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									Governor DKI JAKARTA, Fauzi Bowo:
NAS is The Interaction Space for Art Creativity and Appreciation.

Our artists from various genre have a remarkable talent and creativity.
Still, as good as any talent and creativity of the artist; if there is no
place that could unite the artist’s creations with its appreciators or
wider communities who have not become appreciators, the creativity will
have no extra value.

Here, I see the importance of many spaces, which are able to be
interaction mediums for artists and the public. The government must play
a role in the realization. The private sectors are also needed to help
the government.

We should be proud, since private galleries spring up in Jakarta and
other cities. These become signs that devotees of art is getting bigger.
So, the policy taker’s attitude has to change to follow the growth. The
government of DKI Jakarta realizes this growth. It means, Taman Ismail
Marzuki art space – belongs to the Government of DKI Jakarta – cannot
accommodate that growth anymore. That is why the North Art Space (NAS) at
Pasar Seni Ancol, presents to accommodate the art enthusiasm.

NAS is located in Pasar Seni Ancol (PSA). PSA has been stood since 1970-
ies. At that time, PSA was one of the quite important art centers in
Jakarta, even in Indonesia. PSA had brought up many Indonesian artists
who are nationally and internationally known. Now, we feel how sluggish
PSA is. It’s the reason we build NAS to pump the art enthusiasm which
starts to slug.

On the other hand, Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and Taman
Impian Jaya Ancol is corporately owned by the Government of DKI Jakarta.
Then the Ancol infrastructure must fulfill the standards as a capital
city. Jakarta also becomes a culture and economics center. Anyone in
Indonesia, who has business with Jakarta, for example Kelompok Jendela
artists from Padang, they need Jakarta to hold an exhibition. In
consequence, infrastructures for various needs must be in Jakarta and
meet the international standards. We have Ancol’s infrastructures
upgraded continuously in order to meet current needs.

At this time, what is in my mind is how the Government and private
sectors can be together build the infrastructures to accommodate any
needs and give profit to all sides. I talked in Komunitas Salihara and I
said that we need another communities just like Salihara to accommodate
the artist’s aspirations and the increase of art’s appreciators.
Moreover, the infrastructures in Jakarta will automatically become the
property for the entire nation.

Now we are in a global civilization in which blown from outside. I
believe the acceleration is getting stronger. Due to the unstoppable
globalization, we have felt the collision between traditional culture and
foreign culture. During the collision, we have to struggle hard so that
our artist’s artworks can get international recognition and appreciation.
The greater the appreciation, the more exist our arts. This existence
will encourage the artists to deliver higher quality artworks than

Earlier, I had said, a masterpiece will lose its meaning without any
appreciations. Masterpiece of Nyoman Masriadi, for example, would not be
discussed if there weren’t any appreciation. To be appreciated not only
the artist who has to work, but also all the elements directly related or
not, must give contributions.

We all shall assist each to another to be realize the progress. At early
stage, we present our masterpieces in national forum. Then at the next
phase, we move forward to international level and push it to the limit.
One way of get wide appreciation is the artworks must be promoted. Due to
this, ARTI Magazine ought to able to pierce America and Europe and can be
confessed over there. Hence thereby, ARTI Magazine becomes a supporting
facility for suitable promotions.

The businessmen in fine arts should be aware that the promotions is not
only the auction gallery and exhibitions, but also all sectors including
art fair, biennale, triennale, and can pass the authoritative mass media.

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