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									Basic tutorials and How to Improve SEO Blogspot

Many netters are starting to learn and find out a neighbor SEO trapped and lost in the wilds of
cyberspace so that ultimately they still do not understand what SEO is. Whether SEO is a kind of
method or the application or even a magic? Many netters who can not answer it.

Well, after browsing around seven, I found a great article from caksub aka teddy Hariadi about
75 methods to increase traffic blog or website. And from what I observed, this method is very
realistic. That is, if actually implemented, it is not surprising that there was an increase website
traffic. I thought, maybe this is the methods that are sold by the vendors SEO E-book that
hundreds of thousands.

Following these methods, because one thing and another I just reduce it to 72 ways:

   1. Write more content. If you want traffic, you have to write lots of content. People will not
visit your site if you do not write good content, interesting & quality, and new visitors will not
return to your blog. So keep writing interesting writing.
   2. Design & layout is good. If you design your site messy, difficult to navigate, the colors do
not match, or interfere with vision (glare), atao also full error, visitors would not be comfortable
to linger your blog.
   3. Use your own domain name. I'm sure if you have your own domain name will be more
traffic. Site you will be linked by more people & people will be easier to remember you & your
blog URL will seem more professional. Try to get your own domain name & "have it from the
   4. Use StumbleUpon. I have had success with StumbleUpon pangalaman. When a good article
from your blog in "StumbleUpon", hopefully more people will judge both you and your blog will
"mengstumbling upon" your blog.
   5. Post on another blog. Offer made to another person posted to his blog. Better yet, if the
writing is ready posted. Let the blogger know that you have written that are ready for the post on
his blog, if mekera agree. When you write articles for other people posted on the blog, find the
post in your blog you are relefan & buatlan link to the post. You get a link on their blog & get
traffic from here.
   6. Start the "tagging" your blog image. When you insert images in your posts, you should
always give the identity (tagged). Make sure the width and height of the image you know. But
the most important thing is to write the image keywords in "alt tag" & "title".
   7. Immediate response to comments & emails. People will love the interactive & blog owners
who responded immediately comment and incoming email. If you do this will be many readers
who will be loyal and love you & you will get more traffic and links.
   8. Use MyBlogLog. MyBlogLog & SignUp to join to all the MyBlogLog communities (15
communities per day max), and you will see the visitor will come to your blog from MyBlogLog.
   9. Do not waste your time. Do not waste your time with program2 moneymaker like PTC,
PTR, Pay to surf, pay to search or the like. Such programs will not produce apa2 but only be
wasting your time. Write quality content & traffic will come by itself.
  10. Watch and learn your statistics. Study the statistics and you Analitic. See what keywords
visitors use to find your blog article's likes or dislikes your blog readers. This will help you to
determine your next post can be inserted with the keyword popular & effective.
  11. Links to other potingan. When you link to potingan on other blogs, then it will make a
trackback, or pingback. When you link to another blog post, if they have trackback enabled then
you will receive a linkback on the comments you post a link.
  12. In your post, ask your blog readers a few questions. Readers will feel happy if deemed
important & most of them will be happy to exchange opinions. The next time you create a paper
should ask readers a question or their opinion on something. Then you will get lots of comments
and many visitors would like to return.
  13. Create a "Lens" on Squidoo. In Squidoo, you can create a "lens" of your own, also aka &
pages on their site. Create a "lens" that relate to your blog and make sure you mengelinkannya
with your blog. At Squidoo you can also make money. Click here to learn more.
  14. Commenting on other blogs. When you give a comment on another log 99.9% no box
where you can write your blog URL address. From here when someone saw your comment that
they can click the URL of your blog. Give comments on different blogs as much as possible, the
more you comment the more traffic you get.
  15. Write List Posting. Everyone likes to be the list posting. This post contains a link to the list
poting-potingan other posts. For example: "Top 10 Blog Themes" '"25 Uses for Vinegar", & "5
Helpful Web Tools". List posts are usually link to more potingan & can get more traffic than
usual on the post.
  16. Submit your blog to search engines. Many people who are the majority trafficnya obtained
from search engines. When people search with your keywords and find your site, you will get
traffic! Click here to submit your blog to be indexed by Google if you have never done it, and
remember to keep writing new blogs to contain you still have a rank on search engines.
  17. Establish cooperation with other bloggers. Develop cooperation with all other bloggers
whose blogs mainly in line with your blog. Please comment on their blogs for conversation, a
link with them & interlace friendship. And before you know they will mengelink your blog
which will surely bring traffic to your blog.
  18. Use Traffic Exchange. I'm not sure you will get a penalty from adsense if you are using a
traffic exchange. Traffic exchange will bring loyal readers if your blog is good enough to get a
sustainable traffic. See post on BlogMad traffic exchange.
  19. Link to your other posts as much as you can. Link internally to potingan in your blog. This
will help your blog ranking and will also help traffic. If people come to your blog has no choice
but to be seen then they will go. When you ngeling to your other posts meraka will click your
link and will remain on your blog longer.
  20. Sign up to Yahoo! Answers. On Yahoo Answers you can answer the questions of others &
help others. There is a box where you can write the source of your answer. Answer the questions
that exist and create a link to your blog as a source.
  21. Sign up your blog in the top blog list. Blog top list is a blog listing all the blogs that had
become a member on the blog. Your blog will be ranked higher if it had more traffic, more &
more visitors vote. Joinnya very simple, plus this way will be able to increase traffic. Click here
to see some blog toplist (world) which you can join & learn more.
  22. Submit to the site directory. Some directory melisting hundreds of sites, & a few thousands.
Blacklink of the directory is good, but traffic from the directory is only a small tric, almost no
results. Nevertheless submit the name of your site using a keyword, you will be able to more
tinngi ranking on Google for those keywords, which will mean more traffic.
  23. Do not Use Link Train. It is not directly related to traffic, but this is the thing to note. I once
made the mistake of joining the ViraLink and ViralTags, and you should not do it, unless your
readers like it & they read your blog longer.
  24. Re-read, edit and continue posting your articles. No one will want to link a post that is not
qualified, although potingan was a brilliant idea if full of spelling and grammatical wrong. No
one linking means no traffic.
  25. Submit your posts to blog carnivals. Visit the Blog Carnival website and submit as many
articles to the carnival that relate to your niche. When an article you submit carnival edition is
posted, not only you will be able to linkback, but you'll get more visitors to your blog. If you do
not understand what a blog carnival please learn here.
  26. Maintain a blog carnival. I think blog carnivals are very fun to be maintained. People will
submit their articles to the carnival, & almost all of these orang2 carnival edition will visit you to
see their link there. And the carnival you can also become a major & featured on the homepage
Blog Carnival website.
  27. Swap links with other sites your environment. Wherever a link exchange is made, whether
it's in the sidebar on every page of site, within the site pages, nor in your post is up. Swap links
with other people who have blogs that relate to a lot of help. And when they become big site it
will be more helpful.
  28. Use Feedburner for people subscribe to your blog. When someone subscribe to your blog
via RSS or get your blog updates via email, they will see your post when there is a new one. This
will be vital to keep the readers keep in touch with your blog & pull them back.
  29. Use Youtube. Create an account on youtube, and then on your profile you will be able to
melist alamat2 your website. List your blog address there & begin to create the video. When
someone sees your profile likelihood he will click on your blog.
  30. Ask for a bigger blog for a link. Bangunlan a good relation ship before you ask for
something. Make sure you link them first in your posts. Before you do this please and abaca
"Kumiko's post". If your blog is getting lots of links will not only raise your page rank but will
also get a lot of traffic.
  31. Use Techorati tags. Getting more at Techorati category means you'll get more exposure,
which means getting more traffic. If you want to know more about Techorati please visit the
Court's post.
  32. Encourage readers to "Digg" your article. Digg is a site that lets people vote on the article.
In other words, the reader likes it or not the article. Blogger friends you will be willingly to
"Digg" the article if you ask politely, or even better, add a Digg button at the bottom of all your
posts. Make sure the best articles & if you get a Digg posting good enough then it will get
thousands of visitors every day.
  33. Get "plugin" to social bookmarking sites. On each blog articles are often found to be a line
of buttons that invite readers to submit and vote articles to social bookmarking sites (Digg,
Reddit, Netscape, or others). I myself use antisocial plugin. If you implement this plugin you
your article will be submitted to social bookmarking sites which means more traffic.
  34. Links to "A-listers". This technique is used to request the A-lister for a link or persuade
them to provide a link to you. The more you link to the A-listers and probloggers the more likely
they know you, then maybe they will link to your article which will give a lot of traffic to your
  35. Write a pillar post. Pillar post is not just a list post. Pillar posts merupaka core of your blog.
Potingan is usually long, authoritative, & instructional. Pillar post takes a long time to write it.
You must link to the pillar post in the blog as much as possible & make sure you get top pillar
post. Pillar post will get many links & bring lots of traffic.
  36. When the festival arrives, write about it. When Easter, Lebaran, Thanksgiving, Chrismas, or
holidays / celebrations else arrives, make a post about it a month earlier. Make sure your post is
linked & indexed. When the day arrives, it will be searched by many people and your site could
be found. For example, entitled "Celebrating Christmas Together From Law Review syar'i"
  37. Use smart URLs in WordPress. If you use wordpress and use their messy URLs, you should
use this plugin to change the URL, including the date and post name in the link. use the plugin
will not eliminate your search engine stats or anything else.
  38. Create your blog visitors feel like home. If you are someone who is rude, do not ever give
anything to your readers, do not answer comments or emails, do not help other bloggers, or
always cynical and do not make your readers feel like their own home, then likely they will cease
to visiting your blog. But if you keep them at home alone you will get lots of traffic.
  39. Be human, not robots. If in all your poting always only screaming in extreme business, for
example, do not show yourself, just talking about the same thing every time, or 100% perfect, it's
making them stay away. I do not mean mangatakan you for always polite, talk about yourself all
the time, strayed from your topic, or do a lot of mistakes. But let your readers know that you also
like them, that you are also human. Do not make your blog boring.
  40. Remove the ads from your blog. To increase traffic please remove your ad. When you have
no way to earn money from your blog, you will feel love, but rest assured that you will get traffic
and loyal readers if your blog is indeed qualified. And if it is possible you could fix it up again to
start making money.
  41. Start to create your own blog directory. Make your blog directory, for example at miserably.
When you first create a directory, make all the links for free and get a link submit form, where
submissions will send you an email. You can do a weekly / daily depending on the link sent to
you, or you can assign the link to the "proper Categoies" provided. When you have a great blog,
you can file a request for "reciprocal link" & will get a "featured site table" a link to your blog.
  42. Post about A-listers. For example on blogger Darren Rowse and John Chow. You can write
about them as personal or as a blogger, or you can write about how they do things. You can post
your thoughts about what they say or develop their postings and then leave a message
dipostingan them that you also have done the same thing.
  43. Interview other bloggers. Interview other bloggers will usually give a few posts & links.
Link means traffic.
  44. Keep posting links to popular. I tried to make post links that I like about every 2 times a
week. This is just potingan link to the article in the blogosphere or the web that I like, especially
the relefan with my blog theme. This will not only get a trackback, but will also give you the
opportunity to get obtain backlinks which means traffic.
  45. Make a contest with prizes. This is a good idea. Make a contest with a prize draw. People
will follow your blog in hopes of winning the prize. If you give a gift that will surely attract
beritanga scattered, but first make sure that that your blog has many loyal readers.
  46. Make visitors laugh. Make your guests laugh. It's hard not easy. If you can make your
guests laugh and love they will remember your blog & will tell others about your blog & will be
back again.
  47. Please help bloggers who need you. If there is a novice bloggers who leave you a comment
or email their help. Who knows one day they will be great & will always remember your
  48. Make a poll on your blog. People like voting & always wanted to see the results of a poll.
Polls & popular popular it will bring traffic.
  49. Create a new blog. If you still can handle it very well create a new blog, be it in hosingan
free or your own domain. Whatever you want to try traffic to every blog you have, & make sure
all the blogs you link to others, especially the smaller blogs that have to be linked by a bigger
blog. It is expected that whoever reads one of your blog can be introduced to your other blogs.
  50. Create or hack a wordpress plugin. Okay, this is only for the pitar "hack" or create a
wordpress plugin. I've never done it. But if you can, you will get many links & traffic from
everyone who uses your plugin.
  51. Make a blog themes (wordpress, blogspot, or whatever). Just like making a plugin, traffic
will come along with a link. Even create a blog theme easier than making a plugin or learn seo.
  52. Draw a picture that can be used by others. If you create images for free, which can be used
by others to their blog, you will get traffic from here. And if you are professional in making
images, you can earn extra money from here.
  53. Draw pictures to social networking sites. People who use Myspace, facebook, and all types
of sites like to use images. Colored banners, animated images, image flicker, if it makes it so
they will use, Place your link there.
  54. Joined on Myspace and get a lot of friends. Join us on Myspace klicklah "browse" and add
people. If you've got a lot of friends make a link to your blog on the bulletin and on your profile
or wherever you can. This will get the traffic if you do it right.
  55. Answer the questions you get from a comment or email with a post. If someone provides
comment or question and the answer is quite long, Do not waste your time with a link to answer
your potingan. If posting about it yet exist, make a post about it.
  56. Buatlan a series of award / reward. Take your time to make a trophy or banner for an award
or awards. Make sure the award was to have a theme or name, for example, "Tropy Award For
Best Blogger". Then linkkan banner to 5 other bloggers that you think best. Create a rule that the
five bloggers are also doing the same thing with the banner, link with five other bloggers who
they think best. Make sure there is a banner in your link as a banner maker. If it runs then there
will be many linkback to your blog & you'll receive a lot of traffic.
  57. Order reviews through ReviewMe. If you order the reviews on other blogs with ReviewMe
or PayPerPost a lot of people will read about your blog. Your reviews are the best way to
advertise your blog to get a loyal reader.
  58. Advertise on Google Adwords. If you have more money does not hurt you to buy ads on
Google Adwords. Those interested will click on your ad. Some of them will become a loyal
reader and mungin some will not. This is a good way to get traffic.
  59. Use ReviewBack to get a free review. You'll get a free review here, is useful for getting
traffic. Check in ReviewBack.
  60. Write a Press Release. Bagainama Click here to find out how.
  61. Get your list of favorites in Techorati. Tachorati top 100 favorited list be reviewed here. It
would be very difficult to get it, you'll need a few hundred favorite or even a few thousand if you
want to be placed top of the list. But this will generate lots of traffic if you managed to do it.
  62. Join forums and message boards &. Join forums and message boards relevant to the theme
of your blog. If allowed to link your blog where you can. People who see it will be happy to
mengecheck your blog.
  63. Add your blog link in forum signatures. Another idea, but only if permitted. Add your link
in forum signatures and Be active communication. Your link will look at each of your posts.
You'll get decent traffic if many forum members.
  64. Write a post with an interesting title, easy to remember & contain keywords. Post with an
interesting title & easy to remember will usually get more traffic, especially if it contains
keywords. You will get ranked on search engines, and if one link your articles with keywords
that you would get a better ranking and will get more traffic from google, yahoo, or others.
  65. Use images in your posts. If posting just a quick text postigan would be boring. Images are
also useful for SEO if someone searches for images in search engines. But I recommend using
only one picture per post, to avoid confusion in the search engines.
  66. Write a review. If you make a good review of a product, it would be a concern of people
who are interested in these products. Make a review of a product are more loved today.
  67. Create a higher quality paper. If your articles there are on Digg or StumbleUpon by the
readers of your blog, Post the articles more interesting and better quality. Allow your blog
visitors know that your blog is a quality blog and they will come back.
  68. Post about important events that relate to your blog. If something important events that
match the theme of your blog will come, write about it a month before the event arrives, give it a
chance mengindext search engine for your articles. And if the event that you will be able to
traffic comes from people who are looking for articles about the event.
  69. Share your secrets with your readers. Whether it's the secret of success of your business,
learn the secrets seo secrets of your life or people would be pleased to know it and will not be
antipathy towards you.
  70. Be different from the others. Build the image and do something different that others have
never done. You'll get a thank you for your readers to get something new. Your name will be
remembered for a long time, but not forever. Emerged with a new concept that others have never
  71. Continue to develop your blog. Your readers will come back to your blog if your blog is
growing constantly. Try to write every day, especially writing about the topic of learning seo.
  72. Be yourself. The Internet is the best place to perform without a name, but if it you do not
there will be people who want to contact you or keep visiting your blog. Be yourself, do not
pretend to be someone else, and people will like you.

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