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Ch 12 Exe 1 Design Exercises


									Chapter 12

Exercises 12.1

Name _____________________________________________                   Date _____________

Use the stories, photos and maps in this budget to lay out pages with QuarkXPress,
InDesign or other pagination software. The story lengths in the budget are
approximations. Keep in mind that the photos don’t necessarily have to run with the
stories, and that you can use some of the photos without running the stories. Make sure,
however, that your captions are complete.

These stories were not published on the same day, so don’t be concerned the conflicting
time elements in them. The photos in this exercise are of low resolution to make them
easier to download, and the images will degrade when they are enlarged. Don’t let this
affect your news judgment.

American Idol
18.5 words
with four photos
PASADENA  Some cried, some laughed, but most important, everyone sang, all with
the dream of becoming the next “American Idol.” Fox’s popular television talent show
kicked off its national auditions Tuesday at the Rose Bowl, where an estimated 10,000
people attended. This was the first of seven auditions that will be held nationwide for the
show’s sixth season.

Anti-terror unit
12 inches
NORWALK  Nearly five years after the Sept. 11 attacks, law-enforcement officials
opened the nation’s first regional command center to better share intelligence on terrorist
threats. The $5 million Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center will eventually
include 62 analysts from the FBI, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s
Department and other law enforcement agencies across seven Southern California

Arbor Day
18 inches
with photo

COVINA  The efforts of local arborist Pat Duff paid off for Covina’s urban forest this
week when the National Arbor Day Foundation granted the city status as a Tree City
USA. Covina joins a half-dozen neighboring cities and more than 2,700 participants
nationwide in the Tree City USA program, a community forestry program started in 1976
by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Armory Arts Center
18 inches
with photo
PASADENA  The Armory Center for the Arts, a community arts group that has made
its home in an old National Guard armory since the late 1980s, is preparing to move back
into the facility after a $2.4 million renovation.

16 inches
PASADENA  Bob Charney of Agoura Hills experienced life for a few hours Saturday
as his 5-year-old autistic son, Michael, does. At the “Autism: A Journey Solutions 2002”
convention at the Pasadena Conference Center, Charney attended a seminar that showed
people how someone with autism feels every day.

Belly dancing
6.5 inches
with photo
LA VERNE  Teens and adults learned how to handle a cymbal, drape a veil and move
their bodies in the art of belly dancing.

Big rigs
15 inches
SOUTH WHITTIER  Parked big-rig trucks are an eyesore and pose a danger to children
on the streets of unincorporated South Whittier, said community activist Joan Kato, who
has been fighting for more than a year to have parking for tractor trailers and other trucks
restricted. This week, she got what she wanted. Signs were posted prohibiting
commercial vehicles over 3 tons from parking in the area.

Biker homecoming
14 inches
ARCADIA  Sheldon Pattinson had been a member of a local Harley-Davidson
motorcycle group for only six months when he nearly died in an accident during a group
ride near Temecula. Pattinson’s new friends – all 37 of them – followed the ambulance
on their motorcycles and kept a vigil at the hospital while he underwent emergency
surgery. They donated blood and organized weekend visits. On Sunday, after two months
of waiting, the San Gabriel Valley Chapter of the Harley Owners Group welcomed
Pattinson back to his Arcadia home.

Boy Scout
8.5 inches
HACIENDA HEIGHTS  Boy Scout Koby Watanabe, 13, received a meritorious action
medal from the Boy Scouts of America for helping a choking classmate. Watanabe
learned the Heimlich maneuver while earning his first-aid merit badge.

15 inches
SAN DIMAS  In 1971, as a sixth-grader in Kingston, Jamaica, Mark Brown’s buck
teeth and big ears did not go unnoticed by three female classmates, who teased him
mercilessly. “It was a long time ago, but I still remember the faces,” Brown said. And
their names. Brown, who speaks at schools across the country as the representative for
the educational fund-raising arm of Reader’s Digest magazine, asked Lone Hill Middle
School students Monday to think about the effects of bullying.

Cell phones
14 inches
Students could be allowed to bring cellular telephones to school next year under
legislation the state Senate Education Committee approved Wednesday on a 12-0 vote.

23.5 inches
Low wages and waves of retirements from an aging work force are decimating the ranks
of early childhood education providers, setting the stage for a statewide child-care crisis,
according to a study released Tuesday.

Child dies
13.5 inches
WHITTIER  A 2-year-old girl died Monday after drinking cheap wine left out by her
mother’s boyfriend, sheriff’s detectives said Tuesday.

21.5 inches
LAKEVIEW TERRACE – The graying chimpanzee sits in his cage. One finger hooks
through the fence. A tire swing hovers behind him. A yellow ball rests at his feet. He’s
waiting for fruit he knows will arrive any minute. It’s just another day at his Wildlife
Waystation digs, so far away and so different from his earlier home in West Covina. Moe
arrived at the Waystation in September 1999 after he was removed from his home after
he bit a woman.

Church – homeless
14 inches
WEST COVINA  St. Christopher’s Catholic Church offered its main parish hall to
house 60 to 100 homeless people for two weeks in December.

20 inches
Walnut resident Barb Aalund’s unprotected back yard faces an open field, but her
children don’t want to play outside. Coyotes have attacked her neighbors’ pets and show
no fear around humans, she said. Aalund and her neighbors asked the Walnut City
Council for help at Wednesday’s meeting.

Deputies on TV
560 words
The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is going to participate in two reality television
series that would follow recruits and deputies. With the working title of “The
Assignment,” Studio City-based 44 Blue Productions Inc. intends to film the daily
activities of the department’s personnel, including those on patrol or working in the jails,
detective bureau and specialized divisions.

Downtown church
11.5 inches
AZUSA  The City Council overruled an earlier Planning Commission denial and voted
Monday to allow a storefront church to remain downtown for two years.

17 inches
with map
SANTA FE SPRINGS  Working as a firefighter is much harder than Jeff Stitt expected.
As a member of the Rio Hondo Fire Academy’s “Roadrunners” crew, Stitt returned
Thursday from his first harsh lessons in real-life firefighting after two weeks deployment
in the Angeles National Forest.

15 inches
SAN GABRIEL VALLEY  The Fish and Wildlife Service likely will rethink boundaries
on thousands of acres deemed critical to the survival of two imperiled species, the San
Diego fairy shrimp and the coastal California gnatcatcher. Effects of the move could
ripple through the San Gabriel Valley, where land hugging the foothills is considered a
linkage for a core population of gnatcatchers in Frank G. Bonelli Park in San Dimas.

Group home
LOS ANGELES  Plans for a San Gabriel group home for the mentally ill have been put
on hold while a task force is formed to address residents’ and city officials’ concerns.

Hillside church
15 inches
COVINA  The steel skeleton of a church about-to-be looms above the homes of Charter
Oak families who say the frame is casting a shadow on their lives. The 84-foot-tall frame,
soon to be the worship site of more than 750 parishioners of St. John Coptic Orthodox
Church, is blocking residents’ views of the mountains, they say. Residents admit they
didn’t attend the county public hearing when the plans were approved but say they would
have if they had known that the church was going to be massive.

Landfill purchase OK’d
17 inches
WEST COVINA  A developer known for building shopping centers is buying nearly
four acres of non-graded land at the former BKK Landfill for more than $1 million.
The City Council voted 3-1 to sell the development pads to the Charles Co., even though
there are no plans for it yet beyond it being “office-commercial retail.”

Marijuana seized
20 inches
DOWNEY  Federal agents seized more than 3 tons of marijuana from a Downey home
on Tuesday and arrested a dozen people nationwide to cap a sweeping 18-month
investigation of an international drug smuggling ring.

Nature trail
5.5 inches
The long-awaited Arroyo Pescadero trail head officially opened Saturday at 7531 S.
Colima Road.

Newsroom bugged
18.5 inches
WHITTIER  Whittier police are investigating the discovery of an electronic listening
device found wired into a wall socket inside the office of the Whittier College student

14.5 inches
with photo
SAN DIMAS  A tiny owl no larger than a sparrow took the longest flight of its life
recently, and did it without ruffling a feather. A 5-inch elf owl was flown in the cockpit
of a commercial jetliner from Ontario to its native state of Arizona after it was found in
Whittier and nursed back to health at a wildlife sanctuary.

Pet adoption
20 inches
with photo
A county supervisor has been holding weekly pet-adoption cessions for his colleagues
and county workers since 1995.

13.5 inches
with photo
WHITTIER  His name is Sammy. It should be Lucky. After hearing the call of the wild
and breaking free of his owners, Carl and Consuelo Yanez of Whittier, the 6-pound
poodle survived a week in the Chino Hills, dodging coyotes, skunks and big dogs before
a resident finally caught him.

740 words
with photo
It may not seem like it, but the greening of the San Gabriel River has already begun in
earnest. Even as the County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a 30-year
master plan for the revitalization of the waterway on June 13, some of the roughly 130
projects delineated in the plan were already under way. Others are in the design and
planning stages.

Sept. 11 mural
18.5 inches
with photo
PASADENA  Like millions worldwide, artist Milo Reice watched his TV in horror as
the World Trade Center collapsed Sept. 11. Weeks later the former Manhattan resident,
who now lives in Altadena, put his emotions on canvas. The result is on display at the
Pasadena City College Art Gallery. “September 11, 2001: A Triptych in Memoriam –
The Rubble, The Hope, The Watching” is three canvas panels almost 20 feet long and 6
feet high.

Sex offender
15 inches
LA VERNE  A legal maneuver to remove the city’s first registered high-risk sex
offender from his residence near an elementary school was delayed Monday. Attorneys
for Jonathan Pollock asked for a one-day postponement for a hearing in Marin County
that could modify the terms of his probation to prohibit him from living within 1,000
yards of a school.

16.5 inches
PICO RIVERA  The city attorney Thursday filed liens to evict boarders who have
refused to vacate the shuttered, city-owned Pico Rivera Stables. The filing came after
weeks of city threats of the legal action.

Strip club
21.5 inches
with photo
PICO RIVERA  In spite of a day-long protest outside its doors, the city’s first strip club
opened here Friday night – then quickly closed for lack of a permit.

Teen’s trial
15 inches
PASADENA – A 16-year-old girl accused of abandoning her newborn son in a Monrovia
trash bin will be tried as a juvenile, a judge decided Tuesday.

10-year-old hero
12 inches
with photo
Arianna Masten hid her face behind a large burgundy pillow Thursday as the television
camera was being set up for her interview. After interview requests from newspapers and
TV networks in the last few days, Arianna has made the quick transition from a 10-year-
old West Covina girl playing in her backyard pool, to a “little hero” who lost her left arm
in an auto accident while saving her 2-year-old brother.

Used cars
19.5 inches
with map
COVINA  Shadydale Avenue residents are fuming because a nearby street corner has
become a mini car lot for people who sell used vehicles. They say such activity, which
hits especially hard on weekends, hurts their property values. It also poses safety hazards
because potential car buyers zip through the neighborhood while test-driving vehicles,
block the road and use their driveways.

Watertight hobby
19.5 inches
SAN DIMAS  Ed Macias stood on the pier under the morning sun and looked on as his
son-in-law and two grandsons cruised on the water in a sailboat. For Macias, 72, and his
son-in-law, Matt Gonzales, the day marked the culmination of many months of labor and
a true sense of accomplishment. Since August, Macias and Gonzales have spent three
hours or more almost every Saturday building a 9-foot sailboat from scratch in the
backyard patio of Macias’ South El Monte home.

Woman sentenced
23 inches
with photo
SANTA ANA  A former Covina High School honor student described as “cold” by a
prosecutor was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Friday for
plotting the death of her former math tutor.

All captions and photographs used with permission of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

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