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CONGRATULATIONS in taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle!!!!

I want to thank you for becoming a customer under our Customer Loyalty Program where you can take
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AND becoming a Loyal Customer just got even better!!!        Read below!!!

I know I am as excited as you are to receive your product and start using it and sharing your success story
with everyone you know!!!

Your Customer ID# is ????? and your password is: ?????. All you need to do to access your personal
e-office is to go to (type in your personal Distributor web address here) and LOG IN at the top of the
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Please review the information under the CHANGE AUTO-SHIP tab in your e-office and make sure that all
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Revised April 1st, 2009

  1. Orders ship to Canada every Tuesday and Friday and daily for our U.S. customers. If you are in need
     of more products before your auto ship date, you must have your orders into the system by midnight
     EST on Monday and Thursday before it ships out on Tuesday and Friday to Canada. For our U.S.
     customers you can place your orders right up until noon EST for same day shipping. You will also be
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  2. You will receive an email from IT WORKS! a few days in advance of your auto-ship. You can change
     your product choice if you so choose at this time. There are no minimums to what you can order!

  3. Just a reminder, if you choose to cancel your membership before your 3 month minimum auto-ship is
     completed, a $50 U.S. termination fee will be charged! Please note that the auto-ship does not
     automatically end after 3 months. In order to stop the auto-ship, you must phone customer service at
     (616) 281-1900 or email to cancel! PLEASE REMEMBER: The excess inches
     and/or weight that you want to lose didn’t appear overnite… takes time to achieve the desired look
     you are wanting so 3 months is a great “time frame” to see what your overall results will be!!!


               1) Make sure the room is warm where you are wrapping. Your pores need to be open in
                  order to absorb the lotion from the wrap so you need to be WARM! If you are cold,
                  take a hot shower or bath and then apply the wrap or apply a hot towel to the area that
                  you are wrapping before you wrap with the applicator!

               2) Make sure that the area to be wrapped is clean, dry, lotion and oil free. If you are
                  going to shower or bathe before you wrap use a loofah and NO SOAP!!! Best results
                  for applying the applicator is after a hot bath or shower!!!

               3) Be sure to always measure in the same spot before and after a wrap. If wrapping your
                  stomach; measure yourself 3” above your belly button, at your belly button and 3”
                  below your belly button and place a mark on each side of the measuring tape on each
                  side of your body in each of those 3 places (you should have a total of 6 marks on each
                  side of your body) using a permanent marker otherwise the lotion from the wrap will
                  dissolve the ink and you won’t know where to remeasure yourself! THIS IS
                  IMPERATIVE to the accuracy of your inch loss so make sure you are measuring in the
                  exact same spot! Inaccurate placing of the tape measure for the second measurement
                  can add up to ½ inch plus!!! It is much easier if you have someone measure and mark
                  you. Be sure you stand with your arms in the same position both times for first and
                  second measurement!!! DO NOT USE A METAL MEASURING TAPE!!! Please Note:
                  The company offers a great measuring tape for only $4.00 that will ensure more accurate

               4) DO NOT EXERCISE WITH WRAP ON!!! You do not want to be sweating while
                  wearing a wrap because you need the lotion to be absorbed through your pores!!!

               5) Try and smooth out the applicator as best you can. Make sure there are no air
                  bubbles. You may experience some wrinkles with the cloth especially if you are
                  someone with a smaller stomach! That is to be expected but you don’t want any air
                  bubbles!!! Once you have applied the wrap to your stomach area, wrap (fairly snug)
                  at least twice with saran wrap. If you find that the saran wrap and/or applicator starts
              to roll up on your stomach (because everyone has a different body shape) you need to
              “double wrap” by saran wrapping overtop of your clothing as well! This will help
              keep the applicator in place so with a “double wrap” this should prevent any kind of
              rolling!!! You want this saran wrap to be fairly snug as well! The tighter the better
              but not uncomfortable because the “tightness” is what drives the lotion through your
              pores and it needs to penetrate through 4 layers of skin to start detoxifying those fat

           6) Leave wrap on for a minimum of 45 minutes! If you want, you can sleep with it on

           7) Be sure to drink 8 – 16 oz. of water while wearing the wrap and drink lots of water for
              the next 72 hours until your next wrap! This is VERY IMPORTANT as this helps
              with the detoxifying process to break down the toxins in your body.

           8) Once you remove the wrap really rub the remaining lotion residue into your skin!
              This is important! The more you massage it in, the better the results that will follow in
              the next 3 days!!!

           9) Now, measure again and record your results!

           10) PLEASE NOTE: If you do not experience an inch loss after your first or second
               applicator keep this in mind: If you consume a lot of diet pop or are one who is a sun
               worshipper either naturally or using a tanning bed this may affect your results! You
               may find that you need to condition your skin with the Defining Gel for a bit so that
               the lotion can be better absorbed through your pores if you are a sun tanner. Sun
               tanning has a tendency to decrease the size of your pores so the Defining Gel will help
               with opening them! Artificial sweeteners are loaded with toxins and can have a direct
               affect on your inch loss! Smoking can also have an affect on your inch loss as well due
               to the toxins you are putting into your body! Keep in mind that everyone’s molecular
               structure of their skin is different and absorbs differently. For some, it may take you
               up to 3 or 4 applicators before you see any results!!! The creator of the “Ultimate Body
               Applicator” states that there is no one that this applicator hasn’t worked on!!!

           11) If using the neck and chin applicator…..apply the applicator according to directions
               and wrap the saran wrap around the bottom of your chin and neck area up and
               around the top of your head. Be sure to drink 8-16 ounces of water.

           12) If using the applicator on your legs or arms, cut it in half and place each half on either
               your inner or outer thigh area or under each arm (bat wings) and wrap tight with
               saran wrap! This will save you money by cutting it in half and will work just as well!
               Again be sure to drink 8-16 ounces of water and measure in a couple of places on each

           13) If only applying the facial applicator just apply according to directions. There is no
               need for your face to be wrapped with saran wrap as this is NOT A DETOX. Just
               apply and enjoy!

4. Focus on the area that you want to lose inches on first. Continue wrapping this area until you achieve
   the results that you want. Then move to the next area that you want to lose inches from. They
   recommend that you NOT switch from one area to another so if it is your stomach that you want to
   tone, tighten and firm then start there and once you have achieved the results that you want then move
   to your arms, legs or back. DO NOT WRAP YOUR STOMACH AND BACK AT THE SAME
   TIME. Only one body part at a time! Both arms, legs, breasts and buttocks are considered one body
   part! You can use the Face Applicator, Neck Applicator and the Ultimate Body Applicator all at
   once if you so desire!!!

5. Don’t wrap your stomach if you are pre-menstrual or while in your cycle as you have the tendency to
   hold water which dilutes the effectiveness of ingredients and you will not get the results you desire.
   Wait until your cycle finishes before you wrap! You can choose to do another area or continue to use
   the Defining Gel.

6. Do not wrap if you are breast feeding or pregnant!

7. Do not leave your package of applicators in the extreme heat as this will cause the lotion ingredients to

8. Some medications may have an effect on your inch loss. If you are a heavy diet pop drinker, this could
   also affect your results. Carla’s motto……remove anything packaged, canned or white in your life
   and get rid of anything that contains artificial sweeteners!!! Use only natural sweeteners like raw
   sugar, honey, stevia or agave syrup.

9. Buy good saran or cling wrap! You want to wrap yourself fairly snug with saran wrap after you have
   applied the applicator. This is what drives the lotion into your body. Try and get someone to wrap you
   so that it is snug!

10. Make sure that you wait 72 hours before applying another wrap. If you use it everyday you are wasting
    product and $$$$. Use the Defining Gel in between your wraps and really massage it in. You will
    continue to lose inches over the next 72 hours and the Defining Gel will enhance the inch loss. The
    more you massage it into your skin the better the results. You can use the Defining Gel all over your
    body as it will help with other areas that you want to work on later!

11. If you are a male that has a hairy stomach, please make sure that you apply a hot towel first to your
    stomach for a few minutes so that the lotion from the applicator will adhere when you apply the wrap.

12. Take a picture of yourself before you start the wrap program and record your start date. Swimsuit
    would be great or shorts and a tank top! Keep a journal recording your start weight and inches! As you
    progress keep measuring your inch loss and weight loss! Once you have achieved the results you are
    looking for, take another picture! You have now written YOUR SUCCESS STORY!!! Be sure to
    share it with everyone you know!!!! I will be checking in with you to see how your SUCCESS STORY
    is progressing and I want you to be featured in my BRAG BOOK!!!

13. If you are someone who needs to lose quite a bit of weight, I strongly suggest purchasing the
    FITWORKS program. It is $29.95 U.S. for the first month and $9.95 U.S. every month thereafter.
    Carla Burns, the creator of FITWORKS, has put together an excellent program using THERMOGENIC
    food choices to speed up your metabolism. These are simple foods that you can buy at any grocery
    store and she also provides some yummy recipes that you can download and print off. She is also the
    creator of the FITSTART program where you can lose 10 pounds in 12 days just by following her meal
    plan. Carla has also created an exercise program that is very simple! It would cost you 10 times this
    much if you had to hire a personal fitness trainer for a program this extensive!!! She has also created a
    FITWORKS program for kids!

14. I have also included in this email some further instructions on “how to wrap” as well as “what to
   expect the first time you wrap” and a couple of more articles for you to peruse. Please print these and
   keep them in a binder for easy access!

15. Please print this entire email and keep it in a binder for easy access!
REMEMBER……YOU have made the conscious decision to invest in the “betterment of your own
health” so don’t let your product sit on the shelf…..get started as soon as you receive it!!!

I look forward to speaking with you about your inch and/or weight loss! Should you have any questions,
please call me at ?????? or email me at ?????

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”To help one person at a time choose a healthier lifestyle while helping those that want financial freedom!!!”

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