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					A Biography: Bob Raser, producer, director [DGA]
Bob Raser‟s bi-coastal and international career reflects a wide variety of producer/director assignments and titles.
Raser is in the “idea” business, producing product to engage the imagination of any client or audience. His credits
include network series, syndication, cable and corporate director [DGA], producer, writer, executive producer, creative
consultant, programming and development executive, even popular NBC cable daily live network host. Bob‟s career
credentials do have common denominators in quality, presentation and in results that have proven to be “beyond
creative expectations”. Raser‟s hands-on production experience also delivers a uniquely personal and imaginative
style to any assignment or position. From news to entertainment, information to creative corporate requests for people
driven projects, Bob is a video storyteller and one of the DGA‟s preeminent on-location producer/directors. As chief
executive of his own production companies brtv, and e-mediaLA, this is experience clients count on, and some of the
industries top producers and corporate decision makers do just that.

Carsey-Werner-Mendenbach calls for a “real-people” skilled director to deliver on-location laughs for comedy reality
based projects. The prestigious National Association of Brodasters, the industries most powerful trade association
calls only on Raser to create powerful presentations for VIP TV functions reporting directly to the Executive Vice
President. Yahoo‟s internet celebrity auction partner “Hollywood Charities Foundation” needs cutting edge creative
and production to introduce their critical co-venture world-wide. Smith-Hemion required a producer/director who
conveys confidence and the strongest creative point of view in managing superstar guests. GMA has sent Raser to
the widest variety of locations to deliver breaking news or people profile coverage. NBC looks for delivery on the
drama of the Olympics or the Oklahoma City bombing. For Merv Griffin and Cossette Productions, Bob has
transformed hours of clips into moments of powerful corporate imaging. Fortune 500 clients like Lexus & Toyota North
America demand a marketing savvy that delivers on their strategic sales and marketing objectives. PBS searched for
a comedy location director/producer to handle the complexities of European based production. Universal Studios and
mega-retailer JC Penny relied on Raser‟s direct marketing, e-commerce and infomercial successes to produce cash
results. The Walt Disney Company required strong interview skills and directing know-how in difficult and rapidly
changing production situations. Vin DiBona relied on Raser to deliver critical programming from pilot to prime time.
Y&R taps Raser‟s branding and marketing know how for BOUNCE, their premier biz-event production venture. Air
Force One, the multi million dollar experience at the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum features video packages
exclusively from the Raser production team. That Foundation has also relied on Raser creative to deliver results-driven
PR, marketing and fund raising video presentations Pleasant Holidays/AAA, the nations largest provider of travel to
Hawaii & Asia experienced a “20+% increase” in destination inquiries in as a result of Raser driven radio and TV spot

After earning an AA in Business from Valley Forge Military Academy & a Communications degree with Dean‟s List
honors from The Pennsylvania State University, Bob began his career as an NBC Page. With an interest in live, talk-
variety programming formats, Bob soon added late-night, then daytime talk variety to his earliest resume. As a
writer/segment producer, Bob created and delivered interviews, demonstrations and performance segments for TV‟s
popular entertainment-talk formats. Raser moved easily to early network morning programming as well as mid-day
news and human interest TV as an award winning on-location producer/director. On the West Coast, Bob became the
largest supplier of on-location based reality segments for NBC prime-time entertainment programming. Responding to
requests brtv/e-mediaLA moved easily into corporate VIP production, delivering network quality material and earning a
reputation as “corporate America‟s favorite storyteller”.

As Executive Producer/director of brtv/e-mediaLA, Raser‟s pro- teams deliver worldwide for a wide variety of clients
that include, “Arnold for CA”. bus tour, Cossette Productions, the NAB, The Reagan Foundation, Pleasant Holidays,&
Concord Records [EPK/”making-of” video can be seen on Grammy winner Diane Schuur‟s most recent CD, “Midnight”]
Pending TV productions include “dot.comChristmas” & “Maureen‟s Mission”. Coprorate productions include Bounce
Event Marketing, AAA & the NAB. Non-profit productions include The Reagan Foundation, The Museum of TV &

                      DVD production samplers available upon request to
                        Production overview –resume/bios available 24/7 at

BOB RASER producer/director
4400 Yorkfield Court Westlake Village, CA 91361
office: 818 991 3040 cellular: 818 203 8319
e-mail: on the web @:

Comprehensive Career Resume
Professional Affiliations/Business Associations
The Directors Guild of America [director]
AFTRA [see on-camera credits please]
Producer – Bounce Event marketing, Santa Monica, CA/NYC
Media Production Consultant – The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation
Video Production Consultant & Producer – Barbara Brown Marketing & Design [Santa Barbara, CA]

Valley Forge Military Academy
 BA, Business Administration
The Pennsylvania State University
 BA, Broadcasting & Communications, Deans List.

Director/Producer Credits

   “An American Journey” History/biography 3-screen feature presentation produced for The Ronald Reagan
    Presidential Library. [Aegis National Award Winner]

   The Air Force One Pavilion – wide variety of visitor video features and complete museum audio tour.

   “REAL PEOPLE”. Tribune Entertainment/Laurelwood Prods./ Schlatter Prods. Pilot 2004-5

   “the downer channel” Reality/on-location segment producer/director – NBC primes time summer comedy series
    from Carsey-Werner-Mendabach. Steve Martin, Robt. Mortin executive producers. CB Conte President of
    Production, CWM [see ref. List]

   The National Association of Broadcasters. National Programming Summit. Create, research, produce and
    direct powerful introduction video to VIP/congressional/FCC closed-door conference on vulgar programming.

   Hollywood Charities Foundation/Yahoo. Ted Danson, host. VIP corporate highly produced original production
    and clip presentation to introduce Yahoo‟s celebrity charity auction partner. Major celebrity presentation.

   The Olympic games 2000 – NBC Special projects, Michael B. Seligman [Academy Awards Producer] producer.
    Manage local out of country production units on-site to create & deliver 5 original hours of on-location reality
    programs showcasing visiting NBC VIP special guests.

   “The Unfinished Work” Create, write, producer & direct this high-end historical and corporate profile original and
    clip presentation showcasing the non-partisan directives of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. [Aegis
    national Award Winner] [reference list]

   ABC Millennium 2000 with Peter Jennings. Gary Smith, producer. Producer/consulting live director – west
    coast, live, celebrity performance for highest rated ABC network global millennium celebration [program Emmy

   “The Big Event”. ABC/Vin DiBona Prods. Direct and produce on-location host driven action segments for this
    “real-people” action/comedy network prime time series competition format.

   “Pleasant Holidays”, Inc. Create, produce, direct network TV & radio commercial spots for America‟s #1 travel
    broker to world class beach resorts [Hawaii, Mexico, Tahiti, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico] [reference list]

   Lexus. Create, direct & produce multiple video profiles [international production – Europe, Asia] for yearly
    international premier automotive marketing event.

   “Midnight” Diane Schuur / Barry Manilow Create produce and direct most current jazz great Schuur‟s
    Manilow produced CD – EPK. “Making-of” version appears on current Schuur release, “Midnight”, for Concord

   “America’s Greatest Pets” Direct & produce on-location owner/pet profile for this UPN comedy/pet owner
    interest series celebrating our love affair with pets of all kinds.

   “New Century” Create, produce, direct, host this bi-monthly web & plasma screen news-magazine series for the
    west‟s premier corporate complex. [For Bounce Event marketing/Y&R Advertising. [see refs. Page 5]

   Bounce Event marketing – Client Profile Presentations. Create, produce/direct Fortune 500 event clip driven
    profiles for one of the world‟s premier marketing event company‟s. [currently on-call as Producer for BEM] [ref.

   “Jackie Collins Hollywood” CBS. Develop, direct & produce Hollywood lifestyle segment profiles for this daily
    strip summer daytime series.

   Pierre Cossette Productions. Create, produce & direct this clip driven showcase of one of entertainment‟s most
    versatile production houses. [similar production for Merv Griffin Productions.]

   “Home & Life” Hearst-Argyle Prods. Develop, format, write, staff, produce & direct pilot & presentation [within 10
    days] for this weekly women‟s life-style series produced entirely on-location. Currently in successful syndication.

   The Walt Disney Company “American teacher Awards” Produce & direct human interest teacher profiles.
    Produced on-location nationwide for this yearly national competition award event. [Each teacher profile
    presentation accounts for the majority of winning points for each nominee. BRTV profiles have never finished out
    of the top 2 contenders, and resulted in one top teacher award].

   “The Funny Things Kids Do” Produce & direct kid profiles and interviews including hidden camera pieces
    celebrating kids. [requires BRTV trademark ability to interact and enjoy working with children]

   “Real People”. George Schlatter Prods. Produce & direct on-location human interest profiles [comedy &
    dramatic] of non-celebrity personalities [film & tape] for this Emmy nominated top –10 groundbreaking NBC reality
    series. [BRTV nominated for NAACP “Image” Award]

   “SCOOP!” Produce & direct LIVE and taped “at home” and on-location visits with major celebrity guests.

   “The American Comedy Awards” Direct & produce celebrity no-show pre-taped award presentations on-

   “OPRAH’s Star Spangled Celebration” ABC July 4th prime time 3 hour special. Create write & produce mini-
    look at nation-wide celebrations.

   “Humor & the Presidency” HBO. On-location at the Gerald Ford Presidential Library with former Presidents
    Ford & Carter - political & celebrity guests in taped packages and live stage event production. [BRTV has
    interviewed 3 US presidents for other programming]

Director/producer credits continued: Bob Raser 818 991 3040

   “KING KONG” The Living Legend. NBC-Universal. Direct & produce one hour syndicated special highlighting
    the history and impact of this classic movie monster. Designed to celebrate the excitement of the King Kong
    attraction at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

   “Why Your life Sucks and What You Can Do About It” This creative and original profile of author Alan Cohen
    for Solters & Digney PR helped propel his self-help book to the top of the Amazon & “Sex In The City” web site
    best seller charts. [also do projects for Burson-Marsteller/Rogers & Cowan PR]

   “E-Jean!” Carsey-Werner-Mendabach pilot episode of daily comedy driven advice series for women.

   “Fame, Fortune & Romance” Direct & produce ABC daytime series profiling FFR celebrity based stories.

   “Father’s Day with Joan Lunden” Produce & direct on-location profiles of dads for this prime time entertainment

   “Getting the Last Laugh” Direct & produce ABC prime time comedy „revenge” re-enactment and hidden-
    camera hour.

   “On Stage America” Direct & produce on-location dramatic/comedy celeb-profile segments for this network
    weekly variety series featuring star talent in profile and performance.

   “Salute to Sun Valley” On-location at America‟s premier celebrity resort for this one hour network prime time

   “On The Game” CBS half-hour access special profiling behind-the-scenes at TV‟s hottest game programs.

   “How to Keep Your Kid Off Drugs” Paul Newman Foundation special with star cast for this dramatic, scripted
    Foundation special.

   “The Jackson Family Honors”. Direct & produce Jackson clan celebrity participant profiles for this ABC
    entertainment special.

   “A New Day”. Executive level programming presentation to promote programming and attract sponsorship
    investment. [Resulted in $100 million in underwriting]

   “Real Estate Television Network” Consulting director/producer for this industry based network venture designed
    to inform and motivate real estate professionals. Design and produce all investor & sales video materials, network
    programming materials, interstitial programming and production. [successfully sold to “Century 21”]

News & Information Credits

       “Good Morning America” Produce & direct GMA on-location live and taped feature events nationwide
        [news/celebrity/lifestyle features].

       “KTLA Morning News” Design and author complete programming strategy and design for this early
        morning, weekday, 2 hour, locally produced morning news and information series. The program total format
        and staffing concepts by BRTV and associates has resulted in this local Los Angeles groundbreaking
        program as a consistent ratings winner.

        “Rock & Roll Evening News” Created and produced on-location news driven profiles with rock‟s hottest
         personalities for King World.
        “America Alive” Line produce this daily NBC-NY based network topical interactive noon hour.

        “Exclusive” [became “Inside Edition] Direct & produce this entertainment news driven magazine format of
         on-location packages & in-studio wraps for this syndication pilot project.

        “GoodDay” Created, directed and produce on-location news and information segments for this hit weekday
         daily morning ratings leader broadcast LIVE throughout the New England states and Canada. Included
         nationwide and out-of country productions.

Executive Producer/Producer Credits

   “Candid Camera” King World re-syndication of this classic format. Staff and administer 11 production teams as
    well as format this ambitious reality/comedy sketch hidden camera strip series.

   “Creative Arts EMMY Awards”. Executive produce annual awards presentation show for un-available Exec.

   “Catch The Wave” Create, write and produce this direct marketing hour on-location at Universal Studios,
    Hollywood. [nominated for nation direct marketing award for production]

   “JC Penney Television Shopping Network” As Executive Producer and VP of Programming and Production, I
    managed a staff of over 250 producing 24/7 at Hollywood‟s largest studio complex, developed and delivered the
    critically winning and high quality production the LA Times called “television’s best looking retail showcase”.
    Executive Producer responsibilities included: “The JC Penney Shopping Network”, “Collector‟s Hits on Parade”
    series for CBS. “Celebrity Endorsement Specials” [various].

   “Personal Finance”. “How to protect Your Home”. Produce and direct series for Consumer Reports
    Magazine Home Video series.

   “Herbalife Television Journal” Created, managed, hosted and delivered magazine format - healthy lifestyles
    specials [monthly] for one of the world‟s largest supplement firms with a focus on nutrition.

   “Hollywood Discoveries” Produce 10 direct marketing hours for domestic and international distribution, 40 – 25
    minute programs, one hour for Spanish TV.

Charity Credits

   “Hollywood Charities”. Produced and directed information driven participation presentations for Yahoo‟s
    premier charity partner venture to benefit foundation and non-profit charity groups..

   “The Annual REVLON Run-Walk” for Breast Cancer” event. Script remarks for celebrity, political and senior
    corporate speakers at this premier annual Mother‟s Day women‟s family event.

   “A Conversation with Pearl Harbor Survivors” Create, produce and host a live interview event with members
    of The Pearl Harbor Survivors Assoc. as a community event prior to the premier of the film “Pearl Harbor” in
    association with the Mann Theaters.

                                    The Numbers: An Estimated Overview.
                                       Network/Cable Series/Specials: 21
                                        Syndicated Series & Specials: 12
                                  Award Winning or Nominated Series/Specials: 5
                                   News & Information based series/specials: 28
                                     Entertainment based series/specials: 9

                          Pilot productions that have gone into series production: 10
       On-Camera host assignments: over 1,000+ hours of programming [incl. 400 hrs. LIVE for NBC cable].

                                         Reference Contact Listings

Network and Syndication production: Mr. CB Conte, independent producer, former president, Carsey-
Commercial Production: Mr. Ken Phillips, Director of Corporate Communications & Promotions,
Pleasant Holidays, Inc. [owned by AAA of Southern CA]
818 991 3390
Foundation & Non-profit production: Mr. Mark Burson, Director, The Burson Group [former Director,
RRPF] 805 497 0383 Ms Joanne Drake, Chief of Staff, Reagan Foundation. 805
522 2977
Sales/Marketing production & Event production: Tim Swift, Pres., BOUNCE Event Marketing.
310 434 2900
Professional Evaluation:
Mr. George Schlatter [producer] 323 655 1400.
Chris Monte – Magic Hair Productions 323 851 2404
Roger Ball – Suzanne Summers Prods. 818 222 6978

                                      Most Recent Productions
                            “Click the cover/meet the author” - AMAZON
          The Air Force One Pavilion visitor video features [6] & complete visitor audio tour.
                      “Real People” syndicated pilot for Tribune Entertainment.
         The National Association of Broadcasters Programming Summit/TV Year In Review
                   Pleasant Holiday‟s television & radio spot production [on-going]
     Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation – “An American Journey” 3 screen biographical feature
          Reagan State Funeral DVD Box Set – FOX includes various BRTV special features

                                         Current Development
               “Maureen‟s Mission” TV project based on
                      Presidential Diary Special – Cable [in development only]
            “Treasures of The Presidential Libraries” a look at one special artifact at each.
                  BOUNCE Event Marketing – various corporate event productions
    Christmas – internet commerce Christmas marketing yearly series
                    “BOOM”- late night strip variety series for „boomers” only .
                  “Gentleman‟s Gentleman” – weekly men‟s style & fashion series
              Money news & information local news insert series for MTV generation
        “Weather 101” limited series, book and teaching materials – The Weather Channel 2007

                                     Bob Raser Contact Information
                              Bob Raser o/f: 818 991 3040 c: 818 203 8319
                           updated web site with photos and video;

                If requested, producer/director [DGA] demonstration materials available.
                      On Camera NBC-NY Talent Resume & Demo also available.

    Overview of credentials can be found in the most current DGA Directory of Members on line at
       , - or on page 521 of the printed 2005 DGA Directory.
 Non-Guild related producer category inquiries are welcome at 818 991 3040 or at .

                                 brtv/e-mediaLA career resume as of April 2006


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