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									                            John Paul College, Rotorua
                     Whitworth Road, Rotorua. Ph: 07 3478 795 Fx: 07 3461 271
                  Term 2, Issue 14                                               16th May 2011
                                 Ma te pono Me te aroha – Through Faith and Love
                                 2011 School Theme ‘Carpe Diem – Seize The Day’

Dear Parents/ Caregivers
Kia Ora, Malo e Lelei, Talofa, Greetings
John Paul College has recently undergone a student management systems upgrade. We are
currently loading all email addresses provided on enrolment forms and subsequent update forms
onto our email database with the prospect of emailing newsletters, invoices and making direct
contact to parents regarding their child.
The JPC website is also undergoing an upgrade and is currently still under construction. Our
apologies for the inconvenience and if you have changed email address recently or require
information about JPC, enrolments etc, please contact Sue Rowles on

The PTA will be distributing Entertainment Books to Year 7 & 8 students only this year. If you do not
wish to purchase this book, please send it back to the student counter before Friday 20th. Previous
purchasers of the Entertainment Book are more than welcome to make contact with the school to
have one sent home with their child.

HOMEWORK CENTRE: Mondays & Wednesday: 3.30 – 5.00pm in the College Library
The College has established and excellent service for your children if they wish to have extra
support in English, Mathematics or just want help with homework. They are given afternoon tea
first, followed by tuition and support in the library until 5pm. It is also available for seniors who want
assistance with NCEA English and Mathematics.

SUCCESSMAKER – Dedicated Computerised Learning System In Literacy and Numeracy
In addition to the above, JPC has limited spaces available for children after school if they want extra
support in literacy and numeracy. Successmaker offers both catch up and extension programmes.
It has a proven track record of raising reading ages by 2-3 years.
Please talk with Natalie Erasmus on extension 8862 if you wish your child to be placed on one of
these programmes. Its results are at least as good as Numberworks at a fraction of the price.

       At this stage of the year, students in the senior school are receiving feedback on how many
credits they have achieved and at what level. This will let them know if they are on target to achieve
level 1, 2 or 3.
       Please ask your children to share this information with you. They can also access the NZQA
website to check on their progress. If you have any concerns contact their teachers.
Patrick Walsh - Principal

                                 SPORTS FEES     
                         ALL sports fees are NOW DUE.
 JPC is invoiced for registrations to sporting organisations i.e soccer, netball,
   rugby, basketball etc. Sporting fees are separate and not included in the
 contribution fees. Invoices for contribution and sport fees have been posted.
     Sports fees must be paid to the Accounts Office by Friday 3rd June.
    Ring Julie on extn 8859 or email to discuss.
                          SPEECH NEW ZEALAND RESULTS 2011
The first Speech exams for senior pupils have been for the year and the results were very pleasing.
                     Grade 5
Honours Plus         Mark Poskitt
Honours              Elisha Powell, Fintan Walsh, Taylah Ma, Hannah van der Woude, Timothy
Merit Plus           Sophie Hurford, Jaimee Wiggins, Sandi Mahar, Zoe Clark, Tegan Church,
                     Matthew Lock, Jona thon Cooper, Eilish Satchell
Merit                Maggie-Jean Pike, Hannah Gimblett, Callum McLean
Credit Plus          Ella Berryman

                     Grade 6
Honours Plus         Zak Swift, Jennifer van Rouveroy
Honours              Samantha Sinclair, Zoe Battersby
Merit Plus           Rebecca Boles, Emily Dyer
Merit                Molly Florence

                     Grade 7
Honours Plus         Grace Gollan
Honours              Emma Weir, Kelsey Horne, Thacia van Arendonk
Merit                Todd Foster, Ben Spence, Samantha Bradley
Credit Plus          Dominic Williams

                     Grade 8
Honours Plus         Rebecca McMenamin, Jonathan Parkinson, Ana Francis, Courtney Sinclair,
                     Liam Walsh
Honours              Carl Anderson, William Griffith
Merit Plus           Jake Mickleson
Merit                Michelle Brits

Recommended for the Una Ewert Scholarship is Grace Gollan, Rebecca McMenamin, Jonathon
Parkinson, Zak Swift, Jennifer van Rouveroy, Ana Francis, Mark Poskitt, Liam Walsh and Courtney

Tayla Ma has also been nominated for the Gillian Carpenter Scholarship

Special congratulations to Zac Swift, Mark Poskitt, Timothy Bradley and Jennifer van Rouveroy or
being nominated for the Award of Excellence In The Use of Language and Expression.

Excitement is building!!       ALL SHOOK UP              The count down has begun!!
              There’s a whole lotta ‘shakin’ going on at the Civic Theatre
The cast, crew, stage hands, sound and lighting techs have started the final
preparations and the count down to Friday’s Open Night. If you haven’t purchased
your tickets yet, be prepared to ‘miss out’ once the word spreads on Saturday 21st.
JPC PLAYERS INC wish to thank the following sponsors for supporting our young people for the 2011
 production of All Shook Up. The JPC community is encouraged to support these sponsors of our young people

Murupara Medical Centre     Traudi Paignton           Mokoia Radiology          NZ Rockshops
Oppies Takeaways            Holiday Inn Rotorua       Mathis Family Trust       Judy Keaney
Te Ngae Medical Centre      Moorcroft Orthopaedics    Todd & Nadene McClay      Joe La Grouw
Grantham Aluminium          McKenzie-Nixon Family     Waikite Valley Thermal Pools
                                         Wildlight Photography
Careers Expo
All students from Year 10 to 13 will be attending the Careers Expo on Friday the 20th of May.
Students will TRAVEL BY BUS to and from the Energy Events Centre.
Year 10 and 11 will be attending from 10am to 12noon.
Year 12 and 13 will be attending from 11am to 1pm.

The Rotorua Careers Expo will be held Thursday the 19th of May from 9am to 2.30pm and 4 to 7pm and
Friday the 20th from 10am to 4pm.

Auckland University
The University of Auckland Parent information Seminar will be held in Rotorua at the Novotal on
Thursday the 19th of May from 7-8.30pm. If interested please register with Martina Rangihuna on or phone 021753141 by Friday the 13th May.

Waikato University Engineering and Science Open Days
Waikato University will be holding a science open day on Thursday the 28th of July and an Engineering
open day on Friday the 29th of July. Registration closes for both of these days on Friday the 8th July.
Registration forms available at the Careers Department.

All year 13’s attended the Waikato Open day on Friday the 13th May.

Natcoll Design Technology will be holding their Wellington Campus Open Day on Friday the 26th
August from 9am to 5pm. For more information please phone: 0800665544

Rotorua District Council Work Choice Day 17th May 2011

A group of Year 12 and 13 students will be participating in the RDC work choice day tour. Students will
be visiting workplaces and facilities operated by the RDC. Students are expected to wear their winter
uniform and will be transported to and from school by van. Students will return to school by 3pm.

University of Otago
Application forms for University of Otago College of Education and School of Physical Education are
now available at the Careers Department.

                                                     LAKESIDE CAFÉ / JPC CROSS COUNTRY
Study Pass Packs                                     Will be held for:
Students are able to buy the 2011 level 2 and        Years 9 – 13 on Wednesday 18th May
3 Science and Mathematics StudyPass packs            Period 2=Y9 / Period 3=Y10 / Period 4=Yrs 11-
through school at a reduced price of $17 per         13 Fun Run Period 5–Yrs 11-13 Championship
pack. The StudyPass pack consists of a               Years 7 & 8 on Thursday 26th May
quick reference course notes and a revision          Period 3=Y7 and Period 4=Y8
guide. An order form can be obtained from            P.E gear and appropriate (running) footwear
student counter.                                     must be worn as there will be water included on
Lara Cordonni - Mathematics Faculty                  the circuit. Please also bring a towel.

A reminder to all families with asthmatic or respiratory-problem students; with winter soon arriving,
you could be eligible for a FREE Flu Vaccine to give protection against some flu strains. Contact
your GP or GP’s nurse to discuss your eligibility.
Buccaline Burna, available from the chemist, is also a good generic preparation to support
students’ immune systems against winter colds.
Please consider the options and encourage a healthy dietary intake of fresh fruit and vegetables
and water intake to help offset the winter woes.
Mrs C Flavell – School Nurse
Why Do Catholics Join Religious Orders                  YEAR 7-10 SCIENCE WORKBOOKS: Due to
or Communities?                                         supply issues, largely with the publisher, we
Because each is generally a community of                have decided to not use workbooks this
men or women, living a stable manner of life            year. OfficeMax is willing to refund (or give
in which they observe the evangelical                   credit) for any purchased books provided
counsels as priests, brothers or nuns, by               they are in a saleable condition. Refunds
means of the vows of poverty, chastity and              or credit is also available to any books that
obedience. Some may take an additional                  are on back-order. Students may wish to
vow such as silence reflecting the spirit of            keep books already purchased for their own
the Order to which they belong. Each Order              private revision and study, however they
adopts a specific apostolate and a particular           will not be used in class. Students have all
charism and spirituality.                               been made aware of this. If you have any
Deacon Mike                                             questions please contact your child’s
                                                        Science teacher or the Head of Faculty,
                                                        Wendy Joyes. We apologise for this
Congratulations to Nikki So-Beer for                    situation – it was totally out of the control of
receiving a Gold Medal on 07 May for her                J P C.
(ECBOPAA) East Coast/Bay of Plenty
Archery Association's regional archery
                                                        Results of Round 2 of the 2011 Climbing
postal tournament help on Waitangi Day
                                                        New Zealand National Cup held in
(Pre-Teen Girls Recurve Division). Shooting
                                                        Rotorua May 7th & 8th
a total of 90 arrows over distances of 25, 20
and 15 metres and score of 520. She
                                                        Some outstanding results for these young
also placed Second for the Rosebowl
                                                        athletes competing against N.Z's highest
Shoot which was held earlier in the
                                                        ranked climbers.
afternoon. Shooting a total of 90 arrows
over 14 metre distance and a score of 623.
                                                        U16 boys:
                                                        Callum McLean SILVER (speed climbing)
Due to the Christchurch earthquake, some                Mathew Sutherland 4th
international tour groups have changed their
venue this year. We have been given the                 U16 Girls:
opportunity to accommodate a group for 8 weeks
                                                        Aiyana Grigsby BRONZE
this winter with the possibility of a repeat visit in
the summer.                                             Rebecca Boles 5th
Korean tour group in July/ August.                      U14 Girls
We are therefore seeking quality homestays to           Theresa McLean SILVER (technical
place JPC on the ‘preferred school to attend’           climbing) and BRONZE (speed climbing)
map. Students are billeted as two together and
remuneration is $220 per week each. If you know         Congratulations Aiyana, who also
of someone who can assist us with homestay              qualified to trial for the New Zealand
placements,         please        contact        me     Youth team.
                                                        Maree Rowing
  Does your spiritual journey need a boost?
  May 28th 1:00-3:30pm at St Marys Parish
            All women welcome
 For more details contact Chris on 3488 498

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