GOLD COAST

To promote the best possible health care
for all people of the Gold Coast community.

•	   To support good health and excellence in patient care
•	   To provide state of the art equipment and facilities
•	   To encourage and support research
•	   To promote and support education programs
•	   To be actively involved in health promotion
•	   To encourage community understanding and participation in health

Beth Dermoudy – Development Manager                           07 55712150
Postal Address:                                 Box 902 Southport Qld 4215

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            Contact Details                                   1
            Board of Directors                                2
            Chairman’s Report                                 3
            The Year in review                                5
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Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the Foundation are appointed by the
Governor in Council, serve voluntarily and are from the local
Business, Medical and University communities. A Board meeting is
held monthly.
Gary J Baildon – Company Director / Former Gold Coast Mayor
Deputy Chair
Eda Beck – Director – Beck Psych. Chairperson - Qld Emergency
Service Advisory Council
Dr Adrian Nowitzke – CEO Gold Coast Health Service District
Alternate Secretary
Naomi Dwyer – COO Gold Coast Health Service District
Stephen Board – Senior Partner KPMG
Prof	Lyn	Griffiths	–	Dean	of	Research	Health	Sciences	-	GU	
Dr Teresa Withers – Neurosurgeon/Director of Surgery GCHSD
Helen Raptis – G.C. Development & Greek Community Festival
Heather Haynes OAM – Charity Fundraising Professional
Shirley Wee – Gold Coast Community Council
Dr Brian Bell – Medical Superintendent GCHSD
Alan Midwood – Property Analyst
Chairman’s Report
Gary J Baildon
It has been a busy year for the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation and the Gold Coast Health
Service District. The commencement of the building of the new University Hospital is an exciting
development which will result in many stimulating challenges for the Foundation in the future.

The Foundation Board members meet monthly to discuss upcoming activities, requests for funding
and the myriad other procedures necessary for the smooth running of this very active organisation
which is managed by fulltime Development Manager, Beth Dermoudy.

The inaugural Gift of Life Gala Dinner was held at the Sheraton Mirage, Main Beach in August
2008 and was an outstanding success, both in enjoyment by those attending and for the $50,000
raised which enabled the Foundation to continue its support of the local community through the
Gold Coast Health Service District.

Another important innovation this year has been the incorporation of a tiered sponsorship structure
and I am happy to announce that Heritage Building Society is the 2009 Platinum Sponsor.
Heritage Building Society has been a strong supporter of the Foundation for many years and is
involved in various events. This sponsorship structure will be extended to include Gold and Silver
levels in the future.

The support of the local community and businesses is ongoing and appreciated.

The Gold Coast Health Service District includes Gold Coast Hospital Southport, Robina Hospital,
and Community Health Centres throughout the District providing health care from the state border
of NSW to the Coomera region in Queensland and is rapidly expanding to meet the growing
population needs.

Carrara Health Centre, a $14.5 million interim care and rehabilitation facility, and the Gold
Coast Surgery Centre, a dedicated day surgery facility, have been introduced to the District to
complement current facilities and help manage service demand.

In 2012, Gold Coast Hospital will be absorbed into a new 750 bed tertiary facility to create the
Gold Coast University Hospital. The $1.55 billion health facility will provide complex care, research
and teaching opportunities on the Gold Coast and will play a key role in training the clinical leaders
of the future.

An additional $287.7 million has been pledged to enable further expansions at Robina Hospital
including the addition of 179 beds and the development of a $26 million community health precinct
by 2010.

The Foundation will be involved in supporting these new additions to the District by providing
assistance as it has done in the past.
Chairman’s Report Cont..
The aims of the Foundation are to ensure that our community is provided with excellence in patient
care, the most up to date medical equipment and facilities close to home, to encourage research
and support education programs and be actively involved in health promotion.

This year, an amount of $248,231 has been injected into the District through the Foundation for
medical equipment and improve facilities and $90,158 was provided for research and education

The Foundation donated funding to enable the establishment of a Sensory Garden at Carrara
Health	Centre	and	for	the	beautification	of	the	recreation	area	of	the	Psychiatric	wards	at	Gold	
Coast Hospital.

Funding for medical equipment has been ongoing again this year and fundraising efforts have
been in full swing to enable the Foundation to continue to provide support for the District ensuring
the best possible facilities and treatment for the community of the Gold Coast and surrounding

As well as the ‘Gift of Life’ Gala Dinner, a successful Cloud 9 Luncheon was held at Sheraton
Mirage	in	October	and	the	Toshiba	Charity	Golf	Day,	after	a	first	try	washout,	is	being	hailed	
brilliant. Three art unions were conducted and the hospital foyer shop manned by volunteers,
Sheila and Dennis continues to provide additional funding. Thanks go to the many community
fundraising ventures that have been carried out to aid the Foundation.

This year has also seen the Foundation website go live enabling us to present information quickly
and	efficiently.	This	will	be	of	great	benefit	in	the	coming	years.

I would like to acknowledge my fellow Board members, many of whom are practicing doctors and
scientists leading extremely busy lives. They work voluntarily for the Foundation and their input is

I congratulate everyone associated with the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation on a wonderful year
and look forward to continuing this success in the future.

The Year in Review
The Foundation has been active in its support of the District again this year. Research and
Education Grants were distributed to many worthy applicants to pursue further studies and
research	in	their	chosen	fields.	These	Foundation	grants	totalled		$60,171.
A further $29,987 was distributed by the Foundation to the applicants of the Collaborative
Research	Grants	in	conjunction	with	Griffith	Institute	for	Health	and	Medical	Research	who	funded	
the other $30,000 for these grants.
Foundation donations to the Health Service District enabled the purchase of much needed
equipment and facilities for items such as the establishment of a sensory garden at Carrara Health
Centre. This Centre is an innovative new model of care which provides quality rehabilitation and
aged services for the Gold Coast community. Patients include medically stable, dementia and
rehabilitation patients who have been in hospital and need more time and care before returning
Refurbishment of the recreation area of the Psychiatric wards is another rewarding endeavour
commenced	this	year.	Restful	scenes	will	be	painted	on	the	walls,	shade	cloth	and	new	flooring	
provided and access to music made available. Consultation was held with both the staff and
patients of this facility to ensure that the best, most desired and needed improvements be
$248,331 was donated through the Foundation to the Gold Coast Health Service District for
medical equipment and facilities, from fundraising endeavours, sponsorship and donations to the
The total donations through the Foundation to the Health Service District this year was $338,389.
Heritage Building Society was welcomed as our Platinum Sponsor for this year, having given
$15,000 in support of the Foundation. Heritage Building Society is very supportive of any event
that the Foundation hosts.
The inaugural ‘Gift of Life’ Gala Dinner was held in July 2008 and was a tremendous success and
the ongoing Cloud 9 Luncheon at the Sheraton Mirage, Main Bach was again well attended and
enjoyed by all. A new addition to our fundraising this year was the Toshiba Charity Golf Day held at
Robina Woods Golf Club. Details and photographs of the Foundation fundraisers are included in
this report.
Three Art Unions are held annually and are very popular with the community. The prizes are
impressive yet practical and winners are thrilled to receive them.
Ongoing events and activities plus innovative ideas will ensure that the Foundation will be able
to continue its support for the Gold Coast community through its input into the Gold Coast Health
Service District in future years.

•	 $102,909 to Paediatric Department for a Dash Monitor, an Incubator, a Foetal Heart Monitor,
   Vital Signs Monitor and other vital equipment
•	 $50,000 to Carrara Health Centre for the establishment of a sensory garden
•	 $15,000 to Surgical Department for a Bronchoscope and other equipment
•	 $41,732 to Emergency Department for an Electrocardiograph and other vital equipment
•	 $50,000 allocated to Mental Health refurbishment of the recreation area of the Psychiatric
   wards with work commencing in August 2009
•	 $19,000 to Clinical Forensic Medical Unit South East Region for two mobile gynaecological
•	 $ 8,000 to Community Sexual Health for a Centrifuge
•	 $ 6,000 to Palliative Care for equipment
•	 $ 4,750 to Medical Imaging for a Medical Imaging Safe Wheelchair
•	 $ 2,595 to ICU for equipment
•	 $ 700 to Community Mental Health for an Invacare Wheelchair


•	   $29,987 GCHF/GIHMR Collaborative Research Grants
•	   $15,971 Education Grants
•	   $44,200 Research grants
•	   $ 2,200 Encouragement Award

 $29,987 donated by Gold Coast Hospital Foundation
	$30,000	donated	by	Griffith	Institute	Health	&	Medical	Research
1. Professor Wendy Chaboyer – ( NUM Michelle Foster ICU GCHSD) *
   The ICU Nursing Workforce: Understanding Opportunities for skill Mix               $ 19,687
2. Dr Robert Smith ( Prof Alfred Lam GU & A/Prof Stephen Weinstein
   GCHSD		Collab	Prof	Lyn	Griffiths)*	A	new	chapter.	The	role	of	a	novel	             $ 10,500
   transforming oncogene in colorectal cancer.
3. Dr Larisa M Haupt GU & Dr Ann Warrel GCH * Breast Cancer stem
                                                                                      $ 10,500
   cells, what is the role of heparan sulfate proteoglycans.
4. Dr Luke Haseler GU & Rohan Jayasinghe GCHSD * Skeletal Muscle                       $19,300
   Mitochondrial Function and Oxidative Stress in Chronic Heart Failure.
                  Research Grants have been

         awarded to the following District Staff


1. Dr Graeme Brown - GCMH ATODS, Nurse Educator                $ 8,500.00
    The use of ‘chill out’/‘sensory rooms’ in acute
    mental health care. \Can We Do It Better ?
2. Dr Julia Crilly – Emergency Nurse Researcher.               $ 8,500.00
   “The Impact of a New Emergency Department
     on patient presentation and Ambulance service
     delivery in Health Service Districts in Australia”.
3. Dr Darrell Price – Consultant Paediatrician.                $ 7,000.00
    Project: ‘You Beat It’. A Group treatment Program
				for	the	psychological	difficulties	associated	with	
    Adolescent Diabetes, Type 1.
4. Chris Quinn - Clinical Nurse Consultant                     $ 2,500.00
    Ashmore Community Mental Health.
    Sexuality and Mental Health Care; “Can We Do It Better”?
5. Dr Mekala Srirajalingam – Senior Registrar                  $ 8,500.00
    GC Sexual Health Clinic
   ‘Schoolies’ Chlamydia Awareness Project.
6. Dr Chris Stapelberg – Psychiatry Registrar                  $ 7,000.00
    Gold Coast Mental Health Unit.
    “ A study linking changes in heart rate
     variability to both Depression and Cardiac Disease.”
7. Dr Peter Cole GCH * Are Slenium levels low in               $ 2,200.00
     Lung Cancer patients. Encouragement Award.

1. Dr Naylin Bissessor – Cardiology                                $ 2,000.00
   Travel Conference as part of research, encompassing
   complex coronary artery stenting transcatheter patent
   foramen ovale closure, percutaneous aortic valve replacement.
2. Lee Chant – Perioperative services, Anaesthetics.               $ 1,030.00
   Two part workshop – PM Plus Workshop
   Effectively Managing Projects.
3. Brad Davis – Engineering Building, Team leader                  $ 2,000.00
	 Vocational	Graduate	Certificate	Strategic	Business	+
   VG Diploma.
4. Bree Fairweather – Administration Mental Health                 $ 2,000.00
   Child & Youth Unit Robina. 37 hours/ fortnight
	 Certificate	IV	Occupational	Health	and	Safety.
5. Madeline Hall – Public Health Nurse Indigenous &                $ 1,100.00
   Community Immunisation. 5 Day Intensive
   Communicable Disease Control Course 29/9 – 3/10 ‘08
6. Jacqui Kaye – Paediatric Dietician                              $   495.00
   Course in Paediatric Nutrition & Dietetics
   Melbourne 26 – 29 Nov ‘08
7. Suzie Lewis – Infant Mental Health, Child/ Youth MH             $ 1,000.00
   Southport. Psychologist
   Airfare & Accommodation for Training Workshop
   NSW Institute of Psychiatry Sydney. Sept. ‘08
8. Marian Pasere – Pharmacist / Robina                             $ 2,000.00
   33rd Annual (15th International) Psychiatric
   Pharmacy Conference 10 – 12 Oct ’08 United Kingdom.
9. Val Porter – Mental Health Nurse / Robina                       $ 1,546.00
   34th Australian College Mental Health Nurses
   International Conference Melbourne 7 – 9 Oct. ‘08
10. Toni Simpson – Clinical Nurse, Aged Care / Robina              $ 2,000.00
    XIXth World Congress of Gerontology & Geriatrics
    Paris, July 2009.
11. Patricia Taylor – Library Technician, GCH Library Southport    $   400.00
    Statement of Attainment Medical Terminology
    TAFE NSW external study.        Complete by 14/11/08
12. Amanda Wallace – Librarian / Robina Hospital                   $   400.00
   Statement of Attainment Medical Terminology
   TAFE NSW external study.

                                          $10,000 and over
            92.5 Gold FM Give Me 5 for Kids                               50000
            Jupiters Limited                                              25660
            Queensland Health                                             16225
            Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem                       15000
            Club Managers Assn                                            15000
            AV Technology                                                 10000

                                           $1,000 to $9,999
  Dr John & Lorraine Corbett           5000           Bovis Lend Lease Pty Limited          1675.6
  Heritage Building Society            4750           Southport Workers Community Club      1250
  Hello Gold Coast                     3400           The Black Uhlans                      1250
  St	Stephens	College		 	       	      3000	   	      Infinity	(Gold	Coast)Pty	Ltd				 	    1115.5
  Mr Gregory King                      2750           Charles & Jeanette How                1000
  Wayne & Cathy Turner                 2750           Japanese Society Gold Coast           1000
  In memory of Jesse Walker            2595           John McIlwain                         1000
  Raine & Horne Broadbeach             1800           Karen Jensen                          1000

                                               $1 to $999
A Thorn                              Erica Schweiter                       Laurence Heale
Ann Purcell                          Florence Hoxh                         Les Eaton
Anne Hutter                          G GCC Division 1 – Cr Donna Gates     Margaret McKay
Barbara McCarthy                     GCCC Division 4 – Cr Chris Robbins    Marion Nolan
Barry Hopkins GCCC                   Our Community – Patricia Smith        Marjorie Bumford
Bayles Invest Broadbeach             Glenys Lambert                        Mary Keating
Berril Forrest                       Golden Crest Manors Bowls Club        Mike Moore
Beryl Buchanan                       Greg Hawkins - Christmas Light Up     Mr & Mrs P Gilbert
Beverley Shaw                        H. Puglsey                            Mr Peter Gates
Brian Quinn                          Helen Belton                          Ms Karen Young
Bunnings - Burleigh Heads            Helen McGrath                         Narelle Smith – Yummy Mummies
Carl Jansson                         In Memory of Eileen Coyle             Nelly Surteees
Cheryl Aguis                         In Memory of Elizabeth Wellington     Norma Payne
Cheryl Ranson                        In Memory of Kai Roland               Norman Driver
Chikiko Soden                        Irene McGregor                        Olga Millar
Christine Cooper                     Iris Moore                            Palm Beach Currumbin Lions Club
Corinne Arkinstall                   Isabella Davison                      Raewyn Bright
Cr Bob La Castra                     J & D Gill                            Reg Webber
David & Loraine McLaren              J & F McGrath                         Richard Filmer
Delcie Zsolnay                       J Clark                               Robyn O’Hara
Dick Birner                          Janice Johnson                        Rose Garrett
Dora Richards                        Jeanne DeFreitas                      Ross Sedgwick
Doreen Maddison                      Jeff Goudy                            Sheila Milburn
Dr Michael Krell                     Jennifer Wilton                       Shoshana Neubauer
Earlene Yorgey                       Joanne Pearce                         The Premier Club
Edens Landing State School           June Hardess                          Tom Armstrong
Edna Martin                          Katherine Fihelly                     Uwe Martens
Eileen Angeletti                     L & D Parry                           Wilfred Jones
Elizabeth Stewart                    L.W. Simpson                          William Money
Eric Williams                        Laurel Breunis                        Woolworths Harbour Town
Yvonne Butigieg
The inaugural Gift of Life Gala Dinner was held at the Sheraton Mirage Resort in August.

The aim of the dinner was to raise funds for state of the art hospital equipment, health and medical
research – including trauma research – and in the long term, a hydro-therapy pool for the Rehabili-
tation Unit in the new University Hospital.

The evening started with drinks on arrival, the women wearing stylish dresses and men dressed to
the nines in suits. Speeches were made and a mouth-watering three-course meal was served.

There was also music, entertainment and prizes to make it an enjoyable evening for guests.
MP’s Hon. Stephen Robertson, Minister for Health and Di Reilly also made speeches during the

Major Sponsor:
Eda Beck
Beck Psychological Services

Heritage Building Society
Bovis Lend Lease
Capital Insight
DNA Queensland
Dr Maryse Badawy
                                              Major Sponsor, Eda Beck from Beck Psych with Hon
                                              Stephen Robertson, Minister for Health.
                                             Sheraton Mirage Main Beach was the perfect setting
                                             for another very entertaining and successful Cloud 9
                                             Guests viewed new season’s fashions from Lee
                                             Bird’s ‘27 on Tedder’ and Dr Adrian Nowitzke, Chief
                                             Executive	Officer	of	the	Gold	Coast	Health	Service	
                                             District spoke on important future health issues.
                                              Raffles	and	a	silent	auction	presented	opportunities	
                                              for everyone to take home wonderful prizes, while
assisting the Foundation with their fundraising activities.
The Cloud 9 Luncheon is an annual event and is always very well supported and attended by the
local community.

Golfers were treated to a beautiful sunny
autumn Gold Coast day with perfect conditions
for a midday shotgun start.
Players competed in the 2 hole ambrose
competition which was won in style by Reno
Simpson and Brent Gray with a score of 60¾.
Lunch and drinks were provided during the day
and a dinner was held at the Robina Woods
Golf Course clubhouse in the evening.

                                                       Prizes	were	presented	and	raffles	and	an	
                                                       auction helped to raise valuable funding for
                                                       the Foundation.

                                                       Major Sponsor:

                                                       Capital Insight
                                                       Bovis Lend Lease
                                                       Heritage Building Society

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