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January 5, 2009
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 Six Porter Adventist RNs                                                                                              Undeck the Halls
 awarded scholarships by ANCC                                                                                                              by Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal

                                                                                                                       I             like Christmas. I like the idea of Christmas, anyway.
                                                                                                                                     I like the idea of decorations and cookies and gifts
                                                                                                                                     and happiness and joy. It’s the reality I have
                                                                                                                                     difficulty with. I have a low tolerance for clutter,
                                                                                                                     whether it’s a cluttered home or a cluttered schedule.
                                                                                                                          By the time Dec. 25th rolled around it seemed to me that
                                                                                                                     the holiday is little but clutter. Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
                                                                                                                     Cook, shop, unpack, hang, set up, rearrange, count gifts, shop
                                                                                                                     some more – and yes, I do know that Christmas is not really
                                                                                                                     about the gifts. I do, I do, I do.
                                                                                                                          I just don’t want to find out what would happen if I ever
                                                                                                                     had fewer presents for one kid than the others. Not interested
                                                                                                                     in the least to find out how that would be.
                                                                                                                          This year I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and
                                                                                                                     I was happy to do it. My father-in-law was acting all shocked
                                                                                                                     that I worked, but he has never lived with a nurse before. I
                                                                                                                     was happy to work on Christmas, in the hospital, for more
                                                                                                                     than one reason. I was happy that I would be working and
                                                                                                                     not laying in a hospital bed.
                                                                                                                          I was happy because
                                                                                                                     working the holiday gave me L a u g h i n g
                                                                                                                     the opportunity to make
                                                                                                                     s o m e o n e ’ s p o t e n t i a l l y with
                                                                                                                     miserable holiday a tiny bit Elizabeth
                                                                                                                     better in one way or several,
                                                                                                                     if I gave it a good attempt.
                                                                                                                          I was happy because I
                                                                                                                     knew that my family were
 Pictured from left ar e Tim Girdlestone and Roseann Durham of The College Networ k, after scholar ship award
 Pictured from      are      Girdlestone      Roseann                  Colleg Networ
                                                                                   ork,       holarship award
                                                                                            scholar                  all at home safe, healthy,
 presentations to Por ter RNs JoAnn Patter son, April Romero, LuAnn Netzel and SueAnn Glusenkamp.
   esentations Por
 presenta           orter            Patterson,       Romer
                                                       omero        Netzel            Glusenkamp.                    warm and fed. I had the
                                                                                                  Por ter, Pa
                                                                                              See Por ter, Page 3                     See Elizabeth , Page 2
                                                                                                                                          Elizabeth Pa

Denver Health CEO                                                          Health and Hospital Authority, was appointed to
                                                                           the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access
                                                                           Commission (MACPAC). The official announcement
named to MACPAC                                                            will be published in the Federal Register.
                                                                                “Many highly qualified individuals sought to
    Gene L. Dodaro, Acting           Accountability Office (GAO),          serve on the Commission,” Dodaro said.
Comptroller General of the           recently announced that                    “Those selected bring to MACPAC an impressive
United States and head of the        Patricia Gabow, MD, Chief             range of professional expertise and experience as
U.S.           Government            Executive Officer, Denver             well as geographic diversity and meet the specific
                                                                             requirements of the legislation.”
                                                                                  Gabow is CEO of Denver Health, an integrated
                                                                             public safety net health care system that is the
                                                                             state’s largest provider of care to Medicaid and
                                                                            uninsured patients.
                                                                                 She is a member of the Commonwealth Fund’s
  Oklahoma City, Ok 731
                                                                             Commission on a High-Performing Health System,
        Permit #1                           MUSTANG, OK 73064                the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment
         PAID                               P.O. BOX 239
      U.S. Postage
   Presorted Standard                       Denver’s Nursing Star            Patricia Gabow, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Denver Health and
                                                                                      Gabo MD,              ecutiv
                                                                                                          Executi Officer, Denv
                                                                                         uthority, serv two year term.
                                                                             Hospital Authority, will ser ve a two year term. See Denver, Page 2
                                                                                                                                  Denver, Pa
Page 2                                                                        January 5, 2010                                                          Denver’s Nursing Star
                                             and putting it all away. I like this                                                      providers and performance measures
Elizabeth                                    part of it because my house will be
                                             back to normal. I like this part of it
                                                                                          Denver                                       and quality improvement.
                                                                                                                                           The Children’s Health Insurance
Continued from Page 1
Continued from Pa                            because it appeals to the compulsive         Continued from Page 1
                                                                                          Continued from Pa                            Program Reauthorization Act of 2009
                                             side of my personality as I carefully                                                     established MACPAC to review
                                             wrap and pack each bauble and                                                             Medicaid and CHIP access and
pleasure of going home to them to            garland.                                     Reform, and the New America                  payment policies and to advise
look forward to all day.                         I like this part because it means        Foundation’s Health CEOs for Health          Congress on issues affecting Medicaid
     There are other reasons I was           that it will be the new year soon, and       Reform.                                      and CHIP.
happy. I was happy because I did not         anything in the world seems possible.            Gabow joined Denver Health in                The Act directs the Comptroller
have to cook a great huge meal for a             I like the idea of Christmas, I really   1973 as chief of the Renal Division          General to appoint MACPAC’s
gazillion people. Even with help that        do. I like having all the kids home          and is a Professor of Medicine in the        members, with initial appointments to
is a hard job and it is one that I am        and together. I like wrapping presents.      Division of Renal Diseases at the            be made no later than January 1, 2010.
enjoying less and less as the years          I like giving presents. I won’t lie, I       University of Colorado Denver School             The    terms      of   MACPAC
pass. I was happy because I did not          like getting presents. It’s the reality      of Medicine. She received her medical        commissioners are intended to be
have to clean up a big huge meal for         compared to the fantasy that gets me.        degree from the University of                staggered, with the first set of
a gazillion people. That is another job          The reality is that celebrating          Pennsylvania.                                appointments for terms of one, two,
I am enjoying less each year.                Christmas is a long and complicated              Previously she served as chair of        or three years.
     I am enjoying it so much less, as       process that requires a great deal of        the National Association of Public               Commissioners may be appointed
a matter of fact, that I can foresee the     work. The work is mainly done by             Hospitals, as well as on two Institute       for subsequent three-year terms.
day when we will be ordering in pizza        the person, whether it be wife or            of Medicine committees that addressed        Gabow’s term will expire in December
for Christmas dinner. It’s not that I’m      husband, mother or father, who               the future viability of safety net           2012.
too tired to do it. It’s just that I don’t   generally has to do most of the work
like it that much and I seem to be           most of the time anyway.
hitting some turning point in my life
where I am willing to do fewer and
fewer things I don’t like to do.
                                                 The upside is that I have a married
                                             daughter now and I expect that one
                                             of these years soon she will start
                                                                                          Renowned Liver Transplant
     Since we had our Christmas dinner
the day after Christmas, I decided that
a brisket would be perfect! You just
                                             having Christmas at her house. When
                                             that happens I may have enough extra         Surgeon Joins Porter Staff
                                             time and energy to really enjoy the
pop it in the oven and go take a             season.                                           Dr. Thomas G. Heffron, a pioneer in
really long nap.                                                                          living donor liver transplantation, has
     You need basically two side dishes                                                   recently joined the medical staff at Porter
– bread and barbeque sauce – and                                                          Adventist Hospital. He also joins SurgOne,
BAM! Everybody’s happy except the                                                         PC, in Denver and the practice of Dr.
vegetarian and I figure I can stretch                                                     Eric Kortz, MD.
my wings enough to steam up some                                                               The two surgeons first worked
veggies if she looks hungry.                                                              together 20 years ago, on the same team
                                             Elizabeth Bussey Sowdal is an RN and         in Chicago that performed the nation’s
     What I looked forward to most           freelance writer who lives and works in      first living donor liver transplant.
about Christmas was dismantling it           Oklahoma City.                                    As a member of the Porter Transplant
                                                                                          program, Heffron brings additional
St. Anthony North announces                                                               expertise in liver transplantation, having
                                                                                          performed more than 900 transplants in
                                                                                          both children and adults, more than 100
Mitchell as new CEO                                                                       of which were living donor procedures.
                                                                                               Surgeons at Porter have offered organ
    St. Anthony North Hospital has announced its new president and CEO, John W.           transplants since 1986, and currently
Mitchell. Mitchell begins his tenure at St. Anthony North on Dec. 21,. 2009.              perform kidney and pancreas
    Mitchell comes to St. Anthony North, a Centura Health facility, from Grays            transplantation in addition to liver
Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen, Wash., where he served as president and            transplants.
CEO of the 140-bed, two-campus hospital. In his more than four years there, the                Heffron was most recently the                      Dr.              fron
                                                                                                                                                             G. Heffr
                                                                                                                                                  Dr. Thomas G. Heffron
hospital experienced growth and exceptional performance. Under his leadership, the        director of Pediatric Liver Transplantation at Emory University/Children’s Hospital
hospital was named a 2008 Health Grades Top 15 percent hospital for Patient               of Atlanta. Prior to that, he was director of Adult Liver Transplantation at Emory
Experience.                                                                               University, where he was named the first recipient of the Mason Chair for Liver
    Prior to these responsibilities, Mitchell served as chief operating officer (COO)     Transplantation and Surgery in 2004. He previously held positions at the University
of St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo, a Centura Health hospital, from              of Nebraska and at the University of Chicago.
January 2000 through May 2005. While at SMC, he achieved “World-Class Leader”                  Heffron earned his medical degree at the University of Nebraska Medical
rank in two consecutive associate surveys, managed a $60 million construction             Center and served a fellowship in transplant and hepatobiliary surgery at the
project, and was part of an administrative team that achieved a $3 million turnaround     University of Chicago.
from red to black in 10 months. He also has a background in sales, marketing and               He has special expertise in complex surgery of the liver, biliary tract, pancreas,
public relations. He once worked as an on-air radio host and television news              liver and kidney transplantation and has published numerous scientific articles and
reporter, and served as a broadcast journalist for the U.S. Navy. Mitchell has a          given lectures across the country.
master’s degree in mass communication management from Virginia Commonwealth                    Porter Adventist Hospital is a full service, Nursing Magnet® designated, 368-
University, and a bachelor’s degree in communications from James Madison University.      bed acute-care referral center for complex medicine and surgery patients. In addition
He has consistently served on numerous boards and foundations in the communities          to being ranked No. 1 in overall cardiac care in Colorado by HealthGrades.
where he has lived and worked. John and his wife Paula have three adult children.              Porter specializes in cancer care, joint replacement, spinal care and transplant.
    St. Anthony North Hospital is a full-service, 196-bed acute care facility offering    Porter is sponsored by Adventist Health System and is part of Centura Health,
a full complement of emergency, medical and surgical services. St. Anthony North          Colorado’s largest hospital and health care network delivering advanced care to
is part of Centura Health, Colorado’s largest hospital and health care network            more than half a million people each year, across 12 hospitals, seven senior living
delivering advanced care to more than half a million people each year. For more           communities, medical clinics, Flight for Life and home care and hospice services.
information visit www.stanthonynorth.org.                                                      For more information about Porter Adventist Hospital, visit www.porterhospital.org.
Denver’s Nursing Star                                  January 5, 2010                                                                         Page 3
                                                                   she had won $15,000 in scholarships—      Porter’s chaplain was part of the
                        Porter                                     three each at $5,000 for Porter nurses
                                                                   to further their education.
                                                                                                             scholarship committee led by Bradley
                                                                                                             and was so impressed by the quality
                        Continued from Page 1
                        Continued from Pa                               “I couldn’t believe it. I was so     of the nurse applicants that he found
                                                                   excited,” Bradley said. “At the           an additional private donor to award
                                                                   conference we were awarded our            two more scholarships.
                        by Joelle Moran
                        Staff Writer
                                                                   Magnet designation, so it was a very           Two nurses received Magnet
                                                                   special time for us and another           Award Scholarships resulting from
                                                                   example of how Magnet can impact a        matching funds by the Mission in
                             Six nurses at Porter Adventist        facility and really change the culture    Ministry Department at Porter: Toni
                        Hospital were recently awarded             to nursing excellence.”                   Foos, $1,500 for the BSN-MSN program;
                        scholarships for their continuing               To determine what nurses would       and Marci Borns, $1,000 for the RN-
                        education thanks to the Denver             receive the scholarship money,            MSN program.
                        hospital’s recent Magnet designation       applicants were asked to answer the            All six scholarship winners will
                        for excellence in nursing by the           same question as Bradley: “What does      be starting their master’s education
                        American Nurses Credentialing Center’s     Magnet mean to me?”                       no later than this month, Bradley said,
                        (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program.              Because there were so many           and two of the winners were already
                             The awards came about when            candidates who were eligible and          in school.
                        Magnet Project Director Kathleen           interested, Bradley asked the College          “The rest were already in the
                        Bradley, RN, MSN and director of           Network if it would be willing to split   process, but with the scholarship, the
                        professional resources, entered an essay   one of the awards. The company            rest of them decided this was a sign
                        contest at the National Magnet             agreed.                                   that they needed to advance their
                        Conference in Louisville, Ky, in                Four nurses received scholarships    careers because they thought they
                        October.                                   from The College Network: JoAnn           would do better for their patients,”
                             Bradley was at the conference with    Patterson, $5,000 for the RN-MSN          Bradley said.
                        a group of 19 nurses from Porter to        program; April Romero, $5,000 for the          “Now we have a whole group of
                        accept the Magnet designation the          RN-MSN program; Sue Ann                   people going back to school and
                        hospital earned in early 2009. On the      Glusenkamp, $2,500 for the BSN-MSN        furthering their education, which is
                        last day of the conference, she visited    program; and LuAnn Netzel, $2,500         really exciting for us. It was much
                        the College Network’s booth and            for the RN-MSN program.                   more meaningful and impactful than
                        completed an essay in 50 words or               For her essay, Patterson, RN-CEN,    offering the three scholarships.”
                        less describing what Magnet meant to       wrote: “Magnet empowers me to                  Porter had a celebration for the
                        her. Out of more than 500 entries, her     practice the art and science of nursing   nurses and their families in December
                        two sentences won.                         supported by nurse leaders and my         and the College Network awarded the
                             “Magnet is the innovation,            peers, using best practices and           nurses their scholarships.
                        excellence and a transformational force    evidence-based research to provide             “The touchy thing for me was that
                        changing the face of health care across    excellent patient care and improve        the family members went to the
                        the United States and around the           outcomes. It unified the nurses in our    company and shook their hands and
                        world. Magnet reaches all hospitals        department. Magnet inspires me to         said ‘Thank you so much. You’ve made
                        by raising the standard for exemplary      think critically, work autonomously       a difference in our lives,’” Bradley said.
                        patient-focused care,” Bradley wrote.      and grow professionally.”                      The Magnet conference was also
                             In December, Bradley learned that          But the giving didn’t stop there.    the first time Porter took a big group
                                                                                                             of nurses to learn about the best
                                                                                                             practices and evidence-based processes
                        Hantavirus found in five                                                             at the best hospitals in the country,
                                                                                                             Bradley said.
                        Colo. pediatric patients                                                                  “It was their first opportunity to
                                                                                                             see what the best hospitals in the
                                                                                                             country are doing and for them to
                            Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) is an uncommon but severe disease            realize that Porter is indeed a Magnet
                        that can occur after contact with an infected rodent or rodent-infested area.        facility and that they do many of the
                        Although most cases in the U.S. have occurred in adults, children are also           things that they were hearing about
                        susceptible.                                                                         at the conference,” she said.
                            The risk of HPS can be minimized through rodent control in housing and

                                                                                                                 ARE YOU
                        play areas and by instructing children to avoid contact with rodents or areas of
                        infestation. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) is a severe but rare disease,
                        and over one-third of cases are fatal. Very few pediatric cases of HPS occur in
                        the US. However, in 2009, five children aged 6–14 years developed HPS in
                        Arizona, California, Colorado, and Washington.
                                                                                                               READING THIS?
                            After initial flu-like symptoms, the children developed difficulty breathing
                                                                                                                 So are more than 80,000
                        and were taken to hospitals. Symptoms included fever, shortness of breath, and
                        fluid accumulation in the lungs. One child died, and three of the four children                 Healthcare
                        who recovered required respiratory assistance at the hospital. Hantaviruses that       Professionals throughout the
                        cause HPS are carried by rodents, and all five children had exposures to rodents           Denver Metro area !
                        before their illness.
                            While the majority of HPS cases occur in the western United States, rodents
                        that carry hantaviruses are found throughout the country. HPS should be considered
                                                                                                              Call 720-283-2209
                        in children with unexplained acute respiratory distress, especially if rodent
                        exposure is noted.
Page 4                                                                    January 5, 2010                                                       Denver’s Nursing Star

                                                                                             the State
                                                                                      knowledge of the statute’s impact on       and community service to actively
Colorado public health                                                                delivering public health services at the
                                                                                      county level.
                                                                                                                                 address public health issues, including
                                                                                                                                 chronic disease, access to health care,
researchers receive grant                                                                 The basis of this type of practice-
                                                                                      based research is to involve those who
                                                                                      will use the findings of research in
                                                                                                                                 environmental threats, emerging
                                                                                                                                 infectious diseases, and costly injuries.
                                                                                                                                     The Colorado Public Health
    As Colorado’s public health             implementation of the Colorado Public     the research process itself.               Practice-Based Research Network
professionals address the health needs      Health Act of 2008, and as counties           The new Colorado School of Public      (COPHPBRN) is a partnership among
of the state, improving the time it         seek to streamline and cooperate to       Health is the first and only school of     the Colorado School of Public Health
takes to translate research into practice   provide services during difficult         public health in the Rocky Mountain        Rocky Mountain Prevention Research
improves the access of vital services       economic times.                           Region, attracting top tier faculty and    Center, Colorado Department of Public
to Colorado communities.                          “You shorten the time it takes to   students from across the country, and      Health and Environment, Colorado
    A new grant from the Robert Wood        translate research into services          providing a vital contribution towards     Association of Local Public Health
Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is helping        provided when you ask and research        ensuring our region’s health and well-     Officials and the Public Health Alliance
a team of researchers do just that.         pertinent questions that the community    being.                                     of Colorado.
    The public health researchers           needs answered,” said co-principal            Collaboratively formed by the              The COPHPBRN is part of a
connected with the Colorado School          investigator (PI), Julie Marshall, PhD,   University of Colorado Denver,             national network of the Robert Wood
of Public Health is one of 15 groups        and professor of epidemiology at the      Colorado State University, and the         Johnson Foundation (RWJF) supported
in the U.S. to receive a $150,000 RWJF      Colorado School of Public Health.         University of Northern Colorado, the       programs studying the reach,
Public Health Law Research grant to         Marshall and co-PI Lee Thielen,           Colorado School of Public Health           effectiveness, efficiency and equity of
analyze the impact and use of law in        executive director of the Public Health   provides training, innovative research     public health practice.
regional and multi-county approaches        Alliance of Colorado and CALPHO, will
to local public health service delivery.    lead the research team.
    RWJF awarded the grant to the                Regional approaches to public
Colorado Public Health Practice-Based
Research Network (COPHPBRN), a
                                            health service delivery exist in
                                            Colorado (such as one county providing
                                                                                         McKee Medical Center fills
partnership among Colorado School of
Public Health researchers at the Rocky
                                            Women, Infants and Children health
                                            and nutrition programs or
                                                                                         two pickups in food drive
Mountain Prevention Research Center,        environmental services in a nearby
the Colorado Association of Local           county), but there has been no                 A friendly competition among departments at McKee Medical Center
Public Health Officials (CALPHO), the       inventory of these arrangements and        resulted in a donation of 3,208 items to Loveland’s House of Neighborly
Public Health Alliance of Colorado and      no examination of the components of        Service on Tuesday.
the Colorado Department of Public           the models, their legal structures and         According to Erin Becerra, HNS food program manager, the food
Health and Environment.                     the successes and challenges               weighed 2,530 pounds which will help feed about 60 families of four for
    This highly competitive grant is        encountered by various approaches.         a week each.
the first research project of the network        As more public health agencies            In addition, McKee employees donated paper towels, toilet tissue,
since its funding began in 2009.            explore the potential benefits and         diapers and other personal items.
    The research, which will occur over     consequences of regional approaches,           The hospital’s director of culinary
the next 18 months, will examine            a formal examination of existing           and nutrition services, Scott Clanin,
regional approaches to providing            models will inform public health           challenged departments in early
services among county-based public          professionals, community partners, and     December to see which could collect
health agencies.                            local and state decision-makers.           the most food and toiletry items for
    This will allow them to understand           In addition, the research will        donation. The department that
the barriers and driving forces of the      examine Colorado’s Public Health Act       contributed the most items per person
development and maintenance of these        of 2008 and laws in other states for       would win a pizza party.
models.                                     the impact on regional approaches to           Clanin asked for items most needed
    Timing of the grant is significant      public health services.                    by the agency including toiletries,
as the public health agencies begin              The result will be enhanced           canned goods, pasta and baby food.
                                                                                           House of Neighborly Service, a

                                                                                       nonprofit agency, provides a safety net
                                                                                       of food, clothing and assistance for
                                                                                       housing,       medications         and
                                                                                       transportation for families in crisis.
              So are more than                                                             Clanin totaled donations Monday:
                                                                                       514 employees in 28 departments
              80,000 Healthcare                                                        participated with the Medical Records

         Professionals throughout the
                                                                                       department coming out on top.
                                                                                           The hospital delivered the food in two pickups Tuesday afternoon to
             Denver Metro area !                                                       HNS in downtown Loveland.
                                                                                           “We’re grateful and want to thank McKee employees and the family
                                                                                       members who helped,” said Glorie Magrum, executive director for HNS.
     Call 720-283-2209 TODAY!!                                                         “This will help us for the next couple of months.”
Denver’s Nursing Star                                                         January 5, 2010                                                                           Page 5

                                                                                                 the State

AAAS, ARVO select three
researchers as fellows
     Two University of Colorado’s             leading experts in ophthalmic research.
School of Pharmacy researchers have           The purpose of ARVO is to encourage
been named American Association for           and assist research, training,
the Advancement of Science (AAAS)             publication, and dissemination of
Pharmaceutical Sciences fellows and a         knowledge         in     vision      and
third has been elected as a fellow of         ophthalmology.
the Association for Research in Vision             The title of ARVO fellow is an
and Ophthalmology (ARVO).                     honor established to recognize current
     Raj Agarwal, PhD, and John               ARVO members for their individual
Carpenter, PhD, are two of only eight         accomplishments, leadership and
Pharmaceutical Sciences AAAS fellows          contributions to the Association.
elected in 2009. Uday Kompella, PhD,               “All my research work related to
will be awarded ARVO fellow status            the eye is typically presented first at
in 2010.                                      the ARVO annual meetings, and input
     According to AAAS, a fellow is           from ARVO members over the years
defined as a member whose efforts in          has been extremely helpful in shaping
the advancement of science or its             my research and career,” said Kompella.
applications are scientifically or socially   “I am delighted that I have been            all and fulfills its mission to “advance    comprised of more than 12,500
distinguished.                                selected to receive the ARVO fellow         science and serve society” through          individuals, continues to grow. Some
     Agarwal and Carpenter were               designation.”                               initiatives in science policy;              42% of members reside in over 70
nominated by their peers for their                 Eligibility for the fellow             international programs; science             countries outside the U.S. The
work in pharmaceutical sciences.              designation is determined by a point        education; and more.                        membership is multidisciplinary and
     ”This is a great honor, and I want       system established by the ARVO board             The Association for Research in        consists of both clinical and basic
to thank all my peers who nominated           by which members earn points for            Vision and Ophthalmology, Inc.              researchers (approximately 44% MD/
and supported me,” said Agarwal.              various types of service to ARVO and        (ARVO) was founded in 1928 in               Ophthalmologists, 26% PhD’s, and 30%
     In Nov. 2009, the AAAS Council           participation in ARVO-sponsored             Washington,           DC       by     73    Other, including optometrists,
elected 531 members as Fellows of             activities.                                 ophthalmologists. ARVO was originally       osteopaths, and veterinarians).
AAAS. Out of the 531, five are from                Kompella, along with 251 others,       named the Association for Research              In 1986, ARVO established its first
the University of Colorado (three from        will be honored at the 2010 annual          in Ophthalmology (ARO), but the word        permanent office located on the campus
CU-Boulder and two from UC Denver’s           meeting of ARVO in Fort Lauderdale,         “vision” was added in 1970 to better        of the Federation of American Societies
School of Pharmacy).                          Fla., in May.                               reflect the scientific profile of its       for Experimental Biology (FASEB), in
     These individuals will be                     The University of Colorado Denver      members.                                    Bethesda, Maryland. In 2001 the ARVO
recognized for their contributions to         is located in Denver on the Downtown             The Association’s membership,          Office relocated to Rockville, Maryland.
science and technology at the Fellows         Campus and on the Anschutz Medical
Forum on Feb. 20, 2010, during the
AAAS Annual Meeting in San Diego.
     Fellow nominations may be made
                                              Campus in Aurora, Colo. UC Denver
                                              offers more than 120 degrees and
                                              programs in 13 schools and colleges
                                                                                                   NCMC lifts visitor
by the Steering Groups of the
Association’s 24 sections, or by any
                                              and serves more than 28,000 students.
                                              For more information, visit the UC
                                                                                                 restrictions for children
three fellows who are current AAAS            Denver Newsroom.                                  North Colorado Medical Center will now allow children ages 12 and under in
members, so long as two of the three               The American Association for the        patient care areas in the hospital and other NCMC facilities.
sponsors are not affiliated with the          Advancement of Science (AAAS) is an               In September, leaders from Banner Health, which operates NCMC, implemented
                                                                                           a systemwide visitor-restriction policy as a precaution against the spread of H1N1
nominee’s institution, or by the Chief        international non-profit organization        flu. Under that policy, children ages 12 and under were not permitted in patient
Executive Officer.                            dedicated to advancing science around        care areas in the hospital. Research indicates that children are the main carriers
     Nominations undergo review by            the world by serving as an educator,         and transmitters of the flu; some Banner Health facilities prohibited children
the Steering Groups of the Association’s      leader, spokesperson and professional        from visiting the hospital at all. Banner Health has now decided because of
sections (the Chair, Chair-Elect,             association.                                 declining cases of H1N1 flu to have each of its 22 facilities determine their own
Retiring Chair, Secretary, and four                Founded in 1848, AAAS publishes         visitor policy, recognizing that there may be other contagious diseases circulating
Members-at-Large of each section).            the journal, Science, and serves some        in local communities that may warrant the maintenance of visitor restrictions.
     Each Steering Group reviews only         262 affiliated societies and academies       NCMC has chosen to lift the restrictions. However, people who have flu-like
those nominations designated for its          of science, serving 10 million               symptoms should still refrain from visiting patients in the hospital. Also, if
section. Names of Fellow nominees who         individuals. Science has the largest paid    conditions change and the number of flu cases increases, restrictions may be
are approved by the Steering Groups           circulation of any peer-reviewed             implemented again.
                                                                                                “Despite the overall decrease in H1N1 cases, we have not yet seen seasonal flu
are presented to the AAAS Council             general science journal in the world,        or RSV and there is still a risk of a third H1N1 wave,” said Caryn Staib, system
for election.                                 with an estimated total readership of        director of Banner Health’s Emergency Management. “Therefore we ask that
     ARVO is an international                 1 million.                                   facilities continue to remain vigilant in terms of not allowing any sick individuals
organization that attracts the world’s             The non-profit AAAS is open to          to visit and weigh the benefits of maintaining the restrictions.”
Page 6   January 5, 2010                                                                                   Denver’s Nursing Star

                  NOW HIRING
                                                Certified Part-time                                                      Partnership
                                                                                                                              501(c)(3) The main
                    w/ 1 year experience for
                     Cherry Creek Nursing
                                                 RESP Nursing                                                          responsibility of the Grant
                                                                                                                     Associate will be to procure
                   Center. EOE/M/F/V /H. No
                  phone calls. Apply 14699 E.
                   Hampden Ave. Aurora CO
                                                      Location: Sterling, CO.
                                                     Assignment Length: 13
                                                   Weeks, Shift: Days - 8a -
                                                                                  Assistant                           federal grants that support
                                                                                                                    the Nurse Family Partnership
                                                      5p. Scheduled Weekly           Schedule: Part-time.                 National Service Office
                   80014. Fax 303-693-7544.                                                                          (NFP/NSO). He/she will also
                       CherryCreek.HR@                  Hours: 40. Benefits.       Shift: Day shift. Job Req
                                                                                   Number: 12234. 40 hrs/              track and write reports for
                       Nexion-Health.com               Generous Hourly Pay.                                         grantors. A secondary focus
                                                 Housing: Private, Furnished,       pp, Days & hours vary,                     will be to assist in
                                                      W&D, Utilities paid OR      7am-3:30pm, Every other            identifying, researching and
                                                  receive a monthly subsidy.      wknd. Contact: Human                    soliciting individual and
                 1 4 0 GENERAL NURSING Insurance: Medical, Dental,                 Resources – AY. Email:              corporate contributions to
                                                       Life and Prof Liability    pvhsjobs@pvhs.org. Join                build the capacity of the
                                                    available 1st Day Travel:                                           NSO, and to identify and
                                                                                  a fast paced environment
                    Nurse                         Choose mileage, airfare, or
                                                  allowance. 401k: Available        where the focus is on
                                                                                  quality, caring and safety.
                                                                                                                    research private foundations
                                                                                                                          with interests related to
                     ICU                               on day one! For more
                                                 information about this travel       Summary: Provides
                                                                                    physical support in the
                                                                                                                              NFP’s mission and
                                                                                                                         replication initiative. The
                                                                                                                       Grant Writer/Development
                                                 adventure add it to your cart
                  EDUCATOR                       by clicking the link above, or
                                                   contact us. Call 800-240-
                                                                                       patient care area
                                                                                    assigned utilizing age
                                                                                                                            Associate will also be
                                                                                                                         responsible for assisting
                 Working for the Best has its                                                                          with fundraising and other
                                                            2526 or email             specific guidelines.
                    Benefits! The Education                                                                                resource development
                                                  jobinfo@nurse.tv at Travel         Requirements: High
                      Coordinator exemplifies                                                                         efforts to support the NSO.
                                                  Nurse across America and        school graduate/GED, or
                 professional nursing practice                                                                           This position is based in
                                                      reference job# 55158.         equivalent experience.
                       through expert clinical                                                                           Denver, Colorado. Major
                         practice, education,                                     Nurses' Aide certification         Duties and Responsibilities:
                  consultation, and research.                                             or equivalent                       • The Grant Writer/
                   The Education Coordinator         Bilingual                      education/experience.               Development Associate’s
                  provides clinical orientation,                                                                           primary task will be to
                    in-service, role modeling,        Medical                                                               identify, research and
                    continuing education, and                                                                                prepare federal grant
                    professional development          Billing                     Director of                           applications in support of
                                                                                                                          the NSO. • Monitor and
                 opportunities to nursing staff      Specialist
                 and students. The Education
                        Coordinator provides           Experienced bilingual
                                                    medical biller needed for
                                                                                   Nursing                             regularly keep apprised of
                                                                                                                          federal RFPs and other
                                                                                                                            federal calls for grant
                  consultation and education                                       Denver, CO. The Director of
                     to students, nurses and        busy, 4-clinic community      Nursing directs the staff and        proposals and respond to
                  other health care providers.     health center in the North          operation of the nursing        them in a timely manner. •
                   The Education Coordinator          Metro area. Bilingual in        department; coordinates,        Work closely with the NSO
                       participates in design,         English and Spanish                                          senior staff, other federation
                                                                                   plans and manages nursing                   members, federal
                         implementation, and          required. Must have at             activities; formulates       government resources, and
                  evaluation of new programs least two years experience                    program goals and         the NSO Board of Directors.
                    and systems and fosters         in medical billing/coding,         objectives; makes staff
                                                  with Medicaid and Medicare                                             • Coordinate fundraising
                    utilization and conduct of                                       assignments; develops or            activities for the NSO in
                        clinical research. The     experience being helpful.        assists in the development
                                                  Come and join our fun and                                                keeping with identified
                   Education Coordinator is a                                                of related policy         priorities according to the
                        registered nurse and              progressive work        incorporating current nursing      Fund Development Strategy
                  delegates duties consistent         environment. We offer        research and professionally        for 2009. • Have a working
                   with the scope of practice     competitive pay and great             recognized standards;             knowledge of the Fund
                     and functions within the         benefits! Please apply            develops or assists in        Development Plan Strategy
                  philosophy and overall plan      online at www.clinica.org;               development and         and assist when called upon.
                     of care delivery at SMC.         send resume to CFHS,          implementation of plans for      • Assist in the annual giving
                 Qualifications: A. Licensure/ Attn: HR, 1345 Plaza Ct. ,          nursing care; interprets and              program and identify
                    Certification/Registration:      N. #1-A, Lafayette, CO         administers pertinent laws;       prospects for major gifts. •
                 Current Colorado Registered       80026; or fax to 720-206-      evaluates staff; participates       Utilize the pipeline tracking
                  Nurse License, Current BLS 0434. www.clinica.org. EOE            in recruitment and retention        system for proposals and
                  Certification. B. Education:                                     programs; makes rounds to           grants to foundations with
                   Graduate of an Accredited                                           determine the quality of     vital information of deadlines
                                                                                                                    and progress reports. • Have
                  School of Nursing, Bachelor
                        of Science in Nursing     Become a                         nursing care; participates in
                                                                                           Quality Assurance          a working knowledge of the
                                                                                                                      members of the NSO Board
                 preferred. Master of Science
                      in Nursing preferred. C.    nurse aide                        Programs; assures optimal
                                                                                  quality of care is provided in
                                                                                                                         of Directors and interact
                                                                                                                              when requested on
                         Experience: Able to
                  articulate and demonstrate
                   appropriate nursing theory
                                                  evaluator.                              a safe environment;
                                                                                   develops and/or implements
                                                                                                                      fundraising issues. Keep a
                                                                                                                     list of all referrals and track
                                                     Administer the exam for       effective ongoing programs        actions of the meetings with
                  and practice. Demonstrates nurse. Assistant certification           to measure, assess and         referrals. • Other duties and
                       the ability to plan and    in your area. Independent          improve quality of nursing      responsibilities as assigned.
                    provide for the delivery of    Contractor Opportunities.      care, treatment and services        Bachelor’s Degree required.
                 educational services related       IMMEDIATE OPENINGS!                  delivered to patients;               Proven success in
                   to nursing. A minimum of 3             POSITIONS ARE              develops productive work           identifying, preparing and
                     years recent OR clinical        AVAILABLE IN ALMOST           teams; protects human and              securing federal grants.
                      practice. D. Knowledge/     EVERY MAJOR CITY! YOU           civil rights of patients and/or             Ability to multi-task,
                            Skills/Abilities:        DECIDE HOW FAR YOU                     clients and staff;                prioritize and meet
                         Demonstrates good         TRAVEL. Colorado Nurse             recommends disciplinary             deadlines. Capacity to
                   organizational skills. Plans   Aide Evaluator Position For        actions; collaborates with            inspire cooperation—a
                 and provides for educational            Registered Nurses.              clinical instructors for             proven team player.
                  in-services for nursing and     Administer the examination            educational programs;         Excellent attention to detail
                  non-nursing. Demonstrates                                            represents the hospital/     and organization. Compelling
                                                         for nurse assistant                                                    written and oral
                  knowledge and competence         certification in your area.           facility in meetings of
                       in working with teams.                                              professional and/or              communication skills.
                                                 This is a long-term, part time                                                Capability to instill
                    Communicates positively           position during normal         community organizations;
                    and professionally with all                                    compiles data and prepares          confidence and credibility
                                                     business hours. Various                                          with various publics. Ability
                        internal and external           schedules available.      periodic reports; responsible
                  customers. Ability to teach                                             for coordinating and             to relate well to Senior
                                                        Competitive wages.                                            Management, Directors and
                   and mentor in an effective             Generous mileage           providing twenty-four hour              Staff. Experience in
                  manner. Not the job you're        reimbursement. Minimum         nursing coverage for facility         Microsoft Office – Word,
                 looking for? No worries. Why          qualifications: current            or assigned units(s);            Excel and PowerPoint.
                          not call us to do a    Colorado RN license in good               intervenes in crisis       Experience in Sage 50 and
                 customized search based on standing with one (1) year of           situations and investigates             Wealth Engine a plus.
                    your parameters? We pay verifiable experience. Caring          all unusual incidents; leads     Interested applicants should
                    generous referral fees for   for the elderly or chronically   and participates in meetings;       submit a cover letter along
                    recommended candidates         ill of any age. To request          may speak on behalf of         with a detailed employment
                            who get hired.        further information, please        nursing. To be considered            history and resume to:
                            www.onesource              email your resume to           for this position - Please            Careers Nurse-Family
                 healthcareers.com. Contact: nacesrecruiter@texasnurses.org           click the "Click To Apply"    Partnership National Service
                          Robert Kurz. Email:      or fax to (512) 533-9825.         button. Thank you, Sharf,      Office. 1900 Grant St., Suite
                           rob@onesource          For questions, call 1 (866)         Woodward & Associates.             400. Denver, CO 80203.
                          healthcareers.com.               393-1181 x 178.              Visit us on the web at                  careers@nurse
                        Phone: 800-506-0884                                                  www.swjobs.com                  familypartnership.org
Denver’s Nursing Star                                                                                                 January 5, 2010   Page 7

1 4 0 GENERAL NURSING 1 4 0 GENERAL NURSING 2 2 6 M I S C E L L A N E O U S                          2 2 6 MISCELLANEOUS

Clerical Surgery                    MEDICAL Emergency                                                 Full time
 Services Dept.
   Scheduler                      RECEPTIONIST/    Room                                                Adult
  CPR within 2 wks, pref 1
      year exp. Surgical
                                   RECORDS Registered                                                Psychiatris
  scheduling & secretarial         FT for busy     Nurse                                             Beautiful Colorado - Full time
                                                                                                         Adult PsychiatristAdult
  skills. Pref. familiarity w/
    Windows OS, WP &               GYN office.  Location: Aspen, CO.                                 psychiatrist needed for a full
                                                                                                          time opportunity in an
    spreadsheets. EOE.              Medical office exp. req'd.         Assignment Length: 8
        www.pvmc.org                 Excellent benefits. Fax       Weeks. Shift: Nights - 7PM-       outpatient facility located in
                                     resume 303-444-7457             7AM. Scheduled Weekly            Colorado. M-F from 8am to
                                                                       Hours: 36. ER RN with              5pm. Utilize Electronic

 Case                             2 0 4 REGISTERED
                                                                    minimum 4 yrs exp, Active
                                                                    License ACLS, BLS, PALS
                                                                   Required TNCC, ENCP, either
                                                                                                     Health Record system?must
                                                                                                         have reasonable typing
                                                                                                           skills (dictation also

Manager                             Registered
                                                                     TNCC or ENCP Preferred.
                                                                    Benefits. Generous Hourly
                                                                                                        available). On-call is not
                                                                                                        required. Initial evals are
                                                                                                      1 hour, w/ follow-up appts.-
      Community Education                                              Pay. Housing: Private,            20 minutes, transfer of
   Centers(CEC) is a leading        Nurse-OR-                        Furnished, W&D, Utilities           established clients - 40
   provider of residential and                                      paid OR receive a monthly
       outpatient community
                                  PERIOPERATIVE                    subsidy. Insurance: Medical,
                                                                                                     minutes. Work within a team
                                      Employer located in CO                                              of approximately eight
      corrections programs.                                        Dental, Life and Prof Liability    physicians and five nurses
        Working in over 100          (Temporary) Winter in ski       available 1st Day. Travel:
                                  country! Hospital in Colorado                                       in adult clinic. Clinic will be
  locations across the U.S.,                                        Choose mileage, airfare, or      closed Christmas week. If all
  we provide a foundation of       is in need of a CVOR nurse
                                   to work days. This busy OR       allowance. 401k: Available       patients are follow ups, doc
 support to change addictive                                           on day one! For more          would see about 18 ppd.This
  and criminal behaviors and        is looking for a nurse who
                                   has experience with Hearts,     information about this travel     facilitly is located in a great
      effectively prepare our                                      adventure add it to your cart     location for all that Colorado
    residents for community         Ortho, General, Neuro and
                                   Vascular. - BLS, ACLS - CO      by clicking the link above, or         has to offer. Beautiful
          reintegration. With                                        contact us. Call 800-240-        scenery, numerous outdoor
           programming that       or Compact license. Working
                                      all areas of surgery, no             2526 or email             activities, great restaurants
   encompass assessment,                                            jobinfo@nurse.tv at Travel              & cultural events.
 drug and alcohol education,      transplants. Competitive pay,
                                    scenic location, brand new      Nurse across America and         LocumTenens.com will cover
  and education services for                                                                         malpractice insurance, which
          juvenile and adult         surgical suites. Sign on /        reference job# 55248.
                                   relocation negotiable. If you                                       is occurrence, as well as
         populations. We are                                                                           travel and housing costs.
  redefining effective means         enjoy the outdoors this is
                                  the place to be! Give Aureus                                         For further details please
   to reduce recidivism. As
     Case Manager, you will       a call 800-856-5457. EOE /
                                     E-Verify / AAE. 800-856-
                                                                   Registered                            contact Ronda Price by
                                                                                                       phone at 800-261-3422 or
    focus on developing and
implementing comprehensive
       treatment plans for a
                                      0375. Please quote Job
                                          Code 09-249894
                                                                   Nurse Jobs                          800-261-3422 x 1693. Fax
                                                                                                      your CV to (678) 352-4393.
                                                                        Colorado Springs, CO.                  Ref # 366872
      caseload of residents.                                            Temps Inc. is currently
 Accordingly, you will assess                                           seeking quality-minded
  and identify clinical issues
for each resident and create
                                  Registered                        healthcare professionals to
                                                                         join our team! We are
                                                                                                      MEDICAL You can
                                                                                                         pursue your
  clear objectives and goals.
      You will also track and
 document resident progress
                                    Nurse                                actively hiring Nurses
                                                                         throughout the United        healthcare career
in case reports while working
                                   Job #: Job-9460. Job Type:       States. If you are a Nursing     anywhere? Choose
                                   PRN. Minnequa Medicenter.        Professional, you owe it to
 to meet all required internal        SSC Pueblo Operating           yourself to explore all that
                                                                                                     a place that’s better
 and external standards and             Company LLC. 2701           Temps Inc. has to offer. For        than the rest!
policies. Your primary duties         California. Pueblo, CO        more than 30 years, Temps           Deliver quality and safe
  include case management,         81004. Sava Senior Care’s        Inc. has been the employer          delivery of home health
        individual and group          affiliate long term care       of choice for thousands of       services to clients in their
          counseling, crisis      facility,Minnequa Medicenter-       healthcare providers. We         home. Physical Therapist
       intervention, conflict      located in Pueblo , CO has         invite you to discover for     Part-time / PRN Looking for
 resolution, assessment and         an opening for Registered      yourself why! Please visit us       part-time? We have it for
 treatment planning, monthly       nurses, various shifts . Call   on our company websites at           you! Requires a current
behavioral evaluations, case             to inquire. For more       www.americannurse.com or              unrestricted Physical
   presentations, conducting       information, please contact       www.tempsinc.net for local      Therapy license in the State
        interventions, giving       Wendy Schultz, Regional             per diem and contract          of Colorado and 5 years
individual/group lectures and        Nurse Recruiter, Email:          assignments. As a Temps          experience. Home health
     didactic presentations,      WSSchultz@savasc.com. Or         Inc. employee you will enjoy      experience preferred. Home
      facilitating community       phone me at 877-628-9172.           many perks including: *            Health RN Full-time /
   meetings, participating in            Fax: 262-628-9185            Work WHEN and WHERE              Parttime / PRN Requires
       multidisciplinary case                                      you want * Top Hourly Pay *       1 - 2 years experience as a
  conferences and treatment                                         Flexible per diem, contract,       Staff Nurse. Home health
    plan reviews, developing           Cathlab                         and travel assignments        experience preferred. Apply
   aftercare treatment plans,                                           available * Daily pay *       at: www.rmhp.org EOE/AA/
            and all required       Registered Nurse                           Continuing Ed             M/F/D/V Great People.
 documentation. Other areas           Location: Lafayette, CO.
                                       Assignment Length: 13       Reimbursements up to $600                 Great Careers.
 of focus can include Alumni                                       annually * Referral Bonuses
   Services, Family Services          Weeks. Shift: Days - 8-
                                                                          up to $3500 * Health
          Smoke Cessation,              4:30p, on-call will be
         Orientation and HIV
      Services. You will also
                                        discussed on intervw.
                                    Scheduled Weekly Hours:
                                                                     Insurance Subsidies up to
                                                                      $300 per month * Weekly
                                                                         loyalty bonuses up to
    participate in daily shift-
      change meetings. The
      qualified candidate will
                                        40. Additional Notes:
                                    Cath Lab. Must have 2yrs
                                                                       $80.00 per week * Free
                                                                       Uniforms * Professional          PRN,
      possess a Bachelor's
degree and at least one year
                                       Cath Lab exp and prior
                                  travel preferred / ACLS, BLS
                                                                   Insurance Coverage * Many
                                                                   assignments offering sign on
                                                                       bonuses or assignment
                                  required. Benefits. Generous
 of experience in the field of
 human services. Other vital
 competencies include good
                                        Hourly Pay. Housing:
                                     Private, Furnished, W&D,
                                                                     completion bonuses * The
                                                                   professionalism you deserve       employees
                                                                    with a staff focused on you       Edwards Mountain Hospice
   computer skills and valid        Utilities paid OR receive a
                                                                   and your goals! You Deserve       and HomeCare of the Valley
 driver's license. We conduct      monthly subsidy. Insurance:
                                     Medical, Dental, Life and        World-Class Service - We       based in Edwards is seeking
 Drug Testing as a condition                                              Deliver! For Nursing         prn, part-time employees
 of employment. Community           Prof Liability available 1st
                                  Day. Travel: Choose mileage,           Opportunities contact          experienced in hospice,
  Education Centers offers a                                            Phone: 719.266.1565.          private duty, and Medicare
     comprehensive benefits        airfare, or allowance. 401k:
                                                                           Fax: 719.266.9215.              home health care.
  program including medical,         Available on day one! For
                                                                             Email: Colorado         Registered Nurses Certified
     dental, and 401(k) with       more information about this
                                     travel adventure add it to         Springs@tempsinc.net          Nurse Aides Personal care
     company match. Please                                                       or visit:            Attendants Medical Social
             apply on line,       your cart by clicking the link
                                    above, or contact us. Call        www.americannurse.com.         Workers Chaplains Volunteer
www.cecintl.com. Tooley Hall,                                          We look forward to you         Coordinator PT, OT, ST Fax
       4280 Kearney Street,            800-240-2526 or email
                                                                            joining our team.          resume to 970-927-6659,
 Denver, CO 80216. We are           jobinfo@nurse.tv at Travel
                                                                            Please reach out.         attn. Markey Butler or call
       an Equal Opportunity         Nurse across America and
                                       reference job# 54925.           You will be glad you did!      Hospice and HomeCare of
               Employer.                                                                                the Valley 970-927-6650
Page 8                                                                  January 5, 2010                                                     Denver’s Nursing Star


FDA, Health Organizations to Colorado-based company
 Study Safety of Medications ordered to pay $5 million
                                                                                       Spectranetics Corporation, a medical device manufacturer, located in Colorado
   Program to study effects on mothers and their babies                            Springs, Colorado, has agreed to pay the United States $4.9 million in civil
                                                                                   damages plus a $100,000 forfeiture to resolve claims against the company, the
    A new research program called         M.D., director of the Office of          Justice Department announced.
the Medication Exposure in Pregnancy      Surveillance and Epidemiology at the         The claims arise from allegations that the company illegally imported
Risk Evaluation Program (MEPREP)          FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and     unapproved medical devices and provided them to physicians for use in
will fund research to study the effects   Research.                                patients, conducted a clinical study in a manner that failed to comply with
of prescription medications used              “Results of these studies will       federal regulations and promoted certain products for procedures for which
during pregnancy.                         provide valuable information for         the company had not received Food and Drug Administration approval or
    The program is a collaboration        patients and physicians when making      clearance.
among the U.S. Food and Drug              decisions about medication during            The company manufactures, distributes and sells certain medical lasers
Administration and researchers at the     pregnancy.”                              and peripheral devices for those lasers, such as lead wires that guide the
HMO Research Network Center for               The program blends clinical and      lasers through vascular tissue and catheters that carry and contain the lasers
Education and Research in                 research expertise and population-       inside the veins, including, specifically, the CVX-300 Medical Laser and the
Therapeutics (CERT), Kaiser               based databases from 11 health plan-     CliRpath Turbo Laser Catheter, the TURBO Elite Laser Ablation Catheter, and
Permanente’s multiple research centers    affiliated research sites including      the TURBO-Booster Laser Guide Catheter.
and Vanderbilt University.                Kaiser Permanente (Northern                  In resolving this matter, Spectranetics has entered into a civil settlement
    About two-thirds of women who         California, Southern California,         agreement and a non-prosecution agreement with the United States. The
deliver a baby have taken at least        Georgia,, Pacific Northwest, and         company also entered into a corporate integrity agreement with the Office of
one prescription medication during        Colorado regions); Harvard Pilgrim       Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services.
pregnancy according to a journal          Health Care Institute, Group Health          According to the non-prosecution agreement, officers and employees who
article published in the American         Research Institute, HealthPartners,      acted on behalf of the company engaged in multiple areas of wrongdoing.
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.     Lovelace Clinic Foundation, the              Specifically, Spectranetics illegally imported unapproved medical devices
    There are very few clinical trials    Meyers Primary Care Institute, and       from overseas manufacturers and distributed those devices for use in human
that test the safety of medications in    Tennessee State Medicaid, and the        patients, and failed to meet its reporting obligations to FDA regarding a study
pregnancy due to concerns about the       FDA.                                     named “CORAL” (COronary graft Results after Atherectomy with Lasers) and
health of the mother and child.               The HMO Research Network             another associated study in connection with the devices listed above.
    “This program is a great example      CERT Data Center at the Department           Under the terms of the non-prosecution agreement, Spectranetics has accepted
of FDA and the private sector working     of Population Medicine of Harvard        responsibility for its conduct, has instituted remedial measures to prevent this
together to improve the health of         Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim       conduct in the future, and will continue to cooperate in the ongoing criminal
pregnant women and their children,”       Health Care Institute, led by Richard    investigation.
said Margaret Hamburg, MD,                Platt, M.D., M.S., is the coordinating       As a result, Spectranetics will not be criminally prosecuted for this conduct.
Commissioner of Food and Drugs.           center for the program.                  Under the civil settlement agreement, the United States asserted that, as a
"These data will guide regulatory             Lead researchers include Susan       result of the conduct described here and set forth in more detail in the civil
policy and influence medical practice."   Andrade, Sc.D. HMO Research              agreement, Spectranetics caused false claims to be submitted to the Medicare
    To overcome the challenges            Network William Cooper, M.D., M.P.H.     Program during portions of the time period from 2003 to 2008.
presented by the lack of clinical trial   (Vanderbilt); Robert Davis, M.D.,            “It is important to hold those who submit false claims to Medicare responsible
data about the use of medications         M.P.H. (Kaiser Permanente Georgia);      for their actions,” said U.S. Attorney David Gaouette. “Settlements such as this
during pregnancy, the research            Craig Cheetham, Pharm.D.; (Kaiser        help to protect the integrity of the Medicare system.”
program will link health care             Permanente Southern California); and         “The Department of Justice will be vigilant in pursuing cases against
information for mothers and their         De-Kun Li, M.D., Ph.D. (Kaiser           medical device companies that break the law and defraud taxpayers,” said
babies in each of the participating       Permanente Northern California).         Tony West, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Civil
research sites. Collectively, the 11          The      investigators       have    Division.
participating sites have health care      collaborated on numerous studies             “Our compliance agreement with Spectranetics holds the company and its
information for about 1 million births    related to medication use during         executives accountable for violations of Federal health care program and FDA
over the past seven years (2001-2007).    pregnancy and birth outcomes, as well    requirements,” said Daniel R. Levinson, Inspector General of the Department
    Many of the mothers associated        as studies on the effects of anti-       of Health and Human Services.
with these births likely used             depressant medications, antibiotics,         “Records from Spectranetics’ clinical investigations will be audited by an
medication during their pregnancies       and cardiovascular medications on        Independent Review Organization to ensure compliance with FDA rules –
and now, with the program in place,       birth defects and perinatal outcomes.    including reporting of adverse events.”
the FDA and participating researchers         A Steering Committee composed            The matter was handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of
have a systematic and timely way of       of representatives from each             Colorado, the Office of Consumer Litigation and the Commercial Litigation
retrieving information from this          participating site and the FDA will      Branch of the Justice Department’s Civil Division and the Food and Drug
network.                                  oversee MEPREP activities and            Administration Office of Criminal Investigation.
    “This collaborative effort creates    provide overall scientific leadership.       The corporate integrity agreement was handled by the Department of
a unique resource to study the effects    FDA epidemiologist, Pamela E. Scott,     Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General.
of medication in pregnant women and       Ph.D., is the FDA project lead and           For more information, visit the United States Attoryney’s Office, District of
their children,” said Gerald Dal Pan,     chair of the Steering Committee.         Colorado, Web site at http://www.justice.gov/usao/co.
Denver’s Nursing Star                                                   January 5, 2010                                                                              Page 9
                                                                                    baby facility that will
The Children’s Hospital looks                                                       eventually serve as a local,
                                                                                    regional and national
back on a year of success                                                           referral center.
                                                                                        In 2009, it was
                                                                                    announced that until this
    As 2009 comes to an end, The          designation, the hospital ranked in       new facility is built, these
Children’s Hospital has recaptured        the top 10 in six specialty areas.        services will continue to be
some of the year’s highlights and is            Also this year, more than 70        provided by our high risk
celebrating the successes the hospital    doctors from Children’s made 5280         mother/baby teams through
had while striving to provide the best    Magazine’s “2009 Top Docs” in Denver      the Colorado High Risk
care for kids.                            list.                                     Maternity and Newborn
    In February of 2009, The                    The Children’s Hospital was         Program.
Children’s Hospital at Parker             selected as one of the Best Companies         Each       year      The
Adventist Hospital celebrated its five-   to Work for in Colorado by                Children’s Hospital works
year anniversary and the significant      ColoradoBiz magazine and the Society      to positively influence
growth it has seen.                       for Human Resource Management             public policy decisions
    Later in the year, the Parker         (SHRM) Colorado State Council for         related to children’s health
location expanded, becoming what is       2009.                                     and well-being.
now known as the Parker Campus.                 The only hospital recognized as         During the legislative
The Parker Campus offers 24/7             a finalist, this honor reflects the       session, members of The
emergency care, specialty care and        efforts made to create a positive,        Children’s         Hospital
therapy care for kids and teens.          healthy, and rewarding work place         Grassroots Advocacy
    In August of this year, Dr. Talat     for the remarkable staff here at          Network made over 5,800
(Tania) Khan and her practice,            Children’s.                               contacts to policy makers
Colorado Pediatric Pulmonary                    In addition, The Children’s         on bills related to children’s
Associates joined The Children’s          Hospital was voted the 2009 Family        health and safety.
Hospital.                                 Favorite for Hospital or Health Clinic        In 2009, Children’s
    Dr. Khan sees patients at Network     in a survey by Colorado Parent            made significant efforts to T he Childr en’ s Hospital a t P ar k er Ad v entist Hospital
                                                                                                                        Children              at Par        Adv
of Care locations including The           magazine.                                 become a more eco-friendly celebr ated its ffiive-year anniver sar y in Febr uar y.
                                                                                                                   celebr                          sary Februar
                                                                                                                                    e-year anniversar            uary
Children’s Hospital at Saint Joseph’s           The Children’s Hospital is one of   facility.
Hospital and The Children’s Hospital      few hospitals in the nation with a            Implementing recycling
North Campus in Broomfield.               fully-functioning electronic health       programs, providing alternative transportation options for employees and
    In addition, The Children’s           record system.                            finding ways to conserve energy are just a few of the steps the hospital has
Hospital Center for Cancer and Blood            In November of 2009, Children’s,    taken. Children’s continues to take steps to be more environmentally conscious
Disorders (CCBD) announced that           Kaiser Permanente Colorado and            everyday.
Childhood Hematology Oncology             Exempla Healthcare went live with             For more information on The Children’s Hospital, visit their Web site at
Associates (CHOA) joined The              an electronic health record (EHR)         www.thechildrenshospital.org.
Children’s Hospital Network of Care,      “health information exchange” system.
also in August of 2009. The new                 This allows patients to show up
locations are in Littleton and Colorado   at any one of the organizations’
    The Children’s Hospital made
                                          hospitals and clinics and have their
                                          records instantly available to doctors    HealthONE lifts restrictions
Honor Roll as one of the nation’s ten     with the click of a button
best pediatric hospitals in the U.S.
News & World Report’s 2009 edition
                                                In late 2008, The Children’s
                                          Hospital and University of Colorado
                                                                                       on visitor guidelines
of America’s Best Children’s Hospitals.   Hospital announced they would be
    The publication’s Honor Roll is       exploring a partnership to advance             Per the guidance of Colorado health officials and HealthONE infection
reserved for those hospitals that         existing mother-baby services to           control experts, effective Monday, Dec. 14, HealthONE hospitals, clinics
achieved ranking in all surveyed          provide unparalleled care and              and surgery centers lifted H1N1 visitor restrictions due to the decline in
specialty areas.                          treatment for high-risk moms and           the spread of H1N1 in Colorado.
    In addition to its Honor Roll         their newborns in a dedicated mother/          As always, for everyone’s safety, we request that if you plan to visit
                                                                                     a patient or staff member at our facilities, please postpone your visit if
                  Want to reach more than                                            you are any experiencing flu, cold or respiratory symptoms or have another
                                                                                     illness that might affect our patients and staff.
                     80,000 readers?                                                     If you are a patient here for a medical appointment or are coming to
                                                                                     the emergency department and are experiencing these symptoms, please
     Send us all your continuing education                                           wear a mask.
                                                                                         Less than seven percent of HealthONE’s present emergency room visitors
       programs and we’ll publish them                                               are patients with H1N1 or seasonal flu, compared to 25 percent or more
             FREE OF CHARGE!                                                         during peak flu outbreak last month.
                                                                                         We will continue to monitor for any new outbreaks this respiratory
                                                                                     season and may adjust our visitation policies again if needed.
     Email your continuing education                                                     We at HealthONE are committed to ensuring the health and safety for
          information to us at:                                                      our patients, visitors, staff and physicians and appreciate your patience
  news@denversnursingstar.com or simply                                              and flexibility with these changes.
                                                                                         Updates will be posted on our website at: www.HealthONECares.com
        fax it to 720-283-2198!
Page 10                                                                  January 5, 2010                                                   Denver’s Nursing Star

Continued Education
                                  14 contact hours.                Colorado Board of Nursing         Course. Upon successful         online graduate course this
     February                     Registration: $510.00 – lunch    approved, full 60-hour IV         completion of the renewal       spring for professionals who
                                  included both days. For more     Certification for LPNs in an      course an NRP course            provide long-term and acute
                NEW!              information visit www.           independent study format!         completion card will be         care to persons suffering
                                  cassuttconsulting.com.           This course allows                issued. Contact: Susan Clarke   conditions of dementia. The
                                                                   completion of the didactic        at 720-777-6875 or email        long-term care concentration
                                                                                                                                     in the university’s gerontol-
02/24/10 – 02/25/10 PICC/
ML Insertion, Care &
                                           Open                    content at your own pace and
                                                                   on you own time. After
                                                                                                     Susan at
                                                                                                     clarke.susan@tchden.org         ogy graduate program is the
Troubleshooting                                                    completion of the                                                 first in the nation to be
                                  LPN IV Certification -           independent study modules                                         accredited. Gerontologists,
2-Day Seminar - The PICC/         Challenge                        and quizzes you will attend a                                     nurses, counselors and other
                                  The LPN will submit a                                              Trauma Nursing Core             professional caregivers may
ML Insertion, Care and                                             one-day laboratory education
                                  registration form, along with                                      Course (TNCC)                   benefit from the valuable
Troubleshooting Seminar is a                                       and practice seminar in South
                                  evidence of completion of                                          The Trauma Nursing Core         information provided in the
comprehensive course                                               Denver. Once these two                                            course, a class which will
designed to provide the           an IV program, or a Colorado     sections are successfully         Curriculum (TNCC), a course
                                                                                                     designed by the Emergency       raise questions about many
educational foundation for        LPN license indicating the IV    completed you will validate                                       commonly held assumptions
competence in the insertion       authority, and signed            the clinical skills in your own   Nurses Association, teaches a
                                                                                                     core level knowledge and        about Alzheimer’s and related
and care of                       agreement with payment.          facility with a qualified RN                                      conditions.The course consid-
PICC and/or Midline               After receipt of above items,    preceptor. Registration Fees:     psychomotor skills associated
                                                                                                     with the delivery of nursing    ers theories that
catheters. Content will           Carolynn Cassutt Consulting      $510.00 Contact Hours: 60                                         neurodegenerative conditions
include; legal aspects, proper    will send the Central Line       We are also offering a skills     care to trauma and critically
                                                                                                                                     should not claim the elderly,
patient and catheter selection,   Self-study and written tests.    validation for LPNs that are      ill patients. Upon successful
                                                                                                                                     nor should they dominate
anatomy and physiology of         These can be emailed, mailed,    currently not employed or do      completion of the course,
                                                                                                                                     them or degrade their human-
the vascular system and           or faxed. Please indicate your   not have a means to validate      certification is awarded by     ity. Visit the ULM GOLD
surrounding structures,           preference on the registration   their IV skills. For additional   the Emergency Nurses            website at www.ulm.edu/
complications of insertion        form in the comments             information contact Carolynn      Association and is valid for    onlinedegrees. For more
and prevention, as well as        section. The LPN will review     Cassutt Consulting, Inc at        four years. Upon completion     information about the course,
demonstration and practicum       the course materials and         (303) 680-2243 or visit our       of this course, participants    contact Chris Johnson at
with the modified Seldinger       complete the written tests.      web site at:                      should be able to:              (318) 342-1465 or e-mail
technique. The seminar will       Once completed, the LPN          CassuttConsulting.com.            Demonstrate knowledge of        cjohnson@ulm.edu.
also include care and             will need to attend one of our                                     pathophysiology as a focus
maintenance of these              LPN IV Certification                                               for the signs and symptoms of
catheters as well as              Laboratory Practice days.                                          injury. Demonstrate
identifying, preventing and       These are offered every          Neonatal Resuscitation            appropriate psychomotor
                                                                                                     skills related to the care of   Pediatric Challenges:
troubleshooting                   month generally on the 15th.     Program (NRP) Renewal                                             New Approaches to
complications. The practicum      For a complete listing of        Course                            the trauma patient including
                                                                                                     airway management, spinal       Treatment and
will include, a complete PICC     dates please visit our web        The NRP Renewal Course, a                                        Prevention
insertion, dressing change,       site.                            program of the American           immobilization, and
de-clotting techniques, blood     www.cassuttconsulting.com        Academy of Pediatrics and         resuscitation of the trauma
                                                                                                     victim. 19 CEU hours are        These evening CME activities
collection, catheter repair,                                       the American Heart                                                are offered several times a
and catheter exchange                                              Association, is designed as a     awarded by the Emergency
                                                                                                     Nurses Association for course   year for primary care
techniques. The seminar                                            self-study for MDs, RNs,                                          providers with a focus on new
content is based on current       LPN IV Certification –           RTs, PAs and EMTs who wish        completion, regardless of
                                                                                                     performance on the written      therapies and prevention
INS, CDC and AVA                  Full Course –                    to renew their training every                                     strategies for common health
guidelines and standards.,        Independent Study                two years as an NRP Provider      exam and skills stations.
                                                                                                     Contact: Starlight Wagner at    problems in children and
Participants will receive a                                        and it is shorter than the                                        adolescents. Held in various
certificate of completion for     We are now offering a            standard-length Provider          303-861-6336 or
                                                                                                                                     metro area locations, these
                                                                                                                                     events begin with dinner
                                                                                                                                     followed by a 60 minute
      Want to reach more than 80,000 readers?                                                                                        presentation and a panel Q
                                                                                                                                     and A session. (CME
                                                                                                     Gero 580-95                     credit)For more information,
                                                                                                     The University of Louisiana     please contact (720) 777-6160
      Send us all your continuing education                                                          at Monroe is offering a new     orwww.thechildrenshospital.org.
   programs and we’ll publish them FREE OF
                    CHARGE!                                                                               Check out our banner ads at
  Email your continuing education information                                                             For special banner ad rates,
   to us at: news@denversnursingstar.com or                                                              simply email your request to
         simply fax it to 720-283-2198!                                                              advertising@denvernursingstar.com
Denver’s Nursing Star                                                             January 5, 2010                                                                            Page 11

                                                                                              we would have been in or near an            sudden, much more was being
Always Rushing Around                                                                         accident. So know that once you are
                                                                                              running late just let it be.
                                                                                                                                          demanded of me. I was getting very
                                                                                                                                          stressed, barely had time for lunch,
                                                                                                  Driving recklessly or too fast to       and was rushing to back out of the
                                                appointments stop and think for just          try and make up time only makes it          driveway for my next appointment
Balance for Life...                             one moment. Are you already feeling           worse for everyone. Turn on some            when my cell phone rang.
Commentary by Sherry L. Ray, CPCC               stressed before you put the                   classical music and breathe deeply              The woman I was rushing to meet
                                                appointment in your calendar?                 because if you are all twirled up           made it clear she would need our
                                                     If so, stop right now and decide         when you arrive, it only disrupts           appointment to end on time as she
                                                why and what you would rather do!             everyone.                                   had to rush off to deal with a
                        We’re all doing         Take the time to rearrange your                   If you are going to be late, call       plumber.
                        it,    rushing          schedule to make it work for you              from your cell phone to let people              I happily offered to reschedule
                        around      and         without the stress.                           know you are on your way or simply          our appointment and we were both
                        feeling stressed             Even if it is after the fact, be         apologize upon arriving. People do          thrilled. It gave me time to finish
                        out. Maybe not          willing to call and see if you can            not wish to get involved in your            the rest of my lunch and get started
                        every day, but          reschedule something that works for           drama.                                      on this article. Yay!
                        sooner or later         both of you. There is no reason to                My favorite example happens to              The moral of this story is to know
                        our schedules           abuse yourself with the stress of it          me quite frequently, when I have            that you can't be everything to
                        get the best of         all. YOU are in control of your life.         just begun to feel stress and realize       everyone.
 Sherr       Ra
 Sher r y L. Ray, CPCC  us.                     Take responsibility for it.                   I am overbooked.                                Let go of your ego, be willing to
                            Before you               Here are some lessons my clients             Each time this happens someone          say no, reschedule or even cancel
know what's happened you are racing             and I have learned along the way.             reschedules or cancels and I get the        when you feel your mental health is
through traffic in your car while               When you are driving and you are              day I wanted to begin with.                 going to be tested.
swearing and gripping the wheel with            late, take a moment for some deep                 I am always tickled when this               No one wants to be around
a purpose. Maybe you snap at your               long breaths.                                 occurs, it seems all I have to do is        someone that isn't fully present
loved ones or the people at work,                    Know that fate has put you where         begin to think that things are getting      because they are already worried
because everything feels out of                 you are in traffic for a reason and it        out of hand when I get that phone           about their next appointment.
control. They can't know what's going           could be to protect you from what             call changing my day.                           Many times the other person will
on and don't deserve the fallout from           might be happening up ahead.                      It happened to me today. I made         be thrilled for a change in their own
your mess.                                           Often times it has been observed         it to my first appointment, stopped         schedule. Be willing to call them and
    Before          you  make      your         that if we had been traveling on time         for my second one where, all of a           work it out.
                                                                                                                                              You'll both end up with some
                                                                                              hobby that makes you feel good.             surprise free time!
 Don't Let The Winter Blues                                                                        Getting involved with others is
                                                                                              another way to feel better. From fun

 Make You Blue                                                                                socializing to volunteering at your
                                                                                              church, a local shelter, or nonprofit
                                                                                              agency, get out more. Helping others
                                                Disorder (SAD) and can be serious             almost always brings better feelings,
 The Counseling Corner...                       enough to warrant treatment by a mental       and when you combine that good
 Commentary by The American Coun-               health professional.                          work with a nice bright smile, you
 seling Association                                   But for most of us it's just a minor    may find you just don't have time
                                                inconvenience and, fortunately, one that      for feeling blue.                           Sherry L. Ray, CPCC is a national speaker,
                                                you can do something about.                        Of course, there are many things       international business/life coach, and a
                                Not feeling           Since the shorter days and lack of      that can cause depression besides cold,     Reiki Master/Teacher.
                          yourself lately?      sunlight in winter plays a role in            gray skies. If you find that you just
                          Perhaps you're        bringing on winter blues, the obvious         can't overcome those blue feelings,
                          a bit sluggish,       cure is to increase the amount of light       and if such feelings are interfering               Denver’s Nursing Star
                          a little irritable,
                                                in your life. If it's a bright, sunny day,
                                                bundle up and get outside for a bit. If
                                                                                              with your enjoyment of a normal life,
                                                                                              seek help. Counseling professionals         Board of Commentary
                          longer, or just       it's gray and dreary, try turning on extra    can both help pinpoint the cause of                Vicki L. Mayfield, M.Ed., RN, LMFT
                          feeling a bit         lights to brighten things up and to use       your feelings and suggest ways to                             Eileen Doherty
                          down about            broad spectrum bulbs that simulate            combat that depression.                                      Colleen Folsch
                          everything?           natural sunlight.                                  Bottom line? Take action and don't                 Virginia Gillispie, RN, ND
                          Welcome to                  Exercise also helps fight those tired   let the winter blues take the fun out                         Vickie Jenkins
                                                                                                                                                         Sherry L. Ray, CPCC
 seasonal depression, or as it's commonly       feelings of winter. Just a short daily        of your life.
                                                                                                                                            Linda Mundorff(Rener), RN, MPH, MSN, NDc
 known, the "winter blues" or the               walk or gym workout can help your                                                                      Andrea Arnold, RN, BC
 "winter blahs."                                body and mind overcome those feelings                                                                   Elizabeth Sowdal, RN
      It's a much more common problem           of no energy.                                                                                       Deresa Claybrook, MS, RHIT
 than most people realize, and yes, it                Even little things can make a                                                                      Licia McCurdy, LPN
 can be serious. Some people find winter        difference. When you're feeling down,                                                                   Angela Lash, RN, CM
 weather depresses them enough that             give a friend a call and talk about happy     The Counseling Corner is provided as a
                                                things. Watch a favorite funny TV show                                                     Opinions expressed in columns and letters
 it interferes with normal life and leads                                                     public service by the American Counseling    to the editor are not necessarily the
 to severe feelings of depression. Such         or movie. Read a book that you know           Association, the nation’s largest            opinions of employees, ownership of this
 cases are known as Seasonal Affective          you'll enjoy, or spend some time on a         organization of counseling professionals.    newspaper or the publishing company.

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