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Documents required for enablement on Currency Derivatives Segment

Members are requested to furnish the documents in the following order

1. Trading / Clearing member is required to make the payment as per the demand advice
   of NSEIL / NSCCL and submit a proof of the same

2. Trading membership undertaking for Currency Derivatives Segment on Stamp Paper of
   Rs. 200 duly notarized. Format enclosed.

                              Trading Membership
                              Undertaking - Corporates.doc

                                      Trading Membership
                                      Undertaking - Firm.doc

                             Trading Membership
                             Undertaking - Individual.doc

3. Certified copy of Clearing Member- Trading Member agreement on a stamp paper of
   Rs. 200 duly notarized. Format enclosed. (Required to be submitted only when the
   member is to be enabled as a Trading Member in CDS)

     Draft Clearing
   Member Trading Member Agreement in CDS.doc

4. Clearing membership undertaking for Currency Derivatives Segment on Stamp Paper
   of Rs. 200 duly notarized. Format enclosed.

                             Clearing Membership
                             Undertaking - Corporates.doc

                                      Clearing Membership
                                      Undertaking - Firm.doc

                             Clearing Membership
                             Undertaking - Individual.doc

5. Points to be verified before submission of undertaking to the Exchange are enclosed as

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6. Board Resolution - mentioning the authorised signatories, along with the specimen
   signature of the signatories.


7. Application for approval as User on the company’s letterhead for 2 users as per
   Membership Circular NO. 640 (Download Reference No. NSE/MEM/11052) dated July
   29, 2008. (Please note that the users have to pass NISM-Series-I: Currency
   Derivatives Certification Examination. Along with the user application duly certified
   NISM certificates has to be annexed. The trading member has to specify which user
   has to be allotted as corporate Manager or which one as a dealer.

    Application for User

8. Audited Net worth certificate in format C-1.

    Annexcure C-1.doc

9. In case the trading member wants to be enabled as clearing member they need to
   open the settlement account, and proof of the same on the letterhead of the bank with
   the date of opening of the accounts needs to be submitted. Further a five point
   confirmation letter as per the format enclosed is required. Please note that the said
   letter should be on the letter head of the clearing member duly acknowledged by the
   Bank. (Kindly note that the above document is required only in case trading member
   wants to be enabled as Clearing Member).

   5 Points confirmation

10. Application for Availing Close-Out Facility. (Required to be submitted when the
    member is to be enabled as a Trading & Clearing Member in CDS)

    Format for Closeout
Additional Documents to be submitted by new members of the Exchange who
want to be enabled in Currency Derivatives Segment

1. Latest Audited Annual accounts.

2. VSAT connectivity has to be established before the enablement can be done.

3. Connect 2 NSE if getting enabled on NOW.

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     Application form for
     Connect 2NSE.doc

4. Confirmation / Proof of taking up insurance under the Broker Indemnity Policy.

5. Submit application for registration with Central Excise. (Submit an acknowledgement
   copy from the Central Excise to us.)

    Open Exchange Dues account with the designated Bank and submit the account
    number and a documentary reference thereof. Open two more bank accounts for (a)
    Client Money and (b) other business purposes and submit the account numbers and
    documentary reference thereof. Proof of the same to be submitted on the letterhead of
    the bank with the date of opening of the accounts and the account type clearly

6. Documents for application of Digital Signature Certificate for one of the Designated
   Director as per Circular No. 556 dated November 15, 2006

7. Documentary proof for the appointment of the compliance officer as per Circular No.
   257, Ref No. NSE/MEM/3441/ dated June 14, 2002

8. Compliance of conditions as specified in the Offer Letter. If the members were offered
   provisional membership subject to certain conditions, they are requested to inform the
   Exchange the status of the same along with documentary evidence towards fulfillment
   of those conditions.

9. Letter requesting activation of account in Collateral Interface for Member (CIM).
   Format as enclosed. To be submitted by members applying for enablement as clearing

Kindly find below enclosed checklist for Currency Derivatives Segment Enablement
documents to be submitted.

Enablement Checklist
      - CDS.xls

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