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					The Hertz Experience

Presentation to: Oregon Travel Forum
Date: July 8, 2010
Table of Contents
   Corporate Profile

   Fleet Information

   Hertz #1 Club

   Products and Services

   Hertz Customer Care Centers

   Hertz Local Edition

   Other Hertz Operations

   Agreement Information
Corporate Profile
Company Background
 A leadership position built upon:

   Differentiation through Innovation
   Global Network and Brand values
   Superior Customer Service
   Long term strategic partnerships
   Multi-segment business
A strong tradition of innovation
 Invented business in 1918

 Pioneered on-airport locations

 First Booking System for travel agents

 First Express Service, #1 Club

 First On-Board Navigation System -

 First to introduce SIRIUS Satellite Radio

 First Global Car Rental Company to
  operate in China
A strong tradition of innovation
   Instant Return

   Online invoice retrieval and statistics

   Online Check-In

   Hertz Green, Fun, Prestige Collections

   Nick on the Go™

   Connect by Hertz
Next Generation of Innovation
Recent Acquisitions
   Advantage Rent-A-Car
      Expansion to leisure market
      Capitalize on Hertz’s fleet management
       expertise & streamline back office functions

   Eileo – State-of-the-art car sharing technology
      GPS tracking
      Bluetooth “hands free” mobile navigation
      RFID Smart Cards
      Expand technology to classic Hertz rentals

   Automoti – Virtual full-service, used car
      Supports Hertz’s Rent2Buy car sales program
Recent Partnerships
   Dav El Chauffeur Transportation
      This partnership provides Hertz customers
       with an additional ground transportation
       option to fulfill their chauffeured car and
       short-term transportation needs when
       traditional car rental is not suitable

 Greenopia
    Hertz in collaboration with Navigation
     Solutions and Greenopia announce a new,
     eco-friendly guide to green businesses in
     five major metropolitan markets – Chicago,
     Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City and San
     Francisco Bay Area.
Global Network
 Hertz : the Only Global and unique RAC supplier worldwide

 Approximately 8,100 Locations in 147 Countries worldwide

   #1 in airport car rental brand in the U.S. and at 69 major airports in Europe

    Hertz.com -- worldwide reservations, vehicle information and services

 Hertz #1 Club Gold service at all of the world’s busiest airports and over
  1,000 suburban locations worldwide
Green Initiatives
   Hertz - the only rental car company CEO to endorse the “CEO Climate
    Policy Recommendations to G8 Leaders.”
   Hertz is an "Energy Star Partner" in the USEPA Energy Management
   All paper used in Hertz’s manual and licensee rental agreements is
    recycled paper having a content of 50% wastepaper/30% post
    consumer waste.
   Hertz rental jackets are printed on recycled paper having a post
    consumer content of 10%
   Hertz donated $1 million to the United States National Parks Foundation
    in 2007/2008
   Hertz enacted a proactive Sustainability Program
   Nearly 50,000 vehicles including 7,000 hybrids with an EPA rating of 28
    miles or more.
Fleet Information
U.S. Rent-A-Car: Diversified
Rental Fleet

       Total Acquisitions for 2010 Contract Year
Hertz Common Fleet
  All Hertz vehicles are shared and utilized by all Hertz Airport & Off-Airport

  Benefits of a Common Fleet
     Greater Flexibility
     All Locations Have Ready Access to Entire Area/City Fleet
     Enhanced Ability to be Proactive & Reactive to Fleet Needs
      (Special Events, Catastrophes)

  Ability to Meet Customer Specific Needs
     Specialty Vehicle
     Minivan
     SUV
     Handicap Driver Modified

  No Return Location Restrictions : One-Way Rentals Always Accepted
Hertz Green Collection
   Fuel Efficient, environmentally friendly cars
   Nearly 65,000 cars in the Green Collection.
   Currently we have approximately 10,000 hybrids in our fleet
   Reservable by specific make and model
   EPA Highway Fuel Efficiency rating of 27 miles or more per gallon
   Available at 50 major airport locations in the U.S.
   Includes the following vehicles:
        Toyota Prius Hybrid                 Toyota Camry
        Toyota Camry Hybrid                 Nissan Altima Hybrid
        Ford Fusion                         Toyota Corolla
Hertz #1 Club
Hertz #1 Club
  Faster Reservations and Rentals

  Discounted Rates and Special Offers

  At over 50 locations in the U.S. and Canada

  Online Check-in

  Additional e-mail offers for discounts, upgrades and more

  No additional driver charge for spouse or domestic partner

  Earn one Hertz #1 Awards® Point for every qualifying dollar you spend

  Earn Gold member status for a year (fee-waived) or purchase Gold
   membership now ($60 annual fee)
Available at all of the world’s busiest airports and at over 1,000 suburban locations worldwide

Country          Gold Locations   Country        Gold Locations   Country          Gold Locations
United States        2358         Denmark             24          Puerto Rico            2
Germany               305         Switzerland         13          Russian                2
France                170         Belgium             13          Czech Republic         2
United Kingdom        88          Netherlands          7          Hungary                2
Australia             88          Austria              6          Greece                 1
Sweden                60          Finland              6          British Virgin         1
Spain                 55          Poland               5          Israel                 1
Italy                 42          Ireland              4          Guam                   1
New Zealand           40          Portugal             4          Mexico                 1

Canada                37          Luxembourg           3          Slovakia               1
Norway                24          South Africa         3          Iceland                1

                                                                                     As of 2/28/10
Products and Services
Hertz NeverLost 
   Added comfort and security in unfamiliar areas
   Turn by turn directions, voice and visual
   Quickly recalculates your route if you missed a turn
   Available in 20 countries
   NeverLost® Online Trip Planning ™ (OTP)
      Organize travel plans even before leaving home or office
      Create, Save and Go
 Coming soon….NeverLost Gen5
    Unique touch screen confirms each selection with tactile feedback
   (touches you back!)
    Connected Navigation uses AT&T Wireless Data to deliver over-the-air
   updates for:
        Airline, Flight, and Gate information
        Local Weather for any major city
Hertz NeverLost vs. the Competition
Consumer Grade vs. Industrial Grade – Installed GPS units, like Hertz Neverlost, are designed
specifically to survive a car rental environment. Constant exposure to temperature &
humidity extremes and rough handling can cause Portable Units to fail frequently.

Lost & Stolen - Windshield mounted Portable GPS units are a popular target for thieves.

Service Quality – The Neverlost concept offers a better quality of service to Hertz customers.
Neverlost customers appreciate the convenience of moving directly to their cars and
knowing that their NeverLost is professionally installed and ready to go.

Liability - A Portable GPS solution moves the responsibility for a safe and secure installation
to the customer. The customer is also required to accept responsibility for the unit which
could include a replacement cost if the unit is lost or stolen.

Customized Service – The hardware, software, content, and Internet services are designed
specifically for Hertz processes and for Hertz customers. Fixes and updates are quickly
performed by NeverLost personnel.

Safety & Legal Requirements – It is illegal in many jurisdictions to have Portable GPS units
mounted on a windshield. Portable GPS Units can also be dangerous projectiles when a
vehicle is in an accident or stops abruptly, potentially causing injury to the
Online Check-In Guarantee
   Online check-in on hertz.com for rentals at
    all locations in the U.S., Canada, Puerto
    Rico, and St. Thomas.

   Available from any source of bookings

   At 50 U.S. Airport Locations, 10 Minutes or
    less. Guaranteed. Or get $50 towards your
Airport Locations – Online
Check-in Guarantee
              Kiosk Locations                         Express Counter Locations
    Atlanta, GA             Newark, NJ             Albuquerque, NM         Memphis, TN
   Baltimore, MD         Orange County, CA              Austin, TX         Nashville, TN
    Boston, MA               Orlando, FL              Burbank, CA        New Orleans, LA
   Charlotte, NC           Philadelphia, PA       Chicago (Midway), IL    Oakland, CA
Chicago (O'HARE), IL         Phoenix, AZ             Cleveland, OH        Pittsburgh, PA
Dallas Fort Worth, TX        Portland, OR             Hartford, CT               CA
     Denver, CO               Raleigh, NC         Houston (Hobby), TX    San Antonio, TX
      Detroit, MI          Salt Lake City, UT       Indianapolis, IN       St. Louis, MO
 FT. Lauderdale, FL         San Diego, CA          Kansas City, MO          Tampa, FL
     FT. Myers, FL        San Francisco, CA                                 Washington
Houston (G. Bush), TX        San Jose, CA            LaGuardia, NY        (Reagan), VA
                                                        Maui, HI
   Las Vegas, NV             Seattle, WA
  Los Angeles, CA       Washington (Dulles), VA
     Miami, FL               West Palm, FL
  Minneapolis, MN
Hertz Instant Return
   During peak travel periods, Hertz
    agents equipped with hand-held
    computer terminals will greet you
    and provide a fully computed
    receipt in less than a minute

   Saves you time
Email Express Receipts
   Service available to any customer that does not stop at the
  counter upon return, except for Instant Return Service
   If a valid email address is included in the customer’s #1
  Club/Gold profile or on the reservation, a receipt will automatically
  be emailed
   If an email address is not found or is invalid, a receipt will be
  mailed to the customer
   Email Express Receipts applies to U.S., Puerto Rico and Virgin
  Island locations
24 Hour Roadside Assistance
 Around-the-clock peace of

 Every rental includes 24/365
  Hour Emergency Roadside
  Assistance in the U.S. and
Meeting and Conventions Program
5 or more rentals at one time qualify for the program

Types of Meeting Programs:

        Convention Program - This program offers set rates for attendees.
Negotiated benefits also available.
        Incentive Program – Designed for prepaid travel. Cars are blocked and
company or travel agency pays for rentals.

     5% commission for travel agents
     $250 in rental certificates for every 20 rentals
     Reduced rate for website visits
     $25 rental certificate for Meeting Planner who places a Hertz web link on the
    meeting site
     Dedicated Hertz contact
     Site-to-Site link capabilities
Customer Care Centers
Hertz Customer Contact Center
   Among the industry’s largest, most sophisticated call centers

   Open 24 hours / 365 days - We are never closed!

   Dedicated Toll-Free numbers for customer convenience

   Over 1,000 Reservations, Emergency Road Service, and Customer Services

   Over 14 million customer calls annually

   24 Hour Emergency Roadside Service provides assistance to customers

   Web Support and AnswerLink provide assistance to automated users who
    may have questions / issues using their systems to interact with Hertz

   Connect by Hertz Member Care Center, the newest addition to the Hertz
    Customer Contact Center, supports the new car sharing initiative
Hertz Local Edition
Hertz Local Edition Network

   Expansion strategy to serve our partners needs.
   Location Count as of March 31, 20101,705
   No Airport Related Fees
   Customer pick up & return service available within 15 minutes of the Hertz
    Local Edition location
Other Hertz Operations
    Hertz Rent to Buy
Hertz has streamlined the used rental car buying equation. Its’ you, and Hertz.

 Extensive inventory of 2008-2010 model cars
 Prices 17% under KBB’s retail price, on average
 60-day Ltd Warranty Rent2Buy guarantees every car
 Financing options for almost every budget
 Now partnered with Kelly Blue Book to provide
  customers with elevated online car buying
How it works….
 Reserve your car on www.hertzrent2buy.com for a 3 day rental.
 Go to the designated Hertz location and pick up you car.
 If you decide to purchase the car, there is no need to return it.
 If you decide not to purchase the car, simply return it to Hertz and pay the
 applicable rental charges.
 For more information, visit www.hertzrent2buy.com
Connect provides 24/7 self-service access to a diverse fleet of cars. Whether
you need cars by the hour or day.

       All vehicles are Smartway Certified
       4 Star Safety Rating or better
       JD market appeal rating of 855 or higher
       Highway MPG of 24 or better

All Vehicles Equipped With:
     Bluetooth IPod connectivity
     NeverLost EZ Pass

The following models are available:
    Mini Cooper                 Ford Escape        Toyota Prius
    Toyota Camry                Mazda 3            More models coming soon
Hertz Agreement
Agreement Summary
 Effective December 2009
 All Agencies, Political Subdivisions, Higher Education Institutions
 Must Present Your Hertz CDP when making reservation
 On State business
 At least 18 Years of Age
 LDW/Liability Included
 Accepts State issued and personal credit cards
 Direct Billing Programs have been set up

Local Contact:
    Carole Weir
  Innovation leader
making traveling easier
Why Hertz?
• Extensive Green Collection of 35,000 vehicles
reservable by make and model helping corporations
meet EPA requirements

• Hertz # 1 Awards Program encouraging corporate
RAC compliance

•   10 minute service guarantee

• Complete network of on and off airport locations
enabling one way rentals to/from airport

• Network of off-airport locations provides cost effective
solution for employee mileage reimbursed travel
Why Hertz?
• Covered Pick-up and return area
for weather protection

• Navigation systems with Online Trip Planning saves
your travelers valuable time on the road

• Network of approximately 1,700 off airport locations
Fulfilling car rental needs

• Integrated customer solutions and benefits for car
rental needs
In every business there is one
company that stands out from the
others and sets the standard for
everyone else.

In car rental that one company is…