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									                                 DNA Seminar Proposal Form

Local coordinator’s name: ______________________________________________________________
Name of organization/institution or church you represent: _____________________________________
Your position or title with the organization: _________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Phone (including country code and city code): _______________________________________________
Fax number: __________________________________________________________________________
Email address: ________________________________________________________________________

What kind of seminar are you requesting? (see for descriptions)

        Vision Conference                                  Nurturing the Nations Workshop

        LifeWork Conference                                Worldview and Development Workshop

        Wholistic Ministry workshop                        Trainer of Trainers Workshop

Please identify the key organizations that will have representatives on the planning/coordinating
committee. One of our goals is to see the body of Christ work together; the greater the diversity of
organizations represented on the sponsoring committee, the better for our consideration.

What institutions and organizations do you plan to have involved in the seminar itself?

Do you expect to have pastors, denominational, Bible school, seminary, and NGO leaders attending the
seminar? _________ If so, specifically what leadership are you expecting? ____________________

How many people do you anticipate might attend the seminar? _______________________________

Will the teaching be translated into any language(s) besides English? _______ If so, which language(s)?

Updated July 25, 2011
If your seminar will be in any language besides English, you will be responsible for completing
translation of the printed materials and Power Point presentations before your seminar begins. (Some
materials are already available in several languages. The DNA Conference Coordinator will be able to
give you anything that is already prepared in the language you need.) If necessary, will you be able to
complete translation before your seminar begins?________________________________________

Most DNA seminars require five days of teaching, however, they can be shortened if a five-day event
doesn’t work in your context. Ideally, the seminar schedule would look something like this:

Day 1                   Day 2              Day 3                 Day 4                 Day 5
Registration and        3 hours of         3 hours of            3 hours of            3 hours of
introductions AND       teaching time      teaching time         teaching time         teaching time
1 ½ hours of
teaching time
Lunch                   Lunch              Lunch                 Lunch                 Lunch
3 hours of              3 hours of         3 hours of            3 hours of            1 ½ hours of
teaching time           teaching time      teaching time         teaching time         teaching time AND
                                                                                       1 ½ hours for
                                                                                       feedback, and
                                                                                       follow up plans

How many hours of teaching time (total) will you give us during your seminar? __________________
How many days will the seminar last? ___________________________________________________

Please let us know potential dates that would be best for you. (These should be at least 9 months in the
First choice: __________________________________________________________________________
Second choice: ________________________________________________________________________
Third choice:__________________________________________________________________________

DNA has a variety of excellent trainers who provide DNA teaching. If necessary, please briefly describe
what type of trainer would be ideal in your context. If it’s important to you, let us know which language,
nationality, gender, and any other distinguishing details. If it doesn’t really matter to you and you trust
our judgment to send you the best trainer available at that time, please let us know that.


What city/airport would the trainers need to fly into? ________________________________________
In which city would the seminar be held and how much travel time is needed to get there from the
airport? ____________________________________________________________________________

Updated July 25, 2011
Due to the interactive nature of the teaching, it is necessary to have flexible seating at the seminar site,
preferably around tables (if possible, round tables) that would seat five to seven people. Is this
possible? _______Please describe the facilities.

The following resources are desirable to have at the seminar. Please check the ones that would be
  Minimum of two translators; one must be comfortable with theological/biblical language
  VCR or DVD player
  Data projector to project Power Points
  White board and markers or blackboard and chalk
  Large newsprint (paper measuring about half a meter by one meter) and markers
  Ground transportation
  Photocopy machine
  Email access (phone lines) for trainers
  Accommodations for trainers (please describe):__________________________________________

For Vision Conference only:
A Vision Conference is meant to be the beginning of an ongoing process of engagement with churches
and Christian leaders in your city or region. We have found that as a part of planning for a Vision
Conference, it is good to begin to develop a follow-up strategy. Each Vision Conference includes specific
application exercises that participants will be challenged to carry out following the conference. The
follow-up strategy should include scheduling a time where Vision Conference participants can gather to
share/report on what they did for their application exercise, what happened as a result, and what they
plan to do next.

To facilitate this, it is important to organize a follow-up task force. In the space below, please give us
some indication of how you might establish this follow-up task force and identify some of the key points
for your follow-up strategy.

Other comments or input:

Updated July 25, 2011
Unless otherwise agreed upon, the local hosting committee (you) will reimburse the trainers for the
cost of their international airfare to and from your country at the time the tickets are purchased. All
local expenses for the seminar are also the responsibility of the hosts.

I, ________________________________, the local seminar coordinator, understand that all expenses
of the seminar must be paid with local resources and that the DNA Secretariat in the USA does not
normally give donations to fund the seminars. I agree to reimburse the trainers for their round-trip

        _______________________________________ ________________________________
                       Signature                               Date

Updated July 25, 2011
When you have completed this form, please send it to the DNA Secretariat Conference Coordinator
using one of the following options:


Fax: 602-386-4564

Post/mail:        Kathy Love
                  DNA Secretariat Conference Coordinator
                  1110 E. Missouri Avenue, Suite 393
                  Phoenix, AZ 85014

Updated July 25, 2011

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