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					There are few dishes that can compare to casserole recipes when it comes
to classic comfort food. These mealtime favorites have been around for
generations and many people commonly associate the casserole with
memorable family get-togethers. Casserole recipes come in many different
forms and you have lots and lots of choices available to you.

An interesting this about recipes casserole dishes have inspired over
time each typically have some kind of cream sauce in their base. This may
be one of the reasons that these dishes are so very tasty and satisfying.
Whether it’s cream of mushroom soup or heavy whipping cream, these
elements are a popular part of casserole recipes.

Ironically, the dishes are named after the actual container that is used
to prepare them. The casserole is actually a large cooking container that
is used to bake the concoctions. The recipes casserole containers
inspired have gradually overshadowed the true meaning of the word.

Some people suggest that a person can have casseroles several times a
week without getting bored. There is little wonder why considering the
vast variety of these wonderful kitchen concoctions. Following are some
standards that many of us have grown to know and love over the years.

One of the most popular casserole recipes around is the green bean
casserole. This is a standard for many holiday occasions. While many of
these stew-like dishes are eaten as the main course, others are simply
side dishes. The green bean casseroles are the kind of vegetable sides
that offer a lot of flavor and character.

The tuna casserole is a modern classic that never goes out of style. This
inexpensive dish typically consists of a cream base, with tuna, of
course. Some like to add rice to the mix while others prefer the
traditional pasta version. Either way, these casserole recipes are
winners each and every time.

The meat-and-potatoes person might prefer something meatier. Shepherd’s
pie is among the most popular casserole recipes. It may be surprising to
discover that this dish was traditionally made with lamb to those who
have had the beef Shepherd’s pie recipe that has been so very popular in
homes across the globe.

There are few meals that have stood the test of time. Casserole recipes
are certain to make a splash at your next family get-together. These
meals are the epitome of comfort foods and they are ideal for holidays
and special occasions. They are so easy to make that they are also
suitable for every day meals as well.

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