three                                                Vietnam Veterans.
 Nation employs nearly 2,300      resolutions passed by the                                                           IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have here-
 people in its government pro-    2004 General Council that                                                           unto set my hand and caused the Great
 grams and enterprises.           would require a Secretarial
   2000                                                                                                               Seal of the Ho-Chunk Nation to be
                                  Election. Some of the reso-
   Ho-Chunk Nation Presi-         lutions were first passed at                                                        affixed this 9th day of March, in the year
 dent Jacob LoneTree invites      the 2003 General Council.                                                           of our Lord, Two Thousand and Ten.
 all tribal members to attend     A total of nine proposed
 pre-opening tours at Ho-         changes to the Ho-Chunk
 Chunk Casino, Hotel & Con-       Nation Constitution will be
 vention Center. In addition      forwarded to the BIA.                                                              NASANEHIGA, WILFRID CLEVELAND
 to a larger gaming floor and
 new rooms to meet and stay,
March 12, 2010                                                          HEALTH                                                                                                           PAGE 3

The virtual walk from
Wittenberg to Yosemite
By Kathleen Clemons,               cards, cookbooks, fitness           Caldwell, Iris Carufel, Olivia
Exercise Physiologist              DVDs and other health re-           Curley, Kozee Decorah,
  On July 14thof last year, the    lated items.                        Mariah Decorah, Siga Fun-
Wittenberg community em-             Forty-two community               maker, Letytia Hindsley,
barked on a virtual walk to        members participated and            Ethin Hintz, Dakota Johnson,
Yosemite. The way this chal-       turned in logs and they fin-        Greg Johnson, Ben Jozwiak,
lenge worked is that different     ished the 2125 mile journey         Kathy LaMere, Lizzy Long,
activities were assigned dif-      on January 18th! Congrats to        Nicole Oknewski, Dan Olm-
ferent amounts of miles; such      all who participated, they re-      sted, Jodi Olmsted, Hannah
as 20 minutes of walking was       ceived t-shirts for their efforts   Ostenson, India Ostenson,
a mile, 10 minutes of biking       and you can see them in the         Shirley Peterson, Yaritza
was a mile, and so on. Partic-     picture modeling them. In           Rivera, Isaiah Vargas,
ipants logged their exercise       addition the top 3 mileage          Lorenzo Vargas, Lucy Vargas,
and turned the logs in. The        earners received $20.00 Wal-        Bree Anna Walker, Danee
mileage was calculated and         mart gift cards. Those were         Walker, Lanette Walker, Larry
was posted in the health office    Robert Whitewing (358.5             Walker III, Larry Walker Jr.,
so all could see how far they      miles), Lorenzo Vargas (336         Sylvia Walker, Erica
had gone and how many more         miles) and Danee Walker (258        WhiteEagle, Kaylia WhiteEa-
miles were still left. Various     miles. Listed below are all         gle, Lauren WhiteEagle,
drawings were held along the       the community members who           Navada Whitewing, Robert
way for things like the most       participated.                       Whitewing, Shalina Whitew-
miles earned that week or            Schay Anderson, Victoria          ing, and Kelly Wiese.                     to the Wittenberg community                  program, a part of the Special
sometimes logs turned in           Attocknie, Mawace Big John,           I was just going to leave               members for their efforts!                   Diabetes Program for Indians
were put into a drawing and        Ariana Bourdon, Skyler Bour-        them in Yosemite but they de-             This activity was funded by                  grant.
participants could earn gift       don, Kiaz Calderon, Enameki         cided to walk back! Good job              the Community Mobilization

Spring toward a healthier lifestyle
March is National Nutrition Month
Submitted by Seth Boffeli          choices. Many Wisconsin             diet combined with adding                 risk for chronic health prob-                vention Program web page at
WI Department of Health            families receive help supple-       exercise to your daily routine            lems,” Foldy said.                 
Services                           menting their healthy food          will not only improve your                   Learn more by visiting the                h/physicalactivity/
   Noting that March is Na-        options through the Food-           health and your state of mind,            Department’s Nutrition, Phys-
tional Nutrition Month, state      Share and WIC programs. See         but it will also decrease your            ical Activity and Obesity Pre-
health officials are calling at-   if you are eligible at Ac-
tention to Wisconsin’s grow-
ing adult obesity rate and         • Keep moving! Adding more
encouraging people to make
healthy lifestyle changes.
   “At least half the adults in
                                      physical activity to your
                                      day is as simple as walking
                                      around the neighborhood or
                                                                            Journey Forward
every county in Wisconsin are
either overweight or obese,”
said State Health Officer Dr.
                                      taking the stairs at work.
                                      Regular activity reduces the
                                      risk of chronic diseases and
                                                                        CANCER SUPPORT GROUP
Seth Foldy. “With spring right        can help you achieve and
around the corner, now is the
perfect time to change your
                                      maintain a healthy body
                                      weight. Adults should aim
                                                                                     Every 3rd Thursday of the month.
lifestyle by becoming more            for 150 minutes of physical
physically active and in-             activity each week and chil-
dulging in delicious, healthy
                                      dren should try for 60 min-
                                      utes each day.
                                                                                            March 18th
   Wisconsin’s adult obesity       • Set an example. Prepare nu-
rate has more than doubled            tritious meals for your fam-
since 1990 and was ranked
25th in the nation in 2008.
                                      ily. Plant your own
                                      vegetable garden for deli-
                                                                                         5 p.m. – 7 p.m.
   A combination of a poor            cious treats. Play a team
diet and an inactive lifestyle        sport with your family or                             Tribal Aging Unit
can increase the risk of obe-         friends. Be a leader in
sity, heart disease, high blood       healthy living.                                      Indian Mission-BRF
pressure, depression and Type      • Involve your community.                                  Questions Call Louise Voss at 284-9851
2 diabetes.                           Make sure healthy food op-
   Suggested positive lifestyle       tions are labeled and avail-
changes include:                      able at work and school.
   • Choose healthy foods.            Support policies, which in-              The Hocak Worak is a periodical published twice monthly by the Ho-Chunk Nation. Editorials and articles appearing
Choose from a variety of              crease accessibility to low-         in the Hocak Worak are the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or attitude of the
                                                                           Hocak Worak staff or the Ho-Chunk Nation.
fruits and vegetables, whole-         income residents. Promote                The Hocak Worak encourages the submission of letters to the Editor. All letters must include the signature, address
grain foods, low-fat dairy            an environment that advo-            and telephone number of the author. Letters are subject to editing for grammar, length, malicious and libelous content.
products, lean meats and fish.        cates for a healthier quality            The Hocak Worak reserves the right to reject any advertising, material, or letters submitted for publication. The
All of these provide essential        of life.                             submission of articles, poetry, artwork and photos is encouraged. The Editor makes the sole decision of what is
nutrients with fewer calories.        “Good nutrition is one of            published in the Hocak Worak. The Hocak Worak will not assume any responsibility for unsolicited material.
                                                                               Submissions deadlines for the Hocak Worak are by 4:30 PM on the First and Third Fridays of the month. We
Use to           the keys to maintaining a               cannot guarantee the publication of submissions meeting these deadlines if the space is not available. No part of this
help you make smart food           healthy life. Eating a sensible         publication may be produced without express written consent from the Editor.

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      to be placed on the mailing list.
PAGE 4                                                                     NEWS                                                     Wake hikiruxe wira 12, 2010

Get your camping gear
debugged and dusted!
Eliza Decorah                             rental, and game and laundry room.
Staff Writer                              Pets are also welcome as long as they
   During this time everyone gets the     stay leashed. A lodge and mini gro-
“itch” for warmer weather and hope-       cery store which are connected to a
fully not get hit with “one last snow-    game hall are also available where
fall.” Now is the time to start getting   campers can check in and are able to
your camping gear ready! On April         shop for basic supplies such as bread
15, Crockett’s Resort Camping and         and milk. On cold rainy days campers
RV Park will be opening to seasonal       can enjoy a cup a coffee by the stone
campers. Not only do they have great      fireplace, or on warm sunny days
rates on camping sites but they also      enjoy ice cream treats. The Crockett’s
have awesome cabins!                      Resort is located just minutes from
   Since 1997, Crockett’s resort has      Wisconsin Dells attractions and casino
made many updates and improve-            gaming fun!
ments. One of the upgrades the resort        Crockett’s Resort recently redevel-
has added are 40 new campground           oped their online website to coincide
sites to help with the demand. The        with the Ho-Chunk gaming website
children’s playground area was also       releases. Scott Marcecek and Cindy
revamped with safer playground            Thundercloud from the Ho-Chunk Na-
equipment made out of plastic rather      tion Business Department redesigned
than the wood, which children could       the website to help stay competitive
get splinters from.                       with other campgrounds in the area.
   Other amenities Crockett’s Resort      You can check it out at www.crock-
offers are: an outdoor heated swim-, which was launched and           One of Crockett’s Resort’s awesome cabins.
ming pool, canoe and paddle boat          debuted on February 25.

View of the lodge and mini grocery store.                                               Wisconsin River access areas in Crockett’s Resort.

Cell Phones and Driving—
Is it really worth it?
Submitted by                      end distracted driving.             Transportation launched a          ting into a car accident by 4     getting into an accident by 4
Lynette LeGarde, HCN                 Presently, there are 19 states   website called                     times just by using a cell        times. In 2008, 5,870 people
Director of Transportation        that have distracted driving        Distraction.Gov, which is de-      phone.                            died in car accidents due to
  How many times have you         laws in effect, Minnesota and       voted to distracted driving. It       A comparison by Strayer,       distracted driving, an addi-
gotten into your car drove        Illinois are among these            is a source of information re-     Drews and Crouch from the         tional 515,000 people were
down the street and looked        states. A bill that bans texting    garding this issue. There is       University of Utah states that    injured. This is a problem
over to see the next driver       while driving in the State of       also mention of a national,        people spend 25.5 minutes         and the only solution is to be
yakking away on the phone?        Wisconsin passed in the As-         nonprofit organization called      commuting daily. This is a        as focused on driving as pos-
They are totally oblivious to     sembly, on January 19, 2010.        FocusDriven. This organiza-        gateway for multi-taskers who     sible. Putting that cell phone
what is going on around them      It will now make its way to         tion’s mission is to stop dis-     are both driving and doing        down and muting the ringer
as they continue to sail          Governor Doyle in October.          tracted driving and to raise       something else at the same        can help you from being
through traffic multi-tasking.    There are several more bills        awareness about this topic.        time. Technology is evolving      tempted to answer a call while
Driving is a multi-task in it-    regarding cell phone use that       The founders of FocusDriven        at a rapid rate smart phones      you are driving. Driving time
self.                             are pending in the Wisconsin        have lost loved ones due to        and multi-media phones have       is meant for driving.
  Cell phones and driving         Legislature.                        this problem. If you are in-       sophisticated applications that      The next time you’re out
have become a hot topic in           On Wednesday, February           terested in joining this group     users can access in the blink     there on the road be aware of
the media recently. Oprah         24, 2010 the Jackson County         or becoming involved you can       of an eye. The study also         your surroundings and what is
helped bring this problem to      Chronicle contained a front         or register at the website,        states that 8% of drivers are     happening. Concentrate on
view after she devoted one of     page story titled, No talking       write to your legislators, or      on their phones at any time.      driving, if you need to make a
her shows to Distracted Driv-     or texting while driving?           talk to people about this issue.      The National Safety Coun-      call, pull over at a safe place
ing which was titled, Amer-       This article made reference to         Distracted Driving occurs in    cil (NSC) says that there will    to make that call. Thank You
ica’s New Deadly Obsession.       the possibility of a City Ordi-     many forms such as day-            be 1.6 million car crashes in a   and Happy Travels!
She also launched a PR Cam-       nance that prohibits cell           dreaming, eating, grooming,        one year period due to dis-
paign devoted to raise aware-     phone usage when driving.           texting, talking on a cell         tracted driving; this makes up
ness and end distracted           Currently, this is just a possi-    phone, or adjusting the set-       28% of traffic accidents.
driving which is called the No    bility but the City of Black        tings in a vehicle. A study        Data has shown that regard-
Phone Zone. Viewers can           River Falls is affected by this     composed by Reidelmeier and        less if a cell phone is hand-
log onto her website and take     global issue as well.               Tibshirani states that drivers     held or hand free it still
the pledge to do their part to       The U.S. Department of           increase their chances of get-     increases a drivers chances of
March 12, 2010                                                          MASCOTS                                                                                   PAGE 5

Wisconsin Assembly passes
anti-Indian logo legislation
Fewer schools could use Indian mascots under
provisions of AB 35
John Kozlowicz                      name, logo and/or mascot            tricts to continue using the       a specific, federally recog-       tricts may be forced to change
Staff Writer                        being used by a district school     race-based name, logos and/or      nized, American Indian tribe.      team uniforms and replace
  On February 25, the Wis-          was discriminatory. If it is        mascots.                           That a federally recognized        other inventoried items bear-
consin State Assembly passed        determined that discrimina-            The State Superintendent        American Indian tribe has          ing the banned nicknames,
Assembly Bill (AB) 35, de-          tion exists, the school district    may allow that no hearing is       granted approval to the school     logos and/or mascots, the long
signed to eliminate the use of      will be ordered to eliminate        necessary if the school board      board to refer to, or depict or    term financial implications
race-based nicknames, logos         the name, logo and/or mascot        can provide information that       portray the tribe in a nick-       cannot be determined.
and/or mascots in Wisconsin         within 12 months. Failure to        documents the following:           name, logo or mascot, or to           Assembly Bill 35 now
public schools.                     do so could result in the dis-      “The nickname, logo, mascot        use the name of the tribe as a     heads to the Wisconsin State
  Introduced last year, AB 35       trict being fined $100-1000 a       or team name that is used by       team name in the specific          Senate. The State Senate and
would allow residents of the        day.                                the school board and that is       manner used by the school          the governor must approve
school district to complain to         Passed by a vote of 51-42,       the basis for the complaint is     board and has not rescinded        AB 35 before it becomes law.
the State Superintendent of         AB 35 does offer provisions         a reference to, or a depiction     that approval.”
Public Schools if they felt the     that would allow some dis-          or portrayal of, or the name of      Although some school dis-

Mischaracterization of Mascot Bill
Letter to State Legislators
Submitted by                        bills in person at these hear-      with religious significance to     ing level of comfort with
Barbara E. Munson                   ings. Where was Mr. Hinesh?         rally team spirit is offensive     stereotypes of Indian people,
Wisconsin Indian                      • Schools with “Indian”           in the same way that many          exaggerates the cost of
Education Association               mascots delve deeply into           Christians would find offen-       change, misrepresents the
   I received a copy of materi-     stereotypes when they create        sive the use of crucifixes for     scope of the bill, and uses
als being distributed to all leg-   pageantry, cheers, and rituals      something other than respect-      false, distorted and inflamma-
islators by Senator Lasee on        to rally spirit around their ath-   ful religious use.                 tory language in making his
behalf of a constituent in Ke-      letic and academic teams.              • AB35/SB25 provides a          case. This packet of misinfor-
waunee regarding                    Some school districts even          means to resolve discrimina-       mation provides an excellent
SB25/AB35 - The Race-based          create fictional histories to       tion complaints dealing with       example of why we need to
Mascots, Logos and Nick-            justify their use of these race-    race-based stereotypes in our      pass AB35/SB25.
names proposal that recently        based symbols.                      public schools.
passed the Assembly with a            • The use of Indian symbols          Hinesh exhibits an unnerv-
bi-partisan vote.
   The document is replete

                                      Fix a Leak Week
with errors and assumptions
about Wisconsin Indian peo-
ple, both historically and in
the present, and it is filled
with conjecture and mischar-
acterization of the bill. As
spokesperson for Wisconsin
Indian Education Association
                                      March 15-21, 2010
regarding this issue, I want to         March 15-21, 2010 marks the U.S.               to examine your winter water usage.          ber part decays, or minerals build up
clear up a few of misstate-           Environmental Protection Agency’s                It’s likely that a family of four has a      on it. It’s usually best to replace the
ments in the documents.               WaterSense Program’s first “Fix a Leak           serious leak problem if its winter           whole flapper-a relatively easy inex-
   • The writer, Mr. Hinesh,          Week,” a time to remind Americans to             water use exceeds 12,000 gallons per         pensive do-it-yourself project that
claims the American Indian            check their household fixtures and irri-         month.                                       pays for itself in no time.
Movement has been involved            gation systems for leaks.                    •   Check your water meter before and          • If you do need to replace the entire
with the processes of develop-          The facts on leaks:                            after a two-hour period when no              toilet, look for a WaterSense labeled
ing AB35/SB25. AIM has had            • Leaks can account for, on average,             water is being used. If the meter does       model. If a family of four replaces its
nothing to do with it. This             11,000 gallons of water wasted in the          not read exactly the same, you proba-        older, inefficient toilets with new Wa-
legislation was crafted on be-          home every year, enough to fill a              bly have a water leak.                       terSense labeled ones, it could save
half of Wisconsin Indian Edu-           backyard swimming pool.                    •   One way to find out if you have a toi-       more than 16,000 gallons of water per
cation Association and the            • The amount of water leaked from                let leak is to place a drop of food col-     year. Retrofitting the house could
Great Lake Inter-Tribal Coun-           U.S. homes could exceed more than              oring in the toilet tank. If the color       save the family about $2,000 in water
cil. Wisconsin Indian Educa-            one trillion gallons per year. That’s          shows up in the bowl without flush-          and wastewater bills over the lifetime
tion Association has taken a            equivalent to the annual water use of          ing, you have a leak. Make sure to           of the toilets.
leadership role in advancing            Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami                 flush immediately after this experi-         Outdoors:
this issue since 1997.                  combined.                                      ment to avoid staining the tank.           • An irrigation system should be
   • Hinesh claims that “The          • Ten percent of homes have leaks that           Faucets and showerheads:                     checked each spring before use to
Oneida Nation hasn’t been of-           waste 90 gallons or more of water per      •   A leaky faucet that drips at the rate of     make sure it was not damaged by
fended by our practices – nei-          day.                                           one drip per second can waste more           frost or freezing.
ther has any one else.” Any           • Common leaks found in the home in-             than 3,000 gallons a year. A home          • An irrigation system with pressure set
honor that Hinesh has for the           clude leaking toilet flappers, dripping        with WaterSense labeled toilets could        at 60 pounds per square inch that has
Oneida Nation is negated by             faucets, and other leaking valves. All         use that water to flush for six months.      a leak 1/32 of an inch in diameter
the effrontery of speaking for          are easily correctable.                    •   Leaky faucets can be reduced by              (about the thickness of a dime) can
the tribe without their permis-       • Fixing easily corrected household              checking faucet washers and gaskets          waste about 6,300 gallons of water
sion or authority. Through all          water leaks can save homeowners                for wear and replacing them is neces-        per month.
the years that I have been              more than 10 percent on their water            sary.                                      • To ensure that your in-ground irriga-
working on this issue, the              bills.                                     •   A showerhead leaking at 10 drips per         tion system is not leaking water, con-
Oneida Tribe has provided             • Keep your home leak-free by repair-            minute wastes more than 500 gallons          sult with a WaterSense irrigation
unwavering support. Most re-            ing dripping faucets, toilet valves and        of water a year. That’s enough to run        partner who has passed a certification
cently, the Oneida Tribe pro-           showerheads. In most cases, fixture            60 loads in your dishwasher.                 program focused on water efficiency.
vided testimony at hearings             replacement parts don’t require a          •   Most leaky showerheads can be fixed          WaterSense is a partnership program
for both AB35 and SB25, a               major investment and can be installed          by ensuring a tight connection using       sponsored by the U.S. Environmental
fact that Hinesh would know             by do-it-yourselfers.                          pipe tape and a wrench.                    Protection Agency. Its mission is to
if he had bothered to partici-        • The vast majority of leaks can be              Toilets:                                   protect the future of our nation’s water
pate in (or at least listen to)         eliminated after retrofitting a house-     •   If your toilet is running consistently,    supply by promoting and enhancing the
the two lengthy public hear-            hold with new WaterSense labeled               you could be wasting 200 gallons of        market for water-efficient products and
ings held regarding this legis-         fixtures and other high-efficiency ap-         water, or more, every day.                 services.
lation. More than 60                    pliances.                                  •   If your toilet is leaking, the cause is      For more information, visit
Wisconsin Indian persons                Leak detection:                                most often an old, faulty toilet flap-
from various tribes spoke or          • A good method to check for leaks is            per. Over time, this inexpensive rub-
registered support for these
PAGE 6                                                                    YOUTH                                                                 Wake hikiruxe wira 12, 2010

Students building a
financial literacy
Niikuusra students “study the market”
John Kozlowicz                     two teams. Each team re-            know about. Each teams’
Staff Writer                       ceived $100K and with the           portfolio is updated weekly.
  Since mid-February, Jeff         use of internet research and        As of March 2, the Niikuusra
McDonald, an accountant            other information bought and        boys’ team ranked 175 of 388
with the Ho-Chunk Nation           sold stocks with the goal of        middle school teams in Wis-
Department of Education, has       increasing their portfolio.         consin with a portfolio of
been traveling weekly to the       The game is designed to pro-        $99,942.53. The girls’ teams
Niikuusra Community School         mote critical thinking, deci-       ranked 122, with a portfolio
in Nekoosa, teaching students      sion-making, communication          of $101,124.36.
the basics of business, invest-    and cooperation as teams              McDonald explained that
ing and Wall Street. Using         compete with their peers.           while the students are still
handouts and videos designed       Teams learn why the market          learning the basics (the differ-
to help students “build a fi-      or a product moves up and           ence between a public and               Jeff McDonald helping Niikuusra Community School
nancial literacy,” McDonald        down, how the economy af-           private company), he has in-            students understand Wall Street.
also has students playing          fects the stock market and the      vited others with a financial
“The Stock Market Game” an         costs (like paying a commis-        knowledge to address the stu-           receive their trust fund                Collins, Josiah Walker,
interactive game where they        sion) associated with invest-       dents before the game ends on           money.                                  Larissa Walker, Melissa
compete with teams from            ing.                                April 23. Among the goals,                Investors playing the “Stock          Zavala, Trenton Goerhing and
across Wisconsin for prizes.         Students are advised to           he said, is to make the stu-            Market Game” include; Jas-              Nick Covey.
  For the game, students at        study and perhaps invest in         dents aware of the investment           myne Collins, Donovan
Niikuusra were divided into        products or companies they          options available when they

American Indian student
achievement formed
Tracy Pecore                       in American schools!” said          there were several workshops
Newsletter Editor                  Dunlap.                             discussing how to understand
   On March 1 and 2, tribal           We need more of our Native       and eliminate racism, setting
members from the eleven dif-       children involved in education      action plans and creating
ferent affiliated tribes in Wis-   to come back and be a teacher       change in Indian Education,
consin gathered at the             or principal. Dunlap said,          and how to increase atten-
University of Wisconsin            “We have teachers teaching          dance and reduce truancy.
Stevens Point for the Ameri-       our kids that don’t know the          The wrap-up session asked
can Indian Student Achieve-        culture. If they don’t know         participants the question
ment Network Conference            the culture, they don’t have        “where do we go from here?”
which focused on “Establish-       the bond, and they don’t have       The Network conference at-
ing a Community of Support         the trust.” In order for things     tendees then provided several
for American Indian Stu-           to change, everyone needs to        suggestions and feedback for
dents”.                            be on board. Change will not        future activities and possible
   Sonny Smart, Bad River          happen in a week or month,          roles for the Network. In
Band of Lake Superior              and maybe not even a year. It       order for change to happen,
Chippewa and UWSP profes-          takes time to change a system       everyone needs to be on        Ron Dunlap, Wisconsin CREATE Coordinator speaks
sor welcomed everyone in at-       and if the principal is not on      board!                         to conference attendees about racism in American
tendance and introduced Mark       board, then that system will                                       schools.
A. Nook, UWSP Interim              not go anywhere.
Chancellor, who also wel-             Keynote speaker, Thomas
comed the 150 tribal members       Peacock, an educator, writer,
attending the conference.          administrator, professor, and
Smart said, “We need to take       consultant spoke about how
the lead and lead by example       life can be pretty rugged for
and use the language all of the    many Native youth, and too
time, no matter how much           many give up – on school, on
you know.” Often times,            their future, on their life – be-
there are groups of foreign ex-    cause of it.
change students speaking in           Throughout his presentation
their native language around       he referenced his book: The
campus. Nook said he would         Dance of Hope and Despair,
like to see the Native popula-     and shared stories from past
tion do the same and reiter-       Native American students. A                                                                                        Head Staff
ated, “By not knowing the          lot of times, having no hope           Grand Entries: 12:00 pm & 5:30 pm                     MC: Gerald Cleveland
language, you cannot fully         can be from many issues such
understand the culture.”           as missing fathers or mothers,         Registration: 10:00 am– 1:00 pm                       Youth MC’s: Dashell Thunder
   Ron Dunlap, Wisconsin           alcoholism in the family, obe-                                                                              & Trenton Littlegeorge
CREATE Coordinator (Cul-           sity, death, drugs, and di-
                                                                                     Youth Hand Drum Special                    Arena Director: Bobby Bird
turally Responsive Education       vorce.
for All: Training and En-             What are the dimensions of                        (3 People per Team)
                                                                                                                                Youth Arena Director: Christian Cloud
hancement) was also present        hope we need to target in                    1st- $300 2nd- $225 3rd- $150 4th- $75
and spoke about some of the        working with our young peo-
similarities between the treat-    ple? Peacock follows the fol-                                                                                    Head Dancers
                                                                                       Youth Canary Special
ment of Native American stu-       lowing seven dimensions of                           (3 People per Team)
                                                                                                                                Teen: Tianna Pettibone & Thomas Redbird
dents and African American         hope: 1. Future orientation, 2.
                                                                                1st- $300 2nd- $225 3rd- $150 4th- $75          Junior: Gabby Brinegar & Victor Bird
students. Dunlap made it           Goals (concrete goals such as
quite clear that too many Na-      “I’m going to pass the 10th
tive American children and         grade and make it to 11th                                                 Dance Contest
African American children are      grade. Or transcending goals         Teen Boys (13-18) Traditional, Grass & Fancy 1st- $100 2nd- $75 3rd- $50
placed in Learning Disability      such as “I’m gonna make it
                                                                        Teen Girls (13-18) Traditional, Jingle, Fancy & HC Applique 1st- $100 2nd- $75 3rd- $50
classes due to race and ethnic-    no matter what!”), 3. Belong-
ity and it needs to change! A      ing, 4. Having faith in our-         Junior Boys (6-12) Traditional, Grass & Fancy 1st- $100 2nd- $75 3rd- $50
study was done by Linda Dar-       selves, others, and the creator,     Junior Girls (6-12) Traditional, Jingle, Fancy & HC Applique 1st- $100 2nd- $75 3rd- $50
ling out of Stanford Univer-       5. Learning, 6. Imagination,         Tiny Tots (5 & Under) All Categories 1st- $100 2nd- $75 3rd- $50
sity to prove the theory.          and 7. Act of doing.
“Bottom line, there is Racism         After the keynote speaker,        All Non-Placing Tiny Tots will be paid!
March 12, 2010                                  LANGUAGE & CULTURE                                                                                           PAGE 7

Truman Lowe exhibits at
Museum of Wisconsin Art
March 17 – May 30, 2010
Submitted by                      an early age. As a sculptor
Joan Rudnitzki, CFRE              his large abstract works in
Director of Development           wood and metal are inspired
   The Museum of Wisconsin        by many elements of the natu-
Art is pleased to announce the    ral world. As he says, “My
exhibition opening of Truman      work is an aesthetic examina-
Lowe: Limn. One of the most       tion of my immediate envi-
respected sculptors working       ronment, and of earlier people
in the United States today,       who lived in this region and
Truman Lowe’s main gallery        created objects and stories re-
exhibition opens on March 17      flective of their time.”
and runs through May 30.             Lowe’s work is character-
   Lowe is currently professor    ized by its seemingly simple
of art at the University of       forms, materials and construc-
Wisconsin–Madison and cura-       tion, a fact he acknowledges.
tor of contemporary art for the   “If I do anything, I simplify
Smithsonian Institution's Na-     things. Maybe too much.”
tional Museum of the Ameri-       This exhibition which will
can Indian. Lowe has              feature two installations will,
exhibited at such venues as       as he succinctly puts it, "to
the Heard Museum in               make visual all that is known,
Phoenix, the Eiteljorg Mu-        illuminate what is not obvi-
seum of American Indians          ous."
and Western Art in Indianapo-        Events and Programs
lis, the National Gallery of         Sneak Peek Friday              Canoe, Truman Lowe, Drawing in willow wood, 2009, Collection of the Artist.
Art in Ottawa, Ontario, and          The public is invited to a
the Wright Museum of Art at       Sneak Peek gallery talk on        welcome to meet the artist at     dialogue, discussions and         out the ages. Public hours
Beloit College in Wisconsin.      Friday, March 19 at 10:30         the Opening Reception. No         artist demonstrations. This       are Wednesday-Saturday
One of his large outdoor          a.m. with Assistant Director      official program listed, a ca-    program is free for members,      10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and
sculptures was included in an     and curator of the exhibition     sual meet-and-greet for the       and $5 for non-members.           Sunday 1:00-4:30 p.m. Ad-
exhibit at the White House in     Graeme Reid. Sneak Peeks          public and artist(s).               About the Museum of             mission: $5 for Adults, Stu-
1998.                             are low-key and casual with         The Moment                      Wisconsin Art                     dents & Seniors $3, Children
   Growing up on the banks of     artists and curators discussing     Artist Dialogues on Thurs-        The Museum of Wisconsin         12 and under are free. Mem-
Wisconsin's Black River,          current exhibitions. Coffee       day, March 25, 5:00-8:00 p.m.     Art, Inc. is located at 300 S.    bers are always FREE. For
where his parents were skilled    and refreshments are avail-       Held the fourth Thursday          Sixth Avenue in downtown          more information, call 262-
makers of splint-plait baskets    able.                             every other month, this pro-      West Bend’s Cultural District.    334-9638 or visit the website
and other crafts from their          Opening Reception              gram is for those who want to     MWA is a regional art mu-         at
Ho-Chunk tradition, Lowe’s           On Sunday, March 21, from      learn more about the art and      seum featuring the visual art
connection to nature began at     1:00 -4:00 p.m. the public is     artists of Wisconsin through      of Wisconsin artists through-

Wisconsin Tribal
Language Symposium
Tracy Pecore                      from gangs, drinking, drugs,      teacher. He has presented at
Editor                            troubles with obesity, and        numerous conferences and
  The year is 2050; forty         problems succeeding in            workshops on language teach-
years have passed since 2010.     school. Many of these prob-       ing, learning, and revitaliza-
A 9 year old girl then, now 49    lems stem from their lack of      tion.
years old with three children,    knowledge of who they truly          Rose Tainter, a fluent
married to a mahi xete, she       are as Ho-Chunk people, and       speaker of Ojibwe, learned
recollects a few words and        where they come from.             English as a second language
phrases in Ho-Chunk and her         The University of Wiscon-       when she attended elementary
children do not speak the lan-    sin Stevens Point Native          school. Like many of our Ho-
guage at all. Remembering a       American Center, recently         Chunk elders, English was
few stories from what she was     held a Language Symposium         also a second language. Rid-
taught growing up, she now        to discuss those exact prob-      ing the bus to school was their
feels lost and is making at-      lems and to hear how tribal       time to trade frybread for
tempts to find what has been      communities are working to        twinkies, or deer meat sand-
lost for so many years.           keep the language and culture     wiches for peanut butter and      Tribal members from Wisconsin's 11 tribes dis-
  Envisioning the future is a     going for our future leaders.     jelly. Today, language and        cussing how to keep the language going for future
hard thing to do, especially        The Symposium began with        culture are overlooked by         generations
when it may involve yourself.     introductions of the represen-    some of our youth and not
The scenario just read could      tatives from various tribal       taken seriously.                  Grant program, a new re-          creased funding for language
become VERY REAL. The             communities in the state, who        Paap and Tainter focused on    source available to schools       maintenance and revitaliza-
struggle today with the Ho-       described language mainte-        content based instruction and     and communities in Wiscon-        tion programs.
Chunk language and culture        nance activities in their re-     how every subject is taught in    sin. Andrew Gokee, Director          It is our lack of tribal lan-
has been an issue for many        spective schools and              the language (reading, writ-      of the UWSP Native Ameri-         guage development among
years and many other tribes in    communities. Brook Amann          ing, math, etc). Paap stressed    can Center gave a brief           the younger generations that
Wisconsin are dealing with        and Laurie Harper of the St.      that teachers need continual      demonstration of an anima-        puts the future of Ho-Chunk
the same struggles. Luckily,      Croix Ojibwe shared their ex-     language fluency develop-         tion pilot for children in the    people at risk. If we lose our
the Ho-Chunk Nation still has     periences with the community      ment. Richard Mann, HCN           tribal language currently         language, than how will we
fluent speakers that are trying   language planning process.        Director of Language com-         being developed in Canada.        keep our culture and our cul-
to keep the language and cul-       Keller Paap and Rose Tain-      mented, “If you’re going to          The symposium concluded        tural view of the world?
ture going.                       ter, Lac Oreilles Band of         teach the language, you have      with a planning session to dis-   That’s why these efforts to en-
  For many of our youth           Ojibwe Waadookodaading            to go all the way, you have to    cuss the formation of a           courage language learning are
today, it is not a scenario at    Immersion School, spoke           teach language and culture!”      statewide tribal language con-    so important. We all need to
all. Many of our youth do not     about how they got started        They also discussed their ex-     sortium. Participants also sug-   do what we can NOW to keep
know many words and               and where they are today.         perience with assessment of       gested possible future            our tribal language healthy
phrases in the Ho-Chunk lan-      Paap is a founding member of      language learners.                activities such as strategic      and viable long into the fu-
guage. So many of the youth       the Immersion School since           JP Leary presented informa-    planning, developing an email     ture.
have contemporary problems        2000 and has taught as a full     tion on the new DPI Tribal        listserve, continuing to share
from things such as influences    time immersion classroom          Language Revitalization           ideas, and advocating for in-
PAGE 8                                                           VETERANS                                                     Wake hikiruxe wira 12, 2010

Vietnam Veterans Day
Submitted by                     Vietnam Veteran. The day        per capita of any ethnic           in mind, 91% of all Vietnam     recognize our Ho-Chunk men
Robert Mann, VSO                 would honor more than 1,200     group. Over half served in         Veterans say they are glad      and women who served dur-
  March 29, 1973, is recog-      members of the armed forces     combat positions such as in-       they served.                    ing the Vietnam War Era. On
nized as the day American        from Wisconsin who have         fantry, tank battalions, person-      As our warriors returned     this day there will be a special
Forces officially withdrew all   died in the Vietnam War, and    nel carriers, airborne and air     home, they were told not to     celebration at Majestic Pines
combat forces from the Re-       are listed on the Vietnam Me-   mobile units, artillery batter-    wear their uniform in public    Bingo Hall starting at 11:00
public of Vietnam. On July       morial Wall in Washington, D.   ies, and various other ships       because of all the hostility.   am. Please join us for this
20, 2009, Governor Jim           C., which include two Ho-       and gunboats.                      Ho-Chunk’s have always re-      special occasion.
Doyle signed into law Act 36,    Chunk warriors, PFC Elliot        Although not easily accom-       spected their warriors, and       According to our records,
which designates March 29 as     L. DeCora, and SP4 An-          plished, they served our coun-     upon return home, our war-      the following 216 men and
Vietnam Veterans Day. This       thony J. LaMere.                try with pride and honor. The      riors were greeted with open    women are recognized as hav-
legislation was authored by         The Vietnam War officially   average infantryman in the         arms and honored by family,     ing served during the Vietnam
Senator Kathleen Vinehout,       began on September 26, 1959     South Pacific during World         relatives and friends. By       War Era from September 26,
and Representative Mark          and officially ended on April   War II saw about 40 days of        proclamation of Wilfrid         1959 to April 30, 1975. I
Radcliffe (D-Black River         30, 1975. During that time,     combat in four years;              Cleveland, President of the     apologize if I have left any-
Falls); with the assistance of   close to 90% of the 86,000      whereas, the average infantry-     Ho-Chunk Nation, this tradi-    one’s name off this list.
veteran Alan Wright of           Native Americans who en-        man in Vietnam saw about           tion continues on today.
Sparta, and Thuy Smith of        listed, gave Native Americans   240 days of combat in one          March 29th, has been recog-
Eau Claire, daughter of a        the highest record of service   year. Keeping these statistics     nized as the official day to

Anawash, Ronald                  Goodbear, Cleland               Lowe, William                      Thomas, Leroy                   WhiteEagle, Dale Louise
Bake, Karl                       Goodbear, Orbert                Lowe, Onan                         Thomas, Allan                   WhiteEagle, Archie
Bass, Taylor                     Goodteacher, Lonnie             Lowe, Ted                          Thomas, Rick                    WhiteEagle, Sanford
Berry, Twyla Lee                 Green, Forest                   Mallory, Arnold                    Thomas, Ron                     WhiteEagle, Woodrow
Big Thunder, Twyla               Green, Jacob                    Mallory, Doug                      Thompson, Jeffery               Whitefeather, Larry
Bird, Francis Jr.                Green, Monte                    Mann, John                         Thompson, Lindley Jr.           Whitegull, Rex
Bird, Marvin Sr.                 Green, Sharon                   Mann, Richard                      Thompson, Myrna                 Whitewater, Donald
Blackdeer, Forest                Greendeer, Conroy               Mann, Robert                       Thompson, Ronnie                Whitewater, Larry
Blackdeer, Levi                  Greendeer, Leroy                McCauley, Donald Jr.               Thompson, Wayne                 Whitewing, Dallas
Brown, Lee Jr.                   Greendeer, Gerald                 (died on active duty)            Thunder, Mike                   Whitewing, Sidney
Bruce, Richard R.                Greendeer, James                McKee, Norman C.                   Thundercloud, Andrew            Wilson, Bill
Buchanan, Sharyn                 Greendeer, George               Mike, Owen                         Thundercloud, Quentin           Wilson, Sadell
Camacho, Fred                    Greengrass, Doug                Morris, Martin                     Thundercloud, Raymond           Winneshiek, Edward
Carrimon, James                  Greengrass, Donald              Mrotek, Errol                      Thundercloud, Samuel            Winneshiek, George
Cleveland, Matthew Sr.           Greengrass, Roy                 Mudd, Robert                       Thundercloud, Wayne             Winneshiek, Clayton
Cleveland, Herbert               Grey, Theodore                  Old Coyote, Kenneth                Tipton, Raymond                 Winneshiek, Sandra
Cleveland, Wilfrid               Hall, William                   Olsen, Kendall                     Topping, Edward                 Williams, John
Cloud, Paul                      Hernandez, Jerry                Painter, Ronald                    Topping, Joseph                 Wood, Larry
Collins, Donald                  Horn, Melvin Jr.                Payer, Larry                       Van Berkum, Mark                Yellowcloud, Alvis
Crosby, Emmett                   Houghton, Louis Jr.             Payer, Roger                       Waggoner, Duane L.              Yellowthunder, Albert
DeCora, Levi                     Houghton, John                  Prescott, Byron                    Walker, Alan                     Ralph III
DeCora, Paul Jr.                 Hopinkah, Benedict              Prescott, Curtis                   Walker, Terry                   Yellowthunder, Chadwick
DeCora, Randy                    Hopinkah, Conrad                Prescott, Terry                    West, Edward                    Yellowthunder, Dexter
DeCora, Richard T.               Hopinkah, Charles               Rave, Charles                      White, Frank                    Yellowthunder, Mike
DeCora, Russell Jr.              Huffman, Ted                    Rave, Dallas                       White, Glen                     Youngthunder, Charles
* DeCora, Elliot (KIA)           Humphrey, Robert                Rave, Dwayne                       White, Noah                     Youngthunder, Roger
DeCora, Elwood                   Kelsey, Alvin                   Rave, Lance                        White, Shirley Joyce
Decorah, Beverly                 Kingsley, Amos Jr.              Redhorn, Ivan
Decorah, Bruce                   Kingswan, Charles               Reynolds, Arthur
Decorah, Fredrick                Kingswan, William F.            Reynolds, Clarence
Decorah, Leslie Jr.              Koudsen, Starling B.            Rockman, Jeremy
Decorah, Louie                   Ladd, Boye                      Russell, David Priest
Decorah, Orlando                 *LaMere, Anthony (KIA)          Shegonee, Lee
Decorah, Pierre                  LaMere, Charles Alex            Soldier, Thomas
Decorah, Raymond                 LaMere, Daryl                   Smith, Bradley
Dick, Crandall II                LaMere, David                   Smith, Charles
Dick, Conrad                     LaMere, Francis G. Jr.          Smith, Emery J.
Dick, Ermon                      LaMere, John F.                 Smith, Michael
Dick, Norbert                    LaMere, Lawrence                Smith, Robert K.
Dick, Vanverd Jr.                LaMere, Mike                    Snake, Henry
Earth, Gerben D.                 LaMere, Robert                  Snake, Ralph
Easu, Daniel A.                  LaRose, Richard                 Snake, John
Ely, Wyatt Richard               Lewis, Curtis                   Snow, James
Free, Virgil                     Lewis, Frederick                Snow, Louis Jr.
Funmaker, Anna Rae               Lewis, George                   Snowball, Calvin
Funmaker, Arnold                 Lincoln, Gilman Jr.             Snowball, Gordon
Funmaker, Charles                Littlegeorge, Evans             St. Cyr, Don
Funmaker, Dennis                 Littlewolf, Edward              Steindorf, Harry
Funmaker, Gary                   Littlewolf, Leroy               Storm, Armond
Garcia, Anna Rae                 Logan, David                    Sullivan, Spencer
Garcia, Frank                    Logan, Edward                   Swallow, Howard
Garcia, Sam                      Lonetree, Jacob                 Tebo, Frank
Garvin, Cecil                    Lonewolf, Charles               Tebo, Richard
Gomez, Calvin                    Lonewolf, Grover                Thomas, Joseph A.
Goodbear, Bill                   Lopez, Raymond                  Thomas, Larry
March 12, 2010                               VETERANS                                                     PAGE 9

                     V IETNAM V ETERANS D AY
                      M ARCH 29, 2010
                                       Schedule of Events
     11:00 Grand Entry - Post 129, Post 442, Post 556      11:55 Remarks by family members of Elliot De Cora
                 Flag Song                                       & Anthony La mere
                                                           12:05 Taps Followed by a moment of silence
                 Vietnam Song
                 Post Colors                               12:10 Honor Songs - Elliot De Cora & Anthony

     11:15 Opening Remarks                                        La Mere

     11:20 Invocation: Chief Clayton Winneshiek            12:20 Prayer for Food ( Ho-Chunk Elder)
                                                           12:25 Meal by Auxiliaries 129 & 556
     11:25 Reading of Proclamation - President Cleveland
     11:30 Senator Kathleen Vinehout                       1:10   Thank You Song

     11:40 Congressman Ron Kind                            1:15   Introduction of Mik Derks - Wisconsin
                                                                  Public Television
     11:50 Wreath Presentation: Families of Elliot De Cora
                                                           1:20   Preview of “Wisconsin Vietnam Stories, Our
           & Anthony La Mere
                                                                  Veterans Remember”
                                                           2:00   Closing Ceremony - Retire Colors
PAGE 10                                                                  NEWS                                                       Wake hikiruxe wira 12, 2010

Interested in the field of
TrANS program
Eliza Decorah                    well as emphasizing help for       requirements.                     learn to aggregate testing,          have been placed in family
Staff Writer                     women and Native Americans            The Forward Corporation        laser level set-up, blueprint        supporting positions as labor-
   During tough economic         to enter and advance in the        has been operating a success-     and plan reading, MUTCD              ers in the industry. The
times, jobs are more and more    field.                             ful TrANS program for 10          flagging procedures, OSHA            TrANS program has connec-
difficult to come by. Crystal       The Ho-Chunk Nation is in       years in Mole Lake, working       10 construction safety, con-         tions with 100 contractors to
Young, Ho-Chunk Nation Ex-       collaboration with the For-        with the Sokaogon Chippewa        struction math, CPR and first        hire TrANS graduates and
ecutive Director of Labor was    ward Corporation, lead by          Community and helping             aid, among other construction        graduates earn an average of
approached by Gwen               Brian Covey, Director of           members from other Native         related subjects. Participants       $21 per hour.
Schuyler, Director of Work-      Grant and Curriculum Devel-        American communities to           also learn useful tips to help          For more information about
force Programs, in July of       opment of Forward Service          begin and sustain careers in      in the hiring process such as        the program, contact Lacey
2009 at a WisDOT meeting         Corporation. Tentatively, a        road construction.                preparing resumes, applica-          Hinsa, TrANS coordinator for
about developing a TrANS         new TrANS program is ex-                    Why road construc-       tions and interviewing.              the Wausau and Wittenberg
program (Transportation Al-      pected to launch in the Wis-       tion? The construction busi-               The program will            areas at (715)-261-7740 or e-
liance for New Solutions) in     consin Dells and                   ness is expected to add more      help to remove barriers by           mail
the Wausau and Wittenberg        Wausau/Wittenberg area at          than 1,000 jobs in the next 10    providing backup or tempo-           Contact Jeff Taylor, TrANS
areas.                           the end of March.                  years, with a 10% increase in     rary assistance for child care       coordinator for the Wisconsin
   The TrANS program is an-         The program will be held at     road construction alone. The      and transportation alternatives      Dells area at (608)-254-2600
other avenue for tribal mem-     the Indian Heights Commu-          construction business will be     to participants. After graduat-      or e-mail jtaylor@fsc-
bers to learn more about the     nity Building as an agreement      looking for dependable and        ing, the program will stay in
construction business, and to    with the HHCDA for office          dedicated people who are          touch to provide assistance in
help those interested in hav-    space. The first training op-      looking to grow within the        finding jobs and will connect
ing a career in construction.    portunity will hopefully get       company.                          with graduates to further
The program focuses on the       filled with 12-15 tribal mem-               During the 120 hour      training opportunities.
road construction industry, as   bers who meet the application      long program, students will          Approximately 400 people

Getting sick…from a purse?
Eliza Decorah                             the bottoms of purses. The purses          wipes also is key. Leather and vinyl         wallets.
Staff Writer                              most populated with bacteria were the      are less susceptible than cloth purses,        Stay healthy throughout the year,
   Throughout the day, many women         ones that frequented night clubs, bars,    but still need to be cleaned on a regu-      and think twice about where purses
set their purses down in various          and other high traffic public places.      lar basis. Other items to keep clean         are set down!
places. Go to work set it on the desk,      Best thing to do would be to keep a      would be, briefcases, diaper bags, and
go to the bathroom set it on the floor    purse away from anywhere where eat-
next to the toliet, and go home set it    ing takes place. Always make sure to
on the counter. Many women have not       wash your hands. If in a public rest-                                     SUMMONS
stopped to think about where their        room, take the paper towel to grab the                                (Second Publication)
purse has been.                           handle rather than a bare hand and                         IN THE HO-CHUNK NATION TRIAL COURT
   Many studies have been done            throw away the paper towel; do not
throughout the past few years. Re-        shove it in the purse!                      State of WI., & Michelle Decorah, Petitioner, v. Vern E. WhiteEagle, Re-
searchers have swabbed several purses       Wiping the purse with disinfectant        spondent.
and have found thousands of living                                                                                 Case : CS 10-03
bacteria, some even had millions!
Multiple purses tested positive for e-                                                TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: Vern E. WhiteEagle
coli, which causes diarrhea and other                                                           You are hereby informed that you have been named a respondent in the
gastrointestinal infections and hepati-                                               above-entitled civil lawsuit. This legal notice of the Petition to Register & Enforce
tis bacteria, which causes inflamma-                                                  a Foreign Judgment or Order is now served upon you by publication. Your writ-
                                                                                      ten Answer to the Petition must be filed with the Court on or before the twentieth
tion of the liver. The most frightening                                               day from the date of the second published issuance of this Summons. You may re-
form of bacteria found on nearly half                                                 quest a hearing within your written response. See RECOGNITION OF FOREIGN CHILD
of purses was coliform bacteria, which                                                SUPPORT ORDERS ORDINANCE, 4 HCC § 2.5. Also, you must send or present a copy
is also known as fecal matter.                                                        of your Answer to the opposing party listed above or to their attorney of record.
   Most of the germs were found on                                                    Failure to file a timely Answer in the time allowed can affect your right to object
                                                                                      to the enforcement of the foreign judgment or order. Id., § 2.6c.
                                                                                        The Trial Court is physically located at Wa Ehi Hocira, W9598 Highway 54 East,
                                                                                      Black River Falls, (Jackson County) Wisconsin. The Trial Court’s mailing address
                                                                                      is P. O. Box 70, Black River Falls, WI 54615. The telephone number is (715) 284-
                            SUMMONS                                                   2722, or toll free 800-434-4070, and the facsimile number is (715) 284-3136.
                         (First Publication)
 Sara Dick, Petitioner, v. John Dick, Respondent.                                                               (First Publication)
                               Case : CS 10-08                                                       IN THE HO-CHUNK NATION TRIAL COURT

 TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: John Dick                                             Pine County & Karla R. Smallwood, Petitioner, v. Amber M. Downwind,
          You are hereby informed that you have been named a respondent in the        Respondent.
 above-entitled civil lawsuit. This legal notice of the Petition to Register & En-                               Case : CS 10-05
 force a Foreign Judgment or Order is now served upon you by publication.
 Your written Answer to the Petition must be filed with the Court on or before        TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: Amber M. Downwind
 the twentieth day from the date of the second published issuance of this Sum-                  You are hereby informed that you have been named a respondent in the
                                                                                      above-entitled civil lawsuit. This legal notice of the Petition to Register & En-
 mons. You may request a hearing within your written response. See RECOGNI-           force a Foreign Judgment or Order is now served upon you by publication. Your
                                                                                      written Answer to the Petition must be filed with the Court on or before the twen-
 must send or present a copy of your Answer to the opposing party listed above        tieth day from the date of the second published issuance of this Summons. You may
 or to their attorney of record. Failure to file a timely Answer in the time al-      request a hearing within your written response. See RECOGNITION OF FOREIGN
 lowed can affect your right to object to the enforcement of the foreign judg-        CHILD SUPPORT ORDERS ORDINANCE, 4 HCC § 2.5. Also, you must send or pres-
 ment or order. Id., § 2.6c.                                                          ent a copy of your Answer to the opposing party listed above or to their attorney
   The Trial Court is physically located at Wa Ehi Hocira, W9598 Highway 54           of record. Failure to file a timely Answer in the time allowed can affect your right
 East, Black River Falls, (Jackson County) Wisconsin. The Trial Court’s mail-         to object to the enforcement of the foreign judgment or order. Id., § 2.6c.
 ing address is P. O. Box 70, Black River Falls, WI 54615. The telephone num-           The Trial Court is physically located at Wa Ehi Hocira, W9598 Highway 54 East,
 ber is (715) 284-2722, or toll free 800-434-4070, and the facsimile number is        Black River Falls, (Jackson County) Wisconsin. The Trial Court’s mailing address
 (715) 284-3136.                                                                      is P. O. Box 70, Black River Falls, WI 54615. The telephone number is (715) 284-
                                                                                      2722, or toll free 800-434-4070, and the facsimile number is (715) 284-3136.
March 12, 2010                                                  GANG UPDATE                                                                                                                    PAGE 11

Law officials address a
community problem
Submitted by                                 gang activity and identify strategies to        be announced around mid-April . The                         effective use of available and potential
Nancy Toth - Program Manager,                address it. An assessment was                   Office of Justice & Juvenile Delin-                         resources within and across agencies
Ho-Chunk Nation Dept. of Social              launched March 5th and is available             quency (OJJDP) “Comprehensive                               to comprehensively and collabora-
Services                                     online on the Ho-Chunk Nation web-              Gang Model: Implementation Guide”                           tively address the gang problem.
   The Ho-Chunk Nation Gang Pre-             site. The survey will be conducted for          offers strategies that have been effec-                     There are a number of concerned pro-
vention Task Force is currently work-        approximately 30 days.                          tive in addressing gangs. These in-                         fessionals who are present members
ing on an assessment of the gang                At the first “Taking Back Our Com-           clude: 1) community mobilization-                           of the Ho-Chunk Nation Task Force.
involvement to determine strategies          munity” forum held on February 12th,            coordination of programs and func-                          Representation has been from Ho-
on addressing this issue. To raise the       a Community Resident survey was                 tions across agencies and programs                          Chunk Nation Youth Services, Educa-
awareness of the communities, the            conducted by Faye Begay, member of              and involving community members                             tion, Labor, ADPS, Social Services,
GPTF is holding community forums.            the Task Force, who distributed the             and youth; 2) opportunities provision                       Office of the President, Housing and
The forum is an educational process to       form to all adults in attendance. Com-          – developing a variety of specific edu-                     HCHCDA, Legislators, Law Enforce-
engage community members, fami-              pleted survey data was entered into an          cation, training and employment pro-                        ment Commission, Black River Falls
lies, program staff, law enforcement,        online data tool called Survey Mon-             grams targeted at gang-involved                             School District; Baraboo and WI Dells
school administration and tribal gov-        key. Of the 130 surveys returned, 87%           youth; 3) social intervention – youth                       School District; Jackson Co., Sauk &
ernment officials to not only raise          of the respondents felt there is a gang         serving agencies, schools, grass-roots                      Juneau Co. Sheriff’s Depts., Law En-
awareness, but to provide information        problem while 13% replied there is              groups, law enforcement and other                           forcement Commission and the Jack-
on the gang activity occurring within        not a problem. Perceptions of the con-          criminal justice organizations as links                     son Co. District Attorney’s Office.
the communities. Members are fol-            tributing factors to gang activity:             for youth and their families; 4) sup-                          The next “Taking Back Our Com-
lowing guidelines set forth by the Of-          Another question asked the respon-           pression – formal and informal social                       munities” forum is scheduled for
fice of Juvenile Justice and                 dent to rank who they think has the             control procedures including close su-                      March 30th at the Ho-Chunk Conven-
Delinquency Prevention’s “Compre-            primary responsibility for addressing           pervision or monitoring youth in-                           tion Center. Registration will begin at
hensive Gang Model: A Guide to As-           gangs. The top five responses were:             volved in gangs; and 5) organizational                      9:30 am and the forum starts at 10:30.
sessing Your Community’s Youth               1) Family, 2) Community residents , 3           change and development- develop-                            The Agenda will be posted on the Ho-
Gang Problem.” which addresses               & 4) schools and 5) neighborhood as-            ment and implementation of policies                         Chunk Nation website, listed under
gathering data from students, school         sociations.                                     and procedures that result in the most                      Events.
officials, law enforcement, community           This information is provided as a
members and leaders in order to get a        sampling of community perceptions.                                                    TABLE 11 –Community Perceptions Data

community perception of the extent of        Results of the current assessment will               REASONS TO BELIEVE GANG PRESENCE                  Response Percentage                Response Count

                                                                                               Gangs are not a problem here                                2.29%                              3
                                                                                               School problems                                            34.35%                              45
                                                                                               Lack of activities                                         29.77%                              39
                                                                                               Family/friends in gangs                                    26.72%                              35
                                                                                               Police labeling                                             8.40%                              11
                                                                                               Gang members move for other areas                          43.51%                              57
                                                                                               To feel love/sense of belonging                            28.24%                              37
                                                                                               Boredom                                                    47.33%                              62
                                                                                               Poverty                                                    15.27%                              20
                                                                                               Power                                                       9.92%                              13
                                                                                               Protection                                                  4.58%                              6
                                                                                               Family problems                                            47.33%                              62
                                                                                                                                                          297.71%                            390
                                                                                                                                 Responses                                                   131
                                                                                                                           Skipped Question                                                  11

                                                                                              A question asked respondents what they perceived attributes to the
                                                                                              presence of gangs:

Community awareness
John Kozlowicz                      gang is a matter of respect.        Madison currently has 62 ac-                 house, cause that’s where                      your kids.” He added that it’s
Staff Writer                        He added that because they          tive gangs and that Black                    you’ll run,” he said.                          important for the school and
   On February 25, law en-          have access to so much infor-       River Falls does have gangs                    To those looking to combat                   the community to have plans
forcement officials addressed       mation, today’s teens may be        invading its community.                      the problem, Moore stressed                    in place for those wishing to
the “local gang issue” with         the smartest generation. Yet,       “Every community has a dif-                  that although spending money                   leave a gang. Mentoring is
students attending Black            he said, they are also the most     ferent tolerance level,” he                  to address the issue is good,                  huge and training is available,
River Falls Middle School           disrespectful, a trait that leave   said, agreeing with Chambers                 taking the time to invest in                   he said.
and High School. Although           them vulnerable to gang re-         that gang membership is a                    and mentor our youth is bet-                     Chavez concluded by ac-
the Ho-Chunk Nation has             cruiters. “Gangs love to see        community problem.                           ter. Noting that there are re-                 knowledging the Ho-Chunk
taken a pro-active role dis-        people fight,” he said. “Be-           Directly addressing the stu-              sources available, he said that                Nation, the Black River Falls
cussing the issue and it is         cause you don’t respect each        dents, Chavez warned that                    communities should be pre-                     School District and the Black
known that local gang mem-          other you’re giving the gangs       while joining a gang may                     pared “to think outside the                    River Falls community for the
bership includes young              exactly what they want,” he         seem like a good idea now,                   box. Don’t be afraid to try                    approach they have taken to a
women of the Ho-Chunk Na-           explained. He fears “that if        you will pay down the road.                  what you have never tired be-                  problem that law enforcement
tion, Black Falls Senior High       we don’t respect each other,        “You join a gang you become                  fore.”                                         officials believe can be con-
School Principal Tom Cham-          we’re gonna have bigger             property,’ he said. “Think                     Chavez added that while it’s                 trolled. “We can help develop
bers stressed the importance        problems.”                          about your future.” Moore                    important to use every re-                     strategies,” Chavez said.
of addressing the entire stu-         Moore explained that join-        promised all gang members                    source you can find, what’s                    When the problem gets out of
dent body and faculty. “It’s        ing a gang is not part of any-      will eventually be caught. “If               most important is connecting                   control, “we can’t fix it,’ he
not a Ho-Chunk problem. It’s        one’s culture but a learned         I don’t catch you now, I’ll                  with your children. “Be up                     warned.
a community problem,” he            criminal behavior. Most             catch you at your mama’s                     front, real and honest with
warned.                             gangs are formed as defense
   A week earlier, Madison          groups that later victimize
Police Detectives George            their own members, he said.
Chavez and Lester Moore               Asked about the rumored
joined Greg Phillips, Special       ages of the gang members in
Agent with the Wisconsin Di-        Black River Falls being be-           This is an Open Forum for all community members, teachers, and students concerned with
vision of Criminal Investiga-       tween the ages of eight to 22,                               the gang issues affecting our communities.
tions, discussing the gang          Chavez said that’s typical.
issue at the Ho-Chunk Nation        Usually gang members want                                                                                 0
                                                                                                      Tuesday, March 30, 2010 10:30 am – 3:30 pm
sponsored “Taking Back our          young people to commit cer-
Community” forum. The               tain crimes, he said. They
                                                                                                               Ho-Chunk Convention Center
three returned to Black River       know that if the younger per-                                Registration begins at 9:30 am Lunch will be provided
Falls eager to share their          son gets caught they will be
knowledge with the general          treated as juveniles and the                    Presenters: Greg Phillips, Special Agent - WI Dept. of Justice – Criminal Investigations
student population. “We             punishment likely won’t be as                                   Detective Lester Moore – Madison Police Department
don’t want you to get caught        harsh as one given an adult,                                   Detective George Chavez – Madison Police Department
up in this stuff,” Phillips said.   he explained. He also rea-                     There will be adult and youth sessions. Door prizes will be drawn at the end of the day.
“I’m here because I care            soned that younger children
about each and every one of         are also more likely to be con-                             Child care provided for Grades K – 3 at the Convention Center
you.”                               vinced into doing something                                For more information contact Nancy Toth or Katie Funmaker at (715) 284-2622
   Chavez believes that the de-     they know is wrong.                  In Collaboration with the Ho-Chunk Nation, Baraboo & WI Dells School Districts, Sauk County Sheriff’s Department, Ho-Chunk Nation Law
cision to join or not join a          Chavez continued that                                            Enforcement Commission, WI Department of Justice – Criminal Investigations
PAGE 12                                                                                                 EVENTS                                                              Wake hikiruxe wira 12, 2010

                                   SOUP DAY
                               MARCH 26, 2010
            WITH PRIZES!
                       MEN & WOMENS DIVISIONS

                         HELD @ THE TOMAH T.A.U.

                            358 EOS ROAD, TOMAH

              DINNER STARTS AT NOON COST $5.00

              ALL YOU CAN EAT
              COME AND TAKE PART
               IN THE EASTER FUN!

                            10th All Nations
                            Coed Volleyball
                            April 17th, 2010
 Black River Falls High School Gymnasium
 Time 8:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
 Open to the first 8 Teams
 Double elimination
 $125.00 per team 100% payback
 Roster/Entry fee ~Deadline April 16, 2010
 *Must be an enrolled member of a federally recognized Indian Tribe and show proof upon
                                                                     Send Check & Roster:
 First Place $750.00                                                   Randy Blackdeer Check & Ro
                                                                     District I Comm. Ctr.
 Second Place $500.00                                               N7160 Low Cloud Rd.
                                                                                        Randy Blackde
                                                                                     District I Comm.
                                                                     Black River Falls, WI
 Third Place $300.00                                                         54615   N7160 Low Cloud
                                                                                                                                      UW-La Crosse Campus Mitchell Hall
                                                                    More info 715-284-0905River Falls
                                                                      Fax: 715-284-0487      54615                                   Public Welcome Free Admission!
                                                                                        More info 715-284                              With Donation of Non-Perishable food item
 4 to 6 players on court                                                                 Fax: 715-284-04
                                                                                                                                                    CHRIS GREZLIK
                                                                                                                                                     ARENA DIRECTOR
                                        North                                                                                                          BOYE LADD
                                       American                                                                                                    HEAD MALE DANCER
                                      Indigenous                                                                                                      PAUL CLOUD

                                      Games 2011                                                                                                  HEAD FEMALE DANCER
                                                                                                                                                 ELENA GREENDEER

                              Date:          March 13th, 2010
                                Date:        March 13th, 2010
                                             March 13th, 2010
                                Time:       10am—3pm County H Rec Center
                              Location: Drop Off: County H Rec Center
                                Location: DropOff  Off:
                                Location: Drop Off: County HCounty Hwy H
                                                        N6457 Rec Hwy H
                                                  Off N6457 CountyCenter
                                             PickUp N6457 County Hwy H
                                                  Up: Norbert Center
                                            Pick Up: Norbert HillHill Center
                                                  Up                                                          Co-Host Drum~Lake Delton
                                            Pick Up: Norbert Hill Center
                                                 Up N7210 Seminary Rd.                                                                                                            GRAND ENTRY:
                                                        N7210 Seminary
                                                      N7210 Seminary Rd. Rd.                                Co-Host Drum~Midnite Express                                       Saturday 1pm & 7pm
                                Instructor: KerryDanforth
                              Instructor: Kerry Danforth
                                Instructor: Kerry Danforth                                                                                                                         Sunday Noon
                                Lunchprovided…..Registration required (attached)
                                       provided…..Registration required (attached)                                    Invited Drums:
                              Lunch provided…..Registration required (attached)
                                Lunch                                                                                 Little Thunder,
                                                                                                                                                                        Mitchell Redcloud Color Guard
 Any girls interested in trying out for the Team Wisconsin Girls Softball Team to compete in                              Hiwasipi,
 the North American Indigenous Games in 2011 are requested to attend this clinic.                                        Mole Lake,                                                   Committee Specials

 Drop off Registration form for Lori Hill at the Oneida Fitness Center OR Fax #: 920.490.3814                         Niiwo-Giizhik,                                    Saturday evening meal provided by:
 OR Email to Lori at:
                                                                                                                      Bearheart and                                          Tomah Parent Committee
 The 2011 North American Indigenous Games are being planned to be held in Milwaukee, WI.
 Dates of the 2011 North American Indigenous Games: July 10th—17th, 2011                                         Thundercloud Singers
 Age Groups:
                                                                                                              To receive honorarium Social Security Cards must be provided for ALL Singers &
 Midget..……..15-16                                                                                                                              Dancers
                                                                                                                                 UW-La Crosse Mitchell Hall – 1725 State Street – La Crosse, WI.
 Any questions contact Scott M. Murray at 920.490.3806 or email at
                                                                                                                         No Alcohol or Drugs – Not Responsible for lost or stolen items – Security Provided
                             Sponsored by the Potawatomi Foundation.                                           3Rivers Pow-Wow Committee • P. O. Box 3493 • La Crosse, WI. 54602 • 608.317.3664 •
March 12, 2010                                                     2010 CENSUS                                                                                       PAGE 13

Let’s make Indian
Country count
Submitted by                       rural communities and a his-        roads to healthcare for low in-       As President of the National
Jefferson Keel                     toric mistrust of government        come residents, veterans and       Congress of American Indi-
NCAI President                     institutions and efforts.           senior citizens.                   ans, I encourage tribal leaders
   Although National Census           Counting all Alaskans is           The goal of the 2010 Cen-        to get the work out to Native
Day is April 1, 2010, the 2010     critical. It is especially so for   sus is to paint a “Portrait of     communities about how im-
Census kicked off on January       Alaska Natives, given the           America.” Because the              portant the census is to our fu-
25 in the Inupiat Eskimo Vil-      unique, historical relationship     American Indian and Alaska         ture generations. I urge all
lage of Noorvik, Alaska.           between the United States           Native population is relatively    local leaders across the
   Because roads do not lead       federal government and that         small, every Native person         United States to encourage
to this community, census          community. An accurate              who is counted makes a huge        their community members to
workers arrived by air, snow       count of Alaska Natives             difference toward getting that     participate in Census 2010.
machine and dog sled, arriv-       means fair access to federal        portrait right.                       NCAI is working with the
ing before the ice melted and      resources and fair representa-        We know that Indian Coun-        Census Bureau and other na-
the residents leave for the        tion in state legislatures and      try faces many hurdles to an       tional and local partners to
fishing and hunting season.        the United States Congress.         accurate census count. Past        prevail over the challenges of
   It is important to recognize       Equally important, it deter-     censuses have missed more          the past to make sure there is
the significance of Noorvik as     mines the annual distribution       than one in 10 Native people.      an accurate count of all Na-
the place the 2010 Census          to states and tribes (and our       The Brookings Institute re-        tive peoples.                      NCAI President Jefferson
began. Our community of            communities and children) of        cently found that for every           We know that Indian Coun-       Keel stresses an accu-
American Indians and Alaska        more than $400 billion in fed-      person missed by the census,       try counts. Let’s make sure        rate 2010 Census is im-
Natives is one of the nation’s     eral funds annually over the        the community loses more           its people are accurately          portant to Indian Country.
hardest populations to count,      next 10 years.                      than $1,000 annually. The fu-      counted in the 2010 Census.
because of language barriers,         This federal money based         ture of Indian Country will be
barriers to travel regarding the   on census data is used for          built on a foundation of reli-
transportation to remote and       everything from schools and         able and accurate census data.

Indian Country prepares
for the 2010 Census
Questions and concerns addressed
  In an age where people are       dential and protected by law.       how long the survey will take      tional Processing Center page.     developed with input from
sometimes suspicious of what          If you have any questions or     to complete, why the informa-         If you have any questions       other federal agencies and
they get in the mail, the U.S.     concerns about a survey,            tion provided is important and     about the survey, you may          stakeholders who need the
Census Bureau announced            please call or e-mail the Cen-      how the Census Bureau pro-         call or e-mail the Census Bu-      statistics we produce. Each
that any request for survey in-    sus Bureau Regional Office          tects the confidentiality of       reau Regional Office conduct-      question on every survey is
formation will be clearly          in your area.                       your answers.                      ing the survey in your area or     specifically designed to meet
identified as coming from the         If a Census Bureau em-              Depending on the survey, a      contact a Census Bureau Tele-      a statistical need. Examples
U.S. Census Bureau and as          ployee calls you and you            field representative or enu-       phone Center.                      include:
Official Business of the           would like to verify that the       merator may carry a laptop or         Am I required to participate    • Questions about what you
United States.                     person calling is indeed a          hand-held computer bearing         in the household survey?             buy and your household fi-
  It is a federal offense for      Census Bureau employee, you         the insignia of the Census Bu-        The Census Bureau will al-        nances are used to under-
anyone to pretend they repre-      may confirm this by using the       reau. Some of our surveys no       ways tell you why your re-           stand the economy and
sent the Census Bureau or any      telephone center number or          longer use paper question-         sponses to this census or            provide input to cost of liv-
other office of the United         email on the Contact the Na-        naires and the field represen-     survey are important and why         ing measures.
States Government. Section         tional Processing Center page.      tative will enter your             you should participate, as well    • Questions about the loca-
912 of Title 18, U.S. Code            When you contact us, if you      responses directly into the        as whether your participation        tion of your employer and
stated the following: “Who-        can provide any of the follow-      computer. This allows us to        is mandatory or voluntary.           how you travel to work are
ever falsely assumes or pre-       ing information, it will help       process information more              The information you pro-          used to calculate average
tends to be an officer or          us respond more quickly.            quickly and improves the           vide is combined with re-            commuting times and to de-
employee acting under the au-      • The names of the survey           quality of statistics we pro-      sponses provided by your             termine if local areas need
thority of the United States or       and/or the return address for    duce.                              neighbors and other house-           new roads or new public
any department, agency or of-         the survey form (if you re-         If a Census Bureau em-          holds across the country to          transportation routes or ven-
ficer thereof, and acts as such,      ceive a request in the mail      ployee has called you and you      provide summary statistical          ues.
or in such pretended character        or by e-mail.)                   would like to verify that the      data that are used by various      • Questions about your age
demands or obtains any             • The name and/or telephone         person is indeed a Census Bu-      local, state and federal agen-       and if you served in the mil-
money, paper, document, or            number of anyone who con-        reau employee, you may con-        cies.                                itary are used to help the
thing of value, shall be fined        tacted you by phone.             firm this by using the                The questions for every           Veterans Administration
under this title or imprisoned     • The name and/or other             telephone center number            census and survey the Census         provide services such as
not more than three years, or         identification provided by       listed on the Contact the Na-      Bureau conducts are carefully        veterans’ hospitals.
both.”                                someone who contacted you
  Census Bureau surveys look          in person.
different than other surveys.      • Your case identification
Information is provided that
will help you answer the cen-
sus or survey.
  You may receive an intro-
                                      Is this person a Census Bu-
                                   reau employee?
                                      If a Census Bureau em-
                                                                               NEESHLA AREA JOM
ductory letter from the Census     ployee is at your door, he or                        Local Indian Education Parent Committee
Bureau Director notifying you      she will:
that in a few days your house-     • Show you their Census Bu-                    We accept children from the following school districts Baraboo, Wisconsin Dells,
hold will receive:                    reau identification badge                       Reedsburg, Portage, Mauston, Adams-Friendship Area and Sauk Prairie.
• A questionnaire in the mail,     • Tell you the name of the
  or                                  survey for which your par-             Meeting schedule for the remaining 2009-2010 School Year
• A phone call from the Cen-          ticipation is needed                                  Tuesday, March 16th 6:00 PM House of Wellness
  sus Bureau, or                   • Provide a copy of the notifi-                          Wednesday, April 14th 6:00 PM House of Wellness
• A visit from a Census Bu-           cation letter you received,
  reau representative.                or should have received, in                           Wednesday, May 12th 6:00 PM House of Wellness
  This letter will also tell you      the mail describing the sur-                           Wednesday, June 9th 6:00 PM House of Wellness
whether your participation is         vey.                                                   Wednesday, July 14th 6:00 PM House of Wellness
mandatory or voluntary, and           The field representative will
that your responses are confi-     also tell you approximately               Any questions or to be placed on the agenda contact Annette Crowder (608) 225-8619
PAGE 14                                                                          NOTICES                                                      Wake hikiruxe wira 12, 2010

                       Ho-Chunk Health Care Center in
                             Black River Falls
                             Diabetes Learning Circle

                                          March 2010
                                                                                                                Job Fair
      Date                                Topic
                                                                                                                                 April 7, 2010
      March 4                    Using Activity to Avoid / Manage
                                 Complications of Diabetes                                                               Tribal Complex
      March 18                   Smart Steps to Weight Loss Success                                                Black River Falls, WI 54615
                                                                                                                                    10 am to 3 pm
      The Diabetes Learning Circle is a morning presentation
      and breakfast designed to provide people with
      information regarding diabetes prevention and
                                                                                                                 Mathy presentation 1 pm Cafeteria
      management. Anyone is welcome to attend but we ask
      that you register for a seat.                                                                         For more information Contact the TERO
      The program is from 8:30- 9:15 each scheduled day in                                                                Department
      the Ho-Chunk Health Care Center Conference                                                                        (800)294-9343
      Classroom. A nutritious breakfast is served during the
      program. (Topics are subject to change).
                                                                                                                 **NICOA SIGN UP DEADLINE EXTENDED**
                For more information or to register contact:
       Kathy Braaten, Community Health Nutritionist, 715-284-9851 ext.
                                   5335                                                                      National Indian Council on
                                                                                                             Aging Biennial Conference
                                                                                                                              September 24 – 28, 2010
                                                                                                                              Traverse City, Michigan

                                                                                                             Please contact Tribal Aging Unit staff to sign up for this confer-
                                      11TH ANNUAL                                                          ence if you are interested in attending.
                                                                                                             The following is tentatively going to be paid for, if approved by
      MARCH MADNESS                                                                                        the Legislature - per the Ho-Chunk Nation Elderly Advisory Board:
                                                                                                             Registration, Membership Fee, Hotel Stay & Per Diem.
                               March 12, 13 & 14, 2010                                                       Travel: Charter buses will provide transportation for the majority
                  HOUSE OF WELLNESS, BARABOO, WISCONSIN                                                    of travelers.
                                                                                                             At-Large Elders interested in attending, please contact the Tribal
                 Admission Fee: Adults $10/3 days or $5 a day                                              Aging Unit for travel information
                            Children 6-12 $5/3 days or $2/day                                                If you want to attend this conference, the following items are re-
                            Seniors & Children under 5 FREE                                                quired by March 15, 2010:
     Games will be held at two gym sites on Friday March 12, 2010. JUST A GAME is a sports arena lo-
  cated in Wisconsin Dells next to the Amtrak Station. Games at the House of Wellness and Just A
                                                                                                             Submit a $100 deposit; cash, check or money order payable to
  Game will start at 12 noon on Friday. Spectator Tickets can be purchased at the door at each location.   “Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Aging Unit”. (The $100 deposit will be
  Teams may contact Cameron Greendeer at 1-888-552-7889 or 1-608-355-1240 ext. 5506 for team               refunded to the Elder upon return from the conference).
     Registration for all teams, men and women, will run from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Friday March 12,        Submit a copy of your Tribal ID with your deposit (Tribal ID is re-
  2010 at the House of Wellness.                                                                           quired for NICOA membership)
     All games on Saturday and Sunday will be held at the House of Wellness with games starting at
  7:00 a.m. each day. Daylight Savings time will take effect on Sunday at 2:00 a.m. so be sure to set                    Telephone: (715) 284-0811/(888) 701 8284
  your clocks ahead one hour.                                                                                                       Fax: (715) 284-3180

                                                                                                                             HO-CHUNK NATION
                                                                                                                          SUPREME COURT MEETING
                                                                                                                                     Saturday, March 27, 2010
                                                                                                                                 HCN Tribal Court Building,
                                                                                                                            W9598 HWY 54 E, Black River Falls, WI

                                                                                                                                         INVITATION TO BID
                                                                                                                         The Ho-Chunk Nation is seeking a consultant to design a
March 15 — Baraboo District Meeting at 6 pm                                                                              Healing Center Program which will enable the Nation to
                                                                                                                         provide holistic services, including a strong cultural com-
March 17 — WI Rapids District Meeting at 6 pm
                                                                                                                         ponent, to heal individuals dealing with substance abuse
March 17 — Madison District Meeting at 6 pm                                                                              and the underlying causes of such abuse.
March 18— Milwaukee District Meeting at 6 pm                                                                             Interested consultants should obtain a copy of the Re-
March 20 — BRF General Council Meeting at 10 am                                                                          quest for Proposals (RFP) by contacting:
March 30 — BRF TAU at 10:30 am                                                                                               Ms. Terry Greendeer, Director, ADPS
                                                                                                                             Ho-Chunk Nation Health Care Clinic
                                                                                                                             N6520 Guy Road

 Sampling surveys will also take place in April for:
                                                                                             Questions?                      Black River Falls, WI 54615
                                                                                                                             Telephone: 715-284-9851, extension 5010
                                                                                       Contact Angie Waege                   E-mail:
 Nekoosa, Wittenberg, LaCrosse, Green Bay, Tomah,
                                                                                       at 284-9186 Ext. 1049
       Indian Heights, St. Paul, and Chicago.                                                                            All proposals must be received by Ms. Greendeer by
                                                                                                                         4:00 p.m. on May 3, 2010, at the above address.
March 12, 2010                                      ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                 PAGE 15

                                 Happy 1st Birthday
                                  Eva Haze Smith
                                                                           Keep up the
                                                                           good work
                                        Love always,                       Submitted by
                                                                           Tracy and Joe Pecore
                                                                                                                      the door.
                                                                                                                      Sam: “Yes.”
                                     Your Dad, Big Sister,                    For those of you that do not know       “Cat in the Hat”: “Sam, I cannot
                                                                           our daughter, Joleece Pecore; she is a     make your order of green eggs and
                                      Mom and Family                         nd
                                                                           2 grader at Bannach Elementary             ham. I have no more green eggs and
                                                                           School in Stevens Point. She is a very     ham because I sat on the first plate I
                                                                           hard-working 8 year old girl who           made!”
                                                                           loves to draw, dance at powwows,           Narrator: When Sam heard of the
                                                                           play basketball, participate in gymnas-    news, he said…
                                                                           tics, and spend time with all of her       Sam: “That’s okay, I have all sorts of
                                                                           cousins. Joleece is also the grand-        colored green eggs and ham!”

  Happy Birthday Benny!
                                                                           daughter to Sharon and Allen Cloud.        Narrator: After Cat in the Hat heard
                                                                              Recently her school, along with         the news from Sam I Am, he was re-
                                                                           many others around the Nation cele-        lieved and they had a feast of colored
                                                                           brated the birthday of Theodor Geisel,     Eggs and ham. Some were purple,
                                                                           otherwise known as Dr. Seuss. Of           some were blue, some were gray, and
                                                                           course, being the little artist that she   even some bright orange ones too!
                                                                           is, she drew a picture of exactly what     THE END!!!!!
                                                                           she wanted her outfit to look like. She       As parents, we are VERY proud of
                                                                           didn’t want to be a plain old Cat in the   Joleece for always looking out for
                                                                           Hat, she wanted to be “SUPER Cat in        her little brothers (Baby Joe and Lil’
                                                                           the Hat.” We now know what family          Roc), caring for others, and the way
                                                                           felt like when they stayed up late into    she presents herself. Keep up the
                                                                           the night to help study or do last         good work babe!
                                                                           minute projects due the next day,
                                                                           when asked to help LAST MINUTE,
                                                                           the night before!
                                                                              Today, it’s hard for many to “just do
                                                                           things” without a reward or being ac-
                                                                           knowledged for it. But that’s exactly
                                                                           what Joleece did; the night before the
                                                                           celebration, Joleece sat at the com-
                           The best Dad my you have a great day            puter busily typing away and color co-
                                                                           ordinated a play that she wrote for
                                 and many more to come.                    volunteers to help act out in her class-
                                  Love, Mia & the Jets                     room. I asked her if there was a cos-
                            (Happy Birthday 40 is still young!!)           tume contest or a play writing
                                                                           assignment. She said, “No, I just want
                                                                           to do it and make my friends laugh
                                                                           and have fun.”
                                                                              Narrator: One day, The Cat in
                                                                           the Hat sat and he said
                                                                           “Cat in the Hat”: “Good gra-
  The Ho-Chunk Nation Office of the President                              cious me! I sat on green eggs
                                                                           and ham. And I forgotten I made
      Public Relations is seeking Ho-Chunk                                 these green eggs and ham for
                                                                           Sam I am. I better make another
       Singers, Dancers, Basket Makers,                                    plate of green eggs and ham. Oh
                                                                           no I just forgot I had no more
      & Story Tellers for upcoming events.                                 green eggs and ham too! I better
                                                                           tell Sam that I can’t make any lit-
                If you’re interested please contact the                    tle crumb of green eggs and
                       Office of the President at                          ham! And that is his favorite
          (800) 726-7509 or 715-284-7762, ext. 1255                        Narrator: When Cat in the hat
      and ask for an application to be mailed or e-mailed to you.          reached Sam’s house that silly lit-
                                                                           tle Cat said.
                                                                           Cat in the Hat”: “Sam I am! Sam
                                                                           I am!”
                                                                           Narrator: Then when the Cat
                                                                           seen the pond next to Sams house
                                                                           somehow he seen green eggs and
                                                                           ham in the pond. Then Sam opened           Joleece Pecore

                                                                                                                       To My Loving Parents,
      Elders Birthdays                                                                                                    Janet & Harold
  1   Lucille Roberts        12 Daniel Toppin       23 Fidel Delrosa
  2   Elizabeth Greyhair        Dale Garvin            Rena Moser                                                           Blackdeer III
  3   Owen Cloud             13 Nancy Smith         25 Helene Lincoln
  5   Gary Keller               Andrea Pence        26 Velma Lewis                                                    Happy 40th Anniversary
  7   Lillian                   Judith Ann             Owen Wilson
        Thundercloud              Thundercloud         Marcella Duke                                                     March 28th, 1970
  8   George                    Purcel Delros       27 Ray Lopez
        Youngthunder            Chloris Lowe Jr.       Frieda Blackcoon
  9   Morgan                 14 Gloria Godfrey         Paul Whitehorse
        WhiteEagle              Alvin Alderman      28 Phyllis McCloud
 10   Elliot Garvin             Mary Ellen             Walter Whitehorse                                Over the years, I’ve learned
      Deanna Greendeer            Allowan           29 Lorena Coffey                    that marriages like yours are more exception to the rule…
      Geraldine Connery         Bonnie Smith           Stephanie Higgins
      Patricia Ennis         15 Francis Steindorf   30 Geri Swan                   and even though I’ve always felt the love at the heart of our family,
      Theresa Goodwin        16 Esther Redhawk         Lionel Cloud                                   over time I’ve come to realize
 11   Norman Snake Sr        19 Dennis Whitehorse      William Goodbear             just how lucky I am to have parents who share such a special love!
      Janice Stott              Maureen Sanford        Olive Nesia
 12   Janice Savage          20 Brenda Brown        31 Marcie Patton                                        Happy Anniversary
      Lavon Wrigh            21 Lily Wood              Delores Beatty                                           Love Cary
PAGE 16                                         INTERNATIONAL NEWS                                                          Wake hikiruxe wira 12, 2010

UW-LaCrosse International
students tour the
Ho-Chunk Nation
Eliza Decorah                    der emphasized how it is im-
Staff Writer                     portant to learn the traditions
   On March 3, fourteen Inter-   and the culture of other eth-
national students attending      nicities and that it was good
UW-La Crosse from Mexico,        that “we are able to share our
China, Vietnam, Kuwait,          culture and language” with
Saudi Arabia and Taiwan paid     them. Legislature Greg
a visit to the Ho-Chunk Na-      Blackdeer also said a few
tion for a tour led by Anne      welcome words to the group
Thundercloud, HCN Public         and thanked them for visiting.
Relations Officer.                  Although the students were
   The first time Kay Dailey,    from all over the world and
lecturer from UW-LaCrosse        from many different cultures,
brought a group to tour the      many of them found similari-
HCN facilities was in 2009.      ties and were able to connect
They loved it so much and        with the Ho-Chunk Nation’s
had such a good time, Kay        culture. Jordan Cortes Garcia,
brought another group to tour    a student from Mexico, noted
our Ho-Chunk Nation facili-      “The tradition of offering
ties and people. Dailey said     food to guests and not refus-
the students from the previous   ing food is the same as in
tour are still talking about     Mexico.”
how much they enjoyed visit-        The students also felt as
ing the Nation and noted,        though the drums reminded
“this kind of experience re-     them of home and said they
minds all of us of our con-      could feel the drum in their
nectedness.”                     heart. For some, this was the
   The main event of the tour    “first time seeing Indians in
ended with a cultural per-       real life.” Shinee Li, an inter-
formance. Many thanks to         national student from Taiwan
Gordon Thunder who intro-        thought, “the dance and drum
duced the singers and dancers    performance was awesome!
and spoke about the signifi-     I’ve just seen Indians in the      Students gather around the Ho-Chunk dancers for a group picture and end with
cance behind the songs and       movies, but it is different see-   saying thank you in their own language and in pi na gi gi in the Ho-Chunk lan-
dances that took place. Thun-    ing them in person.”               guage.

                                                                      Anne Thundercloud feels as
                                                                    though inviting international
                                                                    students to visit the Ho-
                                                                    Chunk Nation is a way to
                                                                    bond with other cultures and
                                                                    that many other countries are
                                                                    able to identify with the Ho-
                                                                    Chunk Nation because of the
                                                                    correlations between the cul-
                                                                    tures. Thundercloud is look-
                                                                    ing to add new elements to
                                                                    the tours, and putting a call   Public Relations Officer Anne Thundercloud speak-
                                                                    out to artists who know how     ing to the international students about the Ho-Chunk
                                                                    to make Ho-Chunk crafts.        Culture.
                                                                    Feel free to contact Anne at 715-294-9343 or email or
International students join in with the Ho-Chunk Na-                CaraLee Murphy at 1-800-294-9343 ext. 1123 or e-mail CaraLee.Murphy@ho-
tion dancers during an honor song for them.               

Wisconsin’s Winter Olympians
15 athletes participated in three sports
John Kozlowicz                   • Alyson Dudek, Hales Cor-         • Nick Pearson, West Allis,
Staff Writer                       ners, short-track speed skat-      long-track speed skating
   Fifteen Wisconsin athletes      ing. Bronze Medal-3,000          • Catherine Raney-Norman,
participated as members of         meter relay                        Elm Grove, long-track
2010 Team USA at the re-         • Molly Engstrom, Siren,             speed skating
cently completed Winter            women’s hockey. Silver           • Tracy Sachtjen, Lodi,
Olympics Games held in Van-        Medal                              women’s curling
couver, B.C. Competing in        • Tucker Fredricks,                • Ryan Suter, Madison, men’s
speed skating (both long and       Janesville, long-track speed       hockey. Silver medal
short track), women’s curling      skating                          • Jessie Vetter, Cottage
and hockey (men’s and            • Nicole Joraanstad, Madi-           Grove, women’s hockey.
women’s), seven of the ath-        son, women’s curling               Silver Medal
letes were medalists, con-       • Phil Kessel, Madison,            • Mitchell Whitmore, Wauke-
tributing to the 37 total          men’s hockey. Silver Medal         sha, long-track speed skat-
medals earned by 2010 Team       • Maria Lamb, River Falls,           ing
USA, the most of any country.      long-track speed skating         • Jinelle Zaugg Siergiej,
   Below are the athletes,       • Debbie McCormick, Rio,             Eagle River, women’s
hometown and sport.                women’s curling                    hockey. Silver Medal
                                 • Joe Pavelski, Stevens Point,
                                   men’s hockey. Silver
                                   Medal                                                            USA won silver in both women and men’s hockey at
                                                                                                    the 2010 Olympics.

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