How to Use Skype on Your iPod touch with 3G router

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					      How to Use Skype on Your iPod touch with 3G router?

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Summary: This article is mainly talking about the method to share the Skype app with 3g router
for the iPod touch to enjoy more convenience.

As the cute version of iPhone, iPod touch features the lightweight and slim design, it also
provides the Wi-Fi wireless function and runs the Safari browser of Apple, it has already been
considered as “the funniest iPod”. Certainly, besides the basic functions, we can also use iPod
touch to make calls with Skype, as it runs the same Safari browser as iPhone, that enables us to
run AJAX applications over its built-in Wi-Fi wireless connection, hence, we can use the VoIP
application, there is no doubt to use Skype on the iPod touch. But have you thought about the
situation of using Skype with a mobile 3G router on it, which means you can make use Skype on
the go.

We have already known that Mobile Wi-Fi plus iPod Touch could be almost equal to iPhone, that
means we may use a wireless 3g router to create a Wi-Fi access point and connect with the
internet, that is very amazing, now, let’s learn more surprises. I have learned it from one article; I
think it’s so useful that we can share it together. We just need an iPod touch with Skype, and a
wireless 3G router to be carried anywhere, to the street, in the car, on the road etc.

In that article, the friend said that he used an iPod touch with Skype and a 3G router instead of
the fixed home phone and portable phone, which greatly reduced the roaming fees, he bought
two virtual phone numbers and mapped them to the Skype ID used on the iPod touch, so he
could receive all the calls directly, and the method was very easy: turn on the wireless 3G router
that searches the Wi-Fi for the iPod touch, at the same time, it could connect up to 5 Wi-Fi
devices like iPod Touch, iPad, Macbook, PSP, etc; the USB cable could support him to connect it
with the computer or use as a power supply, additionally, he just needed to pay for one HSPA
access without any contract on one monthly basis.
From the story mentioned above, we can see that we could fulfill the potential of these
electronic products; not only iPod touch, but also iPad, Macbook and iMac could be used as
phones with Skype, of course, the helpful 3G router is an essential part, if the router provides the
faster download speed, it will be more helpful, HSDPA 21Mbps transfer speed of wireless mobile
hotspot will be more preferred by modern people.

Installing the appropriate Skype specially designed for iPod touch, and put a portable 3g router
into your pocket, we can make calls with Skype everywhere.

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