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					                                                           Waste Disposal Guidelines

     Regular Waste:                  Biohazardous                   Chemo Waste                  Pharmaceuticals                Pharmaceuticals                 Sharps
       Clear Bag                    Waste: Red Bag                  Yellow Boxes                    Blue Box                       R.C.R.A.*                    Red Box

      Empty IV bags and            Blood and all OPIM            Trace Chemo:                    Partially used/ residual     RCRA                          Non-chemo
      tubing                         (Other Potentially           Includes all supplies          prescription or over-the-      pharmaceuticals are         vials
      Empty medication             Infectious Material)          used to make and               counter medication: IV,        considered hazardous         - Empty
      vials or containers                                         administer chemo               liquid, tablet, pill, gel,     waste.                        Non-chemo
      Empty syringes                                             medication                     cream or patch. These          Includes the following        Syringes with
      without needles                                                                            medications do not             unused or residual            needles
      Trash / wrappers                                           Examples: tubing,              need to be rendered            drugs:                       - Empty
      Dressings                                                  empty bags/ bottles/           unusable.                         Inhalers (if empty-
      Diapers                                                    vials, syringes, gloves,        Residual or wasted               regular trash),
      Food                                                       pads, masks, gowns,            narcotics and/or                  Acetone
      Gloves                                                     wipes etc.                     controlled drugs. Must            Epinephrine drips
      Styrofoam                      Blood tubing / bags                                       be rendered unusable –            Barium
      Empty foley bags              / hemovacs/                                                 i.e.squirt it into container      Chemotherapy
      & other drainage               pleurevacs                                                  or cut patches.                                              Sewer or Sink
      bags                            Soaked / dripping
      Sanitary napkins              bloody dressings
                                      Suction liners with                                                                      Return to Pharmacy all
                                                                                                                                                              Saline
                                     bloody fluid or OPIM                                                                       unused or residual
                                                                                                                                                              Dextrose
                                      All disposable                                                                           med in original
                                                                  Return all unused bulk                                                                      Electrolytes
                                     items soaked or                                                                            pharmacy bag for
                                                                  (pourable) Chemo to                                                                         Lactated ringers
                                     dripping with blood                                                                        proper disposal.
                                                                  Pharmacy in original                                                                        TPN /Lipids
                                     or OPIM                      pharmacy bag for           Return to Pharmacy                 *Federal Resource
                                                                  proper disposal.           Unopened/Unused or                 Conservation & Recovery
                                                                                             Expired Medications                Act (RCRA)


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