botanix lifestyle & garden centre – a magical experience!
                                                                                The botanix lifestyle & garden centre at             walkways, allowing you to enjoy the botanix
                   WELLINGTON                                                   Wellington Point is the result of a dream to build   experience whatever the conditions.
                                                                                a centre that reflects the colour and beauty of           The journey continues into a second pavilion
                                                              Moreton Bay
                                                                                Queensland; inspiring people to create love and      which boasts an extensive range of outdoor
             Brisbane CBD                                                       harmony in their homes and gardens.                  furniture, architectural features and hard
                                                                                     Open 7 days a week, this 12,000 sq metre        landscaping products. Apart from demonstrating
                                              M ai n R

                                                                                ‘all weather’ complex provides a shopping and        the art of gracious living, botanix is a centre
                             ale R
                     Birkd                                                      educational metropolis for the home, garden          for seasonal events, workshops, demonstrations,

                                                                                and lifestyle enthusiast. Experience the clever      entertainment and community activities and
       Collingw                                                                 architectural design which invites shafts of light   proudly serviced by a team of friendly industry
               ood Rd
                                                                                into the indoor complex; home to the licensed        professionals.
                             Nelson                      Capalaba 4km           café and florist, giftwares and art gallery               Bus tours and groups are welcome; call in
      Old Cleve
                  land Rd
                                                                                and spills out onto the garden and nursery           and enjoy the magical experience yourself; it’s
                                                                                area, which is connected via covered gabled          not to be missed!

                                                                            Nelson Rd, Wellington Point P: (07) 3822 1111
                                                                              w w w . b o t a n i x . c o m . a u
  28                                            20                           16                                                     6

                                                                                                                                           there's so much more to...
                                                                                                        heritage and highlights
                                                                                                                  food and wine
                                                                                                          action and adventure
                                                                                  10                                                22
                                                                                                  pampering and retail therapy

                                                26                                                                  ISLANDS
                                                                                                         Southern Moreton Bay
                                                                                                       North Stradbroke Island
                                                                                                   Redland City and Surrounds

R e d l a n d s o n M o r e t o n B a y To u r i s m A w a r d s                       I n f o r m a t i o n
                                                                                       s i g n s e x p l a i n e d
                  This symbol               TOURISM RESTAURANTS &
                  denotes winners           CATERING SERVICES                          VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRES
                                            Tanja's Café & Restaurant                           The friendly staff are locals and offer
                  of the 2007
                  Redlands on               BACKPACKER ACCOMMODATION                            a one - s top - s hop ex per ience,
                  Moreton Bay               Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre                          providing all the information you need
                                                                                       about things to do and see and where to stay
                  Tourism Awards            HOSTED ACCOMMODATION
                                                                                       in Redlands on Moreton Bay. The staff will even
                                            Mt Cotton Guesthouse
                                                                                       plan your personalised itinerary to make sure
                                            STANDARD ACCOMMODATION                     you get the most out of your getaway.
                                            Amity Bungalows
TOURIST ATTRACTIONS                                                                    REDLANDS ON MORETON BAY
Sirromet Winery                             NEW TOURISM DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                       VISITOR CENTRE
                                            The Lighthouse Restaurant
FESTIVALS & EVENTS                                                                     RABY BAY HARBOUR COMPLEX
Olivado Moreton Bay Seafood Festival        CLUBS                                      2/152 SHORE STREET WEST, CLEVELAND
                                            Redlands Sporting Club                     Ph: 1300 667 386
Stradbroke Weddings                         AWARD OF MERIT                             Fax: (07) 3821 3875
                                            Straddie Kingfisher Tours                   Email:
MAJOR TOUR & TRANSPORT                                                                 Open: 9.00am to 5.00pm (Monday to Friday)
OPERATORS                                   MAYOR'S INNOVATION AWARD
                                            Tea Cosy Cottages                          9.00am to 3.00pm (Saturday and Sunday)
Sea Stradbroke
TOUR & TRANSPORT OPERATORS                  JUDGES' AWARD                              You will also find information about Redlands
Straddie Kingfisher Tours                    Botanix Lifestyle Centre                   on Moreton Bay at
ADVENTURE TOURISM                           GOLD AWARD
Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre                  Stradbroke Weddings
                                                                                       SOUTHERN MORETON BAY TOURIST DRIVE
                                                                                                You will come across these distinct
       The awards were organised by Redland City Council and sponsored by:                      brown and white dugong signs on
                                                                                                your journey. Follow these to explore
                                                                                       the personalities of the many coastal villages in
                                                                                       the Redlands. For more information on the
                                                                                       Southern Moreton Bay Tourist Drive, obtain a
                                                                                       brochure from the Visitor Centre.

                                                                                       HERITAGE TRAILS
                                                                                       Throughout the Redlands you will see a number
                                                                                       of historic landmarks and attractions. The
                                                                                       Redlands on Moreton Bay Visitor Centre offers
                                                                                       free self guided Heritage Trail Guides. Choose
                                                                                       between Cleveland and Ormiston, North
                                                                                       Stradbroke Island, or the Southern Moreton
                                                                                       Bay Islands Heritage Trails... and explore times
                                                                                       of yore.

                                     Need a family getaway or some time               explore bushland and beaches
            Exploration can mean     alone with your partner? Perhaps you             observe an array of wildlife in their
               different things to   want to treat yourself to an extravagant         natural surroundings
                                     brunch and boutique day or maybe it’s
             different people… to                                                     discover spectacular gardens,
                                     fishing and a barbeque with friends?              heritage landmarks and art exhibits
             me, it means leaving
                                     Whatever your interest or budget,                savour the local delicacies
             behind my fears and     Redlands on Moreton Bay will satisfy
                                                                                      pump up the heart rate with action
               sense of time and     your desire for a getaway - day trip, short      and adventure
                                     break or extended escape.
               taking on new and                                                      or simply put your feet up and
              exciting adventures    Imagine no traffic jams, no crowded beaches       unwind.
                                     and definitely no hustle and bustle.
                                                                                   Become part of the journey that will
                                     Just 30 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD,          make you fall in love with Redlands on
                                     Redlands on Moreton Bay provides you          Moreton Bay.
                                     with the opportunity to…
e xp lore
t o
m o re

           BY CAR
           When travelling from Brisbane, most areas in
           Redlands on Moreton Bay can be accessed
  from Old Cleveland Road/Finucane Road.

  When travelling from the South East Freeway, take
  the Vulture Street exit and follow Vulture Street for
  approximately 3km until you come to Cavendish Road.
  Turn right into Cavendish Road and follow along for
  approximately 800m. Turn left into Old Cleveland Road
  and follow to Redlands on Moreton Bay.

  When travelling from the Gateway Motorway, north or
  south bound, take the Old Cleveland Road exit and follow
  the signs to Redlands on Moreton Bay.

            From either Central or Roma Street stations,
            take the CityTrain Cleveland line to Thorneside,
  Birkdale, Wellington Point, Ormiston or Cleveland. For a

                                                               h o w
  train timetable, visit or contact 13 16 17
  (Queensland only).

            A TransLink Bus Service takes passengers
            from Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach (Pacific

                                                               w i l l
  Fair) or Carrara to the Nerang or Helensvale train
  stations. From Nerang or Helensvale, take the train to
  Brisbane Central station. Change trains at Brisbane
  Central station and take the CityTrain Cleveland line
  departing from platforms one and two. For more
  information about the TransLink Bus Service, including
  timetables, visit or contact

                                                               y o u
  13 12 30 (Queensland only).

          The Veolia bus services operate between
          Brisbane and Redlands on Moreton Bay. Visit for timetable information.

                                                               g e t
            Coachtrans operates daily buses from Surfers
            Paradise and Southport Transit Centres to
  Brisbane approximately every hour. Contact TransLink
  on 13 12 30 for more information.
                                                               t h e r e ?

              The Redlands on Moreton Bay Visitor Centre
  can provide you with information about car hire and bus
  or train transfers from the Brisbane Airport. Contact the
  Visitor Information Centre on 1300 667 386 for more

m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e          [5]
      m o re   t o   d is cov er
 Pick a starting point… then uncover little hidden treasures
 and life’s pleasures as you go on your journey of discovery

The Redlands offers you the chance to            Or follow the Southern Moreton Bay
discover fine art, history and cultural          Tourist Drive signs and just see where
experiences. From sprawling farmland             the journey of discovery takes you.
to stately homes on waterfront land,
                                                 One minute you could be heading down
unspoiled beaches to historical trails… the
                                                 leafy tree enveloped roads in your car,
opportunities for discovery are endless.
                                                 admiring historically listed landmarks
You will discover hidden treasures… the          like Ormiston House, St. Paul’s Historic
quintessential Queenslander, seaside             Anglican Church, the Old Schoolhouse
landscapes, expansive parklands, and             Gallery, or Old Courthouse…
the unmistakable salty ocean aromas              … the next, you could be unwinding
that follow you from one destination to          with a picnic lunch under the expansive
the next.                                        branches of the giant deeply-rooted
As well as landmarks dating back to the          Moreton Bay fig tree at Wellington Point
mid-1800s, the city boasts impressive            Reserve. Or perhaps you’d rather make
modern art and cultural features including       the most of the inviting waters with your
                                                 boat, jet-ski or canoe.
the Redland Art Gallery and the Redland
Performing Arts Centre, Ormiston House           On the other hand, you may take your
and the Redland Museum.                          time and enjoy the art exhibits featured
                                                 at one of the local art galleries.
Spoil yourself a little and allow the friendly
staff at the Visitor Centre (see page 3 for      The opportunities for discovery are
details) to plan your free itinerary for a       endless… all it takes is a little time… and
half or full day tour.                           a little sense of adventure.

                                                                 Main Image: New places
                                                                 and experiences to discover
                                                                 Above Left: Art Gallery at
                                                                 Above: Family fun at
                                                                 Wellington Point
                                                                 Left: The Courthouse

            m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e                            [7]
                                                                                                     REDLAND ART GALLERY

                                                                                                  Redland Art Gallery features six exhibition
                                                                                                 spaces over two locations at Cleveland and
                                                                                                   Capalaba, just 35 minutes via road from
                                                                                                 the Brisbane CBD and the international and
                                                                                                              domestic airports.
                                                                                                     The gallery’s policy is to support and
                                                                                                 encourage access, diversity and opportunity;
                                                                                                   to create a deeper sense of identity and
                                                                                                   place; and to acknowledge the region’s
                                                                                                 significant Indigenous culture and heritage.
                                                                                                         Monday to Friday 9am-4pm
                                                                                                            Sunday 9am-2pm
                                                                                                             Admission free
                                                                                                   Redland Art Gallery is an initiative of Redland City
                                                                                                  Council, dedicated to the late Eddie Santagiuliana

      Above: Redland Art Gallery                               Cnr Middle & Bloomfield Sts, Cleveland P: (07) 3829 8899
      Below: Fig trees at Wellington Point                                 E:
      Opposite Page: Art Gallery at Botanix                                 W:

                                                                                                        INDIGISCAPES CENTRE

                                                                                                 • INDULGE in native food flavours in
                                                                                                   our Tea Garden
                                                                                                 • EXPLORE the wonders of our native
                                                                                                   gardens, bush trails and lagoon
                                                                                                 • ENCOUNTER our marvellous residents,
                                                                                                   wild koalas
                                                                                                 • ENJOY a family picnic or barbeque in
                                                                                                 • BUY a gift in The Book Bower gift shop
                                                                                                 • CELEBRATE your special occasion in
                                                                                                   our fully equipped Tallowwood Room

                                                        17 Runnymede Road, Capalaba
                                                              P: (07) 3824 8611

[8]                                           m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e

                                                                                                 One of the finest examples of colonial
                                                                                               architecture in Queensland with beautiful
                                                                                                  gardens overlooking Moreton Bay,
                                                                                                 meticulously restored, furnished with
                                                                                                        authentic period pieces.
                                                                                                       Open Sundays 12noon - 4pm,
                                                                                                           March to November
                                                                                                         Midweek group bookings,
   We are a community-based co-operative of
                                                                                                         school tours, coach tours
   local artists and craftspeople, committed to
 the development of arts and supported by the                                                                    Admission
 Redland City Council. We invite you to meet our                                                           Adults $5 / Children $1
artists and share a pleasant morning or afternoon
    with them on their regular gallery rosters.                                                              Devonshire Teas
 Open every Fri, Sat & Sun 9.30am-4.30pm                                                                   Adults $4 / Children $2

     124-126 Shore St, Cleveland
                                                                              277 Wellington St, Ormiston
          P: (07) 3821 2419
W:                                   P: (07) 3824 1285 or (07) 3286 1425

                                                                                                          MT COTTON
                                                                                                      RAINFOREST GARDENS
                                                                                                This magical tropical rainforest is just
                                                                                                 45 minutes from Brisbane CBD and
                                                                                                             Gold Coast
                                                                                                 Uniquely different, this wonderland is set
                                                                                               into the side of a mountain with views of the
                                                                                                Glass House Mountains and the Bay Islands.
                                                                                                Contained in private surroundings, the
                                                                                                Mt Cotton Rainforest Gardens also have
                                                                                                   wet weather and shade facilities.
                                                                                                  Picnickers, coach tours, weddings,
                                                                                                workshops, special occasions and social
                                                                                                     functions are very welcome.
                                                                                                      Devonshire teas are our speciality.
                                                                                                        Open 7 days, 9am to 6pm

                                                         196 Mt View Rd, Mount Cotton (UBD 224 L15) P: (07) 3206 6371

                                                                                                        REDLAND MUSEUM
                                                                                                   This windmill was the pride of its
                                                                                                manufacturer and joy to the farmer who
                                                                                               owned it but regrettably also provided great
                                                                                                          pleasure to parrots.
                                                                                                Manufactured in the 1890’s by the US Wind
                                                                                                   Eng & Pump Company, this wonderful
                                                                                                 machine stood majestically in the Redlands
                                                                                                 from around 1900 until the wooden wind
                                                                                               fans were systematically eaten by local playful
                                                                                                cockatoos. 100 years later the volunteers of
                                                                                                 the Redland Museum completely rebuilt it,
                                                                                                   earning them a Silver Heritage Award.
                                                                                               We have many more stories. Take some time
                                                                                               off from your busy life and visit this exciting
                                                                                                      family friendly history museum.
                                                                                                              Open every day.

                                 60 Smith St, Cleveland P: (07) 3286 3494 P: (07) 3286 9579
                            E: W:

                                            m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e                                              [9]
[ 10 ]
         m o re   t o   s av our
 Some of life’s happiest memories are created with friends
                 and family… around food and drinks

Here in Redlands on Moreton Bay there         The enjoyment that food offers can be
is an abundance of choice when it comes       shared intimately or with special friends
to savouring your favourite food.             and family. It completes the perfect
                                              recipe for a great get-together.
Local produce from fruitful farms and
fresh seafood from Moreton Bay are just       Create new savoured moments in the
some of the tastes you can savour in this     Redlands. You won’t know where to
destination.                                  begin with choices ranging from Thai

Fish and chips on the beach, rump steak at    to Mexican, Italian to Indian, fish and
the marina, or a cheese plater served with    chips to chicken marsala, bolognaise to
your favourite blend of wine overlooking      bangers and mash… the Redlands offers
Mount Cotton’s abundant grape vine-           a global experience to savour.
covered landscapes… the choice is yours.      And what about choosing the perfect
Capture the rich cultural heritage of         location to enjoy your food? There are
Cleveland Point which shares its charm        shady grassy barbeque spots to dining
with restaurants, alfresco dining and         with a fine ocean view, quiet cafés to
Queensland’s oldest licensed hotel.           entertaining pubs and bars.

No matter the occasion or the budget, with    Whatever the location, the opportunity to
so many options to choose from including      savour requires your presence and some
local cafés, restaurants and pubs, you will   good company… and the willingness to
find the perfect taste to savour.              simply relax and enjoy.

Main Image: Celebrate and
savour precious moments
Right: Grand View Hotel
Far Right: Fresh seafood

           m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e                        [ 11 ]
         AUNTY ALICE’S RESTAURANT                               THE BLUE PARROT CAFÉ &                         TOMATO BROTHERS ORMISTON
          Where the Granite Belt meets the sea                   LICENSED RESTAURANT                                    Restaurant - Café - Bar
         Have a very special day out at Aunty Alice’s –       Just a short walk from the jetty you can enjoy      For the best gourmet pizza and pasta
            overlooking picturesque Moreton Bay              our warm and friendly atmosphere, overlooking                  in the Redlands!
                        All new menus                        a natural bush setting and views to Karragarra.       Wood fired oven - Fully licensed
          Book your next social and business event                                                                      Takeaway open 7 days
                                                             Open 6 days a week (7 in summer), dine inside,
                      Bookings essential                                                                         Banquets: $25 per person (dine in only)
                                                                 on the balcony or in the piazza area.
                                                                                                               Mon-Thu 4.30pm til late, Fri-Sun noon til late
                                                               Shop 5, 36 Southsea Tce, Macleay Island                    Cnr Wellington &
              Shop 6, 6 Alison Crs, Russell Island                P: (07) 3409 4900 for bookings                       Sturgeon Sts, Ormiston
                      P: (07) 3409 2002                                   or opening hours                               P: (07) 3286 1155
                                                                 W:                      W:

                                                                                                                         POINT OF VIEW
                                                                                                               The Point Of View Restaurant is a charming
                                                                                                                place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner.
                                                                                                                The Point Of View boasts a vast range of
                                                                                                               food from seafood to steak and also caters
                                                                                                               for vegetarians and gluten free diners. The
                                                                                                                prices are reasonable, the food excellent
                                                                                                                 and the staff are friendly at this family-
                                                                                                                            owned restaurant.
                                                                                                               So, if you want the feeling of a Queensland
                                                                                                               island then come and visit Wellington Point,
                                                                                                                    just 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD.
                                                                                                                 The Point Of View Restaurant offers a
                                                                                                               truly relaxing dining experience, situated
                                                                                                                  on the bay overlooking the islands.

                                                            1 Main Rd, Wellington Point
                                             P: (07) 3207 2341 W:

                                                                                                                     Modern Australian Dining
                                                                                                                           & Wine Bar
                                                                                                                 Experience Brisbane’s best waterfront
                                                                                                               dining experience while making the most
                                                                                                               of beautiful views over Raby Bay Harbour
                                                                                                               and the marina, with a wide terrace and a
                                                                                                                 relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere.
                                                                                                                 Choose from a large selection of locally
                                                                                                                sourced produce from our contemporary
                                                                                                                  Australian menu, complemented by a
                                                                                                                   fantastic range from our wine and
                                                                                                                               cocktail lists.
                                                                                                                 Open 7 days for lunch and dinner.
                                                                                                                 Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

                                                                                   Shop 9/152 Shore St West, Raby Bay P: (07) 3488 2888
                                                                                     E: W:

[ 12 ]                                               m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e
C le veland    Po int        He ri tag e              Pre c i nc t

                                                              THE LIGHTHOUSE

                                                        Nestled on the shore of Moreton Bay
                                                       with 270 degree views of the ocean, the
                                                     Lighthouse offers a true dining destination.
                                                      Such surrounding natural beauty inspires
                                                      a fresh daily menu of local seafood in the
                                                       a-la-carte restaurant. A takeaway kiosk
                                                        serving gourmet fish and chips allows
                                                    families to indulge while a café and bar area
                                                    offers light meals, coffee and cake and a full
                                                     selection of Australian wines
                                                            and beer on tap.
                                                      Relaxed yet refined, the
                                                     Lighthouse is a beacon in
                                                        waterfront dining.

                      237 Shore St North, Cleveland P: (07) 3286 5555
        E: W:

                                                           GRAND VIEW HOTEL
                                                    The only thing we overlook… is the Bay!
                                                     Only 30 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD, in the
                                                    Heritage Precinct at Cleveland Point, the Grand
                                                    View is Queensland’s oldest licensed hotel. Built
                                                          in 1851, the locals call it “The GV”.
                                                     Overlooking North Stradbroke Island, treat
                                                    yourself to the best of bayside alfresco dining
                                                     beneath swaying palms or in heritage-style
                                                    Our famous seafood and steaks highlight the
                                                   extensive chargrill menu, with daily specials plus
                                                    a variety of other dishes, including vegetarian
                                                   and a children’s menu… all at reasonable prices.
                                                          Come for a day or come to stay
                                                               you’ll love the GV!

                        North St, Cleveland Point P: (07) 3286 1002
                    E: W:

                                                             THE COURTHOUSE
                                                     The Olde Courthouse is a superb example of
                                                       Early Colonial cottage architecture with its
                                                    handmade brick walls and sandstone window
                                                    sills, which were brought out from England as
                                                               ballast on the sailing ships.
                                                        The Courthouse Restaurant offers a truly
                                                    complete dining experience. Glorious bay views
                                                     and alfresco dining by day, romantic ambience
                                                        with live piano by night. Private rooms for
                                                   intimate dining or open-spaced yet elegant decor,
                                                      the choice is yours. Feel the history surround
                                                    you whilst you dine in one of Brisbane’s longest
                                                       established and multi-awarded restaurants.
                                                      • Open fires for winter dining • Fully
                                                   licenced • A-la-carte, functions, weddings
                                                        • Open Tues-Sun (lunch & dinner)

                        1 Paxton St, Cleveland P: (07) 3286 1386

                                                                                                        [ 13 ]
                                                                          SIRROMET WINES
                                                                    A state of the art working winery,
                                                                    breathtaking scenery and our very
                                                                            own celebrity chef
                                                                 Sirromet Wines is a not–to–be–missed
                                                                 destination located amongst the rolling hills
                                                                 of Mount Cotton in the Redlands, just a short
                                                                 drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
                                                                 Recently voted ‘Best Queensland Product’ and
                                                                 ‘Best Queensland Restaurant’ at the 2008
                                                                 Courier-Mail Lifestyle Awards, be sure to drop
                                                                 in and enjoy a meal prepared by Andrew
                                                                 Mirosch, our very own celebrity Executive Chef.
                                                                 Free Tasting - Bring this advertisement to our
                                                                 Cellar Door for a free tasting of our award
                                                                 winning wines – so far we’ve won over 330
                                                                 wine awards! Tours are also available.

                    850-938 Mount Cotton Rd, Mount Cotton
         P: 1800 SIRROMET or (07) 3206 2999 W:

                                                                        CAFÉ / RESTAURANT

                                                                    A landmark, multi-award winner,
                                                                     located behind the clock tower
                                                                    on Wellington Point’s main strip.
                                                                    Experience the true ambience of the
                                                                    Bayside as you linger over breakfast,
                                                                  European style cakes, fine coffee, lunch
                                                                 or dinner with quality wines, bringing the
                                                                  best of inner-city dining to
                                                                         the Bayside.
                                                                 Chemical-free is the theme,
                                                                     with certified organic,
                                                                 vegetarian, gluten and dairy
                                                                   free meals also available.

                         372 Main Rd, Wellington Point
                              P: (07) 3207 3120

                                                                    SHARKS SPORTING CLUB

                                                                   The Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club
                                                                  is the perfect place for the whole family
                                                                                    to visit.
                                                                  Come and have lunch or dinner 7 days a
                                                                  week in our great bistro or just sit back
                                                                 and relax with a quiet drink while the kids
                                                                   are entertained in our fully supervised
                                                                                 kids room.
                                                                 The Sharks has 116 of the latest gaming
                                                                 machines and full TAB and Keno facilities.
                                                                   Large function rooms are also available
                                                                             with outside area.
                                                                     Check with reception for times and
                                                                            other information.

              325 Colburn Ave, Victoria Point P: (07) 3207 7865

[ 14 ]        m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e
                                                                                       REDLANDS RSL
                                                                Call to Arms… If it’s happening in Redlands… It’s happening here!
                                                            Sensational cuisine, friendly service, ALL new experiences waiting to happen!

                                                                 8 Passage Street, Cleveland Q 4163 P: (07) 3488 1199
Above: Fresh seafood salad                                                   W:

                                                BEST CLUB ON THE BAY!
 The Redlands Sporting Club offers a total leisure and entertainment
 package complete with five bars, Club Keno and TAB and 206 of the
                                                                                 Best Club Redevelopment 2008
 latest gaming machines with daily promotions. Free live entertainment
 is also available from Tuesday to Sunday.
                                                                                         Best General Sports Club
 There are three top choices in dining - Buffet World (with a universe of                          ‘Hall of Fame’
 food for the one low price), Club Bistro (a la carte meals to tempt any
                                                                                           2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
 palate) and the Club Cafe (for a daily variety of meals and snacks)
 When next in the Redlands, why not stop in and visit Brisbane’s Best       Best Club Brisbane & Regions 2003
 Club on the Bay, located at Wellington Point.

                                          Anson Rd, Wellington Point P: (07) 3207 1133
                                   E: W:

                                          m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e                                           [ 15 ]
[ 16 ]
         m o re   t o   e xp erience
       We all have experiences. Some great, some small –
   however it is these experiences that shape our lives and
                               bring us happiness.

A spike in adrenalin, a rush of excitement,     the Redlands, or set up a team and enjoy
the sea breezes blowing, the salt               a day of lawn bowls.
spraying, the engine roaring, the speed,
                                                Redlands on Moreton Bay also offers
the anticipation, the experience.
                                                bike enthusiasts a comprehensive
The thrill of sand-boarding is just one of      Cycling Guide to experience both
the many adventures you can experience          coastal and bush trails. These guides
here at Redlands on Moreton Bay. Or             can be picked up from the Redlands on
try your hand atop the waves at wind            Moreton Bay Visitor Centre or online at
surfing, kite-boarding, surfing or in the
underwater world by scuba-diving and            Venman Bushland National Park is popular
spear fishing.                                   for mountain bike enthusiasts and offers a
                                                range of bush trails to explore.
If an adrenalin-filled adventure is not
exactly what you’re looking for, why not        Alternatively, if you would like to
experience barefoot bowls or a game             experience a beach 4WD adventure,
of golf, fishing off the jetty or deep sea       North Stradbroke Island is the ideal
charters, cycling trails, bush tracks or        destination. With a number of tour
4WD adventures.                                 providers, experience the best of the
                                                island with the expertise of your own
Whether you’re a thrill seeker or looking
                                                local tour guide.
for a quiet time, Redlands on Moreton Bay
has a range of activities just right for you.   If you want to bring your own 4WD, ensure
                                                you have the correct permits and follow
The bay waters offer calm conditions,
                                                restrictions. More information about 4WD
ideal to experience an easy day out on
                                                permits and a few simple guidelines can
your canoe or a leisurely sail boat cruise
                                                be found at
around the islands. You can catch a bream
off one of the jetties, or fish from your
tinny. Hunt for mud crabs at low tide by        Once you’re on the beach, set up the
the bay or fish off the rocky points closer      net for beach volleyball, dust off the
to the islands.                                 old surfboard and encounter some of
                                                Queensland’s best surfing conditions,
Catch some sun at a local park, play a
                                                or simply lay down your towel and enjoy
round of cricket or settle back against a
                                                the beauty of Redlands’ beaches.
shady tree with a good book or magazine.
Challenge yourself to a round of golf at        Set yourself free and experience life’s many
one of the many expansive golf courses in       pleasures at Redlands on Moreton Bay.

                                                                Main Image: Experience the
                                                                thrill... the adrenalin rush
                                                                Above: Barefoot bowling on
                                                                Above Left: Kayaking at
                                                                Left: Aquabike fun at

            m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e                            [ 17 ]
                                                                                                                     LEISURE LIFE REDLAND
                                                                                                                     SPRING FESTIVAL 2008
                                                                                                                This year the festival celebrates its 50th
                                                                                                              birthday and promises to dazzle, entertain,
                                                                                                                 inspire and delight all those who visit.
                                                                                                                  International artists bring us music of
                                                                                                                that era, such as Herman’s Hermits, The
                                                                                                              Drifters and a tribute to JOK by daughter
                                                                                                              Vicky O’Keefe. There is also a bush dance,
                                                                                                              scrumptious international food, the world
                                                                                                               famous strawberry eating contest, talent
                                                                                                              quests, rides and games in sideshow alley,
                                                                                                                 trade stalls, roving entertainers, and so
                                                                                                                                much more.
                                                                                                                The Festival is a premier event for
                                                                                                              Redland City, so join us for fantastic fun
                                                                                                                       for the whole family.

                                                                        Cleveland Showgrounds - 5th, 6th & 7th September
                                                                   Festival Events across the City 29th August - 14th September
                                                                    P: (07) 3286 4858 W:

                                                                                                                       COASTAL ISLAND

                                                                                                                Enjoy a North Stradbroke Island 4WD
                                                                                                                  Beach Safari in a small group for
                                                                                                                maximum personalised service by our
                                                                                                              experienced drivers with local knowledge
                                                                                                                of the island and its flora and fauna.
                                                                                                               Enjoy lunch on the beach, try fishing or
                                                                                                                just having fun while guides prepare a
             DONALD SIMPSON                                                                                   delicious BBQ. Morning and afternoon tea
          OVER 50’S LEISURE CENTRE                                                                             provided on the ferry while crossing the
           A unique community-owned facility where the                                                               calm waters of Moreton Bay.
         over 50’s can enjoy a variety of activities, including:
            Indoor Bowls, Table Tennis, Ballroom & Line                                                                Pick up available from
         Dancing, Bridge, Canasta, Solo Yoga, Tai Chi, Day                                                            Brisbane and Gold Coast
                  & Away Trips, Concerts & Shows.
          Overseas & interstate visitors very welcome!
          Open Monday - Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

                172 Bloomfield St, Cleveland
                                                                                              P: (07) 5574 4120
                     P: (07) 3821 1089
            W:                                              W:

                                                                                                             Left: Cycling on Macleay Island
                                                                                                             Below: Wellington Point Recreation Reserve

[ 18 ]                                                     m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e
                                                                                                          BAYSIDE MARKETS
                                                                                                   Enjoy a family day out with unique
                                                                                                  shopping experience at the Cleveland
                                                                                                Bayside Markets. Every Sunday 7am - 2pm.
                                                                                                 Enjoy fruit and veggies fresh from the farms,
                                                                                                   woodwork, 3D pictures, unique jewellery,
                                                                                                original artwork, fashion, Betty Boop products,
                                                                                                mud dye Bob, hats, chimes, soy candles, great
                                                                                                 wooden toys, plants, detox, top of the range
                                                                                                   handbags and jewellery, Greg the Banana
                                                                                                    Man, Teppanyaki and sushi, doll clothes,
                                                                                                    leatherwork... and much, much more!
                                                                                                  Live entertainment to set the mood at this
                                                                                                         multi award-winning market.
                                                                                                        Shopping with a difference…
                                                                                                          Something for Everyone

                                                            Bloomfield St, Cleveland
                                                           P: Heather 0433 927 526

       SEA VIEW CHARTERS                                                                         CLEVELAND AUTO RENTALS
Cleveland-based deep sea fishing charters                                                               Car, Scooter and Leisure Hire
           Full day tours available                                                             Be seen in the Redlands on our stylish, zippy
• 12m Cougar Cat with the latest equipment                                                       scooters – now available. The convenience
• Bait, plus all fishing gear & tackle included                                                     of car, scooter or leisure hire offered by
• All fish are cleaned, gutted & placed on ice                                                    Cleveland Auto Rentals takes all the hassle
• Morning & afternoon teas, lunch, fruit platters,                                                     out of renting in the Redlands.
  soft drinks, tea & coffee are all provided

                                                                                                    Cnr Gordon & Shore Sts, Cleveland
    P: (07) 3286 9549 or 0409 061 261
                                                                                                           P: (07) 3488 0558
                                                     Above: Main Beach at 'Straddie'             W:

                                                                                                          KINGFISHER TOURS

                                                                                                  •    6hr 4WD eco tour
                                                                                                  •    Full and half day tours available
                                                                                                  •    Humpback whale watching
                                                                                                  •    Scenic walk around North Gorge
                                                                                                  •    You follow! Tag-Along Tours
                                                                                                  •    Certified sand driving course
                                                                                                  •    Overnight camping
                                                                                                  •    School camps
                                                                                                  •    Enjoy our famous beach
                                                                                                  GREAT RATES for special
                                                                                                 interest groups including
                                                                                                  social functions, sports
                                                                                                    and family groups.

                            Contact: David or Margaret P: (07) 3409 9502 or 0409 123 586
                  E: W:

                                             m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e                                              [ 19 ]
[ 20 ]
         m o re   t o   ob serv e
         The things we observe today will be remembered
                               well into the future.

Enjoy the benefits of expansive parklands,    Redlands on Moreton Bay is a perfect
bushland, rivers, lakes and the bay – not    location to rest and recuperate under the
to mention the koalas and other intriguing   shade of a sprawling tree, have a picnic on
creatures that can be observed in their      the soft green grass at one of the parks,
natural environments.                        or enjoy one of the many walking trails…
                                             make sure to keep an eye out for koalas.
Take out your binoculars at North
Stradbroke Island for a close-up view        Be sure to stop at the Black Swamp
of dolphins, manta rays and green sea        Wetlands… whilst this doesn’t sound
turtles lazing around island borders.        appealing, this fascinating eco-system is
You’ll have the amazing opportunity to       home to abundant birdlife by day and
observe migrating humpback whales            flying foxes at night and regularly attracts
from June to November as they make           nature photographers.
their annual journey north headed for
the Great Barrier Reef.                      Visit one of the hidden jewels of Victoria
                                             Point, the large Egret Colony Wetlands.
Onshore, observe more than 800 types         Sheltered by tall paperbarks, it is home
of native plants and a wide variety of       to a large range of waterbirds including
mammals, birds, butterflies, frogs and
                                             the rare magpie goose.
reptiles. Before you know it, you will be
an expert on flora and fauna.                 Or take a walk along the extensive
                                             boardwalk at Point Halloran and observe
Observe tropical rainforest gardens,
                                             koalas, forest birds, eucalyptus trees and
lush parklands and bush scrub. Redlands
                                             so much more in a natural environment.
Indigiscapes Centre showcases indigenous
plants in 12 native botanic gardens. There   Getting back to nature doesn’t mean you
are three easy walks to choose from or       have to get dirty… it means appreciating
relax and enjoy refreshments at the          the views… recognising the value of open
Tea Garden – don’t forget to try some        spaces… and observing your surroundings
delicious IndigiCake.                        away from the hustle and bustle.

                                                            Main Image: Nature at its
                                                            Above: Eagle rays
                                                            Left: Garden sculpture

           m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e                         [ 21 ]
           Everyone should give      Day spas and retail therapy… sounds        of art-work, home wares, clothing and
                                     tempting doesn’t it?                       accessories.
           in to temptation once
                  in their lives..   Re
                                     Redlands on Moreton Bay offers a variety   Sample a delicious range of cakes and
                                     of quality day spas and retail therapy     coffee while lazing with a magazine or
                                     haunts to tempt your senses.
                                     h                                          book at a local café or relax and enjoy a
                                                                                movie at the Capalaba or Victoria Point
                                     Pamper yourself or purchase a gift
                                     or flowers for a treasured friend at
                                     Wellington Point, tempt yourself with      On Sundays, take a trip to Cleveland
                                     exquisite artworks and sculptures...       Point, Raby Bay Harbour or the
                                     finish by indulging in a scrumptious       Cleveland Markets right on Bloomfield
                                     high tea.                                  Street. Sample the tempting delights of
                                                                                strawberries straight from the farm and
                                     From Raby Bay to Victoria Point…           freshly ground coffee. Or simply admire
                                     Cleveland to North Stradbroke Island…      handcrafted jewellery and ceramic
                                     you will find the right solution for your   creations.
                                     pampering needs.
                                                                                The opportunity to be tempted at
                                     Be tempted while peering into hidden       Redlands on Moreton Bay comes very
                                     boutiques and discover unique pieces       easily.
 te mp t
 t o
 m o re

[ 22 ]
                                                                            CAPALABA PARK
                                                                           SHOPPING CENTRE

                                                                     Your local shopping centre with over 110
                                                                      specialty stores, 2,100 carparks (1,700
                                                                   undercover), childminding and activity centre,
                                                                      plus wider malls for your convenience.
                                                                            Two major supermarkets.
                                                                   Wide range of services including Australia
                                                                    Post, Medicare and most major banks.
                                                                          Food, fashion, homewares and
                                                                                  variety stores.
                                                                   More fresh food choices with the NEW ‘Market
                                                                      Lane’ fresh food precinct NOW OPEN!
                                                                              Open 7 days a week.

Cnr Mt Cotton & Redland Bay Rds, Capalaba P: (07) 3390 2033 F: (07) 3390 2003

                                                                          WHITE LILY COUTURE
                                                                   At White Lily Couture we help to make your
                                                                   journey the most enjoyable and stress free
                                                                   experience possible. Whether it be a wedding,
                                                                   formal or gala event White Lily has something
                                                                   to suit, because everyone is unique and every
                                                                   occasion is special.
                                                                   We share your excitement from the time you first
                                                                   walk into our shop right through to your special
                                                                   day. With a diverse and stunning collection from
                                                                   a range of international designers, our friendly
                                                                   staff will assist you with your choice of gown,
                                                                   accessories, shoes and jewellery. We have an
                                                                   extensive choice of bridesmaid dresses and
                                                                   formal wear available in many different colours,
                                                                   and can tailor a bridal package to suit you.
                                                                   Experience the elegance and glamour at our
                                                                   professional and welcoming boutique and
                                                                   enjoy your journey at White Lily Couture…

  Shop 3, Building C, Lakeside Drive, Victoria Point Lakeside (opposite Fasta Pasta)
             P: (07) 3820 9363 W:

                                                                    Marquee, Event & Party Specialists
                                                                   Imagine an event packed with excitement,
                                                                     one you really enjoy. We have what it
                                                                         takes to ‘dazzle’ your guests.
                                                                   With RSVP’s service and advice, together with
                                                                   the best equipment available, we guarantee
                                                                     to make your next event unforgettable;
                                                                      fantastic special events and weddings.
                                                                   The RSVP range can give your special event
                                                                      the style it deserves. We offer literally
                                                                    hundreds of items from pristine marquees
                                                                               to elegant tableware.
                                                                   An easy, no hassle way to order equipment
                                                                      at terrific prices, delivered every day.
                                                                   Complimentary colour catalogue available.

          9/1440 New Cleveland Rd, Capalaba West P: (07) 3823 3535
                  E: W:

                m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e                                               [ 23 ]
[ 24 ]   m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e
Raby Bay Harbour
                                                                            the ‘in’ pla to be!

From still mornings with waters flushed pink from the sun’s early rays, to the velvety
darkness of evening shadows on the marina, Raby Bay Harbour is the ‘in’ place to be!

Experience outstanding restaurants offering the diverse cuisines of many nations… alfresco dining
at its best. Watch waters lapping and admire the myriad of beautiful boats as they travel between the
marina and Moreton Bay. Stroll, cycle or jog along the broad harbourside boardwalk or just unwind over a
superb selection of culinary delights.

Raby Bay Harbour not only features an outstanding selection of restaurants and eateries, it hosts a range
of lifestyle, commercial and tourism outlets. Relax, dine in style overlooking the water, enjoy a coffee, or be
pampered at the award-winning Harbour Day Spa.

The impressive Raby Bay Harbour complex adjoins Raby Bay Marina and Park, adjacent to Cleveland Railway St ti

AZU ON THE BAY                                    HARBOUR DAY SPA                                    KATMANDU NEPALESE KAFE
P: (07) 3488 2268                                 P: (07) 3821 2955                                  P: (07) 3286 1119
E:                        E:
                                                                                                     NOCI ITALIAN RISTORANTE
CLEVELAND REAL ESTATE AGENCIES                                                                       P: (07) 3286 9998
P: (07) 3286 6888                                 HOGS BREATH CAFÉ                                   W:
E:               P: (07) 3286 9022
                                                                                                     PROFESSIONAL RENTALS PTY LTD
W:                 E:
                                                                                                     P: (07) 3286 6644
COFFEE SECRET                                                                                        E:
P: (07) 3286 9887                                 ICON DINING & WINE BAR                             W:
E:                       P: (07) 3488 2888
                                                                                                     SAMSON SEAFOOD
W:                        E:
                                                                                                     P: (07) 3488 2088

                                           Street, s . c o m
            RABY BAY HARBOURSIDE r–eShore d l a n dCleveland .–aAdjacent tooCleveland Railway Station
                             m o     2 r e                       u / e x p l r e                                                             [ 25 ]
              We all need to sleep…    We treat ourselves to one of life’s most      a day spa, the ocean views, the touch of
                                       important activities when we indulge in       soft sand, the sounds of crashing waves
              the question is where.
                                       rest and relaxation.                          and the flavours served at a nearby
                                       When indulging in an extended getaway,
                                       part of your preparation involves choosing    You can choose accommodation options
                                       accommodation... with options to suit any     from contemporar y self-contained
                                       taste, occasion and budget, Redlands on       apartments and cottages, cosy bed and
                                       Moreton Bay is the perfect destination to     breakfast accommodation, to motels
                                       put your feet up and rest your head.          and cabins on the Redlands mainland
                                                                                     and the islands.
                                       Indulge in ocean views, rolling hills or
                                       grassy parklands. Listen to flowing water,     If camping is your style, make the most
                                       birds singing and people laughing…            of the numerous holiday park and
                                                                                     camping locations spanning along the
                                       or perhaps you prefer the sound of
                                                                                     vast beaches of North Stradbroke Island.
                                                                                     Pitch your tent under a shady tree or book
                                       On arrival, you will be greeted by friendly   a cabin for added comfort. For more
                                       people who will make your stay all the more   information about holiday parks and
                                       enjoyable… make the most of their local       camping locations pick up a brochure
                                       knowledge for more indulging ideas.           from the Visitor Centre.

                                       Take the opportunity to indulge your          Take your pick… how would you like to
                                       five senses with the soothing aromas of        indulge on your next getaway?
 i nd ulg e
 t o
 m o re

[ 26 ]
                                                                                               Main Image: Rest and relaxation at
                                                                                               Yarrandabbi Dreaming
                                                                                               Above: Sunrise on Moreton Bay

   CLEVELAND MOTOR INN                                  ALEXANDRA HILLS
               AAA ★★★✩
Situated in a quiet location, within walking              HOTEL MOTEL
distance to the beautiful Raby Bay Harbour.               Motel Accommodation
   All units are ground floor. Family, self-        • Air conditioned • Breakfast available
   contained units, air conditioned motel                  • Tea & coffee in rooms
  rooms, pool, spa, BBQ area and laundry.
 Generous breakfasts. Close to the airport,                Enjoy hotel facilities:
Brisbane City, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast.             • Restaurant • Function rooms

  Cnr Gordon & Horatio Sts, Ormiston            Cnr Finucane & McDonald Rds, Alexandra Hills
 P: (07) 3286 3911 F: (07) 3821 3033               P: (07) 3824 4444 F: (07) 3824 4979
 E:                 E:
 W:                    W:

       KIRRIBILLI MANOR                                   PACIFIC RESORT                                   BAY AIR MOTEL
       BED & BREAKFAST                                        MOTEL                            Cleveland’s best value accommodation
       30 year old home set in quiet             • Walk to shops, restaurants, train & water   18 motel units with reverse cycle air-conditioning.
  lush green gardens with two beautiful                • Gateway to Stradbroke Island          Tea/coffee facilities and Foxtel TV. Breakfast is
             swimming pools.                     • Motel room rates starting from $120.00      available. Inground pool, plenty of off street
                                                 • 3 bedroom self-contained villas available   parking, easy walking distance to Cleveland
     Private guest room with ensuite.
                                                    • Function rooms • Foxtel • Pool/Spa       Central with a 2 minute walk to Stradbroke Ferry
          Host: Janelle Wessling                                                               terminals and close to RSL and bowling clubs.
                                                                                                 Hosts: Kerry Abbott & Eddie Thompson
     247 Mooroondu Rd, Thorneside                       128 Middle St, Cleveland
                                                                                               218 Middle St, Cleveland P: (07) 3286 2488
          P: (07) 3822 9311                                P: (07) 3286 2088
     W:                 W:

                                        m o r e 2 r e d l a n d s . c o m . a u / e x p l o r e                                                      [ 27 ]

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