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Campus Center Basement Renovation Proposal by xiuliliaofz


									   Campus Center Basement Renovation Proposal

The Student Senate was approached by the Campus Center to help address the
issues of overcrowding and the need to reengineer the usefulness of the Campus
Center Basement. We worked with our advisors, and had come up with a plan
that will involve renovating the Campus Center basement to include additional
student programming space, and would add a more functional dynamic to the use
of our basement. Added space could be used for lectures, presentations, activities,
and movies.
Specifics of Project (See Attached Floor Plan)

    Open the wall leading back to Campus Center Room B35
    Move pool table, ping pong table, and arcade to Room B35
    Insert wall in middle of Game Room to create Atrium like programming
    Add window from the Game Room desk to view Room B35
Budget Breakdown

                 Task                                       Budget
              New Wall                                       $1800
              Open Wall                                      $1000
            Open Window                                       $500
                 Paint                                        $500
               Electric                                       $750
           Projector/Screen                                  $2000
                Total                                        $6550

Motion: To approve the allocation of $6550 to the Campus Center Basement
Renovation Project

                                           Dominick J. Cirillo, Student Senate President
Dominick J. Cirillo, Student Senate President

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