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									        Developments in the Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Industry

Given the present day demands and requirements and the global expertise involved in aerospace
manufacturing engineering, the industry is only slated to increase in the forthcoming years. However,
the economical upswing too is one of the prominent reasons for its success. At the same time, the civil
aviation field is astounded by the increase in travel in our economy. At the same, the military and
defense sector too is paying close attention to its own needs and requirements. Overall, the global
aerospace industry has surpassed an amount of approximately $100 billion USD owing to the steep
competition and the need to perform better.

In this present scenario, numerous aerospace engineering companies are fast realizing the various
financial and operational benefits of off shoring aerospace engineering services. The main advantage is
curbing down the operation cost. Other allied reasons are being able to tap a global talent pool and
network with other aerospace engineering experts. At the same time, one can be always tuned into the
latest aerospace engineering trends and patterns.

Leading service providers in aerospace manufacturing engineering are aiming to expand its assistance to
the aero industry, by delivering aerospace machine parts. These companies are equipped with
manufacturing units that have state-of-the-art machinery and other manufacturing equipments that
help in delivering efficient aero structure components as well as machined aero engines. The machining
technology in use has been listed below-
        Assembly and other bench work activities
        2/3 axis CNC turning and milling,3 axis vertical turret lathes
        3/4/5 axis machining centers

Most aerospace products and machined parts are made of steel and aluminum for better performance
and durability.

Prior to sending these aero machine parts and products to the market or delivering, it to their client’s
aerospace manufacturing engineering entails certain inspection procedures. All these products have to
pass a strict inspection criterion that makes these products durable and long lasting. The inspection
procedures include the following testing Leica microscope testing, Coordinate Measuring Machine
(CMM), and Millipore testing for Dirt and chip level content

Recently there has been an increase in the emergence of eminent aerospace engineering consultancy
services. Apart from aerospace manufacturing engineering services, they are also foraying into other
domains such as tool design and development, assembly process planning, manufacturing process
planning, reverse engineering, CNC program coding and value analysis.
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