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Curriculum Vitae David Wechsler by xiuliliaofz


									Curriculum Vitae:         David Wechsler

Qualifications:           FRANZCO                       2006
                          MB,BS (Hons I)                1998

Practice Address:         Burwood Eye Clinic
                          36 Burwood Road
                          Burwood 2134
                          Sydney NSW

             Ph:          02 9747 4444
             Fax:         02 9744 6555
             Mob:         0414 773 141

Hospital Appointments:    Concord Hospital (VMO)        oct 2007 - current
                          Liverpool Hospital (VMO)      oct 2007 - current

Subspecialty Interests:   Glaucoma
                          Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Current Teaching and Academic activities:
    Supervision and training of 3 Accredited ophthalmology registrars at
      each of my public hospital posts
    Presentations and teaching sessions at Sydney Eye Hospital „Eye
    Presentations at local and national meetings
    Examiner for Masters of Ophthalmology degree, University of Sydney
    Marker for Honours programme, University of Sydney
    Reviewer for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

Vocational Training:
    Registrar, Sydney Eye Hospital (years 1-3)                2002-2004
    Senior Registrar, Liverpool Hospital, Sydney NSW          2005
    Glaucoma Fellow, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, UK        2006-2007

   Au L, Wechsler D, Fenerty C, Spencer A. Bleb revision with scleral patch
    grafts and conjunctival advancement. J.Glaucoma – accepted for

   Au L, Wechsler D, Fenerty C. Alpha antagonists and intraoperative floppy
    iris syndrome (IFIS) in trabeculectomy. Eye 2007 21(5):671-2.

   Wechsler DZ, Tay TS, McKay DL. Life threatening Haematological
    disorders presenting with Ophthalmic manifestations. Clinical and
    Experimental Ophthalmology 2004 32(5): 547-50.

   Wechsler D, Anand N. Antimetabolites in Glaucoma surgery – a Review.
    Accepted for publication, Comprehensive Ophthalmology Update

 Wechsler DZ, McCluskey PJ. Scleritis (review)
Accepted for publication 2006: Ophthalmology International

Acknowledged in
     Mercieca K, Odogu V, Fiebai B, Arowolo O, Chukwuka F. Comparing
     Central Corneal Thickness in a Sub-Saharan Cohort to African
     Americans and Afro-Caribbeans. Cornea. 2007 Jun;26(5):557-560

Poster Presentations:

   Wechsler D, Anand N. Deep Scelerectomy with Mitomycin C in eyes with
    previous failed glaucoma surgery. Royal Australian and New Zealand
    College of Ophthalmologists annual scientific meeting, Perth November

   Mercieca K, Wechsler D, Odogu V, Fiebai B, Arowolo O. Comparing Central
    Corneal Thickness in a sub-Saharan cohort to African Americans and Afro-
    Carribbeans. Nottingham Ophthalmology Meeting. February 2007.

   Wechsler D, Mercieca K, Quinn S, Fenerty C, Spencer A. Initial Experience
    with Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty in a tertiary Referral Glaucoma Clinic.
    UK and Eire Glaucoma Society Annual Meeting December 2006.

   Wechsler DZ, Macken PL. “Acute Angle closure with congenital lens
    Anomaly”. Conjoint Meeting of Asian-Oceanic Glaucoma Society and
    Australian New Zealand Glaucoma Club, Sept 2005.

   Wechsler DZ, Macken PL, Petsoglou C. “Choice of Intraocular lens power
    and postoperative refractive result in eyes with Keratoconus undergoing
    phacoemulsification cataract surgery”. Royal Australian and New Zealand
    College of Ophthalmologists’ Annual Scientific Congress, November 2005.
Recent Presentations and lectures:

Changing concepts in the surgical management of the failing bleb
Save Sight Institute Conference, Sydney.                        August 2008

Bleb revision with scleral patch graft and conjunctival advancement.
Australian and New Zealand Glaucoma interest Group scientific meeting.
Melbourne.                                                       March 2008

Results of Deep Scelerectomy plus selective laser goniopuncture
Rapid Fire session, RANZCO congress, Perth                   November 2007

Bleb Morphology after posterior application of Mitomycin C with conjunctival
edge protection
Rapid Fire session, RANZCO congress, Perth.                   November 2007

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty
North-west Glaucoma update, Liverpool, United Kingdom         September 2006

Optic Disc and Nerve Fibre Layer Imaging
North-West Glaucoma update, Manchester, United Kingdom           March 2007

6 month results of SLT in a tertiary referral Glaucoma unit
North-West Glaucoma update, Wigan, United Kingdom                 June 2007

Lectures for MSc Course, Manchester, United Kingdom
- Pharmacology of Glaucoma therapies                              April 2007
- Optic Nerve in Glaucoma                                         April 2007

Lecture to Undergraduate Optometry students
- Classification, investigation and Diagnosis of glaucoma        March 2007

Academic Appointments

Clinical Associate Lecturer, Central Clinical School           2006 - current
University of Sydney

Tutor in Neurosciences, Vision and Behaviour.
University of Sydney undergraduate curriculum                         2001
Educational Background and Pre-vocational Medical Training

Resident Medical Officer, Emergency Medicine, Concord Hospital 2001

I also studied for and completed RANZCO first part examinations while
working as a tutor in Neurosciences, vision and Behaviour at the
University of Sydney.

Senior Resident Medical Officer, Concord Hospital                           2000
(Burns/Plastics, General Surgery, Geriatrics/Rehab, Anaesthetics, Neurosurgery)

Resident Medical Officer, Concord Hospital                                  1999
(Ophthalmology, Night Resident, Broken Hill Medicine, ICU, Emergency)

Intern, Concord Hospital                                                    1998
(Thoracic medicine/surgery, Cardiology, Emergency, General medicine, UGI surgery)

Academic Record


             RANZCO Part II Examinations                             April 2004

Clinical Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Pathology passed at first attempt

             RANZCO Part I Examinations                              August 2001

Anatomy, Physiology and Optics passed concurrently at first attempt

             University of Sydney                                    1992 - 1997

            Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Honors Class I)

Secondary: Sydney Grammar School                                     1986 – 1991

             Higher School Certificate T.E.R 100.00
Professional Organisations

  Member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of
    - As a fellow recently returned from overseas, where I undertook
       sub-specialty training, I am looking to become more involved and
       contribute to college activities.

  Member of the Australian Medical Association
    - including participation in the AMA mentorship scheme for junior

  Member, UK and Eire Glaucoma Society
  Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology
  Sydney Eye Hospital Alumni Association
  Hospitallers Association, Sydney Hospital
  University of Sydney Medical Graduates‟ Association

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