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									             Monthly Newsletter of the Hindu Center of Virginia November 2010

                THE RICHMOND TEMPLE

           Nootana Devalaya Kumbhabhishekam
                Pran Prathishta Mahotsav

                       Thursday Nov.4 through Sunday Nov. 7, 2010
       The grand opening of our new Richmond Temple is scheduled with
       Kumbhabhishekam & Pranprathishta of all the Murthis (Vigrahas).
        This festival(Mahotsav) includes purification and sanctification of all Murthis(Vigraha)
     and the temple. Also all the Murthis will be ―juvenated‖ (installation of jeeva or life) through
     Vedic chanting and invocation with various Havans(Homam) being performed by numerous
     high-priests assembled in Richmond, VA from all over the world.
         Maha Abhishekam(Kumbhabhishekam) will be performed with sanctified holy water on
     all the kalashas and Murthis(Vigraha). Please participate and witness this once in a lifetime
     event in Richmond, VA.

                        6051 Springfield Rd. Glen Allen, Va – 23060.
                                                 For more details, please contact:
November 2010     Gopi Jadhav ( 804.543.4595) , Jayesh Kapadia ( 804.360.7077), Rambabu Chirumamilla ( 804.896.6463 )
November 2010   2
           Daily Puja Schedule                                        Puja Calendar for November 2010
Daily Aarti (Except Purnamashi)   7:30 PM   Mon, Nov 1    7:00 PM      Siva Abhishekam
Mon (Shiva Abhishekam)            6:45 PM
                                            Wed, Nov 3    6:00 PM      Pradosha Puja / Siva Abhishekam
Tue (Hanuman Chalisa)             7:00 PM
                                            Thu, Nov 4
Wed (Vishnu Sahasranamam)         7:00 PM                              Pranaprathista Mahotsav begins
Fri (Lalitha Sahasranamam)        7:00 PM   Fri, Nov 5                 Pranaprathista Mahotsav
                                            Sat, Nov 6                 Pranaprathista Mahotsav
                                            Sun, Nov 7                 Maha Kumbhabhishekam
 For those interested, upcoming dates:
                                            Thu, Nov 11   6:30 PM      Skanda Shashti (See Flyer Inside)
  Ekadasi: Tue 11/2, Tue 11/16, Wed 12/1
  and Thu 12/16                             Mon, Nov 15   7:00 PM      Siva Abhishekam and Siva Puja

                                            Tue, Nov 16   7:00 PM      Hanuman Abhishekam and Hanuman Chalisa
Kumbha Abhishekam Announcements
                                            Wed, Nov 17   7:00 PM      Krishna Abhishekam
1) During four days of Kumbha Ab-                         6:00 PM      Pradosha Puja
                                            Thu, Nov 18   7:00 PM      Sri Rama Abhishekam
   hishekam, devotees are advised
                                            Fri, Nov 19   7:00 PM      Maha Lakshmi Abhishekam & Lalitha Sahasranamam
   that Temple will arrange for fruits,
                                                          11:00 AM     Navagraha Abhishekam
   milk, etc for Pujas and Ab-                            12:00 PM     Balaji Abhishekam & Vishnu Sahasranamam
                                            Sat, Nov 20
                                                           6:00 PM     Ayappan Abhishekam
   hishekams, Homams etc We sin-                           7:00 PM     Satyanarayana Puja (Poornima)
   cerely request devotees not to bring                   11:00 AM     Durga Abhishekam
   above items to Temple.                   Sun, Nov 21
                                                          12:00 PM     Ganesha Abhishekam
                                                                       Bhajans by Manju Joshi and Group
                                                          5:30 PM      Sri Subramanian Abhishekam / Thiru Kartikai Puja
2) Flower garlands will be available        Mon, Nov 22   7:00 PM      Siva Abhishekam and Siva Puja
   (for a small donation to temple) to      Tue, Nov 23   7:00 PM      Hanuman Abhishekam and Hanuman Chalisa
   offer to New Murthies ( Deities) on      Wed, Nov 24   7:00 PM      Krishna Abhishekam
   Sat Nov 6th and Sun Nov 7th at                         7:00 PM      Sri Rama Abhishekam
                                            Thu, Nov 25
   Registration Desks.                      Fri, Nov 26   7:00 PM      Maha Lakshmi Abhishekam & Lalitha Sahasranamam
                                                          11:00 AM     Navagraha Abhishekam
3) Also devotees can participate and        Sat, Nov 27   12:00 PM     Balaji Abhishekam & Vishnu Sahasranamam
                                                           6:00 PM     Ayappan Abhishekam
   be recognized in "Annadhan Spon-                       11:00 AM     Sri Subramanian Abhishekam
   sorship" program with a donation         Sun, Nov 28
                                                          12:00 PM     Ganesha Abhishekam
                                                                       Amrithvani by Amrithvani Group led by Dinanath Kukereja
   of $51/- for two days event or $101/                   5:00 PM      Durga Abhishekam
   - for four day event or Mahotsav.        Mon, Nov 29   7:00 PM      Siva Abhishekam and Siva Puja
                                            Tue, Nov 30   7:00 PM      Hanuman Abhishekam and Hanuman Chalisa
4) Please refrain from Photography in
   our New Temple Hall
                                                                     Mandala Puja and Abhishekham
                                            A mandalam consists of 48 days. In order to reinforce the sanctity and divinity
5) Devotees now can sponsor Kalash          of the idols of deities, special pujas are conducted starting on the fourth day,
   Puja Sponsorship ON LINE ar              after Kumbhabhishekam (11th Nov). Daily Abhishekam and Puja are performed
   Hindu Center Web site and pay for        for all the deities everyday (evenings on week days and mornings on week-
   it by using Paypal system.               ends. The pujas will conclude with a special puja and Abhishekam on the 48th
                                            day — 28th Dec.
6) Be part of this Historic Event and
                                            Devotees are requested to sponsor the Abhishekham for their Ishta Devata or
   participate and Sponsor a Puja and       Sarva Devata.
   Receive Divine Blessings. This His-
   toric event will be recorded and         Sponsorship for Ishta Devata - $25
   videographed and archived by             Sponsorship for Sarva Devata - $101
   VCU School of History and Reli-          If you wish to sponsor, please contact the temple priests or the religious com-
   gious Studies.                           mittee.

 November 2010                                                                                                                   3
                                  Hindu Center of VA Celebrates Skanda Shashti
                                 Thursday, November 11, 2010 6:30 P.M. – 8:00 P.M
                                         The story of Skanda Shashti is the story of the birth of Skanda or Kumara and the fulfillment
                                         of the purpose of His divine incarnation. "Tormented by the asura (demon/anti God) Ta-
                                         rakasura, the devas with Indra at their head went to the world of the self born the creator".
                                         (Kumara Sambhava 2.1) The creator said "Only the spark of Shiva can produce the hero who
                                         will defeat the powers of the evil". The penance of Parvathi and the sacrifice of Kama
                                         aroused Shiva from his Samadhi. However, none could bear the sparks of His fiery seed. It
                                         fell into the mouth of Agni, and afterwards received by Ganges, who in turn threw it into
                                         Sara Vana (forest of arrow like grass). Thus Saravanabava was born. He was also Skanda -
                                         Shiva's power of chastity preserved through penance. Skanda was raised by the six mothers
                                         of the divine constellation of Krithikai (pleiades). Karthikeya divided himself into six babies
                                         to be nursed by six mothers. When Parvathi came and gathered all the six babies, He be-
                                         came Aarumukha - the one with the six faces and one body. Aarumukha became Kumara -
                                         the powerful virile adolescent who was also the beautiful and the handsome (Muruga). He
                                         was made the General (Deva Senapathi) of the God's army". Skanda received from his
                                         mother Parasakthi an all powerful Vel (lance). He engaged the armies of Simhamukha, Sura-
                                         padman and Tarakasura on a six-day battle and vanquished all of them. The Asuras were
                                         annihilated and the Devas were liberated. The sixth day (Sashti) of the waxing moon (sukhla)
                                         in the month of Ashada (Oct/Nov) is celebrated as Skandha Sashti.
    Puja Schedule
6:30 P.M.     -   Puja and Abhishekam of Lord Kartikeya (Murugan)
6:45 P.M.     -   Alankaram, Skanda Sashti Kavacham, and Bhajans
7:15 P.M.     -   Shri Kartikeya Astotaram (108 names) and Mantra Pushpam
7:45 P.M.     -   Aarti (Nadabindu and Mahamangal)

Sponsorship                         Entire Ceremony: $101   Abhishekam & Puja: $51              Archana: $11
                                                         Contact for Details
Mallika Natarajamurthy (741-5626)               Meena Ilakkuvan (935-0190)                         Priest Kannan (346-9954)
Lakshmi Sridhar (741-0817)                      Uma Chetty (364-1686)                              Priest Rajagopal (549-1492)
Latha Thiaga (217-9911)                         Venkat Chettiar (346-8238)                         Rama Jadhav (754-2138)

November 2010                                                                                                                       4
 Dear Fellow Devotees,

 It gives us great pleasure to invite you along with your family and friends to the Pran Pratishtha Mahot-
 sav of the new Richmond temple. This is truly a momentous and a once in a lifetime occasion. Please
 spread the word and join us in making the coming 4 day Kumhabhishekam ceremony, a celebration that
 will befit such a joyous and historic occasion.

 With warm regards,

 Board of Trustees, Executive Committee and Pran Pratishtha Committee, Hindu Center of Virginia

         ASSEMBLY TIMINGS                                               Puja Information
Thursday Nov. 4th, 2 PM at Current temple                 Mahasankalpam for all Kalasha sponsors will be per-
Friday Nov. 5th, 8 AM at Yaagshala                        formed on Thu, Nov. 4th, at 4 PM in the current temple
Friday Nov. 5th, 4 PM at Yaagshala                        All KALASHAS will be placed in Yagshala by priests
                                                          Devotees who have sponsored Ishtadevata Puja and Sar-
Saturday Nov. 6th, 8 AM at Yaagshala
                                                          vadevata Puja, can participate in respective deity (devata)
Saturday Nov. 6th, 4 PM at Yaagshala
                                                          Homam on Friday Nov. 5th & Saturday Nov. 6th
Sunday Nov. 7th, 7 AM at Yaagshala                           Morning between 9 AM – 11 AM
               Priest Information                            Evening between 5 PM – 8 PM
A team of 12 priests from all over the world is be-       Details of daily Puja program will be provided to all
ing assembled to perform Kumbha Abhishekam                devotees during assembly time
& Pranprathistha. The above team of priests will          Special Diwali Laxmi Puja celebrations will be per-
be performing pujas along with temple priests.            formed at current temple on Thursday Nov. 4th between
                                                          6 PM – 7 PM.
           PARKING INFORMATION                            Special Annkut ceremony will be performed in the cur-
  For your convenience, parking will be available         rent temple on Saturday Nov. 6th between 10 AM – 11
  at current temple lot on Thursday, Nov. 4th &           AM. This program is conducted by Gujrati families and
  Friday, Nov. 5th
                                                          coordinated by Sadu Kapadia, Sangita Patel, Arti Shah,
  Parking for Saturday Nov. 6th & Sunday, Nov. 7th
                                                          Pina Gandhi, Bina Shah & Bhal Patel. All are welcome.
  has been arranged at Glen Allen High School
  (10700 Staples Mills Road, Glen Allen VA 23060)
                                                          Bhajans will be sung by team of volunteers coordinatd by
  A shuttle service will be available between Temple      Dinanath Kukreja on Friday Nov. 5th and Saturday Nov.
  and Glen Allen High School. For your convenience,       6th in designated tent:
  we will also have a designated drop off point in the            Morning between 10 AM – 11 AM
  temple parking on Saturday and Sunday.                          Evening between 6 PM – 7:30 PM
  Handicap parking will be available at current temple
  on all FOUR DAYS.                                      Blessed Kalash, Silver Coins & Vigrahas distri-
  We will have a team of volunteers and Henrico          bution:
  police available to help devotees. Your safety and     Priests will distribute prasad to all puja sponsors in the des-
  convenience are our top priorities and we thank        ignated tent on Sunday Nov. 7th from 3 PM onward.
  all devotees in advance for adherence to above
                                                         Devotees will be required to present their numbered “claim
                                                         coupon” (attached to tax deductible receipts) to collect
Note: Festival is open to public. Everyone is wel-

November 2010                                                                                                         5
                           Thursday, November 4 2010
                2.00 pm     Registration
                            Assembly at current temple
                4.00 pm     Prarthana

                            Ganapati and Vishwaksena Aradhana


                            Raksha bandhanam

                6.00 pm     Mahalakshmi Pooja/ Abhishekham, Diwali Celebrations

                7.00 pm     Yaagashala pravesham

                            Kumbha Sthapanam


                8.00 pm     Kalashaadhivaasam

                9.00 pm     Bimba Jalaadivaasam

                9.30 pm     Aarti and Dinner

                                Friday, November 5 2010
                8.00 am.   Assembly
                9.00 am.   Ganapati and Vishwaksena Aradhana
                           Dhwaja Kumbha Aradhana
                11.00 am   Vastu pooja and homam
                           Ganapati homam
                 12.00     Dhaanyadivaasam
                1.00 pm    Aarati and Lunch

                5.00 pm.   Ganapati and Vishwaksena Aaradhana
                           Maha kumbha sthapanam
                           Murthi homams
                8.00 pm    Poornaahuti
                8.30 pm    Pushpadhivaasam
                9.30 pm    Aarati and Dinner

November 2010                                                                     6
                                  Saturday, November 6 2010
                 8.00 am    Assembly
                 9.00 am    Ganapati and Vishwaksena Aradhana
                            Punyavachanam, Kumbha Aaradhanam, Murthi homams
                            Jagannath Sthapanam and Pooja

                10.00 am    Annakut Pooja & Celebration (at Old Temple)
                11.00 am    Poornahuti
                11.30 am    Panchagavya Sthapanam
                12.00 pm    Netronmeelanam and Bimba Raksha Bandhanam
                01.00 pm    Aarati and Lunch

                04.00 pm    Assembly
                05.00 pm    Ganapati and Vishawaksena Aradhana
                            Punyavachanam, Kumbha Aaradhanam, Murthi homams

                08.00 pm    Shayanaadhivaasam
                            Jeevadhi Tatvanyasa Homam
                09.00 pm    Aarati and Dinner

                                Sunday, November 7 2010
                7.00 am    Assembly
                7.30 am    Ganapati and Vishwaksena Aradhana
                           Punyavachanam, Sarvadevatha Murthi homam

                           Ayyappa Sthapanam and Pooja

                10.00 am   Conclusion of Ayyappa Pranapratishtha
                10.15 am   Poornahuti
                11.00 am   Mahakumbha abhishekham
                12.00 pm   Pranapratishthaapanam for all deities
                12.30 pm   Maha-Abhishekam
                01.00 pm   Alankaaram
                01.45 pm   Maha aarati
                02.00 pm   Shattumarai, Teertham and Lunch
                03.00 pm   Kalash/Prasad Distribution

                05.00 pm   Assembly
                06.00 pm   Kalyana utsavam for all deities
                09.00 pm   Aarati and Dinner

November 2010                                                                 7
                                       Key Words and their meanings

  Kumbhabhishekam ceremony consists of pouring the consecrated water on the deities and gopurams,
  vimanams and shikharams of the temple.

  Yagasala is a place with five homakundas each for vaishnavite and saivaite homams (havans) placed ac-
  cording to agama sastras.

  Mahasankalpam is the main sankalpam for the whole function pledging to perform Kumbhabhishekam to
  receive the blessings of the Lord for health, wealth, happiness, long life for the whole family and humanity
  at large.

  Punyavachanam is recitation of vedic mantras to sanctify the waters in the kalashas.

  Ankurarpanam is symbolic function of seeding grains with water, milk to denote inogration of this festi-

  Kalasaadivasam all kalashas small and large are established in their positions.

  Jaladivasam all the stone idols are immersed in water.

  Vastu Homa is to appease the forces and flow of energy through our temple.

  Dhanyaadivasam all stone idols will be immersed in grains.

  Murthy Homa all the deities installed in our temple are invoked into each of the homa kundas and appro-
  priate homas are performed reciting mantras appropriate for the deity.

  Poorna Ahuthi conclusion of the day’s homams (havans).

  Panchkavya Sthapanam is purification process of deities with Tulsi soil, cow dung, milk, yogart and

  Netronmeelanam opening of the eyes of all deities performed by Shilpi and viewing the image of the idol
  in mirror first time.

  Mahakumbhabhishekam is done to all kalashas (Kumbhas) on the Vimanas (sikharams) of the temple. It
  is an auspicious event and all devotees will be blessed to receive the sacred waters.

  Pranaprathishta is final step in the sanctification of all the idols. By this process the idols are trans-
  formed into Archa murthies (deities) and the Sannidhis (house of gods) become Sanctums. The divine
  presence in the Homa kundas (havans) and kalashas will be transported to the idols by a mystique through
  the silver wire.

  Mahabhishekam grand abhishekam with vedic chanting will be performed for all the deities simultane-
  ously (a sight to be remembered for a lifetime).

  Sattumurai recitation of Prabandam and vedic chanting.

November 2010                                                                                                    8
                       PRASAD (Food) distribution during Mahotsav

 Light breakfast served between 8 – 11 AM on Friday, Nov. 5th, Saturday Nov. 6th & Sunday Nov. 7th
 Lunch and dinner will be served after Mahamangla Aarti daily
 Special food boxes will be available as needed for:
       Senior citizens
       Small children
       People with medical need
 Drinking water will be available at all times for all devotees
 Thursday Nov. 4th evening dinner is kindly donated by Malayalam & Tamil families
 Friday Nov. 5th Lunch is kindly donated by Ram Pariwar: Shiv & Neelu Khanna, Meera & Ram Gupta,
 Sarojini & Seetaram Deevi, Veena & Dinanath Kukreja, Asha & Sudhir Jain, Radhika & Sanjay Thi-
 runagari, Sudha & Rajinder Dubey, Lakshmi & Jeevan Ramgiri, Venkat Koppuru, Poonam Mathur,
 Leena & Rakesh Chug, Alka & Madhur Sappal.
 Friday Nov. 5th Dinner is kindly donated by Kannada families & friends
 Saturday Nov. 6 th Lunch is kindly donated by Gujrati families
 Saturday Nov. 6 th Dinner is kindly donated by Oriya families and Marathi families and friends
 Sunday Nov. 7 th Lunch is kindly donated by Telugu families and local restaurants: Lehja, Anokha,
 Rajput, Malabar & Royal India
 Sunday Nov. 7 th Dinner is provided by Sunita Talegaonkar & Friends
 Breakfast on Friday Nov 5th and Saturday Nov 6th will be kindly provided by Mrs. Pratima Prasad
 and friends
 Breakfast on Sunday Nov. 7th is kindly provided by: Kshitij & Preetha Agrawal, Gaurav & Ruchi Bhar-
 gava, Venkat & Sripriya Chettiar, Surya & Alka Dhakar, Lokesh & Shilpi Golia, Sanjay & Seema Mit-
 tal, Ram & Suguna Pai, Prashant & Dipika Patel, Ravi & Pratima Prasad
 Food program is coordinated by Ram Pai
 Decoration Team for inside New Temple lead by Vasanthy Kurup, Harsha Patel, Shashi Agarwal,
 Mina Midha and friends. Decoration for outside of New Temple and Yaga shala, lead by RamaJad-
 hav, Uma Popli, Harsha Patel and friends.

                   Request For Volunteers                                    URGENT MEDICAL AID
   Volunteers are the heart and soul of such a massive under-         Dr Anup Gokli has offered his Medical Ser-
   taking. We appreciate the generous support and commitment          vices during MAHOTSAV “ON A NEED
                                                                      BASIS” in our Temple Trailer.
   from our community to make this event a grand success.
                                                                      Additional URGENT Medical Care will be
   It’s still not too late. If interested, please sign-up to volun-
                                                                      provided at “DOCTOR CARE” at 10220
   teer by contacting Badri Pulvarthi at (804) 306-1494, or           Staples Mills Road, Glen Allen.
   email at
                                                                Please note that Pran Patishtha for Jain
   As you attend the festivities, please be sure to thank our
                                                                deities is scheduled from Friday, Nov 12th
   many volunteers. One easy way to make their job easier is to
                                                                through Sunday, Nov 14th. Please see at-
   follow their instructions and guidelines.
                                                                tached flyer for details.

November 2010                                                                                                      9
November 2010
                              Low Price Guarantee
                    Now Serving Fresh Meals to Go & Fresh Sweets
                During Navratri Fasting Food will be served along with Spice Rack’s regular menu
                                          Across from Shady Grove YMCA
                                   11345 Nuckols Road, Glen Allen VA 23059

                        For Party Rental and Catering
                                       In the West End
                                     Contact 804-506-4111
                                    Address : 12418 Gayton Rd, Richmond VA

                           New Bharatanatyam class for children/
                           teens starting in Glen Allen, Virginia in
                           Spring 2011.

                           Dr. Janaki Rangarajan is a renowned
                           Bharatanatyam teacher, performer and
                           choreographer. Janaki has close to 20
                           years of teaching experience.

                           Please contact Dr. Janaki Rangarajan for
                           more information.


November 2010                                                      11
               Hindu Ce nte r Board of Trus tees
Jaye s h Kapadi a (Chair)     Lajpat Rai (Vice Chair)     As hok Kum ar
Ge e tha Ravindra             Prak as h Ettigi            Ram Gupta
Sunita Tale goank ar          Na ve e n Te jani           M anju Jos hi

              Exe cutive Committee (2009-2011)
 President                        Rambabu Chirumamilla (530-1565)
 Vice President                   Sudhir Jain (754-2755)
 Secretary                        Vijay Ramnarain (674-5054)
 Treasurer                        Brij Mago (271-0248)

 Associate   Secretary            Mukul Paithane (240-3395)
 Associate   Treasurer            Bhal Patel (360-7790)
 Associate   Treasurer            Thirumal Areti (677-5889)
 Associate   Treasurer            Ramesh Gupta (364-2423)
 Religious Director               Rama Jadhav (754-2138)
 Assoc. Religious Dir.            Lakshmi Suresh (515-8987)
 Assoc. Religious Dir.            Geeta Jain (360-1760)
 Assoc. Religious Dir.            Manju Ramareddy (239-8457)
 Assoc. Religious Dir.            Rakesh Chugh (762-8532)

 Operations/Maint Dir.            Sanjay Thirunagari (270-2326)
 Assoc. Dir. - Rental             Kedarnath Thoota (543-5559)
 Assoc. Dir. - Maint.             Venkat Chettiar (346-8238)
 Assoc. Dir. - Supplies           Veena Areti (677-5889)
 Assoc Dir - Kitchen              Anita Sharma (683-4005)

 Membership Director              Harindran Theruvath (744-8578)
 Assoc Membership Dir.            Smita Bankley (201-4110 )
 Assoc Membership Dir.            Shikha Ray (464-2076)
 Assoc Membership Dir.            Deep Janardhanan (269-6198)

 Publication Director             Aashish Jain (934-9894)
 Publication Co-Director          Jay Marehalli (767-2050)
 Education Director               Geetha Ravindra (716-2812)
 Assoc. Cultural Director         Smita Jain (965-6208)
 Volunteer Director               Badri Pulavarthi (306-1494)
 Community Out-Reach              Ashok Bhatnagar (674-9004)
 Web Master                       Ashok Iyer (270-0397)
 Landscape Director               Prasad Nallapaneni (346-8840)
 Assoc. Landscape Dir.            M. Rangappa (748-8765)
                                  Surya Dhakar (747-1025)
                                  Rajendra Dubey (754-3242)
                                  Munmaya Mishra (364-2807)
                                  Meera Gokli (750-1445)

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                                                          Chetan Mehta
November 2010                                                                                           12
November 2010   13
                                From the Membership Desk

                                 Life Members for year 2010-7

                As this news letter reaches you, our new temple is nearing com-
                pletion and is being prepared for installation of deities and-
                Pranaprathishta. We welcome you all to become members or re-
                new your annual membership for the year 2011 if you have not
                had a chance to do so. Our annual membership drive started at
                the end of September . The Temple serves our religious, spiritual
                and social needs. Members get significant discounts on pujas and
                hall rental fees. Please become a regular supporting member of
                your temple. You can enroll yourself to receive our electronic
                monthly newsletter by using list server at hinducenterofvir-
       web page.

                The Life Membership dues are $2000.00 for single &$2001.00 for
                a couple. Annual dues are now 101.00.. The membership dues are
                generally tax deductible.

                Please contact Harindran Theruvath (744-8578), Sikha Ray(464-
                2076), Smita Bankley (201-4110) or Deep Janardhanan(269-
                6198) for more information on membership.

                Harindran Theruvath
                Membership Director

November 2010                                                                  14
                                   Web: Email:

                                                                                             Consistently named top producer, Seema contin-
                                                                                             ues to attain recognition among the top produc-
                                                                                             ers in the Richmond Association of Realtors®.
                                                                                             Committed to personal service, Seema treats each
                                                                                             property as if it were her own, custom marketing
                                                    The Mittal Team                          every listing with sophisticated techniques and
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                                                                                             knowledge and negotiating skills, protecting and
                                                                                             preserving her client's best interests are among
                              804-304-5174                                                   Seema's greatest assets. Seema's unique package
                                                                                             of professional skills adds measurable value to the

                All info rmation is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. If you are working with an agent, this is not a solicitation for business.

November 2010                                                                                                                                         15
                              PRSRT STD
                                                                    U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                      Richmond, VA
Hindu Center of Virginia               November 2010                Permit No. 3022
6051 Springfield Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Temple Hours:
Monday to Friday:               Return Service Requested
   7.00 A.M. to 11.00 A.M.
   5.00 P.M. to 8.30 P.M.
   9.30 A.M. to 2.00 P.M.
   9:30 A.M to 2:00 P.M
   5:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M
For special occasions, please
contact the Priest or any one
of the Religious Directors.
Take Exit 49-B on I-295 West.
Turn right on Springfield
Road. Temple is on your left.
(804) 346-9954

 Donate Generously for the New Richmond Temple

 Celebrating our 15th Birthday. Order ANY Din-
     ner Entrée of your choice for only $10
        Call for Affordable Professional Catering
          Any Occasion, Any Size, Anywhere
9051 West Broad St.               (804) 965-6345 
November 2010                                                                    16

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